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Cat Hairball Treatment

Laxatone Tuna Flavor (2.5 oz)
Laxatone Tuna Flavor (2.5 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Cat Lax (2 oz)
Cat Lax (2 oz)

($5.99)  $3.99
Laxatone (2.5 oz) by Vetoquinol
Laxatone (2.5 oz) by Vetoquinol

($10.99)  $7.99
It can happen to dogs and cats on the best of diets, in the best of homes. On occasion, your pet may act sluggish or lack energy. If they are producing small amounts of feces, hard, small pellet like waste, or no feces at all, constipation is likely the problem. Some pets may even vomit when attempting to defecate. While uncomfortable for your pet, early treatment is simple and effective with an appropriate laxative made specifically for dogs and cats. Laxatone Tuna Flavor Gel is a flavorful, gentle remedy that is easy to use.

Laxatone Tuna Flavor Gel is a laxative for dogs and cats that also works as a hairball remover for cats and kittens. Since constipation tends to be a recurring problem in pets, if your dog or cat has experienced it, they are prone to experience it again. Youíll be glad to know that when used regularly, Laxatone Tuna Flavor Gel works as an effective preventative for constipation. Keeping a tube of Laxatone Tuna Flavor Gel on hand in your home can help minimize the discomfort experienced by your pet during an episode of constipation.
4.79 rating based on 24 reviews
Featured Reviews for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (2.5 oz)
Shipping cost too high by MJC02/13/2012

I should have shopped around more. With shipping and handling charges the cost of this item is almost doubled.

Great Purchase. by Denise from Hemet, CA05/18/2013

Has been helping my cat with her constipation.

Disappointing by Jay from Florida11/04/2012

I read rave reviews of this product but I wasn't impressed. It did not help hairballs nor did it work as laxative. The worst thing I noticed that when it dried on pet's fur it actually hardened. I wondered what it could do internally then. I'll stick to oil or homemade remedies.

Featured Reviews for Cat Lax (2 oz)
Good Stuff by tackettteri from Kentucky04/27/2013

This Cat Lax works so good, my cat dont like the taste but I rub it on her paw and that makes her lick it off, she gets hairballs and this is the only thing that works for her

Good product! by MrsD. from Erie, Pa10/21/2011

I prefer Cat Lax to the other popular brand called Laxatone. The consistency of Cat Lax is not as thick or as sticky, making it easier to rub onto your kitties paw. It must taste pretty good too, because my 1 kitty will lick it right off my finger; unlike the Laxatone. It works fast & is gentle on their system.

Highly recommend by Ty06/29/2012

My cat has tendency to have hairballs and will not take treatment sold in local stores. This one he likes so well, he meows for it. It works great.

Simbaís Morning Treat by Tom.12/30/2009

Our cat, Simba, will not leave you alone in the morning until he gets his Cat Lax. Heís a Russian Blue with lots of fine hair and without Cat Lax, he leaves "presents" about the house - always on carpet, never where itís easily cleaned.

Cat Lax saves vet bills! by Grateful mom07/14/2012

My long hair cat had an impacted hairball, $1500 vet bill to remove to save her life. She would not take the over the counter laxatives, or the Vet's Lxxatone product - didn't like the taste. Cat Lax she loves! It doesn't smell bad, more like chocolate malt. Taking this daily helps her either pass the hair through her digestive system, or throw up a hair ball. Either way at least she is able to relieve the hair and not be under anesthesia at the vet, no stress, and saves tons of money int he end. Cat Lax is affordable and works wonders!

Cat Lax hair ball remedy by Rosie from Holland, OH07/27/2012

We own two Maine Coons and it is a necessity to groom them every day as their fur is very dense. In addition, they take a dose of cat lax every week to help eliminate fur balls. They love the taste and come running when I pop open the top of the tube!

Cat loves this by Beth06/17/2009

Our elderly Siamese has great difficulty with constipation and has not liked other remedys. He laps this up-probably because he loves the main ingredient, cod liver oil. It also relieves his constipation. Great stuff!

Cat Lax Always Works by bright_n_sunny05/04/2013

This product is what my vet recommends for hairballs. Have used it for years & it always works. Entirely Pets offers the best price that I have found. I highly recommend Cat Lax for hairballs!

by amerks9 from Rochester, NY12/14/2012

This works great on my 17 1/2 year old female.

Wonderful! by Robin from Mount Juliet, TN03/22/2013

Every time I've ordered from Entirely Pets, the service has been speedy and my order has always been correct. Love dealing with you guys! My "kids" love their Cat Lax and I love it, too, as it keeps them from getting hair balls!

cat lax by iggypoo11/14/2011

good stuff, vet recommended it...a whole lot cheaper here...i ,like this guys, good prices and fast shipment...

Great product, great value by pyrotina from Cullman, AL01/19/2010

Cat Lax works wonderfully. All three of my cats think it's a treat and will take it directly out of the tube.

The Best of them! by Katharina Echt09/03/2008

My cat Mittens loves this particular hairball treatment over the others we have tried! Don't let the good value fool you--your cat will look for you to give this to her/him.

A Qualified Recommendation by Zahra's Mom from Hollywood, CA10/23/2012

Cat likes this stuff and it's the only thing i've been able to get down her so far, that helps her IBS with constipation, most but not all of the time. Oh, and she also has hemorrhoids, which i've read that a cat thus afflicted, can never get rid of. What bothers me is that these oily preparations can cause dependence and also have negative side effects on the digestive system. But what is a mother to do?

Cat thinks this is dessert by maven's servant12/14/2012

My cat has hated all fur ball medicine. Have either had to but a glob in her mouth like giving her a pill (and we all know how cats respond to that!) or put some on her paw which she then wipes off on what ever she can find. So this was a real joy to find! She thinks its dessert - will lick it right off the tube if I let her. Must be the cod liver oil. This is the only product I've found that includes it. Works well too!

Better than other products that do the same thing. by MrsD from PA.01/08/2012

Cat Lax has proven to effective at relieving ocassional constipation; usually overnight. Texture is more pleasing to kitties as well. Not nearly as sticky & messy as another well known product that comes in a tube. Kitties seem to like the flavor, too.

best hairball prep by iggypoo04/05/2012

Of all the hariball remedies i have tried over the years, this one works the best for me...i give it once per week for maintenance and it has cut down on cat hurling significantly...

by from 11/04/2012

I highly recommend this product in order to prevent and eliminate hairballs. My vet recommended this item (at $23!) and after finding it at Entirely Pets, I only purchase it from them.

the by taste from andMy


Good Stuff by Cat Mother12/19/2012

My cats live to throw up! Cat Lax helps with fur balls and constipation. I use it DAILY and buy it by the dozen. It works and they LOVE it!

Great for the ferrets as they love it! by Tootsie from MA11/07/2011

All of my ferrets love this stuff!!! great for hairball preventative in ferrets .

great hairball remedy by iggypoopiam08/02/2012

i've used them all, this one gets the best results...been using it for a couple of years now and seems to work better than those so-called home remedies...my vet recommended it to me...

good product by Epernay11/26/2012

Cats love it, good for them. Shipping is more than product, never gets a discount break.

good product by Lynn11/28/2012

Use this to treat and prevent hairballs, hair irritation in the gut. Most of our cats seem to like it and willingly lick it off our finger. However, there is one who doesn't take it and we wish there were an even better flavor or different flavor for such finicky cats. Highly recommend for maintaining their health!

Very Palatable by Yvonne from Nevada10/31/2010

I just spent $400 to find out my cat was not eating due to severe constipation. The vet gave me some Cat Lax to take home after they had gotten her to evacuate her bowels. My cat gets CET flavored pet toothpaste out of the tube as a treat so she readily stepped up to the Cat Lax tube and took it straight from the tube. She has happily had two helpings from the tube since I got it from the vet yesterday and here I am to buy more to keep it in stock at all times now that I know she is prone to constipation. $8 at the vet and $2.95 here.

Works wonders for our older cat by Kathleen from Virginia01/23/2013

Our older cat has a tendency toward constipation and extended bowel. I give him about 1" of this every day and it keeps him much more regular and comfortable.

Torri can't live without by Lyndylou02/12/2012

Cat Lax is what keeps Luv Paws A Torrid Affair of Pine Coon (Torri) perking. She is 16 and all systems have slowed down. Without this product we wouldn't still be enjoying our marvelous Torri.

Good purchase by Shirwhir from Pennsylvania01/15/2012

This produst helps my car eliminate fur balls and keeps her from getting sick on them. Good product. i bought something similar to it at Walmart but my cat didn't like the taste of it at all. She loves your product. I squeeze a little on my finger and she comes right to me and lickes it all off and keeps on licking even after it is all gone. Good product.

Cat Lax by Yan06/18/2013

My cat loved this product and eagerly lapped it from my finger. It did the trick and relieved her constipation in one application.

Good Product by Rosie12/30/2011

I give a dose of cat lax to my two Maine Coon cats, Elvis and Gidget. Due to their long, dense fur, it is absolutely necessary they are well groomed and giving them this product helps in eliminating hair balls. Thank you.

Excellent Product by Steelers201007/15/2012

Excellent Product. I have tried many hair ball products - This is the best!

My Cat Loves This by fyryred from Fernley, NV11/08/2012

I have a cat that is prone to constipation and the vet sold me a tube of this for about double what Entirely Pets charges. I understand their markup and I am glad my vet sold this to me because my cat loves this and will just eat it from the tube. I do not have to coax her or put it on her paw. I ask her if she wants her treat and she steps right up to tube of Cat Lax.

Cats like it by Greg11/23/2011

I think this keeps the hairball problem somewhat in check. I've been ordering from EntirelyPets for some time now, mostly from Amazon. This product's price went up substantially in the last few months on Amazon. I saved a little purchasing on EntirelyPets own website, but it is still pricey for a laxative. My cats like it better than other brands however.

Wonderful product by jojo from Jonesborough, TN06/26/2013

Perfect price range, fast shipping. Great

Good Product by cat lover 1959 from Ohio05/28/2013

Helps to get rid of hairballs. Best when given on a regular basis

Hair Balls by agmdm03/28/2012

Cat Lax is great for easing hair balls, the texture and consistency is perfect... and my cats loves the flavor.

Fixes that hairball/digestion issue. by Sharon05/01/2013

Our street-rescued long haired cat started throwing up. Took him to the vet and he said it might be hairballs. Recommended Cat Lax and it did the trick! We never saw any hair, but it must have irritated him. Maybe once a month his tummy gets unset now. He licks the Cat Lax right off of our finger. We administer a maintenance dose of once every other day during the week.

Featured Reviews for Laxatone (2.5 oz) by Vetoquinol
good for cats tum by Sue10/23/2012

Laxatone helps my cat with an upset stomach from fur balls. If she starts choking like she is going to throw up, I give her some Laxatone and she feels much better.

by Becky from San Antonio, Tx11/19/2012

Product does seem to help, but the cats I tried it on refused to take a 2nd time...even when I put it their mouth. Evidently not keen on the taste...

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