• Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes (1 oz)

    Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes (1 oz)

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    Dried Bonito Flakes by Cat-Man-Doo

    are just that. Our Bonito Flakes are two to three times larger than that of our competitors. Cat-Man-Doo now offers the one and only stay-fresh nitrogen sealed container on the market. This makes our Bonito Flakes comparable to no other!
  • All Natural
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • High Protein
  • Healthy Meal Additive

  • The makers of Cat-Man-Doo developed technology which extracts the oxygen from our containers and immediately seals them tightly. No other Bonito Flakes on the market today are being packaged using this technology. This stay-fresh packaging allows our Bonito Flakes to stay as fresh on the store shelf as they were on the day we packaged them. The flakes will maintain their beautiful pinkish-tan color, they will no longer become dry and brittle and there will be minimal shrinkage and settling.

    Usage Information

    What is Bonito?
    Bonito is a fish which swims in the waters of the Western Pacific Ocean. It is a schooling fish which hails from the Tuna family. Since Bonito is a bony fish it is rarely eaten for its meat. Instead the dark, oily fish is carefully dried and shaved into very fine, intensely flavored flakes. The Japanese use these flakes to make a savory broth, while cats and dogs love the flakes just the way they are, right out of the container!


    Ingredients: Bonito (Tuna)

    Crude Protein min. 76%
    Crude Fat min. 1%
    Crude Fiber max. 1%
    Moisture max. 12%

    *Not intended as a meal substitute.

    Customer Reviews

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    kitties say yum by MC71 from san diego, ca10/27/2011

    when my cats won't eat some of their canned food i put these dried flakes on it and they gobble it up. no crumbs left on the dish.

    My cats think it's ok by evekitti from Singapore06/27/2013

    My cats sniffed with great interest at the flakes, then ah-choo and the flakes flew everywhere. Best added to food.

    Big Hit in my house! by Ginich from Sarasota, FL10/23/2012

    All three of my cats love these and the dog wants some too! Great value and quantity for the price!

    Love It by Casey from New York 1305707/26/2014

    My 2 Abys look forward to this treat every day. I believe it is a very healthy treat. They really love their Cat Man Doo Bonita Flakes.

    disguise pills by Susie from Seattle WA05/19/2014

    I need to bury my cat's crushed pilled in canned food and if I place a few of these flakes on top of the canned food, she'll eat it very willingly.

    Best Cats Treats EVER! by Lorann from Danbury, CT03/14/2012

    My cats go bonkers for these Bontio Flakes!

    by JeezW10/17/2011

    All 5 of my cats ADORE these! While it seems like a small amount for your money, this tub is packed full with bonito flakes and it's a very good value for your money. Only down side is that they gobble them up so fast that they don't last long!

    My beautiful kitty loves his fish. by missymoo26 from New Hampshire10/29/2011

    My kitty loves his fish. He looks forward to it every morning before I go to work, and every evening when I come home. He lets me know if I forget! Very fresh, package is good, and the price is excellent. I use to buy something else in the pet store, double the price. Thanks for a good product and great sevice. Finn says a BIG thank-you!!

    by Penny10/23/2012

    My 3 cats love this. I can always find where they are by opening the lid - all 3 come running!

    Favorite treat by Tex01/19/2014

    VERY smelly but this is our cat's favorite treat. He expects a few fish flakes first thing every morning.

    (Felix rates them A+) by Marj02/18/2012

    My cat Felix receives bonito flakes as a treat after his medication twice daily. He loves them! I wish there were a way to package or ship them so there would be more flakes and less crumbles. Felix will only eat the flakes.

    My Cat's Fave by RKauf from NY10/25/2011

    My cat comes running when I hold up a container of Dried Bonito Flakes! It is his favorite treat! He lets me clip his nails with the promise of this treat. It's that good!

    My Cats Love It! by Debby P. from Hayden, ID01/23/2013

    My cats absolutely love this! All I have to do is start to open it and there they are! If you're looking for something besides the usual treats, this is it!

    Awesome! by badkitty06 from Rochester,NY12/04/2012

    I have 4 cats and they go bonkers for this stuff. I open the top and they all come running

    Bonito Flakes by isabi from ste-martine, quebec, canada12/30/2012

    On 6 cats, only 1 didn't want to eat the Bonito Flakes.

    Cat-Man-Doo Flakes by wiremom03/11/2012

    In my opinion, the best of all dried bonito flakes on the market. Large pieces that don't break down to crumbs and my cats love them. Plus a great deal on the container size.

    Best Bonita Flakes by Barb11/27/2010

    The sale items are a good way of trying out a product. I've done so with Kitty Kaviar and Snowflake just loved it so I continue to purchase it but also just tried Cat Man Doo which was on sale. It's larger flakes which makes it easier to grab and eat and speaking for Snowflake, imagine more enjoyable because it's larger pieces. Just tried Kitty Cuisine the company said is a top seller and highly recommended and on sale and ordered more Cat Man Doo; Snowflake is hooked on it and I give it to him as a treat after po medication or his inhalers for asthma. Reading other reviews was very helpful and gives you other suggestions. Please tell the company we just love Cat Man Doo and so will you too.

    My Kitties LOVE them! by JinxyCatLady04/19/2012

    The Cat-Man-Doo large dried bonito flakes are a staple in my two girls' (felines) diets. They get a handful every night and absolutely LOVE them. I have tried other brands, but the Cat-Man-Doo flakes have the largest, fullest flakes (not lots of bits left in the bottom of the container). Excellent product and I did check with my vet - he said they are okay to include in the girls' diets.

    wasted my money by Mac from Severn, MD05/07/2012

    I saw this product advertised by Dr Jon and thought that my two cats might like this as a change, one of them will ONLY eat seafood flavored food or treats. I gave some to both of them and they turned their heads up and walked away, put some near their food, no interest whatsoever. Was a lot of money to spend with shipping and handling to try something new that was advertised as being eaten by the "most finicky cats"

    Yum! by rsnyc01/31/2013

    My girls absolutely LOVE this treat. Also excellent as an addition to dinner feeding.

    Great treats by Skylarmia from Leander, TX06/06/2014

    One of our cats has a chicken allergy and this product is one of the few that obviously doesn't contain chicken. The cats love them!

    Cats are addicted! by Katkat from Bradenton fl10/11/2013

    Two of our three cats have my husband trained to give them their Bonito flakes on demand. Big trouble if we ever run out!

    Best Cat Treats Ever by MissMelissa from West Chester, PA04/17/2012

    My cat absolutely loves these treats! They have a very fishy odor, which I think is one reason my cat loves them so much! I absolutely recommend!

    Great Reward Treat! by Leslie C04/22/2009

    A friend gave me a package of Cat-Man-Doo years ago and I've given it to my kitties ever since. It's the only treat they will eat. It's even helped me train them to come in at night when I call them because they know they receive a pinch of this treat when they get back. My one kitty actually begs to go out, just to turn around and come right back in expecting to get an extra pinch *grin* Highly recommend! My kitties give it "5 Paws"

    Bonita Flakes by KO03/05/2009

    My cat sits at the pantry door and drools for these. I mean he literally drools -- he's pretty pathetic. Also, if he won't eat his food, all I have to do is sprinkle a little on top and he gobbles it up. Also want to compliment "Entirely Pets" for their super fast shipping! I was very impressed with the service! Will order again. Thanks.

    Bonito Flakes by DM01/15/2009

    These are fantastic. My little guy received these as a gift from a friend of mine and he just loves them. If your cat loves fresh fish, he will love these!

    Best Bonito Flakes On The Market by CLB from FT. Lauderdale FL.07/23/2012

    Bonito flakes are my 3 cats favorite treat. I have tried every brand but none compare to Cat-Man-Do. They are extra large and there is less crumble than other brands. I originally found them at my vet's office. They may cost just a little more, but are so worth it.

    Great LIGHT snack by JD from Galway, NY03/19/2012

    This product is a great way to cut down on the amount of food and hopefully reduce weight.

    Best treat ever by Wendy from Kent, WA11/14/2011

    My cat is on a special UT diet so his treat options are limited. I found these flakes on line and he absolutely loves them. I would highly recommend Cat-Man-Doo to any cat owner.

    lOVE THESE by GH07/15/2009

    My cat loves these so much that if I don't open the container fast enough, he tries to get his head in the container! Great bribe food for getting him in a night, and also to get him to eat more. If your cat doesn't like these-rush to vet-there is something wrong!

    My cats go crazy for this stuff! by Ginaj from Georgia03/11/2014

    My two Persians attack this stuff. It's messy and sticks all in their fur on their face but they love it! We give them a small bowl of the flakes each day and they come running!

    Cat-Man-Doo by CHUM from Burgess, VA01/10/2012

    Our cat, Denthead, won't eat anything without a sprinkling of these bonito flakes - great product! The dog likes them too.

    The only thing that works. by casey vogler09/09/2009

    I have a wonderful cat named Alice. At a critical time in her litter box training another cat developed kidney stones and had "little accidents" every where. Kitten Alice decided that she was supposed to reuse those spots. Ten cat behavior books, multiple litter, box and location combinations and eight diffrent odor eliminators later we had to pitch the living room carpet. Rewarding the occasional scratching in the litter box didn't work...even with tuna. I bought these flakes on a lark because they were on sale. The next time I "caught her" in the litter box I brought out the BONITO...and the rest is history. She went back four times in a row that same day...just to make sure that the litter box and the cat-man-doo REALLY were connected. I have four cats and my daughter has two. ALL of them LOVE this stuff and it's GOOD for them, unlike that whiska stuff.

    Cat-Man-Dooo Awesome Product by squawkingbeak from Arizona01/08/2012

    Our cats love this more than I can say. They know just when it's treat time and gather round just before it's time to hand it out. It's easy to give out, just a pinch in a bowl and off they go!

    Onyx loves bonito flakes by Smitty12/19/2012

    I cannot comment on my most recent purchase. Order was placed on Nov 13th; as of Dec 19th, I still haven't received the product despite NUMEROUS attempts to find out why the service has been so shoddy this time.

    Cats Love It by Vicky from Dayton, OH04/17/2013

    My cats love this product; it's healthy, not messy, does not require refrigeration, and is perfect as a treat or a bribe.

    Best Bonito Flakes On The Market by Carol B11/03/2011

    To say my 3 cats love bonito flakes is an understatement, and Cat-Man-Doo is the only brand I will buy. My kitties all agree Cat-Man-Doo is the best.

    My cat is in LOVE! by Seagull02/22/2012

    My cat (Amos) took one bite of Dried Bonito Flakes and he has wanted nothing else! He sits in front of the counter and stares at his new true love. He was a picky eater but no more if he has Bonito Flakes.

    My cat pushes these containers all over the house by deedles from Bonnyville Alberta11/12/2011

    my cat loves bonito flakes and I share them will all the cat lovers that come to the motel where I work...Nadia loves these she is a purebread persian and I also have a maine coone and he loves them too...am so happy I found this online now I can order it for them all the time without having to drive to Edmonton Alberta which is 3 hours away....this has made my day Nadia and Tabby's Too thanks so much

    If Cats Could Sing................ by Ro10/19/2011

    I would be serenaded every time they are given their Bonito Flakes. They can't run down the stairs fast enough, and yes, stumble over each other, knowing their favorite treat will be waiting for them each morning. If I put these flakes in their dishes morning, noon and night, they would forever forget that cat food does exist. Daisy and Dolly are "hooked on Bonito Flakes".

    Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes by David10/23/2012

    My cats are absolutely crazy for this product. I have just ordered my second supply of them as my cats crave them so much that I can't keep them in stock. Wonderful product that your cats will absolutely love, love, love. Promise.

    My cats love these by broadview from Seattle, WA11/06/2012

    My cats can't get enough of the bonito flakes.

    Big HIT by Edgar from Galway, NY07/23/2012

    Edgar loves them. Waites for some on top of his final meal of the day. That signals no more food today. He then goes to bed.

    excellent!!! by winnie from Charlottesville, VA12/18/2011

    I have a Maine Coon cat that I have to pill every other day...he used to run as soon as he saw me open the cupboard door. Now I keep the bonita flakes in the same cupboard and he reminds me daily that it's time for his pill and bonita flake treats. Thank you Cat-Man-Doo !!!

    great products by nana04/22/2013

    this is a tempting products and all my 5 cats love it!

    by clb03/22/2013

    Cat-Man-Doo is my favorite dried bonita flake product and my 3 cats definitely agree.

    One concern by Paula from Prescott, AZ07/15/2013

    My only concern is when there is an older expiration date on the product the fish is very dry and our cat doesn't like it as well. Please send the latest product.

    # 1 Item! by Meg from Natchitoches, LA03/27/2012

    This is a wonderful and healthy treat for cats! I've been buying this item for quite some time now and will continue to do so for several reasons. One, your price is very reasonable compared to other websites I've tried, (2) delivery is always timely and dependable, and (3) our cats are all hooked on it! I originally started purchasing this item for one of our "pickier" cats, "Roscoe", and was happy to find that she loved it! Another thing I had noticed was that she very seldom meowed and now the only time she meows is when she's craving Bonito Flakes! While my other cats already had their favorite treats, they soon wanted to switch which meant my orders increased in size and quantity! I never let my supply get below 1 or 2 and I always order the extra large. In closing, I would highly recommend this item to anyone who is looking for a healthy treat for their cat(s). The only warning is that it WILL spoil them! If I happen to win this gift, my husband will be estactic, as will Roscoe!!!! Bonita Flakes for life....or at least for one of her 9 lives!

    A Winner by Mimi from Annapolis, MD02/19/2012

    I took a chance and ordered a promotional offering of Cat-Man-Doo Bonita Flakes because I wanted a treat for my cat when he gets his insulin shots. It was definitely a big hit with him and my other 2 cats. They are rather finicky aboout treats but they love this one.

    Can't Get Enough Treat by Joanne from Cincinnati, OH06/15/2012

    My five cats expect, actually demand, their dried bonito flakes treat every evening. Then they look at me as if to say, "That's all we get?" They just can't get enough of a good thing....good tasting and good for them. The plastic container seems to help keep the flakes intact so we don't end up with a lot of "crumbs". I am very happy with the pricing (some other companies charge more for the flakes and the shipping.) Also happy with the quick turn around time from placing my order to receiving the merchandise.

    The Cat’s ‘MEOW' by “Chief" from Sacramento (Greenhaven) CA10/06/2011

    Pippa our one-yr old Bengal has been raised with dried bonita flakes, she loves ‘em. I like them because the protein meets her growing needs and active lifestyle! I esp like the Cat-man-Do brand because they are not ‘dusty’ as some brands have been.

    Love these flakes by SeraParker from Charleston, SC03/07/2013

    They stink like the dickens but Abigail loves them and they are a good way to get her healthy oils to help with her coat. It's a win-win! Except for the fishy stink, but totally worth it :D

    Best Treats Ever by Melissa06/02/2012

    My cat absolutely loves these treats! I definitely recommend them for all cats!

    worth the money by stormin11/25/2012

    my 2 cats are just crazy for this treat. i never seen them go crazy over any other treat

    Bonito treats by Puck from Asheville, NC12/14/2012

    My cats and all the cats we have lived with love it.


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