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LitterLocker Refill Cartridge
LitterLocker Refill Cartridge

($7.99)  $6.89
Smart Scoop Litter Box Sprays and Filters
Smart Scoop Litter Box Sprays and Filters

Bio bag
Bio bag

Petmate Litter Catcher Mat Extra Large - Grey
Petmate Litter Catcher Mat Extra Large - Grey

($31.99)  $23.99
Petmate Scoop & Hide Litter Scoop
Petmate Scoop & Hide Litter Scoop

($10.99)  $7.99
Litter Locker II Refill (1 Pack)
Litter Locker II Refill (1 Pack)

($7.99)  $5.99
PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box
PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

($122.99)  $94.99
Catit Catnip Spray (3 oz)
Catit Catnip Spray (3 oz)

($7.99)  $4.99
Catit Litter Pan Mat - Grey
Catit Litter Pan Mat - Grey

($14.99)  $8.89
Catit Style White Tiger Cat Pan - Large
Catit Style White Tiger Cat Pan - Large

($42.99)  $28.09
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Blue
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Blue

($38.99)  $24.99
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Grey
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Grey

($38.99)  $24.99
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Pink
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Pink

($38.99)  $24.99
Catit Cat Pan with Rim - Warm Grey
Catit Cat Pan with Rim - Warm Grey

($26.99)  $15.99
Catit White Tiger Cat Pan - Jumbo
Catit White Tiger Cat Pan - Jumbo

($49.99)  $33.99
Catit Design Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Grey
Catit Design Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Grey

($42.99)  $35.49
Litter Locker Refill Cartridge is made easy to install. The system completely locks in odors and last up to 2 month per cat.

4.94 rating based on 16 reviews
Featured Reviews for LitterLocker Refill Cartridge
good enough by este w from East Lansing, MI01/31/2014

pproduct helps improve the eternal mess of litter clean-up; getting all out of the "litterlocker" is not ideally user friendly, but good enough, compared to the interminable "plastic bags" mode.

by from 03/05/2013

I cannot live without them. They are the best.

much by better from thanIt


"Miracle by Item" from forThese


good price by catlady05/04/2012


Great product by ThreeCatMama from Albuquerque, NM11/28/2012

Ever since I started using the Litter Locker with these inserts I love it. The system is easy to use, clean, and easy to change and throw away. The way the waste wraps into the tubular plastic eliminates odors and mess. It's great.

Litter Locker Refill by Kitty from Fort Myers, FL12/31/2013

I've been using Litter Locker for years and I love it. It's so easy to take care of and the refills are also easy to use.

by Di07/05/2013

I like my Litter Locker because it keeps my house smelling nice. I have been having a hard time finding the refills and was so happy to find you carried them on your website. Please continue to carry the refills because they are getting harder to find.

Great Value by Diane02/03/2014

Got a great price for these refills and free shipping! Excellent value!

Great buy by Janie from Shawnee, KS12/15/2012

These will last for several months, and save me lots of anxiety about running out.

Easy to use by cxs from San Diego11/29/2013

Makes litter clean up easy. Just wind forward the cartridge, dump the waste, and close the lid.

real convience by PV's mom10/11/2011

Makes cleaning litter box easy, works very well and is durable. I have had mine about 1-1/2 years.

YES! by joanie heydt06/12/2008

This WORKS! Honest! If you are diligent and clean the scoop out the little treasures twice a day . . . this system locks the nasty smells away! I have used this product for three years now and I gave one to each of my adult children who have cats. This is a GREAT system!

lots of little litterlocker refills by davep12/10/2012

Great price, quick shipping.... what more can you ask for??

Makes having cats much nicer. by Doggymom from Dearborn, Mi.04/24/2012

This product makes cleaning up the litterbox so much better. It is quick and easy to use, and very effective at preventing odors. When we had our heating system air ducts cleaned, the technician remarked to me that I had the nicest smelling cat room they had every been in. I told him it was totally due to the LitterLocker system which seals the waste in heavy plastic. I couldn't be without this system, with our five cats.

Best invention ever! by kreynolds85224 from Phoenix11/22/2012

I'm glad someone though of the idea of the Litter Locker (and Litter Genie). It's so easy to keep the litter box scooped daily. The refills are easy to load.

Best Deal! by Brunswick Cat lady from Brunswick, ME01/31/2014

The price you buy the litter locker refills for on this site is about 1/2 the price of what you'd pay for the exact same thing at a store. It's incredible! SO glad I've been turned on to online shopping!

Litter Locker ELIMINATES ALL SMELL ! by Nancy from Montevallo, Alabama12/14/2012

Use of Litter Locker and Litter Locker Refills completely eliminates odor from disposing of kitty waste (haha - I had to edit because I used the word p**p instead of waste) and urine-soaked litter clumps. I used to dispose of these in plastic grocery bags tied up and then the outside garbage can would smell so bad it would almost make me gag. Now there is no smell!

Featured Reviews for Petmate Litter Catcher Mat Extra Large - Grey
The bigger the better by derf from Clackamas, OR03/26/2013

Great product. My Maine Coons have furry paws so they bring a lot of sand out of the litter box with them. The largest mat catches most of it.

Good, but not quite there by emmasbestfriend from St Paul, MN05/17/2014

I purchased two of the extra large litter mats for my two adolescent cats. We have three litter boxes in use. The mats do a nice job of confining some of the litter, but not all of it. I still find myself vacuuming the litter area on a daily basis. I have washed these mats in my washing machine on a gentle cycle and they came out fine.

Does the job! by KleineB from Cincinnati, OH06/11/2013

Our cat is rather small, but she can create a big mess when she overzealously buries her waste. We put this mat down under her litter box, and everything stays within that area - no litter bits are tracked through the room.

by from 08/19/2014

Best I've Found by ThreeCatMama from Albuquerque, NM10/31/2012

These litter mats catch and hold the litter that sticks to little cat feet as they exit the cat box better than anything else I've found. The problem with these mats is cleaning them. You can shake them out and most of the litter dislodges, but not all of it. And, if your cat has an accident on them, they're not that easy to clean. You have to take them outside and wash them, but that doesn't always do the trick. It would be nice to have something that worked as well you could throw into the washer, but until then, this is the best.

Cat Litter Mat by K1dd from Denver, CO12/13/2012

Great product for catching litter after my cats leave their litter house.

I love this mat by The zoo lady from Helena, MT01/30/2014

This catches more litter than any other mat I have used. I love that it can be vacuumed. My cats will walk directly on it rather than trying to jump over it or walk around it. I had a smaller version of this and liked it so well that I decided to add the larger one so that it will catch litter from all sides of my open litter box.

Terrific Mat by cbs09/28/2011

Large, easy to shake litter off, retains litter from little feet, heavy, flexible, durable. Only mat of several I've tried that I have ordered for under all 5 of my litter pans.

Featured Reviews for Petmate Scoop & Hide Litter Scoop
very comfortably by bluekitten from Russia11/26/2013

Very handy stand. Convenient deep scoop. Pleasant appearance. Looks good in the interior.

Awesome scoop! by debthebee01/29/2012

This is my second one, I have litter boxes on 2 levels of my house due in fact that I have elderly cats. Its easier for them and the scoop looks nicer out in the open...

Featured Reviews for Litter Locker II Refill (1 Pack)
Great and Simple by Mr. Mundo11/27/2012

Must Use. Easy and fast way to keep your litter clean.

Great product by S Ball from MO12/11/2012

These refills last for a month or so with 3 cats. I'm so glad I found this system. And this is the cheapest place I have found for these.

Great Buy by sweetthangnix from Belleville, IL08/07/2012

This was a great buy!! This was the best price I found for this item!

Great Deal by Bill and Audrey11/26/2011

The Litter Locker makes litter disposal a lot easier. We used to use resealable plastic bags. Price was definitely right!

by from 10/23/2012


THIS." by LL REFILS from fshoemakTHUMBS


Litter Locker II and refills by Flash03/25/2012

The litter locker II and Its bag system works excellent. It holds multiple box cleanings and does a good job of oder control. Purchased 1 at local pet store. Worked so well I looked on line for an other and found one at Entirely Pets with best price. Woulds recommend to any one with one or multiple cats.

So easy to use!! by jankay777 from Greenville, TX10/22/2012

The disposable plastic and container is so easy to use and I like the way the little door closes tight on the litter locker to keep any odor from escaping from the plastic bag. This product is awesome. Thank you!!

Great product! by Marta from Irvine, CA06/13/2012

Litter Locker II system is super convenient. The refills are easy to replace, cheap and long lasting. Great product and excellent service.

waste no money on these pls, see below by Taff12/22/2012

I decided to retrofit the unit by purchasing a $10.00 box of 10 gallon trash liner bags from Costco that has 500 bags in it. I just take the gray top off, throw the top of the bag over the edge, pull it down through the spring panel and put the gray top back on. It takes one minute to change out the bag and it works great. You see.....You may think that it defeats the purpose, but the bags from Costco are already sealed on the bottom and 500 bags will last me more than half of a year. Try it for yourself.

No product in sight by MoochieMey11/27/2012

I still have not received the items that were purchased. First they were back ordered, and now it has been 11 days since I received the shipping confirmation and still no product. All together it has been more than 3 weeks since placing my order. Very disappointed in my first order with this company!

Litter Locker II refill by kajon from Stockholm Sweden05/28/2013

It is a very good product. Well worth it's price

Great purchase by babyboots from AR10/29/2012

I was amazed with this refill. It really holds a lot and you can cut it off where ever you like. Makes things better. No odors in the house anymore. Easy to dispose of.

Great Little Bag by lawyerlindaw from Raleigh, NC04/03/2012

Very easy to use with the locker system.

best purchase by jojo from Jonesborough, TN03/01/2013

The Litter locker ll refill is just great. There is no odor at all when using them and it is so easy for clean up as well.

unbeatable price!!! by fraidycat12/07/2011

great product, no more grocery bags with holes. customer for life. thanks!!!!

Great product by PJ06/19/2012

The Litter Locker II is so much easier to use. I had the original, and it worked but had flaws- the knot would come out of the roller and it wouldn't turn. This newer version works great. Just don't pinch yourself when loading the refill...

Love the product by Daisy07/23/2012

I really enjoy the litter locker. The plastic bags are great for easy clean-up.

great buy by boots02/20/2013

exactly as described, excellent price and will order from again

by Patty from Fulshear, TX11/29/2012

The Litter Locker 2's design is great. It makes a tedious nasty chore not so tedious and nasty.

Love this system by glamlady from Rockford, Ohio10/22/2012

This is the best cat liter system I have ever found.

by from 06/02/2012

We use our Litter Locker II refills in our Diaper Genie, too. We generally find the Litter Locker refills are cheaper, but they're made by the same company with the same specifications, and we need both. Buying in bulk just makes sense for us.

us by refills from fasterEntirelyPets


Really works by Tom from Owatonna,Mn.10/22/2012

I am very happy with the litter locker refills. Easy to load, eliminates odors and last quite a while.

Refills by JJ03/02/2012

I am so happy I found this website to order y Litter Locker Refills. I can not find them in the store anymore plus this site is cheaper than the stores. I plan to order all of my refills from here from now on. Thank you for still carrying these refills.

Great odor control by Karol10/22/2012

This is the diaper jeanie for cats. Easy to use and controls odor. I couldn't be happier with it.

Litter locker 2 is great by Rik12/02/2012

The litter locker II is super convenient. I can scoop as often as I like and don't have take a bag out everyday. It's really easy to use and a BiG improvement over the original Litter Locker. The refills last MuCH longer than the original. But even with the smaller refills (less product). The price is higher for them, my only complaint.

Excellent by Melissa06/02/2012

This works great! The litter locker is fabulous and these are deigned to work with it perfectly. Say goodbye to litter odor with this!

Easy to use! by Cat Lover from southwest suburbs of Chicago07/24/2012

Highly recomend Litter Locker II and refills. Makes cat box maintenance quick, easy, and no mess.

great product by kld from Carlisle PA11/21/2012

Works excellent.... very easy to use with litter locker. Only wish I got this earlier.....

Like a cat poo diaper genie! by Kris from Milford,MI10/23/2012

Does the job well! No smell whatsoever with the Litter Locker system.

Life saving litter disposal system by Tarri from Haymarket, VA10/29/2012

My home is a foster home to multiple kittens and cats and by using the littermate system has kept my home free of litterbox odors. You can not tell there are cats in my home by litterbox odors, only because they greet visitors when they arrive. I would highly recommend this system to anyone with cats. It saves on plastic bags and it easy to use.

good purchase by ivayshawn from toronto ontario canada05/10/2013

excellent product excellent price excepr for the shipping since i live in ontario canada

Must have for indoor cat owners by IttsyBittsy's mom from Rockingham, NC08/07/2013

The Litter Locker II is a must for people who own indoor cats. Scooping and flushing are not options in our house and other plastic bags end up being messy and smelly. This Litter Locker Refill will last 3 to 4 months with our 3 cats. I was truly surprised that there is no smell when removing the filled bag and that it IS really easy to remove.

love my litter locker by dragonfly08/14/2013

Really love my litter locker. It's very convenient and best of all doesn't smell. It's easy to clean up too.

Great product by Slzaffuto from Ny,ny04/17/2012

This works great with the litter locker II. Best price for both products.

good product by debbie from :Long Island02/06/2013

I do rescue work and so now I have 10 cats and as many litter boxes so there is always a little bit to cleanup... The locker allows clean ups all day along as needed ..saves the many small plastic bags I had been using .. it does seem to eliminate and control the ordor .. Refill lasts longer than I had expected ..seems I got a month out of one refill so it is not really expensive to use.

by from 11/14/2012

Featured Reviews for PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box
Order never shipped by aford03/17/2013

The item showed in stock. A week later I got an email saying it was back ordered. It stayed that way for about 3 weeks, until I had to email them conveying my extreme displeasure.

Best Litter Box Ever by catmommy from Florida02/20/2013

I've had this litter box for a few weeks now and it is the best ever. No more scooping the box every morning! No more smell! I have two cats and it works great. Super quiet, and it only took the cats a couple of days to adjust. I only have to empty the receptacle twice a week and it is so easy! I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Great Idea, but execution needs improving. by Anichka from South Jersey10/24/2011

It's a really great idea, but the dirty litter does not get lifted up the ramp like it should. It either falls through or gets stuck at the bottom. I think the ramp needs better teeth for grabbing the dirty litter.

Simply Clean - OK by Paul B from Georiga07/04/2012

The design is very well executed. Does work well. Our three cats are not taking to it... and only will use it when the other litter boxes are full. The space provided for the cat is not big enough - and our cats are average size (8-11 pounds). They appear that they just don't feel comfortable. Overall a good product.

Featured Reviews for Catit Style White Tiger Cat Pan - Large
Very nice litter box by tboost from Westfield, IN11/11/2013

This is a really nice, versatile litter box. It's very large for our fairly small cat, and it's pretty easy to clean. There are no weird corners to work around like our last box. The door is removable if your kitty has claustrophobia like our cat! The bottom part is high enough that our cat does not get anything in the crack between the top & bottom part. Nice design!

a good size by quilterpat05/23/2014

This box is a very good size; I like the taller style and the flip top that lets you scoop out refuse easily. The only negative is that it is hard to get the latch to catch to snug together the top and bottom, especially with a double layer of litter bags. I chose this box because my male cat squirts high and with other boxes it leaks out the back.

Featured Reviews for Catit Cat Pan with Rim - Warm Grey
by from 06/03/2013

Rim eats into the measurements provided. I had to take the litter box to a plastic store to cut the rim to make it worthwhile. Rim makes the cat litter box about 16 x12 and after cutting the rim to be flush with the box is now 20 x 14.5 on the inside of the cat box. 22 x 15.5 would be a perfect cat box.

they by don't from makeNot


no by one from couldWhen


Catit Cat Pan with rim by Sherry from Tulsa, OK06/27/2014

Finally found a litter box with sides high enough for my kitten not to scratch out litter. He gets very active covering up his mess and normally gets litter all over. Really like this pan.

Featured Reviews for Catit Design Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Grey
perfect for big cats who "miss" the box by helloCatmom from texas03/05/2013

i am using this box with pine pellets in a multi-cat household. my cats are the kind who urinate standing up and attempt to do it in the box, but wind up "missing the box" due to their personal style. I've tried many a hooded box, but love this one best, due to it's very roomy size and easy of dis-assembly for cleaning. i am using the box without the front flap and the top lid filter because it makes the box roomier for my extra large kitties. it also makes it easier to scoop. since i am using pine pellets, the box is light enough to move easily for cleaning. i think if you use clay or clumping litter, it might be too heavy, due to the large capacity. the top comes off easily for litter refilling and wipe-down. mine is positioned next to the toilet in my bathroom. Since i am using pine pellets, i scoop the poo's directly into the adjacent toilet to flush away.

by tim from ashland va.04/23/2013

this is the best cat box we have had we have 3 cats and there can go into it and knot lift the top offof it thanks tim

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