• CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Poultry Flavor

    CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Poultry Flavor

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    C.E.T. Cat Chews with exclusive plaque-fighting dual-enxyme system

    Home dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Periodontal disease affects 85% of adult dogs and cats and can lead to pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Even worse, chronic oral infection can spread harmful bacteria to other parts of the body, including the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Fortunately, most periodontal disease is preventable through a program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. Routine home dental care should be part of every pet's preventative medicine program.

    Good to chew: As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Cat Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme system to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzyme combined with the natural abrasive cleaning action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible.

    Ingredients: Freeze-dried poultry digest, dextrose, antioxidants (containing tocopherols, ascorbic acid, natural flavor and citric acid), glucose oxidase, dried when protein concentrate.


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    good alternative by Whispurr10/23/2012

    My 17-year-old kitty doesn't like the mouth wash sprays; they make him vomit. These he will eat readily and get the enzymes for his teeth.

    A REAL Treat! by L.L. from New York, New York12/23/2012

    Our cat,Liam, loves these treats. We only give him one a day,but he has trained us to pay close attention and not forget to give him one! I hope they are as healthy for him as the advertisement on the package states.

    good product by Sandikat from Western Oregon12/24/2012

    I also get the fish flavored, but not all my cats like fish, but they all like chicken. So most of my cats will eat these. My cats are all seniors, and a dental cleaning would be too hard on them. Not sure yet if it is helping their teeth, but my holistic vet carries the fish flavor and recommends them. Kind of spendy, but compared to a dental cleaning, they are cheap (if they work for that).

    CET Chews for Cats by imshowdog11/06/2013

    My cat won't touch them. They sit for days. My dog seems finds them and eats them - without chewing.

    Great product by San Diego 3 from San Diego05/31/2014

    My cat loves these and they really seem to clean the teeth. As any cat owner knows, it's nearly impossible to brush a cat's teeth. The CET dental chews are a great way to help prevent excessive tarter and plaque build-up.

    by dizzyliz27 from New Jersey01/29/2012

    I'm a little obsessed with my cats' dental health. I've bought these treats before, but not from this site. Even though they are poultry flavored, they do contain freeze-dried fish, so they have a fishy smell. My cats love them. Their teeth are in great shape, but I can't say for sure that it's because of these treats, because I clean their teeth and give them a variety of dental treats as well as oral care dry food. Overall, though, I think this is a good product, and my cats think so, too!

    Item was never sent !! by Erda03/31/2014

    The item was never sent and no one let me know that it was permanently out of stock. Bad customer relations

    Cat jumps for joy by msbojangles from Denton, TX04/28/2012

    My kitten hears the canister open and comes running and practically jumps for joy knowing she's about to get a CET Dental Chew in the poultry flavor.

    Cat Didn't Like It by Wiseguy from (Long Island) New York02/27/2013

    My cat wouldn't go near the stuff.Gave her the chicken flavor which had a stink like you wouldn't believe.Outside shell felt like Styrofoam which I think she didn't like ether.I read that some reviewers cats like it,I guess my cat didn't read the reviews lol.Gave it one star because it's possible your cat might like it.

    by from 01/27/2015

    The product is outstanding...the poultry flavored as well as the fish flavored..

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    Still on Backorder by JH03/30/2014

    Never received, product was to be shipped when it was back in stock. Still waiting.

    by from 01/13/2014

    My 2 yr old kitty loves both the poultry and fish flavors. He can't get enough of them. He has even pried open the box I keep them in to get at them.

    I by only from wishEntirelyPets


    Addictive and magical dental chews by Janie from Roseland. New Jersey04/17/2014

    My cat, Eva, is OBSESSED with these chews. I toss it to her and she runs all over the house with it as if it was a catnip toy. After about a half hour, she eats It with great pleasure. I don't know what's in them, but they MUST be in my home! Please keep them in stock or we will have a feline melt down! Hopefully she'll never have to have dental work!

    My cats love them!!! by Nancy R from Sacramento, CA06/09/2013

    The service from Entirely Pets is always fast and accurate and C.E.T. Chews is a great product!! I plan to buy more soon!!

    treats by elegalred from Cooper City, FL07/05/2013

    I have 2 cats - my tuxedo cat licks them but won't eat them even if I break them up he seems to have a hard time. My piglet cat, who eats everything will play with the treat and sometimes eat it, but most of the time he won't and I find it under the couch.

    Where are they!!! by LB from Philadelphia04/08/2014

    Our cat Lulu loves these treats. Unfortunately every time I try to order they are backorder with no delivery date given. What a shame! The interesting part is that even though they are are out of stock the system continues to sell them.

    Kitty likes it! by Pipsqueak from Queens, NY10/02/2013

    My cat HATES having her teeth cleaned and wanted to find a way to help make it possible not to have to do it on a daily basis. After noticing that my cat likes to chew on her spongy toy ball, I thought that she may like the CET chews since they have a similar kind of texture. (Think of those styrofoam noodles that are put into packaging.) Sure enough, she really likes them! Just a little side note: Because these chews are on a bit larger side, anyone with a petite kitty may want to cut the chews in half length-wise since they are a bit thick for very small mouths to chew. My cat hesitated at first eating it and I think it has to do with the size factor and not the taste.

    Chews for Cats by OLShopper from Minneapolis, MN05/15/2013

    Sorry, Lily wouldn't even eat one of these. I was disappointed because I purchase CET Chew for our dogs and they chew one up each day. Their teeth look amazing without having to knock them out to clean their teeth.

    my cat loves them by catlover02/19/2014

    These are large so I break them in half. My cat will move them around in her food bowl with her mouth for a bit and then grab a piece and start to chew. I use these and virbac dental rinse and I feel it helps her gingivitis from getting worse.

    CET best brand ever by samiam from Maryland09/09/2010

    I have used the treats with all my cats , some will eat them some will not but after i brush i reward with a good ole CET chew for both my dog and 3 cats The rinse is awesome and the dog chews give awesome breath. You cant go wrong with CET brand anything!!

    My cat is a fan by Max's Mom from Los Angeles11/14/2012

    My cat is a fan and eats them - they are more expesnive than other products that have similar results so that is why I deducted a star.

    Not a Hit by Linda12/08/2011

    My cats wouldn't eat them. What can I say? My dog loves the C.E.T. chews and she would have ate these too If I let her.

    Finicky Cat by Janice11/30/2011

    I cannot rate this product good or bad. My cat will not touch it period. My dog loves hers. Lulu - is very odd and very persnickety. She loves things I don't think she will and detests things I think she will love.

    I definitely think this will help with the tartar. by karen from chicago, Illinois04/26/2014

    One out of three of my cats like it but for the one, I do feel it will be helpful and by the way, it is the one cat that has not had any problems with her teeth or bad breath.

    Good product, no interest by kmarch from Philadelphia, PA03/11/2013

    I know that the product is meant to help with dental issues, however, I can't even get a lick onto this product.

    Awesome! by djc from Northern NJ10/10/2014

    BOTH my cats go absolutely crazy for these. If I even go near the cabinet where they are stashed, both start meowing standing up and tapping me. While 1 cat finishes his, the other is still hugging his. Only thing is I have to hold the treat or they would swallow it whole. I had a cat that did that and it wasn't a pretty site. So, now I hold the treat and watch my fingers don't get eaten too! Will see if they help with the tarter. It's too soon to tell. Though they are expensive (why they only got 4 stars), if they work, they will be worth it!

    She Loves It! by Mike08/14/2014

    This is our second order of poultry flavored cat chews. Ryder appears from nowhere, whenever she hears me open the pouch It's a great treat.

    CET Chews for cats by jojo11/07/2012

    Unlike the chews for dogs my kitties didn't like thies.

    AnneMarie loves them! by Cat Man from Birmingham, AL10/08/2013

    Our 13 year old cat eats these dental chews each day. Sometimes we change the flavor from poultry to fish to keep her interested in them. She has good teeth and has never had a dental cleaning. Her vet says she doesn't need one!

    good for cats teeth by Sue10/23/2012

    My cat will not let me brush her teeth, so I give her cet chews to clean her teeth. I call them tooth treats and she loves them.

    " Rudy's Fave ! by crazycat lady11/30/2011

    Originally bought these from my vet, to help with tartar control for my cat(s). Found this site and they are a bargain and my abyssian LOVES them.

    never arrived by dorrie01/07/2014

    ordered months ago and never arrived. asking for a review is pointless

    Good product by Circle from Portland, OR03/18/2013

    My cat loves these and they are good for his dental and overall health

    Not for my cat by onyxgirl from NYC07/03/2012

    My cat would not eat these things no matter how I tried to give them to her. She would not take it from my hand, nor in her dish, or mixed with her food. I could not break it up because that would defeat the purpose of the treat. I have a finicky Persian with tiny teeth, so maybe that's the issue. My last Persian had the same reaction. I thought it was her personality, but perhaps it's the breed. I cannot say that the product is good or bad because she never tried it. It is probably a little too big for her tiny teeth though. Oh well. C'est la vie!

    Kittie Crack by RaChil07/24/2014

    My cats go nuts for these treats. Not sure what effect they are having on their teeth yet but they pester me all morning for their treat routine. They also try to steal them from each other. The trouble is they ALWAYS seem to be on backorder, no matter what website you use. I ordered a larger bag of these several weeks ago and am still waiting for them to come in stock.

    Surprisingly Accepted by cat by BBecky01/20/2013

    When I got these I thought there was no way my cat would like them - they looked too large and pretty plain. But as finicky as she is she has taken to them with no problems. They do require chewing which no other treats do, so hopefully these are cleaning her teeth better. She likes both flavors.

    by from 06/19/2012

    Cet Chews are the best!

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    Cet by Chews from toI



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    CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish FlavorCET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
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    CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Poultry FlavorCET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Poultry Flavor
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    Sale price: $46.79
    3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Poultry Flavor3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Poultry Flavor
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