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CET VeggieDent Chews Regular for Dogs (30 chews)

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Try Bonies Dental Formula

CET VeggieDent Chews Regular for Dogs (30 chews)

Pets Have Teeth Too! Home dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. A program of oral hygiene and regular professional care can prevent problems that might occur as the result of plaque and tartar buildup. Routine home dental care should be a part of every pet's health care program.

C.E.T. Home Dental Care - 3 Easy Options to Better Oral Health
The C.E.T. 3 Easy Options method provides dental care options for all pets, regardless of size, age, temperament, or time constraints of busy owners. Begin where you and your pet are more comfortable, or use all 3 options in combination for fresh breath, cleaner teeth and better heath for your pet.

  • Good to Chew: As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting, Z-shaped C.E.T. VeggieDent works with the dog's chewing action to reduce plaque and loosen tartar. Use C.E.T. VeggieDent daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible to keep breath fresh and teeth clean.

  • Better to Rinse: C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Rinse and C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Gel target microorganisms susceptible to chlorhexidine for plaque control without brushing.

  • Best to Brush: Daily brushing using C.E.T. Toothpastes and Toothbrushes, specially designed for dogs and cats, provide the very best in Home Dental Care for your pet.

    Give your dog at least one chew daily, or as directed by your veterinarian, to reduce plaque and calculus. The oral hygiene benefit of C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews can only be achieved by adequate chewing action. Gulping whole chews will reduce the efficacy and can be harmful to your dog. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. As with any pet product not intended for human consumption, please keep out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling.

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    CET VeggieDent Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

    Ingredients: Corn starch, glycerin, soya proteins, rice flour, palatable agent, sorbitol, corn derivatives, water, potassium sorbate, chlorhexidine digluconate.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Calorie content 3.4 kcal/g
    Crude Protein (min.) 19.0%
    Crude Fat (min) 1.0%
    Crude Fiber (max) 10.0%
    Moisture (max) 15.0%
    Ash (max) 0.08%
    Net wt. per chew: 1.23oz. / 35g



    Customer Reviews

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    4.76 rating based on 630 reviews
    Healthy Treat they love by CincyDachshunds from Cincinnati Ohio10/24/2012

    My vet had these in the office. I wanted an alternative to rawhide chews that assisted in dental care and was healthy. I found them here reasonably priced and have a recurring order.

    Great Product by Brassnob from Gilbert, AZ10/24/2012

    I was looking for a dental product for my dogs that was also good for them and I think I just found it.. The CET VeggieDent is an excellent product, something that my dogs really liked and something that I will be getting for them from now on.

    My dogs love these dental treats by Judy November02/10/2012

    I had been given a package of these chews as a door prize at the grand opening of my vet's new facility, and found that my dogs were crazy about them. They are a great value.

    by from 04/27/2012

    I have tried MANY products from greenies, to hartz dental chews to nutro tartar control biscuits... THIS IS THE PRODUCT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! if you care about your dog's teeth!

    Shih by Tzus from 1I


    Crunchewie by dogsbestfriend from FL01/07/2012

    Our dogs enjoy CET VeggieDent Chews because they satisfy their enjoyment of working at chewing on something. They like the hard texture, and the plaque that had built up on our rescued dog's teeth when she was a stray appears to be lessening. We are happy that this item is available for home delivery and at a reasonable price. We also appreciate the timely arrival. Our dogs anticipate this particular mail. (:

    Great Stuff by Ken from North Carolina10/23/2012

    My dog loves these. It is a great treat and part of our overall dental care program. Entirelypets has the best price I've found anywhere, the shipping is good and the customer service is great.

    by from 08/04/2012

    Fabulous Product! by AussieMop from North Carolina02/22/2011

    I'm a 7 year old Canaan rescue guy and my mom found the BEST treats ever when she got me C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews. I turn into a puppy when I know I get my daily treats - I do everything she asks and turn summersaults as well. My Vet says my teeth are immaculate and my gums are great. And because these yummy treats do not have rawhide they don't bother my tummy.

    Great by Ray01/06/2013

    Our dog justm loves these. She has to have one first thing in the morning.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Elaine05/22/2012

    Great bed time snack for dogs, but they don't seem to really clean their teeth.

    Good Veggies by alexi611 from Tennessee06/05/2013

    I order this product in regular basis, it is very good and my dogs love it.

    a special treat by Angie05/02/2013

    We give these to our dogs as a special treat after dinner - they have their dinner, then we have our dinner and then they start barking and jumping up down with excitement because it's VeggieDent time! It's the cutest thing ever! This "special treat" really does help with the tarter build up on their teeth. It's a win-win. :)

    order all the time by max11212/12/2012

    Both my labs love this product. It has helped with plaque build up and bad breath.

    Excellent product by Spike from Chapel Hill. NC01/03/2012

    One of our dogs seems to have a problem with conventional rawhide chews; he often regurgitates them. These veggie chews are an excellent substitute. Both of our dogs love them and we've not had any problem with digestion. The chews contain chlorhexidine digluconate, an antibacterial compound used in some mouthwashes. I do not know how effective it is for dogs, as contained within chews, but our vet recommended the chews so, perhaps, there is some evidence for efficacy. Finally, the price at EntirelyPets was about 40% lower than anywhere else.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews by Penny from New Orleans, LA11/14/2011

    My dog absolutely loves these dental chews. They keep her teeth pearly white and great check ups when we visit the Vet. Highly recommend these chews and the price from Entirely Pets can not be beat!!

    Prevent dental problems by queensalmon from Longview WA11/28/2011

    I buy these veggie dental chews to keep my dog's teeth healthy. She had one root canal 2 years ago and one is enough. TheseChews are low calorie and fat, and she loves to have one after breakfast every day.

    Will order again and again by poodlelady from Toledo, OH12/20/2012

    These chews really do the job in keeping my dog's teeth clean.They are recommended by my vet. I'm ordering for a friend, and this is his second order.

    Brushing Their OWN Teeth! by DogNurse02 from Florida Panhandle08/19/2012

    "Brushing is Best", but if that isn't possible, give your pet CET enzymatic chews so they can "brush" their own teeth! I have given my own dogs, and whole-heartedly, recommended this brand of dental care products to my clients for years. C.E.T. offers several easy options for improving or maintaining your pet's oral health, even if they have food allergies and/or you are controlling their weight. My food allergy dogs get a VeggieDent everyday and LOVE the Vanilla Mint toothpaste every Saturday. Pets should have their teeth and gums examined at least once a year by a veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician and the more you do for your pet's teeth at home, the better! "Something is better than nothing!" Use C.E.T. products will confidence!

    Best chews ever had by Mezmo07/19/2012

    Our dogs love these chews, they have one everday

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/17/2013

    Cheaply by purchasing good Joints in many noryeonggyeon should help

    Great treat by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/23/2013

    My dogs love these treats and will beg for them

    A Daily Treat by usa807 from Chicago Suburb04/29/2012

    My 3 Greyhounds get one of these every day after dinner after they come back in from outside. They LOVE them!!! Entirely Pets has THE best price on these.

    Happiness For My Dogs by Mezmo from Virginia08/09/2012

    When I give my dogs their Veggiedent it is their happiest time of the day!!!

    Great treat! by Chugger from Hobart, WA02/05/2012

    At first our nearly 13 year old lab wasn't sure what this was because they are so hard but we broke them in half and he loves them! Good for his teeth too as he's too old for dental work :-)

    Our dog loves these! by Mattie10/22/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. They're great for her teeth and don't create the mess that we've seen with Greenies.

    Excellent product! by AussieMop's feeder05/29/2012

    Excellent product with the added benefit (and why I bought it originally) of serving as the best tooth and gum brush available. Tartar was gone within the first 10 days; one chew treat a day. Because this CET product is veggie - most importantly rawhide free - it does not upset dogs' digestion tract. An absolute winner.

    Very Happy with VeggieDent Chews by Dee12/17/2012

    I am very satisfied with the VeggieDent chews that I purchased. They were exactly as described and the price was much less expensive than at the veterinarian's office.

    Great product by BBinFLA from SW Florida06/11/2013

    My dog loves them and everyone asks how I keep her teeth so white. Wish they were made in the USA this is one of the few items I let her eat not made in the USA.

    Great product by Aussie Grrrrl03/11/2010

    My Aussies love this veggie-dent product, even better than the dental CET rawhide chews. They look forward to one every day!

    My westie loves them by Jim D from Lincoln NE12/14/2012

    I break off a piece and jam it inside his kong. It's good for about 15 minutes of constant working before he manages to get it out. Great exercise for his teeth and gums.

    Yum! by anitabeth11/26/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. He enjoys them as a treat and also at mealtimes rubbed in his food.

    Will order again by poodlelady from Toledo, OH12/06/2012

    CET Veggie Dent Chews were recommended by my veterinarian as a supplement to brushing my dog's teeth. I am very satisfied with the results, and am placing an order for a friend.

    by from 11/15/2011

    I have been searching for a product that really works to get the tartar off of my dogs's teeth.

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    My dogs dig them! by Shawn12/12/2011

    My boys seem to be happy to get them and eat the whole thing so I'm saying its a hit!

    Tasty and healthy by lablover from Philadelphia, PA10/24/2011

    My dog loves these treats, and I love giving them because they are more healthy than most, and they help clean his teeth as he chews! Definitely not a chew that will occupy your dog for long, but it's a nice quick snack (or you can break it and stuff it in a Kong toy).

    He didn't like. by Asher from Omaha, NE01/02/2013

    I got this for my dogs breath but he doesn't like them. He loves Greenies so I was hoping he would like these.

    VERY REASONABLE by GENE from EDINA, MN11/23/2012

    My dog, loves these treats, and it is great for plaque control.

    by Bea from New York, NY04/24/2012

    Great product, I used to work for a vet and these were very popular, I'm so glad I can find them online, my schnauzer LOVES them! Thank you!!

    Good Dental Treat by Karen from Barrington, IL10/18/2011

    My two 45 lb. dogs love these - but they don't really last long - more like a treat than a chew. I use them because the ingrediants are good for reducing tarter.

    Dogs's LOVE these by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan11/14/2012

    I have four dogs who love tho have these as a mid afternoon treat!

    Dogs love these!! by patio11/10/2012

    My chewers really love these treats. I wanted to find a replacment for rawhide treats. These are the best and defintely healthier.

    Dogs Favorite Treat by Mezmo from Virginia04/24/2012

    My dogs love veggieDent Chews so much I would like to send you a video of how happy they are when it is VeggieDent Chew time. Especially the Black and Tan hound named Dandelion she jumps around on two feet! What a fantastic treat! We can never run out of it or I can not go home.

    by from 04/09/2012

    This stuff works! I have 3 Shih Tzus, they have tried everything from Greenies to dental bones to...

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    VeggieDent Chews by ghost7071 from Ruston, LA.11/09/2012

    Best deal for the money. My vet charges almost double. These chews tend to be a little hard, so for our little Snorkie I cut them into 1/4" wide pieces (makes about 18-20 pieces per stick) and put in microwave for about 7 to 8 seconds. This makes them softer but they still help clean his teeth.

    Excellent Product by Bo from Michigan05/29/2012

    My dog loves them and they really do work

    Great Product by Dex1sFun06/11/2013

    This product has worked wonders helping to keep the tartar buildup off our dog's teeth, and reduced the number of times they have to get their teeth cleaned.

    Better than bones by Bosco from Queens, n.y.05/14/2013

    My dog enjoys these very much. We got a sample from the vet and since then he has enjoyed eating these......very healthy snack for them

    My Dog Loves These by Mom2Gomer from Minneapolis11/13/2011

    These vegetable-based chews include a rough texture and small amount of chlrohexidine to clean the dog's teeth while they chew. Opie likes these even better than rawhide-based chews.

    Really works by jxsy from Arlington, VA02/22/2011

    I give these daily to my 6yr old Golden Retriever. I've been giving it to him consistently and I can see visible reduction in the tartar build up. Plus he loves eating them.

    Outstanding by Ken from Charlotte, North Carolina10/30/2011

    My dog, Speck absolutely loves these chews and we use them as a part of our regular dental care program. Speck's teeth are brushed daily and we use these to reward his cooperation.

    by RANDY11/25/2012

    We have been giving our dog these for years, thanks for being another place that we can get them.

    Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    CET VEGGIE CHEWS by longdoggie from Greenville, Georgia06/22/2012

    My Dachsunds love these chews & they are safe. I don't have to worry about them getting choked. I love Entirely Pets, their prices are very competitive & the service is very fast & efficient.

    Great deal and cheaper than Vet by Logan Sailor Bean from Atlanta, Georgia10/22/2012

    Was introduced to this product by our Vet. Great for promoting great dental maintenance for our dog. Found this on this website at half the price. Fantastic deal and great website, easy to order and delivery for several orders has been outstanding.

    good for them by mommap from lockport, ny06/19/2012

    my two dogs absolutely love the CET veggie dent chews and to make it better they are even good for them. Both of my dogs are really not pleased with me brushing their teeth so the veggie dents are a good add on. My labradoodle eats a whole one each night. My golden mix doesn't have his large teeth so we put them in a sealed plastic bag to soften them a little and she only has a half each night. A great add on for their health.

    Yummo by lilysmom07/16/2012

    We have a diabetic dog and a dog with allergies to just about everything. Our vet recommended these so I order several packages at a time from EP and save alot. Dogs love, love, love them!!

    Breath saver! by Marilyn from St. Louis04/10/2013

    We are trying to keep Ziggy's teeth cleaner this year after having them cleaned in the fall. These do the trick. I give him one everyday. He begs for more. Good chewing and I think is helping keep the tarter off his teeth.

    Great treat! by Tammy from Pearland, TX11/17/2011

    My dogs love their CET VeggieDent Chews -- they get one a day after their afternoon meal, and they get very excited when it's treat time. They take awhile to eat their chews, which makes me think the chews are probably very good for cleaning their teeth. The price is excellent, too. I've compared EntirelyPets' price with other companies' prices, and EntirelyPets has the best deal by far.

    Great Veggie's by Vivian Oliveras10/20/2009

    I first got these veggie chews at my Vet's office as a treat for my 2 dogs, Sassy, my black lab and Penny, my german shorthair pointer. My pointer is a fussy eater but when I gave her this veggie chew, she ate it and came looking for more. I have had to order more of them, because my girls wait for it every morning after they get fed. I am so pleased with this product, Thank you, Vivian Bronx,NY

    Miss Tina loves these! by TBone03/28/2013

    My little girl loves these chews. I had a hard time finding chews for her after we found out she's allergic to BEEF and LIVER! Bummer! Most chews are rawhide . . . but these are great veggie chews, no meats AND they help her teeth and breath. She LOVES them. They're good for her (her teeth look fantastic for a 7 year old) and they come at a great price on Entirely Pets. My vet sells them in their office, but not at this great price! 5 star product!

    My Favorite Snack by Lily12/12/2011

    I'm so glad my "mom" found these at Entirely Pets. They are my favorite snack and now she can save a few dollars from Entirely Pets. I have allergies so don't get many treats but these VeggieDent Chews keep me very happy!!

    My Four Dogs Love 'Em by Jack'sMyBaby from Southern California01/23/2012

    I first purchased the VeggieDents to give my dogs a healthy chew for their dental health. I never expected they would LOVE the taste in addition to getting a good chew. They never mind my leaving them--and jump in their crates--as long as they're getting a VeggieDent to gnaw on.

    Great Treat by LShuler01/30/2012

    My schnauzer loves these treats - makes me leaving for work in the morning easier!

    Favorite Treats by LilysMom from Calif03/16/2013

    These are our pooches favorite treats. They act very silly right after their dinner when they know it's treat time. Recommended by my Vet too!

    He loves it by Chancie from FLorida02/16/2013

    Our dog loves this product and it is used as a special treat for learning new tricks. I buy it here as the vet's price is so much more than Entirely Pets. I have others buying this and they all say their dogs get along with it and love it too.

    by from 01/08/2013

    Our veteranarian recommended the CET VeggieDent Chew for our dogs to help prevent plaque build-up since we were unable to brush their teeth on a regular basis. Although we have tried many "dental" products previously with no success because our dogs shunned them, we decided to purchase a bag from our vet for a trial.

    surprise, by after from gettingMuch


    Vet Recommended by Rick from Tampa, FLThank-you


    Do not give these to your dog! by BBB CO from Grand Junction, CO12/07/2012

    VeggieDent Chews are a terrible product . They consist mostly of corn and other fillers. After eating a few of them, my dog got serious diarrhea which cleared up as soon as I stopped giving them to her. I do not recommend feeding these to your dog.

    Not for my dog by Precious01/26/2012

    Purchased bag of veggiedent chews to try variety, because my dog loves all the other CET chews, she broke the veggiedents up & wouldn't eat. I gave the full bag to co-workers & they said their dogs ate them. I will stick to my usual products.

    Great Product by Carol06/12/2012

    It did a great job of cleaning my dogs teeth. After just one Chew, there was a noticeable change in her teeth. We will definitely continue to purchase this product.

    Virbac VeggieDent Chews are great by yankeesue12/12/2011

    My older collie has kidney issues that are being managed with meds and very low protein, so I was looking for a nightly chew that would be good for him. My vet reviewed the nutritional values of VeggieDents and we ordered them and he loves them!

    My dog loves it! by Ad from California, CA01/23/2013

    I always give one of those to my dog before I leave the house. He just loves it! He always waits for me to give him one!

    Great product! by BLJ from Wenatchee, Washington11/06/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. This is the best product we have found. She knows exactly when it is time for her chew and waits patiently in front of the pantry. I recommend them highly!

    My dogs LOVE these! by DebiMac from Ellijay, GA12/12/2011

    I have been purchasing these dental treats for my dogs for awhile and was so happy to get such a great deal on them. Plus, quick shipping.

    Great Product by Vettech201212/11/2011

    I have been purchasing this product for several years now and have always approved. I have a greyhound now and they are known for having bad teeth, and these chews have really helped him in between dental cleanings. Great price for a great product. I will always buy them!

    by from 10/25/2011

    Fabulous product! I started using CET VeggieDent Chews for my dog about 18 months ago when the vet said he needed his teeth cleaned. Within a month, his teeth were immaculate; for an eight year old dog that is amazing. Vet pronounced his teeth and gums that of a puppy and we've never looked back.

    VeggieDent by Chews from andDogs


    enough!" by Hands down the best 'toothbrush' ever! from The MopsterCannot


    He loves them as treats by Gnu12/17/2011

    I like that they clean his teeth. I also like the "veggie" part, since I'm pretty much vegan. Much better price here than at the vet's office.

    Great Purchase! by Max L02/21/2012

    The price was terrific (compared t what we have been paying by purchasing from the local vet) and the product arrived surprisingly fast - several days sooner than expected.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul12/28/2012

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    Veggie Dents by Cassidy and Tara from We live in Grovetown, Georgia06/15/2012

    Cassidy and I love our Veggie Dents. When we saw the bag was empty, we starting howling. Thank goodness Entirely Pets understands how important our order was to us, we got quick service, and the veggie dents were yummy!

    Veggiedent Chews by BBBCO from GJ, CO02/20/2013

    No. no no! Caused diarrhea. Do not feed your dog chemicals.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews by Sharon from La Center, Washington11/25/2011

    My dogs love these and they have helped to keep their teeth nice and clean. They get them as a treat once a day.

    VeggieDent Chews by NormaJean from Fort Worth, TX06/04/2013

    My dogs love these and they are healthy and good value for the money!!!

    It's Veggies by GoPete01/19/2012

    My doberman thinks these are great. Hey, they are a treat. The poodle treats them like my son does a meal of salad, "If this is all there is, I guess I'll have it. Isn't there something else?" They do get eaten.



    useful product by johna from Metro Charlotte, N.C.01/23/2012

    Both my cockers eat these...one because she has food allergies and needs the veggie ingredients. While not quite as effective as tooth brushing, the 5-10 minutes spent gnawing on these does help control plaque and tartatr...and both dogs like the taste....also a reasonable price for 30 chews.

    My Dogs Love These! by Kim03/15/2013

    Both of my dogs love these VeggieDent chews that we're recommended to me by my vet. I bought the first bag from the vet but found them a lot cheaper on EntirelyPets.

    Bags Sliced Opened by furfacemom01/13/2013

    I've ordered these VeggieDents from Entirely Pets several times. The product itself is great and my dogs enjoy the chews. The problem is with the handling of the product before it is shipped to me. I've now had two separate shipments in which bags have been previously sliced open. I suspect it happened with a box cutter when the company opened up a bulk order for distribution. The first time it happened, the cut bag was sent to me with clear packaging tape holding the cut closed. The price is very good on this product but I am reconsidering whether to order again from this company as I prefer an unopened product for my dogs.

    Great for dogs with allergies by Caeners08/02/2012

    My dog is allergic to everything the fact that these are veggie is great and keep my dogs teeth nice and clean.

    VeggieDents rock by Jonathan in Seattle04/29/2012

    A few years back, my vet said my dog's teeth and gums weren't looking so good. She suggested that I try these dental chews and see if that helped, otherwise we'd need to do some expensive dental work. Every checkup since then, I've been told my dog had great teeth and gums, and no more threats of costly dental work! Oh yeah, my dog LOVES them and makes sure I don't forget them.

    stop bad breath by mommap07/24/2012

    recommended by our veternarian we noticed a major difference in the odor from our dog's mouth. a easy addition to brushing their teeth.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Nancy Jane06/11/2013

    I ordered this product on May 15, 2013. I was advised that it is back ordered by the manufacturer. I was using the discount that Entirely Pet offered me, so I still want the order. I think if there is going to be such a lengthy delay that the product shouldn't be offered to sell. Or, that I get a rain check for the same discount to be used at another point and time. I am left hanging. Same thing on another product I ordered from another manufacturer.

    excellent product by Chrissy from North Tonawanda, New York04/11/2013

    these are the best Dental sticks I have purchased, my dogs just love them, keeps their teeth white and clean, I would recommend this product to everyone!!

    Great for their teeth. by angieg05/09/2013

    My vet recommended these for my boxer to help keep her teeth cleaned. She loves them. They don't last her long but they do their job and keep her teeth cleaned.

    Veggie dent chews by EENGEL from Melbourne, Florida04/08/2013

    these chews are great for doggie breathe.My 2 labs get one a day and it keeps their breathe smelling fresh and clean. Love this product.

    Excellent product by ghost707106/05/2012

    I warm these in the microwave for 11 sec. and then cut them into smaller pieces (width wise) about 1/4" thick. My Snorkie loves them as a treat and they clean his teeth at the same time.

    CET Veggie Dental Chews by alexi611 from Telford, Tennessee04/28/2012

    My dogs love this dental veggie chews and they enjoy them as a traeat as well, I usually give it to them ones a day and they look for it with joy.

    by from 01/18/2013

    My dog cries for these and they have really helped her dental grooming immensely, according to my vet!

    from by Entirely from Pets...greatWill


    Useful treat !! by dogsrule11/05/2012

    My two dogs LOVE these treats and have definitely noticed their teeth are cleaner. I have to break them into smaller pieces though, as they sometimes get stuck horizontally on the roof of their mouths...I break them into thirds for my golden retrievers.

    Good product! by GJVC from Northern Ca02/14/2013

    I get the regular and snap them in quarters to give to my 7 pooches & fosters. They love it!

    My Dog is Addicted! by Shirley08/03/2012

    My dog is addicted to these chews! They're healthy snacks and also help to keep her teeth clean. I have to keep a good supply on hand ~ she loves 'em!

    Great for Food Allergy Dogs! by DogNurse0201/03/2012

    Have been giving my food allergy dog these beneficial enzymatic dental chews for years and only wish they were a bit bigger. I also wish the quantity would increase so I didn't order them as often. :) As a reminder, using these chews alone will reduce the plaque buildup on the dog's teeth. But, daily brushing will yield the best results in conjuction with giving these dental chews.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Joe11/19/2012

    My dogs love these dental treats,the vet recomended them.I pay $24.00 for a pack of these at the vet.Thats double the price I pay here for the same item.Highly recomended!!!! I have 3 boys(dogs)so when i buy these I buy like 6 bags at a time. Big savings.. Thanks Entirely pets!!!

    Great chews! by Ritz from Memphis10/24/2011

    I'vre got 4 dogs - various types, sizes & ages - and finding something that they all like (and is good for them) can be difficult. My vet gave me a sample of CET VeggieDent chews when I took one of my furkids in for some teeth cleaning. I quickly discovered that all of my pups liked the chews. Having a treat that helps them with keeping their teeth clean is a major plus!

    Great for my dogs by JudyNovember from Durham, NC10/24/2012

    My dogs (two small, one large) love these chews, and the chews are strong enough that it takes several minutes for the dogs to finish with them. I love that about them.

    Dog loves this treat by sammiemom from North Carolina01/07/2013

    My dogs loves this treat. I am so glad I found them cheaper than when I got them at the Vet.

    Best Dental Treats! by Nita from Olive Branch, MS02/28/2012

    My dogs LOVE the CET Veggie Dent treats. As soon as they see or hear me open the pantry door, they will come running and beg for a treat. Not only do they love them, but they help keep the tarter off of their teeth.

    Veggie Dent Chews Regular for dogs by baby blue eyes05/20/2013


    no more fish breath by Jack12/12/2012

    My dog loves these and we love how much better it makes his breath

    Worthy purchase to make a dog happy! by Robin from NY10/28/2012

    Our dog loves this product. We bought it at our Vets office. It is quite a distance away so when we ran out I looked to the internet. We found it and we are very satisfied with the product and the Entirely Pets.

    Great chews by Abby from Arlington, WA11/22/2011

    Highly recommended by our vet in place of hard-to-digest rawhide chews and for cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath. It helps that the dogs really love them and look forward to their daily mouth cleaning. Also, your low price will keep me ordering for a long time. Thanks for carrying the CET line of products!

    by arson k905/20/2013

    my partner gets them as a reward for working. he really looks forward to them.

    by from 11/15/2012

    My puppers love these chews and I don't feel guilty giving them

    is by a from greatTo


    by BigT106/20/2012

    Dog looks forward to these as a treat after meals. Definitely helps reduce tarter buildup. No GI upsets from these while other similar products have caused issues.

    VeggieDents! by LVTdognurse0203/27/2012

    Would've been 5 stars if the manufacturer offered a larger quantity bag. But, these are great for food allergy dogs.

    by from 02/02/2012

    More than a year ago my vet recommended the CET VeggieDent chews as my 1 year old yellow lab had really bad tartar on his teeth. I got the first bag from the vet who charge 2.5 times what EntirelyPets charges. These chews have cleaned up the tartar problem entirely and my dog just loves them.

    a by great from price."Great


    Great product by Maggie from Queens, NY10/25/2012

    My mini schnauzer LOVES these chews. They keep her busy when she's home alone & keep her teeth healthy too. No bad smell & they don't stain. GREAT product

    My Dog Loves Them by Peabo from Magnolia, TX02/14/2013

    I have a dog with food allergies and these are great for him. I get the same great product from Entirely Pets that I was paying a lot more at the vet. Now I don't have to make a special trip to the vets office, I can just do a mail order and in a few short days they are at my driveway. Very convenient!

    Favorite Time Of The Day! by Mezmo06/09/2012

    I have 3 dogs a rhodesian ridgeback, a black and tan hound, and a springer spaniel, and they all get a VeggieDent Chew before dinner and they are so happy they dance and bounce around and do tricks just to show how much they love VeggieDent Chews! I can not go home if I don't have any. Thanks for the fast shipping that really helps me out sometimes. Thank, Mezmo


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