Charlee Bear Dog Treats with Cheese & Egg - 16 oz

    Charlee Bear Dog Treats with Cheese & Egg - 16 oz

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    Charlee Bear Dog Treats are made with real cheese and eggs for a taste dogs love. All-natural ingredients and only 3 calories per treat! That means you can reward your pets more often. Recommended and used by professional trainers. They're Pocket Perfect; put them in your pocket and take them with you!

    Ingredients Wheat flour, Cheese, Egg, Salt, Garlic Powder, Brewers Yeast and mixed Tocopherols (a natural source of Vitamin E).

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    Cats Are Thankful by Liz from Midwest01/01/2014

    Great training treat; her favorite flavor!

    Doggie TicTacs by Rich0057 from Northwest Indiana10/08/2011

    We have used these treats with our dogs for many years. The dogs love 'em and are always excited to get them. Though small and low calorie these treats can be used to train your dog as well. They travel well in a pocket or bag, leave no stains or messy residue and are odorless. Our dogs have all loved them.

    One of our favorites by KAM from Ontario Canada10/11/2013

    I have been using Charlee Bear treats forever it seems! They are small, low in calories, and the Collies love them! I take them in a pocket when we walk and they are doled out whenever there might be a distraction etc. The dogs have learned to "look at me", whenever I need their attention and they know that a treat is in store for them when they oblige! And I love the fact that there are several varieties and that Entirely Pets has THE best prices for them available! Great product...great prices....great site!

    Fantastic dry treats by Annie from Phillipston, MA09/04/2014

    A friend shared some of her Charlee Bear treats when I was visiting her with my 4 month old Doberman puppy. He loved these treats! They are easy to carry in your pocket with no sticky mess, and at only 3 calories a piece I don't have to worry when using them with my two older dogs. Great buy!

    Cheese Charlee Bears ... the best! by akearn07/31/2013

    These are perfect for my pup because they're bigger than other varieties (for whatever reason) so there is more to crunch! He loves em!!

    Great price! by Jane from Festus, Missouri04/20/2013

    The Charlee Bear dog treats are a healthy treat for my dog. My Maltese has a sensitive stomach and cannot eat most dog treats, but these treats do not bother her stomach, and she LOVES them. Entirely Pets has the best price for them.

    Perfect small tasty treat by BullyLove from NJ02/04/2012

    They don't look or smell like much but all of my dogs love these and train for them. Nothing bad in them, low calorie, and incredible volume per pound. I stock up on these all the time.

    Great Product! by alfaninnc from Greensboro NC06/12/2013

    My Shih Tzu's love these treats and they are a great value!

    Terrific treat! by Kathie from Ontario Canada07/24/2012

    My 3 Collies absoutely love the Charlee Bear Cheese and Egg treats. I like them because they can be easily carried and at 3 calories per treat, I have no guilt giving them. They are great as a treat, but since I walk 3 times a day, I need a distraction when other dogs and/or people are around....these treats are wonderful for such a time..and the price is unbelievable!!!! Great treat,great price, great service.....way to go Entirely Pets!

    Charlee Bear Treats by DobeLuvr03/05/2014

    My dogs LOVE these treats! I buy at least 4-5 bags at a time b/c they are reasonably priced and so I can keep plenty on hand. They don't have a lot of calories per treat so I can reward often when doing quick training around the house or wherever. Even though they are hard/crunchy, my larger dogs can eat them quickly & get back to training.

    Great low calorie treat by Bren05/11/2014

    My 2girls love these treats. I like them especially because they are made in the USA & low calorie.

    Great for training by Yellow Dog from Tonawanda, NY03/15/2012

    These treats are great for training. No mess. And the dogs love them.

    Great product, terrible customer service by Abikin04/25/2013

    I was so surprised when my dogs went bonkers over these! I bought a variety of small treats when I started taking my dog to clicker training classes, and these little dry oyster crackers looked like they would have minimal appeal. So wrong!! The dogs all love these, and they are ideal training treats - easy to handle, not messy. Sadly, when I followed up with an order of three more bags, they arrived with half the contents in shards. Not so useful, since the treats are small to start with. Three email messages to Entirely Pets went unanswered. So sad!! Doubtful that I will be back for more - not such a bargain price when only a fraction of the product is useable.

    Their Great !!!!!! Egg and Cheese Charlie Bears!!! by henry from Allenstown, NH03/02/2013

    Small amount of calories.When tossed, They fly in the wind so your dog can has exercise. As you get older its important as walking is harded for the owners. Excellent ingredients for dogs. Great price at your site !!!!!!. Natural Pet store prices are a somewhat high. I been buying these for my goldens for years and would highly recommend to all animal owners !!!! henry.

    Great training Treat by Alley-N04/23/2013

    The cheese and egg charlee bears are not the most consistent in size, so I am sure they are not all 3 calories/bear, but overall, charlee bears cannot be beat for ease of use and portability

    Varying reviews by the dogs! by Jane from Cambridge, NY11/22/2013

    One do likes them, one hates them, and the third tolerates them.

    by from 01/25/2013

    Annabelle would eat entire pkg at once if she could get her paws on pkg

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    Molly loves them by stressrn04/17/2012

    Great treat! Molly will do any trick for these...great for training at 3 calories each.

    All natural and SAFE!! by Kathie from Ontario Canada03/29/2012

    For the most part,I bake my own treats for my 3 dogs due to all the recalls the last several years. The best treat in my opinion are the CHARLEE BEAR treats. My dogs LOVE them and there are several varieties..low in calories,great for training and wonderful as a reward....these treats are worth every penny and that said, are also a great bargain! It is so wonderful to be able to be secure in knowing my fur babies are getting something good and SAFE! Everyone should try them for their dogs!

    My Shih Tzu pup is in 7th heaven! Thanks! by Babs from Maine10/28/2011

    The place we used to get our Charlee's no longer handles them, so we were very happy to find you folks. She is quite small so it will take awhile for 10 lbs to disappear, we may give some as presents.

    Great overall treat by Christa W08/31/2009

    Wonderful treat that I can keep in my pockets! All 7 of my dogs love them & I don't have to worry about stains and odors in my pockets. One of these small treats is perfect for training and I don't have to refrigerate them or worry about the dogs' digestive tracks going into "overdrive". I recommend them wholeheartedly.

    Low calorie treat by Princess Kyra from Ellicott City, Maryland09/13/2013

    These are great to stick in your pocket and take with you on a walk as they don't saturate or stain your pockets and are low calorie. They are even easy to break in half and give more frequently when training your dog.

    Everybody Loves Charlee Bears by macbef01/27/2015

    Low cal. Made in America. Getting harder to find in stores so I stock up at Entirely Pets. I have some in every pocket so I can treat all the other dogs we meet on our walks. Every dogs loves them. And my cats do too!

    by Pat from Fort Myers, FL05/29/2014

    Dogs love them and they are so healthy for them

    by from 08/19/2014

    I like this product even more after reading that dogs like cookies by the handful vs. one enormous cookie.

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