• Chondro FLEX II (120 Chewable Tablets)

    Chondro FLEX II (120 Chewable Tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaChondro Flex II is a powerful joint care formula that porvides maximum nutritional support for dogs and cats with a predisposition to degenerative joint disorders. Chondro Flex contains the highest quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Ester-CŪ, and chelated minerals to effectively reduce inflammation and support the maintenance and repair process of connective tissue, including synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Serving size: 1 tablet Ingredients (per serving):
    Glucosamine 500mg
    Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 400mg
    Ascorbate (Manganese Ascorbate) 66mg
    Manganese 10mg
    MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 99.9%) 250mg

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    Good, but not Great by K&B Md08/15/2012

    I decided to try these for my dog because it said they were chewable and he would not chew the other chewable joint supplements I bought him. I would have to put them in some food or in a treat even though they are allegedly chewable. When I got these the first thing I noticed is that they are virtually impossible to break in half even thought they are perforated. My dog still will not chew them, so they have to go in some food again. He takes double strength joint supplements 2x a day and triple strength if he needs a little extra help on certain days. I think these are doing a good job and they are a great price, but wish he would chew them and most importantly, I wish they were easier to break!

    I think it helped by Tinna05/10/2014

    I bought this for our 8 year old German Shepherd who has problems with his weak elbows. In the recent years this has become a real problem, we could see how hard it was for him to get up or to jump or cross even low obstacles (like stairs). Since we've been adding this supplement, things improved. Visibly! It's obvious his pain is lesser, he has more energy and is more playful. It took some time for the supplements to start working (we've started seeing results after approximately 3 months), but they sure do work!

    chondro flex 11 by laycee from Buffalo New York07/26/2012

    My vet recomend chondro for my pet i was getting the med though her untill i found this web site with her med i can afford it and my pet is very happy . I would hate to cute her med down because i could not afford it. Same with my other pet with the paste thank you very much.

    MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE by GS & her boys01/05/2012

    My 12 year old spaniel mix was having a lot of joint pain that actually caused him to yelp when he jumped down from a chair. He was also limping frequently and was very stiff. This product has made him much more comfortable. He still has his stiffness, but does not limp as often and does not yelp with pain. It is not an instant cure, but over several months I can see a definite difference.

    Excellent by JB06/09/2013

    All the chewable tablets in this size bottle remained whole, all the way to the bottom of the bottle, unlike the larger bottle. Although it costs a little more in the long run to buy in smaller quantities, you are less likely to find the bottom tablets broken into tiny bits or turned into powder.

    Wish I knew they were expired before I purchased by Rogers311/24/2012

    I should have know something was up when the price was so much lower than normal so I shouldn't have been surprised that the product was expired when received. Be careful what you order.

    Best price with speedy delivery by Buisse from Racine, Wisconsin12/04/2012

    Will never go anywhere else for the products I purchase for my wonderful dog Max. Purchasing this product here, I was able to order 2 bottles for less then the price I paid for one bottle at my Vets office.

    exellent products by Ina from Postojna06/08/2012

    So far we have mostly used the hondroflex tbl, because the dog running the agility has 9 years and osteoarthritis disks. Tablet are extraordinary help and ease of movement and for once the disease has stagnated

    Flex II by Ladyshihtzu from FLorida04/09/2012

    I've used this product for about a year and love it. I have two performance dogs that do agility and it helps them. I also have an older dog (12 yo) and she is still very active.

    A MIRACLE PRODUCT!!! by MAMMAOF5 from Tampa, Florida08/09/2011

    When my Rottie was about 6 yrs. old, I noticed that he didn't have the pep in his step that he use to when he would get off the couch (He was very spoiled). I asked my vet what I could do to help him feel better. I started him right away on Chondro-Flex II & within 30 days I could see the difference. From then on he got the dose recommended on the package & was great from then on to his last day of 12 yrs old. I did a lot of research before I started using this product & found the best price with Entirely Pets. THIS IS A REMARKABLE PRODUCT & I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GIVE IT A TRY. It took a while to recover from my great loss but now I have a Yorkie!

    Looking for box to return it by Nike from Minneapolis, MN04/17/2013

    We purchased two bottles of Chondroflex. The one we've opened is half dust and half eroded tablets. We've used this product for years and never had them arrive in this condition so we must wonder if these were left over expired tabs. We'll never buy them from you again.

    Have used this for 11 years by nansea02/08/2014

    My dog Zoey was born with arthritis in her front paws. She is now going to be 12 years old. She had "knee replacement" due to an injury last year and has some trouble with that but her arthritis has pretty much stayed in check. I also use it for my other dog who is 10--have had her on it since we adopted her at 2 years old. I will be putting my youngest baby on it as well-- she's not yet 2 years old.

    REALLY WORKS! by janny04/28/2012

    I began giving this to my 11 year old Bichon who was beginning to limp. She no longer has trouble with this! Loves them too.

    by pep11/04/2012

    I like the ease of giving your product to my dog and My dog really likes the taste of the chewables, but what I would like to see is an expiration date of the product when ordering so I do not order to many and they expire before they are gone.

    best product for older dogs by dog lady02/27/2013

    using this product for years keeps older pets moving

    Chondro Flex II by Bill from St. Pete, FL12/11/2012

    This product has worked great for our 11 year old docshund. She is more active and has more interests than before use .....

    It Works! by Nanette12/02/2009

    My 10 year old border collie mix had knee surgery two years ago & still had what appeared to be pain & stiffness. After a year on Chondro Flex II, she shows no signs of pain. She's active & acts like her younger self again. Standing up from a laying position is no problem now.

    Torn ACL Healed! by Steve Hawkins10/21/2009

    Our dog Maltby has a torn ACL at the age of 12. She also has an enlarged heart, so surgery is out of the question. After 4 months of administering ChondroFlex II, our dog is leaping up on the couch and back onto the bed. She has no signs of being injured. WOW...a miracle for sure! Recommended highly !!!

    Condro tabs by Ken from Batavia, Il02/08/2012

    Been using these for a couple of years. Ordering online is quick and easy

    Chondro Flex II by Colleen02/27/2008

    My dog loves these chewable tablets. He acts like he is getting a treat when we give them to him. They have really seemed to help with his hip displaysia he can really move around without alot of pain. Our vet had recommended the Chondro Flex instead of Cosequin because it was cheaper and said it was the same thing. I think it is a fantastic product.

    Good stuff! by Tilly's Mom10/23/2012

    I've had my 11 yr old Dogs on this product since they were 2 yrs old ( just for precautionary measure ) and they both still run and jump like they are pups! So glad I started my girls on this product early in life! ;-)

    Great; Have Been Using for 3 Years by Bill from St. Pete, FL04/15/2013

    This is what the vets prescribe only with a different name ... No fillers ........

    Great Product by cathy02/15/2012

    Chondro Flex II works great for my older cats as their joints were stiffening up and I can see the difference in their mobility. They even tear through the house occasionally like they used to when they were younger (and they will be 15 yrs. old this year).

    by from 04/14/2014

    I've been using Chondro-Flex for 18 yrs and it really does an awesome job.

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    Best joint care product on the market by k9friend10/20/2011

    We have used this product since 2006 on the recommendation of our vet. I have attempted other products during this time, but have always come back to Chondro-Flex II, it's the only product that also contains MSM for pain. My lab has never complained about the taste.

    Great Product by Shell from Arizona01/25/2012

    Purchase this for my "elderly" puppy. She still thinks she is a puppy, but her legs think otherwise. You can really tell a difference when she misses a dose or two. Thank you

    Best product ever by Brenda B.08/09/2012

    I have purchased a product similar to this that my dog would take but she absolutely loves these. She eats these before she eats her dog food.


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