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Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES

Item Number: CHONDROII250
Regular Price: $145.99Sale Price: $41.09
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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint Formula Chondro Flex II is a powerful joint care formula that porvides maximum nutritional support for dogs and cats with a predisposition to degenerative joint disorders. Chondro Flex contains the highest quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Ester-C 1/2, and chelated minerals to effectively reduce inflammation and support the maintenance and repair process of connective tissue, including synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Serving size: 1 tablet

Ingredients (per serving):
Glucosamine 500mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 400mg
Ascorbate (Manganese Ascorbate) 66mg
Manganese 10mg
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 99.9%) 250mg

Customer Reviews

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4.64 rating based on 36 reviews
Good Price by Ellen from Buffalo, NY03/10/2013

I recently had to put my dog on this due to arthritis. I originally bought a smaller bottle from my vet. I bought the larger bottle here and it cost just a little more than what the vet charged for the smaller bottle.

works great by pet lover from Los Angeles, CA08/19/2012

We've been ordering this product for years. We have a large dog with hip dysplasia and it seems to help him.

Chondro Flex II by sand12/18/2012

My Vet in the Rio Grande Valley recommended Chondro Flex II in 2003 and have been giving them to my two dogs ever since. I have tried others, but returned them when both dogs turned their nose up at them. There may be others that are more potent but it doesn't do much good if the dogs aren't going to eat them.

Great price! Great deal! by Allie12/04/2012

My vet highly recommended my black lab start taking these at age 5. She's very active, but they can be prone to hip injuries. The vet had been charging $150/bottle for these. And since we go through them every couple months, I am so glad I found something more affordable! I believe in the product! Princess is 7 and can sprint up and down every trail we hike as if she were still 2 years old. Never seen any hints of hip issues in her. Thank goddness!!

Not what I expected by Lab Mom06/18/2012

When it was time to order more ChondroFlex II I was thrilled because it was on sale, greatly reduced. Upon receipt of the order I noticed the label and company name (but not the address) were different. I called the number on the bottle and was told the company changed ownership more than 3 years so I received old product. They assured me it should still be good but there should have been some kind of disclosure up front when I placed the order. The tablets are hard as a rock and a different formulation. Needless to say I won't be ordering it again.

Great product; great price by cunningham89 from Riverside, CA08/03/2012

This was prescribed by my dog's vet and I bought the first bottle at the vet's office and it was very expensive. As we were running low, I searched online and found this website. The price was excellent and the package came very, very quickly and was exactly what was ordered. I will order this product from this merchant from now on. As for the product, my dog is not limping anymore--it has worked very well for him.

by BOOMER02/27/2012

Have been using Chondro Flex II for several years with great success!

Chondro Flex II - Cheaper on-line! by brod from Nashville, TN07/01/2012

I cant speak as to the full benefits and effectivemess of this product, but it was reccommended by my vet for my aging dog (who is developing joint problems), however, since taking this product, my dog does not seem to be limping as much as she used to (only does it occasionally after lots of walking or play time etc). I bought our first bottle of Chondro Flex II at my vet's office and thought it was expensive for just an "over the counter" joint supplement, I later went home and found it here for less than a third of the price I had paid at the vets. I ordered a large bottle on-line and it showed up very quickly. Thanks for the great price!

Competive Pricing!!!! by Rescue Mom! from SW New Mexico01/28/2012

After paying almost the same amount at my Vet 's office for 120 tablets and having to give to 4 dogs and 1 cat I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it until I found you on Amazon. Hope you keep your price low as I will probably be buying lots. Since I started my German Shepard on the Chondro-Flex II he is now starting to use his right rear leg again. He seems to be getting up and down better with less grunts and groans. I hope to see more improvement in him and to stave off the aches and pains of my other senior amimals. My younger pets will be started on Chrono-Flx II to try to avoid furture joint problems.

Great product at great price!! by Lena1988 from Owatonna, MN04/17/2012

I purchased the Chondro Flex II and it has really helped my dog with stiffness in her joints, we definately see a difference if we happen to miss giving it to her for a day!! The prices here are awesome as well, I saved a bunch by getting it through Entirely Pets as apposed to getting it through my vets office. I would highly recommed anyone doing a price comparison with other sites and their vets office. Entirely Pets has great products and fast service!!

by from 03/10/2012

Been using for several years for large Rotte, much older spaniel and a little furball with pulled knees

mobility, by easy from toGive


Chondra Flex really helps by bshawcos04/26/2012

Our 8 year old dog was really having trouble with stairs until the vet suggested this. Now he seems as limber as a puppy. I don't like the way the price keeps getting increased on this product as it becomes more popular.

Awesome!!!! by Dana from Jenison, MI08/14/2012

My dog appreciates this! @ my vet these are twice the price! Thank you

excellent product by caseyboy from wichita ks10/23/2012

My german shepard is now 12 years old and very energetic. He has been on this product for many years. His lab shows him as a 4 year old. Would highly recommend. It has kept him limber and more flexible than he would have been without it.

Really Improved My Dog's Mobility Fast! by Michelle07/17/2012

My 8 yr. old dog was suddenly limping a lot, was slow to get up, having great difficulty getting up steps, and, at times, wasn't using one rear leg at all. The vet took x-rays and we discovered that she has arthritis in one knee & mild hip dysplasia. The vet also thought she may need to see an orthopedic specialist to see if she had any tears requiring surgery. She has just started on Rimadyl & the vet suggested this joint supplement to try too. Within a week, she was moving SO much better! I'm so glad my fur baby is feeling better & no surgery is needed now! She doesn't like the flavor of the tablets, so I cut it into quarters & put them on a small piece of bread with a bit of peanut butter rolled up, gulped down- no problem.

Product-A+, Entirely Pets-F by Karen10/22/2012

I ordered this product when it was on a super sale. Entirely pets ran out of the product but still allowed ordering. After weeks of waiting for delivery I called and was told that the manufacturer had changed and they would give me a 20% discount off one bottle as compensation. All I wanted was the product I ordered for the price I paid. Most companies are happy to appropriately compensate a customer that they have wronged, NOT ENTIRELY PETS!

Best Purchase by kmz58 from grand rapids, mi08/04/2012

I bought this product from another supplier and it was very old. When I purchased the same product through entirely pets, the price was fabulous, it arrived quickly and the product was not old. Recommend this site for your pet needs.

good price, for same product from Vets. by carley from New Hampshire04/24/2013

Not sure if it has been proven to work from the medical experts, but I will continue to use it just in case. My dog has not gotten any worse, since on the product, so I believe it might be working. It is about half the price through your company, as it is from my local Vet.

by Kam from NY01/24/2013

This product works well for our one year old mixed breed who has recovered from FHO surgery for hip dysplasia. He has not been stiff and his jumping and running have improved since starting these pills which contain the amount of ingredients recommended by the vet. They must taste good too, because he takes them without a problem. We will continue to use them.

It is like a treat! by mnr08/11/2012

Loved the product and got it for a GREAT cost considering the expiration date is close, but for $10 was a great deal! It is very easy to give it to my dog, and she loves it, i used them as treat when i have to feed it to her.

Chondro Flex II Chewables by twojrts from Delaware08/14/2012

Scooby was on this 9 yrs and it helped keep him limber. Skeeter has been on it for 2 yrs. Both have acted like puppies. But then too, Jack Russells are active even in later years and this keeps them going. This was Vet recommended. I highly recommend it for all pets. Entirely Pets is much cheaper than the Vet and you have your order in a matter of a few days. Great service!

AWSOME by MARY ELLEN02/03/2009

My yellow lab had to have surgery on her leg twice for a torn ligiment. The first surgery did not take. It was awful the vet told me to put her on Chondro 11 and its been a year. She has no pain or arthritis what so ever in that leg. Before this product she limped really bad. I told my husband maybe we should start using it. She has not needed pain meds since she was on it 2 months even in our hard Buffalo winters.

AMAZING by LAURA03/17/2009

Our 9-year-old Golden Retriever was having trouble on our long walks. He would be limping by the time we got home. After putting him on Chondro Flex, he's like a new dog.

Right price and prompt delivery by photofan from Southern New Jersey12/28/2012

I always Google before making a purchase, especially for my beagle. Entirely Pets definitely had the best price. But even more appreciated is the VERY prompt delivery.

Improperly packed by JB06/09/2013

The bottom quarter of the bottle was powder. I believe the manufacturer could prevent this by packing the tablets more effectively.

by from 04/09/2013

Wow, 15 yrs ago my Vet put my male JR on Chondro Flex due to a severe back injury. (He was abused before I got him.) He remained active like a puppy until I lost him 3 yrs ago. I have my female JR on Chondro Flex II and she was just 12 this past December. She too is agile and as active as when she was a puppy.

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Ephrata, PA by from Twojrts"


Great Product, Great Price by Becky from Georgia07/20/2012

I believe this was on sale when I purchased it, but it's a great product that helps my 13-year-old lab get around a little more easily. The large bottle will last some time. The product was fresh and my dog loves it; what's not to like?

Great glucosamine product by nansea12/21/2012

I've been getting this for my dogs for 10 years now and truly believe it has lengthened their quality of life.

by Rein10/23/2012

The best price on products and fast delivery

Was not satisfied with my purchase. by lgrif08/05/2012

Needed some chondro-flex, and your company was selling it so cheap. I thought is there something wrong with it. So I called and asked. I was told there wasn't anything wrong with it, we just have good sales like that at times. So I ordered it. I received it sometime in July and when I looked at the bottom to see expiration date it expired 08/12. I was just appauled, it was a 250 count bottle. I called them back and was told I would get a refund check in the mail. Well it's been 2 weeks now and haven't heard from them yet.

Best for my dog's joints by janet10/12/2011

My dog, Bailey, has hip displasia and this supplement helps him to get around much easier, it was recommended by my vet.

Great product with great savings by Steve from Dallas, Texas10/23/2012

I purchased Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES a month ago from Entirely Pets and am extremely pleased. It is the exact same product that I was buying from our Vet but the cost is 60% lower. The delivery time was faster than advertised which only made the experience better. I endorse Entirely Pets products 100%. You can't get a better deal on brand name products for your pets.

Will purchase again by LP from Minneapolis, MN03/09/2013

My 9 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with the beginning of arthritis. This product was recommended by her Vet. Since giving her Chondro Flex ll she is peppier & running up & down the stairs with ease. She loves the taste.

Not as "creaky"... by Lemon from East Coast07/14/2012

So far I have been giving the tablets to my 10 year old lab. She is still quite active for her age and has retained that puppy look! Though she has some grey hairs..sigh... I have noticed in the past 2 weeks, she doesn't sound as 'creaky' when she gets up from lying on the ground for extended periods of time. She also seems to have a bit more pep in her step. She does not suffer from hip or joint problems, her creakiness is from the normal aging process. I will continue with the Chondro Flew II and would recommend this product.

by Disappointed from Wisconsin03/24/2013

My dog has been on this for years. When he was 4 the vet said he would eventually need knee surgery. He was noticably more comfortable after starting this supplement. Unfortunately, at the age of 12 he died of cancer. I had purchased this shortly before his death and was unable to use it. I called the company to ask for the refund reference # and mailed it back approx 3 weeks ago. I have still not heard from them...So I am out the $70 for the supplement and nearly $10 to mail it back.

Vet Recomended by Pat Sw,NM from Las Cruces, NM11/20/2012

My Vet recomended this for my dogs. I have 2 older small breed (10 years) and 1 younger large breed.(4 years) They all run around like puppies. The price is affordable from Entirely Pets and service is excellent!

by EVELATTE06/20/2012

Works well, my do is over 14 yrs old, just have to give it time to see results.

Code Date Alert by Lucky's Dad from Northern Illinois06/07/2012

Great product, but Entirely Pets sold me a major order with all product expiring in less than three months; bad form. I won't be ordering from them again as I feel like they dumped expiring product on me.

Chondro Flex II by Lulu from Atlanta03/05/2013

This is the cheapest price through Entirely Pets who shipped them on time as stated. The manufacture on this product is the best there is, the other brands my dog won't eat. This helps my 14 yr old golden to move about more freely.....

Chondro Flex II by Ben from Nashville, TN12/17/2012

Our vet recommended we give Chondro Flex II to our dog. We bought our first bottle from the vet and I thought it was grossly over-priced so when the bottle was nearing empty I shopped around about bought the same product on Entirelypets.com for much less. Our dog appears to be moving easier (less joint stiffness etc) so I think it is working. I not sure of the difference between Chondro Flex II and the generic Glucosamine type supplements, but our vet recommended this one.


I could hardly believe the price of the Chondro-flex II. I saved a ton of money. There's no doubt that I will be back.


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NASC Certified

This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

This seal is meant to minimize risk by providing an easy way of communicating to consumers that a product and its manufacturer meet particular standards of quality, customer safety and service.

Those products that have the seal for NASC Quality and Safety standards have been strictly audited and were determined as meeting the following criteria:

  • Consistent manufacturing quality control
  • A system for evaluating complaints and adverse events
  • Clear and accurate labels compliant with codes and restrictions for all forms of labeling
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