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Chomp, Inc. Treats & Snacks

Chomp, Inc. Treats & SnacksChomp's treats include "Yip Yap®" mini bone-shaped breath freshening "mints" in a tin for dogs, "Sniffers™" round and chewy beef and cheese bites in a candy pack for dogs and "Pit'r Pat®" mini fish-shaped breath freshening "mints" in a tin for cats.

Chomp developed pet "candy" to appeal as much to the people who buy them as to the pets who eat them. They are perfect to carry in pockets, purses or dashboards for walks, training or after a hard day on the couch.

Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)
Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)

($5.99)  $4.58
These mini fun fish-shaped breath freshening "mints" freshen cat's breath. Cats love the flavor of these mints and you'll appreciate the natural breath freshening of the chlorophyll, green tea extract, and rosemary oil. Will even please the most finicky of felines. Packaged in a convenient & cute metal tin.

  • Cats love them - contains cooked liver
  • You'll love them - fun fish shapes and irresistible tin packaging
  • Pit'r Pat® has ingredients that help freshen cat's breath
  • No special feeding instructions - feed as a treat
    Maltodextrin, Liver, Sodium Phosphate, Vegetable Oil, Silicon Dioxide, Chlorophyllin, Green Tea Extract, Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Oil.
    5.00 rating based on 9 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)
    Pit'r Pat Fish Flavor by Frisky from La Salle, IL12/20/2010

    I recently picked up the fish flavor Pit'r pat at my local PetSmart. After every meal I feed my kitty Frisky he still seems to have some room for these treats. After Frisky eats one of these treats he gives me lovin's for giving him such a yummy new treat.

    Cat will go crazy for them!! by nal10/24/2012

    best treat ever! and makes their breath smell nice too!! its like cat nip to them

    Terrific Treat! by Chili10/22/2012

    My cat is always excited when I open the tin of Pit'r Pat treats. She's kind of choosy about the treats she eats, but loves these!

    Good product by none05/29/2013

    For some reason Petco in our area stopped stocking this product. This happened once before and I found a phone number to help Petco re-stock. This time I just used the email to get this product bypassing Petco. Thank you.

    Kitteh Likes! by Brighte from Suffolk, VA02/01/2011

    All of my cats LOVE these treats! I have to be careful to store them where my cats can't find them though because they will pry the tin open and eat them all! They have tried all the flavors and like them. My girl cat Gigi, prefers the liver flavor though. I wonder if it's because it comes in a pink package?

    Why so expensive and hard to find? by sunsmom!01/08/2011

    My cat loved these as has every cat I have bought them for. I even send them to a friend in Holland whose cat is 16. They place these treats where she has to jump to reach them to give her some activity, She adores these things! But they are so pricy and hard to find. Stop and Shop had them at a good price, around $ 2.50 but stopped carrying them. Now there is only one place I can get them and they are $ 5.99 a box. I love my cat but I am retired and on a very low fixed income. All the flavors seem good to the kitties who have tried them. Wish I could find them at a lot better price. I think the company may find that they are going to price them off the market at this rate.

    by Carol10/23/2012

    I have 5 cats and they all LOVE these. They know where I keep them and they hang out there until they get one.

    The cats love Them by Sue Brown12/29/2008

    Whatever the manufacturer adds to these treats makes the cats go crazy over them...

    Pitr pats the only treat by Brenda05/19/2008

    I gave my cat Pitr Pat and she loves them. I give her a different treat and she looks at me like im crazy. She will still eat the other treats but she prefers Pitr Pats.

    Cat goes Crazy by fergi80477 from Morrisville, PA06/01/2013

    My cat just loves these treats. I can't find them in any store around us, Morrisville, PA 19067. Could you look into providing these products to our local stores, i.e. Walmart. The price of shipping keeps me from providing my pet this treat very often. Thank You

    My Cat Loves these! by ARB01/02/2009

    My cat goes crazy over these! she knows the can and the smell. She will not eat any other kitty treats except pitr pats!

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