• Clean Eyes Soothing Eye Solution by Cardinal Labs

    Clean Eyes Soothing Eye Solution by Cardinal Labs

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    Cardinal Pet Care is a division of Cardinal Laboratories Inc, a 100% solar powered company.Clean Eyes Soothing Eye Solution by Cardinal Labs for dogs and cats is a sterile, isotonic solution for cleaning debris and matter from irritated eyes or flushing the eye in case of irritation. This mild irrigating solution gently flushes away foreign matter and relieves eye irritation caused by wind, dust, dirt, sun, air pollution, pollen, ragweed and other irritants.

  • Gently washes away irritants or foreign matter.
  • Reduces redness caused by dust and air pollutants and allergy causing irritants like pollen.
  • Excellent for use After Swimming to wash away chlorine. Features and Benefits:
  • Sterile: does not add germs or bacteria to the eye when used properly.
  • Isotonic: Pharmaceutical solutions that are meant for application to delicate membranes of the body and are adjusted to approximately the same tonicity as that of the body fluids.
  • Isotonic solutions cause no swelling or contraction of the tissues with which they come in contact, and produce no discomfort when instilled in the eye, nose, or other body tissues.
  • Isotonic: having the same osmotic pressure as body fluids.

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    Usage Information


    For Everyday Use: Remove excess matter from the corner of the eyes. Apply 2-3 drops in eye.

    For redness or irritated eyes, put several drops in each eye to clean and refresh. Use several drops after swimming to reduce irritation by chlorine or algae. Use several drops to reduce irritation caused by dust, pollen or ragweed.


    To maintain sterility and prevent injury to the eye, do not touch eye with the tip of bottle applicator. Hold about 3 inches above the eye and drop solution into the eye.


    Flush irritants and debris from eye by holding bottle over eye and applying steady pressure to the bottle to keep a stream flowing steadily into the eye until the debris or caustic liquid is removed. Do not touch applicator tip to the eye. Use entire bottle if necessary until you are able to get to a faucet, hose or other means of flushing the eye. Seek medical attention if necessary.


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    by Pat11/13/2012

    I have not yet received my products. My bank account has been charged but the order did not come to 844 Main Street, Woburn Ma 01801 it went to another house that I o and was not delivered. Please send the product immediately as I need it for my dog and I have been charged already at my bank Pat Marsh

    Clean Eyes is good stuff by lindag from Wynantskill, NY03/19/2014

    I've been using this product for years and it really is a nice cleanser for in and around the eye area.

    Easy & Convenient by Florida Gal from Near Sacramento, California03/22/2013

    The product is easy to use and quite convenient with the built-in sort of eye-dropper tip. I also like the fact that is buffered and easier on my cat's eyes.

    by from 01/26/2015

    Della and Effy are Bichon Frise and their eyes water a lot and stain .

    this by product. from I


    awesome by and from IEntirely


    clean eyes by caf from Irving,TexasCarolyn


    good purchase by lilly from White Sulphur Springs, WV01/17/2015

    was very pleased with the results of this product. nice size also

    by Beth@BBG10/14/2011

    Good for rinsing shampoo out of eyes after a bath

    Bottle tip is a dangerous projectile by Rory from Seattle, WA11/23/2014

    What was the manufacturer thinking when the bottle was designed?!!!. The hole in the tip of the bottle was so small that pressure to get the fluid to flush my dogs eyes caused the plastic tip to detach and hit my dog in the eye.


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