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Dental Cleansing Gel for Dogs

Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel (1 oz)
Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel (1 oz)

($9.25)  $7.99
Oratene Maintenance Oral Gel (2.5 oz)
Oratene Maintenance Oral Gel (2.5 oz)

($12.50)  $9.99
Breathalyser Freshdent Oral Cleansing Gel (120 ml)
Breathalyser Freshdent Oral Cleansing Gel (120 ml)

($15.99)  $11.89
"DermaPet" Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)
"DermaPet" Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
Maxi-Guard Oral Gel (4 oz)
Maxi-Guard Oral Gel (4 oz)

($13.99)  $10.99
OraVet 8 x 2.5 mL Treatments
OraVet 8 x 2.5 mL Treatments

($28.00)  $24.99
Try Bonies Dental Formula

Oratene Oral Gel

Oratene Veterinarian Antiseptic Oral Gel contains a potent enzyme formula to aid in the treatment of severe oral infections such as stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Biotene uses a Three Point Enzyme System used in this product has been shown to be antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

Directions Apply a 1/2 strip to upper and lower gums twice daily for 5-7 days or until infection subsides. For brushless oral care follow up with Biotene Veterinarian Therapeutic Mouthwash, Drinking Water Additive and Maintenance Oral Gel.
Apply a 1/2 strip of Biotene Oral Gel to upper and lower gums twice daily for 5-7 days or until infection subsides. For brushless oral care follow up with Biotene Veterinarian Therapeutic Mouthwash, Drinking Water Additive and Maintenance Oral Gel. Protect your pet's dental health and ease the pain of infection with this veterinarian antiseptic oral gel from Biotene. Made with a powerful enzyme formula, the gel is designed to treat oral conditions that cause discomfort and risk the health of your pet. The soothing gel provides relief from conditions like stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease and cures the underlying infection.

With Biotene's Three Point Enzyme System, you can rest assured that the gel is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. The simple applicator makes treatment easy and painless for both you and your pet; simply apply to the upper and lower gums twice a day until the infection heals. In the process, the gel can decrease the redness and swelling that are associated with oral diseases, reducing your pet's pain levels and making it easier to eat and drink. With Biotene's antiseptic gel, your pet can be infection-free in less than a week.
Polyglycitol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Dextrose, Aloe Vera, Potassium lodide, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactroferrin, Glucose Oxidase.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured by Laclede, Inc. for Pet King Brands, Inc.
4.60 rating based on 25 reviews
Featured Reviews for Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel (1 oz)
bIOTENE aNTISEPTIC oRAL gEL GOOD STUFF by CATSAND9TAILS from niagara falls ontario canada02/16/2012

My cat had a sore infected mouth and i wasnt about to stick my fingers in it to try and clean her teeth. I used this gel and just was able to stick the point of the tube in her mouth and squirt everyday and she got better within a few days and i didnt get bit!! Thanks oral gel!

by Animal Lover from Staten Island, NY10/27/2011

Since using this product on my vet's advice, my cats' teeth have improved to the point they do not need to have dental work which involves sedation. A $10 product has saved me alot of money for 5 dental procedures for my cats and saved the cats the trauma of the procedure.

great for canine stomatitis relief by Emily from Indianapolis, IN12/06/2011

My Italian Greyhound, Riley, has stomatitis. He's on a daily low dose of anti-biotics and a supplement (Oxstrin) to help fight plaque, but no matter what, the poor dog gets sores. This product really seems to help sooth his pain and get the infection under control. I would definitely recommend it and I'm not sure why my vet hasn't!

cat with gingivitis by jk from MI10/18/2011

We have an older cat that had been struggling with red line gingivitis for years. We tried all sorts of toothpastes and gels. Biotene antiseptic and maintenance gels are the only thing I've found to keep it under control and make him comfortable. He also accepts the Biotene drinking water additive without a fuss.

Easy Purchase to use by Bailey12/31/2011

Tried sprays my dog hated it...this gel is easy to use even tho he stills hate you putting anything in his mouth but I can do it...thanks again for a great product..

Great Product! by Doxiemomma from New Jersey11/29/2011

I ordered this product for my 13 1/2 yr old doxie who has gingivitis. He was not letting me brush his teeth because of gum pain. Within 3 days, there was so much improvement and in a week, the redness and pain was gone so we're back to brushing teeth again. Not sure why my vet doesn't know about this product -- I asked her about treating his problem and got no solution other than a dental. Am going to try the maintenance gel next!

Definitely Getting Better by heberbs from Concord, NH12/27/2012

Definitely seeing an improvememnt in his gums, now if it were only a little easier to get him to let me apply it............

Helped with pain associated with Stomatitis by Justine02/16/2013

I have a cat that often drools from terible bouts of Stomatitis. the gel has somehow relieved her of intense gum pain and has accepted it readily when I squeeze it onto her upper and lower gums. I'm grateful for this product as it relieves her of gum inflammation.

Great find! by Bailey's mom12/17/2009

Bailey is a cat and suffers from gingivitis. this gels restores the health of his gums in a few days. Bailey seems to know the gel helps, because he is patiently waiting for me to apply it.

Awesome Brand!!!! by Thu10/15/2009

I have used everything - n brush my pom's teeth once a day or 4 x a week n still there was an odor !! This product definitely did the trick - fresh breath dogs now :) Luv it !!! Would tell everyone to use it :)

WOW! by Kristine05/05/2008

I had bought this for an infection from severe periodonal disease for my dog. It actually cleared the plaque off most of his teeth which the vet insisted could only be removed by oral surgery. First product that has actually worked on his teeth. Works best with brushing teeth frequently to the clear off all the plague.

by from 10/31/2011

Works very well for both my cats and dogs. I use this together with the Drinking Water Additive and Maintenance Oral Gel.

tartar by build from up,Helps


gingivitis by or from stomatitisCats


by smokey06/26/2013

The tube was surprisingly small so you're not getting much for the money. The small size does make it easy to apply in a cats mouth though. I have been using it for awhile and don't really see much change. I'm not sure how long you are supposed to use it before it makes a difference. My cats gums are still raw and red, though it looks like they have less tartar. My cats hate it. I'll reserve final judgement until I use up the whole tube. Just know that if you order it, the tube is very small and it is not easy to roll up the bottom like a toothpaste tube to help get it out.

Biotene by Michi from Key West, Florida04/26/2013

This product does work. My oldest dog I believe has a too far advanced case of gum disease for this product to be 100% successful though. All three of my dogs absolutely love this gel. Might be because of the relief it gives them.

Works on extreme gingivitis by mmil1207 from Philadelphia, PA11/13/2012

I got this based on a recommendation from my vet. Before I spent $600 on a teeth cleaning we decided to give this a chance in reducing my cat's really badly advanced gingivitis. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and I can see a difference in his gums---much less red and swollen. The only problem is getting him to cooperate when I apply it!

good product by reb from woodbury ct04/17/2012

did well for my cats teeth Reduced inflammation

Excellent Product by HikeCO from Colorado10/20/2011

Really works well for my elderly cat! Highly recommend!

I am pleased by debjoy11/26/2012

I do realize what this is for, but i was hoping it would do more... I am trying to not do a dental on my 12 year old Papillon. It is helping the gums but does not help with the plaque....

is clearing up red gums by drago from chicago,il12/06/2011

easy to apply 2 times a day.the vet had him on oral antibiotics,which did'nt do much.in 4 days have noticed a big difference.

Good Product by doroncj03/04/2012

Helps to sooth the gums (gingivitis). Also has reduced some redness after two weeks of use, 2X per day. It's clear, tasteless and harmless to pets! I found it was easy to apply to the gums with a Q-tip.

Works well by GreytShopper from North Carolina07/17/2012

Our retired greyhound has very inflamed gums and this gel has helped tremendously. I only gave it 4 stars because it took more than a single tube of treatments to make progress.

Biotene Antiseptic Oral Gel (1 oz) by WahineWinna from Honolulu, HI01/23/2013

This product along with the Biotene Mouthwash helped resolve an ongoing problem with my little boy that even the Vet's recommended product couldn't do.

biotene oral gel by may jo j. from ohio11/01/2012

this is good product for heavy plague buildup!

At last!!!!!!!!!!! by Brizza from California03/07/2013

This product really did the trick. My little tea cup Maltese is older & occasionally gets a gum flare up. I swab this on around gum line and she feels so much better. Any inflamation subsides very quickly.

Excellent Product by MGlory01/29/2012

This works!! I have an 9 year old Cocker Spaniel that has her share of problems. By applying this product to inflamed gums on one lower side 2 times a day, the swelling went down and gums were completely back to normal in about 4-5 days. I just rubbed it on the gums with a clean finger. When she had the inflamed gums, she also had a small hidden external sore on the same side that developed in a fold (flap) on the lip-line. I applied this with a clean finger two times a day for about 5 days. The external sore also healed up and all swelling in the area cleared up. Now, these were not 'infected', they were inflamed and swollen. I couldn't believe this product worked so well. Keeping it clean and applying the Biotene Antiseptic Gel worked better and faster than I ever expected. Being a gel is a great help in applying!

good by crazyboy1106/28/2012

thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^ thank you^^

Featured Reviews for Oratene Maintenance Oral Gel (2.5 oz)
wouldn't be without this by cat mom from Downers Grove03/15/2012

Having 3 herpes cats and having the calici virus in all 3 of them, this maintenance gel helps keep red gum flare ups under control from the herpes.

good for their mouth by Lynn11/28/2012

Again, vet recommended this product. Helps with keeping their mouth cleaner and teeth in better shape. We use on our cats at night when we take up their food so it works in their mouth overnight to preserve their teeth/gums. Since we can't brush their teeth, this is next best thing.

Another great product! by MGlory01/29/2012

I use this product once a week (more if needed). I apply with a clean finger to the gums and teeth right at gum/tooth line, in circular motion where possible. This is another great V-biotene 'canine' product.

Works Great by MiT from Sacramento, CA02/19/2013

When my 2 1/2 yr old male was about six months old, he had severe gingivitis. There's a technical term that I cannot remember. My vet did the scraping surgery and it didn't help. He prescribed the maintenance gel after a two week course of Biotene Antiseptic gel. Ricky loves the taste of it, and his gums are in great shape now thanks to Biotene Maintenace gel.

Expensive But Great! by Dog Lover 1.0 from Reno, NV08/19/2011

This gel works great! We were using it on our dogs and cat but it got so expensive (even though Entirely Pets has the BEST price) that we decided to try an alternative. We now use Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel (4 fl oz) for our dogs only (because it is super minty) and biotene for our cat. Our vet is constantly praising our pets great oral health! Highly recommend both products!

Biotene Works !!!! by Dan from Port Ludlow Wa.12/11/2012

Just returned from an annual veterinarian exam with my Doxy - Lena. I have been brushing her teeth with Biotene daily ever since she had a large number of extractions due to dental carries at age four last year. A clean bill of health and lack of dental problems has been the result !!

Pleasant Taste by Vizsla Luv10/09/2011

It has a pleasant flavor so my dog enjoys toothbrushing time, but it isn't so yummy that my dog wants to chew on the toothbrush.

Works well if you actually brush pet's teeth by Bunny from Southern CA11/06/2012

Tried several of the spray on type products but they were not effective. This works very well but you need to brush with it. I tasted it before using it on my Maltese & it has no taste....so it is not a problem. However, brushing is the only way to clean their teeth & with this in mind, it is a very good product & would definitely recommend it.

Best Dental Product by Grandma11/07/2012

Triple enzyme combination, just as that of Zymox products, natural, no harsh toxic chemicals and an excellent cleanser. Easy to use, safe for both dogs and cats. I love it!

Teeth so BRIGHT It Makes Me Smile by Toni from Evansville IN10/26/2011

I have had my dog, Baxter's teeth cleaned once, but no more. Biotene for dogs is outstanding. Our vet was even amazed how white, bright, and clean ALL his teeth were. Even the back molars! I have tried other toothpastes, some he did not care for the taste or were gels that were hard to apply. Biotene is truly the BEST.

Great Product by Island Girl10/23/2011

Our 13-year-old rat terrier had a bad bout with kidney failure due in part to bad oral health. Daily use of the Biotene Gel has greatly improved her gums.

by smokey06/26/2013

if you put the recommended size stripe of this on your pet, it won't last very long at all, especially if you have a big dog. I am using it in conjunction with the Oratene Drinking Water Additive. I use it on the 2 dogs whose teeth were the worst. Now all my dogs teeth are beautiful, though it is hard to say how much of that success can be contributed to the Maintenance Gel vs. a combo of both, since I used both. You have to be patient. I thought it wasn't doing much, but stuck with it and got results. None of my dogs teeth were really bad though, even the ones whose teeth had a little more tartar.

Great stuff, works on tartar by Colbie from CA08/06/2012

I got this from my vet when my Golden had a lot of tartar and I didn't want to put her under at her age to clean her teeth. I started putting in on every night and within two weeks the tartar was gone and her fresh breath returned. Now I use this on all my dogs and cats.

by from 11/13/2012

VERY important information if you are shipping to Canada. Read the shipping info cause the cost was nearly 50 Dollars on a order of 180 dollars.

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Gary by Calgary, Alberta from Gary

Biotene Veterinarian Maintenance/Antiseptic Gel

Recommended by my vet by evekitti from Singapore06/27/2013

I bought a tube at my vet's (previously known as Biotene) and it helped my geriatric cat's gums, which were a bit inflamed because of receding gum on her canine. At 22, there's no way I'd let the vet sedate her to clean her teeth. So this was the other option. I think it's tasteless because my cat doesn't foam like she usually does when she tastes something she doesn't like.

Excellent dental product by CatLover from Pacific Northwest11/11/2011

I started using Biotene antiseptic oral gel on my cat's severe gingivitis. In less than one month, his gums were normal, with no remaining infection. I've switched now to Biotene's maintenance oral gel. The best part--he doesn't mind the taste of these products!

Best product ever by TinyKitty from Honolulu, HI11/18/2012

My cat suffers from severe and chronic gingivitis so I tried the Biotene products and love them. I think my cat does, too, and they seem to be working in stabilizing his gingivitis. Great products.

great product by gma2seven gr8 kids10/29/2012

Helps keep fur where Toby licks from turning orange from the enzymes in his mouth

by from 10/24/2012

I have been buying this dog tooth paste for years, getting it at a Vet here in Calgary, AB. I believe it to be very good. I found it much cheaper on line at EntirelyPets. BUT----- I ordered 10 tubes of each at a cost of 180 Dollars and they charged me 20 Dollars for shipping and handling for a total of 200 Dollars. When I went to the post office here to pick it up, I was charged 28 Dollars by XPO. WHAT????- I was mad to say the least. XPO says that Entirelypets put on a value of 420 Dollars. I am trying to get some money back.

but by I from paidGreat


Gary by Calgary, Alberta from Gary

Biotene Veterinarian Maintenance/Antiseptic Gel

Tooth gel that really works by A favorite product from Midwest12/06/2011

I've been using Biotene myself for several years. I was thrilled to find this oral maintenance gel for dogs. I brush my dog's teeth most nights. He would tell you I let him chew a toothbrush most nights. Then I use the gel. If I skip the toothbrush, I use just the gel. He came to us at one year old with some tartar on his teeth. They actually looked better after a few months of this gel and brushing than when he was one year old and his teeth are still looking very clean at age 4. I never had that result with any other dog toothpaste with any other dog. This is a super product.

Very good for relief by Justine from Los Angeles03/03/2013

I have a older cat with major gum inflammation from stomatitis. She drools all over the bed and her mouth is beet red. There was the odor of bacteria also on the bedspread. This product has given her a great deal of relief. I really feel the pain has subsided somewhat. There is no subsitute for vet care, but this has helped in the interim.

Only thing that helps by WahineWinna from Honolulu, Hawaii05/23/2013

I've tried a series of antibiotics and mouthwashes on my Maltese and none seemed to help him. Once I started using the Oratene Maintenance Oral Gel he got better right away.

Best with Oral B Sonicare Compact Head by Ruthe from Michigan12/09/2012

Keeps all three of my girls' teeth pretty clean with daily use. Haven't had dentals in a long time.

Excellent Product by HikeCO from Colorado10/20/2011

I'm so glad to have found this brand over others I have used. It works very well for an elderly feline who does not like to have her teeth brushed!

Easy & acceptable by Whispurr07/03/2012

Usually I brush the cats' teeth everyday; however, it does get time consuming with six cats. Purchased Biotene since Biotene makes human products that I like very much. This is my first tube so I'm unable to say if it works as effectively on animals as humans. The cats don't mind the taste when I apply it with a cotton swab on to their gum-line.

Good Product by doroncj03/04/2012

I've been using the gel 2X per day for two weeks, rubbing it on the gums with a Q-tip. This isn't a cure for gingivitis. However, I do believe it's soothing and helps a great deal in making it more comfortable for my cats to eat. The gel is clear and tasteless and really not that difficult to apply. I would recommend it and plan on ordering more.

good!! by crazyboy1106/28/2012

thank you! good!! thank you! good!! thank you! good!! thank you! good!! thank you! good!!

Featured Reviews for Breathalyser Freshdent Oral Cleansing Gel (120 ml)
Yes it removes bad breath, BUT. by Sammy05/08/2012

It's not the squeeze-bottle like in the photo, but a weird, annoying pump type bottle that I have to put a glop on my finger and go through a hassle of applying it on my cat's gum... when he's sleeping, of course. Hate the bottle.

Featured Reviews for "DermaPet" Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)
great product by golden lover from buffalo, NY02/02/2012

Have a 7 yr old golden...brush her teeth every other day and vet says her teeth look like 1 yr old...wont use anything else. If you dont use it regularly then dont expect miracles.

by from 05/31/2009

This item works great for keeping periodontal disease under control. My dog loves it and she normally doesn't like any form of grooming. I know it works because if a skip a couple of days her gums start bleeding when I brush them. I just put a small amount on her toothbrush and brush it onto her gums and teeth.

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Best for dogs teeth by phil1106 from buffalo, NY03/26/2013

Have used this for a while. Keeps my dogs teeth free of tartar and keeps them white. I have 8 yr old Golden and Vet says she has teeth of a one yr old. One MAJOR issue though...The last few time Ive received this, the gel is no longer a gel...its very thin and is liquid that does not stay on the tooth brush. I would recommend that entirely pets contact the manufacturer to correct this problem.

Great dental product by Peg from Las Vegas, NV03/02/2012

My little Yorkie loves the taste of this dental gel when brushing her teeth.

by from 12/15/2011

I bought this product for several years, but I won't be buying it anymore. It used to be a thick gel that clung to the toothbrush and didn't make a mess of my schnauzers' beards. Now, it's almost as thin as water and is a disaster. I first noticed the wateriness when I ordered a 12-pack from another website. I ultimately got my money back for that order and just figured I'd received part of a "bad" batch.

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Featured Reviews for Maxi-Guard Oral Gel (4 oz)
Maxi-Guard Oral Gel (4 oz) by vernie from Neuvo Mejico12/26/2012

Same product as available through my vet, but more economical to buy here, even with shipping charges added.

Highly recommended to me by Wallpappy06/29/2012

It's too early to review the effectiveness. My paps don't mind the taste is the best I can say. That's actually pretty important.

Works Great by Barney from California06/26/2013

This eliminates bad breath, as well as cleaning the teeth of my cats. Easy to apply daily. No brushes. Just a small amount of gauze to apply it to the teeth and gums. Works Great!

Perfect Oral gel by Miss Kat04/30/2012

My Vet recommended this product for cats that will not allow brushing. It doesnt have that mint flavor that my cats hate. It's mostly tasteless. Of course they dont like when I apply it on their gums but it's quick and easy.

best on the market ! by chertibs from UPSTATE NEW YORK07/31/2011

I have tried many tooth cleaning products for my 3 yorkies, and by far this is the one to beat all others. My vet. says it is a great product and I agree. I love it.

zinc may be an issue by sue from Berkeley, CA02/04/2010

I think that the level of zinc in this product should be a consideration given the recent problems found with zinc toxicity in denture adhesive and in Zicam for humans. Without knowing the concentration of zinc in this product, I think it is too risky to use given that your pooch will swallow it. Just because zinc is great for killing mouth microbs does not mean it is wise to use this product

Clean Teeth by Poodle Mom from Palm Harbor, Florida07/02/2012

Maxi-Guard was recommended by our trainer as a safe effective alternative to having a dental performed by our vet. It has really helped!

Good Product.. by Grammy from Clermont, Florida04/09/2013

My Vet tech recommend this product to me. I was told to use a piece of old tee shirt on my finger and it worked miracles. They really look good now. I clean all three of my dogs teeth nightly. They love the attention.......

Plus Vit C by Elizabeth from VA01/26/2013

This is the same product I got from the vet but this one has Vit C

Did not work for us by doxiemom11/04/2012

Unfortunately, it is not working for us. First off my dogs are used to having their teeth brushed, but they objected to having the Maxi-Guard Gel placed in their mouth. They don't seem to like the taste and one dog actually foams at the mouth as if she had gotten hold of a toad. So I guess it is back to brushing for us.

best tooth cleaner by lovesdogs22 from Iowa06/27/2012

This is the best product for cleaning dog's teeth. It's better when used with a brush, but even without brushing immediately improves mouth odor. Just squirting a bit in the dog's cheek helps to clean teeth & gums. My toy poodle has terrible teeth, and this really helps extend the time between needing a dentist cleaning.

Dental health personified! by KAM from Ontario Canada06/11/2013

I've purchased this in the past through the recommendation of my Vet. But Entirely Pets has THE best price on this product. It has helped tremendously with scent and dental health of my crew. Well worth every penny

A great tooth gel by Len P from Staten Island, NY02/24/2012

I've been using Maxi-Guard on my dogs for nearly 10 years now. I make it a point to "brush" my dogs' teeth every night after our walk. I use a piece of cotton to apply the gel. My dogs have never needed dental cleaning. My vet is impressed!

Featured Reviews for OraVet 8 x 2.5 mL Treatments
Oravet by FeFe08/14/2012

Great product and have used for years. Just apply weekly as directed. This and daily brushing really helps my dog's oral health. Cuts the vet cleaning down to every other year. Big savings !

Oravet Works for my Dogs by ter from CA06/26/2013

I will continue to use this product and have recommended it to my friends! My dogs don't like to get their teeth brushed and quite frankly I forget to do it daily, My 3 yr old dog (Cloe) has a bite issue that causes her to be more prone to plaque. I had utilized a service that didn't put the dogs under in order to clean their teeth on a regular basis but CA laws unfortunately have put them out of business (even though the service I used was excellent). The local vets not only want to put the dogs under to do cleanings but also are expensive. This led me to try Oravet. When I started, Cloe's teeth were crusty brown-orange-yellow. With each use they turned to puppy white and after 4 weeks there is very little color on them.. My other 2 yr dog's teeth were also starting to develop plaque and now they are puppy white. All I do is put it on their teeth every Sunday and give them an occasional raw marrow bone to chew for an hour....Both dogs don't appreciate me putting this in their mouths but they seem to like the taste!

great dental health by viola from arizona05/31/2012

my husband and i treat our two dogs with lots of love. by that i mean raw veggies, ground meat, and buddy treats. also, we take care of our dogs' teeth with oravet because both of our dogs had their bottom incisors removed (it comes with the breed) years ago. our dogs haven't had any problems since we began using oravet for the dental health.

Great addition to brushing by Joan from Eugene OR02/27/2013

My dog had severe dental disease and had 8 teeth removed. The vet recommended brushing and, once a week, using OraVet. It is a little challenging to use at first, so have a helper. Pull the lip back, quickly wipe the teeth with a cloth, then paint the gum line with the gel. Done! Repeat for the other areas of the mouth. My dog didn't mind it much, and had no after-effects. I'm hoping it will help her keep her remaining teeth healthy.

Product fine-Delivery Terrible by JB01/09/2012

The product was fine as expected. The handling and shipping was terrible. I specified and was charged for 2-3 day delivery, but It was five days before the product was shipped and the shipping took14 days thanks to the carrier Newgistics.

Highly Recommend OraVet by M Smock from Broken Arrow, OK08/08/2012

We've been using OraVet on our 7-year old dog for about 4 years. At each appointment, our veterinarian is impressed with the excellent condition of her teeth. Each box (8 x 2.5 mL) lasts about six months, so one year's supply is about $60 - far cheaper than any dental work! Additionally, our dog absolutely loves the taste. As soon as I open the box each week, she comes running! I definitely recommend OraVet as an inexpensive way to keep your pet's teeth in their best condition.

Let's clarify a few things about Oravet by Sue from Berkeley, CA08/24/2012

Hi, If the Oravet company developed a special wax that is "positively" charged and bonds exceedingly well to "negatively" charged tooth enamel (maybe the charges are reversed, whatever) do you really think they would have a "veterinary" formula and then a watered down "at home" formula? Think about it? Obviously, the "professional" applied product is the same as the "at home" product--It is one type of wax. This is a marketing gimmick. Please do not fall for this marketing/pricing gimmick. After you have your dog's teeth professionally cleaned, apply the "at home" product yourself because I am sure it is the exact same wax as what the vet applies. Save $100 or more. Think about it and make an intelligent decision. This is my only peeve with this with this company-- pricing deception.Be a smart consumer!!!!!

by from 02/09/2012

I am a working Guide Dog for the Blind. My human partner takes very good care of me. She brushes my teeth weekly and applies the Oravet to my teeth and I go to the Spa on a weekly basis for a bath, massage, and trim when needed. I also get to see the Doc when something appears not normal. My partner gets all my supplies from here and they always arrive on time. I love getting mail or packages in the mail. I always know when the Fed Ex or UPS man delivers at my house it must be for me. I always go out to greet him and thank him for bringing me a surprise.

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Love it and love the price $$$ by Love this stuff from la la land05/15/2012

This was prescribed to our dog by the vet and it worked wonders but, was sooo expensive. I found it another website for only about 10.00 less and here 1/2 the price. I'm so happy!!

too much but good by yvonne11/11/2011

It's too much~~~ I think it can be use 5 or more dogs.... But...... my doggy is going to have clean teeth....

oravet by Marilyn12/07/2011

good price, fast shipping, saves money, just ordered again today

Awesome stuff by qteonty from la la land05/30/2012

The vet recommended this for our Chow and I loved it but, I didnt' love the price the vet charged.I'm glad to have found it on your website which is much cheaper.

by from 06/29/2013

I was unable to use this product because the temp in my state is too hot and the product was exposed to temp over 85.

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Really great product by Willow from Florida04/20/2013

This product was recommended to me by the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital. I have an Italian Greyhound (IG) I adopted from rescue over 4 years ago. The IG's have really bad teeth and they need to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. She developed some medical problems and my vet does not like to use anesthesia on her unless absolutely necessary. I started using this product and brushing her teeth twice a week and it has been close to two years she has not had to have her teeth professionally cleaned and they look great. The only recommendation is I do not use the applicators as it seems to work better by placng it on the gums with your finger. If you do not use the entire container in one application, you can use the same container up to 2 times. After that I would open a new one as you don't want bacteria to build up on it. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Great oral prevention product by Ronnie from Jefferson City, Mo11/20/2012

OraVet weekly treatments were recommended by our state university vetinary clinic dentist to prevent plaque buildup around the gums. It's very easy to apply and has a seafood flavor that our pets actually like. You only apply a small amount to the exterior portion and it isn't necessary to completely cover the teeth. It works its way around the surfaces of the teeth for complete coverage. A box lasts several weeks and is very inexpensive.

Works Great!! by Roxanna from Mansfield, OH02/20/2013

This product has been a big money saver. Instead of having our pets teeth "professionally cleaned" every 6 months to a year, we have been able to stretch this out to 2 years and her teeth still look great.

Excellent product by unknown pet owner05/23/2013

Excellent product with extremely fast shipping. This product was also a great value


This is the same product that some veterinarians use following a dental cleaning for dogs. I used it on a foster dog with CUPS disease. A disease where the dog is allergic to the plaque buildup on her teeth, where her teeth must be kept clean or else the teeth need to be removed. So far, the teeth are staying clean and the gums are healthier. Cannot comment on the long term effects.

Product was not shipped by Dan11/01/2011

I have used this product in the past, and it worked, but unfortunately, Entirely Pets did not include it in the shipment. I was not charged, but now I will have to pay postage on another shipment in order to obtain this product.

Professional Product by MALTESEMOMMY from Everywhere, USA11/12/2011

This product is used by the vet after the professional teeth cleaning. I use it every week. I also brush their teeth every day.

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