Clinic Collars

Clinic CollarsEconomical and durable collar utilizing traditional woven assembly. Rigid design provides maximum protection.
Buster Dog and Cat E-Collars Disposable protective collars for dogs and cats-an ideal and inexpensive solution.Material: Mad of lightweight flexible plastic. Will not annoy patient during rest since it's flexibility will yield to the shape of the head. Endures pushing without getting deformed even in cold weather.Sizes: Available in 7 sizes with adjustments from 7cm to 20cm neck-hole. Each collar has 2-3 possible adjustments.

E-collar (7.5 cm)
E-collar (7.5 cm)

($6.99)  $5.12
E-collar (20 cm)
E-collar (20 cm)

($9.99)  $6.98
E-collar (25 cm)
E-collar (25 cm)

($9.99)  $7.11
E-collar (30 cm)
E-collar (30 cm)

($9.99)  $7.44
Application: Easy to fit on the patient. The collar is closed without use of difficult tapes and strings. It can be adjusted according to the size of the petient's head, and fastened to the patient's collar by the straps.

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Featured Reviews for E-collar (20 cm)
poor writeup, poor product by ebgolden09/22/2014

the icon and written information, use of centimeters as the measure misled me to order this product - it would cost more to return than was worth the money - Entirely Pets could make the product's information much more 'buyer friendly' , and use both units of measurement for items sold in this country.

Featured Reviews for E-collar (25 cm)
If your dog has to wear one ... by Katie06/17/2009

this is easy to put together and seems to be very effective ... prompt shipping too.

Featured Reviews for E-collar (30 cm)
Glad I found these by Shar from Houston, TX03/09/2013

These are the most durable and well-sized ecollars. Others we've tried are too flexible and quickly give way, become floppy, and allow my dog to get to the spots we are trying to let heal. Very few types are long enough to keep my very large dog (105 lbs) from reaching his hot spots. This one is the right length for a large dog with a long muzzle. Once you fasten the straps to a collar, you can unbuckle the collar and slip the ecollar on. It really does protect him from himself!

Okay Collar by Kathy from Tucson, Arizona04/07/2012

She was okay on the collar for about 4 days then she managed to rip it while entering in and out of the doggy door and shaking her head with a rubber tire toy. It is a little flimsy and not real hard plastic. Would probably be good on a smaller dog that did not use the doggy door. I have had other e collars from the vet that last longer. Even an older dog would probably do well with it.

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