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Cognitive Support

Cognitive Support

Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Longevity & Anti Aging - 1 lb.
Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Longevity & Anti Aging - 1 lb.

($29.99)  $22.99
Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Senior Longevity & Anti Aging - 3.6 lbs
Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Senior Longevity & Anti Aging - 3.6 lbs

($53.49)  $50.99
Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)
Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)

($29.99)  $23.29
Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)
Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)

($30.99)  $12.99
Caniox-R Antioxidant Tablets (60 ct)
Caniox-R Antioxidant Tablets (60 ct)

($24.99)  $8.99
3-PACK Caniox-R with Resveratrol (180 Tabs)
3-PACK Caniox-R with Resveratrol (180 Tabs)

($84.00)  $46.99


Virbac Novifit
Virbac Novifit

Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips Capsules
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips Capsules

Omega-Caps Softgels for DOGS & CATS
Omega-Caps Softgels for DOGS & CATS

ProNeurozone Medium and Large Dogs (60 Tabs)
ProNeurozone Medium and Large Dogs (60 Tabs)

($28.32)  $28.99
ProNeurozone Small Dogs (60 Tabs)
ProNeurozone Small Dogs (60 Tabs)

($26.85)  $19.99

Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)
Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)

($30.99)  $18.99
Young At Heart Longevity & Anti Aging supplement contains nutritional factors suggested in research to produce anti-aging and longevity benefits. You can't change your dog's age. But to a degree never before possible, you can help your dog regain key aspects of youth. Young At Heart is designed to add more years to your dog's life and add more life to your dog's years.

Restore healthy water balance- helps hydrate older canine bodies, optimizing cellular water balance. Volumizing cells create favorable metabolism for optimal health. Dehydration is an older dog's enemy.

Enhance digestion & absorption- employs advanced, partially predigested calories used in elite medical and sport foods. This can reduce stomach distress in older animals while boosting uptake.

Support mental function- Phosphytidylserine and other nutrients are suggested to favorably influence age related cognitive decline (A.R.C.D.). Providing anti-aging brain nutrients is a smart strategy for older dogs.

Support eye & heart health- antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin and other related phyto-factors have been demonstrated to support macular (eye) health. Co Q10, ribose and others may assist heart function in older animals.
  • Older dogs
  • Older aging athletes
  • Reverse muscle loss
  • Boost metabolism
  • Better digestion & absorption
  • Cognitive function
  • Eye & heart health
  • Directions: Begin with 1 level scoop per day, mixed in food for each 25 Lbs of bodyweight. For especially debilitated, emaciated or older dogs, double the dosage.
    0-24 lbs 1/2 scoop
    25-49 lbs 1 scoop
    50-74 lbs 2 scoops
    75 plus lbs 3 scoops

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Protein............ 28%
    Fat................ 28%
    Fiber.............. 9%
    Moisture........... 6%
    Ash................ 5%
    Carbodydrates...... 24%

    YOUNG at HEART Human Grade Ingredients: Life Force Proteins, Cooked chicken, Partially pre-digested zero lactose total milk protein, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Taurine, Life Force Lipids- Chicken fat, beef fat, rice bran, high-oleic sunflower oil, virgin olive oil, MCTs(Medium chain Triglycerides), plant derived DHA, L-Carnitine, Life Force Carbohydrates- glucose polymers, resistant starch, Life Force Antioxidants- cruciferous vegetable mix powder, alfalfa powder, dried tomato powder, cabbage leaf powder, whole leaf barley grass extract, FOS (fructo-oligosacchararides), freeze dried blueberry powder, freeze dried strawberry powder, decaffeinated green tea extract, citrus bioflavinoids, cranberry fruit powder, freeze dried carrot powder, freeze dried broccoli powder, lutein, zeaxanthin, Life Force Vigor Vitamins and Minerals- natural calcium from whey isolate, Calcium citrate malate, Potassium chloride, Magnesium oxide, Potassium iodide, Choline bitartrate, Vitamin E, Pyridoxine HCL, Inositol, Di- calcium phosphate, Copper gluconate, Zinc Oxide, Folic acid, Dimethylprimidinol sulfate (source of vitamin K), Thiamin monohydrate, Calcium lactate, Paba, Over 80 trace minerals as naturally occuring in colloidal polysilicates, Life Force Mental and Heart- L Arginine, L-Citrulline, Actyl-L-Carnitine, Co Q10, Ribose, Life Force Muscle Protectors- Creatine monohydrate, L- Carnosine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L- Valine, LifeForce Joint Support- D- glucosamine hydrochloride, MSM, Chondroitin sulfate, Hyaluronic acid, LifeForce Digest-All- Lactobacillus acidophilus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus latis, Lipase Amylolytic, Betagulcanase, Hemicellulase, Protease, Galatosidase
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Longevity & Anti Aging - 1 lb.
    this stuff is amazing! by sportschickko from sweet home Chicago01/27/2011

    My woofy gal is a whippet mix that's never been slow, but she was starting to show age. My friend found this item on a clearance shelf, tried it, & gave me some for my pooch. Within a few days she was "gazelling" like she was 2 again! She's been shedding a lot less also. Because of the cost, I wouldnt have tried it without knowing it would help - well, it does. She's a finicky eater, & loves the taste, too.

    Featured Reviews for Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Senior Longevity & Anti Aging - 3.6 lbs
    Good Product by Alunder from Atlanta , GA10/31/2011

    It works my old dogs who are cheerfully.

    Young at Heart by elan from Chicago Il02/13/2013

    Love it, has made a difference in my senior dogs' energy and helped with their digestive system.

    Great senior product by h20doglover from Northern California06/25/2013

    This has really helped provide excellent nutrient support for my senior dogs.

    This product is the greatest by jimk03/19/2013

    Our vet said that our dog would probably be unable to walk in 2 to 3 years. He suffers from hip displasia. We started our dog on this supplement and his energy and movement improved dramatically with a week. The diagnosis our vet gave us was over 7 years ago and our old guy is still getting around. Not bad for 16 years old with bad hips. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

    Young at Eart by Jo from Toronto, ON10/23/2012

    This stuff is great! My older pointer, Polly, is like a puppy again. She's playing ball, running around having puppy fits again.

    Featured Reviews for Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)
    Vitamins by Tavy from Seattle, WA11/02/2011

    Great vitamin for older dogs that they actually like..

    Canine Plus Senior by Bob from Savannah. GA03/15/2013

    Our Cadi loves them. Reading the "contents" in the tablets fit her needs for daily requirements.

    quality product by Lindy11/06/2012

    My dog has EPI and requires vitamin supplements. These seem palatable, he never refuses them, and he has been healthy, and able to maintain a full and shiny coat. He is nine years old and has plenty of energy.

    Great supplement by Ileana from Valrico, FL10/23/2011

    This is a pretty complete supplement for senior dogs, and very easy to give.

    10 yr old "puppy" by Scruffy's Mom05/13/2009

    I have seen improvement in Scruffy's general health and he has a very healthy appearance- good coat, sparkling eyes and more energy.

    amazing results by Sam Poodles from Asheville, NC04/22/2012

    I was told about this by a friend w/ a senior dog. I tried it for 3 weeks and my dog was a NEW dog. He was running for the first time in a LONG time. I have told all my friends with senior dogs and they also have noticed a difference in the energy level and activity level. This is wonderful. My oldest dog is 19.5 y.o. and RUNS in the back yard at potty call time.

    Great for dogs with food allergies by Dog Mom07/12/2012

    Another product that was hard to find for a dog with allergies as everything is Beef or Chicken flavored. This product has allot of good vitamins and other ingredients that are very benificial and no Chicken or Beef!

    by bud10/24/2012

    quick shipment, good product, dog likes these senior vitamins

    Not seeing anything yet by AnnaB10/23/2012

    My dog is almost done with his first large bottle of this. I purchased it because of the ingredients. To be honest I havent seen much in way of results, but I did purchase another bottle in case more time was needed. I figure it cannot hurt and the ingredients seem excellent. I've also heard great things about the manufacturer.

    full of bad ingredients and not listed by zena3546 from Texas11/15/2012

    I bought two bottles of this since they sounded so good...gave my dog a couple and they were ok to her. Then i looked again at the ingredients and I didnt realize all the terrible ingredients in them. so I threw both bottles in the garbage right then. I dont give my dogs any preservatives, no sugar, no salt, no corn, no soy, no wheat, no grains, no potatoes, and a few other bad ingredients. all the good ingredients is all thats listed here. the inactive ingredients are the ones you got to watch out for..which clearly are NOT posted here.

    Senior Vitamins by Tavy from Seattle, WA12/06/2011

    I have used these vitamins for my big senior dogs for years and am pleased with the results.

    by Belle from Max Meadows VA10/17/2011

    Purchased this for my golden who has liver disease. She eats it, when she feels like it, but at least she finds it tasty, which I was worried about! She is being very finicky about food right now.

    good vitamin! by KS03/12/2013

    Our dog loves the taste and it's an easy way to give him a little extra vitamins as he gets older.

    Good supplement! by JLars from Deltona, FL05/29/2012

    Our dog is 11 years old and takes 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. She remains puppy-like in her behavior and agility. I don't know how much the Canine Plus Senior has to do with this, but I am grateful that it is part of her routine.

    by from 02/27/2013

    My dog is closing in on 14 years' old.

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    restored my 15 year old by abk from Miami, FL11/14/2012

    my 15 year old terrier mix had a couple of seizures and vet had said previously her liver enzymes were weird, even considered cushings. Her eye was also getting pretty red and swollen and she was loosing sight. I switched to these and her eye has actually improved, has not had a seizure since (thank God), she's more active and she can jump again. My 13 year old Jack has also benefited tremendously. He has a very sensitive stomach and has also improved greatly. I HIGHLY recommend them! And they love "vitamin time"!!!

    Fantastic product by JJ from Victoria, Australia07/26/2012

    These tablets are fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any senior dog owner. Unfortunately, if you live in Australia, you may be able to buy them, or you may not. I purchased two lots without any problems, the third lot were held by quarantine because they did not like the ingredients Brewer's Yeast and Carrot Powder. I am now considerably out of pocket, so buyer beware. Such a shame.

    Good Value and Vet Recommended by Benson10/22/2012

    I have been taking these Canine Plus Senior vitamins for a few weeks now. I was previously taking the regular Canine Plus vitamins that were recommended by my vet to supplement my daily meals. My parents find this nice large bottle of vitamins to be a nice value from Entirely Pets. The only thing I have noticed about this Senior formulation is that they smell kinda icky. They must have a super duper senior ingredient in them. I may go back to the regular Canine Plus formula.

    11 yr. Old Springer Spaniel by Cody's Mom08/18/2010

    Cody has been on the Canine Plus Senior supplement for 8 months and I have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of his coat and skin as well as his energy level. I believe it is also helping to slow down the aging process. He still has very good hearing and sight. I like the fact that this supplement is formulated for senior dogs and contains ingredients that support the immune system, heart, liver, eye and brain health.

    Canine Plus Senior by Heather from Texas05/13/2010

    My dogs won't eat these. I've tried cutting them in small pieces, mixing with beef gravy, wrapped in cheese, smashed and mixed with gravy, etc. They have a strong odor which I believe is the reason my dogs don't like them.

    Been using this for years by Scruff's Mom06/06/2012

    I have been using this vitamin for several years for my Cairn Terrier. He is healthy and happy and enjoys taking his vitamin every morning. He is now thirteen and definitely a senior dog, but he still thinks he is a young pup. I have been very pleased with any product I have purchased through Entirely Pets and will continue to recommend your products and services to my friends with pets.

    Featured Reviews for Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)
    by from 06/19/2012

    Originally vet recommended vitamins that are only sold thru vet clinics/offices. We found these online and ingredients are as close to the ones provided by the vet and at about half the cost.

    like by the from tasteOur


    an accidental treat? by toys from TM10/31/2012

    None of my dogs are impressed enough with the flavor of this vitamin to take it like a treat... However, mixed in with their dog food, it disappears every time.

    by rottiedad from Michigan10/26/2012

    Gives my 7 year old Rottie a boost in energy and gives me the piece of mind that he's getting all of the nutrients he needs.

    Good dog vitamin by Nancy B. from Chicago, IL12/12/2011

    I like the ingredients in these dog vitamins. A better suppliment than most multi-vits.

    We all need Vitamins by DogLover13 from Niceville, FL10/19/2011

    Having two 'mature/senior' dogs - I wasn't sure if they were getting what they needed, even though we feed them good quality food. So, like us humans, I thought a good vitamin would do more good than harm. Both my boys love them (even though they don't smell too good). If I leave them out of their food - they come looking for me because they know they were missing something. Over all my boys are good judges of food & treats!

    daily vitamin by Woody from California04/26/2013

    strong odor. my dog doesn't like the taste. wasted money.

    Switched to senior by GSD owner03/26/2012

    I have been using the regular product for years and decided that the increased bone support might be helpful. Seems like the quality of the product is comparable, and my dog accepts is as before, but I think they over did it with the bacon flavoring scent. Smells just like those fake bacon bits, only much stronger. I have a very poor sense of smell and all I do is open the cabinet and the smell permeates into the room.

    Featured Reviews for ProNeurozone Medium and Large Dogs (60 Tabs)
    GREAT! by kaseysmom07/15/2008

    our 13 year old border collie has much improved cognitively on this product. She went from confused and anxious to back to her usual self in about 2-3 weeks. Use it --it works and it's MUCH cheaper here than in the vets office.

    Not for picky eaters by 4znpnda from Fort Collins, CO02/26/2013

    My dog is a fairly picky eater and he ate these tablets willingly for the first week and then refused to eat them. I now have to hide them in peanut butter to get him to eat them and even then it's a bit of a struggle.

    Life Changer by Gypsy's Mom10/20/2011

    Our 13 year old black lab mix was having acute anxiety / panic attacks. She would pace all the time & freaked out with any closed doors (interior & exterior doors...which was not good in winter!) She would scratch at doors all night long. We could tell she was miserable & were very concerned for her...to the point where we were even considering putting her down. Fortunately our vet had just heard about this product so she gave us a freebie to try. Within a couple of weeks she was like a puppy again...full of playful fun. It's completely changed our lives - she'll never be without it now!

    Seems to be helping by Kate from Boise, ID12/30/2011

    My vet recommended that we try this product for my 15ish year old Australian cattledog who is suffering from some mild dementia. This product seems to help. My dog is more comfortable and doesn't seem to be as vocal or anxious.

    Featured Reviews for ProNeurozone Small Dogs (60 Tabs)
    Seems to Help by Amanda from NC11/25/2010

    My vet recommended this for my 14 year old Lhasa Apso who had been starting to wander aimlessly around the house, stare off into space, seeming difficulty in hearing and seeing, and having "accidents" frequently indoors. She said it would take at least a month to notice any change. A week or two ago (well over a month since we started the product), it did occur to me that my dog had stopped having accidents in the house. She is more responsive and alert. I feel these changes can be attributed to this product.

    Super supplement for "over-the-hill" pups by kitsap-kits-n-K9s from Allyn, WA10/26/2011

    My 3rd bottle. This keeps my puppy-mill rescue 17-yr old chihuahua thinking he is a puppy.

    Featured Reviews for Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)
    Best Purchase ever!!!! by Shirl09/18/2011

    Over the many years, I have tried to find a vitamin that my little one could take without any problems - One day I happened upon the canine plus for senior dogs, ordered it and have found it amazing in the change of my little dog who has been fighting heart and kidney failure - its like she is a puppy again - her spirit, her overall health has transformed before my eyes - I recommend it highly but check with your vet first -

    best purchase ever by shirley from CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA11/09/2011

    My 13 year old little girl was on the verge of having to be put to sleep - lost her wants of eating, dianosed with heart and kidney failure, no energy no nothing - I started Tia on the canine plus senior soft chew once a day (because she is only 5 lbs) I cut them into halves and gave them to her - not only did she love them, but all of a sudden her young self became alive - she now has been on them for about 4 months, her last doctors visit was over the top and I feel I found the fountain of youth for my little 4 legged girl - yes I recommend this product highly

    by from 11/03/2012

    wow this product is amazing, my dog is a senior and he just could not chew the hard multi- vitamins anymore, my sister recommended these and he has been eating them as if he were getting a treat, I have now peace of mind that he is getting his daily vitamins!

    product by LB" from The Best Product for my aging dogthankyou


    Dogs love the flavor by purplemoe71610/05/2011

    Our dogs look forward to taking them.. They have only taken them a couple of months so I haven't noticed any health effects, but they are tasty to the babies..

    by from 01/01/2013

    All of my dogs consider this a treat. It makes it so much easier to given them the supplements they need when it tastes so good that they are willing to beg for it.

    with by this from itemMy


    Best Purchase Ever by Lydia from Singapore10/22/2011

    I was won over by all the vitamins, minerals, and good stuff in the Canine Plus Senior, but my doggie would not eat the Canine Plus Senior that came in chewable tablets. There was no way she could be persuaded to have that. So I was overjoyed when I saw that Canine Plus Senior came in a soft chews version and also that it was in the chicken liver flavor I knew she already loved since she looks forward to her Vetri-Science Probiotic chews every day and those come in the same flavor. I went ahead to order a year's supply and voila! I have no problems getting Coco to take her vitamins. I am convinced too this is an excellent geriatric nutritional supplement for my 12-year-old girl. This will be another must-have product I will always order from Entirely Pets!! Thank you!!

    Dog Loves These by sandy03/18/2012

    My dog loves these so it is easy to give him his vitamins.

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