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Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser - 48 mL

Item Number: F3002791
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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaComfort Zone with Feliway helps to end urine marking and scratching. It's clinically proven to help. One vial will last up to 4 weeks.

Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics the natural comforting facial pheromone secreted by cats. When cats sense the facial pheromone in areas around their home, they are less likely to urin mark or scratch those areas. Use Comfort Zone with Feliway to comfort cats adapting to new places, people or stressful environments.
  • Contains 1 48 mL bottle and 1 diffuser
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.32 rating based on 31 reviews
    Leaky Diffuser by Lauren06/05/2013

    I recently moved and purchased 2 of these at my vets recommendation to help my cat adjust to his new home. One of the diffusers leaks profusely out the bottom. I tried everything, different outlets, unscrewing the product so it wouldn't come out as quickly, nothing seemed to help the leaking. So after 2 weeks and it starting to stain our new wood floors I finally gave up and threw it away. The other diffuser leaked slightly at first but was not as severe and stopped after the first couple days. Aside from the leaking this product seems to work great, but sadly I don't think I will be purchasing it for the discounted price again.

    Exceptional results! by jessica from Westchester County, NY01/17/2012

    My cats began behaving calmly and appear more content upon use almost immediately. I had previously used Farnham's Comfort Zone, and this is my first experience with the Ceva brand - I am more than satisfied with this product, more so than the Farnham product which was also quite good.

    Feliway Diffuser by Bill and Audrey from Delaware05/29/2012

    The diffusers do wear out. But since our cats seem to be calmer whenever we use the Feliway we get the multipack refills and every once in a while get new diffusers. We've been buying from Entirely pets for about a year. Always the best price.

    Works great by For my crew of cats from New Britain, CT05/14/2013

    The diffuser lasts a long time. Replace it and use refills as necessary.

    Comfort Zone w/ Feliway Diffuser -- a lifesaver! by mariclar from Brooklyn, NY11/07/2011

    We're trying to "acclimate" our 6 year old cat with our newest family member, an 8 year old dog. Cat is 13.5 lbs.; dog is 47.3 lbs. Cat is NOT happy. Our vet suggested Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser as a way of mellowing out our cat, and it is working beautifully. I won't say that he's thrilled now, but he's definitely less stressed than he was before. Thank you, Entirely Pets, for carrying it! We'll be buying more...it'll be a couple of months yet, before the kids'll be civil to each other...

    It works!! by bigtom from Branchburg,NJ03/13/2012

    We have tried many medicines to try and stop the cat from marking and this has worked.

    I think it's working!!! by tc from SC, USA12/04/2012

    my cat was started spraying when my mother-in-laws cat came to live with up. He has greatly improved!

    Problem cat by Ess11/15/2011

    I was at my wits end with my cat urinating all over the house due to stress from frequent vet visits. After two weeks he started going into the litter and I think that most of the problem has been solved. Hurray!

    great product/ fast shipping by sandy from Va.02/24/2012

    I have several rescue cats.the latest one ''Shelton'' was attacking the other cats .I bought 2 diffusers and placed them at opposite ends of the house. I always immediately spay/neuter every rescue . never,never wait to do this[ unless they are sick] .it is vital to rehab and to the health of every animal.I saw a difference in behavior within a few days of using feliway. all of the cats were calmer and Shelton stopped attacking the other cats. I also gave Shelton rescue remedy for a few days .1--spay/neuter ASAP. 2 set up feliway diffusers ASAP. 3 give rescue remedy ASAP. 4- keep new cat in a large dog crate in the same area with the other cats while they ajust =GREAT RESULTS.

    Skittish cat moved for first time w/ history spray by Gardenia snowflake04/09/2013

    My cat is very skittish and has a history of spraying and urinating. I got 5 plugs for each room in a small place and I am so surprised that he has relaxed (still nervous about surroundings bc he is 13 and only lived in one house his whole life) and hasn't sprayed once! Hope I don't jinx it but I def recommend!!!!!!!!

    Worth a try by BioSquint from Tucson, Arizona04/17/2012

    I was a bit leery about this product when I first read about it but I was getting desperate with 8 indoor cats that were constantly hissing and fighting each other. I had not planned on having that many but.... I have now been using it for about 3 weeks and it has cut down on the hissing and fighting. However, it has now dried up (it did not last 4 weeks in my home) so I have ordered refills and another diffuser for the other half of the house. I also purchased a calming gel, Quiet Moments, that has also helped cut down on the problem interactions. I would recommend using Feliway and at least one other product to get better results. I also recommend a lot of patience!

    It Really Works! by Rita04/12/2009

    My cat got very sick last August and was hospitalized for about a week. At first when he came home he occasionally peed in the house but it progressed to him spraying all over the house almost daily. Finally I bought one of these diffusers along with the spray and within 24 hours my cat stopped spraying. I now have diffusers in 3 rooms and still spray on occasion, so happy to have found this miracle cure.

    last ditch effort worked like a charm by Steve06/04/2012

    We have 6 cats and we also foster. The last foster female had a litter of 5 kittens. She was very protective and did not like several of our cats. The fighting and marking ensued. After trying several deterrents we opted for the diffuser. It really worked! The fighting stopped and the marking also ended. We would highly recommend this product to calm cats.

    by from 12/13/2011

    I was at my wits end with several cats some of whom did not get along and they took it out on my furniture.

    like by magic. from EveryoneComfort


    bargain by compared from toRefills


    Did not recieve brand I paid for by Entirely Pets by cat man from Somerset,MA08/02/2012

    I did not receive the Comfort zone brand that I paid for. I Felt a bit cheated by Entirely Pets because the brand they sent in a puple box has gotton bad reveiws online, I think they know that and thats why they slip it off to their customers this way. I think they call this technique "Bait and switch". The stuff seemed to help a little, not worth the money though, maybe if I got what I paid for it would have worked better..... :(

    Pherome that works by cbenc from Ambler, PA11/06/2012

    Feliway is helping both of my cats adjust to the new puppy. I was hesitant to try this product but I needed to do something for one of my very stressed cats. He was peeing on the sofa 1-2 times a week after arrival of new puppy. After the first week of no accidents on sofa, I was convinced this was a result of having Feliway in that room. It's been 3 months and no more accidents. I continue to use Feliway as a way to keep my cats calmer as they slowly accept the new puppy.

    by from 04/23/2012

    Our 2 year old female Ocicat has a fetish for chewing metal and drywall. She had reached the point where she liked the hot sauce I was putting on the corners of frames!

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    Great Purchase by Joanne07/17/2012

    I bought this product because my vet recommended it for my cat. The local store had it at a much higher price so I checked the internet. This is wonderful. Price is much better, fast shipping.

    We love this item. by Vlasta B. from San Diego, California03/04/2013

    My parents are moving out of state and we took their 3 cats because we know them very well. after 3 days 2 of them were like at home again, But the oldest (12+ years old) was still under the bed not eating much and just very scared, we went to Petco and bought this item and within 30 mins of us plugging it in, the Mother cat was out from under the bed and walking around getting used to her surroundings. This item really helped with us not feeling like were doing something wrong. Thank you so much for the product.

    Great Calming Product by Suzy02/17/2012

    One of my cats was overgrooming due to stress from a multiple cat household. Due to the overgrooming, his fur was thinning on his belly and inside his legs. I purchased Feliway on my vet's recommendation. I have two plug-ins, one in each area where Noah spends most of his time. We've only been using them for two weeks but Noah's fur is already growing back as he is not overgrooming any longer. This is a great product, especially for multi-cat households. Prices are great and delivery is prompt!!

    Hopeful by Candi from Royal Oak, MI11/30/2011

    I have a multiple cat home. There are some personality problems. Some are spraying the furniture and walls. I am hoping that by putting these diffusers throughout my home, calm will once again reign!

    by from 01/04/2013

    I ordered this product because it works really well. EntirePets sent something else saying it's the same product. We have used the other product and it DIDN'T work the same.

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    Everyone with a cat should have these by LizzieB from MA06/14/2013

    If you have only one, but life is going to be abnormal for a period (moving, workers coming in and out, etc), these work SO well. If you have more than one cat, unless they are perfectly lazily happy together, they really are a necessity. It's a subtle and yet noticeable difference when I have them installed vs when they run out and I forget to replace the refills for a few days. I have had two cats of my own and the sprays worked for occasional times, then my bf moved in with his two and these diffusers became a huge relief tool for all of them.

    Excellent Product by Angie from Danvers, Mass12/23/2012

    I have noticed considerable improvement in my cat's behavior, since our loss of Casper(our other cat). They had been together for 12 years, Baby(our 12yrs old) was showing anxiety signs and since I purchased Feliway Diffuser, I have seen a calmer cat. Thanks for your product.

    Almost a Cure-all by cazizarty from Halifax, Nova Scotia03/23/2013

    I have two cats. My oldest is a female spayed that we rescued at about 6 months old, the younger a female that we adopted as a kitten about a year later. The older female has always been shy and skittish and has marked from the the beginning. The younger has never marked. The cats got along until the kitten matured, than some fighting began to happen. The fighting we could handle, the urine marking drove us insane. Doesn't seem to matter how much you clean, the smell is there. I did a lot of research on cleaning products when I came across the Feliway behavior modification products. After a lot of reading it seemed legit, so I gave it a try. The stuff works! My cats don't fight at all when we use it. And my older cat is calm. Her marking hasn't stopped completely, but it isn't happening nearly as much. It takes about a week for the product to really affect their attitudes, and I can tell if it runs out, because their behavior does change. The only problem is that I think I will have to use it long term and not just a few months. But I think it's worth it to me.

    Maybe no, maybe OK by Greygal from Chadds Ford, PA07/15/2012

    I really don't know if this product works. my cat urinated right underneath the diffuser. he does not go in his box; on the other hand, I am able to confine him to one area, where I have laid down pads. This is better than the alternative, which would be urinating on the carpet or tile floor, as in the past. I am neutral on the product. I am not sure if I will purchase it again, but I'd recommend it if folks are having a similar problem. When you are desperate, you'll try anything; maybe it will work for someone else.

    great product by catmama04/04/2013

    i have a siamese rescued from our neighborhood and she stalks one of my old cats. This product improves her aggressive behavior quite a bit. I can tell when it is time for a refill because she will go after the other cat.much nicer kitty with the diffuser.

    no effect by Carrie11/07/2012

    Bought 2 plugins hoping it would deter female cat from urinating where she shouldn't. Product had no effect on my cats. I had to unplug one after a few hours because it smelled like it was burning. Waste of money.

    Keeping cats calm by Gorilla girl from Pgh Pa01/23/2013

    Try this product if your cats need a little distressing. It has no smell and it seems to help especially in the winter when my cats get cabin fever. It is very easy to use. I like the diffusers the best and I have several placed where my cats tend to spend their time.

    Works for my cats by James02/22/2011

    After a week of leaving the product plugged in, I noticed a significant change in my multi-cat household. We had added a new kitten to the family and it was a rough start. No more hissing around at each other. No litter accident. A lot less scratching at unapproved items. Their demeanor was more calm overall. Great product.

    Cat still pees all over the place by tall steve06/14/2012

    Did not stop cat from marking, really no change in behavior.

    Great product! by Angelique from McHenry, IL12/08/2012

    I've been using Comfort Zone mainly for my male cat which has dominance (chases & fights with my female) issues and this product seems to really help with the conflicts between my cats.

    Stress Reliever! by Becky08/10/2012

    I am so impressed with this product. Our persian was always extremely jittery at any noise and was very afraid of storms, to the point of drooling during them. We have been using Feliway diffusers for a couple of years now at the advice of our vet. Our cat now is relaxed during the times when he used to freak out! At first, we always knew when the diffuser was empty becuase of his actions, but now we only replace occaisionally.

    Mehhhhh by kbhunt05/27/2013

    Not impressed with this product. I tried it years ago and thought maybe my kitties were too young for it to affect them, but recently I haven't seen any improvement in their behavior, calmness, or other things this product claims to deliver. I will likely not continue to buy this, the refills or the spray.


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