• 3-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill (144 mL)3-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill (144 mL)

    3-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill (144 mL)

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    3-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill without Diffusers helps to end urine marking and scratching. It's clinically proven to help. One vial will last up to 4 weeks.

    Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics the natural comforting facial pheromone secreted by cats. When cats sense the facial pheromone in areas around their home, they are less likely to urin mark or scratch those areas. Use Comfort Zone with Feliway to comfort cats adapting to new places, people or stressful environments.


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    awesome stuff by Kitty08/26/2009

    has immensely helped my anxiety ridden cat be almost normal. I have 4 diffusers in a 2 story, 2200 sq ft house but its worth it! he was horribly abused and it has taken years to make him as well as hes going to be. my vet lady uses them as well all over her house with great results.

    Extremely Effective by Envy01/20/2015

    Purchase of Comfort Zone. Moving to a new home with an 8 year old cat that had never lived anywhere else. He is a very skittish cat. Plugged in the Comfort Zone in new home and made several trips to familiarize him with the new environment. The results were nothing short of amazing. He exited his carrier with apprenhension but calm. Explored the new house with curiosity. I am convinced that the Comfort Zone was the reason. Love this product!

    product does work by freddie09/18/2012

    Have tried product for less than 30D and can see a differance in our oldest cat. Our youngest cat does't seem to be as timid as in past. Definitely will be ordering more with 20% off sale.

    by georgegarter from minneapolis, mn12/13/2011

    good price deal to buy 3 refill pack comfort zone for cats

    5 cats by carmy from SC10/30/2011

    When one has 3 cats and decide to rescue 2 more, is important to keep the home paceful. This little "help" has a calming influence to them so all they can share my room without drama. It has no smell to me, but in my room they chill, and it might carry over to the rest of the house, because things are going well.

    Excellent Product by Jacqui from Stow, Ohio01/23/2012

    We have multiple cats,so territory is an issue. We have 4 diffusers, 2 upstairs and 2 on the main floor,and it really makes a difference in marking behaviors. It is much more economical than purchasing from the pet store.

    Good product by Twinks from Albuquerque, NM10/13/2014

    Used this in a travel trailer for 2 weeks with 9 cats on a vacation. Had a few dust-ups and flying fur but really not bad for such a small space with so many cats. We have traveled with them before without the Feliway and had many more confrontations.

    This stuff works! by Jo08/06/2014

    One of our cats was frightened by something outside and began taking it out on our other cat. We had to separate them! With the help of Feliway we were able to calm both cats down and they are now getting along just fine. We ran out one month and you could tell by the way one of the cats was acting. She had gotten skittish and jumped at every noise. Once we got our refills and plugged 'em in -- she's been just fine ever since. Thanks, Entirely Pets, for carrying such a great product.

    works for us by moline from Greeley, Colorado12/05/2013

    has been helpful with cats relaxing and having less incidents of peeing in places we don't want them too!! will continue to use!

    This stuff really works like magic!!! by eeyore05/26/2010

    I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a vet. I told her that my indoor cats have been fighting several times a day. One of them was so picked on by the others, that she would hide in the downstairs bathroom on the railing of the shower stall. It broke my heart. My friend suggested a product she has at her clinic. She said she had only used the DAP for her dogs, but there is one for cats. I looked it up and purchased several. I put one upstairs and 1 downstairs, in the main area the cats stay in. It was like magic, it took about 2 weeks, but the fighting has almost completely stop. I have been using it for 4 months now. There might be a little disagreement once a month. My picked on cat no longer hides in the bathroom and joins everyone in the family room. I would highly recommend this product. I even sent some to my daughter for her cat.

    This is a miracle for cats by Dutchie from Massachusetts04/27/2014

    If your cats are nervous, if you are going away,or you have one or more cats that are starting to hiss or wack each other, this comfort product is great. If they are starting to urinate for. No reason,this also is a great product. I highly recommend it. I starting using comfort zone products from reading great reviews

    by from 09/17/2013


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