• 6-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill (288 mL)

    6-PACK Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill (288 mL)

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    Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill Helps Control Scratching + Urine Marking. Cats spray and scratch nearby surroundings in response to stress and to mark their territory. Many situations can cause your cat behave this way including.
  • Multiple-pet Households
  • Transition from Shelter or Breeder
  • Moving and Home or Furniture Changes
  • Changes in People and Pets in the Home

  • Comfort Zome® Diffuser with Feliway® dispenses an odorless vapor mimicking cat calming pheromones. this vapor signals to your cat that the area is friendly and safe, reducing your cat's need to spray and scratch.

    Proven 90% Effective Comfort Zone® products with Feliway® are clinically proven to be 90% effective in reducing urine marking and vertical scratching in 28 days.

    For best results, use in combination with Comfort Zone® Spray with Feliway® to supplement home use and to help with situations like travel, boarding, and veterinarian visits.

    Usage Information

    Simply plug in a Comfort Zone® Diffuser with Feliway® in an area of your home where your cat resides. Replace refills every 30 days to keep your cat feeling safe and comfortable. the diffuser features a rotating plug to accommodate both vertical and horizontal outlets. Replace diffuser every 6 months.


    Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone ...... 2%
    Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (a petroleum distillate) ...... 100g

    Customer Reviews

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    FELIWAY PRODUCTS by Liz from New Zealand08/02/2014

    These are the best products ever.I always get great service from Entirely pets.

    A standard product in our household by Barbara10/16/2013

    One of our cats (Oscar Wild) is part Siamese and his normal temperment is by turns over-protective of my family and aggressive towards other animals (cats, dogs, squirrels, etc.). We keep three or four vials of Comfort Zone plugged in around the house and it really smooths out the rough edges, so to speak. Much nicer for him, and for the rest of us in the house!

    Comfort Zone lasts longer by catlover04/24/2013

    You claim that the Feliway refill is the same as the Comfort Zone refill, because it is made by the same company (I called to ask) but it did not last near as long. I think it says 3 months, but they did not last even one month. The description of the ingredients found online does not sound exactly the same. Thus it was a disappointment and wasted money for someone out of work.

    by from 06/30/2014

    I have a wild kitty who simply drives me and my other two crazy. Very sweet, but super high energy and can be play aggressive. In diffusers this product helps calm everyone. I can tell when the diffusers are empty, as the wild behavior escalates. He literally careens off the walls, racing around and breaking things.

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    Good Product by Jeanie from PA06/14/2014

    I've been using the Feliway plug-ins for years in our multi-cat household and am very pleased with the results.

    Works as advertised by exliny from MD09/22/2014

    I always know when we are running low when the kitty squabbles increase. Ordering from here is a breeze and the product arrives in good time. Can't beat the price!

    Does the job by Jim03/10/2012

    We've been using the feliway inserts for several years. Happy with performance and customer care.

    Great purchase by BEBE from Montreal Qc Canada11/08/2011

    This product has proven to be our best friend. Our cat who was marking just about everything, has stopped at least about 90% of the time. Thank You

    works well by moline from greeley, colorado04/14/2014

    We have 3 cats that have some problems with stress when we move in new furniture or have lots of company just for brief periods. The use of the Feliway decreases significantly the amount of marking or any other stress related signs.

    by Jane from Portland, OR12/12/2011

    I ordered Comfort Zone however received Feliway. Apparently the Comfort Zone is in back order so I an waiting for it to arrive so I can return the Feliway when the Comfort Zone arrives. I appreciate your services and have referred you to friends!

    Feliway saves the day! by Tracy from Pittsburgh PA09/07/2014

    This product seems to help my five kitties stay calmer with each other..especially my big tabby and little creamy Persian. When the plug ins are empty, there is more fussing.

    Comfort Zone really works -- really really. by Jenna09/03/2010

    Five cats. One move. Lots of stress. With these emitters plugged into the wall -- one upstairs, one down -- all the marking stopped. The fighting too. This is pricey stuff but it really does work.

    Best Purchase Ever by Sharon from Cocoa, Florida06/11/2014

    I keep this product on hand all the time; I keep two plugged in at all times. I have 4 cats and I do feel this product helps them to get along with each other. They were all raised as kittens together; but somethimes they just don't like each other. This is a great product and I would recommend this to other cat lovers. It also helps if you have a cat that is easy scared by things; it helps to keep them calm.

    by from 09/07/2014

    I've been using Comfort Zone in conjunction with other products for about five months very successfully, and have even seen the inappropriate elimination problem return when the diffusers run dry - then I refill them and my cat starts using the litterbox again.

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    Couldn't live without it by Nettie10/26/2011

    This is the only item that will calm my cat down. When we run out you can totally tell by his behaviors.

    Great Product by sac32952 from Cocoa, Florida07/18/2014

    I use this product faithfully and I do believe it helps my cats. When you have 4 cats you have to do something to keep peace in the household. Awesome product I purchase it every 3 to 4 months. If you are dealing with more then one cat; and you are having problems. Give this a try I do believe it works and it works well.

    Feliway price is too high by babsbeck07/07/2014

    I've been buying this product from Entirely Pets for years. This is the second time they've hiked the price way too HIGH!! I can now buy it CHEAPER through Amazon and get free two day shipping!! Even with the 15% off coupon, Amazon's regular price is still WAY CHEAPER than Entirely Pets!! Really disappointed with Entirely Pets and won't recommend to others to buy this product through them!!


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