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Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill - 48 mL

Item Number: F3002792
Regular Price: $16.99Sale Price: $12.99
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Comfort Zone with Feliway without Diffusers helps to end urine marking and scratching. It's clinically proven to help. One vial will last up to 4 weeks.

Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics the natural comforting facial pheromone secreted by cats. When cats sense the facial pheromone in areas around their home, they are less likely to urin mark or scratch those areas. Use Comfort Zone with Feliway to comfort cats adapting to new places, people or stressful environments.


Customer Reviews

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4.56 rating based on 9 reviews
feliway is working! by Kat H. from Savannah, GA11/07/2012

I purchased Feliway on the recommendation of a vet because my cat has always obsessively overgroomed his belly. Over the last 3 months, he expanded his overgrooming from his belly to his inner hind and front legs and looks like he has mange. I took him to the vet and all skin allergies were ruled out, so I tried feliway. I am on my 2nd month and it is helping a lot! I have 4 indoor cats and all of them have chilled out since I bought Feliway. Highly recommend for multi-cat households to keep the peace!

New Kitten by Milo & Ben11/11/2009

We were home waiting for the humans to come home. It was October 18th on a Sunday, it was raining and cold. When the humans arrived they came in with a box. The box contained a female kitten. Needless to say we were not happy. We expressed our gripe since that didn't work we turned to spraying. A day later the humans got something from the petshop which plugged into the wall. We felt mellow, calm, no stress. We actually fell in love with the new critter even though she is a female.

Good Product by cal from Royal Oak, MI11/06/2012

I have 7 cats and some spraying problems. I have Comfort Zone all over my house. The spraying is getting better but not gone.

feliway comfort zone by Ann Aurelio01/02/2009

This product although originally meant for cats with behavior problems also works for nervous cats. This product keeps her much calmer and helps her and the other cat in the household get along better. I highly recommend this product.

by from 08/07/2009

This product is amazing! I had heard it was great but worried about it not being as good as the hype.

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by Becky from San Antonio, Tx02/02/2012

I have mutiple cats in the house and comfort zone does seem to calm them to a certain extent, especially in a smaller closed off room. It also helps with vertical spraying in the immediate area.

Emptied quick but will try again by Sportsy from Houston04/04/2013

I've used this product from retail many times before & it usually lasted about a month before needing a refill but this order was gone in 2 wks. I called a customer service rep who was very nice & knowledgeable explaining if the unit was located near wind or a vent perhaps, a/c unit, window open, air purifier, that these factors could have caused the fast use. I remembered I had most of those things going on during the 2 wks. b/c I burned popcorn in the microwave & tried everything to get out the smell so I placed another order & will try again to see how long it lasts.

Worth the price - It works by cbenc from Ambler, PA11/06/2012

I have already recommended this product Feliway to a friend who was having behavior issues with her cat. I was hesitant to use Feliway, did not think it would help my cat's behavior of peeing on sofa, but it really has helped. Even my husband agrees that the behavioral change must be due to Feliway. My cats are stressed with arrival of new puppy. Since starting Feliway, no more accidents on sofa by one cat, and they are both calmer around the puppy.

GREAT!!! by arebel from mandan,ND08/21/2012

this product WORKS!! I'm using it with 2 other cats THX


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