• Comfort Zone Refill  with D.A.P. - 48 mL

    Comfort Zone Refill with D.A.P. - 48 mL

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming Formula Comfort Zone Refill with D.A.P. - 48 mL

    Reduce or stop most stress-related behavior such as whining, chewing, urination and defecation. When dogs feel safe and secure they are less likely to act out and be destructive. Also reduces or eliminates separation anxiety and related barking. Calms dogs during thunderstorms and fireworks or when left home alone. Helps comfort dogs in stressful situations such as around visitors, new pets or family members.

    This product is a refill only.

  • D.A.P. mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone produced by dogs
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Does not affect humans or other pets
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    I love this stuff by oldbat44 from Toledo,OH02/12/2014

    We have many dogs, and Comfort Zone keeps everyone happy. If I forget to replace the refill, I can tell the difference within 24 hours in the behavior of the crew. Would not be without it. Ever!!!

    Didn't get the product I ordered by JK02/01/2013

    I ordered Comfort Zone (which I've had in the past) and received Adaptil instead (which, according to customer service, is the same thing). Adaptil is cheaper, and have YET to receive a refund of the difference in price. This was almost a month ago.

    Poor substitute for Comfort Zone product by sunshine31697 from Long Island, NY08/10/2013

    Giving a poor rating basically because I did order Comfort Zone refills which work great for my abused/rescued puppy but I was sent a different manufacturer's product instead. Needless to say my pup is getting me up at 4:30 in the morning and she is exhausted from expending so much fearful energy by lunchtime. Next time I will pay extra and get what I ordered elsewhere. Buyer's beware.

    Adaptil refills by Pooky07/27/2012

    I know Comfort Zone DAP to be effective, so that is what I ordered from Entirely Pets. What I received was Adaptil, not Comfort Zone. While this substitution seems to be working, it is not the name brand I wanted and paid for. So beware when ordering from Entirely Pets.

    Can't tell a differnce by Jewels321 from West Chester, OH11/19/2012

    I've only been using this item a few weeks so maybe it's too soon to say, but I haven't noticed any improvement in our dog with her separation anxiety. I bought a refill to try just to be sure so we'll see. Our shelter dog has severe separation anxiety, probably the kind that warrants a vet visit but we are trying to give her some time. We keep this plugged in right by her crate and we only crate her when we aren't here. She hates her crate and barks like crazy when we put her in there, sometimes for hours. I was hoping to alleviate her stress, if nothing else take the edge off. I've noticed nothing with this product. I've also tried the Thundershirt which has done nothing either but apparently only helps 85% of the time...I guess we are just unlucky. Chewy stress aid treats don't seem to do much either, by the way. Good luck to you!

    D.A.P. Worked for US!! by cb from Canton, Ohio04/24/2013

    Changed my dogs life. A must have item for us. She is nervous and has mistakes in the house without it. Will always have it in her room.

    Does the Trick by mamaofcharlie from Aurora, Ohio03/11/2012

    We had stopped using this for a while, but our dog started exhitbiting his anxious behaviors, so we decided to start using it again. So far it has done the trick!

    Waste of money! by Italia30805/08/2013

    This product was recommended to me by a friend that swore by it. I honestly have not seen a change in either one of my dogs behavior. Also this product is very expensive, so i feel like i wasted a lot of money on a product that does not live up to its word. I will never recommend this item to anybody!

    Not what I ordered! by JK from Wisconsin01/17/2013

    I ordered Comfort Zone (3 pack diffuser refills) and received Adaptil (3 pack diffuser refills), which were less expensive. The packing slip said that I was given Comfort Zone, so I called several times (and was not able to get through). I emailed and it took almost a week for someone to respond, so I attempted calling again. I talked to a customer service rep who said it was the same product and that I would be refunded the difference. My point, I should have been notified in the first place.

    Miraculous! by Charlie01/23/2013

    I am so happy with Comfort Zone diffuser! My dog had such anxiety she chewed all the fur from her backside. Soon after plugging in the diffuser she settled into a state of calm rest and no longer chews! 3 weeks later her fur is back and I can go to the park without being told my dog has a butt fungus or fleas. The pheromone is the smell puppies get from their mother when nursing so if your dog did not nurse this might not work.

    This stuff is amazing! by DawgDad08/26/2011

    Our seven year-old Siberian suffered from severe anxiety after a recent move into a house with two Siamese casts. We would come downstairs to find urine and feces at the base of the stairs even if he'd been alone for less than 10 minutes. Our trainer recommended Comfort Zone, and it worked the first day we plugged it in! We have now been using this product for four months with 100% satisfaction. Highly recommended.


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