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Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana

  • Dogs can't sweat, so it can be tough for them to keep cool on muggy summer days.
  • This innovative product is made with special non-toxic polymer crystals that absorb 30 times their weight.
  • You can help your dog stay cool with the Cool It Bandana!
  • Completely reusable, hand-washable.

  • Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - SMALL
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - SMALL

    ($6.99)  $2.29
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - MEDIUM
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - MEDIUM

    ($6.50)  $4.99
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - LARGE
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - LARGE

    ($12.99)  $9.49
    Cool-it Bandana is the stylish way to keep your pet cool! made with non-toxic polymer crystals that can absorb up to 30 times their wt. and stay cool for several hours! Edged with a reflective strip for easy visibility. Reusable and hand washable. Cool-It Bandanna - Small, Blue/Brown fits neck size 8-14"
    1.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - SMALL
    cool it bandana by sam07/07/2012

    bought small as I always do and they do not even fit their necks

    rip off by maria from Des Plaines, IL08/03/2010

    I followed the instruction for this and it failed it's purpose. It holds water but that's it. It's more like a punishment for my dog, have him carry this thing while walking. It gets heavy when it's filled with water. That's all it does, hold water. It doesn't cool the dog at all. I held it on my hand for a while and all I felt was like I had paper weight on my palm.

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - MEDIUM
    Save your money!! by Jackie07/21/2010

    When I purchased this collar the estimated measurments were off and I had to exhange a small for a medium. This incovenience proved unworth it for the following reasons: 1. Once saturated the collar becomes noticably heavy. 2. It does not stay cold for very long, even after refrigeration. Plus, it doesn't get that cold to begin with. 3. Within three weeks of use, the stitching that held the velcro in place started to come undone. 4. Then the velcro itself weakened and the collar kept falling off. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

    Waste of money by Hatteraskat from Raleigh, NC09/11/2010

    I bought this last summer to keep my dog cool on the beach and decks. I just didn't like it. It fit around her neck but it only lasted about 30 minutes before it had already melted. Thankfully I used a coupon code and only had to pay for shipping. I just threw it away too!

    love it by cookiejar from LaCrosse, WI05/11/2010

    It works great, get one size bigger because the bandanna will blow up to a inch all the way around. Don't leave in the refrigerator for more than the recommended time cause then it makes it to stiff to be comfortable for dog. Out side of that has been a great purchase, not really expensive and works really well.

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - LARGE
    by from 06/12/2013

    first shipment was not the correct size. 2nd shipment was not as I had purchased before and items were dirty like they had laid on a shelf and gathered dust for a couple of years. I will never order from entirely pets again.

    bourbon by lynchburg, va from bad

    not as advertised

    Unrealistic by LAL396104/20/2012

    This thing swelled so big that my little guy couldn't carry that extra weight around him during the summer months. It's as if a 100lb adult was carrying around a 50lb-75lb booksack. If you've got a dog under 10 lbs, this isn't the product for you

    GREAT by Tammy07/23/2008

    I recieved one of these as a gift for my black lab. He would resist walks, or parts of them, but now that we use this he is much happier on walks

    Gets the Job Done by EthneDragon from Chantilly, Va07/24/2012

    My elderly dog and I are subjected to a vehicle in the summer with no ac, so I was looking for something to ease her stress. This was my cheapest and only solution in my price range. It does work and she tolerates it well, but it does quickly warm to body temp. So I'm not sure how effective it is for longer than a 20 min drive. I've started putting it in the fridge/freezer to see if it extends the cooling effect.

    Was very bulky by Cat08/01/2012

    I put the bandana in the water for 30 minutes and then put it in the frig until I was going outside. I put it on Zoe our German Sepherd, it was very bulky under her neck. I had it as tight as I could get but it would still pull away from her neck. I haven't tried it on our Cattle Dog yet, he may get a better fit.

    Great purchase! by Karamia from Twin Falls,ID07/03/2013

    I soaked the cool it bandana for even a few minutes and it it still works well. It lasts for about a couple of hours if soaked for about 10 minutes.

    Not hot enough yet by tes1900 from Nevada06/09/2013

    Seems to work well but there were ZERO dierections

    by from 03/30/2012

    I was really hoping these would do the trick, but there a few design flaws that I just couldn't get past.

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    Not Great by GreyhoundGeekMy


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