• COOLAROO Pet Bed for Large Dogs (51.1

    COOLAROO Pet Bed for Large Dogs (51.1" x 31.5")

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    COOLAROO Dog Bed will become your pet's friend. Its nice design and quality material brings comfort to you and your pet. Coolaroo elevated pet bed is easy to assemble, flea and mite resistant, simple to hose clean, and made of breathable fabric. Buy one for your pet and enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities with this fabulous bed.

  • Strong powdercoated steel frame
  • Strong, durable knitted fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Breathable fabric unaffected by natural temperature extremes
  • UV treated fabric resists fading
  • Resists mold and mildew
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    Great product by Magoo01/25/2012

    It is nice to have the dogs off the ground laying on old rugs, beds etc...they seem happier and cooler being above it all.

    Great purchase!. by Charlene from New Mexico12/18/2012

    Beds were very easy to put together. Dogs jumped right on them, I thought they may flip with weight of dog on one side but that didn't happen. Size of bed more than sufficent. Easy to clean! I don't have to be concerned about oder on them like a traditional stuffed fabric bed. Just run a dust buster across it to get up hair. My dogs seem to love them as they choose the cots over their regular dog beds.

    HORRIBLE!!! by Mrs. Disappointed from Tempe, Az10/30/2010

    Purchased 2 Large cots for our Labs. One lab weighs 65 lbs and one weighs 75 lbs. Received on a Friday by Saturday, the fabric stitching was coming undone on both cots. I researched to see the weight limit, and they have conveniently not posted it. I hope I'm not out my money by whoever does the refunding because I definitely want my money back! I really liked the concept of these. A friend referred me to this specific bed, as she has one for her Lab. I'm very disappointed.

    Great outdoor bed by DLC from Phoenix AZ01/16/2013

    This is a replacement coolaroo bed, my dog out grew the medium size. The only problem with these beds is the metal legs leave rust on my concrete floor when they get wet, so I buy rubber feet covers for them

    Best Bed Ever by Great Dane Mom from Comstock Park MI12/06/2012

    Bought this for my elderly dane when she was having problems getting up off the floor. The height was just right to give her that slight lift when her front feet hit the ground. When she started to loose control of her bowel movements we just took it outside, hosed it off in the yard and let it dry. No more stinky padded dog beds to try to wash! Since my big girl has passed, our younger dane has taken it over.

    Happy Dogs! by Mikki from Tampa, FL07/16/2012

    This is actually our 3rd Coolaroo Bed. Ordering, arrival time and product were simple fast, and conveinient. We have large breed dogs and they both love this bed. Easy to maintian and move from outdoors to indoors. We also have 2 cats who would sleep on the bed when the dogs moved, so we bought one for them too.

    large coolaroo elevated dog bed by Gitana from Tucson, Arizona04/24/2012

    My dogs love their Coolaroo large bed. It keeps them off the hot ground in the summer keeping them cooler and in the winter they love it just as much for comfort. They have their own hammock. I have 4 of them. Two in the shade and two in the sun for sunbathing.

    Great dog bed! by Kathy S from Upstate New York11/21/2011

    My dog just loves this bed....she is on it all the time. My son came to visit and we couldn't keep his dog off it either! I put a cloth bed on the canvas and Lola is a pretty happy dog!

    by from 12/16/2012

    Bought the COOLAROO Pet Bed for Large Dogs for my German Shepherd.

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    Gisselle loves it by jmc from Battle Creek, Michigan10/01/2014

    Gisselle is our new Great Dane mix rescue dog. She gets stressed when left alone (with our other 4 dogs). She had already torn apart several dog beds , when I remembered a cool-a-roo bed we had previously owned. Entirely Pets had the size we needed and the very best price. So far this bed has survived

    Great Bed! by GreenBee from East coast of Iowa04/12/2013

    This was easy to put together,at a great cost and made of tough material. My Feist was on it before I even had it all tightened up! I bought it for the Pyr, but the short one took it over (she does share it!) It is awesome for keeping them off of the cold floor and I think it will be cool in the summer :o)

    Great purchase for the price by Ree from Cambria, CA04/28/2014

    We love the Coolaroo pet bed. Easy to assemble. Breathable fabric is wonderful. It keeps my dog cool in the warm summer months. Unfortunately the first one we purchased about 4 years ago was left behind in a move. It was still in great shape. My dog has hip displaysia which makes it difficult for him to lay on hard surfaces. He loves his Coolaroo. I'm thinking of purchasing another one for the front deck. Our Golden is almost 80 pounds; the large size fits him just fine. You really can't go wrong with this pet bed. It's well worth the price.

    by from 05/16/2014

    I needed a dog bed for outdoor kennel that would be water resistant and not sit on the often damp ground, picking up dirt, slugs, bugs. My pup does not want to sleep in her doghouse when it is warm out. I tried an outdoor furniture cushion but the mud filtered up through the cover into the stuffing.

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    Excellent Purchase by Ursula from Roselle, IL01/16/2015

    I order this bed for my sister dog in Poland. It is not send yet, but it will be soon. I purchase this because I have one like this for many years already and it is wonderful. Not only my dogs love it but also my husband does!

    Coolaroo bed - awesome! by dk03/20/2013

    I love the Coolaroo bed! I love dog cot beds that are not directly off the flloor, that my big German Shepherds can laze around and curl up in. I could not find a single raised dog cot bed when I moved to North America (they are EVERYWHERE and so popular in Australia). The Coolaroo bed is the only one I found and have liked so far. And they last! I haven't had to replace it or the cover yet, and my dogs use them and chew on them all the time. The other great thing about them is that all the dirt from the dogs falls through the bed directly underneath, making it very easy to sweep and clean up!

    Just as I expected. by PJMath from Macomb, MI04/18/2012

    Purchased for our 2 yo German Shepherd with elbow dysplasia knowing that things may get worse in the future. Axle took to the bed with a little coaxing but finds it much better than the cool ground when he insists on being out when we'd rather have him in. Looking forward to the benefits of the air circulating around him in the summer and getting him off the hot concrete. He looks like a king atop his thrown watching over his domain! Love the bed, easy to assemble hope it lasts a long time.

    Cool Coolaroo by Lily04/07/2008

    I love love love this outdoor dog hammock/bed! My dogs stay out of the dirt and water if they want to lay out in the sun. Their first one was ruined by the sun eventually but its worth buying another.

    Great Dog Bed by Vicki03/01/2012

    This was just what I was looking for to keep my dog cool and allow her to dry after those unexpected swims she takes.

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    Coolaroo Pet Bed by cjmbookworm from Southern California08/25/2014

    This is one of the best things I have ever purchased for my dogs. I have 8 small dogs and they all love laying up off of the patio on these, also my cats like it. It keeps them cooler, cleaner and very comfortable. I have 2 of them, one I have had for years and it is still in great shape. (About 6 years). I have just purchased one for a friend and she is thrilled with it too. To clean I just hose it down when needed. I would never want to be without one of these comfy beds. And all the gang sends ditto woof to that.

    Great outdoor bed! by lcason08/16/2013

    We got this for our 97lb. Boxer/American Bulldog to lay on when we are outside in the pool. He loves it! It keeps him off of the hot ground.

    Poor Customer Service by Tucker from Alberta Canada06/10/2013

    I ordered 2 pet beds, Entirely Pets was quick to charge my credit card, but I have not received my beds. I have called the 1-800 customer service line 3 times and they they keep telling me that they can't tell when they will have stock to ship and that I should call back, on the last call they stated that they would send me an email with more information about my order, but I have not received the email. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

    Old Dog is Very Comfy by Judy from Big Lake MN12/12/2011

    The large Coolaroo bed I purchased for my 10-year old lab w/hip dysplasia is very impressive. Best of all she snuggles up in it all day long, whereas she used to prefer the hard floor. And I can vacuum under it when I clean! Sturdy, solid, wonderful.

    love it by dance4now02/07/2013

    Bigger than I thought 2 of my Pits can sleep on it . and hoping it will keep the dust down as my beasties are spoiled and sleep in my room. You can't go wrong with this bed.:)

    yay by cj03/28/2009


    Coolaroo pet bed by ikaika from Honolulu, Hi05/10/2013

    This has been the best bed for my German Shepherds ever. They love it and are always taking turns lying on it. It keeps them cool with the ventilation and also keeps them from developing callouses from lying on the cement. It is reasonably priced. The best part of it is whenever it gets dirty, all you have to do is hose it down. The size Large is actually too small for my Shepherds. Next time I will have to invest in an X-Large.

    My Dog LOVES this bed! by M.T. Armstrong07/22/2008

    This is the perfect bed for a dog. It gets them off the ground and it lets the air flow. Easy to wash, I use water hose.

    by from 07/22/2008

    I will say I did get them cheaper elsewhere online. I bought 4 mediums and 2 smalls for my kennel. The dogs love them now they know what they are for..lol. I should of bought a couple for the house, so thats my next purchase.

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    by from 07/22/2008

    Keeps the surface of the bed a few inches off the dirty floor, or off the ground if bed is outdoors. The only thing that touches the floor/earth are 4 legs, so the bed stays clean. Frame is so strong it's easy to quickly move the bed even if your dog is in it (depending on the size of your dog and/or your strengh of course). For extra comfort, a pillow stays put on the canvas-like surface of the dog bed because of the slight dip between the framing members.

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    good product by dogman from arixona01/21/2015

    Took three weeks to get wouldn't use this company again

    Coolaro Bed by MS from Dallas, Texas08/21/2012

    We have two for our Newfs...they lay on them in front of their fans.

    Bad design by Pooh12/25/2012

    Bed did not set up easy. Poor design. When I finally got it together, it was so tweaked . One side was up in the air. Would not lay flat.

    Excellent product by Mini02/27/2012

    Great for our older large dog - Loves it

    Coolaroo bed by Sheila07/14/2012

    This is the best bed for my dog. My floors are all hard tile. She is a large breed, and my Vet told me (1). that she needed a bed that would keep her joints off the hard surface, and (2). a bed that would extent her over a surface would be best, not just a pillowed surface. The Coolaroo Pet Bed does both, and she loves it. Its cool in the summer too.

    Best pet bed by DogloverTX10/23/2012

    This is the second round of these beds that I have purchased. My dogs love them. We use them outside but I have seen people use them inside too. They are really sturdy and long lasting. We leave them outside in Texas all year long even in our 100+ degree summers. My dogs don't chew on them like they sometimes do on regular plush beds.

    Coolaroo Bed Covers by Jenelle from Hohenwald, TN11/09/2013

    Covers have to be replaced about every 2 yrs, but that is to be expected. My dogs have been sleeping on these beds for about 3 yrs. They switched from pillows immediately and seem to sleep more comfortably on these beds than pillows on the floor.

    Great pet bed! by Viv from Louisiana04/04/2012

    The coolaroo large dog bed is very nice. It should help to keep our Siberian Husky cool in our hot Louisiana Summers. He is really enjoying the bed. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

    great by chris from California09/25/2013

    My dogs love those. I have several in different areas of the yard and dog runs. My puppy destroyed the last one though and I hope those last for a while. Momma dog loved it and so did the pups... because its above the ground its cool for summer and with a blanket warm for cooler weather.

    Outstanding dog bed! by Wxgssr - Port Orchard, WA10/28/2011

    We have been looking/considering buying this type of dog bed for awhile. We bought 2 beds - 1 for a large bloodhound mix and the other for a medium to large retriever/chow/spaniel (?) mix - both stay in the garage and have a doggie door access to outside. These beds give them plenty of room, they are VERY easy to put together and they are a lot cleaner then the stuffed dog beds. Glad we bought them!

    great company and products but by havegreytdogs from Fort Macleod Alberta10/22/2012

    had to pay additional $10 fee upon arrival of each product order, even though invoice was fully paid by credit card. Assured by Canada Post the fee was not arising from them. Unfortunate that this happens.

    good bed by dogfriend12/17/2012

    My dog took to this bed immediately. He will not go into a dog house but jumped on this bed as if he is King of the Hill. Well constructed and easy to assemble.

    beware by mvl08/15/2012

    this is the second coolaroo pet bed that i have purchased and what a failure! putting it together, the new fabric seemed looser woven and stretchier than the previous. i set it up for my australian shepherd and literally 30 minutes later he had chewed a large hole in the bed. ruined. i did send an email and photo to the coolaroo customer service with absolutely no response. my dog absolutely loves his other bed that we have in a different location. unfortunately, the quality of the fabric has declined since my first purchase last year. time to try another brand.

    Great for Hot Weather and Comfortable Too! by Emma from Jalisco, Mexico05/08/2014

    Bought this for my Golden as we are based in Mexico right now and it helps to surround him with air, keeping him cooler and off the ground when he sleeps. He loves the bed and spends his 'non-busy' time chilling out on it. Easy to put together and disassemble for moving - requiring just a screw-driver - and with the benefit of spare covers available - unlike a similar brand - I'm delighted with it and so is my best pal.

    Good buy bed by Rowe from Singapore, SG03/25/2013

    Bought this large coolaroo bed for my beagle. He liked it. Big enough for medium sized dog.

    Great product by Dick from Vancouver, BC07/10/2014

    Had the original bed for 5 yrs outside in the PacNW. Got a new cover and a 2nd bed for a new addition to the family. They're now made in China but still good quality. Frame will last through a few coverings. Highly recommend you use anti-seize on the screws. Worth buying for sure.

    JUST OKAY by TUCK from Augusta, GA04/07/2012

    It takes a bit of stretching to get the material and frame together, but it appaers to be stable. My dog love the floor, so I don't know when if at anytime it will move to the bed. The large size is sturdy and should handle most large pets, now getting the pet to use it is another story.

    You can't beat a Coolaroo bed by pet lover from Regina, SK10/27/2012

    Our very old dog has been sleeping on a Coolaroo bed for all of her adult life. It has really kept her joints in good condition (doesn't put pressure on them) and she loves it...She snores the day away on the bed.

    3 good years! by m.01/01/2011

    We have a 70 pound male 4 year old labradoodle. The two coolaroo beds have lasted 3 years. The legs have now started to bend and so has the frame. The mesh has held up great. I'm very satisfied the two beds have held up for so long. One is in the basement, the other in the livingroom. The dogs "cushion" bed is in our bedroom. He bites the fabric and the foam falls apart inside. I won't ever leave him alone with that bed. The COOLAROO IS GREAT DEPENDABLE AND SAFE. I'm ordering my first replacement bed now and will continue using this product. Thank you very much. Saturn the doodle , m. p. c. owners

    disapointed by Kim from massachusetts06/25/2013

    it was smaller than I thought, the measurements given include the extended metal supports , I didn't account for that, I thought the measurements were for the actual place they lay.The material is slippery and my dogs have trouble getting on and off of it..I have 5 dogs and only 2 will lay on it. When you pick up the bed to move it , it twists..I bought 2 of these beds and wanted to return one of them because I hadn't put it together yet and the cost was 20 to ship it back when I only paid 33 for the bed it wasn't worth it.

    Not so great by Eleni from Uxbridge Ma07/31/2012

    Bedding dips in the middle...too awkward for my girl to get on and off.

    Great bed! by Foster Mom from Denver, CO05/29/2012

    I foster Great Danes and this bed is wonderful! The Danes really like it and it's much cooler for them. I think any dog would love this bed.


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