• COOLAROO Pet Bed for Medium Dogs (43.4

    COOLAROO Pet Bed for Medium Dogs (43.4" x 25.6")

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    COOLAROO Pet Bed will become your pet's friend. Its nice design and quality material has brought comfort to you and your pet. Coolaroo Pet bed is easy to assemble, flea and mite resistant, simply hose clean, and is made of breathable fabric. Buy one for your pet and enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities with this fabulous bed.

  • Strong powdercoated steel frame
  • Strong, durable knitted fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Breathable fabric unaffected by natural temperature extremes
  • UV treated fabric resists fading
  • Resists mold and mildew
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    cool a roo beds from entirely pets by muffin from little rock, arkansas12/09/2011

    I go way back with cool a roo beds. They are worth every penny I ever spent on the many I have purchased. I bought these 4 for a shelter with full intentions of buying 4 or 5 every month (for that shelter). I will buy them, but it won't be from Entirely Pets. Shipping takes entirely toooooo long! I ordered these on 12/2. They have STILL not arrived and I was just told by the operator that they won't arrive until 12/14. In the mean time, cold concrete is where homeless dogs are sleeping. I know cold concrete is (unfortunately) the norm and I won't fix the world with 4 beds, but it is a start.

    by from 07/20/2010

    I have 2 of these for my white lab... one at each home (snowbird).

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    My dogs loves his Coolaroo. by wldwest2u from Va.04/17/2013

    I have an English Sitter and he loves, loves, loves his Coolaroo. He is on it rain or shine. It's very durable. It takes anything he throws at it. It keeps him off the cold ground in the winter and in the rain. He has a house but prefers to lay outside on his Coolaroo.

    Coolaroo bed - awesome! by dk03/20/2013

    I love the Coolaroo bed! I love dog cot beds that are not directly off the flloor, that my big German Shepherds can laze around and curl up in. I could not find a single raised dog cot bed when I moved to North America (they are EVERYWHERE and so popular in Australia). The Coolaroo bed is the only one I found and have liked so far. And they last! I haven't had to replace it or the cover yet, and my dogs use them and chew on them all the time. The other great thing about them is that all the dirt from the dogs falls through the bed directly underneath, making it very easy to sweep and clean up!

    Should be Great for Summer by Barbzee from Chicago, IL02/20/2014

    My neighbor had one of these for years for her dogs and they loved it in the summertime. It was on sale during the winter so I thought I'd get one for my pooch. It is a bit of a challenge to put together and it seems like it's not going to work but once you tighten everything and set it on the floor it is fine. I am using it indoors right now with a blanket on top. My 9 year old Bichon is a little bit afraid to hop onto it but once he gets on it he likes it.

    Awesome Cot by PoppaChef from Margate, FL07/21/2012

    Bought one of these cot's 6yrs ago. Great price, great quality. My english bulldog loved it. We kept ours outside on the back patio. I am sure it would of lasted longer had it been indoors. So we're ordering a new one for the new place we're moving into.

    The pups LOVE it!!!! by St Francis Sanctuary Resc from FL07/03/2010

    I will try to get one for every kennel at our shelter! The dogs just absolutely love it!!!!

    Great Bed my dog loves it by John11/15/2009

    My dog loves it since the first time he saw it.

    Not just for dogs by Catmom from Laurel,MD05/30/2012

    I bought this for our cats who love sunning themselves on the deck. The medium size is perfect for our small deck; there is still plenty of room for people furniture. Sometimes 4 or 5 cats pile in it for naps. It is very sturdy and easy to clean.

    by from 07/06/2013

    The purchase from Entirely Pets was hassle-free and the bed was exactly as described.

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    Waste of Money by dmurowany from Vineland, NJ07/20/2010

    I own a pet sitting business and board out of my home. I bought six of these beds in different sizes to place throughout my yard becasue the price was right. Well, a few months later, I have two left. The fabric rips easily when exposed to the elements. I will spend the extra money next time to buy a quality product that actually lasts!

    Fantastic buy by doggie friend06/03/2012

    Two of my dogs have always enjoyed lying in the sun that splashes through the windows. With coolaroo on the patio, they rush outside to claim their spot in the sun. They are in doggie nirvana and want to stay out there soaking up the rays until the sun passes beyond the trees.

    by from 04/19/2011

    I have 3 choc labs, age 6, 8 & 12 ... they ALL love and prefer the beds over the comfy beds on the floor. The cradle affect helps with the hips and I love them because we have scorpions in AZ and I can still vacuum UNDER the beds everyday...

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    Donating to doggie daycare by Zoegirl from Los Angeles, CA05/02/2013

    Product is good, its my boxer who wants nothing to do with this coolaroo bed. I put it outside where she normally sleeps but she'll sleep right next to it. So sad. It will be donated to a doggie daycare.

    Not for Jack Russell Pups by cyn from Johnson City Texas10/16/2011

    It was shredded with in minutes of use. Dog started with the label, scratched it off and went next to the corners and began to scratch and chew that but the worst was she scratched a huge tear in the middle of the bed..Her nails seem to be very sharp and we've cut them and still she scratches a hole..I have covered the bed with other material but that defeats the issue doesn't it. I even put hot sauce (jalapeno pepper juice) on the edges and she licked that. She is 8 months old and a digger! Suggestions? I do have pictures of the torn sling and I will send separately.

    by from 10/27/2012

    Our dogs love the Coolaroo beds. They are cool in summer and with a blanket they are cosy in winter. Once you get the knack of putting them together, they only take 5 minutes.

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    my dog recommends it by Tasilo04/16/2013

    The Coolaroo is simple to put together although the mesh is so tight, it took two to get the cross pieces in. I have it on the patio. It is sturdy, looks good, and is easy to move around. I haven't had it long enough to know how durable it is. My dog loves it.

    Coolaroo dog beds by Lamars from Iowa12/26/2012

    These are the only dog beds I use out in the yard...they are up off the ground and in summer the air can circulate under...on winter sunny days when they go out they are easy to clean the snow off and dry quickly...

    Great Product for Pets by Southern Bell from Austin, TX06/12/2014

    My little dog was not sure she would like it at first. I placed my reclining lawn chair next to her pet bed and she then was very excited. We both have our lounging chairs side by side!

    ..For A Dog's Life by Stringreen from Scottsdale, Arizona05/06/2014

    At first, Sophie (our dog) didn't really know what this thing is, but after awhile she enjoys relaxing on it while enjoying the Arizona breezes. Be patient, but when your dog realizes what it is, she will like it too.

    by amy09/23/2013

    dog doesn't want to use it. difficult to put together, took me about an hour!

    Maybe Not For All Dogs by Don from Charlotte, NC01/28/2013

    I can't really say anything bad about the product except that my dog just doesn't use it. I thought it would be a good bed for my dog outdoors but after about three weeks she just walks by it with a look that says "What is that thing?" It may work well for some dogs but my dog just hasn't taken to it.

    The best by Lorna from Seattle, WA12/05/2010

    I had two Coolaroos (one for each dog), but my dogs insisted on lying together on one large Coolaroo (100 lbs combined). The canvas held up very well, but after a couple of years, it sagged a little, so the dogs would roll to the middle and start bickering. So I threw them out (the Coolaroos, not the dogs), but haven't been able to find anything they liked as much. Well, darned if they don't sell replacement canvas for the frames! Today I'm buying two new Coolaroos. My dogs love them, they're easy to clean, and the price is absolutely reasonable.

    great place for dogs to lay by Hutch from NC11/06/2012

    I have 3 boxers who fight over who gets the outside bed!!!

    Glad I found this website by Nobblesma from Abington, PA04/18/2013

    The two Coolaroo beds were delivered with a tiny shipping fee and the price of the beds was the lowest I found on the web. They were delivered quickly. I am very satisfied.

    by from 10/20/2013

    We have had our coolaroo for 8 years and all our dogs have really enjoyed it. Very durable and has stood the test of 3 large dogs. They love to be off the ground like a hammock. Not many pet products stand the test of time...this one does. All the dogs took a bit to get used to it..but then it was a battle as to who got to use it. 5 stars.

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    Coolaroo Pet Beds by Brenda from Port Orford, Oregon04/09/2012

    Excellent. Have had one for 2 yrs, and the dogs like it best, so I bought 3 more. Durable, handsome, easy on their backs. Easy to sweep to keep floor and bed cleaner. Works well indoors and out. Went from the large, downsized to medium, as when my 50 lb dogs curl up, it holds them fine. They line up against the wall and take up very little space. Tucked one under my desk for the elder dog who likes to hide. By far, it is their favorite and mine too.

    Loved them by Azlouie07/09/2012

    Great product, easy assembly, sturdy, looks good. Great from the human aspect. So far I can't get any of the 4 dogs to use them???

    Great beds! by Northern Archer from Northern Ontario, Canada07/16/2012

    Our Tollers love the beds as they are nice and cool for them during these hot summer days.

    Love it by Nick10/23/2012

    My dogs loves the bed and it is sturdy and seems like it will last awhile.

    Coolaroo pet beds by Brenda from Port Orford, Oregon02/29/2012

    Great beds, at a great price. Easy to clean, and easy to move from outdoors to indoors. Have had 2 med size beds for 55 lb dogs, and ordering 2 more for newly adopted dogs. Durable, attractive and very useful. Best beds I ever bought.

    Great Solution by Kris from Dallas and Costa Rica05/15/2013

    We live in Costa Rica and have 8 dogs. Everything is tile and is nice and cool but hard to sleep on all the time. I brought a Coolaroo from the states 9 years ago and all of my pets take turns using it (even our cats). It is like a hammock. I just bought two more from Entirelypets because they have great prices and I love the flat rate shipping. Thanks for an easy to use site too. My friend will bring them when they vacation here.

    fraud...... by not received yet12/02/2012

    We are not sure this website is something we could ever recommend. We also had our bank cancle our card for fraudulent use from entirelypets.com what is going on?

    Great dog bed by Alli K from San Diego, CA11/06/2012

    Helps having two people put it together. We were tired of our dog chewing her dogbeds to shreds. This did the trick! Very happy with this purchase.

    LOVE this bed! by Lauren from Texas01/22/2012

    Our 9 year old Border Collie, Jessi, could barely walk, especially in the mornings. We were afraid she was nearing her last days she seemed to be in such pain. Out of curiosity, we got her a Coolaroo (after seeing that the trainer at PetsMart used them for his own dogs). It was almost miraculous! Jessi was like a 2 year old again! She ran and played and was so happy and obviously pain free. She will be 13 this year and still acts like a puppy. We have Coolaroos for all our dogs and will never use another type of dog bed again.

    Great Product for the Price by Miss Vicky from Garland, TX09/20/2014

    I just wish I could get my dog to lay on it. I've been working with her using treats, pads, towels, toys, blankets and belly rubs every time she lays on it but I always find her in the yard (I have dog doors) laying right next to it.

    Exceptionally great pet bed by HollisterBulldawg04/25/2012

    We bought two medium pet beds almost 10 years ago. One fabric ripped after 9 years, but I could not get the screws out of the frame in order to replace the fabric.(Thus the one star deduction.) Instead I bought a similar product with a canvas bed. My dogs now fight over who gets to lay on the remaining Coolaroo bed. The canvas bed is too hot for them. so I am now ordering another Coolaroo bed for them and will give the canvas bed to the pet shelter.


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