CPN Structure Growth Formula

    CPN Structure Growth Formula

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    Structure delivers the kind of nutrition that nature intended puppies to have.

    Your puppies first meals are the key to their structural development for the rest of their lives. After a puppy is weaned, they are at the most crucial development stage ever. They need rich digestible protein and fat, along with nutrients that help their connective tissue and muscle develop, as well as their immune systems.

    Structure supplies these nutrients with a premium blend of ingredients. This premium blend consists of milk and egg protein from whey protein concentrate, dried casein, Omega 3 enriched pasteurized and dried whole egg, egg yolk, vegetable oil blend, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vitamins C, E and more.

    The first months of a puppy's life is the most critical stage of physical development they will ever go through. In the wild, a puppy may nurse for months before they are weaned onto solid food entirely. When they are, it is in the form of regurgitated meat from the mother's stomach. This is almost unheard of with today's domestic dogs, because of larger and larger litters, combined with other factors, which keep mothers from being able to let the puppies nurse as long.

    What sets Structure apart from other growth formulas out there? The answer is, consistency and research. Consistency that can only be achieved by operating your own manufacturing process, research into what works and what doesn't. Other companies have to rely on others to take the care and detail necessary to produce consistent batches every time. Creating rapid growth alone is not enough for a product to be considered successful. Dogs need balanced growth where muscle and soft tissue is growing as rapidly, if not more so than bone. That is what your puppies get with Structure.

    Adding Structure's formula to a pregnant female's diet can boost general nutrition and health. The size and health of your puppies is a direct result of what you feed your female during pregnancy. Bigger, fatter puppies are more likely to survive and thrive.

    100% Human grade ingredients. Available in 2, 4, 10 and 30 lb. sizes.

    Usage Information

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein 28%
    Crude Fat 28%
    Crude Fiber 3%
    Moisture 5%

    Directions for Use:
    Structure is formulated for pregnant females and growing puppies. These guideline amounts are a starting point and you may have to experiment with your dog to find the correct amount to feed, depending on age, metabolism and activity level. In order to reach an optimal body condition, you may need to adjust feed intake. Check with your vet prior to use. When feeding structure, always provide ample amounts of fresh drinking water.

    Activity Level Amount When to Feed
    Pregnancy 1 Tbsp / 30 lbs. Twicw / day
    Lactation 1 Tbsp / 20 lbs. Twice / day
    Puppies (>6 wks) 1 Tbsp / 10 lbs. Once / day
    Puppies (<6 wks) 1 Tbsp / 20 lbs. Once / day
    Large Breed Puppies 1 Tbsp / 20 lbs. Once / day
        Stop supplementing at 16 weeks

    When feeding entire litters, mix with warm water and mix thoroughly before feeding. Structure can be fed dissolved or alone and or with dry food. With large breed puppies, stop feeding Structure at 16 weeks.


    Ingredients: Dried whole egg, dried egg yolks, malto-dextrin (glucose polymers), dried skim milk, dried whey protein, safflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, sodium ascorbate (Vit C) d alpha topherol, (VIT E) lactobacilius acidopilus, biotin.

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    CPN Structure by Blackfoot from Toronto ,Canada02/23/2013

    Top quality product...fills any nutritional gaps you might be missing in your pups/puppies diets whether you feed kibble or raw! Highly recommended!!!!

    best purchase by bandit from bettendorf iowa11/06/2012

    great product. dogs love it. very fast service/ Entirely pets excellent customer service and great prices. I like that they offer smaller amounts.


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