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D/Earth - diatomaceous earth (12 oz)

Item Number: THOM1311
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Organic D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth) is a low cost non-toxic safe mineral made of crushed fossils.

Pure Diatomaceous Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to improve health appearance and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of conditions.

D/Dearth Contains the highest concentration of pure raw Diatomaceous Earth available.

By Thomas Laboratories

Usage Information

Topically: Can be used as a dusting powder during parasite season by sprinkling or rubbing into the coat of the animal.

Kennel Use: Sprinkle around the kennel or bedding areas where there is a high-concentration of parasites.

Oral Use: 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls per 50 lbs of body weight as needed as a nutritional supplement for animals with skin and coat needs during the parasite season.

CAUTION: Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Animal use only. Store in a cool dry place.


100% Diatomaceous earth food grade quality

Customer Reviews

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5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
D Earth by Granny from Magdalena NM10/02/2013

very pleased with the presentation of the product. I have a diabetic cat who gets between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp. every other day, or so. I also take 1 tsp. 3 days/ wk..Don't know what to expect, but I figure it can't really hurt. We ALL have some kind of parasite. The first week I spent a slightly abnormal time on the throne with a REAL need to go...??? might have done some good !!!

Miracle flee control by NoraZ03/23/2012

I really searched for something that would work to control the fleas on my 17 year old cat. I was feeling very guilty using products that weren't even safe for me to get on my hands!! on the poor old thing. He loves the D/Earth, actually rolls around in it and is completely comfortable even in "the worst year ever for fleas" in our Florida yard. I have shared this information with all my pet loving friends.

great for fleas and ants by jules from Earth05/20/2010

It takes a few days to work and then it dries the harmful insects out. If using outside for ants, apply directly to ant mounds. The ants only have to come into contact with a single particle of the microscopic dust for it to work.*Reapply after hard rain. DE can be given with food for internal parasites (usually for farm animals). For fleas, lightly dust directly on your pet. Avoid getting into eyes and nose for both you and companion (mild irritant). It can be applied just like the 'toxic' dusting powders around the house and yard.

The only good box elder bug.... by DZ-01504/05/2013

My use has nothing to do with pets. I had an infestation of box elder bugs. They were annoying at first, hanging on the front wall of my house in clusters of about 1,000. Then they became hyper-annoying when they discovered they could get into my foundation through cracks and a poorly-sealed dryer vent. I went all diatomaceous earth on them... and they're all dead now, without the use of pesticides or environmental poisons. A moment of silence, please.


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