Dechra Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel

Dechra Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)
Dechra Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)

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Try Bonies Dental Formula A patent pending acetic acid tooth and gum gel with sodium hexametaphosphate. The former creates a multifunctional dental product which degreases better, brightens teeth and has excellent antimicrobial effects with fewer side effects (it does not stain). The sodium hexametaphosphate is to prevent tartar and calculi formation. DentaAcetic is an extension of the patented MalAcetic (acetic/boric acid line) which contains Shampoo, Ear/Skin Cleanser, spray-on leave-on Conditioner and Wet Wipes. You may ask, "Why vinegar in a dental product?" For starters, it has a broad range of antimicrobial activity, is an excellent degreaser and non-toxic - especially as compared to chlorhexidine which also has been reported to cause teeth staining and many other side effects.
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Featured Reviews for Dechra Dentacetic Natural Dental Gel ( 2 fl oz)
Product may be ok but mail packaging not by Liz03/22/2014

The order came in a thin paper envelope and the gel had been pressed and oozed out. Viralys powder top had opened and spilled out into the envelope. Wish the company would use cardboard boxes and pack better.

Best for dogs teeth by phil1106 from buffalo, NY03/26/2013

Have used this for a while. Keeps my dogs teeth free of tartar and keeps them white. I have 8 yr old Golden and Vet says she has teeth of a one yr old. One MAJOR issue though...The last few time Ive received this, the gel is no longer a gel...its very thin and is liquid that does not stay on the tooth brush. I would recommend that entirely pets contact the manufacturer to correct this problem.

by from 12/15/2011

I bought this product for several years, but I won't be buying it anymore. It used to be a thick gel that clung to the toothbrush and didn't make a mess of my schnauzers' beards. Now, it's almost as thin as water and is a disaster. I first noticed the wateriness when I ordered a 12-pack from another website. I ultimately got my money back for that order and just figured I'd received part of a "bad" batch.

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by from 05/31/2009

This item works great for keeping periodontal disease under control. My dog loves it and she normally doesn't like any form of grooming. I know it works because if a skip a couple of days her gums start bleeding when I brush them. I just put a small amount on her toothbrush and brush it onto her gums and teeth.

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great product by golden lover from buffalo, NY02/02/2012

Have a 7 yr old golden...brush her teeth every other day and vet says her teeth look like 1 yr old...wont use anything else. If you dont use it regularly then dont expect miracles.

Great dental product by Peg from Las Vegas, NV03/02/2012

My little Yorkie loves the taste of this dental gel when brushing her teeth.

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