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Original DEER Antler Medium 2.5oz - 4oz

Item Number: NCO19915
Regular Price: $7.99Sale Price: $6.99
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Original DEER Antler is a delicious and nutritious dog chew. Only 100% naturally shed antlers are used; no animals are harmed in the making or collecting of this product. With Original DEER Antler, you’ll find all the benefits of raw bone chews. These antlers are hypoallergenic and provide a rich source of protein and phosphorus. If you have experience with short lived chews, these chews will surprise you with just how long they last. They typically last 2-4 weeks, and, best of all, leave no stains and are odor free.

  • 100% natural shed antler
  • long Lasting
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Stain and Odor Free
  • Measure between 6" - 8.5"
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.47 rating based on 19 reviews
    Good product by Sharon from CT12/08/2012

    Decent price. My dog likes them and they last a long time.

    Fantastic value! by Lee from Ontario, Canada02/19/2012

    I buy thes Antler chews all the time. If you have a dog that chews-this is a fantastic product and Entirely Pets offers great value. I was purchasing this product at my local pet store in Canada--The Entirely Pets medium size chews are the same size as the large ones I was getting at my local pet store and 1/3 the price. My dog loves them and value is fantastic!

    Great Purchasee by Dawnie06/04/2013

    Great Purchase, my dog loves these Antlers.

    dont bother by trvlgirl1 from Long Island NY03/28/2012

    my powerful Boston Terrier wanted nothing to do with this product....no scent no smell and wants her Nylabone...dont bother to her its like a piece of plastic.....waste of money

    by from 01/17/2013

    My dogs love the Natural Shed Deer Antlers! by Irishgirl02/07/2013

    Alll my dogs have been chewing on Natural Shed Deer Antlers since they were pups. It keeps them happy and keeps them from chewing on items in the house that they are not suppose to chew on which keeps me happy! I highly recomment Newt's Chews. They delivered the product timely and nicely packaged. Happy dogs...happy owner!

    OK by SpringerMom from Kent Island MD11/15/2012

    Unfortunately my puppers go thru these antlers in under an hour - who would have thought that a Brittany or a Springer could chew them them so fast. They do love them, just too expensive for me to buy to only last 1 or 2 days at which time they are too small and pose a choking danger

    Long Lasting Chews by Pampered Pups02/15/2013

    We foster dogs and are always looking for something our temporary visitors can chew that will last a while. The four antlers we purchased a couple months ago are still something they pick up and chew for a while and then come back to later. Even the one with only a few teeth with gnaw on one of the smaller antlers. We will purchase them again when these are gone.

    Getting the most for your money! by Dre06/10/2013

    Great product. Value priced. My pooches love this product!

    Newt's Chews Natural Shed Deer Antler by kajaffe from New England07/14/2012

    The natural shed deer antler provide hours of entertainment for our bulldogs who can chew through almost anything. Worth every penny. In addition, Entirely Pets deliveries are always on time.

    Tastes WAY better than Barbie doll heads by Gigi from Halifax NS03/06/2013

    My puli's insatiable desire to chew and gnaw every Barbie doll in sight seems to finally have been extinguished with this product.

    by vjplatz04/19/2013

    Antlers are a great alternative to bones. They are very long lasting even for heavy chewers.

    OUR DOGS LOVE THEM!!!!!! by goofygirl from Florida01/01/2013

    We are VERY happy with the antlers. Our dogs LOVE them!! They are 100% better than the rawhide bones, which always made me a nervous wreck because my older dog has choked on them before. I always have to watch them when they chew those rawhides. With the antlers I feel so much more relaxed and the dogs chew them for hours. We are VERY VERY HAPPY with our product. We will be purchasing more of these in the future and I will be recommending them to everyone. Thanks Entirely Pets for making me and my puppies Happy, Entertained and Relaxed!!!!

    Finally! by Taz Pup Mom from Tennessee12/28/2012

    I own a mixed breed 1 1/2 yr old pup that has destroyed EVERY 'indestructible' bone known. I have paid upwards of $30 for such promises & guarantees only to have him done with it in less than a day. This antler has made him SO HAPPY & me TOO! It does not chip & splinter like other chews & is natural so he thinks he has hit the jackpot! Love, Love, Love it! & so reasonable, $6?? Cant beat it! FINALLY!!!

    Yum, yum, yum!!!! by 3dogsmom from Tiger, GA02/27/2013

    Three dogs, three different chewing interests from chew all day to a few minutes at a time. However, all three were not slow to grab an antler piece. Yum, yum, yum. I save them for special occasions as I know they will be interested (and not shoving toys at me at dinner), happy, and as a bonus,removing some tarter from their teeth. One I got was especially good; all want it. One is a loser, Not enough "marrow" space available, no branches. It gets chewed, but reluctantly, and they wait watching for the favorite one to be left and nab it. I'd give 5 stars if all antler pieces were as delicious as the favorite. It appears to have more marrow space available to reach, plus two points at the end.

    Long lasting chew! by Healthy Pet05/07/2012

    My dog has a strong bite and can easily chew up the biggest bone. She also has allergies to a lot of foods and she cannot have beef bones or rawhides and it is hard to find her pork chews that are made in the U.S.A. I tried this Antler for her and it is great! She likes it although it took her a few times before she would chew on it but now she chews it on and off and it lasts a very long time. The price is great for the size and it is a healthy chew item. I highly recommnend this product!

    great concept by wolfmom from Jupiter Farms, FLORIDA06/09/2012

    product is clean and a great chewing product. I have a Siberian Huskey who likes this product but is not entirely in love with it.

    by Labluvr from Columbus, OH01/20/2013

    Very generous sizes for the price compared to those sold in the big name pet stores. I love how there is no odor and no mess with these antler chews. These are so much better than rawhide.

    Very satisfactory by jcl09 from VA02/06/2013

    My dog chews on the antler for half an hour or so every morning and every night. She remembers where she left it and goes to get it for her regular "chew time." It's making her happy, and I think her teeth are also whiter, so I'm happy too. Good product.

    by from 11/28/2012

    These antler chews are the best things to be found! I have two scotties and they can chew up any other kind of bone in minutes....They have had these for a month and they are still fully intact...All their puppy friends are getting them for Christmas..

    great by price from andThanks



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