• Denosyl for all dog sizes CHEWABLES (30 Tablets) 225 mg

    Denosyl for all dog sizes CHEWABLES (30 Tablets) 225 mg

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Denosyl® for Dogs Professional Line (30 Chewable Tabs)

    #1 Veterinarian Recommended LiverDenosyl S-Adenosylmethionine Chewables (30 Tablets) 225 mg by. Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. is a nutritional supplement that helps minimize a variety of liver problems in dogs. It has also been shown to improve liver health and function by protecting and repairing liver cells. It is recommended to improve hepatic glutathione levels in dogs. For optimal absorption, give your dog Denosyl on an empty stomach, at least an hour before feeding.

    Body weight (lbs) Total daily administration and tablet size
    Up - 6 1/4
    7 - 15 1/2
    16 - 30 1
    31 - 45 1 1/2
    46 - 60 2
    61 - 75 2 1/2
    76 - 90 3
    91 - 105 3 1/2
    Over 105 4

    The number of tablets can be gradually reduced or may be increased at any time at the recommendation.

    Contains: NMXSS75, S-Adenosylmethionine, Nutramax Laboratories proprietary veterinary researched specifications.

    Usage Information

    Ingredients: S-Adenosylmethionine

    Denosyl, a nutritional supplement, is the pure and stabilized salt of S-Adenosylmethionine for veterinary use only. It is the only brand researched in medical trials for veterinary use in dogs and cats.

    S-Adenosylmethionine is an endogenous molecule synthesized by cells throughout the body and is formed from the amino acid methionine and ATP. It is an essential part of three major chemical pathways in the body.

    Denosyl has been shown to increase hepatic glutathione levels in cats and dogs. Glutathione is a potent antioxidants that protects hepatic (liver) cells from toxins. A study found that low liver glutathione concentrations are common in dog and cats with decreased liver function.

    For optimal absorption, tablets should be given on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before feeding, as the presence of food decreases the absorption of S-Adenosylmethionine. For those owners who have difficulties administering tablets to their pets, this medication maybe disguised in a small bite of food. Studies have shown that, in many cases, tablets or capsules given as a "dry swallow" do not pass into the stomach in cats, but may become lodged in the esophagus. It is recommended for pet owners to administer 3-6 cc of water immediately following any tablet administration to speed passage of the table into the stomach. Denosyl 9- mg tablets are ideal for cats because of their small size.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep tablets in original blister pack until used. Tablets are sensitive to moisture and extreme heat and should not be split or crumbled.

    What does the liver do? The liver participates in many activities within the body. It helps the digestion of food through production of bile and helps change digested foods into substances used by the body for energy and growth. The liver also helps process some medications into material(s) that can be used by the body; the liver may assist in eliminating medications from the body once they have had their effect. The liver stores vitamins and minerals and works with sugar (carbohydrates, glucose), fats and proteins. It also helps maintain proper blood clotting and removes many body toxins from the blood. Without proper liver function, the pet's health is compromised.

    Because it does so much, the liver may be subject to many things: injury, both direct and indirect, infection, and toxicity. Some of the signs and symptoms of compromised liver function in pets may include: weakness, vomiting, poor appetite, and/or seizures. But if there is mild or early stage liver compromise, the pet can appear normal. If you notice any of these symptoms or your pet is just acting differently, you should contact your veterinarian. Many veterinarians run screening tests for middle aged and older patients during the annual examination to ensure that organ function is normal.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Great, easy to take supplement by debfordpom from Santa Monica02/26/2013

    My vet recommended a supplement for my senior dog's liver. I had been using a pill that needed to be coated with a pill pocket or peanut better in order to make it palatable to my dog. The Denosyl Chewables are great. Tasty treat rather than a pill, what could be easier?

    Denosyl for all dog sizes Chewables by V.J.07/12/2012

    Looked for this on a lot of websites and was happy with price. I will be using this daily for my 12 year old Rat Terrier who has Cushing Syndrome, for as long as she is with me. I get this product by priorty mail and have had no problems with shipping and have been ordering this for more than a year.

    Great Product by izzyb03/01/2012

    My cairn, Tait, had a tumor removed from her liver. Successful surgery, and my vet recommended Denosyl on a daily basis. She is like a puppy and she is 11 yrs young. Thank you to everyone and finding this product.

    A little hard to chew........ by sam from Mesa, AZ02/07/2013

    My dog is a rescue and does not have many teeth. He had a harder time with the chewables as opposed to the pills. It would work well for most dogs. I think Denosyl in pill form works better for our special situation. Denosyl products are great and help with his liver values. Great prices at Entirely Pets!

    Best product ever by deb from fl01/20/2014

    Recommended by our vet to help with our dogs health. Has done wonders.

    by from 04/10/2012

    Our two blue heelers both had poor liver funtion. Since starting both on Denosyl, both dog's liver function is now within normal range. Vet says they need to continue on Denosyl indefinitely.

    Nancy by San Angelo, TX from Great

    Improved liver function

    Great product for elderly dog by Riley's mom from St Paul, MN02/27/2013

    My vet recommended this supplement for my elderly dog. He had liver enzymes that were slightly off and this product seems to have improved his situation. He likes taking them in the chewable form and seems to consider them a nice treat. Recommended.

    Easy To Give Liver Protection by Bob from Shreveport, LA10/20/2011

    This product was prescribed by my vet for Heidi, a thirteen year old Dachshund with acute pancreatitus. More time will be needed to determine if the medication is working. The chewable form is much easier to give than the bad tasting tablet. Heidi thinks it is a treat.

    by from 07/10/2012

    We started using Denosyl on our 16 yr old rescue Border Collie over a year ago. It has worked wonders for our best friend and she has no problem with this wonderful chewable product. Our relationship with Entirely Pets has been excellent and painless.

    by from Thanks..."


    Great! by Westie Mom from Hutchinson Kansas08/30/2012

    We have two 13 year old Westies and the female has liver problems. With Denosyl and a special diet her liver functions are now within normal. These prices are great and we have no problem with shipping.

    made a difference by Dawn from sc11/06/2013

    My dog, age 12, had high liver function numbers so vet put her on Denosyl. I gave her the tables and the chewables. Her numbers went down, closer to normal.

    Continued need. by Tamah200504/06/2014

    This product is a continued need for elevated liver enzymes.

    Reasonably Priced by Fran04/05/2012

    My dog needs to be on this medication for life, so it is only natural I am looking for the best quality and price. I checked this medication out with my local vet and I got the thumbs up. EntirelyPets had the best price and the service they provide is exceptional. They stand behind their products and provide quick delivery. Believe me, I have put them through the test for delivery and they came through.

    Denosyl by ridgerunner10/15/2011

    My dog is on this medication for the rest of her life. I started out paying $45 per 30 tablets. Then $37. Found EntirelyPets and paid $23 per 30 tablets. Thought I would try it out and when I got the shipment they were close to expiration date but would be used before then and was no problem for me. I will continue to order from EntirelyPets for this supplement if the price stays low.

    Pup saver by Deanie from Whitesburg, Ga.12/09/2013

    My collie is on denosyl after his liver was almost destroyed with lupus medication. The denosyl has brought him back and he is more active so the chewables are much more convenient at this stage in his recovery. Thank goodness for denosyl.

    by from 12/02/2012

    The best part of this pill is your dog or pet thinks it is a treat. Really the most important part is this product helps your pet's liver function.

    for by her from treat.My


    there by is from somethingNice


    much cheaper by fuzzybucket05/24/2013

    Vet had me try these formy Lab mix and I luckily found this site as now I can purchase the same product for so much less.

    Effective and easy to administer by Emily's buddy from Baltimore, MD11/05/2011

    My vet recommended this product because the SAM-e in Denosyl would help to normalize my dog's liver functions. Other products contained additional ingredients that upset her stomach. She tolerates Denosyl very well and, as an additional benefit, she is happy to chew these tablets up as if they were candy! Most importantly, her liver functions are almost normal now.

    by from 08/27/2013

    Denosyl Chewable Tablets are tasty to my dog. He eagerly eats one an hour before his two daily meals.

    Champie's by liver from forDenosyl


    AMAZING Results! by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV12/26/2013

    First, the only reason I give this particular form of SAMe 4 stars is because my dog didn't care for the taste and I ended up having to put it down his throat anyway... But, the SAMe itself is incredible. My dog is 15 years and 9 months old and before we started him on this product, he had all but stopped running, and playing with our other dog or us was a rare thing. Within three days of being on this supplement, he was running again, trying to jump (he has bad arthritis in his hips so jumping is tough for him to do-but he tries now!), and he "talks" to us again! To say he is acting like a puppy again would be a stretch, but he is more like he was when he was a younger dog! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about trying it or if your vet has suggested using it - it's definitely worth a try!!! AND entirelypets.com has the least expensive products on the web or from a vet! Shipping is FAST and in the last four years I have never had a problem with any product I have purchased!

    Great-Tasting Meds by Auzzie's Mum from Los Angeles02/17/2012

    Very pleasing taste (according to my dog) --- just like treats!

    loves the taste! by mama from South Orange, NJ03/20/2013

    Our Vet recommended it to hold her liver counts at a reasonable level for a 13 year old. She has been on it for 3 years & her blood work is excellent. And she loves the taste- thinks they are a treat!

    Good Service and Product by Sue from Illinois05/25/2013

    Delivery is quick, price is right, and my dog relies on it for his senior health.

    Dog loves it! by Barney's Mom03/12/2009

    I've been giving my 16 year old dog Denosyl for a couple years now. As long as his blood tests show it's working I will continue... however there was one thing about the denosyl tablets that I loathed, it was their sizel It's an orange horse pill. Which means I need to hide it in a piece of food to get him to take it. Of all the pills he takes per day this and Atopica are the two I dreaded because they can't be easily disguised. He'd wised up to what I was doing and work the pill out of the food and drop the pill to the floor. I kept changing what I hid it to fool him but he soon figured that out as well. Some times he was so obstinant I'd have to stick it in his throat which stressed us both out. Those were the times when I'd think to myself, WHY can't they make this easy on us and just make this pill chewable! Well they finally did and I am greatful for it. We're just about done with the first bottle so I can say with confidence that this pill must taste good because my finicky dog loves it and has never spit it out. It costs more per pill than the original but it makes life a little bit easier so for me it's worth it. Now if only Atopica did the same I'd be a happy camper. I'll never go back to the non-chewable, this is just what I wished for.

    Recommended by our vet for high liver values by MalteseMom from Washington, D.C.05/23/2014

    My maltese don't mind eating these, much better than trying to get them to eat Sam e.

    Works very well by pat07/21/2012

    This has helped my old girl (got her at 12, and she has a not-great liver) still plugging away at 15.

    shipped order twice by Carleen05/22/2013

    The product is great, but for some reason they shipped the order twice. I kept the 2nd order. I will use it eventually

    A Good Value by RC from Phoenix, AZ12/16/2011

    I am very happy with this product. Our little Wire Hair enjoys them as if they were a treat. Its hard to tell how well they work in keeping his liver healthy we don't have another checkup from the vet due for a while. I read it is as effective as Sam-e or a Vet prescribed formulary.

    Denosyl chewables by Reagan07/17/2013

    chewables are better than tablet although more expensive. Chewables work faster and are easier to give because dog thinks its a treat so they don't have to be hidden in cheese or a pill pocket

    Fast Service by Whatnot10/17/2011

    Ordered online and within 2 days the shipment arrived. It was really fast. Good job.

    My vet recommended this product by cje07/21/2013

    My beagle has had her gallbladder removed and has liver issues. The chewables are much easier on her digestive tract than the capsules.

    Easy by cherps from Ann Arbor, MI02/21/2013

    The easy ordering and prompt delivery is wonderful.

    Denosyl from EntirelyPets NOT breaking the bank! by Dallaslady from Chattanooga, TN10/26/2013

    Two years ago our Maltese, Elvis, was diagnosed with a possible liver problem and the vet started him on Denosyl. A year later, in July 2012,, with another Vet (A&M Vet), and after exploratory surgery, it was confirmed that Elvis has malignant tumors on his liver. That Vet kept him on the Denosyl, as well, but gave him possibly one year to live. He turned 13 in March 2013 and it is now the end of October and he is STILL eating, drinking and perky. Denosyl is a liver protectant. It won't take away or cure the cancer, but helps the liver function. EntirelyPets has been a lifesaver by offering this at almost HALF the price of what we were paying buying through the vet's office. I highly recommend this medicine and EntirelyPets! The photo of Elvis was taken within the last month.

    by from 08/02/2014

    Found these chewables by random internet search. What a difference, and in price too! Better than the non-chewable the vet sold @ higher price. Vet said that's all they carry, huh? meaning something is better out there, but since they don't carry it, he won't mention something better??? Time to change vet!! The non-chewable could not be smashed, broken or chewed, that hard coating did not dissolve at all, came up with vomit many hours later and still was not dissolved. Did not do next lab test yet so don't know results of using these tablets. Don't know if this will have to be taken continuously.

    owners by out from thereDoes


    by from 04/08/2014

    I won't be ordering Denosyl again from Entirely Pets. I wanted the chewable version, not the caplets, and both times I was sent the caplets. My old dog doesn't have teeth so it does make a difference.

    product by and from theIt's



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