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Denta-ClO2 Cleansing Dental Paste (6.4 fl oz)

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Denta-Clo2 Cleansing Dental Paste (6.4 fl oz) by Stone Manufacturing, eliminates the bacteria responsible for periodontitis, gingivitis and the build-up of plaque and tarter in dogs and cats. Based on a recently developed technology to deliver non-toxic chlorine dioxide (Cl O2) gas directly to the teeth, this disinfectant will remain effective for up to six hours and has long-lasting odor neutralizers to eliminate bad breath. Safe, easy to use and will whiten stained teeth.


Usage Information

Active Chlorine Dioxide
Eliminates bacteria responsible for periodontitis and gingivitis Kills bacteria associated with build-up of oral plaque and tartar Whitens stained teeth

Denta-ClO2 Indications
Reduces and helps eliminate the bacteria responsible for periodontitis and gingivitis (which causes bad breath) in dogs and cats.

Pump a small amount of paste onto a brush or finger. Scrub and gently brush teeth and gums. Will help reduce tartar and plaque build up.

Active Ingredients
Chlorine dioxide

Customer Reviews

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3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Effective by Sue from Berkeley, CA09/28/2014

Hi, I write a dog dental blog for Norcal Poodle Rescue and I try many, many dental products on my three dogs and on my foster dogs. I really like the ingredients in this paste. I like the idea of keeping oral bacteria in check with activated chlorine dioxide. I use many different gels, rinses and pastes with antibacterial plant extracts, etc, but it probably is better to just cut to the chase and use a known antibacterial agent like ClO2. My dogs don't love the taste of this medicinal smelling paste but I am seeing very nice results. If your dog won't tolerate it than you won't be able to use it and then it won't be effective. If you can use it, then it will work and it it will work better than most products on the market. If your dog has oral disease then it is in his and your best interest to train him to accept it by treating him with steak following brushing.

Not so sure by Kylie from Las Vegas, NV12/19/2011

After using another product for many years I decided to try Denta-C102. Using it on my two cats did not go over well, they absolutely did not like the taste and I could not use the product. For that reason I give it one star. Maybe a better product for dogs.


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