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Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (3 Pack)
Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (3 Pack)

($11.99)  $9.99
Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (Per Ball)
Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (Per Ball)

($3.99)  $3.39
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)

($19.99)  $12.99
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)

($24.99)  $14.99
Dental KONG
Dental KONG

Fresh N Floss Dental Dog Toys
Fresh N Floss Dental Dog Toys

Nylabone Double Action Chew
Nylabone Double Action Chew

Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Large
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Large

($14.50)  $11.99
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Medium
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Medium

($7.50)  $5.99
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small

($5.50)  $3.99
Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair

($4.99)  $3.99
Petstages Orka Stick
Petstages Orka Stick

($9.99)  $6.99
Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months
Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months

($4.99)  $3.49
TireBiter Paw Tracks
TireBiter Paw Tracks

($7.99)  $5.99
TireBiter Paw Tracks with ROPE
TireBiter Paw Tracks with ROPE

($12.99)  $7.49
TireBiter Paw Tracks EXTRA STRENGTH - MEDIUM 8"
TireBiter Paw Tracks EXTRA STRENGTH - MEDIUM 8"

($14.95)  $9.99
Try Bonies Dental FormulaBallistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (3 Pack) is encased in a soft felt covering and is designed to be gentler on your dogís teeth. Unlike the covering on a traditional tennis ball, our Dental Ball exterior felt is softer, reducing wear-down of your dogís enamel.

  • Soft felt covering, designed to be gentler on your dogís teeth
  • All-natural rubber
  • Non-pressurized
  • Non-toxic
  • Colors: Ballistic Green

  • 3.62 rating based on 8 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (3 Pack)
    Good product but ... by Spencer0201/01/2013

    Not made in the USA like I thought. Made in China and I try to avoid that since they have lesser standards for manufacturing. So for that reason I would not purchase again. I'll look for a product made in the USA!

    Mixed Feelings Yes/No/All Depends... by Sadie's Biggest Fan10/22/2012

    Would be great for ball 'chasers', not jumpers (fliers) who like to retrieve out of the air as is the dog specifically for whom they were purchased. There's virtually no bounce to these; had to return. :-(

    by railin from PA06/28/2013

    My dogs love these. They can't chew through them and they last longer.

    almost indestructible by Labmom from AL08/02/2013

    bought these for my sister's lab who can destroy a tennis ball by 'popping' within 5 minutes. These are lasting several weeks/month & even then she doesn't pop, just pulls the cover off.

    I'll keep looking for toys for Chewers by Sharon from Arkansas01/13/2013

    It took my 1 year old Welsh Terrier about 10 minutes to chew one of these balls to pieces!!

    Not for Aggressive Chewers by NCBootMan from North Carolina12/26/2012

    My lab is a chewer. The first thing she did was start destroying the felt cover. I took the ball away. She loved the ball. Just not appropriate for her.

    Tennis balls are great by Clairesnana from South of Boston, Ma.03/28/2012

    Most important they are "Baxter" tested and approved! Baxter is a 3yr. old golden who has ripped a few tennis balls to shreds. So far so good.

    Not too bad by Michi from Key West, Florida05/12/2013

    This is definitely a great deal! At first my 3 dogs wouldn't play with Ballistic Dog Dental Balls, but after about a week or so they absolutely love them. Even my oldest dog that doesn't like playing with tennis balls picked it up and started playing again! I recommend this product and will be purchasing it again in the future.

    Unknown use by kat07/27/2013

    the balls don't bounce or float...they're practically worthless.

    Big ball! by Ladydelilah from Orange county, Ca12/10/2011

    The weight and size of each ball was not what I would recommend for either small or medium size dogs.

    tennis balls by Mar06/17/2013

    They don't hold up to aggressive chewing, but for the price, I can't complain

    Dangerous by kidders from Roseville, Mi.03/13/2013

    I returned these balls because they were too heavy and could cause my dog to possibly break a tooth if she caught it in the air.

    Hard like aPolo Ball by misty05/21/2013

    These were the hardest tennis balls I have ever had. They reminded me of my old polo balls. If you want your dog to chip a tooth these are great if not.- Don't buy these. Also I had a lot of problems with my order and the delays they had will not be using this vendor again.

    Featured Reviews for Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs (Per Ball)
    Not what I hoped for. by Mike from Texas05/20/2013

    I took my dog to the vet recently and she said his teeth looked professionally polished down. Doesn't sound too bad but I don't want his teeth worn down at all so I try and figure out the cause. It has to be the tennis balls, he probably catches around 100 balls/day, he LOVES it. So I begin a search for a lightweight tennis ball with a soft cover that is easy on teeth. This one boasted the soft cover but I had no idea how it feels when thrown. Well, after a few days I get the Balistic Dog Dental Ball and to my disappointment it is very heavy. This thing is like a brick with a soft cover and my dog hates it and will not touch it. It was on sale for only 39 cents so I didn't waste too much money and even though the Balistic ball is useless to me this site has been very good, great prices and fast shipping. Thanks anyway Entirelypets!

    Hard as a rock! by browndog2 from Oregon10/30/2012

    This ball is heavy and hard as a rock. I'm afraid my dog will break a tooth if she tries to chew on this.

    great ball by Labmom from AL01/01/2013

    for a lab who is 'tennis ball crazy' these are great. Although heavier, they are softer on the mouth & very durable.

    Great ball for puppy play by JWCWestminster from Maryland09/03/2013

    Durable, holding up well to heavy play, better than regular tennis balls

    ball loving dog had zero interest by elemutt06/13/2013

    The ball is as hard as a rock. You can not throw the ball to catch etc. My shepherds love chewing on balls and have zero interest in this one.

    Ballistic Ball by Dog Lover from CA04/30/2013

    Worthless. It's so hard it didn't bounce at all. My dog destroyed the outer ball within minutes. It was in the trash within an hour of receipt.

    awesome by brad jack11/23/2009

    My dogs had very strong teeth after chewing the ball

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)
    Great product...Great price by Onyx's Dad from North Carolina12/05/2011

    Onyx loves his Bristle Bone. When we load it up, he is in his own little world for over an hour as he works to get the rawhide discs from the bone. The Bristle Bone is hard to find in normal pet stores so I was happy to find it on Entirely Pets!! Especially since it is cheaper than anywhere else I've found on the internet!! Onyx thanks you.

    My dogs love these! by Sunny from Lillington, NC03/29/2012

    Busy buddy bristle bones last a looonnnng time! I only have to re-order when my larger dog doesn't "get it" and eats the bristles. My younger dog loves it and it's a long-lasting treat that keeps her busy as she tries to get at the gnawhide.

    A HAPPY DOG by margaret01/17/2012


    This is a scary toy! by Suzie12/30/2009

    I bought this because my dogs love their funny bones and I thought it would help clean their teeth. My sheltie was able to separate the pieces of this in no time at all. I thought maybe I didnít put it together well and so tried it again and he immediately separated it again. I was scared to death that he was going to choke on one of the pieces and refuse to use this again. We will be sticking with funny bones from now on!

    Favorite toy! by Mollie from Northern VA10/05/2010

    I have a small female German shepherd who LOVES her busy buddy!!!! Both the bouncy bone and the bristle bone- it has been a wonderful challanging toy for her while I am gone all day! And it hold up to her big teeth!! I am giving all the family pets bristle bones for Christmas this year! Great price- I stocked up!

    by from 05/30/2012

    by zee horse05/08/2014

    My dogs loved this even when I took the treat out of it. Was afraid of a fight since they loved it so much.

    Would not recommend by Tena03/14/2012

    The brissels came off of the busy buddy bristle bone that I ordered for my dog. Not to happy!

    Dog Loves It by Zozie from California03/01/2013

    This is my dog's favorite bedtime chew toy. It not only entertains her, but also massages her gums and helps to clean her teeth, thanks to the bristles and the rubber discs with protrusions inside the toy.

    hard plastic ends by sue from Berkeley05/31/2010

    Hi, the idea of this product is good although the design of it has failed in the safety department. The bristles combined with a flavor (food) reward is a winning idea, however, the hard plastic ends set the stage for slab fractures of your dog's carnasials. Additionally, the razor sharp edges of the hard plastic ends will no doubt lacerate the gums if your pooch chomps down the wrong way. It would be a much better idea to give an uncooked chicken bone to your dog because a real bone will give whereas, hard plastic will not. When companies make a toy out of hard plastic and then market it as industructable, a red flag should go up since the teeth will be destroyed instead. The four star rating is to help get this published not because I like this product

    Bristle Bone much more effective than Bouncy Bone by Mich10/31/2013

    I got this to distract my dog when I needed to do something around the house without her nosing around or as a treat while I'm at work. It's a great way to give her treats although it doesn't last nearly as long as the first couple times I gave it to her. She can get both rings in about 20-30 minutes. Much slower though than the bouncy bone. It takes her less than 5 minutes to eat both rings. I would recommend this bristle bone over the bouncy bone for time reasons alone.

    Great Idea Needs Modified by Tree02/27/2012

    Bristles entirely TOO HARD for ANYTHING!!! I'd be the first to buy when the manufacturer makes that little modification. As a veterinary technician that knows the importance of dental health, particularly for small breed dogs, I absolutely LOVE the concept behind "Busy Buddy Bristle Bone."

    Good product although my dog can dismantle by mieronimo12/26/2012

    My dog was really interested in this product for a while until she figured out how to dismantle it and get to the chews. See attached picture. I have no idea how she accomplished this because I wasn't watching.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)
    great chew toy. by hank08/12/2012

    My rotweiler/chow destroyed the small version in one hour (but loved it) The large one is nice and big , he loves chewing and I don't have to replace rawhide so often,

    Saved by Busy Buddy by Ponytender from The Cowboy Capitakl of the World06/08/2013

    I have two very active dogs, a 5 year old border collie and a year old Australian shepherd. The aussie is a rescue that is bent on destruction. We are working through that with the help of Busy Buddy bristle bone. I leave two of these down for them when I leave for work and it gives them something to do during the day besides eat my house. These are great products. I was a little concerned about the disc but neither of my dogs have had a bad reaction to it so I am sold!

    Very Long lasting Dental chew toy by Gembug from Michigan01/19/2010

    I bought this for our Chocolate Lab and he's worked on destroying it for almost a year! He has the middle bristles destroyed and sometimes we need to tighten the ends, but even without any rawhide rings put on, he is still enjoying this great toy! Love it, will buy another when needed.

    Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/23/2014

    This product was recommended by our Veterinarian. Our dog loves it! He has gone through 2 Bristle Bones and has not yet tired of the product. His teeth look great. What a great product for canine dental care.

    Love this product by Molly12/27/2013

    This is my third purchase of this toy. My dogs love to see this coming and I love the way it brushes their teeth. We don`t have to worry about our dogs` breath when they "play" with this product. Can`t say enough good things!!

    by from 07/20/2012

    Our Vet was impressed how clean our 8 year old dog's teeth were. We credit this "toy" with our dog's clean teeth. The teeth have never been professioaly cleaned. This is all we use. Our dog looks forward to using/playing with this every night. It may be expensive but is a lot less expensive then a dental cleaning not, to mention, your dog does not need anethesia!

    this by as from aWe


    My Dog Loves this toy by MLPanek from Michigan02/16/2013

    This toy has stood up to some rough chewing and it's still going strong.

    Wonderful product! by wcmom from Dayton, OH11/08/2012

    I love these and so do my dogs! Both of them love the bones and the bonus is that the plaque comes off their teeth.

    Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Chappy01/20/2014

    My 10 year old, 85 lb Golden Retriever LOVES this toy and the rings. Unfortunately he has figured out how to dismantle the toy no matter how tightly I've screwed the ends on and within a matter of minutes I find him eating the white plastic & brush center. I'm going to try one more time and then will switch to a different chew toy.

    My dog can tear up any toy! by Vicky from Indpls, In08/29/2013

    My dog loves this toy, however, he still can destroy it. He has already chewed the purple spacers down to nubs as well as the brush is now bristle less. But yes he does like it.

    great chew toy by papabear from syracuse, ny10/23/2012

    My 80 pound dog usually destroys chew toys. The Bristle Bone has lasted a few months already. He does chew up the chew rings fairly quick, but its nice having replacements available at a reasonable price. Even without the chew rings he he will spend hours chewing on the plastic? bone ends So I refill it as a special treat. A terrific entertaining toy

    GGRRRREEEAAAATTTTT!!! by Tyler from Fairmount, IN02/06/2013

    Best thing going for the Lab-Dob mix...9 months and 55 lbs of fun! She will lay down and really get into this thing! I will be at Bass Pro today and get her a new one to keep at Gramma's!

    Bristle Bone by Molly's Mom from Fairfax, VA03/04/2014

    Our 3 year old, 75 lb. lab still loves her "chew" on the bone every morning. Keeps her busy, and her teeth are enjoying a good workout. Thanks Busy Buddy!

    great busy treat by TandemAcres from Rutland VT02/02/2014

    Have to supervise as this bone had come undone and our dog pulled out the chews, but keeps her busy for hours and does a great job keeping tartar off her teeth

    Border Collie loves Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Sassy's Mom from Cleveland Ohio Suburb12/14/2011

    My 5 year old will bring me her bristle bone so I can add the disks to the toy. She loves chewing on the disks and toy. It's a great past time to keep her occupied for a while. Thanks for inventing the bristle bone.

    Extremely Disappointed by NCDogOwner11/04/2013

    Extremely disappointed in this bone/treat system. After inserting the rawhide treats and bristles onto the brush and screwing the end cap back on, I was suprised that this was the only way to secure the middle pieces. I twisted the closing end onto the bone as much as possible and my dog was still able to completely disassemble the bone in a few hours. She also ate the entire rawhide treat that was on the bone and vomited for two days. I threw the entire bone system away because: 1) my dog had chewed the screw-on threads to the point that they wouldn't realign, and 2) since my dog was vomiting, I was afraid of what was in the rawhide treat and didn't want to risk another China-treat incident. All this within the very day I bought it! Buyer beware!

    Great product! by Boomer03/05/2012

    The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone does a great job keeping my dogs teeth clean!

    Great Bone for Aggresive Chewers by Hanna from Columbus, OH05/09/2011

    Took my Golden Retriever a few days to get use to, but now she loves it! You can tighten and loosen the bone which I did at first to help her realize the rawhides were there. I then had to tighten the bone back up because she got the hang of it! Also, I heard that the medium rawhides fit on the large bone but they DO NOT. You have to use the large rawhide rings for the large bone.

    My Rottweilers love these by Silly from Nevada09/17/2013

    This bone is fantastic and my Rottweiler's love them. Keeps them busy and happy. They will go into the toy box and pick them over other chew bones they have. Thanks.

    My GSD is addicted by Mollie from DC10/11/2011

    My German shepherd LOVES this toy! Makes her teeth look better, too!

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Large
    Power Chewer Jackpot by Judy from Mid Michigan01/28/2010

    I bought these for our Goldens for Christmas. They love them and really work them on a daily basis. After over a month, there is very little wear on the bones, despite the workout they get. Just ordered 14 more. Some of the dog friends will be getting these! After their teeth cleaning next month I'm going to keep a close eye on how well they work off the tarter. Regardless, they really enjoy them so it's well worth it.

    Durable & Enticing by Jamie06/27/2009

    My Mastiff has never chewed on a bone or toy. Only pig ears and greenie's. He found this bone at a friends house and he absolutely loves it! I bought him one a week ago and he chews it daily.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Medium
    Dogs love this toy by GV from Nashville04/30/2013

    My (7) dogs fight over this toy...I need to purchase more!

    DontWasteYourMoney by HatedThisProduct02/27/2013

    These nylabones were the worst product I ever purchased. I bought 3 and NOT ONE of my 8 dogs were interested in them for longer than 3 seconds. I threw them away.

    Another great Nylabone by gottaride17 from Marshall, VA02/27/2013

    My dog is 8 1/2 years old but still loves chewing on nylabones. Hadn't tried this particular one before, but my boy is loving it. He brings it to bed every night to chew on before going to sleep. Just watch your feet when your dog drops it - it's heavy :-) Good value & great bone!!

    by Trish01/23/2012

    absolutely a great find.....I have three large dogs....two of them love this.

    Marlon loves it! by Nicky02/26/2013

    This is my second time purchasing this toy. Marlon likes it, although, not as much as the first time as the bacon scent is not as strong as the first bone. This is still a great product!

    Great by Teri from New Underwood, SD07/13/2010

    My dogs love these and I can see a change in their teeth already. Would keep on hand all the time.

    by Vee06/21/2012

    These are the best chew toys to have around the house for our dogs! I highly recommend them to keep your dog busy and help keep them from chewing on things that they shouldn't.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small
    by from 12/28/2012

    Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small by Robin from Philadelphia, PA04/23/2014

    My dogs enjoyed chewing on this bone. Good size for samll to medium dogs.

    Featured Reviews for Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
    Aids Dental Health! by Pilgrim03/14/2012

    My cat loves to bat these chews when I "dangle" them for her to play with. And a recent wellness exam at age 3.5 years, revealed no calculus on her gums at all! This has always been a maintenance problem. The Dental Health Chews are in regular use in my house now, for 3 cats!!

    My kitty's not too interested by am from Portland, OR06/16/2013

    Great idea, maybe some cats would like to chew on it, but mine's not interested.

    Loves to play catch with these! by Cathy from Greensboro, NC12/29/2012

    Our 2 yr old indoor cat loves to play catch with these. We have a 4 story cat tree. He will be on the top and when you throw these up to him he will catch it and push it off the tree so you can throw it back to him. He also with play catch with it on the floor.

    Great toy by T-Bear05/12/2013

    I periodically put these in a jar of catnip and leave for a few weeks. When I give them to her she goes bananas munching, chewing and playing with them.

    She loved these... by mc from VA04/06/2013

    ... for a about a week, now she ignores them. She will still bite occasionally when shes frisky and they're one of the few toys she still likes; so, I'm just happy for that! Also very strong against her constant need to rip up all toys I give her.

    by from 05/13/2014

    I have an 8 month old kitten who is a chewer - not a destructive chewer, but has the need to chew (he is particularly fond of cardboard).

    on by a from whimI


    Fun Cat Toy by Mollie12/17/2012

    I don't know if it cleans the cat's teeth, but my cats have fun with them. This is the second set I have bought for them.

    Cute Toy that is Healthy by Purrfect mom from Delray Beach FL11/18/2013

    Both of my senior cats play with the dental chews. I tied one of them on to the "fishing toy" I purchased at the same time and use it with my 9 year old Blind kitty. It is so good to be able to interact and get play time in with him.

    Great for dental hygiene by redwinggirl from Detroit, MI11/07/2012

    Our cat loves these chews. We are constantly buying them and Entirely Pets has the BEST deal there is on these. The biggest benefit is great dental check-ups at the vet. Highly recommend.

    Cat Toys by sj11/14/2011

    They are too small. They get under the refrigerator.

    by skippy02/23/2013

    my cats liked these from older to young and liked carrying them around the house.

    Good teether by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA07/17/2013

    This is a good toy, but it showed wear after a few weeks for my kitten when she was only a few months old. So, you have to make sure the outer fabric isn't frayed.

    Good toy to add to you cats toy box by g's cats07/02/2012

    These are fun for the kitties, especially the younger cats. They chase, toss and chew. My little female even plays fetch with it; I throw it and she brings it back.

    Featured Reviews for Petstages Orka Stick
    Tough Enough by queenV04/30/2013

    Blue rubber tube was tough enough and did not break into pieces at all. Ropes came un-knotted and slipped inside the tube during tug-of-war session.

    Average by Kath from Cleveland, OH01/08/2014

    Somewhat dissapointed. This was smaller than I expected. I have a 14mo. old large mixed breed and also a power chewer. He loved the toy but was destroyed within 5 minutes from chewing. Only recommend for small dogs and should be noted so in product description.

    Longest Lasting Toy by Dmcash1 from California11/20/2013

    I have a Lab/Retriever mix, and this is one of his favorite chew toys. Of course the string is pulled out within minutes (like the filling out of a sandwich cookie), but the body of this lasts for at least a year. Great for a game of fetch, bounces like crazy, floats and he loves to chew on it.

    Featured Reviews for Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months
    by misfit1382604/09/2013

    The puppy liked it but it is a lot bigger them him so he lost interest in it real quick. I didn't add any treats to it otherwise I know he would be haveing a field day with it.

    Featured Reviews for TireBiter Paw Tracks
    Not worth the money by nb from Coastal Georgia02/15/2013

    After reading other reviews from folks with dogs that are aggresive chewers, I thought the TireBiter Paw Tracks might solve my dog's need to destroy everything! I was wrong...within 30 minutes of giving her the toy, she had pulled huge chunks of the rubber off...so it was not safe. Plus the rubber smell is overpowering!!!! Definitely not worth the money.

    Do not buy by Ace from Boston, MA04/16/2011

    I bought this tire toy for my 9 month old Great Dane. At first he loved it and was really chewing on it. I saw bits on the floor but I had never seen him eat a toy before so I wasn't concerned. After playing with it for an hour or so I took it away. Later that evening he proceeded to vomit continually for hours, with little tire bits mixed into the vomit. Beware!

    extremely happy with purchase by Sharon from Manitowoc, Wi.10/17/2011

    I am a dog breeder, and I am very happy that I found you, the dogs are carrying these tire biters and kongs all the time. They will go to each others runs and take them in the kennel with them, some end up with quite a few of them and we have to redistribute them again and again. I recommend these to people that purchase puppies from me, they are the only toys that I feel comfortable giving to my dogs. I will be ordering again in the near future. Sharon

    Alfred's best friend by Julieanne from Bothell, WA10/30/2012

    Alfred is my German Shepherd and loves his tire. He ruins them after a while so I have to keep extras on hand. He even barks at delivery people with the tire in his mouth.

    Awesome Toy by dperfetto from North Carolina03/17/2013

    I have an Old English Mastiff, and this is the only toy she will play with. Entirely Pets has it cheaper then Petsmart, and the shipping was pretty fast. I will surely be buying many more from Entirely Pets.

    Tuff Toys by JM from San Antonio, TX10/25/2012

    We have a boxadore half boxer half lab, she just turned 2yrs and still chews like a puppy we are constantly looking for chew toys that last more than a day or two. we bought the 8" TireBiter tire for her and so far she hasn't been able to chew it up in little pieces. I will buy more as she needs them. Great toy

    by from 01/22/2013

    My Sophie is a 3-year old rescue dog that is a very aggressive chewer. She can completely destroy most toys in a short time. I though the TireBiter would be a good challenge for her. Within 20 minutes she had chewed thru the rubber and I had to take it away from her !! Not a good value for the cost.

    has by a from veryThis


    Toxic To Dogs! by HattieGhost from Canada12/25/2011

    This "toy" is extremely toxic to dogs. If you google it you will see reviews about dogs who have become violently ill after playing with this toy. Our chocolate lab vomitted for an hour after tearing off pieces of this foul smelling toy! She was in great distress and being Christmas Day there are no vets available to us. DO NOT purchase this product! It should be pulled from the market!

    Great for tough chewers by Ann Graham06/11/2008

    My dogs are notorious for chewing up toys, within minutes of getting them. They're still working on these!

    tough! by lab's bets friend12/23/2010

    The tire is hard and heavy. My 7 month old lab loves to toss the tire in the air and we have to watch out for where it lands because it hurts! She's had it for about 2 months and just now tore the rubber open. I don't know if the insides should be exposed like they are now because the are fibrous.

    good tire by dabone198002/20/2012

    i have a pitbull so it is hard to find good toys for chewers...i would have to say this is one of the better ones but there are still better ones then this but not many

    Great Product by Deni12/17/2012

    Tuff enough for my Pit Bull to chew on and he loves to chase the tire. It rolls perfectly, and bounces in opposite directions at times. Keeps him on his toes!

    Featured Reviews for TireBiter Paw Tracks with ROPE
    just what I wanted by lea from Denver, COlorado12/06/2012

    My dog loves it and shares with friends who come for play dates.

    Great toy for a big dog by pocoloco15 from Washington state05/30/2012

    My dog is a serious chewer! She can destroy almost any toy in a matter of an hour... The Tirebiter rope toy keeps her entertained for far longer! Naturally, she can have the rope off with an hour or so of concentrated effort, but the tire part will hold up for far longer! Just be sure to take the toy away when it becomes damaged to prevent the dog from ingesting pieces!! This is money well-spent!

    Indestructible by sloppy 1 from Decatur,IL01/11/2012

    I have 3 american pitts the baby is over 90 lbs and growing. He is just like his dad as a puppy he ate everything including my weight bench. So I got one of tires with rope and they all love it. Its also been very durable. Im plaining on getting 2 more so each of them have their own. Normally toys dont last more then a week with them and its been 2 months now.

    Not good for strong chewers, stains furniture by Bh12/18/2012

    I have a one year old vizsla who can chew up toys fairly easily. This tire seemed like it would be strong enough to last but it was torn up within 15 minutes. That wasn't as big of a problem as the fact that it left black marks on the sofa and had a very pungent rubbery smell. I would say if you have a dog that is a strong chewer, go with something else.

    Featured Reviews for TireBiter Paw Tracks EXTRA STRENGTH - MEDIUM 8"
    Best Toy In The World by Percussion Lady from Hornbrook, California10/05/2013

    My Queensland Blue Heeler and my neighbor's Chocolate Lab loves these tires. We throw or roll it down the hill and they will fetch until I am tired of throwing. It is strong and durable. We have yet to have one chewed up and I have had this one for 6 months. I agree that it does have a rubber smell like a car tire but not that bad to me. You notice the smell more in the house than outside. I keep a supply on hand in case one gets lost. Buy one. You will be glad you did.

    Made my dog deathly Sick!!! by amyd from Madison, IN08/31/2013

    We got this toy for my boxer and he chewed it up and became deathly ill,,so I went on-line and it seems there have been a lot of dog owners who have had the same experience..DO NOT BUY! Why take the chance and end up like me and my family, this $10 toy cost me way more in the end too!!!

    Tirebiter by Jayne from Pittsburgh, pa12/22/2010

    My dog has destroyed every toy withing 1 day of purchase except the tirebiter paw tracks. im buying a second one. She loves it and has spent many hours chewing on it.

    Toxic to Dogs! by HattieGhost from Canada12/25/2011

    This "toy" is extremely toxic to dogs. If you google it you will see reviews about dogs who have become violently ill after playing with this toy. Our chocolate lab vomitted for an hour after tearing off pieces of this foul smelling toy! She was in great distress and being Christmas Day there are no vets available to us. DO NOT purchase this product! It should be pulled from the market!

    TireBiter Paw Tracks by Julieanne from Bothell, WA11/16/2011

    My dog takes his tire everywhere. He can even bark and growl with the tire in his mouth. This tire is no longer carried at nearby pet stores. They now carry one with a rope and he doesn't want a rope. So I am very happy to have found this at your web site and at such a great price. Please don't stop carrying it.

    by mhbmorgan11/16/2012

    dog won't touch, had a bad vinyl smell at first, put in dirty laundry as suggested, dog still won't touch

    not happy by nanadog01/08/2013

    when I got the package out of the mailbox I practically choked on the chemical smell coming from the sealed pk! When I opened it the small was even worse, it has been airing out for days and can still bring you to your knees. I can't send it back because in all good concience I cannot condone it being sent to another unsuspecting person to give to their dog. It can't be healthy when it smells that bad, had to have come from China (how much do we put up with before we say "enough"!!!! The other item I ordered was fine (flea & tick).

    Alfred's favorite toy by Alfred's mom from Bothell, WA06/18/2012

    Alfred loves the tire biter paw tracks tire. He has had one most of his 4 years. It seems that many pet stores have gone to a different style that has a rope attached and he does not like them as well. This is the only place I can find the tire he likes and at such a reasonable price. Thank you for carrying these. I am afraid Alfred would have bad withdrawals if I could not get them for him.

    Poor quality by Robin10/31/2012

    I purchased this for my 7 month old English Bulldog and with in 20 minutes there were pieces chipping off so I had to take it away from him. When I called, the operator told me the only way they could refund my money was if it was unused. How would I know I was not pleased with the quality unless I let him use it?

    Great product by Tiny from OK12/23/2012

    My dog loves it and has (yet) to tear it up. It's thick and has a good weight to it. You can roll it down the hall or toss it. The only downside is it does smell like a tire, but I imagine that'll wear off a lil with time.

    Extra Weak by Claudia from Indianapolis03/23/2012

    I purchased this toy as it's noted to be "Extra Strength". Within 1 hour of my American Bulldog playing with it, she had tiny tire shreds all across my carpet. So another $10 + shipping down the crapper!!!!! Very disappointed.

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