Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Large Dogs (20 - 40 kg)

    Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Large Dogs (20 - 40 kg)

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    Dermoscent Essential 6

    Dermoscent's Essential 6 is a multifunction skin care solution for regular use on all skin and hair types of pets. It is fragrance free, easy to use, and safe for even the most sensitive pets.

    All Natural Ingredients

    Dermoscent Spot-On is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients. This carefully selected group of ingredients include: essential oils of rosemary, lavender, melaleuca, oregano, grain oils of hemp and neem, smoothing and purifying agents, vitamin E, bio-diffusing vector.

    dermoscent dog

    With the synergetic action of these ingredients, Essential 6 Spot-On has a plethora of benefits for your pet's skin. Essential 6 helps restore hydrolipidic film of animal skin and maintains its optimal hydration, favors natural cutaneous ecosystem balance and reinforces skin defenses, purifies animal skin and helps prevent irritations, deodorizes but respects the animal's own smell, helps diminish hair loss and sustaining hair growth and also has an antioxidant effect.

    Essential 6
    • Spot on skin care for dogs
    • All Natural
    • Easy to apply
    • Restores hydrolipidic film and maintains optimum hydration
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    Usage Info

    Usage Tips
  • Think of using Essential 6 spot-on once a week during the rainy period in order to ensure that your pet smell good even after a downpour.

  • Remember to use Essential 6 spot-on during warmer seasons when your pet stays outdoors more often and is exposed to sunshine. Essential 6 spot-on is a hydrating agent of the epidermis, it deodorises your pet by offering at the same time an anti-oxidant and anti-free radical protection.

  • Naturally, be sure to treat your pet with Essential 6 spot-on when travelling together by car, plane or train.

  • A regular brushing to eliminate dead hair remains indispensable.

  • It is recommended to start one pipette every week for an initial treatment of 2 consecutive months followed by a regular and continuous treatment at one pipette every 2 weeks in order to guarantee the optimal efficacy.

    Remove Applicator
    Open Applicator
    Expose pet's back
    Gently squeeze contents onto pet
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    Essential 6 by Walter from Los Angeles, California02/12/2013

    I love the Dermoscent Spot on Skin for Dogs. This was first recommended by a friend and then my Vet. My black lab suffers from environmental allergies and very dry flaky skin. These oils in combination with Dulco Mousse and baths have really improved his skin. I also use this product on my other lab who does not suffer from allergies, but it keeps her coat silky! The smell is wonderful! It is so easy to put on! I think they both look forward to these treatments!

    Great Product by Garbonzo12/19/2012

    I need to give my pet Dermoscent every week due to a major skin allergy. I've seen significant improvement although it'll take several weeks to do so. The product helps build a barrier on your pets skin and results are hard to gauge. Another benefit is the how good your pet will smell.

    Dermoscent Oil by Char from Central Coast, CA11/23/2011

    I love the way this smells, all natural oils that is like doggy cologne. This has helped restore the beautiful luster and shine in my dog's coat and makes it easier to go a whole week between baths (because of it's amazing smell). I don't use it the way the instructions say, I actually pour some in my hands, rub them together and massage it all over my dog's coat. This way it doesn't look greasy and never gets flaky the next day.

    Buttons by Buttons from ohio02/07/2013

    It hasn't been the Scratch Stopper I was hoping for so far but I'm still using it with hope it will help improve with time

    Works great by Vicki from california02/02/2012

    I took our Bulldog to a Holistic Vet and she put my dog on this product. My poor dog has been suffering with allergies for over a year now here in California. After 4 weeks her skin is soft, her hair is not falling out, shes not scratching as much. I plan to put our other Bulldog on this product too!!


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