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DermaPet / Dechra Shampoos and Skin/Coat Cleansers

DermaPet / Dechra Shampoos and Skin/Coat CleansersAll DermaPet products are designed by an internationally known expert in veterinary skin care, are functionally therapeutic and use all natural ingredients as often as possible. They are cruelty-free, biodegradable, non-polluting, environmentally sensitive and packaged in recyclable containers.

Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (8 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Spray Conditioner (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Spray Conditioner (8 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Dechra DermaAllay Oatmeal Spray Conditioner (12 oz)
Dechra DermaAllay Oatmeal Spray Conditioner (12 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo (16 oz)
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo (16 oz)

($22.99)  $16.99
Dechra Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Spray Conditioner (8 oz)
Dechra Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Spray Conditioner (8 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (Gallon)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (Gallon)

($181.99)  $139.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo (8 oz)

($31.99)  $23.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Spray Concditioner (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Spray Concditioner (8 oz)

($28.99)  $21.99
Dechra TrizEDTA Crystal Flush (4 oz)
Dechra TrizEDTA Crystal Flush (4 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)
DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)

($12.99)  $11.99
DECHRA DermaBenSs Soapless Shampoo with Moisturizers (ONE GALLON)
DECHRA DermaBenSs Soapless Shampoo with Moisturizers (ONE GALLON)

($96.99)  $87.29
Dechra DermAllay Shampoo FOR ALL PETS (ONE GALLON)
Dechra DermAllay Shampoo FOR ALL PETS (ONE GALLON)

($77.99)  $69.99
Dechra DermaLyte Shampoo (ONE GALLON)
Dechra DermaLyte Shampoo (ONE GALLON)

($61.99)  $55.99
DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)
DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (ONE GALLON)
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (ONE GALLON)

($85.99)  $79.99
Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)
Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)

($14.99)  $13.99
"DermaPet" Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)
"DermaPet" Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)

($50.99)  $40.99
LimePlus Dip -  Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.
LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.

($19.99)  $14.99
LimePlus Dip -  Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 4oz.
LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 4oz.

($11.99)  $8.99
LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate ONE GALLON
LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate ONE GALLON

($99.99)  $78.99
"DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)
"DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
"DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)
"DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
MalAcetic  Conditioner for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)
MalAcetic Conditioner for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)

($36.99)  $27.99
MalAcetic Ultra Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)
MalAcetic Ultra Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)

($36.99)  $27.99
"DECHRA" Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)
"DECHRA" Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)

($24.99)  $18.99
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (1 Gallon)
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (1 Gallon)

($142.99)  $118.29
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
Trizultra Keto | DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto 12 fl oz | EntirelyPets
Trizultra Keto | DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto 12 fl oz | EntirelyPets

($20.99)  $17.99
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)

($20.99)  $13.99
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)

($35.99)  $24.99
Dechra Malacetic Otic Cleanser for Dogs, Cats and Horses (8 oz)
Dechra Malacetic Otic Cleanser for Dogs, Cats and Horses (8 oz)

($36.99)  $27.99
DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto (4 oz)
DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto (4 oz)

($13.99)  $9.99
DECHRA Malacetic HC Wipes (25 ct)
DECHRA Malacetic HC Wipes (25 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
Dechra Miconahex Triz Shampoo (8 oz)
Dechra Miconahex Triz Shampoo (8 oz)

($29.99)  $22.99
Dechra Miconahex Triz Shampoo (16 oz)
Dechra Miconahex Triz Shampoo (16 oz)

($42.99)  $32.99
Dechra Miconahex Triz Wipes (50 count)
Dechra Miconahex Triz Wipes (50 count)

($18.99)  $13.99

Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo offers a way to clean your cat, dog, or horse while simultaneously promoting healthy skin.

 This formulation includes chlorhexidine gluconate, an antiseptic agent that helps combat bacterial infections that can affect your pet's skin. It also includes TrizEDTA, which possesses both antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.

Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo also functions as typical shampoo by cleaning your pet's skin and coat in an effective manner. This bottle comes with 8 fluid ounces of the antiseptic formulation- but it is also available in a one-gallon container. You'll love how effectively this product works- so order today!

Key Features:
  • Includes chlorhexidine, antiseptic agent
  • Formulated for cats, dogs and horses
  • Available in 8 oz and one gallon sizes
  • Directions:
    1. Shake well.
    2. Apply to wet coat, rub onto skin and haircoat until lightly lathered.
    3. Allow shampoo to remain on skin and coat for 5-10 minutes.
    4. Rinse well. May be used daily or as directed by veterinarian.

    Caution: For topical use only. Avoid eye contact with eyes. If skin irritation develops or increases, stop use and call your veterinarian. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Wash hands after use.

    Store at controlled room temperature of 15-30°C (59-86°F).

    Available through licensed veterinarians only.
    Active Ingredients: 4% chlorhexidine gluconate, TrizEDTA (tromethamine USP, disodium EDTA dihydrate)
    Also contains: Lauramine oxide, cocamidopropyl betaine, super cocamide, fragrance.
    Featured Reviews for DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)
    Really helps my dog by Suzanne06/05/2012

    My cocker spaniel has a skin condition and this shampoo keeps her skin smooth and free from breakouts.

    Wonderful Product! by NvSunshine from Reno, NV05/21/2013

    Excellent price and FAST shipping! LOVE this company and this product! My dogs coats are shiny and clean and no more scratching!

    by GABBY12/13/2011


    NOT Same product by Dog Shampoo12/13/2012

    Purchased a DERMA BENSS shampoo before, but seems to be discontinued. This is only by the same company, not the same shampoo as before. Most of the reviews on the previous shampoo was raving about how great it is. BUT, seems to make the fur dryer, not as glossy, just that it's antimicrobial. This last purchase, have not used yet. Don't know how good this one is yet. Price going up.

    dermanbenss by maya from Corte Madera, CA04/20/2013

    My rescue dog had mange and I tried different shampoos and treatments. She had to be on antibiotics initially, which made her sick and vomit, and Ivermectin for many months. But I started using this, shampooing her every other day and leaving it on as directed for 15 minutes before rinsing (while taking Ivermectin). It was great, made her smell good, relieved the itching, and made her skin less flaky. The vet said that it was the reason she didn't continue to get secondary skin infection and need more antibiotics, so I think DermaBenSS is the best. It made my beloved puppy much more comfortable and more cuddly (mange stinks!).

    Great Shampoo for skin conditions by Al B from Westbury, NY05/27/2013

    Being burdened with allergies, and a compromised immune system, my dog has benefitted greatly from weekly washings. DermaBenSS has been a huge part in keeping recurring staph infections at bay.

    rare find by poodlenut6 from panama city,fl01/18/2012

    this shampoo is the only one i know of that has the combination of ingredients i was looking for. i use this on my poodle mix that has the demodex mite as well as a poodle with bad allergies. this shampoo will help lift the waxy buildup from the skin and diminish skin irritation.follow up with a skin conditioner to prevent overdrying the skin.

    DermaBenSS by peryngve from Seattle, WA07/26/2012

    Excellent product for pets who have sensitive skin. I have been using this for already 5 years and every time it is my last solution. My dog get skin irritation every summer. I first try to determine if those are fleas and at the end I used this product and it help my dog from just one use. Of course I continue using it 2-3 times a week and my dog stops itching, all hot spots go away and the dog can finally sleep calmly at night.

    Perfect Product!! by Bearsong from Colfax, NC02/07/2011

    Also purchased for my Schnauzers due to sensitive skin and will be sticking to this product. Fluffed the hair and made it baby soft! No more itching! Schnauzers are happy and healthy again. Highly recommend this Shampoo! Also recommend Entirelypets.com for fast service and excellent tracking communication!

    Great find! by rose02/06/2012

    This product was recommended by a canine dermatologist who has since retired. It works well, and I was very grateful to find it online.

    Great deal on a wonderful product by Bailey368 from Greensboro, NC12/16/2011

    This has become the all time favorite shampoo for my dog. It leaves her coat shiny and smelling great while taking care of her skin problem by keeping it clear. No more scratching. The groomer loves it too!

    Good alternative by mcsweets01/10/2013

    I bought this as an alternative to Pyoben for my dog with chronic seborrhea. Unlike Pyoben, it also contains salicylic acid AND a conditioner. So although it may be more drying, I suppose the conditioner offsets it. It seems to work as well as Pyoben but it has an almond-coconut frangrance that I can do without. Pyoben is not scented, hooray.

    Great Shampoo by Goldened from Neillsville, WI04/16/2012

    This shampoo works great and really helps my dog relieve her itchy skin.

    amazing shampoo by dotress03/09/2012

    I am a dog groomer and have found that this shampoo gets amazing results on dog with skin problems. I have at least 4 dog with very bad skin that were almost completly cleared up.

    by from 12/27/2012

    Pet products by Kathryn from Nazareth, PA10/29/2011

    Excellent product, excellent service. Thanks!

    Excellent Product & Service by larry05/29/2012

    We have been using this shampoo for our Miniature Schnauzer for about 3 years.. It is excellent treatment for the "Schnauzer bumps" "comedone syndrome" on her back.

    Great by jkurasz from Houston, TX01/26/2012

    this shampoo works Great!!! works very well on my bulldogs coat.

    Excellent skin shampoo by barbararitaville08/21/2012

    My cockerspaniel has been plagued with skin staph since she was 2 years old. Dermabens thoroughly cleanses the skin, gets rid of debris, is gentle and non-irritating. Also, she didn't break out like she normally does and hasn't been scratching since her bath.

    by from 11/28/2011

    My Doberman had such a problem with skin irritation, itching and flaking when we got her from a Doberman Rescue shelter that I was very much concerned that she might have to be put to sleep. She had extreme itching, flaking and bloody spots that almost looked like mange. The odor of her skin was absolutely terrible. I tried everything that I could even think of. I took her to a Veterinary Specialist and had many tests run on her at great expense. I paid out close to $3000 dollars trying to treat her. They finally sold me a bottle of shampoo that kind-of worked. The cost was about $30 a bottle. I began searching for that shampoo on-line to try and get a better price than $30. I came across this site and they did not have the one we got from the Vet Specialist, but had this one and it had some similar ingredients. It was called DermaBenSs. The price was about 1/3 the cost of the brand I got from the Vet. I was very skeptical on the effectiveness, you never know if someone has truly written the reviews from experience or if they are someone trying to plug the product. The DermaBenSs worked WaaaaY better than the shampoo I got from the Vet Specialist. My Doberman's hair was so thin that it looked like she was going bald. She was so bad that my Vet gave her a steroid injection that gave her severe incontinence. Even tho it gave her relief from itching, I would not do that again. The incontinence is something you don't want to have a problem with. Back on subject, her itching and flaking is well under control now. Her hair has grown back and looks really nice except for a couple of areas where the Vet Specialist took skin plugs from her worst spots to analyze and test them. Most people think that she is a Show-Dog. This is not a miracle cure and might not work for your dog, but I am extremely happy. It would have ripped my heart out to have her put to sleep. She does still nibble a bit but is 500% better than before with a beautiful coat. I am getting ready to order another 6 bottles of the product. Like I said, this may not work for your dog, but it stands tall in my book. I took an empty bottle to my regular Vet and they plan to order it in for other dogs with skin disorders. I will continue to use it until I find something better, but I doubt it will come. Another thing I will mention. The directions say to give the dog a bath twice a week. I am now down to giving her a bath once every week and sometimes every two weeks. It would be better if she still got the bath weekly. She is my "Buddy" and sticks to me like glue. She now sleeps snuggled right next to me every night. I put her in the shower with me, lather her up real good with the DermaBenSs and let it soak while I shower and wash my hair. Then I rinse her off. She holds her legs up one at a time for me to wash them. Can you tell that I love this dog?

    Jeffersonville, Indiana by from Ed"


    Great deal on a wonderful product by Pam from Greensboro, NC10/23/2012

    This shampoo does what it says. My dog's skin is clear and the fragrance is pleasant--mild and not overpowering or too perfumey. The price is great and the deal is just perfect when there is a "no shipping" special. I love this product and your company. Thanks!

    A Very Good Buy by 1Reviewer10/29/2012

    Our dog suffers from seborrhea oleosa. There has been a definite improvement in our dog's coat. Much of the scaliness and greasiness has improved, and she smells much, much, much better!

    Great Product by Dogoman from Orlando, Florida02/12/2012

    Have been using it for a while for hair growth, but I am still bald. I guess I will have to go back to egg white and honey.

    Schnauzer bumps by Dee09/17/2009

    After $1k in allegy testing and other shampoos,antibiotics,etc...this WORKS! Best I have found for my schnauzers skin condition:bumps and staph. Combined with a white vinegar and tap water rinse. 1c vinegar :1gl water and food change to "Wellness", the condition is well under control. Great product and smells wonderful too.

    great shampoo by Judy01/24/2013

    Shampoo is great. Shipping method of last order in Dec., 2012 took 9 days to get to me and I needed it before that. I can go to the store and buy it, will not order anything again as shipping takes too long.

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA DermaBenSs Soapless Shampoo with Moisturizers (ONE GALLON)
    Great product by new customer from Toronto, ON05/30/2012

    This is a great shampoo for any dog suffering from skin infections and that's the only shampoo that helped my dog (and I've tried different ones over the past 7 years). A note of caution, though, this shampoo contains peroxide, so careful not to bleach your clothes.

    Great for allergies by kakoosh from South Bend, IN02/17/2013

    My allergy specialist vet "ordered" me to use this shampoo on my dog, and he now gets 2 baths per week at the groomer. Bailey has a huge allergy problem taking pills every day and getting 2 shots once a week -- he even had to have one of his ear canals removed. This shampoo can't be beat for any dog with skin or allergy issues. Note: you should still use a creme rinse.

    Used for Skin Irritation by Tim from Toronto, Canada06/28/2012

    We use this product because our dog has a skin problem. We have found that it works very well with our dog.

    by from 04/26/2012

    I am a professional groomer and I use DermaBenSs shampoo on my own dogs, who have lots of coat and sensitive skin. It cleans thoroughly, lathers well, rinses out easily, and leaves a show ring shiny coat with a very mild coconut scent.

    very by effective from forThis


    the by first from timeI


    Have 2 dogs that nothing else helped by CarlaP2 from Carla's Pet Grooming06/11/2012

    Dog Groomer and have used this on 2 dogs that the Vet. Prescription shampoos didn't work. Tried this one and it's clearing up the skin! AMAZING!

    Best shampoo ever by Mrs. Hendrickson10/26/2009

    My 2 westies have very bad skin allergy. This shampoo really works!!!

    Featured Reviews for Dechra DermAllay Shampoo FOR ALL PETS (ONE GALLON)
    Amazing shampoo by Jane from Santa Monica, CA04/25/2013

    No other shampoo has qualities quite the same as dermallay. Great shine and lustre for dogs coat and skin. You can definitely see improved results over other shampoos that are on the market. Little more expensive than other's, but well worth the extra money.

    by mystery04/14/2012

    shine shine shine--that's what the coat will do with this product--only shampoo we buy.

    Featured Reviews for Dechra DermaLyte Shampoo (ONE GALLON)
    by Best Shampoo Ever04/07/2010

    I bought this for my Shih Tzu, she has allergies, most other shampoos leave behind a residue and strip her natural oils, this one didn't.It REALLY gets all of the dirt and pollen that gets trapped in her fur out plus I LOVE the coconut smell.

    Worst costomer service by ha05/16/2013

    I order this product due to vet recommend. I received same name shampoo but it was older one and different from web picture. I asked vet if both were same but he said no. A new one is way better than old one, He recommended this shampoo because it improve better. I sent an e-mail to Entirely Pet but no reply. Then I called a customer service. He just said I could return but had to pay for both shipping cost. Be careful with Entirely Pet, they are not good customer service, unfortunately.

    by from 02/19/2013

    My minature schnauzer has allergies, and licks her paws frequently. We have tried other products ie: oatmeal, camomile etc, Then a friend, who had problems with her spaniel, told me her vet recommended DermaLyte shampoo...

    from by Entirely from Pets,We


    Quality shampoo by D2 from Waipi'o, HI10/23/2012

    I looked around and did some research and decided to purchase this shampoo. It was very good. My dog likes it, and it leaves her coat clean and fresh-smelling.

    THE BEST! by Cockerluvr from Poseyville,IN07/17/2010

    This is the absolute best shampoo for ALL dogs. It doesn't have any harsh soap so it doesn't hurt sensitive skin but still cleans the coat and skin and leaves the dog with a soft natural coconut smell that lasts for weeks. And since there is no coloring added it doesn't irritate the skin. My dog has allergies and is very sensitive to alot of things but this shampoo leaves her skin soft and her coat shiny with no problems-love it!

    The Answer to a Prayer by Kas from Phoenix, AZ10/28/2011

    We have a Golden Retriever Pup that has just been tested for her extreme allergies. Her skin was red and blotchy and her fur was course and falling out. As part of her treatment plan our Vet recommended we try this shampoo. After only one bath there was such a difference in Joy's skin. Her dry skin became moist again and the shampoo did not cause more irritation. I was happy to have purchased the gallon size as Joy requires multiple baths a week. The past struggle as she sees me gathering her bath supplies has ended. She knows that her bath will make her feel so much better so she eagerly goes to the tub!

    Dermalyte Shampoo by Bev11/08/2009

    Awesome shampoo! Recommended by my Vet for my severely allergic springer spaniel. Have tried many, many shampoos and this one is by far the best, lathers well, leaves coat slikly, skin pink and nonirritated, and smelling really clean. I know I've found the perfect shampoo for my allergic dog and I'm ordering a gallon at this great price + $5 discount at Entirely Pets.com

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)
    Great Product by Wade03/18/2012

    I am very pleased the way this product work on my pet. The trpe of products help with his itching because he has very dry skin.

    Featured Reviews for Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (ONE GALLON)
    Best soapless shampoo by MaryK from New Orleans, La.10/10/2011

    This is the best soapless shampoo I have found. It does not dry out skin and smells fresh without perfumes. Gentle enough to use daily on my four Goldens. Great price!

    Best shampoo for skin problems by Houndmom from New York01/07/2013

    I have basset hounds and they are prone to Candidae yeast overgrowth on their skin. In addition to a grain free diet (which helps tremendously) this is the best shampoo to gently cleanse and restore the correct pH to their skin and coat. As a result my bassets never have that "houndy" odor or the red staining of the coat common with Candidae yeast overgrowth. I recommend this product to everyone. Costs more but you will save on vet bills so it's worth it!

    the only shampoo I use by Marcy01/31/2012

    I have been using this product for several year now on my Persians. It is THE best I've come across. It makes the fur silky soft with no heavy build up, I never need to use conditioners., And it smells divine! I have recommended this product to several friends and family members. I wont use any other shampoo.

    Featured Reviews for Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)
    A squirt a day... by tulemus from willits, ca12/31/2011

    This works well for my 12 pound Coton de Tulear. She has a great coat and skin. Very easy to use...just one pump into the food.

    by thunifer04/30/2012

    Not as great as I read in other reviews but, it has seemed to help my dogs coat a bit. I can say it must have a great taste because my very picky bloodhound loves it.

    Just What I Thought by gwendolina03/13/2012

    Very good product. Easy to use. My doggie's coat is softer, smoother. Doesn't negatively effect the food it's sprayed on. Highly recommend. I'm hoping this will not only help my dog, but also my son who is allergic to the dander on my dog's skin.

    Vet recommended by tulemus' Mom from california05/24/2011

    This product was recommended by our vet when asked about giving our dog fish oil. I have to say our dog's skin and coat look great. She is Coton de Tulear. One squirt on her food and that is all it takes. She loves the taste

    doesn't work by Corky's mom from Ohio06/26/2013

    I waited to review this to give it some time to work. I have an older dog with some bare spots and other areas of limited hair growth. I was hoping that this product would help, but it has no effect that I can see. Not only that, but my dog does not like the taste, so I have to disguise it in order for her to eat it. Would NOT buy again.

    Good Deal by Mike10/28/2011

    The EicosaDerm was recommended for my Boston Terrier by my vet. It helps keep her coat shiney and thick. I told my daughter, who had a Boxer with big problems with it's coat. The coat on her dog filled in and has been a godsend to him. I save money by getting our EicosaDerm from EntirelyPets.

    by Judy from Tyler, TX11/06/2012

    Vet recommended we use it.....and it really made the dog's coat shiny

    Unfortunate fail by Itchy Golden Retriever from Geneva, Ohio02/22/2012

    My Golden has bad skin allergies; benadryl, prednisone, grain free food/treats, hypoallergenic dog food, etc and have exhausted efforts for relief. I was really excited to be recommended this product by my vet. Read reviews online, was impressed and hopeful. I pumped 4 squirts and she wouldn't eat her food. I decreased to 2 pumps and she still wouldn't eat her food, tried one last time then gave up. Had to dump 3 batches of expensive food in the garbage. The product sounds great and I really wish it would have worked for her. Do hope it works for others. Good Luck!!!!! I'll keep trying. Even though my little angel wouldn't eat it doesn't mean yours won't, give it a try. My vet highly recommends for his clients and have had success with others.

    Great Stuff! by Carolyn01/05/2009

    I've been using Derma Pet in my Westie's food for several years now. Every vet she has seen remarkes that she has great skin for a Westie.

    Featured Reviews for "DermaPet" Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)
    Excellent Product by Bulldog mom from TN05/15/2013

    As bulldog owners know, skin issues are a part of the breed, that is until I started using Ecosiderm. My guy has the most healthy coat our vet has ever seen. We have had NO skin issues since starting use. Of course you must use a good grain free pet food along with this product.

    Great for Pill-hating Pup! by LuvGoodStuff from Las Vegas, NV03/16/2012

    My female German Shepherd always spit the capsules out. The liquid form helps ensure that she gets the correct dose. This product helps to keep her coat in good condition and was recommended to us by our vet. She doesn't seem to scratch as much now that we use it. My male Shepherd is so food-driven that he doesn't worry about pills, eats everything placed in front of him, but for convenience, we also give him the liquid Eicosaderm.

    Soft coats and no itchy skin! by DallasDiver from Dallas, TX05/14/2013

    Eicosaderm helps keep our dogs' skin from being itchy and their coats super soft & shiny! Love the larger, 32oz size, much more convenient and eco-friendly.

    Eicosadern - a life saver! by Owen from Portland, OR12/17/2011

    Our German Shepherd has auto-imnune disorder, which shows up in her nails. The only way to keep it in check is to make sure she gets high quality omega rich oils. This product fills that bill! Previously we had been using pills from a bottle and "hiding" them in wet food, she was gaining weight which is not good. Once we switched to "DermaPet" Eicosaderm liquid she dropped the weight, looks better, and really licks out her dish!

    Perfect for my pet by Carolyn from Virginia04/15/2013

    This helps his skin: he has allergies and gets topical bacterial infections.

    great product/price by jakeman from st louis mo07/10/2012

    great product for skin and joints and a wonderful price

    GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! by Collie Girl11/14/2012

    Really helps my dogs' overall health. I love it!!!

    What Savings!!! by Zita's Mom from Chicago area06/13/2013

    I first purchased this product from my Vet, and when I ran out, a friend referred me to your site! By purchasing on your site I saved almost 40%!!!! Zita is a Golden with not a lot of fur and what she had was looking dingy! This product is amazing!!! After using this for a few weeks, her coat is now shinny and full!

    Good Product by Knucklehead07/28/2012

    We have been using for almost 2 months and have see improvements

    Improved Energy and Health by greys from Durham, NC11/30/2011

    We started using EicosaDerm for a dog with join issues and also one with dental health issues. The fish oil has greatly improved their energy and has helped with the dental/gum issues. Definitely worth the cost and a great product.

    Problem Rectified by TinaGute1968 from Phila, PA05/30/2012

    This is such a great price to get the larger bottle compared to the smaller one. However in the first shipment we received, the top of the bottle was smashed down causing the plastic to be bent all around the top of the bottle. I contacted customer service and provided a photo of the bottle. They quickly replied and asked that I send a photo of my packing slip that had a quality control number stamped on it. They then promptly sent out another bottle. So I now have two large bottles for the price of one!

    Great product by Kleigh414 from Ontario, California12/12/2011

    My vet recommended this product to improve the coat of my Golden Retriever. My dog loves this product and I just put the required number of pumps of the liquid onto my dog's food in the evening. I would not hesitate to purchase this product again in the future.

    by from 04/14/2013

    This is an excellent product but the pump that came with my 32 oz Eicosaderm is not functioning well. I did not receive the plastic tube that connects with the pump and I had to make do with an old one.

    dogtorww by Clayton, CA from Very

    Problem with the pump

    Good Price -- Fast Service by Tom01/20/2013

    Fast service. Have used product before and would recommend it for coat.

    by Collie Girl from Alabama05/30/2012

    Great stuff!! I have all my dogs on it and recommend it to friends all the time.

    Product packaging always faulty by luvgoldens05/20/2013

    I would not buy this product again if my dog's vet did not recommend it. I have been buying it for years and everytime there is something wrong with the bottle. It either leaks or this time, the pump does not work correctly.

    Better price then from our vet by Min Pin Buddy from Springfield Oregon08/15/2012

    We had been buying this product from our vet up until I tried ordering from this site. We got 32 oz for the same price as 8 oz from our vet. The order was received promptly and we were very pleased with our experience from this site.

    good purchase by elleninlv from Las Vegas, NV02/28/2012

    Good product for the coat and skin of dogs. I was encouraged to use this by my vet, but they only had the small bottles and I have two BIG labs, 75 and 110 lbs. respectively so the small bottles lasted about a day!! I was able to find them fairly easily on your website and have been ordering them for the last couple years. The time waiting for delivery was extremely fast! Great product

    by Pam02/11/2013

    Can't review product until I receive it. Please check on my order.

    Keeps skin problems at bay- by DonHipp from St. Louis, MO12/26/2012

    We have used this product for both of our dogs for the past few years. Our dogs are rescue dogs of no particular breed. They both have very healthy coats of fur as well as healthy skin beneath the fur. One of our dogs was allergy prone when we adopted him and had sparse hair. He has not had any skin or fur problems since giving him this product daily.

    Dont know if it helps.... by Honesty from Maryland05/30/2012

    Been using this product for about a month and a half. My dog has severe allergies and upon reading the reviews, I thought it would help. It hasn't hurt him but it also hasn't helped. He's not a picky eater so I can't tell if he enjoys the supplement or not but I don't see any changes in his coat.

    product great, problems with pump by dogtorww from Clayton, CA04/29/2013

    I love the fatty acid supplement Eicosaderm but my product came with out a tube for the pump so I had to reuse and older bottle. This stuff is great as an antioxidant and keeps their coats shiny and full

    Great for itchy skin and shiny coat by Rudy05/06/2013

    Have been using this product with my chocolate lab for about a month and a half. She had very itchy skin. This has really helped with that and has made her coat nice and shiny. She loves the taste too. We just squirt it on her food twice a day. Easy to use and well worth it.

    Puts the Shine in their Coat by Jeff10/23/2012

    This is a great product. It was recomended by our vet. We have been using it for two years and our Lab has a beautiful Coat.

    Love this product by MtnMomma from Boulder, CO06/11/2013

    My vet recommended this product and before starting this, my lab's coat was very dry and shedding. Since being on this product, his coat is now very soft, shiny and he is shedding much less - lab's always shed! He loves the taste on his food, but then, he's never met a meal he didn't like. Still - a noticeable difference in his hair coat, and the Omega 3's are good for his health.

    EicosaDerm by PattyB from New Orleans11/22/2011

    My English bulldog had serious skin issues from allergies, my vet was not sure the hair would even grow back in some places. He told me to put EicosaDerm on his food daily..and he now has the most beautiful coat you have ever seen. Its been almost two years now and my vet says he should be the poster pup for Eicosa Derm...he is gorgeous! No more skin issues, just a beautiful healthy coat.

    Great for itchy skin! by carol10/24/2012

    This is an oil my dog's alergy doctor recommended for his itchy skin. It really helps and we have been happy, This is a great price.

    Featured Reviews for LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.
    by dogowner11/04/2011

    It works well for an unpleasant situation.

    lime plus dip by hunter from Ludlow MA02/23/2013

    product worked great i. saw results after second application.

    Processing Took Six Days by Tim12/22/2011

    I am happy with the product and I noticed that when you said it was shipped it only took two days to get to us after that but was a little disappointed that it took six days to process two items before it was shipped. I placed another order for this and was hoping for a quicker processing time.

    Great product! by Kathleen from Houston, TX04/22/2013

    The product really zaps fleas, ticks and whatever other critters lurk on our dogs and cats. My cats are allergic to the saliva of fleas, which would cause them to itch/scratch constantly. Due to their scratching it caused them to have bald spots throughout their body. The LimePlus Dip cured that problem ~ for which I am entirely grateful! My vet prescribed this for them.

    excellent DIP by Joshua Slater06/14/2008

    I just want you to know that I love this product! I have tried many products and spent lots of money on different treatments for ringworm that a cat that I just recently purchased had."Unknown to me". This product is easy to use and effective aside from the smell, but it's certainly worth it to get rid of the worry!!!!!!! Thank you for this product!

    Best product by mike from Miami,Fl04/12/2012

    I have a English bulldog with many skin problems and this products work excellent

    works great by chris from kingston On10/30/2012

    this product worked great for our dog. The smell is a little strong, but it worked, which is the main thing

    Great product!! by Kari from Rochester, NY10/24/2012

    Our property backs up to a forever wild area where there are all sorts of animals, including foxes. I noticed that my dogs were smelling foul and that they were frantically scratching and biting themselves to the point of actually pulling out fur! Several trips to the vet offered no explanation and the medications I had to buy did nothing to stop the torment and cost much $$ so I went online to search for the possible ailment. I came across mange and after reading more was firmly convince that both my dogs had it. Fortunately my vet was on vacation and they were seen by a vet fillilng in for him. She recognized right away that they had mange and gave me orders to buy Revolution and a sulfurated lime dip. She also told me that foxes carry the sarcoptic mites responsible for mange and since we have several foxes on the property, the mystery was solved. I bought both ASAP but saw much improvement from this dip. The cost at the Vet for just 4 oz was $10 and had to buy 8 oz to treat both dogs every 2 weeks, or less. this was very expensive and I was elated when on a search found that I could buy, from Entirely Pets.com a 16 oz bottle for less than 1 single treatment. I have used other Sulfurated Lime dips but this product is simply the best. My babies are now mange free and I owe it mostly to this product. I have since switched to Frontline Plus as a added deterrant.

    Just what we needed by Beagle Rescue from Omaha, NE03/16/2012

    We rescued 5 beagle/sheltie mix puppies with scabies. Since they are part sheltie they could not take ivermectin so Lime dipping for 6 weeks was the deal. we needed the product ASAP so I ordered it late on a Thursday and it arrived on Saturday! And so far the product is doing great. It stinks of course but who cares? The puppies feel so much better already and that is what counts. 10 starts for Entirely Pets, 5 stars for the product!

    Still Waiting by coyote22555 from VA01/09/2012

    I bought this product hopeing for a quick fix, but I am on my third treatment. It may have helped but hasn't worked yet. The help desk is worthless, so much for chat help .I got a message all persons were buzy please leave an e-mail, then the reply was to ask my vet LOL I am going to have to look for some thing else if it doesn't start working soon. I pray it will work soon my poor baby is missrable.

    Featured Reviews for LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 4oz.
    Good by GiGi from New York, NY04/28/2013

    Our cat's ringworm spot seemed to disappear quite quickly after using this product

    by from 06/16/2013

    The product should be diluted at the time of each dip, because it loses its effectiveness.

    not by work from onThis


    Featured Reviews for LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate ONE GALLON
    Works well for treating ringworm in cats by pinetree90907/09/2010

    Works very well used as a dip twice a week to treat ringworm in cats, when used in conjunction with sporanox and the living area is properly vacuumed, cleaned, disinfected etc, they are all better in 6 weeks.

    Sulfurated Lime Sulphur by guyinthailand06/29/2012

    Formulated by Dr Melman, DVM who wrote the great book "Skin Diseases of Dogs and Cats", this product is highly recommended. Mix 4 ounces with a gallon of water and pour/sponge on animal. 128 ounces/gallon so you get 30 treatments for $100, or about $3 a treatment--not expensive. Find his book, too, if you really want to get good at 'fixing' those animals whose skin is messed up, whether from Demodex or Sarcoptes Mites, fungus, allergies, etc

    by Antonia from Germany03/12/2012

    Everything is perfect! Lime Plus Dip works very well for Ringworm therapie

    by from 05/03/2013

    When I had a cat diagnosed with ringworm the vet said to get LymDyp..which apparently isn't available any more.

    review by for from LimePlusI


    vet's by instructions from exactly,I


    yet by if from it'sI


    lime by sulfur from withLymDyp


    97.8% by sulfurated from limeLimePlus


    and by stronger from evenSo


    be by fine from forIt


    Lime Sulfur Dip by Brigitte from Miami04/16/2013

    Love the product! Used it on animals with mange & fungal infections for years. REALLY dilute it the right way, follow instructions (4oz per 128oz or gallon) & don't dry the animal with towel. Avoid eyes & if you don't, rinse them under faucet or with a hose right away cause it burns. Sulfur has to touch the skin not just the fur.

    effective and safe and fast by cat rescue director08/10/2010

    if used every 5 days as directed, it will get rid of ringworm. It is cheap and effective and it works a lot faster than any of the systemic medications. We have had cats get very sick from Greseofulvin, don't use it at all even though vets who are not up on the latest will still prescribe it. Sporanox works and is safe but it takes a long time (4-8 weeks) and is very expensive. Fluconazole works too and is cheaper but does have side effects in some animals, although none of ours have experienced any so usually we use that if we have to use a systemic medication. For the vast majority of our ringworm cases, we dip every 5 days, clean the environment with clorox before putting the dipped cat back, change the bedding every day and bleach it. We have never failed to get rid of ringworm fast (most in one week) and effectively. You have to be really careful not to get in the eyes, which is dicey because a lot of ringworm is near the eyes. You just have to rub it in with your fingertips. Usuallly we dip the body and neck then wrap in a towel and do the face and ears very throughly. Also, be sure to use a collar till dry. We have had a number of cats vomit and get diarrhea from grooming the wet dip off of themselves. We usually dry most or all of the way with a hairdryer on low or medium if the cat/kitten will let us.

    Featured Reviews for "DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)
    Very good by Lydia58 from Nethelands12/08/2011

    I use this together with the wipes and it works perfect, very good tail and wrinkle cleaner

    Smells great by LaLa from Sugar land TX02/23/2012

    Bought to help control itching on dog with oily seborrhea. Seems to help with allegies.

    Scotty by Super!10/23/2011

    Great product. Really helps to keep skin allergy problems in our Westie under control. Thanks!

    Kicks yeast in red and swollen dog pawz by Allergy Border Collie Owner11/07/2009

    Easy to use every day. Dog doesn't mind having the spray put on her... Doesn't seem to bother her to have it spray on. Normally she is aggressive if she doesn't like something put on her. Smell is tolerable.

    Featured Reviews for "DermaPet" Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)
    Good Product by Dan01/29/2013

    This product soothes my pet's itchy skin while providing antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also helps keep her skin moisturized and her fur is healthy as a result.

    Featured Reviews for MalAcetic Conditioner for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)
    Great conditioner by Shelah05/10/2013

    I spray it on my miniature schnauzer after her bath or after her romp in the back yard..This conditioner smells great and no itchy scratchy.

    Featured Reviews for MalAcetic Ultra Shampoo for Dogs and Cats (8 oz.)
    Best shampoo ever by bigpicture10/23/2012

    My shih-tzus used to have itchy skin and after using this product they are doing great. I added SAMe to their diet as well to fight it on both internal and external levels. After shampooing their coats are bright, shiny and feel like silk.

    Excellent skin shampoo by barbararitaville08/21/2012

    My cockerspaniel has itchy skin and skin staph. Malacetic thoroughly cleansed skin. Makes the hair soft and shiny. She hasn't been scratching at all since her bath.


    This product is excellent and we will continue to use it on our standard schnauzer who has had skin problems for most of his 12 years of life. We found this shampoo about 6 months ago and very happy with this product.

    Finally some hope by Vicki from South Carolina01/31/2013

    My 7 year old shih tzu has been plagued with skin issues that involved an over prolifertion of yeast and/or bacteria. Her inability to keep the flora on her skin in a correct balance has required lots of diligence on my part over the last 5 years. She has been on atopica, prescription diets, elimination diets, allergy shots and the last two years has undergone bi-monthly rounds of antibiotics and ketoconazole with a bit of prednizone (vanectyl-p) to control the itchy, scaling and hair loss around her chest and neck. I give her a bath every 3 days with a prescribed shampoo (Dermazole for the last year). When I saw that Malacetic Ultra contained ketoconozole which is an anti-fungal I thought 'what the heck, it's worth a try'. Well I have used it 4 times and the results are amazing. Her skin is soft, the scaling is gone and the inflammation is significantly lessened. As a bonus, the shampoo has a very nice smell. This is not a cure - there is still some scaling on her legs and she continues to do some licking, however she is way more comfortable and I am hugely relieved and believe that this shampoo is an important part of her overall care.

    Malacetic shampoo for dogs by Andi from Hollywood, Florida01/01/2013

    Excellent product. We try to wash our Shitzu every other day to help control his skin problems. This works better than the shampoo the Veternarian sold us. We keep his fur short so we can get to his skin. Works great. Will definitely purchase again.

    Only Product Line That Worked! by Dana10/17/2011

    I stumbled on MalAcetic Ultra shampoo when I was at my wit's end trying to interrupt my dog's chronic staph and pyoderma. I bathed her in this and her skin cleared up, almost immediately. I continue to rely on this shampoo, as well as MalAcetic wipes and Flush to control any new outbreaks. Canine skin is normally more acidic than ours. This is the only formula I know of that uses that fact as a basis for healthy canine skin.

    BEST PURCHASE EVER by Boop08/01/2012

    Our 12 yr old Schnauzer has had skin issues for several years and we finally have it under control with diet and MalAcetic Shampoo. This product has worked wonders on our dog's skin issues and the price is quite reasonable. Thank you

    Featured Reviews for "DECHRA" Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)
    Works great by tmacksaunt from Tampa, FL02/19/2012

    These wipes were recommended by our vet. With our Lhasa Apso having chronic skin problems and always in the vet office, we needed some way to cut the expense. Even with shipping, this item is cheaper than at our vet's office.

    Good for frequent use by Tools from NSW Australia06/14/2013

    Our ridgeback puppy had an ear infection which meant daily cleaning. These wipes were great value. They also didn't seem to irritate our dogs ears, being used on a daily basis. The only thing was I felt they were a tiny bit dry, so I used to squirt some ear cleaning wash into the tub and shake around before using the wipes.

    very effective by bulldog lover from Ontario, Canada01/09/2012

    If you own a bulldog and need to keep their wrinkles and tail pocket clean and dry, this is the perfect wipe. After an infection, these wipes were provided by our vet at 4 times the price we paid for them on Entirely Pets.com. They are definitely part of our daily grooming, now that we know how affordable they can be.

    wet wipes by dee from port clinton,pa06/07/2012

    this is a A+++ product, i recommend this to all animal lovers and it works for my dog...and it is a fresh scent...works it's powers!!

    Great Value by CindyW from Alabama02/20/2012

    I have to use these medicated wipes on my English Bulldogs face wrinkles. They work great to keep away infections in his wrinkles.

    Effective facial fold cleaner by pug mom02/01/2012

    My pug has a deep nose roll that extends even with his nose and is constantly subject to sneezes and wet tongue. He had chronic fungal buildup until our vet recommended the Wet Wipe. Almost instant relief. Caution to keep it from eyes is the only concern.

    Works very well by Rhonda from Oklahoma11/08/2011

    We use these wipes on our English Bulldog. She has folds around her face that must be keep clean and dry otherwise they become red and irritated. We also use them on her tail. Our vet recommended them and they truly work. We will never go without them.

    Very good by Lydia58 from Nethelands12/08/2011

    I'm so happy with these wipes, my frechie loves them too, it s perfect for wrinkle cleaning.

    Malacetic wet wipes by Jude from Australia11/25/2012

    I use this product to clean my dogs ears and their feet it's great for any irritation or skin infection It has a very pleasant perfume that's a great help if bathing is not possible.

    Perfect for Bulldogs by Jenn from Austin, TX07/20/2010

    Every bulldog owner should have these on hand to wipe out all their wrinkles. It is very good for bulldogs with lots of allergy conditions. Vet was surprised and happy that I have these on hand.

    "Refreshing" by lilysmom07/16/2012

    These are very convenient for keeping pets "refreshed" between baths.

    Bad Choice by Dog Lover05/01/2012

    This product smells bad and the smell sticks around for a couple of days afer use on my dog. I will not be using this product ever again.

    Very convenient product by Gail from Schaefferstown, PA03/27/2012

    My collie has had severe skin problems most of his adult life.....I have to keep him shaved & bath him frequently with medicated shampoo......this product helps in between baths..especially if he develops sore spots. It is very handy to have.

    Worthwhile purchase by colliegirl from Newmanstown, PA12/17/2012

    My 7 year old collie has had a lifelong skin condition known as Malassezia.....he intermitently breaks out in horrible rashes that are greasy, itchy & resemble folliculitis. I must bathe him frequently & keep his hair cut...in between baths the Malacetic wipes are great & keep his skin under control.

    by Chopper1 from Golden CO02/21/2013

    I know that this product is supposed to be the same formula as the DermaPet product they recently bought out, but our dog had a terrible allergic reaction to it the first and only time we used it to clean the folds on his cheeks. Both his eyes ran dark brown gunk out of them for about 5 days. The product was not used near his eyes. There was no other change to his grooming regime so we can only think it was this new manufacturer. I know the formula is supposed to be the same - our Vet checked it out, but I would never again use it because of the severe reaction my dog had. His eyes are still stained around them even after a month.

    dermapet wipes by bbeefl from boston, ma11/25/2011

    my chocolate lab mocha suffers from contact allergies and was constantly corncobbing or chewing her paws. these wipes work magic and are a better option than giving the dog temerel or prednizone every day! i highly reccomend this product for any dog with skin allergies

    Best Purchase Ever by Molinda from Demotte,IN.11/20/2012

    Amy has a skin problem and it is a mircale for her..

    by from 12/28/2011

    Not surprisingly, this did not clean off the excess buildup caused by stud tail on my Persian cat.

    tail by twice from dailyI


    work by for from others,I'm


    excellent wipe by augustbulls from Carlisle, PA07/13/2012

    We have Bulldogs and these wipes do a great job of eliminating the "yeast like" substance that builds up in their wrinkles and pads.

    Absolutely Necessary Stuff by Ginger from San Francisco, CA03/27/2013

    Malacetic uses acetic acid, aka vinegar, to defeat both fungal and bacterial issues. It works with the naturally acidic pH of dogs' skin. My dog is allergic to chlorhexadine which is in most of these sorts of products. We use these wipes after every walk and have really made a difference in her health! The wipes are expensive but there's nothing else on the market that works as well. Very glad to have found them here.

    Fast and cheap by all kutz from Australia05/30/2012

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. And this product got to me faster and a third of the price than my local vet could get it to me. So never again, I will always order from you. Thanks again.

    Best purchase ever by Mollie-Meadow Mom from Boston, MA06/26/2012

    I have used these wipes for approximately 9 years on both my Newfoundland dogs. They were recommended by my vet for cleaning the inside of their ears to prevent ear infections, particularly after swimming. I highly recommend them as they have saved me a lot of money and time. Also, I use them as a quick wipe down on the Newfs as well as on my cat, Mr. Magoo.

    Great product by Dev from Pleasant Hill, CA04/26/2010

    Vet recommended this and its great. Among other things, we use it to clean our pugs face folds.

    Gets the job done!! by Princess Michele10/20/2011

    The wipes are much better than having the solution, which you waste a lot because you have to apply to a paper towel inorder to use. Very moist and easy to use.

    Good product, good price. by Micki from Fresno, CA10/13/2011

    This product was recommended by my vet for my dog who has a yeast type of problem. I've been using it for several months and really it. My dog has responded well and I now use it only every few days. Your price is better than my vet's. Thanks for the quality product.

    Featured Reviews for Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (1 Gallon)
    Great product for a good rate by Lee from Sharon, MA06/10/2013

    This product actually works better and longer than higher priced products I have used for lesion control.

    Best shampoo for allergies by JAG11/07/2012

    I began to use this shampoo when our dog developed skin allergies and it does a great job keeping these under control. It also keeps him smelling clean for a long time.

    Great product by Ken in Houston04/17/2013

    Since using this shampoo, my cocker spaniel has not had one single outbreak. I was him weekly and would recommend that as well.

    Great Purchase by Boxer02/08/2012

    Easy, great price, and arrived quickly. Would defintly recommend.

    Works really well by Skip from Northern Ohio03/03/2013

    Recommended by our veterinarian, but the price was over 50% less . Be sure to Google entirely pets coupon code to get an even better discount !!!

    Great Service by Jill from Livonia, MI11/08/2012

    Our dog Tucker has severe allergies, including grass, trees, mold and dust. Basically, he’s allergic to our entire world! Aside from the scratching, he also breaks out in a yeast infection, which becomes extremely oily and smelly. As a result, we have to bathe him every 3 days-something he is not too happy about. Our Vet recommended Mal-A-Ket shampoo and finding it in a gallon size was such a savings. Our order arrived within days (regular shipping) and we were very happy to see it – Tucker, on the other hand wasn’t as enthused.

    The best doggie shampoo by Rob from Orting, WA04/05/2012

    This is the only shampoo that relieves my lhasa apso's itching problem. I got immedfiate results with it.

    Mal-A-Ket No! by Kate02/09/2012

    I've been looking for an alternative for the gallon size Malaseb shampoo. Unfortunately, this isn't it. Malaseb should be diluted just prior to bathing. So when you buy a gallon, it not only lasts a few months, but you are able to work it into the dog's coat as well. This stuff is gloppy thick, requires no dilution and even if you tried, won't mix with water. So my long haired Newf used a quarter of a gallon in one bath (That's about $30 worth.). My advise is if you're looking for a medicated shampoo, stay away from this stuff. What a gyp!

    Perfect Medicated Shampoo by Judy from North Carolina10/23/2012

    If you're looking for a medicated shampoo that a vet would recommend for your dog's skin allergies, you've found it!

    Shampoo by MybabyRocco03/11/2013

    Its excelent shampoo, it has help my english bulldog condition

    by etha032405/27/2012

    My dog is growing hair again. I have been using this and a couple of other shampoos.

    Great Product by JGO12/19/2011

    I continue to use this product for my dog who has bad allergies and requires regular bathing. It controls the dander and and allergy reactions with her skin and fur. Thanks for continuing to offer the product particularly in the gallon size.

    Featured Reviews for Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)
    My master is so smart by Nicholas from Gainesville, ga07/27/2012

    If a dog, and I am a dog, a welsh terrier, thank you very much, has to have a bath, I prefer Mal-a-Ket. It is a great medicated shampoo, and with my allergies, it helps my skin so much. But while I love my vet, they were charging $10 more per bottle. So I get a great bath, and my master saves money using Entirely Pets. Maybe he'll spend the savings on a new toy!

    Skin problem solved by Liston06/17/2012

    This product has ELIMINATED yeast/candida problems in my dog's feet. It keeps his entire coat and skin healthy.

    Great for Itchy Dogs by kelybo04/18/2012

    This is great shampoo if you have an itchy pet, very clean smelling and wonderful for their coat!

    Excellent shampoo! by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/31/2012

    Love this shampoo, have been ordering it for awhile now. It is thin, which I was surprised about, but allows for easier all-over spreading of the product into the coat and skin. Rinses quickly with a nice conditioned feel, great scent. I leave this product on my pug for 10 minutes in the tub before rinsing, for full therapeutic benefits to skin. Highly recommend.

    Good stuff by Ed from Kennewick, WA12/19/2012

    I like this shampoo. It lathers up very well, neutral smell and it works! After shipping cost it is still about half the price of the Veterinarian supplied shampoo.

    Great product!! by snoopylove from Atlanta,GA04/30/2012

    I have ordered this product for my beagle that has paws problem. I used this product and I could tell that it help right away.

    Get rid of the red color!! by sally from New York State02/19/2011

    We bought this product to treat ringworm however, most of the cats we are bathing are WHITE. This shampoo is a bright red. My white cats are now orange stained and the color does NOT rinse out. We even rinsed with bleach water in attempt to get rid of the red staining. It does smell OK, it lathers well, but the red color is a non-plus in my opinion, even if it works.

    No more itching by clpug from Arlington, TX05/06/2013

    Our pug, Ronaldo was itching so much we actually thought he had a mental disorder. His coat looked and felt good so we were at a loss. It turns out he had yeast on his belly. Our vet had us use this and it worked fast. We follow the directions. It was expensive thru the vet so I found it here and keep it on hand and when he gets to itching we use it and the itching stops. I do set a timer for ten minutes before rinsing it off.

    A Great Deal by Jan12/28/2011

    I have been purchasing this shampoo from my veterinarian for my dog who has extensive allergies. The shampoo has helped and makes her smell like a pretty girl. I recently decided to check pricing on the internet and found a substantial savings by ordering it through EntirelyPets. I only wish I would have explored the idea sooner. I will continue to buy from this company when needed. The service was great. I received the product within days during the busy Christmas season.

    Great shampoo by Dannimachile83 from Houston, TX03/15/2013

    Love this product because it actually leaves your dog smelling clean. Most shampoos that I've tried leave my dog smelling like a "wet" dog. This shampoo seems to neutralize the smell, love it. Just wished I could find a bigger bottle of it.

    Great medicated shampoo; smell is so-so by brownie200004/01/2013

    My dog (50lb shepherd mix) developed horrible flaking and itching on her lower back. The sprays I had tried previously were useless and the antibiotics prescribed by the vet were good at clearing up the underlying infection but did not deal with the "quality" of the skin. This shampoo does not smell delicious, but it works. Note that you have to let it sit in the fur for a while. I have noticed that the flaking and itching has greatly been reduced since using this product in conjunction with EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC.

    Great shampoo by Great product10/26/2011

    I use this on my dogs that develop skin irritations due to allergies. While it doesn't solve the problem it does help keep the skin issues under control if I use it once a week and let it soak on my dog for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off.

    Effective but pricey by Mom03/28/2013

    I use the Mal-A-Ket shampoo on my 10-year old Westie, Dolly. Dolly has severe allergies and battling the effects of them on her skin is a never-ending challenge. The shampoo works really well but we have to use a lot to get good coverage because Dolly's coat is thick. We recently took in a 9-year old Cairn Terrier, who also tends to be very itchy. Again, because of her coat, a lot of shampoo is needed to really reach the skin. Good product but not really affordable for ongoing use.

    Mal-A-Ket medicated shampoo by Lacy from Detroit, Mi.10/30/2011

    I've been buying this shampoo for years but this company offered it at the lowest price I've ever seen. They had speedy delivery and the product is just exactly what I've been buying at our vet. I'll be making my purchases here from now on.

    Excellent Shampoo for sensitive skin by lotus from Los Angeles, CA02/27/2013

    Best to treat fungal infections or bacteria infections. Highly recommend if your pet has allergies to food/allergens. Leaves coat soft and clean. Excellent results when using warm water and little shampoo works a long way.

    by Dog Lover10/23/2012

    Mal-A-Ket has been life changing for my Jack Russell. For years I'd been taking her to the Vet. and Vet. Dermatologist due to all her allergic break outs. It was truely sad to see her broke out in hives and in such pain. We didn't know if it was food or environmental, so we tried different diets, expensive shampoos for dogs with allergies and she still continued to break out. Well, to make a long story short we found a kitten that ended up having ring worms and my Jack Russell came down with ring worms, so I took her to the Vet. and he gave me this shampoo to bathe her. I noticed that the entire time she was using Mal-A-Ket she never broke out once. WHO KNEW! that the very shampoos that the Vets. were giving us to treat my dog's allergies were breaking her out. Now I only bathe her with Mal-A-Ket and she's never broke out since.

    Finally a shampoo that works!! by Bev07/05/2012

    This shampoo has done wonders for my elderly dogs skin and coat. My dogs itchy and scaly skin is so much improved and no more bad smell even days after bathing.

    WORKS GREAT by HAPPY DOG12/01/2009


    Super antifungal dog shampoo by MariP from California11/07/2012

    We use this on a friend's dog that was experiencing recurring yeast issues on the skin (itchy, smelly, funky). By bathing with this shampoo and following it with a diluted cider vinegar rinse (to help restore a normal pH level to the skin), the yeast overgrowth has been controlled. Important to let the lathered shampoo sit on the skin and coat for 5-10min before rinsing in order to allow it to do its job. Highly recommended.

    Excellent Product by JO from Newark, Ohio01/26/2013

    This is the only shampoo we can use on our dog. We only wish there were more coupons or sales on this product.

    Awesome shampoo! by Sheree from Mahomet, IL06/01/2012

    My 7-year old pit bull suffers from skin allergies, and is on a regime of weekly allergy injections. When he has a breakout, he gets staph infections on his skin. This shampoo has helped so much. I started out using it every other day and after only a few weeks have been able to reduce the frequency to once every 4 - 5 days. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, and does not burn his skin and my hands like so many of the other medicated shampoos that I have used. It also lathers up very well, and therefore is very economical. I would highly recommend this shampoo for anyone who has a dog with skin problems.

    Great Product! by Yorkie Mom from Winchester, TN02/10/2013

    This is a great shampoo for my yorkie. He has allergies and this has helped a lot and you can't beat the price!

    Mal-a-Ket Shampoo by shirleys21 from Evans, GA05/03/2012

    I have used this product for quite awhile now and would not use any other for my Shar-pei. She is 10 years old, gets her bath every 2 weeks. Her coat is soft and thick.

    Works great! by PetLover03/29/2013

    Awesome product!! Will definitely be buying more of this. Considering the gallon size(!)

    Shampoo made for for dog! by wacko10/23/2012

    Finally I found a shampoo that really works for my dog who has a very sensitive skin.I let my friend use it because her dog itches and after just 2 shampoos she said that it is working.

    great -- gives our dog relief by bill11/18/2012

    Our dog, Benny, has a persistant yeast infection. The Mal-a-Ket shampoo gives him relief from the itching and it also keeps his hair soft and great smelling. We would recommend it to everyone !!!

    Mal-A-Ket for your Pet ! by Bill M. from Ohio03/29/2012

    Great shampoo for a dog that has allergy caused fungal skin infection; also leaves the coat shiny and smelling very good. Before and After Mal-A-Pet photo.

    worked pretty well by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

    i used this product for a long time on my bully and was pretty happy with it but for us i found the duoxo ps shampoo worked better. worked well and left her coat soft n shiny just didnt work as well on her yeast and bacteria issues as the other.

    Best Product on the market by Kari from Pennsylvania06/24/2010

    I purchased this product after reading the review with the hope that it would have the save effect on my cat as it did the reviewer's pet. Well, I'm so pleased to report that this shampoo is the greatest thing since the invention of the sandwich!! It really does the job that it says it will do. My cat looks great and feels great. The shampoo got all of the grease, grime and dirt out of her coat and left it shiny and soft. I highly recommend this product to you and yours. I am making this product part of my cats regime. Thanks so much for this wonderful product.

    Malaket shampoo by punky from Tampa FL05/30/2012

    This was recommended by our vet for our allergy doggy. After using this shampoo on a regular basis along with another shampoo, he is feeling so much better. Entirely pets is cheaper than vet even when paying shipping.

    Wonderful by ET02/01/2013

    This shampoo is great! Healed up my bulldogs coat like nothing else! All the hot spots have healed. Has stopped his constant scratching!

    Mal a ket by Motherof3 from prairie village kansas04/29/2012

    Best shampoo for keeping staph under control. I use it weekly on my English Bulldog - prone to staph. works great! use the wipes for inbetween baths.

    YEA..Mal-A-Ket Shampoo! by trouble from Lake Seminole, GA11/17/2011

    Shipping was FAST!! & PRICE beat the vet's by a long shot!! This product has cleared up my dear "Houdini's" fungus..but must bathe your pet at least twice a week with it. WIPES are great for in-between. Thank You ENTIRELY PETS for having this shampoo.

    Awesome Product!! by Jen03/02/2013

    Our vet prescribed this for our dog about 8 months ago when he was having some skin issues. Since we started using it he doesn't chew at his paws or legs and he has stopped rubbing his back on my furniture and walls. I would recommend this product to anyone who has pets with extreamly dry skin or allergies.

    by from 04/11/2012

    After battling yeast and fungal bacteria on my elderly Westie, I'm finally seeing results! The vet recommended shampooing every day but after a week of that, I cut back to every other day. Used the medicated Malaket Wipes in between baths. These products, plus antibiotics and Ketokonazole were a huge help in getting the problem under control.

    use by Malaket from asI'll


    Great Stuff by Sharon06/29/2012

    My 6 yr old Westie suffers from skin allergies and with the coming of spring and summer she becomes very itchy. The veterinary dermatologist recommended that I bathe her frequently with Mal-A-Tek. It soothes her skin instantly and gives her relief for several weeks. Her coat is shiny and healthy looking. But best of all, she's comfortable and happy!

    Mal-A-ket by Jackie from Lauderdale by the Sea, FL10/22/2012

    I have 2 shar-pei and one has great skin and the other, well let's just say he doesn't. I wash him regularly with this shampoo. It keeps his skin in check and smells really good when it dries on him too.

    Great Stuff! by CB from Illinois08/14/2012

    Use this on my dogs and horses. Works well.

    Silky coat with long lasting smell by Momroe05/16/2013

    Love this shampoo! Lathers really well, and has a pleasant, long lasting scent. Very good for problem skin.

    A comfort for my dog by Izzy05/30/2012

    I have a West Highland White Terrior, Westies, she has some skin issues. When I bath her with this shampoo for the itiching skin, she says thank you with her eyes...I can see her relaxing as it soothes her skin. I would recommend this to any dog owner with skin issues and I plan to continue using this product when needed.

    best purchase ever !!!! by foxy green03/23/2011

    This shampoo is the best !!! I tried other shampoos and they only made my dogs skin worse. The shampoo lathers well and leaves her skin soft. Its great for rashes and bacterial infections. Although the shampoo is red, it does not stain her white coat. What I love the most is that with a little shampoo it does the job. Make sure to use plenty of water to rinse it off, if not your pet will be red.

    Great for my dog's skin issues! by cvl from NW IN03/15/2012

    After DVM discontinued it's line of products, I turned to this shampoo. It's very fresh smelling, and long lasting in regards to smell and fresh coat. I shampoo my pug every 2 weeks. I have seen negative reviews about the shampoo's color which is a bright orange; I find it not to be a problem. My pug is fawn/light in color and contrary to other comments, this shampoo does not stain my dog's hair. The only negative comment I have about it is that it does not lather as well as the DVM brand used to, but a decent shampoo nonetheless.

    Good Product for Challenging Problem by blackdawgz from Camas, WA05/09/2013

    I was hospitalized and ended up boarding Woofie at a Vet Shop. They kept him in a filthy cage and he got some challenging fungus/bacterial infections that MAL-A-KET appears to be very effective against. A tablespoon of it in a pint of warm water is good for foot-soaking.

    Excellent for Bulldogs! by TXBULLDOGGER from El Paso, TX04/29/2013

    I bought this shampoo after reading all the positive reviews online. My english bulldog suffered from yeast and this shampoo worked great! No more corn chip smell or paw licking and the fragrance smells awesome!

    Mal-A-Ket Shampoo for Allergies by Daisy's Mom from Tulsa, OK02/10/2013

    This product was recommended by a groomer for allergies. It's an anti-fungal shampoo and stops the itching and scratching of allergies. My West Highland Terrier is known for skin allergies, so this product is a must-have. It also kills the stinky feet smell which is caused by bacteria between the toes. Great product for the money.

    Itchy Fox-dog by why from Georgia08/18/2012

    The Mal-A-Ket shampoo has been excellent for Foxy's skin problems. The Vet gave me a sample of it when I was there last, but didn't have any in stock when I called to get some, so that's when I ordered from Entirely Pets. She smells really great just after her bath and her itching has just about quit completely. Thanks for your prompt shipping.......

    Excellent Shampoo for Yeast Allergies by TailwaggersInc06/12/2013

    Have been using this shampoo for years for my dog with yeast allergies - it works great! One bit of advice, these medicated shampoos dont clean perfectly so I do a 1st wash w/ a hypoallergenic shampoo and then do the 2nd wash with Malaket letting it soak in a bit before washing off, works great!

    The Best Product for Older Dogs by Jim12/26/2011

    Best product on the market. Great for older dogs and dogs with skin problems. Our groomer has been telling me about this product for years. She uses it on her own dogs as well as the dogs she grooms with skin problems. After his bath, my dog will sleep very content. No scrathing, chewing,or moving.

    Best Product ever! by sassy17 from Wisconsin10/23/2012

    Our chocolate cocker spaniel has suffered relentlessly for 4 or 5 years with skin issues from seasonal allergies. She used to break out in big dry patches of scaly skin and would scratch non stop. Nothing helped, until we found this shampoo. One shampoo and all the scaly patches were gone and haven't returned in 2 months now. This shampoo is worth the price! We will never buy another shampoo!

    by Gordie from Lakeland Fl.07/31/2012

    Great Product for my dogs skin. We been using this product for many years.

    Best Shampoo for Dogs with Skin Allergies by ShelBel01/16/2013

    I have to bathe our English bulldog weekly because he has severe skin allergy issues. This shampoo has been the best for keeping him as itch-free as possible in between baths.

    Mal A Ket Dog Shampoo by Sherlock08/20/2012

    Works great on my cairn terrier's skin issues. Recommended by my vet.

    No more rash! by vettech from Los Angeles, CA02/23/2013

    I purchased this for my Corgi who is allergic to many shampoos including tearless baby shampoo. She developed a rash in her female area and was given the Mal-A-Ket wipes to use once a day. I bathed her wth the Mal-A-Ket shampoo and her skin and fur became soft and white again. No longer is her skin red and irritated!

    Great shampoo!!! by Marty from Sunland, California10/18/2011

    I use to use Malaseb but it has been discontinued. This shampoo works great for my 2 little dogs. They have allergies and very sensitive skin. It's got a red tint to it so you have to rinse very well. I have a little white rat terrier and it leaves no tint on him. I will continue to buy this shampoo.

    Skin allergy helper! by Sam from Essex, Mass.04/24/2012

    Helps with my dogs skin allergy. Has a nice scent.

    Featured Reviews for Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
    by gustaf02/01/2013

    the wipes do an excellant job on the paws

    Good stuff by Skitch's person10/17/2011

    My dog is allergic to everything. These work very well, and save me the trouble of bathing him excessively. Just wish they didn't smell like vinegar.

    Works Well but..... by laz from Coatesville, PA08/06/2012

    These pads help with my labs allergies and spots were he chews himself to pieces. I would have given it five stars but they have a vingear smell and are somewhat sticky. YUCK!!!

    by from 03/13/2013

    It was recommended by the vet to treat the bacteria and fungus between his paws. The breed is likely to grow it. It's been a lot better (less scratching, licking since). Plus I think the smell keeps him from tending to them.

    smell by is from reallyThat


    Happy with Products/Service by MissJane72@aol.com from Vernon, CT07/09/2012

    Always happy with the products and service from Entirelypets. Can find what I'm looking for easily and the service is very quick which is great.

    Great for yeasty feet by Pugnut10/06/2011

    One of my pugs has a problem with yeast that is mostly under control. Sometimes he starts licking his feet and I see that the skin around his dew claws is inflamed, as is the webbed skin between his toes. This is when I bring out Mal-A-Ket and wipe his feet and inbetween his toes. He's very sensitive about anyone touching his feet, so it's sometimes a struggle. But it seems to helps, as the licking stops for a while.

    No more stinky beard/face by Beamers mom07/07/2012

    My cock a poo has this little flap/fold around his mouth area and it would get so smelly....bad, bad...bad!!! He loves to sniff at everything on the ground and drink water a fair amount so this area is wet a lot. My vet got us onto this and it has made a huge difference. I use it on him once a day and can actually reuse the other side, he is a fairly small dog. When I did research on line to get it cheaper I read about others with dogs that have natural flappy areas, so this is a big help for the areas where fungus grows.

    Mal-A- Ket works every time. by Westie mom from Texas03/29/2013

    I have used Mal-A- Ket wipes for several years. It is great to use between baths or for quick touch ups. If you use these in between baths, your pets problems will soon clear up.

    Great for Doggie ietchs. by Jeannie from Citrus Heights, CA03/06/2012

    These wipes have done wonders for my little Lhasa Apso. She suffers from Yeast problems. They work with her Keto shampoos and with the oral medicines. Great Item.

    It works, but...... by Claudia from Washington state04/11/2012

    Used the Mal-a-let Wipes along with the Mal-A-Ket Shampoo for a nasty yeast infection on my Westie's skin. The product works OK, but the wipes are so thin, you have to use twice as much as another brand I tried in the past. They are hard to pry apart because they're so thin, and I'm going through them pretty fast.

    Prevents skin infections by lisa03/31/2011

    My french bulldog began licking her paws and scratching her face excessively to the point of bleeding and causing scabs. While trying to find the source of her allergies I began using these wipes twice a day on her paws and face to prevent a skin infection. While numerous visits to the vet show no signs of infection, the wipes do not stop the itching. We are still searching for the source. I would recommend these wipes to prevent a skin infection.

    Wipes by LilyGirl12/12/2011

    These wipes are very convenient. I have skin allergies and these wipes don't sting at all. My "mom" uses them every night and every morning and I don't mind at all having my fanny disinfected with Mal-A-Ket wipes. also, cheaper here than at my vet.

    Fine, but product broken & arrived open by rjm06/17/2013

    Wipes were only sent in a padded envelope and were crushed during shipping and arrived broken and open, free to air & were somewhat dried out.

    Mal-A-Ket fabulous for skin allergies by Jack from nutley, nj05/29/2012

    Our Boxer's paws get infected from walking in the park. By first washing the paws and then applying mal-a-ket keeps the paw sores abetted. He also he subject to something that looks like acne and boils especially during the summer months. Mal-a-ket helps keep that condition under control.

    by from 11/23/2012

    Best price for this product. Have a min poodle with a skin problem that this product keeps in check. The only thing that works.

    One by jar from ofJust


    by Linda from California03/02/2013

    This is a pretty good product that seems to do the jjob. It is not perfect but close! I would recommend it.

    Great wipes by Jim06/05/2013

    these wipes really help my dog with hi itchy face.

    great product by silvercavs05/27/2013

    My vet prescribed these for my dog who chews her feet incessantly - they worked like a miracle!! I swab her feet every morning - she doesn't bite!! Wow!! My vet charges a fortune for these - Entirely pets is so much more reasonable! Great find! :-)

    Life saver!!!!! by B's Momma from Newport, RI02/27/2013

    Our English Bulldog,Basil, has a set-in tail. Of all the products we've used, the Mal-A-Ket wipes are the BEST!!!!! They keep his tail crease dryer, yeast free and COMFORTABLE!!!!! He 's a much happier bully with these wipes!!!!

    great stuff by bulldog lover04/19/2013

    we have a bulldog, and this product works great for keeping his eyes clean. I would recomend this product to anyone that owns a bulldog .

    Easy to Use by dh from MN08/13/2012

    Mal-A-Ket wipes are so easy and effective to use! Our golden retriever spends alot of time in the lake in the summer and, of course, needs her ears cleaned regularly to prevent infections in the ear. These wipes work great!

    Wipes work very well by Einstein from East Coast10/18/2011

    I used to buy these from my Vet. But, with EntirelyPets, they are much cheaper and the shipping is incredibly fast - especially with me living on the east coast. 2-3 days shipping every time! I haven't been disappointed yet.

    Love these Wipes... by tigershark06/28/2012

    We use these wipes on our English Bulldog, they work great when he has a rash or an irritation on his skin, they have a nice clean smell and are a decent price. I would definitely recommend these wipes for all around use.

    Excellent results by Internette2301/23/2013

    Easy to handle and the only prescription that works on my pug.

    Thank you Entirely Pets by German Shepherd Lover from Rochester, NY02/16/2012

    My poor German shepherd dog is prone to fungal infections on her foot. The first container I purchased through my vet (expensive). I was so happy to get such a great price at Entirely pets. I think my dog thinks she's getting a pedicure every time I wipe her foot with the malaket wipes, so it's a win-win situation for both the dog and me.

    Great Wipes by Great for doggie wrinkles from Chelsea, AL10/10/2011

    We have an English Bulldog & you have to keep the facial wrinkles & paws clean because they are prone to bacterial infection. These wipes work great, but do smell, so don't be surprised if your dog doesn't like you using them on him/her. But they do the trick!

    Cut down on scooting by Ashley08/03/2012

    I have 2 English Bulldogs and they both have tail pockets that need to be cleaned. One of my EB's tends to scoot all over the place when her pocket is itchy and using these wipes in there has really cut down (about 75%) on how much she scoots.

    Promoting Coat Regrowth by LM from Weeki Wachee, FL02/20/2013

    My Bichon does not enjoy these wipes! And that is the point. The areas in her coat that she had overgroomed due to her allergies are filling back in because she is not so keen on licking them. I use the wipes every morning after our walk and anytime during the day if I catch her working on herself. These work.

    works great by jonesy from Louisiana10/23/2012

    I have a mini pin that suffers from malasezzia dermatitis, I have to bathe her frequently, I ordered these pads after reading other reviews and I am very pleased with them. I can use a couple of them to wipe down breakout spots on her and now I don't have to bathe her as often.

    Works well by soca203/01/2013

    I bought these for my geriatric dog who has skin allergies. She tends to get yeasty so I have been using these wipes as a preventative in the hopes of avoiding the need for baths which she has hated since we adopted her 5 years ago and now in the last year she gets very stressed as she has gotten older (she is over 17) and her legs are weaker. I use these in the few areas that tend to flare up. So far they seem to be helping. No itching and no baths needed.

    Mal-a-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by Chopper1 from Golden CO02/21/2013

    We are happy with this product and have used it for many years on our dog's feet. Even though it was bought by Dechra, the formula seems to be the same. We will continue to use it as no allergic reation as occurred has with other Dechra products

    by from 10/30/2011

    Thank your for making these pads. My dog has such trouble with her feed in the summer.

    bite by & from lickShe


    ever by !!!!!!!" from Love these pads..The


    by from 01/04/2012

    Hi my name is Jimmie, I am a 10 months and my toes were red and itchy. My Awesome mommy found these wipes and my toes are no longer itchy. I think every mommy and daddy should get these for all my friends that have red itchy toes too.

    Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by JimmieYour


    Good Value by Kathi05/05/2013

    Vey pleased with the price and fast delivery!

    Might be better than the malaseb by CYarema01/05/2010

    Due to malaseb pledgets being discontinued for the moment, I was forced to try these for my bulldog. I think I actually like them better. They have the same antiseptic benefits...but they actually smell a lot better than the malaseb.

    by lilysmom07/16/2012

    These work great for keeping away bacterial infections where dogs have "fatty folds" on tummy or anywhere else. Very expensive through Vet but reasonably priced at Entirely Pets... so I can keep my sweet girl happy and comfortable.

    by bubbles95ca11/30/2011

    Works well. I do miss the malaseb pledgets b/c there were more to a container and they worked better in my opinion

    Awesome product!! by Nelly from North Dakota04/19/2013

    My dogs get cleaned and their wrinkles are usually kept dry but when it does get irritated a bit under their wrinkles, Mal-a-ket saves me a trip to the vet!!! Thanks again! We love it

    Bulldog folds by MV07/13/2012

    cleared up inflamed folds within two days I love this product one of my best purchase's

    Mal a Ket Wipes by Artsydogue from New Milford, New Jersey02/09/2013

    Need a product for your yeasty pets paws and facial folds? THIS IS IT! I use it on my own pets and I am a Certified Veterinary Technician. It doesn't get much better than this folks! My Dogue deBordeaux have facial folds that get all yeasty and this product does the trick EVERY time! Saves me from expensive trips to the vet.

    GREAT FOR PUGS! by NOS from HB, CA10/04/2011

    I Use the Mal-A Ket Wipes on my 10 year old Pugs noes flap, Chin, Ears and feet. It is the only thing that gets rid of the yeast problem and stinky face smell. I love it!

    Excellent product by sevans89 from Kansas11/06/2012

    The vet gave us these pads when our paraplegic Pug developed a staph infection on his belly. When I ran out, I ordered them from EntirelyPets. Best product to use for your pet's skin issues. It's great to know that I can get them online!

    Great Product by bassethoundfriend from AK to FL11/25/2011

    Keeps my basset hound ears and fur around her ears fresh

    Great product. by Jill from Camarillo, CA07/09/2012

    I liked the product, however wished the pads were larger, the product cleaned very well.

    by etha032405/27/2012

    It is much faster than giving my dog a bath. So I oonly use it when I don't have time to do the wet dog thing.

    Love these! by Coffee Bean06/19/2012

    We have two English Bulldogs and these work amazing on there wrinkles!

    Wonderful product! by Cpatters from Michigan03/13/2013

    These wipes were highly recommended by other customers for my dog with chronic yeast problems. We have seen great improvement in her infection. These are a great addition to my grooming regimen!

    Really Helped by Bulldog Mommy09/11/2012

    This is a good product for any bulldog owner. It really helps with general wrinkle cleaning, foot maintenance etc. Highly recommend.

    Well worth the purchase by Shelley from Pennsylvania03/29/2012

    This product is easily used and helps clean and sooth irritated area. My dog appears to be better healing, therefore, I would recommend this product which was suggested to me by a veterinarian.

    by Pugmom from CT11/03/2012

    This product is great, my pug can't live with out it. She is a puppy (4 months) and she gets what a vet called puppy acne eventually. Her food bowl is stainless steal , eats a grain food 5 star premium dog food,but kept for some reason getting pimples here and there until I found out about this wipes. Her pimples has improved and the wipes are part of everyday use. I love to get them from Entirely Pets because they have great price and a very fast delivery.

    Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by SharonD from Willow Spring, NC03/13/2012

    Wonderful product. We have two bulldogs (with folds and wrinkles). We use it to clean their nose ropes, folds, ears, on the webbing between their toes, etc. It is a great product for preventing yeast or other fungal issues.

    by Dee03/15/2012

    The size of the wipes should be larger or you should sell the liquid in bottles for you to apply with your own wipes.

    Really Great Product! by Tashi from Sarasota, FL10/22/2012

    My son and DIL introduced me to these wipes for pets when I was visiting with my dog. They use them on their bulldog for just about everything that needs wiping. I gave them a try on my dog's paws, and they were fabulous! Love them!

    Thumbs up. by zooey2 from PA05/30/2012

    Wipes work great. And they don't smell in the slightest the way someone said. Cleared up my dog's yeast issue before her appointment even came; vet said just keep using them!

    Finally by Amber's mother03/06/2012

    This is the first product that works for my dog's mouth problem. She collects saliva and the moistness brings constant infection. Even surgery to eliminate extra folds did not prevent a return of the smell and irritation, and this does. I do have to be diligent about using it twice a day, but she smells like a dog now, not putrid. My vet recommended it.

    by mimi from Seminole Fl.11/05/2011

    I use this on my sphynx nails,works very good to remove the oil build up.

    Great Product by JW11/06/2012

    These work great on my bulldogs wrinkles, folds, and other hot spots!

    Wipes by MybabyRocco03/11/2013

    There excellent for on the go, on just when you don't have time or energy

    Lifesavers by Jackie04/21/2013

    My pug suffered such severe skin problems that the quality of her life was miserable. Constant open sores, itching, break-outs, cysts, infections, all over her body...I tried EVERYTHING to no avail. After three years, I began to wonder if it would be more merciful to euthanize her. The Mal-A-Ket wipes were my last resort. I used them twice a day to start, and they saved her life. Slowly but surely the itching, break-outs, cysts, sores and infections cleared up, and now I use them for maintenance only. She's a different dog, too, happy, playful and lively, not the miserable little wreck she was before. So grateful for these!

    These have been a vet-trip saver by Pug_Mom from Houston, TX03/10/2013

    We have a pug with a classic pug nose roll (basically, it's a petri dish of yuck) and skin allergies. She has had recurrent skin infections on her face. We had been to the vet multiple times to get VERY expensive antibiotic shots (topical ointments weren't doing the trick) until we moved and the new vet recommended these. OH WOW. For the first time in her 12 years of life, her nose roll is not disgusting. It's clean and dry and the fur grew back. Also, by using these regularly, we have kept the skin infections on her face at bay. I also use them to wipe out her ears and that's also made a huge difference (until now, she's basically had non-stop ear infections/inflammation). She is a MUCH happier dog.

    Nothing Compares by Michael F from Chatsworth California02/22/2011

    Our twin labs Bryce & Zion have been family members literatly for almost 7 years now. Bryce has allergies to grass at times and spending hundreds on topicals over the years and all to no avail, We were told by our vet 3 years ago about Mal-A_Ket wipes and this is a one of a kind product that trully works. It heals the areas on his paws and prevents him with the desire to bite and over lick areas. I am sold and though it is not available in most pet stores, I am greatful the Entirely Pets is now a part of our family as well. Well worth every pad!

    by neptune from Pennsylvania02/27/2012

    This product is great! It really helps to keep my English Bulldogs face clean and infection free! This is the only thing that i found that really works! The smell isn't nice but it works!!! Less vet bills!

    Featured Reviews for Trizultra Keto | DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto 12 fl oz | EntirelyPets
    Great! by watamix from Southern California04/20/2013

    Our vet originally told us to use this to clean our dogs ears, and it worked wonders on both of them. So then when the bottle was running low, I searched for the same product and found it here, at considerably less cost, even including shipping. Great stuff!

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT! by PARKERANT from CAlifornia03/30/2012

    I use this every week to clean my dogs ears, prevents future infections and vet recommended. Excellent product and lasts a long time.

    best purchase ever by siculo5711/07/2012

    my black lab ( durby) would suffer from bad itchy ears, over the years spent hundreds of dollars to the vet with no success until one day I came across trizUltra + Keto ear wash , never ever had a problem again.

    Works Great! by Ashley08/03/2012

    I use this every other day or just when my bulldogs ears are gunky. It helps pull everything out of the ear.

    My Boo is a happy boy! by Toots456 from Gulf Coast of Texas10/08/2011

    I have a Lhasa with ear and skin problems! Nothing I have tried has helped him (or his daughter) with the scaling and rashes they get in their little ears, until I tried this. I use it twice a week and keep the hair pulled so that they don't end up with infections. This soothes them and with regular use they haven't the constant head shaking and awful smell. When Buddy Boo is happy, so am I.

    great purchase saved money by thegrando from marietta ga01/07/2013

    fast shipping great prices as all pet items you need

    by from 11/04/2011

    We have a rescued Beagle who has had infected icky ears since we got her. After trying some over the counter stuff on my own I took her to my vet. The vet gave me some prescription ear cleaner which FINALLY worked. However, it was very expensive.

    happy by to from discoverI


    Reliable by Mr. Darcy from Raleigh, NC01/27/2013

    On the recommendation of my vet, I use this product twice a week to prevent ear problems, and that's exactly what it does. Even since, I never had to worry about any ear infections.

    Great antifungal ear flush & cleaner by MariP from California11/07/2012

    I use this product weekly to keep my dog's ears clean and fresh. A little preventive attention goes a long way in avoiding ear infections altogether (and costly vet visits - I learned the hard way). A dog's ears are a prime breeding ground for fungus - warm, dark and moist, especially after a bath, a swim. etc. I squirt this in, rub the base of the ear to work it around the ear canal and then wipe out the excess with a cotton ball. So easy and no more ear infections since I've been using it. Highly recommended,

    Best Ear Cleaner by Rappwizard from South Florida02/20/2013

    My breeder's vet recommended this product due to the "gunk" in my golden's ears. She didn't have an ear infection, just a lot of doggy earwax! I have been using this every time I bathe her (about once a week) and no more gunk. A large bottle lasts about 9 months or so. I am now on my second bottle -- it's so nice to be able to look inside her ears and see they're nice and clean. And the solution smells great! Nice fresh scent.

    Great product!! by cathybg10/23/2011

    My Shar-pei Molly has the dirtiest ears. TrizUltra +Keto is great on her ears. The Vet gave me a small bottle and since using it, Molly's ears have just gotten better and better. When I ran out, I knew that I had to keep using it on her ears. I like ordering from Entirely Pets-Great prices and quick delivery!! Thanks!

    Excellent by pepper's mom03/19/2012

    I use this on all four dogs. Works very well.

    Great product by Jill from Camarillo, CA07/09/2012

    I am very pleased with this product, after a few uses, my dog's ears were as clean as a whistle and no more scratching.

    Ongoing saga with labrador ear infections by earsRus from Northern California07/02/2012

    We now have two vets...one for general health and one for ears. Why? Just because one took the time to take swabs and look to see what the infectious agent was. Aha...yeast...so she put us on TrizUltra +Keto. We have been using it three times a week, taking time one of the times to go deep down with a pinkie and cotton ball to clean out. Result after one month (drum roll please!) is that for the first time in forever our young lady got a gold star for 'no wax, no inflammation'. We are now going down to twice a week and who knows...someday maybe even once a week. TrizUltra +Keto really did the job once the vet had a diagnosis of yeast as the causative agent.

    Best Ear Wash by Fishingjoe from North Carolina04/15/2012

    We have tried several brands of ear wash and powders etc but nothing seems to work on my German Sheppard and Lab. We went to our vet and he started our dogs on Triz-ultra wash and it worked wonders. We saw an immediate improvement and most of the foul smell and itching was gone in a week. We use this product regularly and no longer buy it at the vet $$. Great product and prices at Entirely Pets cannot be matched!

    Great service by Jim D06/22/2012

    Ordered product online, came quicker than promised. Great value!

    Great Product by Zoyasthings from Sacramento, CA03/15/2012

    This product is wonderful if your pet cat or dog has a problem with ear infections. It is easy to use and if used every two weeks or after a bath keeps their ears from becoming infected.

    This is the best cleaner for sensitive ears by GoldenOwner from Texas06/14/2012

    This is the only readily available product that retards both bacterial and fungal growth in dogs with floppy ears.

    excellent product by springers4 from Dexter, Maine10/22/2012

    I have springers, with the long ears and this product really helps take care of them. It cleans, deoderizes and cures any infections. My vet recommended the TrizUltra + keto for my dogs. It was a good price too.

    Excellent by Anna01/02/2012

    Best product ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

    Great Price by sam12/01/2011

    I originally got this from our vet and it worked great. But It was quite expensive. So I was thrilled to see that entirely pets sold it for considerably less. This ear wash is the best I have ever used. Try it your pet will love it.

    Best Ear Flush I have ever used by Debbiedoodle3 from Prescott , AZ02/19/2012

    I am a dog groomer and often find dogs with ear infections and yeast infections in their ears. Regular use of TrizUltra+Ketco has elimanated this problem for every dog I have used this product on. We can't groom without it. We have happy puppys leaving our salon.

    Helps prevent recurring ear infections by marip05/28/2012

    I highly recommend this product. It was first provided by my vet when my dog was diagnosed with a fungal ear infection (floppy eared dog so moisture gets trapped). After the infection cleared with the Rx I now use this cleaner on a weekly basis. It helps to gently dry out any moisture in the ear canal while providing a general cleaning. I use a bulb dropper to administer since only a small amount is needed (rather than "squirting" directly from the bottle & using more than what is necessary). The entirelypets.com price is excellent. WAY cheaper than what the vet charged!

    Keep yeast infections down by sharingpuppylove from Vista06/26/2013

    We use the ear wash here and it works the best!!!

    Great Product by semfan03/30/2013

    This product is not just great for ears but skin as well. My vet recommended this product for my pug 9 years ago and I have been using it every day since. It works great for daily maintenance of my pug's nose wrinkle. On a small wipe I apply a few drops of this and wipe her nose wrinkle and surrounding area. It keeps her clean and infection free. I also use as weekly maintenance for her ears.

    Excellent product and value by Sharkiebob from San Jose,CA01/01/2013

    Been using similar products for years to keep Golden's ears healthy after a swim. Great price on an all purpose product.

    by Yellow Labs07/06/2012

    Works great preventing ear infections when you have dogs that spend a lot of time in the water,

    Dermatologist Approved by Pugs from San Diego, CA06/13/2012

    Best ear wash for dogs with frequent yeast/ bacteria infections. Able to use 1-2x's day if needed. Canine dermatologist approved and recommended.

    great ear cleaner by Nonni from Hollis Center, ME05/30/2012

    Our English Bulldaog has chronic ear infections - we use this as a flushing lotion and it doesn't seem to bother him as much as other stuff provided by the vet. Smells better and is cheaper too. Sometimes we just put some on a cotton pad and wipes his ears and it works just as well.

    Easy to Use.... by Phudastan from Mansfield, OH02/24/2012

    Been using this on our dog who has skin yeast issues and she is getting better. Very easy to use as it squirts out and it can be rubbed right in. Seems to lather a bit. Not sticky when it dries.

    No More Ear Infections by Shasta's Mom from Cincinnati OH07/26/2012

    We adopted a cocker spaniel from a rescue who had chronic ear infections all her life. Since starting to use Triz Ultra + Keto as a daily maintenance regimen the ear infections have cleared up and we have one happy cocker! We recommend it to all dog families that deal with ear issues.

    TrizUltra +Keto (12 fl oz) by jimbo6066605/30/2012

    TrizUltra +Keto cleaned up my dog's ear problem in 4 days!

    Best Purchase Ever for my Goldens by Debbie05/04/2012

    One of my Goldens gets ear infectoins alll the time, so on a daily basis I clean his ears with this product to help prevent any serious infections.

    great product! by ccb1234505/30/2012

    this is the only product we have found that keeps our cocker spaniel's ears clean and infection free..so glad to find it online.

    It works and it was priced so one can afford it. by Rick R. from Menomonie, Wisconsin10/22/2012

    Our Cocker Spaniel has not suffered since the purchase we seem to be able to stay ahead of her problems with it.

    Very good product by Debbie from LaBelle, FL04/15/2012

    I have 4 goldens, 2 that are prone to ear infections. I use this product everyday to help keep it at bay.

    good ear cleaner by finding Jackson08/16/2012

    we use this on a weekly basis to prevent ear infections. none so far. hooray!

    Great product for pets with ear problems by sid from St. Louis MO10/22/2012

    I first used this product when the vet prescribed it for my dog that had an ear infection. Cleared it up right away. Then it was prescribed for another dog that had a smelly ear problem. Worked great. Then I started using it instead of another ear wash when they get their weekly baths. Not had any more ear problems at all. And the best part is that I can get it at Entirely Pets much cheaper than at the vets.

    Top quality product at bargain price! by blackoaks01 from Fulton, Missouri10/21/2011

    Triz-Ultra+ Keto is the BEST ear medication out there, and Entirely Pets has it at the BEST price.If you are fighting a stubborn ear infection,give Triz-Ultra+Keto a try. You will be sso happy with the results. I highly recommend Entirely pets for all your favorite pet products. They are easy to work with, and have super fast shipping.

    Best non prescription product that I have used. by Al from Oregon06/27/2012

    Works very well if you follow your VETS instructions

    Second level anti-fungal by Biscuit from NYC, NY06/11/2013

    This medicine has begun to reduce the fungus infection in my dog's years. Fungal infections take a very very long time to get rid of. If your animal is not responding to the first more common one used switch to this sooner rather than later.

    Excelllent Quality by Sandman from San Diego04/11/2012

    Trizultra was orgiinally prescribbed by my vet to clean my dog's ears. My dog has allergies that impact his ears and requires weekly cleaning. This product is high quality with no side effects.

    by Adak10/29/2011

    This is an excellent product. My Vet highly recommends it.

    Same as from vet - better price by Ed07/08/2012

    This is the same stuff the vet prescribed and sold us but at a better price. Delivery was prompt.

    Great keto product by EB from San Diego. CA10/23/2012

    Great keto ear wash for pets. Recommended by our pets dermatologist.

    Miracle in a bottle! by Kathy from Frankenmuth,Michigan11/16/2011

    We own and rescue Basset Hounds. Their ears must be kept clean, or they get nasty yeast infections. We use this regularly in our Bassets ears and they have NEVER had a problem!! We had a foster Basset recently who had horrible ears. They were never cleaned out and they were full of debris,and he had a pretty nasty yeast infection going on. We started using this and within a week they were 100% better. This is a life saver for us, because taking them to the vets for treatment of yeast infections gets very expensive. I recommend this for any dog owner!

    Featured Reviews for Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)
    Mal A Ket flush, pads and shampoo by roknows06/28/2012

    Each summer my borzoi has skin and ear issues. I have been bathing her in thre Mal A Ket shampoo, using the flush in her ears and using the pads on her legs when they become inflammed. She has slowed her itching considerably and seem to be much happier.

    Featured Reviews for Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)
    by from 08/03/2012

    After years of battling a difficult skin problem with one of my dogs; not a seasonal allergy, mites, auto-immune, yeast nor fungus, fleas, behavioral chewing, nor food, etc., this product has worked better than anything else, including shampoos, antibiotics and even pred (which has too many side-effects to be taken for any length of time, imo.).

    that by my from dogIt


    recommend by this from productI


    Best for semi-infected or Infected ears by Rick07/27/2012

    This is the most effective ear wash I've found to treat and prevent canine ear infections. This is very potent, and will keep ears healthy at all times.

    Featured Reviews for Dechra Malacetic Otic Cleanser for Dogs, Cats and Horses (8 oz)
    Great item at a fantastic price by Rudy from San Jose California02/07/2013

    Name brand product for considerably less than you will pay at a vets. No lower price on the net with such expedient delivery.

    worst experience ever by Doris10/23/2012

    I never got the flush, but paid for it twice and never got a refund after returning the other things I received instead. I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING.

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto (4 oz)
    Works! by Jeri from Indiana01/18/2013

    I originally got this as a prescription from my vet for my Beagle's infected ears. My vet prescribed it because it doesn't burn and sting like a lot of these types of things do. I used the script and it worked well, and my Beagle didn't seem to mind it at all. Then I discovered it here for much less money. So I will continue to use it when needed. I used it twice a day for 10 days to completely clear up the "gunk", according to my vet's prescription.

    DermaPet by kat39 from NJ10/22/2011

    My vet sent me home with this product and charged me $21.00 for it! Much better value from Entirely Pets!

    Welcome Relief by boxer lover05/30/2012

    This was recommended by a friend who has had excellent results....and so have we! This brought almost immediate relief to our boxer who frequently shook his ears and scratched them so vigorously to the point of being red and even raw. Now his ears are a healthy pink and he is a happy pup!

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA Malacetic HC Wipes (25 ct)
    Best Purchase Ever by bryan021 from Atlanta, GA09/09/2010

    I've been taking my chihuahua to the vet for the past 2 years for shots, special shampoo, medicine, etc....for "allergies" as the vet called it causing what looks like hot spots at different times throughout the year. I purchased this product hoping to find something that might work and it does!!! Noticeable results within days of my dog's scratching, redness, and sores.

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