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Diarrhea Support

Diarrhea Support Products
Diarrhea can be an unpleasant experience for both the pet and the pet owner. Choose from one of these products today and offer your pet some relief!

Get more information on Pet Diarrhea.

3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)

($100.28)  $58.99


Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)
Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)

($16.50)  $8.99
Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog (7.6 oz)
Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog (7.6 oz)

($30.99)  $28.49
Ark Naturals Gentle Digest  (60 Caps)
Ark Naturals Gentle Digest (60 Caps)

($10.50)  $7.99

Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets

($27.99)  $23.99
HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)
HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)

($14.50)  $8.99
Iams Veterinary Formula Prostora Max (15 Tabs)
Iams Veterinary Formula Prostora Max (15 Tabs)

($49.99)  $39.99
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)

($14.99)  $11.29
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)

($18.99)  $14.29
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)

($62.99)  $48.09
Proviable 30mL Kit with 10 DC Capsules for Medium & Large Dogs
Proviable 30mL Kit with 10 DC Capsules for Medium & Large Dogs

($38.99)  $29.99
Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs
Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs

($38.99)  $33.99
DiaGel for Cats (1 mL) 4-pack
DiaGel for Cats (1 mL) 4-pack

($61.54)  $52.99
Proviable 15mL Kit with 10 DC capsules for Cats and Small Dogs
Proviable 15mL Kit with 10 DC capsules for Cats and Small Dogs

($27.99)  $18.59
Try Proflora

Purina FortiFlora for Dogs is a probiotic nutritional supplement for pets suffering with diarrhea and poor intestinal health.

 If your dog is suffering from diarrhea due to a change in home circumstances, boarding, eating the wrong types of food, a move, or the use of antibiotic therapies, or if your puppy has soft stools, why not ask your veterinarian how FortiFlora could assist.

FortiFlora™ is recommended as a nutritional supplement to help with the following:
  • Diarrhea associated with microflora imbalance
  • Acute enteritis
  • Diarrhea associated with stress, antibiotic therapy, and diet change
  • Poor fecal quality in puppies
  • To promote a strong immune system

  • Each box of FortiFlora contains 30 one-gram sachets. FortiFlora restores a natural and healthy balance to your dog's intestines with its unique microencapsulated live microorganisms. FortiFlora canine nutritional supplement also contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, and it can be easily mixed with your dog's normal food.

    The active probiotic in FortiFlora is Enterococcus faecium, and each packet is guaranteed to deliver 108 CFU/g to your dog. Other ingredients include vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, beta carotene, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate and sodium selenite. Many customers recommend FortiFlora for use as a regular nutritional supplement for dogs that are continually sick but otherwise healthy. So if you are looking for a canine nutritional supplement that will ensure intestinal health for your dog, check out the benefits of FortiFlora.

    Dietary Considerations

    FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement for dogs and has been formulated to achieve the following characteristics:
  • Contains a special strain of probiotic that has been proven to promote intestinal health and balance
  • Contains a guaranteed amount of live active cultures
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Contains high levels of antioxidant Vitamins A, E, and C
  • Excellent palatability
  • Proprietary mircoencapsulation process for enhanced stability
  • Shown to be safe for use in dogs
  • How does FortiFlora work?

    FortiFlora may help nutritionally manage dogs with diarrhea in many situations, including:
  • Stressful situations such as boarding or change in home environment
  • Diet change or consumption of inappropriate foods
  • Soft stool in puppies
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Ask your veterinarian how FortiFlora can help your dog’s diarrhea.

    Feeding and Administration

    The following feeding program is recommended as a guideline only, with discretionary clinical adjustments for proper weight maintenance.

    Feeding Instructions

    Feed 1 sachet daily under the supervision of your veterinarian.
    Animal digest, Enterococcus faecium, L-ascorbyl-2- polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), brewers dried yeast, Vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, beta-Carotene, salt, manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min)43.0%
    Crude Fat (min)12.0%
    Crude Fiber (max)1.0%
    Moisture (max)5.0%
    Microorganisms (Min)
    (Enterococcus faecium)
    1 X 108 CFU/g
    Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles
    4.86 rating based on 518 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
    Supplement Does the Trick! by Shar from Chicago, IL01/17/2012

    Sprinkle FortiFlora on food every morning and it really keeps my pup's irritable bowel in check. We will use this product forever!

    Great Product by LBW from Anaheim, CA11/06/2012

    Our French Bulldog is going thru chemotherapy and this product has helped her digestive system immensly,

    Great for stomach problems by Marty from NC07/25/2014

    One of my labs has leukemia and with all the meds he has been on, he has had a great deal of stomach problems. FotriFlora has been the answer for him. He gets one a day and this has helped with his digestive problems.

    FortiFlora by silverhaired from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/13/2013

    An excellent product, both for dog and cat. Well worth keeping a box on hand for those emergency situations. The expiration date is more than ample time to keep ... and the best thing is you need not refrigerate.

    Forti Flora by Sam's Mom from Pennsylvania10/31/2011

    This product has been a miracle for my 12 year old, Old English Sheepdog, Sam. He has suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constant diarrhea. After just one dose he was better. I will keep him on this for the rest of his life.

    by from 10/23/2012

    I have one dog with digestive issues that takes this daily per a vet recommendation. The other two dogs take it a couple of times a week to promote digestion and gut health.

    find by it from palatable,The


    Essential Supplement by sdain31y03/12/2014

    We started giving this to our two rescue goldens that were experiencing some stomach issues when they were 6 months and 1 1/2 years. They been on the supplement for several years and seldom if ever have digestive problems. We consider it essential and our Vet agrees.

    Fortiflora by Calcrest from Waterloo, Ontario02/17/2014

    We use Fortiflora for our two Bouviers, a mother and daughter pair. We started using the product because the 11 year old mother has kidney disease and gets pancreatitis. The mother is receiving antibiotics to keep her digestive system from reacting to the kidney disease. We felt the antibiotics are depleting her digestive system of the necessary flora. The Ontario Veterinarians College (OVC) veterinarians suggested the Fortiflora. We find that Fortiflora does help keep the mother regular and aids in digestion of her food. As we gave it to the mother, we thought we'd try it with her daughter, who had been given antibiotics for another ailment; the daughter wasn't producing the stool we felt she was producing prior to the series of antibiotics she had taken. Therefore, the veterinarians suggested we give the daughter the Fortiflora also. Over time, we found the daughter to be producing quality stool. We chalk it up to the Fortiflora for that success and two happy Bouviers.

    by from 01/04/2014

    Great Product by Laura from Tampa, FL02/19/2014

    I've been using ForiFlora for my dog for over a year now after she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She is on a low fat diet, but also I sprinkle 1/2 packet on her meal once daily and it help so much with her digestion. I was paying 3 times as much for the product through my vet until I found it at a great price at Entirely Pets. Thank you.

    Great purchase by smacb03/04/2014

    My vet highly recommend FortiFlora for my rescue dog who was very underweight. Entirely Pets has the best price on this product

    Forti-flora by Keister10105/23/2013

    Fair price, showed up quickly, dogs pooping like champs. Happy, happy, happy

    FortiFlora usually good product by Stacy05/31/2013

    We have used FortiFlora numerous times in the last 5 years for our sheltie who has a nervous gut and gets loose mucousy stools when stressed. It has been a lifesaver when traveling and she loves the taste even if we just add it to water (we usually add it to her food). The most recent time we used it she didn't respond as quickly so we had to use the back up plan (no pun intended) and give her liquid probiotics (she doesn't like it), but we will continue to use the FortiFlora now that she is back to normal. Great product!

    ALL IS WELL by MaryJo from Nanaimo, BC, Canada04/02/2014

    Our lab needs good bacteria to keep her bladder healthy. Haven't had a problem since we put her on it. It was recommended by our vet.

    Simplified my life by Biggs from Baltimore, MD03/16/2014

    I had been having trouble with finding the right food for my dog that didn't just run right thru him. I finally found the food that worked best for him, but he would have a bout of diarrhea every few weeks and then I discovered FortiFlora. AlI can say is Thank you for this product! We no longer have issues with diarrhea. I give this to him every other day and all is good.

    Great Product! by Anita from Hollywood, FL06/19/2012

    Our lab-shepherd mix, Zooey, loves to eat, but has digestive issues, often from the random items she digs out on the beach in the dark. Fortiflora helps keeps those disruptions to a minimum, and I think it helps her to enjoy her food even more.

    It does seem to help by Yosh74 from Kirkland, WA02/14/2013

    Both of our dogs get upset tummies frequently. The FortiFlora helps make the stool firmer, but not as well as some of the reviewers say. It probably works differently on each dog. I think it is worth a try to see if it helps your dog.

    great product, great price by stabyhounmom from burlington, vermont08/28/2013

    I use Forti Flora for my dogs occasionally to help with their digestive system, really works well! Also use it sometimes when I have a litter of pups and first introduce them to solid food. Price for a 3 pack at Entirely Pets is a really great deal!

    PRO BIOTIC by TRUDY from Yuma AZ03/15/2012


    Great find! by dhv from Long Island08/28/2013

    I was spending too much money on supplements for my two senior dogs, then found this web site. Took a chance, and happily, it was a totally pleasant, painless experience. Products all came in a timely fashion in original packaging. I decided to purchase more to save on shipping-prices are extremely competitive.

    Best Purchase ever by Rock11/06/2011

    After one of my dogs had issues last year with her digestive track due to a food change, I put both my Bichons on Forti Flora to keep their digestive tracks at optimal stages. This product is wonderful to achieve the results I have had. My pets are happy and healthy....thanks to Forti Flora by Purina.

    Best Product for Dog's Tummies by Vi from Florida04/25/2013

    Zoey has suffered with bouts of indigestion, etc. for over a year. We've tried alternative foods and methods of feeding but once our Vet prescribed FortiFlora virtually every sympton has abated.

    No More Bad Dog Breath by Poodlegirl1201/11/2012

    This stuff is great! My toy poodle as IBS and this really helps keep it under control. The side affect is that it makes her breath SO MUCH BETTER. I asked the vet about this and he said it's very common.

    An excellent product. by Kathy from New Castle, DE03/17/2013

    I started using FortiFlora many years ago. When my dog had some intestinal problems, the vet recommended I give him organic yogurt. I said he gets FortiFlora and the vet said that is even better. I now have three dogs and they all receive a packet once a day. If one of the dogs gets sick, they might get two packets a day. I highly recommend this product. It is a little costly, but well worth it.

    Very good product by crazycatlady from Oak Bluff MB. CANADA01/25/2012

    I would highly recomment this product for anyone that is having problems with their dog after being on antibiotics for any lenght of time to build their immune systems back up.

    Great Product, Solved Our Issues! by Milo from Honolulu, HI10/24/2012

    We started giving forti-flora because our pup was having loose stools and upset stomach issues. The vet recommended 2 brands, this being the more affordable of the 2, and we couldn't be happier! Took about 2weeks to really see results, but overall her digestive health has REALLY improved. She still gets into the garbage and finds scraps of who knows what on the street, but luckily her stomach isn't so sensitive these days. (She used to have 3day stomach/digestion issues). Overall very satisfied.

    Fortiflora Canine Intestinal Flora Supplement by Peregrine from Vermont12/19/2012

    Turned out to be essential for my 10-year-old moyen poodle, who came from a puppy mill and has IBD (chronic intestinal bowel disease). A few weeks ago, he stopped eating and also was having terrible rear quarter pain. I put him on Adequan, which has relieved the joint pain, but still was puzzled about how to get him to eat. Hit on idea of intestinal flora, got some from vet to try, ... and BINGO! He started eating again. I had to use the entire envelope on his (canned) food at first, but now that he's "on a roll," have cut back to half a pack. Thank you, Purina! Thank you, Entirely Pets!

    Excellent Source for FortiFlora Canine by MJ from Estes Park, CO08/18/2014

    Our vet has had our senior dog on FortiFlora for years, but it's quite expensive to buy from him, so I went on line and found a much better price from Entirely Pets. Plus it is so easy to order from them, and the order comes immediately.

    great supplement by zip from CA11/17/2012

    It's easy to use - just sprinkle over the food once a day. It works and it's healthy for your pet.

    Good Stuff! by Linda03/07/2013

    This probiotic was recommended by my vet. My oldest Standard Schnauzer has gastrointestinal problems from time to time and she thought Forti Flora would help. It is very easy to sprinkle on his food and he loves it. He gets it daily. I now also give it to my younger Standard Schnauzer twice a week. She loves it too.

    Tasty and effective by JGandy04/02/2013

    My vet recommended this product. I sprinkle it on my dog's food. She loves the taste. It seems to have helped with her stomach issues. Also much cheaper than the vet

    Great product by loutown8808/18/2012

    My dog is a very picky eater and sometimes has an upset stomach because of the medicine we have to give her. I have noticed a big difference in her attitude and she feels better after sprinkling this on her food. She also likes the taste of it, just need to be careful of giving it to her all the time or she gets too used to it.

    Always great service by JimBob from Kerrville, TX10/31/2011

    We have ordered from you several times and the price is always good, the service always great, and delivery is always within 4 to 5 days.

    This is an amazing product ! by ScrapbookJoe from California01/23/2013

    I have 5 dogs and the last year or so a couple of my dogs have digestive issues. 1 of my dogs has acid reflux and has trouble digesting her food. My vet recomended forta flora to me and it fixed every thing! My dog is so happy now and I also noe give it to all my other dogs and its the best thing ever and I highly recomend this to any pet who has digestive problems!

    Great product by Jock from Golden, B.C.07/17/2013

    Changed our 10 year old German Shepherd with stomach issues into a new dog.

    Worked wonders by BEH11/12/2008

    My dog has chronic diarrhea, every day several times a day. He has been to the vet several times and checked out fine, no worms, no allergies, etc. The working theory is that he has canine irritable bowel syndrome and within a week of using this product his stool became solid.

    Works Great by flkuffs04/13/2008

    Our vet prescribed this for a run (no pun intended) of diarrhea in our kennel and it started working over night. Next day showed dramatic improvement. We recommend highly.

    This works! by Dalene12/15/2009

    Not only did this product help my dog's stomach problems but it eliminated the annoying eye stains on her beautiful white face!

    Great product at a great price. by lcoalcat from Georgia06/27/2012

    The FortiFlora CANINE supplement has helped keep my dog’s colitis in control. The product may seem expensive but Entirely Pets has it at a reasonable price. Just consider the costs of numerous visits to the vet and you’ll see that this can be a good deal. Shipping is super fast too!

    I have no idea! by Toni01/01/2013

    I have no idea what this product is like I ordered it but Entirely Pets NEVER sent it to me!!!! All I EVER got from them was a request to review the products I NEVER got!!!

    by from 03/10/2013

    This helps keep our dog's digestive system in order. If she ever drinks bad creek water and gets diarrhea, we give her 2 packs of this instead of her usual daily pack. Works like a charm.

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    A Lifesaver! by GreytGirl99 from Virginia04/30/2013

    Our vet recommended FortiFlora several years ago for our greyhounds and we have used it since. Both pups have delicate stomachs and this product has been a lifesaver!

    It Saved My Dogs Life by Rosie from Edina, Minnesota03/05/2014

    Bogart is a Coated Chinese Crested and has had a nervous intestinal condition since he was a puppy. Throwing up, bloody stools, etc. I felt so bad for him that I tried everything. My vet couldn't find anything wrong so he went back to basics. FortiFlora was a shot in the dark and it worked!! Within 5 days Bogart perked up and experienced normal G.I. function. Thank you Purina.

    by bucky's mom from New Mexico04/15/2014

    This product was recommended by our vet when our dog had intestinal problems. FortiFlora has worked very well and we have a happy puppy.

    Great prices!! by Steph03/25/2012

    The prices were amazing and it is a great product that my dog loves!!

    Forti Flora Canine by MVR02/08/2013

    I've been using this for about 5 years, as my lovely weim had major intestinal surgery when she was 6 wks old...vet recommended....

    Works like a dream by mastiff mama from Loomis, CA09/19/2013

    Fortiflora is very helpful in keeping my young puppies feeling healthy.

    Loved this Product For my Cane Corso Mastiff by Dana from Maple Shade, NJ01/19/2013

    Our puppy had loose bowels and after two very expensive trips to the vet. They recommended Floiify. Thanks Entirely Pets for having the same quality product much less!!

    Keeps him healthy by Didi from Fernandina Beach FL08/11/2014

    Our puppy, not yet 1 year, will pick up anything on the ground and eat it. The probiotic has helped him stay healthy nevertheless. He loves it sprinkled on his food and I am convinced after seeing things and bugs he has ingested that this is a perfect supplement for him.

    Great product!! by Sassy from Colorado04/26/2014

    Aids w digestive issues and changes in food products as well.

    by from 07/19/2014

    I have given forti flora to my kitty for six years. It keeps her bowels normal and adds to her enjoyment of eating. She loves the flavor.

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    Great Product by Westie Mom from Chaarleston, WV01/11/2012

    My Westie has many allergies and must be on antibiotic therapy most of the time to keep down the pyoderma. The Fortiflora takes care of the depletion of the natural bacteria thereby preventing diarrhea. It is convenient to use in daily packets and its yummy beef flavor is much to Jennings liking! I highly recommend this product.

    FortiFlora by beaglenut from Kalamazoo, MI03/26/2012

    So far I am not sure this is really helping my Beagles diarrhea issues. The female I have been giving it to seems to be helped the most she goes from diaarhea to soft formed stools.thene back to diarrhea. The male I started on went from soft formed stools to diarrhea. So I am not really sure about this product.

    Sour doggy tummy by Bichon Mom from USA01/03/2014

    My Bichon Frise has digestive/tummy issues and his vet put him on this product for 3 months. This product did improve his irritations, but he had to use something stronger with more probiotic sources for his condition. So, for us, this was a good product to start with. That said, we did find the powder packets to be a bit messy if your dog eats dry food.

    Good for your dog by snowmen from Lewiston, Idaho12/10/2013

    This product will stabilize your dogs digestive system and keep them healthy over the long run.

    by from 05/16/2013

    I spoke with folks at Purina to verify whether Canine FortiFlora could be given to cats. They advised me that although the canine product differs slightly in micronutrient content (e.g. lacks taurine), there is no problem feeding it to cats. I purchased Canine FortiFlora for our rescue cats to treat diarrhea because the product was cheaper than Feline FortiFlora (which I have found effective in most cases).

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    Our Dog Loves the FortiFlora Supplement by Bebe11/05/2012

    Our vet recommended Purina FortiFlora Supplement for our dog's sensitive stomach problems. We give her one packet sprinkled on her dinner every other day. She can't wait for it! It's like a special treat. She barks and whines until she gets her meal. The FortiFlora has reduced her episodes of stomach upset. We paid $27 per box when we bought this product from the vet. So you can see for yourself that ordering from EntirelyPets.com will save you a great deal of cash.

    Great Stuff by Kiki from California02/07/2014

    This is a great product. My dog uses this probiotic because he is prone to colitis attacks. He has hardly had any colitis since starting this product. He uses 1/2 packet with breakfast and 1/2 with dinner. I put it on the bottom of his bowl and he licks it right up after eating his food.

    Excellent by Peachy Keen from Austin, Texas01/29/2013

    This product was recommended by the Vet at Banfield for my Pug who apparently ate something toxic that was thrown over my fence (I live on a corner of a quite busy street and frequently find trash in my yard) when she was about 1 1/2 years old. Since then she has had many stomach problems. However, she has now been getting this product for about a month and has not had a single problem. YEAH!

    FortiFlora K-9 by Samuraidad10/23/2012

    I have been using this product for over three years for both my Maltese who are 14 yrs old. They love the taste and lick the food dish clean. Definately has been good for their digestive system and was recommended by my vet. The price is very good at entirely pets and have been using them for quite a while.

    by LKP from Eugene, OR07/20/2012

    Fortiflora was recommended by my vet. My dogs love the taste and it seems to have helped my oldest wth GI issues. Your prices are very reasonable on this product.

    by Bob S.03/12/2012

    Great price, delivery was quick ----- very satisfied!

    great stuff by bdgmbdgm12/05/2012

    works like a charm. Keep it on had for emergencies

    Picky Dog Loves This - Helped my IBD dog by Caribou2u from Central Virginia02/12/2013

    This product was originally prescribed for my dog who has inflammatory bowel disease. He likes the taste of this and it's easy to use. I started giving it to my other dog every other day; I thought it might help since her stools were very dry with white spots in them. She likes her food with the Fortiflora on it and it seems to help her stools - I've also added DermTabs to her diet.

    Straighten out my dogs stomach problems by natats21 from Carneys Point, NJ09/28/2014

    Highly recommend this product. With a daily maintance dosage, 1/2 pack in AM 1/2 pack in PM, my dogs stomach problems, that have existed for 10 plus years, are just about non existent now.

    Thumbs up for FF by RSH22806/27/2013

    My Westie gets a pack on his evening meal every night to get his stool normalized. He came home from the breeder with Giardia, and it's taken months but now he's perfect, and healthy, happy, normal weight and super white, thick coat. It really helps their lower tract.

    FortiFlora by Judy from Skokie, IL04/10/2012

    This is a wonderful product and probably one of the best probiotics on the market.

    FortiFlora by VO12/27/2012

    Great value via internet purchase! Highly recommend ordering this product from Entirely Pets.

    Excellent probiotic by Max in Oregon from Oregon Coast05/02/2012

    FortiFlora is a life-saver when your canine is under stress and/or antibiotic usage. Keeps stools 'normal' and colitus at bay.

    always satisfied by msdebbie from Upper Montclair, NJ11/12/2011

    love the product, love the price (especially with a nice coupon code) and delivery is always timely.

    FortiFlora to the Rescue by Ellen M.07/15/2012

    Our Yellow Lab, Daisy, was having a difficult time with soft stools. Our vet recommended FortiFlora and it seemed to help immediately. She's been on it once a day ever since and it has made a huge difference. It's great to know our best friend is feeling better.

    this product is great by jeanie04/12/2014

    I have a bunch Dobermans in my family, and digestive health is really important it does the trick and keeps the Dobermans shiny coat.

    Good deal, great product by spike29 from Boston, MA01/24/2013

    I used to get this from the Vet at a much higher price. My dogs love it, it makes like a gravy when mixed with the water and their dry food. They lick their plates clean.

    For Your Dog's Overall Good Health by dogfriendly03/15/2012

    Your dog's immune system is directly linked to the gastrointestinal process. Basically, a healthy gut is crucial to a healthy dog. Certainly, Fortiflora is a huge help for dogs with diarrhea and digestive problems, but it is also a go-to product to insure your pet's overall optimal health.

    Prices are Great by BostonNative from Boston11/25/2012

    Can't Beat The Price on the FortiFlora. Used to purchase it at The Pet center in home town and they were Charging 30.00 for a box!!!!!

    Just in time! by Suz from Louisville, KY10/12/2011

    Our dog had been on Fortiflora for 30 days when she developed severe gastrointestinal issues. We discovered she had whipworm and are switching from Heartgard to Interceptor. In the meantime, I'm convinced the use of Fortiflora mitigated the effects of the whipworm and will continue to use it in maintenance mode in case she injests something else unsavory! I just sprinkle it on her food and she laps it up without seeming to notice it's there.

    life changing product by Afghan mom from Columbus, OH09/11/2013

    My veterinarian recommended this to me for one of my dogs, and I found it made a world of difference. The "output" is as you would have it - no more runny stuff. So I began to give it to both of the girls, and the situation has improved dramatically for both of them. Also, this is the best site for price. I've done my cruising on the web for pricing, and these guys win.

    by Rusty11/20/2011

    Helped with my dog's digestive problems.

    Won't Go Without it by Gina02/26/2014

    As I write this, I am also purchasing more! I won't go without the Probiotics for my dogs or my cats. I try to feed them healthy non-grain foods, but every advantage helps. Somehow I ended up with rescues with sensitive digestive issues and as I personally take Probiotics, I feel totally pleased I am able to give them to my pets.

    FortiFlora Fantastic by Moor from Seattle, WA06/26/2012

    We've moved our Foster Spina Bifida pup over to raw feeding and it has done a great job of making diaper changes much simpler... then we added FortiFlora and it was magical. Happier puppy tummy, happier Foster Parents, glossy coat and the gassy emissions are gone, gone, gone!

    HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!! by GD from Seattle04/11/2013

    Best product recommendation I ever received from my Vet!!! Have two Westie’s and always seemed to be taking one or both to the Vet for upset stomach or loose stools etc.... Westie’s are known for their sensitive digestive systems and we’re always careful about what they eat but that didn’t seem to make much difference sometimes. Since using FortiFlora my emergency Vet trips have stopped, only thing I go for now is the scheduled checkups. Started out giving them one packet every odd day and after a month cut it down to twice a week. Best of all, Entirely Pets has the lowest pricing on the 3-packs that I could find anywhere!

    Good for my dog by Ravenmear04/15/2013

    Was buying from the vet and got the same product from you for much cheaper. Thank you!

    Fortiflora is great by Yuki-san from Montana11/01/2013

    I've been giving my dog Fortiflora for quite awhile, to help with urinary tract health. The dog likes it and will even lick it out of an empty bowl if I forget to empty the whole packet. Entirely Pets has good prices and great service.

    FortiFlora by Doby272 from Virginia12/13/2011

    My dog Petey has been on FortiFlora for many years. The best vet he ever had, in Maine, recommended FortiFlora for Petey's sensitive stomach. The vet said not to ever take him off it, since it may cease to be effective if i decided to put him back on it later. I have not taken Petey off FortiFlora and it has really helped with his stomach issues.

    A Real Must Have! by Westie Mom10/23/2012

    My Westie, Jennings, has multiple allergies and must remain on daily anitbiotic therapy to prevent pyoderma lesions. Without FortiFlora he gets diarrhea. I just mix the powder in with his moist food and he likes the flavor and has no digestive problems. Just couldn't do without it!. A great supplement!

    Wouldn't be without it!! by Kj10/21/2013

    Vet recommended. My boxer had severe digestive problems and FortiFlora sprinkled on his food in morning has corrected the problem.

    Excellent Product by Alex from Schenectady, NY10/29/2011

    Helps dogs with digestive problems. Recommended by my vet. Works like super-charged yogurt.

    FortiFlora by Carol04/06/2012

    Excellent way to re-set doggie bacteria especially after a day of lawn surfing!

    A probiotic that delivers by Becky from Chicago, IL08/18/2014

    Not all probiotic are created equal. FortiFlora has helped all five of my dogs both therapeutically following antibiotic therapy and as a regular suppliment.

    Forti Flora by Hildita03/20/2012

    Great stuff. Works. and easy to administer

    Very pleased by Aberdeen Animal Shelter from Aberdeen Mississippi01/29/2013

    Product was as discribed and delivered in a timely fashion. Price was lower than most.

    GREAT PRODUCT by LONEWOLF from WV08/27/2013


    Great product/great price! by happy customer01/29/2014

    My dog has an auto immune disease and needs to take steroids. The fortiflora keeps her immune system supported. It made a huge difference in her well being. Entirely pets has the best price and always delivers quickly.

    by from 11/06/2013

    Banfield DVMs were completely stumped after several visits. After I finally suggested a probiotic might help with our Labradoodle's extreme diarrhea (way more than just loose stool). This was like poltergeist diarrhea... I can't believe we stuck it out with her along with the complete ignorance of Banfield's wannabe Vets.

    us by a from weekSo,


    FORTIFLORA by BOPPER02/22/2013


    by from 12/09/2013

    I love this product because it helps immensely with my dog's constant bowel issues. He receives two packets, daily, mixed with his regular dry food.

    with by the from speedyI'm


    works when others probiotics don't by Alyssa11/14/2012

    We have an old lab with IBD and as much as I don't like the ingredients in FortiFlora, it works when other probiotics do not for him.

    Never without this by Missy from Hereford, AZ06/11/2013

    My Lab has a sensitive digestive system and staying on this product has kept her stomach and bowels working properly for 3 years now.

    by Henry01/13/2012

    Product does an excellent job in helping the older dog avoid "leaks".

    by nikizzo from san diego, CA12/04/2011

    My dog has a very picky stomach these were recomended by our vet, it does a good job. What Im most impressed with is entirely pets, they had the best price and the shippment was so quick! Im excited to order again!

    Great Value by Sue from Concord, NH12/28/2011

    The price of a 3 Pack of FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement by Purina is very competitive. Much less expensive than from my vet. Shipping was quick and ordering was easy. Highly recommend.

    Great for sensitive tummies!! by Suegirl from Lorain, OH01/17/2012

    This product is a life-saver! One of our GSPs has a very sensitive tummy. Any time she has to take antibiotics, she gets FortiFlora. If she's unusually gassy or has a soft stool, she gets FortiFlora. I don't know what we'd do without it. And, the price is SO MUCH better on Entirely Pets than at our vet! When we get down to 1 box, I order another 3 pack. I won't be caught without it!

    Great buy! by mt huskies from Southwest Colarado06/12/2013

    This product was suggested by our vet for our 2 huskies. They both seem to like the flavor, as they always gobble up their food. The prices are reallly great, compared to purchasing from the vet. Try it, your dogs will like it!!!!

    Quick Delivery by jaking from Arizona07/24/2012

    I was so pleased with my purchase. I thought it might take at least 10 days to get the product but it came within 5 days. It was a great customer experience. I plan to continue to order my product online through Entirely Pets. I might even start buying my dog food from them too!

    great price! by kc from BC, Canada02/13/2013

    Great price for a great product. My dog has what I suspect is IBD and this product works for her.

    Great value by Alex05/19/2013

    Good prices,great service.We will be back.

    by from 02/19/2012

    great product fast service best price

    you by ask from for"what


    Great Stuff! by weinerpups from Raleigh, NC03/20/2013

    vet prescribed this FortiFlora for my 11 year old mini doxie with a super sensitive digestive tract. He has had a variety of bacterial infections down there, and now he has been vet visit free and meds free for over a year now by having a daily dose of this every day, sprinkled on his food. He finds it very tasty, and he gets so excited when I tear the packet open and sprinkle it over his food. Licky Licky!

    Great product at a great price by tonysalley from Vancouver BC03/15/2012

    FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina was recomended by my vet for my pet that has stomach issues. I was able to get it at a cost far less than what I was charged at the vets.

    Great Product by Sierramom from Lake Worth, FL07/19/2014

    I have been giving my 2 White Shepherds this product since it was recommended by our Vet several years ago. I know it helps with digestion and I will continue to sprinkle on their food. My dogs are the picture of health and I often get compliments on their beautiful coats, etc.. I tried using another probiotic and went back to Fortiflora.

    Old reliable by islanddiva from Seattle and Whidbey Island, WA10/21/2011

    FortiFlora Canine is one of the safest and most effective probiotics on the maret. I have used it for years on our dog that suffers from chronic loose stool, and we give it to all of our dogs either during or immediately following antibiotic treatment, By balancing the flora in the gut, it helps dogs better absorb food and medication; it corrects loose stool and diaherrea; and promotes overall good heath.

    A must in your pet's diet by Rottie Mommy from San Diego, CA11/29/2012

    We have been using FortiFlora Canine ever since our two Rottweilers survived Parvo, as puppies, and they are now just over two years old. This product has boosted their immune systems, and helped with healing the lining of their intestines. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    probiotic by TR from Santa Fe, NM10/23/2013

    Our dog has a yeast overgrowth problem. The only thing that has helped her is Fortiflora. One sachet a day does the trick.

    FortiFlora by hawkeseye07/23/2013

    This product keeps an "senior" tummy in good order.

    FortiFlora by Brittany's walker from Colorado Springs, CO07/23/2012

    Two of my three dogs tend to get loose stools and one tends to get giardia with bloody stools. After using the medications from the vet to get their systems free from these organisms. I can keep them healthy by using FortiFlora every morning in their breakfast. So much cheaper than vet visits, fecal exams and meds to keep their systems healthy. Best of all they love the taste. Just sprinkle on their food and they lick the bowl clean.

    FortiFlora by Colo Pom from Colorado01/12/2014

    This supplement really helps my dog; your price is the lowest I've seen.

    Excellent Discount on FortiFlora by Karen11/12/2011

    We have Brittanys and use Forti-Flora with one of our dogs daily. This product is great for cleaning out digestive problems and bad breath. We noticed that it seemed to increase our dog's sense of smell after the first 30 days. He seems much happier and healthier. The others get it in their food when out for a week's hunting. Thanks for the excellent pricing!

    Really took care of tummy troubles! by Nancy from Lawrence, KS03/26/2014

    FortiFlora has really helped our 13-year-old terrier mix who had diarrhea and other intestinal issues last year. Easy to mix with his canned food, too. I will always use this product!

    Good with sensitive stomach by Bear's mom from South Plainfield, NJ07/31/2013

    Our Airedale has a touchy stomach. Our vet recommended the fortaflora as a daily supplement. He was sick at the time, and it seems to have helped him get over his tummy troubles quicker than his last bout with the same problem. We're keeping him on it as a preventative and for tummy support. Much better pricing than from my vet.

    Excellent product by Shiloh from Pittsfield Township, OH04/12/2012

    My vet put John Mosby on this for his loose stools. It solved the problem in less than a day!! I'M SOLD!! I'm also very glad this is available without a prescription! My vet was charging TWICE as much!!

    Amazing Supplement by Janus's Mom08/19/2013

    This is my 3rd dog that I have used FortiFlora for. My GSD has digestive troubles, and one packet sprinkled over dinner helps a lot! For my two senior Whippets, that passed away at 15 & 17, FortiFlora was a miracle! As they aged, their gas became almost unbearable. Thank goodness we finally found a Veterinarian that recommended it!

    by JJ05/10/2013

    Give ForteFlora to my dogs on a regular basis as they are both prone to stomach upsets. The ForteFlora really help my dogs digestive system.

    Both my Bostons Love It! by GetYourLeash from Delaware04/21/2010

    I was a little bit sketchy about purchasing a Purina product, especially since I refuse to feed Purina in any form to my dogs. I was pleasantly surprised after my new holistic vet recommended that I get it for my Boston with Irritable Bowel Disease. First of all, he liked it and ate it all up when I sprinkled it over his food. His sister Boston also loved it and ate her food with vigor. It seems to be the best product Purina makes and my new vet is very much against commercial dog food manufacturers. It's not dirt cheap, but it certainly helps both my dogs with their digestive process. Well worth the money, in my opinion. I will never go without it. This is my second order from EntirelyPets.com. We will continue to buy here because it is half the price of the vet's office.

    Good Deal by TxPetLover12/17/2013

    My giant great Pyrenees mix has the canine version of irritable bowl syndrome. My vet recommended this to help keep the irritation to a minimum. He likes the taste and it is easy to mix with his food. Delivery was fast.

    Terrific GI supplement for dogs by BigDogs from Vermont02/10/2013

    I have an older dog who has difficulty with his GI system, often having diarrhea or vomiting. FortiFlora was recommended by my vet. It is very palatable and the dogs seem to love it. Just after a day or two he was back on track and feeling much better. I used it for several episodes, and it always rapidly solved the issue. I now use it on a daily basis for prevention and my old boy has not had a bad day since! I feed it to my other dogs as well just because they love the taste. I highly highly recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with a sensitive stomach!

    Excellent for sensitive stomachs by jacks4me from Iowa06/18/2013

    My dog is 14 years old and she gets a gurgly, growly stomach and diarrhea. I give her this daily sprinkled on her food and and have no problems. I also give this to my other dogs for 7 days if they show likely symptoms. A great probiotic!

    Fortiflora by Huntersmom10/28/2012

    Great product at a great price. Highly recommend this product and Entirely Pets.

    Pet will not eat by carrie07/19/2012

    I haven't been able to get my dog to eat food with this on it.I would be leary to recommend to anyone,because of this.

    by Cris11/16/2013

    Fortiflora was recommended by my veterinarian during a phone consultation because one of my cats had loose stool for a couple of days; I gave it as recommended and the cat improved without a visit to the veterinarian. I use it on cats and dogs equally for digestive problems and it works great, if it does not improve the condition, I know for sure that the pet needs to be seeing by a professional. I keep it in stock at all times.

    FORTA FLORA by TOM11/23/2012


    by from 02/24/2014

    Promotes intestinal health and balance and promotes a healthy immune system. Corrects issues of mild loose stools as well.

    with by 1/2 from packetWe


    Like It by Holly12/07/2013

    Since my dog has been using Forti Flora, I think her digestive tract has improved and she loves the taste. The only negative thing I have to mention is in how Entirely Pets shipped my order. The first time, I ordered three boxes, they were shipped in a box (as it should be). This time, they shipped the three boxes in an envelope and the boxes were crushed when I received it. I sent them an email to let them know, and received a reply stating they were going to send replacements, but I never received them. So basically, the product is good, but the customer service at Entirely Pets is not.

    Wonderful Product by Bella's Family from Gainesville, FL01/23/2013

    We have an adorable female cocker spaniel with irritable bowel issues. Every so often, with a flare up, we use FortiFlora as recommended by her veterinarian to get her back on track. It's a great product and works relatively quickly. We keep it in the medicine cabinet.

    This worked really well by Peggy03/02/2012

    The product is awfully pricey but it works to keep my Golden free of diarrhea, so there's no choice. I tried a cheaper product, bu it took two doses a day to do it.

    Great Purchase by Pam from Camano Island, WA10/04/2011

    Recommended by my Vet but way cheaper thru Entirely Pets. Works great and highly recommend this for sensitive digestive systems.

    Helped my senior dog! by Amnpaws from Atlanta, GA05/30/2012

    My 13 yo "puppy" began having intermittent loose poops and bad breath despite getting a good diet, teeth cleanings and yogurt.. Our vet recommended giving him Fortiflora everyday. He seems to have had less incidence of loose stools and bad breath so I'll keep him on this product for now. Fortiflora contains probiotics for dogs, which are different cultures than found in human yogurts.

    Poor Service by lucysmom08/19/2013

    The product is fine, but you only sent us two boxes. We e-mailed a request to you and you never replied. We use Fortiflora for all of our pets, but we will not be paying for three boxes and only receiving two again. We are back to our other supplier.

    by KAREN07/09/2012

    Works like a charm, does everything it is suppose to. Great for my dogs digestive tract.

    Boost Healthy GI Tract by Strongheart05/30/2012

    All 3 rescue dogs have FF on their food for good health. 2 were from a bad breeder and this helps boost their food processing. When they have had 'd'....this FF helped firm stools. Excellent prices, service, delivery swift. Highly recommend for all dogs for their health.

    Fortiflora sent in Expiration Month by Luna09/12/2014

    I love this product, but the three boxes sent to me expire this month! I thought I was buying fresh packages. The efficacy may or may not be compromised, but if I buy something new without any caveat that these boxes would expire in the month I bought them, I am expecting an expiration date for the next year or two, at least. I am disappointed with that aspect, but the overall purchasing process went well.

    Big difference! by Hinckley from Tucson, Arizona12/09/2013

    Daily use of this product has made a tremendous difference in our dog's health!

    Great product by linnielee from Pa04/26/2012

    Very happy with product, price & service

    Best Probiotic by Larren from Roanoke, Va09/18/2013

    Unfortunately my little dachshund has had to be on a lot of antibiotics over the last few years this product has been a big part of her success

    great product by Trudi's dad from upstate ny11/18/2013

    We were tearing out hair out with very very soft stools, it was so hard to deal with. Gave her the product and she had normal stools now. ITS GREAT, GLAD WE FOUND THIS. Everybody is happy now, even Trudi.

    A great supplement by Jim11/25/2013

    our shepherd loves it. It really helps keep her digestive system on track.

    by from 07/20/2013

    I bought this product because my 14 year old Schnoodle has had digestion problems all her life. My vet suggested using FortiFlora.

    helped by her. from ItThis


    recommend by this from product."I


    Cosmos Tummy by Doggiewhisperer from Los Angeles01/30/2014

    Cosmo here, I'm smart and funny and loving and...I was born with Colitis.That's no fun. This product along with a healthy diet, has helped my tummy feel great. I'm perfectly fine now, no problems. My tail is a waggin'!!

    90 Days to a Better Pickup Experience by Jessie from Sarasota, FL01/11/2014

    My dog had lots of excess gas and rather loose stools. This has all changed. She will be taking this for life. I originally purchased FortiFlora from my vet, but now that this will be an ongoing thing buying from entirelypets.com better suits my budget.

    Keeps my dogs happy and digesting well. by JNad from Vermont12/23/2012

    Both my dogs take Fortiflora, and it keeps their digestive tracks on track. Love this product.

    Great product by Beardiemom06/02/2012

    Using this on a litter of puppies and it is helping to keep their little digestive systems in balance. Makes clean up easy!

    Canine Purina FortiFlora by Vonnie from Mount Dora, Florida03/10/2012

    My chocolate laborador had osteo-sarcoma of his leg. The leg was amputated and he had 5 chemotherapy treatments. During this time he was on antibiotics to prevent infection since his immune system was compromised by the chemo. The antibiotics not only prevented infection, but also destroyed the good flora in the intestinal system causing mushy stools. Our Vet prescribed the FortiFlora to re-establish the natural intestinal flora--which helped to normalize the consistency of his bowel movements and enhance absorbtion of nutrients from his food. The product is beef flavored and was readily eaten on his dry food.

    Great product by Rickie from York, Pennsylvania08/25/2014

    I've been using this product for almost two years when my senior dog needed his glands released. Our vet suggested it as a way to maintain excellent digestive health and to eliminate the need to have glands expelled as many pet owners have had to do for their own dog. Entirely pets sells this product at a great price.

    Thank Me Later by Moor from Seattle10/23/2012

    As long as you've chatted about this product and it's contents with your pet's Veterinarian I will tell you it is amazing for the more complete digestion of food and enticing finicky eaters. This practically does away with all belching and gas in Bulldogs - and that's no mean feat! And it encourages firmer and smaller stools as well, without leading to constipation. Nobody likes to talk about poo and with this stuff as a daily additive you won't have too anymore!.

    Good probiotic by Lisa from Toms River, NJ07/26/2014

    Forti Flora has helped my chocolate lab and his litter mate regulate their bowels. We have had problems with loose bowel movements despite trying different foods. Forti Flora keeps them more regular.

    Wonderful Product by Katie's Mom from Houston, TX06/09/2014

    In 2010 when my little Schipperke started having chronic gastrointestinal problems we went through a myriad of tests, work-ups, speculations and nothing seemed to work or help for long. We changed food several times, ran tests for things such as Addison's disease, and at best they came up with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis. She almost never had a normal stool. The Vet finally put her on a prescription diet, which helped somewhat, but it was by no means a complete resolution. It wasn't until we put her on Forti Flora that I saw some really positive results. The chronic gas has stopped, and I'd say she is doing really really well for the most part. What a difference Forti Flora has made. This is the best she has been feeling in the past four years! Great product and for anyone who has a dog that has chronic gastrointestinal issues, try it!

    Great purchase by Pat from Clifton Pk NY08/10/2012

    Thanks for the speedy delivery and great prices

    Smartest Online Purchase Yet by Chillin from Boise, ID12/02/2012

    Product was prescribed by my dog's vet. NOT all vet prescribed items require a prescription!!

    Fortiflora - Helps with Digestive Problems by Melissa from NJ01/18/2014

    Fortiflora is an excellent product -my 15 year old dog suffers from frequent soft stools. Fortiflora helped eliminate the problem almost every time without having to resort to antibiotics. My vet recommended it and Entirely Pets makes it so much more affordable!

    by Susie from Smithville, TX01/10/2012

    My vet recommended me giving Canine FortiFlora to my dogs, especially my senior dog. I feed them twice daily using one packet each. I sprinkle it on their food and they love it. If some misses their food, they will be sure and clean it up too!! Entirely Pets offer great coupons which makes this a great place to shop. Also, they ship right away.

    Helps our senior dog by Ele from Palisade, CO12/15/2012

    We have been using Fortiflora for more that a year for our senior dog. Our vet said he should be on it for the rest of his life since he tends to have intestinal problems. Entirely Pets makes this the most economical purchase.

    by Lothar Kloester-Fuch12/31/2011

    Recommended by my vet to help my 9 year old Dane with his chronic diarrhea. It is certainly easy to use and we continue to add and subtract things to his diet.

    Great Stuff by 311DAD from Ogden, Utah01/08/2012

    This is a great product if your dog is getting okder or is having digestive trouble. It helped our senior dog get control of his digestive health and helped with his aletness

    Has helped his digestion by "J" from Dayton, NV11/06/2012

    Less expensive than a visit to the vet and cheaper than what the vet charges.

    FortiFlora by an08/05/2014

    My vet recommended this product, and I have been giving it to my dogs for years. I live in the mountains and hike with them. Consequently, they snack on all sorts of yummy finds - rabbit, deer, and elk poo, etc. They have only gotten sick with bacteria twice in all that time, and I attribute that to the FortiFlora.

    Great product.... by Akitagirl3 from Gresham, OR07/11/2014

    My veterinarian suggest using this product during my girls pregnancy. It has kept her digestive system on track. I would highly recommend this for any dog that could have a nervous tummy.

    Great product by Rvsd German Shepherds02/27/2014

    Not only is this product convenient to give to our dogs but it works wonderfully. We signed up for the automatic shipments which makes it hassle free. 3 packs are delivered every 3 months! Perfect for our busy schedule.

    Excellent product by JD from Dayton. NV03/12/2012

    Forti-flora has solved my dog's digestive problem. Entrely Pets is very prompt with the delivery.

    great product by jill from denver, co12/04/2012

    I started using FortiFlora about a year ago. My dogs are happy and healthy and I have no more messes to clean up. I live in the country and my dogs eat everything they find!

    Couldn't hurt by Dee from NC05/31/2013

    I use alaskan salmon oil, joint max, excellent dog food, brewers yeast n forti flora. My vet said, "it couldn't hurt" n I change off between the forti flora n plain yogurt. I want to give my golden every advantage to live longer n live well

    great product by wyhiker from colorado and wyoming07/25/2012

    We give this to our collie every day w/her food. It helps keep her sometimes sensitive tummy in good shape. If she gets a little runny from drinking creek/lake water when hiking/camping, we just give her an extra dose a day or two, and it clears right up.

    Good price great stuff by Cat from Emmaus, PA01/01/2014

    This was a great price for a great supplement for my dogs that have sensitive systems.

    Fortiflora Canine by Dino12/17/2011

    Works very well in helping the digestive process for my dog.

    FortiFlora by sunny11/06/2012

    Simple to use and dogs really enjoy the taste. A sprinkle on top of the food assists in stool difficulties and creates a happy and healthy pet.

    An ongoing purchase by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois07/17/2013

    We have been using Fortiflora for almost a year now. Almost immediately, their digestion and elimination were vastly improved. Sprinkled on their kibble, it is not even noticed by them.

    by from 07/21/2013

    by Sylvie01/31/2013

    Forti flora really helped my dog deal with digestive problems and feel a lot better.

    Excellent Purchase by cscotch from Birmingham, AL05/16/2013

    I have a finicky eater, and he LOVES to eat when he gets his FortiFlora. My sister recommended it, and Entirely Pets has the best prices by far!

    by Ali10/20/2014

    My dogs have been so much healthier since i added FortiFlora to their diet.

    Even helps a Frenchie with GAS!!! by Carlos from Colorado05/28/2013

    Give the entire pack in one meal, 1x/day....don't split it between 2 meals. When given on a regular basis, it helps quite a bit with Bulldog gas. (Don't expect it to eliminate the gas completely....it's just a part of bulldogs)

    reasonably priced reliable product by rotty lover from newman, CA04/16/2012

    I use Fortiflora when my rottweilers have diarrhea. It usually takes only one packet over one meal to be effective. This medication costs twice as much @ the vet and usually the other medications used for diarrhea require several doses over a period of days as well as a temporary diet change..such as boiled chicken mixed with cooked rice.

    Great Product at Great Price by BJean08/28/2013

    Great Product at a great price! This product is very useful when traveling to help keep any digestive upsets at bay and everyone comfortable.

    Fortiflora - Canine by MS from Camas, WA10/22/2012

    Our dog loves this product. He eats it along with his normal food. In fact, he will eat this first and then eat the rest. His digestion has improved with the use of this product and has a lot less gas.

    good stuff by peaches10/25/2012

    I have seen a significant difference in my dog's appetite and energy. I appreciated getting the product in a timely manner also.

    Mandy loves it ! by Sylvain from Prevost, Quebec, Canada06/14/2014

    My dog Mandy had digestive problems and FortiFlora got rid of them. This product keeps her healthy and helps reduce the number of visits to the vet.

    Very good by sc roadrunner10/06/2011

    Required by vet, works well with our dog.

    Works great! by Lady P from Exeter, CA04/18/2014

    Forti Flora was prescribed for my Weimaraner puppy by my vet for his tummy after he had long term antibiotic treatment. I was thrilled to find it at Entirely Pets at a much less expensive price than the vet. It is the only product that gives him consistently firm stools with no side effects.

    Great Product by Kimberly from Washington State02/14/2014

    We have been using this supplement for about 6 months for our German Shepherd. She has been on antibiotics on a long term basis. This seems to help a lot with the digestive issue that she was having because of the antibiotic use.

    by from 05/13/2013

    Great Product by 4 legged Mom from Arizona06/06/2012

    My Lab was having constant accidents in the house even though she was walked consistently. After every test, physical and neurological, indicated no problems, I started her on Fortiflora and problems resolved.

    by georgiabenz01/25/2014

    Great for my English Bulldog - recommended to me by my vet.

    FortiFlora by Birdikins10/28/2013

    This is a pro-biotic, which enhances the intestinal flora so that a dog or cat is better able to digest its food. It helped one dog I take care of overcome colitis within a month and it ended diarrhea in a dog I own.

    Works wonders/highly recommended by dogmom from Florida02/22/2014

    My American Bulldog mix has urinary retention issues. This was recommended after many diagnostic tests done and many failed attempts at treatment. He is now without any accidents, more comfortable and had very few urinary tract infections since being on FortiFlora.

    Best Purchase Ever by BC Boys Mom12/31/2013

    Our boys have very sensitive tummys and this product is the best ever. It keeps them regular and eliminates loose stool. They love the taste, we sprinkle it directly on their dry kibbles once a day and they gobble it up. It is a staple at our house.

    Still trying it by Ed04/20/2014

    Not sure I would recommend this product but we are still working with it to see if it will resolve the issue of loose bowel movements.

    Powdered Gold by akuhl1 from Atlanta, GA03/15/2012

    This product is gold! It has worked miracles for my husky/rottweiler mix who has a sensitive stomach. I am always recommending this product to people with animals who have tummy issues! Also Entirely Pets is so fast, even with regular shipping. Very pleased!

    Good for old dogs by white dog03/07/2012

    Had this given to me originally by a vet for my 12 yr old dog that was sick with diarrhea. This product given for 10 days once a day along with anti diarrhea pills did the trick.

    I can breath finally by Luna26 from Milwaukee WI09/24/2013

    My dog has been very gassy on a new prescription dog food and with this product it has help she stinky butt a lot! Thank you for this product it has aided in her digestive issues.

    Best price and quick shipping by Netti02/01/2012

    Very happy! Just what I was wanting at an affordable price,

    Entirely Pets - Forti Flora by MKF10/11/2011

    I have been ordering this product for quite some time, for a wonderful therapy dog that would have been 13 years old in January. This product helped him since his stroke two years ago. Every time I placed the order, I have been amazed how quickly I receive it. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

    recommended by judyaustin from Boise, ID10/30/2012

    by our vet for our lab with a delicate stomach. It's done its job very nicely.

    Good product by westie mom from Georgia04/05/2014

    I have been using these less than a month, but my Westie's stools do seem to be firmer and he is going less frequently. He likes the flavor. This was recommended by our vet.

    by from 12/07/2013

    My dog had issues with recurring loose stool, we thought were from a dormant giardia infection. When they persisted, I tried diet changes, vet visits, etc. to no avail.

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    Best pet care items, fast shipping, best bang for your money..

    Been using for over 3 years by skully from Florence Oregon09/13/2013

    My Vet started my dog on FortiFlora 3 years ago and she must still take it. It has worked so well for her. I will not try other probiotics even tho they are cheaper. The Vets charge way more money for this..I look for the best deals on boxes of 3 as I will be buying this product for a long time and cost is important to me so I am able to keep buying for her..

    Always Satisfied by MsDebbie from NJ03/19/2013

    The product is great; my dog's digestive system has really benefited from this probiotic, which was prescribed after surgery a few years back when he was taking antibiotics. Since beginning this product, my dog never has loose stools.

    great product by corporation07/26/2012

    excellent product been using for years on all of our dogs

    Forti Flor for dogs by Dixie from Canada01/29/2014

    I have been using Forti Flora for a year now with my two Cocker Spaniels. It has helped to keep their digestive systems in good health and to avoid unnecessary Vet bills. Before using this product both Spaniels were prone to bowel and intestinal infections and now things have been clear for a year. I highly recommend adding these good bacteria to your dog's daily health regime. I would rather give this daily than an anti-biotic!!

    Great purchase for the price by Sue from Midwest01/22/2014

    Our pup has a sensitive stomach. So we were purchasing Fortiflora through our Vet's office on a monthly basis. However, when we saw how much we could save by buying the 3 pack through Entirely Pets, we immediately stopped buying it from the Veterinarian!!! Great savings!!!

    This worked wonders! by JZ04/26/2010

    For years my dog seemed to have a loose bowel movement. We thought it was just how she was. Then after awhile she had very bad gas, truthfully making it uncomfortable to be in the same room as her. Our vet recommended Forti Flora, and almost overnight, things changed! We don't go a day without adding this to her food. We are delighted that her digestive system is finally working normally. We highly recommend Forti Flora and have found Entirley Pets to have the best price.

    by from 05/28/2012

    Our dog had problems with what ever she would eat as it caused intestinal problems.

    EVERY by day from andShe


    Vet recommended by Kerry from Kirkland, WA03/13/2013

    Canine FortiFlora was recommended for our dog because she has constant yeast infections. This product works great and Entirely Pets had the best price.

    Very Good Product by Donna08/15/2013

    I have two Siberian huskies that I mix this product in with their food daily. It keeps them from having loose stool.. The pups have been on this product for 14 months. In addition to feeding them a good grade of food that has one of the first ingredients "beet pulp".

    Great to keep on hand by Danomac@new.rr.com12/16/2011

    I've used this product when ever my dogs had to be on antibiotics, but I also give a packet at least a couple of times a month regardless if they are on antibiotic treatment. It helps to keep their digestive systems healthy and happy. My vet first suggested this product and I found that Entirely Pets has the best price.

    Good product by MDavis from Cleveland,Ohio02/10/2013

    FortiFlore does what it is suppossed to do. I was told to use it daily in Manny's food and it keep him from getting dihrea. That's what I was told by my Vet.

    GREAT PRODUCT! by damselfish from GAINESVILLE, VA08/13/2013

    We have used FORTIFLORA CANINE BY PURINA for years for our IRISH WOLFHOUNDS. They tend to have sensitive tummies and this product helps keep them "regular" better than anything else we have tried. Especially the younger dogs take a while getting their digestive tracts on track! Also, Entirely Pets always has the best price on this product!

    Fortiflora by Deanie from Whitesburg, Ga.07/18/2013

    My 4 year old collie gets a fortiflora packet with each supper as he is at present treating for lupus and the medications can cause diarreah. Trying to stop it before it starts. Price is much better than the vet cost.

    Keeps his tummy happy by Springergirl06/20/2012

    My 8-yr old springer spaniel has had sensitive stomach issues from the time he was a puppy. Fortiflora, recommended by his vet, keeps everything on an even keel. The price here is much less than at the vet, and at any other online site I have seen.

    Really did the trick for us when nothing else work by psuastro from Leesburg, VA10/04/2011

    Our dog was put on doxy for a tick disease and ended up having very runny #2's. No matter what we tried, we could not resolve the runny diarhea. We tried yogurt, pumpkin, fiber supplements - everything imaginable. Our vet recommended this as a last ditch resort and it worked after a few feedings. We found that it was more effective to give the entire packet at the morning meal instead of half at each meal. Regardless, we are still giving it to her - and it's now been 3 years. No runny #2's anymore!

    Great stuff! by DogMom from New York, NY05/06/2012

    This is an excellent probiotic for dogs. It really helps my dog's digestive functioning. I use it daily.

    by kelley01/03/2012

    This is a great product. Our veterinarian instructed us to ONLY use Purina Fortiflora for our dog (a chihuahua) who suffers from chronic ulcerative cholitis. Within a very short time, she showed dramatic improvement and we have continued the usage for the last year or so. Thank you for your prompt delivery!

    by from 11/29/2012

    Vet recommended by Rifkin's Mom from Kansas City01/24/2013

    My vet recommends this daily for Rifkin's IBS. It seems to help keep it under control & is way cheaper here than through the vet.

    I love it by Rufus09/16/2013

    My Mom told me I would like this, and she's right. I'm an 11 year old German Shepherd and can be a bit fussy at times, but will never turn this down. I'm told it's good for me, so WOOF, WOOF....

    Great Deal! by KK from Barrington, NH07/16/2014

    My dog has had surgery for an intrehepatic liver shunt. . .he was a rescue dog and this is a congenital problem that we didn't know he had til after we adopted him. . .so we pursued a relatively new surgery where a stent and coils are dropped into the liver to close off this vessel and allow his liver to filter things again. . .it cannot be totally closed so he still needs a lot of care and Purina FortiFlora helps keep his stomach upset and gas under control. He will need a probiotic for life along with several other things in his special diet. Thank you Entirely Pets for making it more affordable to maintain his health!

    Little Packets of Power by Bodie's Mom from Henderson, NV06/01/2013

    My sweet girl, Bodie, has had digestive issues for many years with times of being very ill. My veterinarian recommended FortiFlora a couple of years ago and we have been using it ever since. The FortiFlora had a nearly immediate and positive effect. No more illness and a very happy girl - those little packets have had a powerful effect! Thank you.

    Great price for helpful product by Rifkin's mom02/29/2012

    Our vet recommended this product daily for our dog who has intestinal issues/a sensitive stomach. It is WAY cheaper on this site compared to our vet's price - for the exact same thing! We will be buying this product again.

    Great for the Tummy! by Anita from Hollywood FL11/06/2012

    Fortiflora took care of our Zooey's frequent stomach upsets and erratic eating habits. She now eats and eliminates regularly.

    Amazing by Virginia04/17/2013

    Bonnie had the runs off and on forever. This stuff stopped it.

    GREAT FOR MY DOGS by ROB10/16/2011

    I have ored from here before. And i would order again this is my kind or site ty for being there for my dors

    Can't do without it by PetPartner from Hereford, AZ10/11/2011

    My 8 year old Lab kept having accidents in the house due to unexpected urgency to urinate and defecate. The veterinarians examined her from head to toe and could find nothing but a healthy dog. Now that she is on the FortiFlora, this problem has gone away!

    Best Product! by justjan from San Antonio, Tx05/16/2012

    14 year old Shih Tzu was having trouble with diarrhea oof and on for months. Vet recommended Fortiflora, 1 packet over food a day. TOTALLY solved the diarrhea problem. I now have a healthier, happier senior Shih Tzu!

    by from 10/24/2012

    My vet highly recommends this product for all dogs. My pet gets one packet per day on her two meals. She loves it and will even lap up any that I miss when sprinkling it on her food!

    from by Entirely from PetsI


    Great Product at a Great Price by annie d from San Diego, CA01/05/2014

    Great Product at a Great Price - the product is always fresh & delivered timely.

    FortiFlora by lass from Jackson, Wyoming08/27/2013

    We have two German Sheperds that have loose stools. Our Vet recommended FortiFlora and it worked like a miracle. We sprinkle over their food every morning, the dogs like it. I love this product!

    by from 10/23/2012

    Our puppy picked up a coccidia parasite shortly before we got her from the breeder. The breeder and our vet recommended this product to take some of the stress off our puppy's digestive system in conjunction with the appropriate medication to deal with the coccidia. Entirelypets had the best price (2/3 of the price that my vet was charging and that was after shipping to Canada) and shipped the product very quickly.

    very by quickly from fromOur


    Can't Live Without It! by Zweny from Cape Cod, MA09/15/2013

    My vet recommend FortiFlora for my two adult German Shepherd Dogs but their price was way too high. I found Entirely Pets online and they have the best prices. I buy a 3-pack at a time. My dogs each get a packet daily and their digestive systems are running perfectly! I wouldn't be without it for them. Zweny

    Great product! by Decca from Minneapolis, mn02/01/2012

    Wonderful product, and thanks for getting this to us so quickly! Great customer service! :)

    Best product for finicky stomachs by Jody from Long Neck, Delaware02/23/2011

    I have a three year old Havanese who in the past had serious stomach issues. He once had hemorrhagic gastritis and with vet intervention came out of it Ok, but it cost me $1700. He would often have diarrhea and I would have to treat him with chicken and rice, acidophilus, etc. But since I have been giving him FortiFlora for the past year, he has been AOK! Just a sprinkle on his food daily, he loves the taste, and he is as spunky as ever. Thanks for this great product. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a pet who has a finicky stomach and my dog Jax would recommend it too!

    great product by ET10/15/2011

    My dog has IBD(inflammatory bowel disease) and if I add a packet of Fortiflora to her food once daily, she maintains a more normal digestive system. We have had very few flareups of her IBD since giving her this supplement.

    Saves trips to vet by Roxie's Mom from Berkeley, CA06/30/2012

    Until giving Roxie, my Golden, FortiFlora, she needed her glands emptied at the vet every 3-4 weeks. Now we take her in every 3-4 months. She seems happier and so are we.



    Excellent product!!! by Zsaz from dallas, tx11/02/2011

    FortiFlora has really helped my boxer deal with her sensitive stomach issues. It was recommended by her Vet and purchased through the office at $45/box. I am extremely pleased with Entirely Pets price and delivery. The expiration date was also much later then the Vets.

    FortiFlora by smz911 from Bennett, CO07/08/2013

    I love this product, it helps my dogs stomach very much. I had previously purchased at my vet and they switched to a different Probiotic supplement, didn't like that one as much. Great deal on the price too.

    FortiFlora CANINE by Chuck from Novi, MI11/13/2012

    This works very well in our little white dog with dietary problems.

    Canine FortiFlora by Ele from Colorado03/30/2012

    Our dog is on many meds including prednisone. FortiFlora keeps his digestive system healthy.

    Can't live without it by 4 legged Mom from Hereford, AZ07/26/2012

    Tremendous product to keep my Lab's gastrointestinal system on an even keel.

    by Cheryl09/10/2013

    I bought it for my one dog who had trouble moving her bowels, but I give it to both my dogs and their digestions have improved.

    Great product by Shu03/14/2012

    i think this product work fine with my dogs....will recommend to all my friends....

    by AEW10/08/2013

    This product is excellent I've been using it for my dog for 6 years.

    FortiFlora by Clare from Wash. State07/28/2014

    I have been using this for my GREAT DANES - works great if they tend to have loose or soft stools or diarrhea. I strongly recommend it, helps to settle stomachs, and if you have to change food or water!

    by Dustysmom05/27/2013

    I am very pleased with this product and with the great service from Entirely Pets!

    by baileysdaddy11/29/2013

    FortiFlora is a great all around product to add to any dog or cats diet. Highly Recommend It!

    Fortiflora by KJ from Uxbridge, MA09/26/2013

    This product was a life saver for our 10 year old dog. Her intestinal problems went away almost overnight. She has been on the product for 4 years and has not had any further issues.

    Great Product by irishowner from Eugene, OR01/11/2014

    Recommened by my vet, but a better price. My dogs eat it on their food, and digestive issues stay away.

    Good price by yoelaine from Pembroke Pines, FL10/24/2013

    Good in helping with sensitive stomachs & digestion.

    Outstanding product by Magoo from Cedar Crest,NM08/06/2013

    Does everything it claims without side effects, very digestible,the dogs love it and the results are excellent

    Love This Product!! by char from WV12/25/2012

    My 2 German Shepherds would sometimes get diarrhea; and seemingling for no reason. Wasn't changing their food or diet in any way. The vet had me to try this product and it really worked and their stool was normal again. The vet tech said she gave it to her dog all the time. After checking out the price online, I was able to buy 2 boxes for what I would pay for one at the vets office. I now feed this to my 2 boys all the time, and they don't have diarrhea any more.

    Keeps tummies healthy by ML11/06/2012

    I have two Border Collies who often have sad tummies. Daily Fortiflora helps keep them healthy. When they suffer from diarrhea, I increase the amount of Fortiflora, and they clear up quickly.

    Excellent Product by Maltipoo Mom from Northern California12/31/2013

    For years, our 17-yo maltipoo was given Pepcid and acidophilus for GI upset. She did well until this past year when we noticed something was not right. Radiology films were inconclusive. Long story short: Her vet recommended we try FortiFlora. Good advice! We stopped Pepcid and acidophilus, started FortiFlora, and she's been doing much, much better.

    Best Pruchase Ever by Gunnar01/30/2014

    This is great stuff. It has worked wonders for my dog with IBD. Not that I have tasted it but it must be ok because he is a very picky eater and he seems to like the taste.

    Great Value for Great Nuttitional Product by Delaware Doggie Mama from Wilmington, DE04/15/2013

    Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement by Purina was recommended by my pup's vet, but your price for the SAME product is so much better! This is a win-win: My pup gets the benefit of a valuable, brand name digestive supplement and I get the benefit of a great price. Both my pup and I thank you for providing this wonderful product at an extremely competitive price.

    Excellent results, great price! by Lauren M from Illinois12/07/2013

    The 3pk is well worth the price! Shipping is always fast. For our dogs, this product works great for GI issues. Can use long term, but usually within a week my dog's problems are resolved.

    Wonderful Product by Kelly from California05/02/2012

    Our vet prescribed FortiFlora for our 3 year old German Shepherd last year after being treated for diarrhea due to stress related colitis. He has always had loose stools on and off but after boarding him while on vacation last summer, he had diarrhea afterwards for a week. FortiFlora helped tremendously in his recovery so my husband and I decided to continue the FortiFlora regiment to see if it would help with our GSD's sensitive stomach. It has been great and has made a true difference in his stools. We sprinkle a packet in his dinner every day and that's it! Plus Entirely Pets sells FortiFlora for half the price than our vet does!

    best product by susy from CHERRY HILL NJ07/09/2012


    by from 08/28/2013

    We were recommended this product from a Vet and it calmed down the inconsistency of our Lab's stool from being so soft and runny. It is also great for after we take her swimming because she swallows so much water at the dog park, she ends up with foreign micro organisms in her belly that causes loose stool. This procedure alone has stopped the issue completely. We also use swimmers ear drops after swimming which has eleviated all ear infections and any post swimming discharge.

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    Great Product by newfymom03/05/2012

    Great product/great price. We have used Fortiflora for years.

    Great Stuff by Steph11/25/2011

    FortiFlora is fantastic. I have a pitt terrior with a very touchy tummy. Clears up her tummy troubles within a day. She often gets loose stools no matter what kind of food she eats. This product is a real life savor.

    Great for the dogs stomach by abe from louisville Ky03/10/2014

    Keeps the dogs stomach in great shape. Once in the morning food and all is better. No more loose stools.

    Good product by samadhibliss from Jax, FL08/01/2013

    Our dog has had no upset stomachs since using this product. His breed is prone to them, so this was a great find. Product arrived quickly. Good service good product.

    love the item by chm from bethany beach de07/25/2014

    Love the item but not happy that I was unable to use a $5 credit I had. I tried several times online to use it and it wouldn't let me. Now of course it is expired. PLEASE don't send coupons if you will not honor them.

    Really helped my dog by Vicki from southern Arizona10/17/2011

    My dog (Aussie/healer/?? mix) used to have frequent bouts of being sick - she would go off her feed, have diahhrea, throw-up, etc every couple weeks. After just a couple weeks on Forti-Flora - she has had NO further problems. I checked with my vet who said it was safe to feed FortiFlora on an on-going basis. She apparently likes how it tastes - I just sprinkle a packet on her food once a day. She's been on it now for more than a year - and I don't think I'll ever take her off it!

    Good stuff by Apin from Austin, Texas04/08/2013

    Mojo has a problem with gas. This doesn't eliminate the problem but it does lessen it!

    Stops it fast! by Sandy08/20/2011

    We use this product with our service dogs in training. At times, training is long and hard and the dogs get a little stressed. FortiFlora in their meal stops loose stools fast and brings their system back to normal. The dog feels so much better too. We love FortiFlora!!

    Your dog loves it by Bob from Greenville, SC01/08/2013

    You dog lets some FortiFlora every day. We call it her doggie Yogurt>

    used this product before by bill11/27/2011

    the product does what it says. it has been very helpful for my now 13 year old dog. research the product and ask your vet if it is ok for your pet.

    good price by Liamjrt from Asheville, NC09/19/2013

    My JRT has stomach issues and I have tried all sorts of probiotics... My vet recommended Fortiflora... and after my dog had been on it for a few months I tried to wean him off and he had another bad stomach bout, back on it and all clear. Then I tried a more natural product and he got sick again... So the Fortiflora must have something in it that he needs. Works for us! He is a small dog and I do only give him 1/2 a pkt a day and that seems to work like a charm.

    FortiFlora Canine by Otto & Gus's Mom from Tampa FL03/21/2013

    My vet recommends this to all her patients as a regular supplement. I have small dogs, so I split a pack between them, unless they get loose stools. If that happens I give them a whole pack to help get them back on track. Sprinkle over food. They like the taste. I cannot afford my vet's price for this so I have found it here for a much better deal.

    by from 05/28/2012

    Started my Cocker Spaniels on this because one has a sensitive stomach. After putting this in my dogs food for a couple of days, my one cocker kept throwing up and they both got really, really runny stools - almost like jelly. I stopped the FortiFlora and eveything went back to normal.

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    great product by suz01/26/2012

    We have a 3 yr. old lab who will eat anything. This frequently caused intestinal problems where we needed to see our vet $$$$$. Finally our vet recommended Fortiflora. Since entering this daily to her food we have not had any recurring problems. We have been using product for about 6 months. It also gives her food a flavor she enjoys.

    Always have on hand! by jjw04/23/2012

    Ever since the vet introduced us to this product, I keep it on hand. Whenever Tiger has an upset tummy we try this for two or three days before seeing the doctor. It is usually just something has his system out of whack and this usually does the trick. He loves the flavor too. Just sprinkle a packet on his food and he is happy!

    IBS/colitis by astropuppy10/30/2012

    This product was recommended to me by a Vet and so far it's be great! My dog has numerous food allergies and after a round of antibotics we have been using this daily for over 3 mos. High recommend for diahrea

    by mcfig04/29/2012

    We used this product to help our pups transition to solid food after a bout of diarrhea and treatment with antibiotics. It performed well and the pups are doing great.

    Probiotics for less by MG08/21/2012

    Finding the FortiFlora Canine nutritional supplement from EntirelyPets was a great find. Paying less than what we were paying at the Vet's was great!

    Great deal by purplelori from Portland, OR11/06/2012

    We've been buying FortiFlora for our Boxer/English Bulldog cross for over 3 years. It keeps his tummy in good shape, and may be responsible for no incidents of 'bulldog flattulence' that can be an issue. EntirelyPets has the best prices around!

    good aid by ColoradoPup11/07/2011

    Our collie used to get diarrhea regularly, but a vet suggested this supplement way back when our dog was a pup. It stopped the runs cold. Our vet suggested we give it daily as a supplement--rarely does our dog have any gastric upset, even after drinking from creeks. This is easy to store--no refrigeration--and seems to really help the digestion. Cheaper and just as good as the "fancy" probiotics in upscale pet stores or in vet refrigerators.

    FortiFlora by JanelleVance from Colorado Springs, CO06/17/2012

    LOVE this stuff. My two dogs love it on their food, no problem with giving it to them :) - price was really great. Shipping was fast too! Will definitely order again!

    A Great Product To Help With Diarreha by theostwin from London, Ontario08/06/2012

    I have an older dog who had ongoing diarrhea for months. I've tried different diets including the prescription diet from the vet without any success. I've started to make my own dog food which has been a great help because my dog also has allergies and this gives me better control of the ingredients. The diarrhea outburst improved with the homemade diet, but she still would have the occasional outburst. Probiotic suppliment has been the only thing that has worked to control her diarrhea. Forta Flora was sold at the vet at a very heafty price, so I looked online and found this site to offer the best deal. The only concern that I have is when buying in bulk this way, you don't know what the expiry date is going to be or I'd buy more and stock up to save on shipping charges. If you have a pet who suffers from diarrhea do yourself a favour and give Forta Flora Probiotic a try. My dog loves the taste and it worked fast, the diarreha stopped within a day. I use it every day with her evening meal. I wish i'd known about it sooner.

    Actually Works! by sandy from Charlotte, NC02/03/2014

    My 14 year old dog has been suffering with intestinal problems for the last few years with quite a few unpleasant symptoms. Nothing seemed to work until we started giving her FortiFlora which was recommended by our Vet. It has been amazing and it appears to have basically cured her problems. Just one packet a day has done the trick.

    by from 03/28/2013

    Excellent product. My dog has had problems for years. This product works great without medicating him.

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    Pro-Biotics by Bert from Seattle, Washington02/24/2014

    My puppy was dealing with a stubborn abscess and it was decided that she would need a long term antibiotic regimen. Knowing that antibiotics kill friendly bacteria along with the undesirable bacteria, I decided to give her pro-biotics and chose FortiFlora on the recommendation of a friend and confirmed by my local veterinarian.

    Excellent product by Sugar06/16/2012

    My dog has required treatment with antibiotics frequently during the last seven years. She experienced alot of nausea and sometimes vomiting. Her Doctor prescribed Fortiflora which resolved the nausea and vomiting.

    Another inportant part of our daily regimant by Shy12/17/2012

    Again I live on a small farm.. what the cat does not eat the dog will !!!! This product keeps our dog from constant upsets after "eating out" as it were. He has had bouts of proof and with the FortiFlora CANINE his tummy is once again settled and brought back into balance. Amazing how he eats this easily as it is simply sprinkled over his food. Both he and our cat look forward to it, making it so simple to use and administer. We are all quite pleased with this product and never are without it on our shelves!

    by from 04/03/2013

    I've appreciated ordering from EntirelyPets -- products priced right, shipped quickly, and as ordered/advertised. Our Vet recommended Fortiflora for our dog, and it's been good for her digestion plus.

    Fortiflora by at from EntirelyPetsThe


    sensitive stomach by puppylove07/18/2012

    My dog has a sensitive stomach, and we found that sprinkling this on each meal seems to help keep the flare ups to a minimum.

    Best Purchase ever by Parsnips12/03/2012

    Since using FortiFlora we have had only great results.

    Works! by CC from Long Beach, CA06/10/2013

    My Aussie mix struggles with chronic giardia. My vet recommended giving him FortiFlora daily. I mix it into some yogurt with active cultures along with his dry food every evening. Giardia episodes are minimal at this point. He use to have them almost monthly.

    Good product, good price by 8201girl from New Mexico03/09/2014

    I have been using Forti Flora as an food additive for one of my dogs who has IBS. I find this to be a very helpful additive. Previous purchases from another source were double the price so I will continue doing business with Entirely Pets.

    by from 03/07/2014

    My Collie-cross dog "Honey" had inflammatory bowel disease when I adopted her from the animal shelter.

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    by Cathy02/06/2013

    Forti flora once a day calms our dogs stomach all day

    Love it by Linney from Highland, CA09/17/2011

    I have a dog that my Vet has diagnosed with IBD. He's been on steroids and antibiotics in the past. A month ago, I decided to try the Forta Flora, what did I have to lose? His poops are what they should be and he looks forward to eating his treat. Definitely worth the money.

    Great Product and Price! by DL from Poca, WV11/17/2011

    Our dog began having occasional diarrhea in late April. After many trips to the Vet and a large variety of tests that resulted in bills totaling more than $600.00 our Vet tried FortiFlora in combination with deworming, etc. There was some improvement but the diarrhea kept coming back occasionally. I started doing research on the internet and found many references to this product and the fact that EntirelyPets has the lowest price. I have changed to a grain free premium dog food and continue to use FortiFlora daily along with additional fiber (flax seeds) as well as L-Glutamine. Our dog also gets probiotics and vitamins daily. There has been a steady improvement in bowel functioning and this improvement has been helped by the use of FortiFlora. If you are experiencing similar problems with your dog then you should try FortiFlora.

    Excellent product by sally87010/06/2011

    This works so well to keep dogs and puppies' intestines balanced and regular. I do recommend it to many friend.

    Excellent product, excellent seller by bb from NH07/27/2013

    Extremely fast delivery and great price from Entirely Pets!! Product seems to be quite good and I have recommended it to my friends, who also purchased it.

    Diarrhea gone by Rottiegirl from Carmel Valley, CA03/23/2014

    Not sure if Fortiflora was the cure but battled diarrhea with our 4-5 month old Rott for about a month. Vet recommended hypoallergenic diet, chicken and rice etc all to not much avail. A couple weeks after a round of antibiotics for kennel cough and Fortiflora, she is great! Am keeping her on this long term. Our dog trainer recommends also as she uses for her rotts.

    by emlou06/05/2012

    This is a daily component of my dog's diet, prescribed after long-term need of antibiotics. There are no digestive issues with regular use of Forti-flora.

    Good stuff. by Babe08/02/2013

    My Golden retriever, Ginger, is more beautiful every day... must be the FortiFlora and the perfect bowel movements!

    This stuff works by Vanv from Ohio11/02/2011

    My 7-year old springer spaniel has had chronic diarrhea ever since he was a puppy, due to a bacterial imbalance. We did a full month of antibiotics and special low residue diet, which worked for a while, then back to the problem. Flortiflora keeps him healthy at little cost

    FortiFlora by broncosharon from Westminster, CO02/25/2012

    Seems to keep my dog from having intestinal problems.

    good stuff! by judyaustin from Boise, ID07/31/2012

    Our 90-pound chocolate lab has had a "sensitive stomach" as long as we've had her (she's an adoptee). FortiFlora has very well stabilized her; she no longer requires special food and keeps her regular food down almost all the time. We use it on our vet's recommendation.

    Digestive aide by Dino from California11/06/2012

    This product has worked well with my whippet. She also enjoys the taste.

    FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement by canagirl from Alberta, Canada12/11/2012

    I 'dog-sit' an almost-4-year-old Chocolate Lab who developed a very sensitive stomach when he was about a year old....I count on FortiFlora to help a tummy 'upset' occasionally and it does....every time.

    by Beth02/08/2013

    I have been using this product for years for my dog and it as worked wonder for him. I highly reccomend it

    FortiFlora Nutritional Supplement by Bigstuf from Surprise, Arizona01/06/2014

    Our Bichon had bladder stones and it was recommended by our vet in Canada to keep her on this product so they don't come back and it also helps to keep her digestive track healthy. In Canada it was much more expensive and I was so lucky to have found your site and saved a lot of money in the process. Will be ordering again on our return trip.

    poor customer service by laufey05/21/2013

    all of my order was placed on hold because one item was on back order, I had to call to get this fortiflora released as my pet needs this medication. There was no further contact from this company, I called back one item still on back order, no ship date. Cancelled order asked for refund that I AM STILL WAITING FOR, they did not wait to get paid. Will not use this company again plan to blast them on face book and twitter as well.

    Happy Tummy by BJ from Chandler, AZ06/18/2013

    Our little dog has pancreatitis. FortiFlora was part of the treatment when she was in the hospital. Now we sprinkle a little on her food each meal to help her tummy stay healthy. The 3 pack is the most cost efficient way to buy since we use it every meal...every day.

    Same product I've been buying at the vets... by Chloe's dad from NC04/16/2013

    But at a much more reasonable price here, especially with the 3 month auto-refill price break. Terrific deal.

    Awesome by Patti from Centennial CO05/05/2013

    Loved working with Entirely Pets. Would order from them again.

    by SMP06/19/2012

    This product works incredibly well. Helps with sensitive stomach issues with our dog.

    by Bird Dogger from Missouri03/15/2012

    Can't rate it if I didn't receive it. Only notification was through the tracking number...... Purchased elsewhere, will see how it works when I get it from them.

    Helpful by Ogee's Person from Athens GA12/23/2012

    Our dog is older, arthritic, and can't squat for a long period of time. FortiFlora keeps his digestion and elimination regular. He eats it readily when it's sprinkled over his food.

    Help My Dog Incredibly! by Colleen11/17/2011

    I have a white boxer that would have accidents in his crate and in the house. Gave him this one time a day with vitamin C. A totally different dog his coat is better and no accidents and he is putting on weight!!!

    Forta Flora for dogs is great!! by Stevie B. from Seattle, WA07/28/2014

    We've been using this product for our 6 yr old boxer for almost 3 years now and it's been great for him. It has practically eliminated his gas, and his bowel movements are normal and firm. I'd tell anyone who deals with a dog who has soft/runny stools to try it.

    great find!! by MARY from Pittsburgh07/05/2013

    Our veterinarian recommended FortiFlora after our dog had stomach problems because of feeling anxious about going to the groomers. This product calms her insides and helps her in her digestion.

    Great Produce by JB08/12/2013

    Our furry child's doctor recommended this for one of our dogs who had a number of health issues. It really helped her, so we began giving it to our other dog who was healthier, and it helped her too!

    FortiFlora - it really works by Pat from Minneapolis, MN12/24/2012

    Our dachshund had loose stool so we tried FortiFlora and it works great. 1/2 a package in the morning and the other half in the evening.

    by from 08/26/2013

    Love to keep this stuff around. Anytime my four legged boy has some sort of tummy trouble, we just top his food with this for two or three days and things are usually back to normal!

    it! by Very from excitingAnd,


    Wonderful product for loose stools!! by KLC06/29/2013

    FortiFlora was recommended for my spaniel by his vet when he began having very loose stools. He had his gallbladder removed 18 mo ago and the problem has progressively gotten worse since. Many tests and new foods did not make a difference, but FortiFlora did! It did take time, 8 weeks of ground beef /rice diet + pumpkin + FortiFlora only, and he now has healthy stools again! Wish it was available in bulk rather than packets. The cost would be less. I would love to just use it all the time!

    Amazing difference by Gene01/28/2012

    both of my standard poodles have benefited greatly from this, they have very sensitive stomachs.

    Excellent Product;Great Price! by jollygreengiant from Central Texas11/08/2011

    FortiFlora does an excellent job of re-establishing the normal intestinal flora in dogs with "touchy" gastrointestinal tracts! We were able to save 40% off the price charged us by our vet!

    Great Price & Quick Delivery by M&Mmom from Florida08/22/2014

    My vet has both my dogs on FortiFlora so the monthly costs are high. I now place my orders at a super great price & they process & ship the order out same day and it arrives in just a few days. WOW, no follow-up calls needed!!! The process works so smoothly.

    FortiFlora by Kathy C from NH08/01/2014

    I always keep this on hand. Its a great product.

    Featured Reviews for Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)
    by doxiemom08/07/2014

    It did not to seem to make any difference in her stools

    by Bobbye-Anne from Morganton, NC02/28/2013

    This product seemed to help the first day and a half but was then questionable . I continued to use it but eventualy felt it was not helping . I thought it was worth a try .

    Rapid Care G I by Peanuts from SE Wisconsin10/22/2012

    Great product I have used this for 3 years and it has saved my dogs life. Thanks to the Vet for telling me about it and Entirely Pets for a great price. I would reccommend this product and will continue to use it on my 16 year old Yorkie-Poo.

    Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc) by Wagsnpurrs from North Augusta, SC12/12/2012

    My dog has a delicate stomach and this seems to do the trick every time. Acts quickly. And the dogs ask for the product everyday! They love the taste! Great Price!

    good for dog diarrhea by kareninky from lexington, ky09/11/2013

    really helps a dog to get over loose bowels

    Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc) by injoie from Orange County California10/25/2011

    both of my Huskies hate it, i purchased 10 and I used just one...i'm stuck with 9

    Super pricing - great buy! by Rock House Frenchies from Mesa,AZ01/25/2014

    Same product as the more expensive brand at half the price!

    RAPID GI by crazecatlade10 from North Carolina11/30/2012

    I have to keep this on hand - usually have 2-3 tubes of this stuff. 10 cats, 3 dogs - someone is bound to have an indiscretion. Even with tummy upset with a dog, works fast. The cats don't really care for the taste, however they take it. For the amount and size of tube, you can't beat it!

    It's Awesome! by James10/27/2009

    This product is awesome, my cat ate something from the yard and it caused her to have major diarrhea for 2 days and Rapid-Care really helped stop it and made her feel better. Would recommend to others out there.

    great stuff by jlspring from Houston, tx07/25/2013

    worked very well. got rid of my dogs diarrhea

    Excellent Product by Elizabeth from Victor, NY11/05/2011

    This product is a miracle! It is a natural way to firm the bowels and eliminate odor. My cat has been diagnosed with IBS. After hundreds of dollars in vet bills I found this site. Thank goodness. Just after 3 days his stools are firmer, less odor, his appetite has increase, and he is playful again. No more blood in the stools! I had to experiment with the application of this. I found that putting the correct dosage in a small bowl and mixing in some dry potatoe flakes to make a paste that I can roll into pea sized nuggets is the best way. I then drop the nuggets into this mouth like a pill and he can't spit it out otherwise it can be very messy. I am very pleased and highly recommend this product.

    a good purchase maybe by kareninky from lexington, ky08/27/2013

    can't really review the product because I haven't used it yet but I've heard it is very good

    This works great! by Stephanie4Cats from Bergen County, New Jersey03/31/2014

    My kitty, Molly, is about to turn 18 years old. She has kidney issues with intermittent diarrhea and stomach distress. This product works very quickly. It usually only takes 2 doses before her stool is back to normal. And, then she's fine for a couple of weeks. This will probably be an on-going issue for the rest of her life, so I'm happy I found a product that helps with her distress.

    Works Great! by WJW01/11/2011

    This paste works better than any other product that I have tried and our dogs like the taste!

    Rapid-Care GI by goldieha from Pineville La03/10/2014

    I had a very very sick kitten took her to the vet and he gave her the Rapid GI it cost me 25.00 dollars it worked great but when i found it at Entirleypets web sit i couldnt beleive the price diffrence this stuff is wonderfull and my kitty is all better great stuff!!

    This works! by Judith from Millsboro, DE02/10/2013

    My rat terrier has bouts of strange noises in his stomach from time to time. During these episodes he will not eat or drink and he acts very strange. The vet said Maalox, which we did, but with very little help. One dose of Rapid Care G.I. and he was back to his loving self. This is easy to administer and it must taste good. He licked it off my finger and looked for more. Great product and easy to use too.

    For Sarah by Adonna from Walland, TN06/01/2013

    Sarah, my Old English will be 15 in August. What a miracle. She has incontience, auto immune disease and heart failure. She takes pred., Digoxin, Rimidyl and antibiotics for possible bedsores she may get. Sometimes her tummy gets out of wack and I turn to Rapid-Care G.I. I have used it for years and she love it. It keeps her tummy in check.

    Good for Emergencies by MiaMama12/20/2010

    This works well for the occasional problem my dog has with very loose stools. There's usually a big improvement after only one dose. But you have to use quite a bit of the product at one time, even for a small dog. It's also not easy to administer by yourself. The container is large and awkward, and I found it very difficult to dispense into the mouth of a squirming dog. It's still a great product though. Maybe other pets like the taste enough to just lick it up, but not mine!

    Working well so far by Vi10/05/2011

    I have been using this product for about 10 days along with NaturVet Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for my cat who has had chronic diarrhea for over 4 months and am very pleased so far. Previously I had used other probiotics, hypoallergenic food, steroids, and 4 different antibiotics from the veterinarian, and nothing helped. His stools became more normal after only a couple of days on the Rapid-Care GI and NaturVet products.

    Rapid-Care G.I. by Dog product shopper04/06/2013

    I have used this paste for a number of years and I have just switched to this brand. This works exactly the same as many others on the market, It is half the price of the other brands and you get twice as much 60 cc instead of 30 cc. As soon as I see loose stools out with the paste, within a day we are back to normal depends on the severity of the problem. Fewer visits to the vets and not using prescribed antibiotics constantly. I always have it on hand. I have recommended this product to many people they wondered how they ever managed without it.

    by Trish02/27/2012

    I used this paste for 2 weeks, as directed, for a cat with terrible diarrhea. The cat LOVED the flavor of the paste, and ate it very eagerly. So the plus side is that the product was easy to give and quite paletable to a feline. Unfortunately, the paste did not resolve the diarrhea for the cat in question. Since diarrhea can be caused by many things in cats (parasites, liver disease, bacteria, IBD, etc.) I am not too disappointed that the paste didn't work. I bought it figuring it was worth a shot, because if it worked it would be a simple, inexpensive fix. I'd recommend giving this paste (along with a thorough deworming) a try before running straight to the vet to rack up a big bill for bloodwork, fecal tests, and abdominal ultrasounds; but be prepared to do just that if the paste doesn't work for you.

    This stuff worked for our boy by Wendy from http://us.macmillan.com/author/wendywahman03/14/2012

    Our standard poodle had hepatitis and was battling diarrhea. Rapid-Care G.I. helped him - big time. I think it also helped with his vomiting. The ingredients are natural and act to slow down and soothe the gut. I'll always keep a tube of this in my doggy/kitty medicine cabinet.

    Featured Reviews for Ark Naturals Gentle Digest (60 Caps)
    Ark Naturals Gentle Digest by Ellie05/28/2013

    Best pet probiotic for the price!! My cats have very sensitive stomachs & they really needed a probiotic to help calm their tummy problems. I just open up the capsule & mix in the powder with their canned soft food. My cats don't even know they're getting a little something extra healthy!

    effective product by she11/21/2011

    This product keeps my 2 rescued cocker spaniels in good health. Both like to eat whatever they find in the yard - lizards, dirt, etc. - plus what shows up during the daily walks.

    Prebiotics and probiotics for our dog by Dog+Cat Fanatic from Portland, OR06/03/2014

    Great stuff!! I open up two capsules daily and mix it in his dog food daily.

    Gentle Digest by Betz from Indiana09/18/2013

    My older dog Eddie was having stomach problems, which he had never had before. I changed food and tried everything, then I found Gentle Digest and decided to try it. I also asked my vet about this product and she said it was good. So I started giving him 1 in am before eating and 1 in pm before eating -- he has done great on these and I'm glad I found them.

    Highly recommend by susang09/20/2013

    Have a 16.5 year old terrier that was having gut issues. Within 3 days of starting use of this product his issues have ceased and he is doing well. He now gets it every 2 days.

    Good Product by catman from Miami, FL05/27/2013

    My cat started having loose stools and Gentle Digest took care of it. His stools are back to normal. A great product and very inexpensive. It also helps the cat when throwing up frequently.

    Ark naturals Gentle Digest is the Best! by C4Pathology from Jacksonville, NC01/04/2013

    Ark Naturals is great for Any digestive problems! Inside the bottle are capsuls with powder inside each. For the dogs we give them whole in a piece of cheese. For the cats we tilt their heads back and break open the capsule and pour the powder in. We use Ark Naturals Gentle Digest for trips, we have two dogs Happy (a 65 lbs Walker hound) and Jellybean (an 18 lbs Transylvanian Hound)(when pets seem to get upset stomachs-they will not throw up on this stuff), We have two cats with irritable bowel syndrome and even thought of having them put down-before we found this wonderful product! (Cat poo outside the litter box in diarrhea form is totally disgusting) with Ark Naturals Gentle Digest-we no longer have a problem with the diarrhea -the medicine actually stops all diarrhea in one day after one dosage! Totally amazing! Our family loves Ark Naturals Gentle Digest and we will continue to use this product! No other product compares to it!

    Great product by MC from Miami, FL12/06/2010

    My 13 year old cat had frequent big hairball spells. I tried this product for the first time and it really helped. His hairballs intervals have greatly diminished and when he does have one it is a small one. The Pre and Probiotics are helping his digestive system. I definitely recommend this product. You can't beat the price either.

    Good probiotic by Owned by a Sheltie08/20/2014

    Our one dog has a long history of stomach and bowel problems. This product was recommended and has been helpful in maintaining a balance for him.

    good product. by cat lover 1959 from Ohio02/12/2014

    I open the capsule & mix it in to their food & they eat it all up!

    Gentle Digest by Bets from Indiana09/03/2013

    I have been very satisfied with these pills, Eddie has not have any problems since he started taking them, and I took them to my vet to be sure and she said 'Good, keep him on them'.

    Featured Reviews for Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
    Geneflora review by CAV08/23/2013

    Great results. Constant loose stools before use in both my pets and after a week of use they are no more! :)

    great product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY04/01/2012

    I purchased Geneflora for my beautiful, sweet, white Pit Bull. She suffers from seasonal skin rashes which usually starts in May - Sept. but is now starting in April and lasting into November. She looks so awful and is so uncomfortable. Vets wanted to do expensive tests and put her on steroids. We said no to the tests but tried the steroids first. Not comfortable with putting my pets on meds. Steroids was a temporary fix and it made her nuts. We stopped that and last spring I started her on different supplements from another pet company, which made a difference but not completely healed her. So I started doing research and read that it is a yeast infection and you need to start from the inside ( the intestines ). This made a lot of sense to me because her skin was always clammy to the touch and she also had a very bad rash around her private area year round . I came across Geneflora a couple of months ago and figured I give it a shot. The price is great so why not? I recieved it and started her on it right away. I mix it in 1-2 tablespoons of plain yogurt or plain yogurt with probiotics. I have been giving my dogs the yogurt everyday so I know what made the difference in her. Within 2 weeks her private area completely healed and her skin was not clammy. It really helped with that so I'm really hoping that she doesn't suffer this season. I will try to give updates on her and I'm very hopeful that the Geneflora will make a huge difference.



    This is a great product! by Lisa B, M03/28/2008

    ?I have a fifteen-year-old Pomeranian named Spunky and the vet said for us to expect his passing at any day. He was sick with pneumonia and suffered from bad breath and severe arthritic problems. I started to sprinkle Geneflora? into his food and during the next few weeks the dog was "reborn". He was no longer severely sick, his bad breath cleared up, and he was jumping around like a brand new puppy! Thanks to Geneflora? for Pets he is truly ?Spunky? again. This wonderful product brought back so much life to my pet, that I know it will help other pets in need.?

    This Product Works for Lexis Paris by Debski from Carson City, NV03/15/2012

    We have been giving Geneflora to our Poodle/American Eskimo mix pet child for about 2 years now. She tested positive for many allergies (chicken, beef, oats, corn) and has a very sensitive stomach. I make her food (pork, rice, potatoes and veggies) and we sprinkle the Geneflora on every morning. She rarely has a stomach upset now and her stools are firm.

    An effective product for your pets by Amy L, Spokane03/28/2008

    ?I have 6 Dachshunds. One of them has had a chronic ear infection for years. I had tried everything I could find to help, and nothing worked. Another dog has a nervous disorder and vomits quite a bit. I have worked in a vet clinic, and have been a dog groomer for 23 years. I saw an ad for Geneflora? for Pets and thought why not give it a try. In 7 days the ear infection cleared up, and after 4 weeks, the other hasn't vomited once. I'm glad I tried it, it worked where many other products did not.?

    WONDERFUL Product!!! by KookieKids04/12/2012

    Geneflora is a must have product for anyone who has a pet that suffers with digestive problems and/or ear infections. Noticed an improvement in our dogs (two terriers) health immediately!!! Plus, their coats are shinier, energy levels up, and no more expensive vet visits for ear infections. Three year happy user.

    Good stuff! by sevans89 from Kansas09/05/2013

    I bought this for our special needs Pug who has developed stress-related digestive issues. This product seems to be helping solidify his stools, so as long as it keeps working I'll keep buying it.

    Palatable and convenient! by DoctahJ from Chicago IL09/25/2012

    My finicky Pekes have no problem taking Geneflora. I mix it into their food and unlike many other products, they do not turn their noses up at it. It has aided their digestion and reduced the horrible breath one of the dogs had. My vet recommended it for maintenance, and I have to say, it has paid off!

    by from 03/28/2008

    I thought you and other readers might be interested to know what I used to clear up bad ears in my Boykin Spaniel. He had a chronic problem with yeasty ears. I?ve used a product for several years for my own struggles with yeast, and decided to use the product on my dog. The product is called ?Geneflora? for Pets ? and it is a wonderful probiotic that does not have to be refrigerated. It comes in a capsule that can be opened so you can sprinkle the contents on food.

    the by powder from fromI


    product. by It from hasI


    Two Birds with One Stone by Dora from San Diego, CA03/19/2012

    This probiotic will not only irradicate my two Boston's yeasty ear infections that keep coming back, but help them in their digestive quest for excellence! Thank you EntirelyPets!!

    Allergy Relief, finally! by Ahhhhhna from Columbus, Oh11/16/2011

    My German Shepherd has allergies and would get rashes. My vet suggested giving him Benadryl every day but this did not seem a great option. I looked around and found Geneflora and decided to try it. I noticed the spots start to go away within a week and now they are completely gone. Geneflora has been a miracle for us.

    It firms them up! by bumblebee02/11/2011

    Was happy to find this. Within a day or two, depending, two of my dogs who have sensitive stomachs these days have firm bowel movements after using, and that's after some serious mucous-y diarrhea. The first working day they don't go at all, then the next day is a healthy one. I'll use it with a chicken&rice bland diet if things are really bad, but sometimes I'll just put it on their regular food and that brings them to normal again. I just ordered more. No refrigeration required, which is convenient.

    Excellent treatment for ear problems by HavHavs12/05/2011

    Helped control yeast problems in our dog who is susceptable to infection from thick ear hair.

    Stopped Vomitting Problem by Rolf D, Tuxedo NY11/13/2008

    We were having a problem with our rescued St. Bernard. She had colitis and had a very sensitive stomach. She couldn't handle her Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements in her food, she would vomit almost daily and she couldn't walk very well with out taking it. We were in a dilema. She needed her nutrition and supplements, but she wasn't able to keep her food down consistently enough to help her. Geneflora? settled her stomach down to where she now keeps her food down and she benefits physically from consistent feeding with her added nutritional supplements. She now walks better because of the Glucosamine & Chondroitin and she can handle it digestively because of Geneflora?. Thanks!

    Stable, Reliable, Easy to Use by DoctahJ12/08/2012

    Geneflora is a godsend for pet owners needing a probiotic. It does not require refrigeration, it's easy to dose properly, animals ingest it easily, it's an excellent probiotic and it is reasonably priced. Unlike SerraPro, which was great but impossible to get reliably, Cycles of Life so far has been producing regularly and reliably. This product works well for my dogs both to help rebuild the digestive tract after stomach upset and antibiotic use, and it helps to minimize halitosis. It's a dream come true in my household.

    by from 04/04/2011

    My cat was having problems with diarrhea for a couple of reasons. When she doesn't have diarrhea, she's constipated. I can't seem to find the happy medium for her. I was at wits end with remedies, and came across this product on the internet. I decided to give it a try because it also contains gelatin to help joints. I had already tried two other probiotics, but they didn't help her problem. My cat has a little bit of a pop in one of her knees and I was giving her another supplement for it. I stopped the supplement once I started Geneflora, but the pop came back.

    product by is from greatBottom


    She eats it! by Pepper from Berkeley, ca11/14/2012

    My very finicky dog eats this on top of her food!


    I buy GeneFlora for my cat with irritable bowel and food allergies. If I do not give to her, she has loose stools and even has blood in her BMs, and it smells bad. As long as I give GeneFlora to her consistently, her BMs are much better. She has to be on a good diet (Blue Buffalo) with high-quality protein, however, but most cats do. We can't feed our cats grains (chicken food) and expect them to not have a reaction, right? They also should have moist food daily as they need moisture in their diet. I mix GeneFlora in the wet food for all of my cats because they need the enzymes anyways which are cooked out of the food we give them. This product works! I always stock up on this because with multiple cats, I go through it quick. What's good about GeneFlora compared to most enzymes is that it only takes a small amount once a day to make a difference. Start out slow, and I bet, you will notice a difference after a couple of weeks. If not, then you need to change your cat's food or take them to the vet to make sure nothing serious is going on. Do the research on picking a better food with protein as the first few ingredients! Don't feed your cat chicken food. It's so wrong!

    excellent product! by greyhoundlvr04/02/2013

    Works wonders with the digestive system and poops are firm too! One heaping scoop with each meal does the job for my greyhounds.

    by SJ04/01/2013

    I did not order this product from you as it was back ordered. I preferred the product before they made changes. Not liking the granular consistency and since being on it previous symtoms related to yeast have returned in my dog., The longer handle on the scoop is nice.

    Tear Staining Removal with This Probiotic by Jane B from Tampa, FL10/30/2012

    I've tried at least a half dozen different ways to control my pedigreed Bichon Frise's tear staining. Last product I tried before this one made it so much worse. I know this is not the main thing that this product was made for, however, I saw an article about probiotics for dogs which recommended using them to control tear staining. I've used it for a little over a month now and it's made a big difference. She was groomed last week and it looks much better. The groomer and I thought with maybe two more groomings the tear staining would be under control completely ... at which point, I'd give it 5 stars. Also like that I don't have to refrigerate it. I mix a level scoop with a tablespoon of wet dog food and mash it up well. She loves it and stands on her hind legs to get it.

    will use this for life by jlkelly from Nova Scotia, Canada04/04/2013

    This probiotic supplement is so easy to use. The powder is very fine, odorless and tasteless. It has gone a long way toward reducing yeast related, and digestion issues with my dog.

    geneflora by judy11/13/2011

    very stable and easy to use couldn't do without it helped my westie with skin problems(mallasezia dermatitis).

    a wonderful product by Cease04/28/2014

    I believe this product has been essential to prolonging the lives of two of my animals, who have since passed, and my cat who is FIV, who has been such for 4-5 years (he's almost 9 yrs old now), and I think he was starting to slow down a little. I started giving him the last of this I had from previous animals, and he's back to normal! It's great stuff!

    Great Probiotic by Doggrl from Wisconsin08/20/2013

    One of our dogs had loose stool for years and after doing some research, we started him on a probiotic. Things improved. Then, when we moved to a new state, we had to get a new (holistic) vet, who started our pup on Geneflora. Big difference. Our 11 year GSD mix is happy and healthy and easy to clean up after. Our other dog benefits from it too. Good stuff!

    Used this for 3 yrs by SC07/02/2013

    Helped my dogs breath and ear infections. Most important though, is it helps him to digest his food completely. He used to have a bowel movement 7-8 times daily- now just twice.

    Geneflora by Marnie from Brighton, CO08/25/2012

    Great product for dogs who have a sensitive stomach.

    !!!! by Plissken Kuato11/06/2012

    Cleared my German Shepherd's allergies. No more skin rashes!

    good product by Barbara06/25/2013

    I use it everyday 2x a day in my 3 goldens meals...

    Excellent Product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY07/01/2012

    I wrote a review on 4/1/12 about my beautiful white Pit Bull named Ava. I wanted to give an update. It is now July 1st and she is still looking great!!!! I know Geneflora made all the difference with her skin allergies. By now she would have been full blown with rashes. I used to feel bad taking her for walks cause people would look at her and think she was in a lot of fights because her skin was so beat up. If anyone has a dog or cat with skin allergies, I highly recommend Geneflora!!!! I will update through the rest of the season. Hope this helps.

    Recommended by Suzanne from Seattle Wa.06/15/2012

    Recommended by breeder of my Golden Retriever puppy.

    Was Satisfied by Gracie08/09/2012

    I have injured my one hand so I can only use one, so this will be brief: We are satisfied

    One word...Wow... by Lily&Casper from Baytown, tx04/23/2012

    Geneflora is so much more than just a digestive aid. It strengthens immunity, reduces yeast and bacterial growths, helps control allergies and keeps my pets' health in great condition. Their hair is super shiny and has an added gloss that regular nutrition can not provide and they've never had digestive problems like constipation of diarrhea. I give them a scoop every other day or so and it works great. Will always buy.

    Our pets deserve the best! by Chris05/08/2013

    Probiotics help in humans, and they work in our pets too! My dogs have not had stomach problems nearly as often since using this wonderful product!

    Great product by bittersweetgsp from St louis MO01/07/2012

    I have used Geneflora for many year. My dogs benefit by having stronger general health, resistance to infection, slowed aging, reduced gastrointesinal health etc. Their coats glow, their teeth sparkle, their intestinal function is resistant to anything they might ingest inthe field and their ears never have issues with mites, odor etc. Never have to clean them. Great stuff.

    Simply the BEST! by Fleabags from Milwaukee, WI10/25/2011

    Geneflora is THE best probiotic I've ever used for my cats and dogs. It's easy to administer in food and they don't seem to mind the taste. I've tried other probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome in my cats and none have worked to stop their diarrhea like this product. I use this product daily on my senior cat and it works better than any fiber I've tried before. I'm never without this product in my house!

    Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)
    Lifesaver for both my IGs! by Tiff from North Kingstown, RI12/19/2012

    This is the go to for me when my IGs have digestive issues. It's safe and easy to administer. Love it!

    Helps our little guy by crazy cat people from Daytona Beach, FL10/31/2013

    We have a cat that has had problems with his digestion since a kitten, vets could not figure out why but he never could keep his food down so in combination with holistic food and these drops he has been doing much better but he still has stomach upsets just not every day.

    Great product!!! by Viviana from Florida01/10/2013

    Sometines my baby dog has stomach problems. I give him some drops and after 20 minutes he feels much better.

    Great purchase by Cathy from North Babylon, NY01/12/2012

    This item has helped with my cats vomitting. And the price is awesome! Already convinced my aunt and my father to purchase from here.

    Use something else. by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/19/2012

    I'm the exception here but I felt that this product did nothing to cure my baby of his digestive upsets. It is too expensive for the tiny amount you are getting and though it advertises that it is homeopathic, there are many other great alternatives that are natural and even organic for your pet to use besides this. Do your research and find what is the best...I can assure you, this is not.

    awesome safe product by Carol from Chicago, IL10/07/2011

    I'm so glad I found this natural product. My cat has vomited so much she ruined my carpeting. I didn't want to take her to the vets because after a visit there her and the other cat fight and I don't wan't her to be stressed. She has not vomited once since using this amazing product. I will definitely order more.

    Great Product by Rossann11/29/2011

    I give this to my chihuahua for gas and it does wonders,thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT

    Works great! by Carol01/31/2014

    My boxer had chronic stomach upset. I don't know if it was acid reflux or something else, but he would throw up white foam. I put him on a maintenance dose of 5 drops 3 times a day and no incidence in weeks! Don't hesitate!

    A great product that really works! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

    I keep this product on hand ALWAYS and use it whenever I start seeing any digestive distress in cats and dogs. It's simple to use - just add the drops to the regular feeding - and I've seen positive results in as little as 8-12 hours. It's more universally accepted than canned pumpkin for diarrhea, but the results are just as good, if not better. I think the product helps the pet's body to heal itself, which is a good thing. In years of occasional use, I've never had a bad reaction or lack of improvement. I'm a big fan of holistic medicine, and this product should be in every pet-owner's first-aid kit.

    Excellent by Ohio from Cincinnati, OH07/26/2012

    I've used this for about 3 yrs. for my dog. She has digestive issues. It's fantastic and has helped tremendously. Her Holistic Vet approves. All of the Homeopet Products are amazing. We wouldn't be without them. I've told an endless amount of people about them.

    Digestive Upsets by Denise12/27/2008

    I love these products. I had a cat who threw up constantly. My husband (a veterinarian) said there was nothing wrong wirong with him. I starting him on these drops. NO MORE VOMITING. Trib (our cat) actually jumps on the counter in the morning to get him drops - of course, I put them on liver sausage.

    Really works! by Nancy05/24/2008

    Our cat was diagnosed with "kitty esophageal reflux." The vet recommended a human pill remedy, but that didn't work, and poor Cleo kept loosing weight. We tried HOMEODIGES as a last resort and the results were amazing. Within a week she started gaining weight and we were able to start cutting back on the dosage. Now we only dose for a week or so when the reflux reappears (every 2-3 months). Thanks for providing a wonderful product,

    Changed Barkley's Life by Barkleys mom07/17/2012

    Barkley is a 13-yr-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi who is prone to a sour stomach. He has taken medication and a special diet for this condition. Since discovering HomeoPet Digestive Upset, Barkley's life is much better! He takes this 3 times a daily with his meals and has improved to the point of not having to take prescription medication.

    Featured Reviews for Iams Veterinary Formula Prostora Max (15 Tabs)
    Great but Expensive by Charley08/29/2013

    My dogs often have their digestive flora out of wack, they also tend to pick bacterial infections that upset their stomachs. We are on flagyl all the time I swear. This stuff works miracles at getting a dog's stomach back in balance and ending diarrhea fast. At least diarrhea that isn't cause by a parasite. It is great for after a run of antibiotics as well, since antibiotics kill good bacteria and bad. If this was cheaper I would use it all the time because it works great. However, I tend to just go buy Jarrow brand human probiotic (the room temperature stable kind, so its portable). It works pretty well, though not as well as this stuff and is cheaper.

    So far so good by Frontier10/26/2011

    I purchased this to help with the eye staining on my Golden. It has not been very long that she has been on it, but I think I am noticing some improvement.

    Iams Veterinary Formula Prostora Max (15 Tabs) by Lori05/12/2014

    These were recommended by the veterinarian as she stated they would stop the tear ducts from running which is a huge discomfort to Mitzi. I debated whether or not to order these due to the cost and the ingredients but after reading the reviews by other dog owners for the same issue I figured why not. Unfortunately the product does not work for Mitzi and her eyes are running worse than ever and we are at the end of our 2nd box of 15 tabs at $45 a box....

    Excellent Product by Beannatra from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada07/30/2014

    A vet provided me with this product when I was out of town and my dog came down with a digestive problem. I was so impressed with the results that I purchased 2 more boxes from Entirely Pets.

    Good for tear stains by Evie's Mom from Johnson Creek, WI03/31/2013

    Evie is a Teddy Bear (Shitzhu & Bichon) and had severe tear stains. We have been using Prostora for 4 months and she has just a small amount of staining left. It appears to be mostly left over from the original staining. The area right under her eye is white. If you try this be sure to give it time before you decide if it works for your dog. The stained fur needs to grow out and be trimmed off to see the full results!

    Best Ever by Neeks from New York NY08/13/2011

    Our vet gave us a box of Prostora for our German Shepherd. He has gone borderline septic due to a bleeding ulcer and issues with pyloris due to him swallowing a piece of teflon toy by nylabone and a sharp cable hook. He had bleeding stool, black, and after the "calm down" period, we tried this. I had tried others prior to this, from Vetri Science and other companies, but this one was the best. Prostora is amazing, and I noticed that it worked immediately. Super product, costly, but it works which is the main topic.

    No more tummy upset by Minnie from Dallas, TX11/02/2012

    We love this product for our sensitive tummy dogs. We also come to Entirely Pets to purchase it. Best price. Fast shipping.

    Hoping will help with tear stains by AUQTS from Alabama06/28/2013

    Friend said this was recommended by their vet to help with tear stains and has helped greatly. Just starting to use it so no verdict yet.

    Great Product by fetchemup from California10/29/2011

    After trying medications, rice/cottage cheese, changing diet three times nothing was controlling my field labs greasy/soft stools. A friend told me about this product so I decided to try it and... AWESOME...it worked got her up running again and able to hold her energy level and back to doing what she loves the most retrieving and competting at her high levels again. Would highly recommend to any one fighting long term loose stools. Now she is healthy again all do to PROSTORA MAX TAB Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful product it really works ! :0)

    by from 09/17/2011

    My six year old basset started chemo with a vet in New England over the summer, and they prescribed Prostora to help keep her stomach settled while doing the chemo. Boy does it do the job! She did great for the first two rounds of chemo, and she loves the taste of the Prostora!

    down by to from theWhen


    by from 05/02/2011

    I take probiotics on a regular basis and want to start my German Shepherd on them too. I've researched a lot into probiotics and how, where, and when to use them. Probiotics are to be used preventative as a daily supplement. That is where their true benefits are noticed. This product is outrageous and has only one probiotic strain. FortiFlora would be an equivalent product at a much cheaper price. From the product research I've done though, Synacore is the best on the market and is still less expensive than prostora.

    Natural by Science from forThanks


    Tear stains by Grams08/13/2014

    I got his from my vet after he showed me the literature about what prostora max would do for tear stains. Before giving this to my Bolognese, I had the stained hair around the eyes and mouth clipped. After a month of giving her this product, cleaning the eyes several times daily, and keeping the hair trimmed, there is no change. The tear stains are as bad as ever.

    Control tear stains on white furry faces by Biscuit from Southern California11/26/2013

    For sensitive furr babies, this is the best to ensure proper digestion and minimal tear-duct stains.

    A miracle by Arty02/09/2011

    Our German Shepherd has been suffering from diarrhea for months and we have tried everything--blood tests checking parasites, fiber supplements, new dog food, prescriptions, and other probiotics. Our vet gave us a sample of Prostora and we saw results within 24 hours. We can't believe how well and quickly it worked. Expensive but worth the money!

    Product Does What It Says by mayasdad from Southern New Jersey11/06/2012

    After using another product to treat my Samoyed's tear stains and being disappointed in the overall results, my veterinarian suggested using Prostora Max. She explained that the product aids in food digestion and helps get rid of harmful bacteria in Maya's system. It is also helpful if the stool becomes loose and runny, if your dog has that problem. I decided to give the product a try and have not been disappointed. I gave my dog one tablet each day for the first two weeks, then the dosage was knocked down to 2-3 times a week. At the end of the first two week period, I noticed that the licking stains around her mouth disappeared, as did the staining near her tear duct area. Maya continues to get 2-3 dosages per week and is doing great. I wish the product weren't as expensive. OF course, your local veterinarian will charge top dollar, as usual. However, after looking around online, Entirely Pets has the best price. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a very white dog, like the Samoyed.

    Disappointed by est10/19/2011

    The problem with this product is tht, while rather costly, my dog refuses to eat it. Even if it is disguised in some treat, he spits it out.

    Different Use! by Bubbles from Florida10/05/2011

    My vet suggested we use Prostora Max to help with tear stains, and I must say it has really been good. Plus it is very easy to give it to our dog, since she loves it and thinks it's a snack!

    Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)
    Excellent Value by Valentine from Columbus, OH02/01/2013

    Works great and easy to use. Vet recommended and was great but costly. Much better deal by purchasing through Entirely Pets.

    Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)
    by zawieco11/05/2013

    Excellent product...does what it is supposed to do. Helps kittens through that difficult time.

    Very Effective by Cat owner06/01/2012

    I had a litter of kittens with diarrhea, was giving them Forti-Flora and Bactaquin. Plus pumpkin/sweet potato, and rice in their canned food. Pro Pectalin works the best of all these products for curtailing the loose stool!

    Great by SueCque from Killeen, Tx01/19/2012

    Got the product quicker then expected. My Cat appriciated that and so did I :).

    effective product by kareninky from lexington, ky08/13/2013

    product definitely helps with dog diarrhea - my vet recommended it

    what I expected by quiltlady07/21/2012

    The item was as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you

    Best Gel on the Planet by Gab from FL11/06/2012

    Pro-Pectalin is one of the best products I ever used for my dogs and cats, there are no side effects. One or two dose for either cats or dogs will take care of the problem.

    Best One! by LYL04/14/2013

    Pro-Pectalin is the best anti-diarrheal med. It always works!

    I always keep this on hand by ChulaChi from Plano IL08/27/2013

    I breed Chihuahuas, the puppies as well as the adults are small and can't afford to have diarrhea or any weight loss so it is important for me to have something safe and easy to use on hand. Most of the dogs like the taste of it and will readily eat it. I usually get fast results when I use this product. The price is GREAT too.

    Pro Pectalin by kitkat from Nebraska04/06/2013

    I got this gel for my Oriental Siamese.It's worked very well or his sensitive stomach.

    GREAT STUFF! by tanyad from Louisiana06/17/2013

    I have a Yorkie and pro-pectalin has soothed her upset stomach many times!! I will not be without it.

    Excellent item by TAB from Melbourne, Fl12/09/2012

    My Vet sold me these at much higher price. I won't be without them.

    WONDERFUL PRODUCT by Debbie from Belleville, IL02/26/2013

    Our Schnauzer had watery diarrhea while on vacation. 1 dose checked his diarrhea. Not only do I LOVE IT, but so does Buddy!

    Great Service by twade04/08/2013

    I've used this product for several years for a cat with a very temperamental intestinal tract! All tests revealed nothing but a bad case of anxiety so the vet recommended this product. It works great and is gentle on the animal too.

    miracle for my elderly dogs! by Meemaw from ohio12/03/2013

    My 3 dogs are all elderly (14,14 &12) and their digestive system is not what it used to be. I find that if I give them a dose of the pro pectalin at the first sign of a problem they seldom need a second dose to set them back to normal! Once on a trip I was not able to dose one of them at the first sign of trouble which then escalated but even then after a couple of doses she was OK by the next day.

    Great!!!!!!!!! by Shooter from Valley Mills, Tx.01/23/2013

    This stuff is the best! Our 140 American Bulldog has stomach issues, every few weeks we have to give him a couple of doses of the Pro-Pectalin and it gets him back on track! Zeus thanks you for the fast shipping too!

    Antidiarrheal gel by mzee from Michigan02/03/2013

    This was prescribed for our 5 y.o. Brittany last spring when he contracted C Diff. This is a paste consistency which is very easy to give orally inside the lips-its premeasured for the right amount each day. Worked great. Just ordered a tube to have on hand for the 'next' incident. Much cheaper here than the vets office!!!!

    good product ///excellent price by e.m.08/17/2013

    i like to stock up on these. this shd last for about 4-5 months

    Great product by cape catlady from cape cod07/11/2013

    I run the kitten program at a shelter. Use this for diarrhea in kittens with great effect. The combination of pectin and probiotic is great.

    Best Med for my Yorkie ever by Heidi from Titusville, Florida10/25/2013

    My 13 year old, 6 pound Yorkie has lived all her life with bad breath and upset stomach. My vet finally tried her on Pro-Pectalin after trying many other meds and it works GREAT and in about 10 minutes. Her burping, bad breath and gas stops, she perks up because she feels better, and is able to eat again. I also give Pro-Pectalin to her before taking long trips in the car and she NEVER gets sick in the car anymore. Thank you Entirely Pets

    This stuff really works! by Sharon from Lewisville, TX02/27/2013

    Our 11 lb. yorkie has had chronic gastro-intentional issues since she was a pup. The Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel really helps to ease her distress. On top of that, she really likes the flavor. We thank you and so does our yorkie!

    Best Product!! by lias01/02/2012

    When nothing else worked for my dog's diarrhea, this did!!! I tried pepto bismol, immodium, pumpkin, yogurt--nothing worked until a friend told me about this stuff. It's natural and it really does work!! It's a life saver and I pass on the name of this whenever I can!

    Great product by peg from louisiana05/06/2013

    Our vet had given this to our dog, and it really worked, but expensive at the vet's office found it on here half the price, just bought some more. Worth the money

    Half the price my Vet charges by Sandi10/23/2011

    I love Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel, I can use it for both Cats and Dogs digestion problems. Buying online at Entirely Pets was much less expensive than my Vet.

    Doggie-Immodium! by JennyluvsRebaandDixie from Cape Cod, MA05/27/2010

    My little Papillon, Dixie (1.9 yrs old) has had the typical small dog issues with her stools since she was a pup (who ever decided to breed a small breed dog with long butt hair wasn't really thinking "practical"! I like to compare it to a woman trying to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress!) and about 1 year ago she had a BAD bout of Pancreatitis that landed her in the Emergency Hospital for 6 days (a pretty penny- about $2700.00! Thank goodness for Pet Insurance!). This product has been a life saver for both Dixie and me! Ofcourse no over-the-counter medication is an equal replacement for veterinary care if your dog is ill, but this is a great product for every pet owner to have on hand! It's great for the occasional upset stomach and when your dog gets into the cat food, trash, etc. It's also been great with the history of Pancreatitis, if Dixie gets an upset stomach after my regular vet's office hours, it works almost immediately and it helps prevent the dangerous symptoms associated with moderate to severe diarreaha such as dehydration (it doesn't take many loose bowel movements for an 8lb. dog to get dangerously dehydrated), vomiting blood and bloody diarreaha from an irritated G.I. tract, etc,. This has helped by me time to get through the night without having to take Dixie back to the outrageously expensive Emergency Hospital and calms her symptoms until our regular vet opens. It's worth shelling out the few bucks to have this on hand rather than the costs of an emergency visit! It's some sort of Doggie-Murphy's-Law that your pet only gets sick at 2am... I call it Doggie- Immodium, it really does work great and my vet said it's great to have on hand and perfectly safe to give your pet. It says on the label (or somewhere in the advertisement) that your pet will love the taste and the review from "Snoozer" before mine said their dog liked it, but unfortunately I have them beat with "picky-dog factor" Dixie HATES it! The good thing is that because its a nice thick paste as long as I get it somewhere on her muzzle (she puts up a fight like you wouldn't believe- but that stems from being treated poorly and force-fed as a puppy, it's not the products fault) she does lick it off and gets enough medicine in her system to be effective! So overall, I highly recommend every dog and cat owner to have this in your home, even if your animal doesn't have a history of GI issues! Most people have Immodium or pepto in their medicine cabinets, shouldn't you do the same for your pet? PS- the cats LOVE the taste! They even lick the paper towel I wipe my hand off on after giving it! Reba, my Pomeranian (also a picky eater- just not as bad as Dixie) doesn't mind the taste and it's easier and more pleasant than shoving a pill down their throats!

    This med is really working! by Ella E. from Buffalo Grove, IL12/11/2013

    My 12 years old dog Pasha is allergic to gluten and has diarrhea very often even with a food I cooked for him myself. I decide to try Pro-Pectalin - this medication really works. I add it to his food as recommended and he is doing fine. Thank you!

    Best treatment for IBD! by hastybakeking from Tulsa, OK07/03/2012

    I've been using Pro-Pectalin for 3 years now. My 11 yr. old schnauzer has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, occasional diarrhea and bloody stools. This always clears up the problem. It's the only medication that he'll easily swallow. I sometimes use it while adding other pills to the dose and he swallows it fast because he likes the taste.

    Definitely Helped by Paul C from Lexington, KY11/13/2013

    Our young cat has ongoing stomach issues due to a parasite he had when he was a kitten. Regular use of this (one dose a day in his food) has made a dramatic difference in his bowel movements. If your cat has stomach problems, this is worth a try.

    Effective, easy dosage/admin by Snoozer from Washington DC02/24/2010

    A sick dog isn't eager to chew big tablets, or at least mine isn't. But the Pro-Pectalin gel is easy to measure, isn't hard to get into the dog's mouth, and apparently doesn't taste bad (says the owner of the pickiest dog on earth). It combines traditional stool firming ingredients, kaolin and pectin, plus probiotics to help get the gut back on track. There are other effective products out there, but if it is hard to get IN to the dog, they don't do much good.

    Good Product by Jim11/18/2012

    All 4 of my cats had intestinal parasites, abdominal infection and diarrhea and were on metronidazole and albon for 2 weeks which made their diarrhea worse. The pro-pectalin along with probiotics twice a day for 3 days helped them get back to normal after the antibiotics.

    very good value by linny03/31/2013

    I have been using this for a cat with diarrhea and at first purchased from the vet. Expensive! Then I found another pet prescription website which was cheaper. THEN I FOUND YOU AND THIS IS THE BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!

    Great Product by Jenny from Louisiana08/21/2013

    A friend of mine told me about this product when 2 of my dogs ate something that made them really sick. I think it was a spoiled can of dog food I had just bought that made them sick. She gave me some pro pectalin to give them and they both stopped throwing up and having runny p**p right away. And they love the taste of it. Real easy to give to the dog. Just squirt the dose in there mouth and its kind of sticky like peanut butter so they can't spit it out.

    Best product for pet stomach distress by Angie B02/05/2013

    This product is excellent for stopping diarrhea in dogs. You can squirt it directly into their mouth. My dog actually likes it and licks the end of the syringe to get every bit of it. I use Purina Forti Flora too. Usually I use baby rice cereal and sprinkle the Forti Flora on top. Our dog is 12 and has a very sensitive stomach.

    this maybe shd be considered a miracle drug by ed the cat-fanatic from chicago06/02/2014

    this product has to be adminstered with the proper 1 ml dosage for cats weighing---on the average---8 to 10 lbs with about a 3/4 " strip being given as a dosage. u must confirm this with your vet. they always say to not give too much but giving too little such as a 1/4 " just doesnt cut it. if the product is going to kick in---it will kick in in a hurry.i have never tried the powder or the caspule---strictly the tube ---but it is just AN OUSTANDING PRODUCT AS IS MOST everything fr vetoquinol.

    Great Product! by Hiker 1695 from Gainesville, GA04/29/2014

    Works quickly. At the first sign of stomach upset I give my Miniature Schnauzer a dose. Sometimes only one dose is necessary. I will always keep Pro- Pectalin on hand.

    Excellent product by Corinne from Summerville, GA08/12/2012

    I am a breeder. I use this product to help transition my puppies from nursing to eating puppy kibble, Without this product they tend to have diarrhea while weaning, however with this product we have no problems with soft or loose stools. It's also good for older dogs who's digestive track gets off keel.

    works well by traif from Boca Raton, FL07/23/2013

    So many chemicals used in Florida, not sure what they are, but it upset his stomach-it helped him

    Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)
    Great stuff ! by Karen10/24/2013

    This product really works and works fast. I have been using it for years. I mix it with canned food and it gets eaten readily !

    Great product by josmum from Kentucky11/08/2012

    My dog's sensitive system doesn't tolerate change, so she would develop diarrhea. I tried other medications, but none were as effective as this. I will always keep Pro-Pectalin on hand.

    Great value by cookiesmom from Nixa, MO06/16/2013

    Same product we got from our Vet, but half the cost. These tablets solved Cookie's recurring diarrhea problem, and he gobbles them up like they are treats. Shipping was fast, too!

    For Stressed Dogs by hbk10/23/2012

    I own a kennel so dogs are sometimes "out of sorts". At the first sign of a digestive problem I give them Pro Pectalin (either as a chewable or crushed). It usually helps right away. My vet said it is very safe. Of course you must always contact a vet if there are other signs of illness or it doesn;t clear the problem within a day or two, but I am a real believer and wouldn't want to be without it.

    Almost a miracle by Mom of three greyhounds from Illinois11/06/2012

    Our senior greyhound had serious antibiotic-induced diarrhea and had lost her appetite entirely (except for things she really shouldn't have been eating!). She eagerly ate the Pro-Pectalin tablets, however, and her appetite returned within a day or so. Controlling the diarrhea took longer, but this product is definitely a lifesaver.

    poor,old quality product by crazy dave05/30/2012

    these are large absorbant pills and i have ordered them before. normally they are easy to break in half and give to my small dog. however, this batch is hard as a rock. and can hardly be broken in half. my poor dog has already choked on them twice.

    Best stuff ever! by asp from Chicago, IL03/26/2012

    Best medicine on the market for dogs with an upset stomach!

    Worst Customer Service & Communication Ever by Roy10/04/2011

    I was not advised until a week after placing the order that one of the products ordered was not in stock & back-ordered. Being out of stock is understandable, but not shipping the other product I ordered on time is not acceptable. I paid for express shipping & confirmed my order date 3 time with customer service. Service dept continued to tell me I was using the wrong order date and refused to credit my account for the wrong shipping costs: I should not have been charged express 2-3 days shipping when my order arrived over a week later. I should have been called and advised that my second product was not 2 weeks backed ordered, but in fact about 1 month. The extra 3 dollars I paid for shipping is NOT the issue or concern. It is the principle of getting what one pays for.

    Love this product! by Dana from Mcdonough, Georgia01/08/2013

    With a new puppy his stomach gets upset from shots, anxiety and anything he can fit in his mouth! Pro-Pectalin works fast and I feel better knowing that it is an all natural product.

    worst by Valia from Chicagoland area10/03/2013

    Gave 1/2 a tab to the cat in need, who then spent the next 10 minutes vomiting on various parts of the kitchen floor. Tried to grind it up into this wet food the next day, which he refused to eat at all. I have a full container of this stuff. What am I supposed to do with it? What a waste of money.

    by Elena03/30/2014

    I use it in cats like a food supplement against diarrhea. Very good and inexpensive product. It works!

    Really helps my lab by Katherine from Mansfield, PA03/20/2012

    My 10 yr. old lab recently had her spleen removed. Her digestive system has had trouble ever since. Various tests have shown nothing to explain her regular diahrea. This product helps her every day. I give it on a regular basis. There are no ill side effects and she loves it like a treat!

    by from 11/03/2012

    The best product so far to treat mild diarrhea. Dogs love the chewable pill, the results can be seen right away after the first dosage and does help the intestinal flora. I have multiple dogs and one with digestive condition, so I have tried lots of products. It is also safe.

    EP by is from unbeatableAs


    by from 11/06/2012

    We originally learned of this product with our old senior dog (now an angel dog) at his pricey former vet. They worked and our new vet liked them so we've been getting them online here ever since for our current dogs. They are all natural and sometimes they seem more effective than other times, but they help to firm up their stool. It has pectin which is from fruit and good bacteria.

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    Great price for this product by Dash's Mom from Lakeland, Florida04/17/2012

    I have been using this product with my Greyhound, Dash, for the 3 years since I adopted him. It works great to control his intestinal problems. I am so happy to have discovered your catalog as your price for this product is less than half of what I had been paying at the Vet's.

    by from 06/11/2012




    Excellent product by Boltonator02/18/2014

    My pet has crones disease, and this has helped him to go into remission.

    Effective by TM from Arizona12/04/2012

    Purchased Pro-Pectalin as alternative to more expensive probiotics to treat diarrhea in cats. Within 48 hours of beginning Pro-Pectalin treatment in 3 cats, diarrhea in each individual had ceased to be a problem. Crushed and powdered (using mortar and pestle) tablets were mixed in wet food and readily eaten by all 3 cats.

    A Very Good Product by Jude from Alvada, Ohio09/26/2013

    I have an OES with a very sensitive stomach. This product is a good treatment for your dog if you follow directions.

    Just one complaint by DocD. from Lakeland, Florida08/31/2013

    This product works well and my dog likes it, but my only complaint is that 10-12 of the tablets are usually so broken into pieces that I cannot use them because I cannot determine the proper dosage, and another 10-12 of the tablets are actually pulverized into a powder at the bottom of the container and cannot be used due to dosage problems and because the powder just makes my dog sneeze. So, I feel that I do not get my full money's worth.

    by from 09/12/2014

    Great Product by Tilla from Dallas, TX10/20/2013

    This is wonderful stuff. If your dog has loose stool or diah. it works like a charm. Just give to them over several days, and then keep on hand for whenever needed!

    best purchase and excellent dealer by samsdox from Vancouver WA07/25/2012

    Product is great but the service couldn't have been better. From start to finish my transaction was handled quickly and I received my order within a few days. I'll definitely be back!

    These tablets are amazing by AnnS from San Tan Valley, AZ06/29/2011

    Here in Arizona we get really hot in the summer and my dogs can sometimes get diarrhea when they play too long on hot days. Despite available clean water and shade they often get dehydrated which is exacerbated by the diarrhea. Getting it under control used to be a battle I fought every summer and even though I restrict their outdoor activities to the cooler part of the day, they can still can get heat related diarrhea. I was skeptical about the efficacy of the Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets but to my surprise they work very well. If the diarrhea is really bad I may have to administer the tablets for a few days but most often it begins to get the diarrhea under control within 24 hours. The added bonus is that my dogs seem to like the taste of the tablets and think they are treats so I have no problem getting them to take them. I think it helps settle their digestive upset while reducing fluid loss causing further dehydration. I won't ever go another summer without having these tablets on hand! Great product.

    for those delicate tummies by hg10/24/2011

    I give my Dog 3 tablets with his meals 2 times a day...every day! (1 for every 20 lbs) He considers them a treat...and likes them.

    Pro pectalin by Darcyg from Ontario, Canada06/18/2014

    Very good product! Entirely Pets is an excellent company to purchase from

    Excellent Product by Chevy from Lake Worth, FL01/16/2012

    Our 12 year old greyhound suffers from repeated episodes of diarrhea. The vet thinks it is irritable bowel syndrome. This is the only product of the many we have tried that will work quickly with no ill effects. The big bonus is that our non-food motivated boy actually will take this willingly. We always have this on hand and qive it at the first sign of a flare up.

    by from 10/30/2011

    Really helps my Greyhound by DocD from Lakeland, Florida12/20/2012

    My rescued Greyhound has significant bowel problems due to the rancid meat he was fed on the track. My Vet recommended this product to contain his chronic diarrhea...and it works very well.

    Wonderful Product! by Lynn from Lansing, MI02/27/2013

    Nothing was helping our cat's smelly messy diarrhea until we tried this. We gave our 11-lb.cat 1/2 crushed tablet added to his food 2x day for a couple of days. However, it didn't completely work until we followed the instructions exactly and gave it ti him every 8 hours. Then a day later, things were back to normal. Thanks for a great product.!

    pro-pectalin helpful aid with digestive issues by maggie from Danville, Indiana01/13/2014

    I have a Yorkie that has a very sensitive GI track. Whenever she gets into trouble and develops diarrhea, I've found using Pro-Pectalin helps regain and maintain her GI system quickly.

    Excellent product by ileana from Washington State01/23/2013

    Thanks for the excellent product and your wonderful service.

    Might work better for others by banville from Cataula Ga.01/07/2013

    The only way my 2yr old dog would eat them is if I busted them into powder & mixed it in his food. A very picky eater.

    Featured Reviews for Proviable 30mL Kit with 10 DC Capsules for Medium & Large Dogs
    Great Investment by Grandkitties from Northeastern Maryland07/17/2014

    We own a senior cat with IBD. In addition to prednisolone & vitamin B12 injections she gets a Proviable capsule in the AM & 1 mL Proviable KP in the PM. Her stools are firm & she no longer vomits. Another of our senior cats was vomiting bile several times a week so she is now getting a Proviable capsule every AM. A great product for senior companion pets.

    A lifesaver! by kaylee4elbee from Racine, WI12/03/2013

    I have a dog with IBD and this proved to be a lifesaver to getting her back on track. Now, keep in mind that all cases of IBD are different, but I will always turn to proviable in this mix if she flares again! I now use the proviable capsules daily for her!

    Life saver! by Rodney's mom from Baltimore,Md02/13/2012

    My Great Dane has a lot of sensitivities and the vet often prescribed an antibiotic. It didn't take long for the prescription medications to stop working and for him to have extensive periods of diarrhea and weight loss. Proviable was a last resort the veterinarian prescribed and we couldn't be happier! Now his "bad" times last less than a day and he was able to gain and keep his weight up. I recommend this to anyone who has struggled with their pet's intestinal sensitivities and wants to get the same medication their veterinarian prescribes for a lot less money.

    Featured Reviews for Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs
    Helps the dogs a lot by Rosie from Wheat Ridge, CO06/17/2012

    Both of my dogs have 'funny' stomachs, frequently upset (probably because of what they eat when we're out walking in the greenbelt). This product keeps their intestines in good shape, and I definitely would recommend it.

    finally relief by kacee from orange county, NY09/13/2014

    recommended by our vet, this probiotic finally solved our dog's intestinal issues.

    Does the trick! by Rusty from Wylie, TX01/22/2013

    Our female Pomeranian has arthritis and is on daily medication. Proviable-DC keeps her regular and prevents diarrhea. The capsule is easily broken open to sprinkle on her canned food or hidden in a piece of cheese. The 80 capsule package is reasonable priced at less than 43 cents per capsule. EntirelyPets has the best price that I have found and normally ship quickly.

    Keeps our cats healthy by Carl from Lehigh Valley, PA01/18/2013

    At our Vets recommendation we have been using Proviable-DC for about one year. Our cats have never been healthier. Emptying the capsule contents into their moist food is easy and the cats eagerly eat the food and get all the benefits.

    Waste of money by JB12/28/2012

    Used it on my kittens at advice of my vet to help resolve soft stool and develop a healthy digestive system. Gave them both explosive diarrhea. I used 2 out of 80 capsules and cannot return them. Out almost $35.

    Life saver :) by Milo's mom from VA10/22/2012

    This product has literally been a life saver for me and my little yorkie. Milo suffers from severe HGE and finally a holistic vet recommended this product. Since being on this probiotic, Milo has had no episodes at all - NONE. His system has calmed down, his digestion is now healthy, and I'm a happy dog-mom! I sprinkle 1 cap on his breakfast kibble each day and it couldn't be easier. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone to try if their pet is experiencing digestion problems - just like with humans, probiotics can make a difference :)

    Awesome Med by Dani01/21/2012

    I have a dog that has IBD, you look at her funny she gets diarrhea. I have her on the Proviable Caps once dialy and this helps maintain her GI balance. I would recommend these for anyone who is dealing with dogs with chronic diarrhea. This really does work magic.

    by from 06/13/2014

    I recently purchased some Proviable capsules from EntirelyPets and was very happy with the ease of ordering plus the cost was less than half of what my Vet charged. The product was delivered quickly.

    will by order from againI


    Great product. Packaging poor by PJ02/18/2014

    I am pleased with the product and the price. I am only giving 4 stars because every time I get a box sent to me, the delivery method always crushes the box and makes storage of this product difficult.

    Proviable - Heaven Sent by Ninja88 from North Las Vegas, Nevada11/07/2011

    Proviable was prescribed for one of our Feline Kids, Zabione. He was having terrible stomach issues and diarrhea along with the fact that he is a mature boy the experience wasn't easy for him. After changing his food to Taste of the Wild and a daily capsule of Proviable he is nearly back to normal with the diarrhea completely resolved. This product is heaven sent for certain. Would recommend for canines or felines.

    Better health by JH03/20/2011

    My cat was ill with stomach problems. Taking proviable has made him feel much better. He is back to being a playful young guy!

    by from 10/23/2012

    my dog has anxiety related bloody diarrhea heat, anxiety, stress will bring it on used this for 4 months daily 1 cap with meals recommended by my vet instead of Rx drugs

    MIRACLE..... by from IT


    works so good its a miracle by crazydogladyaz from azworks


    Prevents diarrhea while on antibiotics by Jean from NJ05/22/2014

    About 90 percent of my cats (24 currently) would get diarrhea while on Clavamox, which is the best antibiotic for upper respiratory infections in cats, and I'd have to discontinue it. My vet gave me Proviable to give with the Clavamox one time and it worked so I ordered the 80 count to have on hand for the future and it does seem to prevent them from getting diarrhea so I highly recommend it. The antibiotic clindamycin also causes diarrhea in my cats but Convenia and Baytril do not.

    Superior product! by Cat lover from Red Feather, CO10/23/2012

    Proviable DC has made all the difference in my cats' digestion! When I learned all the things probiotics do when they're specific to the canine or feline gut, I knew this particular brand would always be a crucial part of my animals' diet. They all crave it - very telling! And it's tasteless which is always nice. I love that each capsule comes individually wrapped to preserve freshness. I cannot recommend this one highly enough! I really love my animals and regardless of budget, I will always afford Proviable DC. Not to say it's expensive - I'm just giving it to 7 cats. Awesome product!

    proviable-dc by max from boston ma12/02/2012

    I purchase proviable-dc from Entirely Pets and the service is fast and less expensive than when i was purchasing from my Vet. Max is a german shepard and is 10 yrs old. Most shepards have intestine problems but the proviable-dc and royal kanine hp kibble has solved his problem and he's doing fine. I also give him rymadyl and he is more active which is a anti-inflamatory.

    Sensitive stomach by 6 dogs from Lancaster Pa03/18/2014

    My 3 year old Cav Abby has tested allergic to EVERYTHING. The Proviablehas helped eliminate her very loose stool. She takes it everyday, a missed day is not good. It helps her feel better and no nasty in her long hair.

    by Murphy08/06/2013

    Easy to open and sprinkle on food. Helps rescue dogs transition to a rich diet.

    MIRACLE CURE, TRY THIS FIRST !!! by flyleslie from CLEARLAKE CALIFORNIA09/21/2011

    My dog ate a piece of algae from a lake, that night the diarrhea started and then the vomiting. Things got worse. So after 4 weeks on flagyl` without improvement I decided tp try Proviable KP, this was something I came across while researching my sick dogs symptoms. 30 minutes after the first dose she asked for food. Incidently she had been vomiting all day with bloody mucous stool, which also had skin in it. Its day 4 and she had a well formed normal stool today. This could have saved me the $800.00 at the vet if I would have tried this first.

    Great for my shepherds by Suz08/10/2013

    Since my shepherds have been on these once a day, I have not had "any" major stomach issues with them as in the past. What a great probiotic.

    GREAT product!!!! by Judith from Connecticut06/16/2011

    My elderly cat had been having diarrhea for some time now and we were baffled and just considered it part of aging. She begin losing weight so we brought her to the Vet who put her on a daily capsule of "Proviable". Stools are now solid!!! And she no longer cries when going to the bathroom. Just an FYI - My Vet also put her on Metronidazole. It could have been the combination of both. Either way, VERY, VERY, pleased with the outcome!!!

    by Tippy12/07/2012

    Good product , easy to dispense and came in mail very fast.

    Proviable DC works for my dog by Lizzie05/18/2014

    My dog has IBS and food allergies. He is allergic to chicken and most of the other probiotics have chicken in them. Proviable does not. This product works well for him. I just open 1 capsule daily on his food and he eats it right down.

    Best product for my cat that has diarrhea by Extreme Cat Lover - ECL from Atascosa, Texas11/17/2011

    This product was recommended to me for a cat that has almost constant diarrhea - I am giving this to her each day - I just open the capsule and empty it into her mouth and she does not fuss about it at all so she must like the flavor. She has not had diarrhea in two days after receiving 5 days of 1 capsule dose each day. I LOVE this product and I LOVE Entirely Pets - delivery of product is so prompt.

    makes life better by mimi from Seminole Fl.11/05/2011

    I have been using this for my cat for sometime now , she gets a capsule once a day half in the morning and half at night. Helps plus a diet of venison and peas.

    Solid! by Max's Dad10/18/2011

    Max (Labrador) has battled soft "stuff" for years. We tried everything and ended up having to give him kibble exclusively to keep him from going runny. NO TREATS at all, not even a little bit. The worst were the hard dental treats. He'd get runny immediately. After a week of Proviable I started introducing some chicken jerky and the like. A couple of weeks later I gave him a dental treat. No complaints. Great product.

    Great product and a good price by Dane mom11/29/2011

    My Dane was put on the capsules after the paste treatment. They work great on keeping his sensitive stomach stable!

    Huge improvement in my 2 dogs' GI health by IggyMom from Ann Arbor, MI11/23/2011

    I have used Proviable DC for both of my dogs with great satisfaction. Cleo had terrible gas, constipation, & diarrhea as a consequence of kidney failure. After taking Proviable DC, as recommended by her vet, Cleo's GI normalized. Bella frequently had mucosy stools with intermittent diarrhea. Since using Proviable DC, all of her bm's have been normal. I love this product because it really made a world of difference in my dogs' GI health & overall well being.

    Courteous Customer Service by Kathy from Bellaire, Michigan12/05/2011

    I talked to a rep this AM: EST 11:30AM: she was very nice and courteous in answering my question about the status of my order. Thank you.

    Makes life easier by Wendy from Long Island, NY07/27/2014

    I rescue dogs. There are always new faces here in my home fostering and one thing for sure-I don't know what these dogs ate and there is almost always some belly issue adjusting to new food and I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach. Many of the probiotics we have tried get sprinkled on the food. This poses a big problem with picky eaters. The proviable capsule slips nicely into a treat like a pill pocket or mushy type treat and no matter how picky my dog is there is a way to get this into them and the results are terrific. No stomach issues and the benefits of probiotics for the health of the dogs is wonderful. I recommend this product. Sure you can get cheaper but with probiotics remember they are not created equal. There are many different qualities of products.

    by Lin from NC01/08/2014

    Ordering was easy and delivery was fast.

    Awesome!! by Danni from Saint Paul, MN02/28/2014

    My dog has had chronic diarrhea since she was a puppy. Nothing but W/D could stop it. But it was only masking the underlying problem. Fortiflora didn't help, either. But once I started giving my dog these pills... it was like night and day. No more diarrhea and she is finally able to come off of W/D! These pills did what no vet could!!

    Great by Susan from Rosedale, MD05/03/2012

    I think that this product is helping my boxer--he has some digestion issues that we are hoping this will help with. Right now his stool is slightly better and that is good progress.

    best value by blur of fur04/29/2014

    best thing you can do for your pet, just like humans to keep digestion healthy

    Probiotics work by CJ02/09/2013

    These were recommended by my vet for my dog who loves to scrounge in the yard and then gets an upset stomach. They really work and help rebalance her system. I give them to both dogs every day just to improve their health.

    Good product by carolcat from Bristol CT07/30/2013

    Very good product recommended by Vet for our cat, very glad to find it available on your site will continue to purchase from you.

    Cheaper than vet's price by none from Texas10/23/2012

    Your price is about $5 cheaper than the same product from the vet's office.

    good stuff by karmom from seminole, Fl.06/07/2013

    I have been using this for yrs now. Helps with loose stools along with pumpkin. She gets one capsule a day and aprox one tesp pumkin three times a day. My sphynx has had lose stools since the day I got her,yes has been tested for this and that. Also has skin allergies, and now eats z/d dry food. She is on 4mg antihistamine 1/2 in morning 1/2 at night. I got her here in Florida, breeder is gone. I was told by a friend that she was sick and is some where out of state. No help there, Uck!,so I do the best I can now. She is seven yrs old. What a shame we both have to go through this mess. .

    Great Product! by K in Jacksonville04/15/2014

    I have had my dog on 1 capsule of Proviable-DC for several years with good success. Recently on a walk in our neighborhood a neighbor's dog bit my dog. Therefore, my dog had to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I increased the dose of Proviable-DC to 2 per day during the time he was on the antibiotic and a few days afterward to control the digestive upset antibiotics cause. Proviable-DC worked well. I just sprinkle it on my dog's food.

    Excellent Product by DAS from Sterling, VA03/06/2010

    My cat Gulliver has a compromised GI system. His vet prescribed Proviable-DC and it has given him normal stools. I open the capsule and mix it into a small amount of wet food, then give him the rest of his meal after he finishes his medicine. Very easy to administer this way and solves a big problem. We are both happy!

    proviable - dc by brandi from oklahoma09/16/2014

    works like a charm! great service and good price. fast shipping!

    very good product by Hedy from Atlanta Ga10/29/2012

    my dog " Lady is doing very well with this product. She is 16 years old and a border collie mix. Her appetite returned and she is feeling so much better. Would recommend it very highly.

    Proviable DC by Dog+Cat Fanatic from Seattle, WA01/13/2014

    A great product for the cats. The vet in Seattle recommended this product over the rest of the probiotic that is being sold to one of our cats. The vet stated that it is ok to feed to the rest of the cats. Have been doing this recommendation since October.

    Proviable DC for Cats & Dogs 80 capsules by Teresa07/02/2013

    It was exactly the same as what I got from the vet, but it was less expensive.

    alternative to prednisone by Melissa12/30/2009

    My vet wanted to put my German shepherd back on prednisone for his chronic intestinal issues. I pleaded for something else, since the prednisone had some horrible side effects last time he was on it. The vet had me give Proviable a try. Within three days my dogs liquid stools were firmer than they’ve ever been without any side effects.

    Cured our Problems by Marj from AZ10/23/2012

    Our vet recommended Proviable-DC for our little chihuahua because she was having recurring digestive problems. It has simply eliminated the problems. Great stuff!

    by Jules from Austin, Texas06/17/2012

    This product helps one of my cats who has chronic soft stools. The capsule makes it easier to give than the things you put in/on the food since you never know if they will actually eat it or if one of the other cats will eat it.

    Seems to be same as vet product by Sportsy from Houston04/04/2013

    This product seems to be just as effective as purchasing form the vet & certainly @ a lower price!

    Helped cat with UTIs by melissajkelly from Omaha, NE11/05/2011

    My cat (over 10 years old) was having constant UTIs. Prescription meds weren't taking care of it. I finallly introduced this probiotic, and the UTIs stopped!! Now, I continue to give it to her because she considers it her "treat" and comes to me wanting it (she must know it helps).

    great product by re from New Jersey12/09/2012

    my 14 year old golden retriever had diarrah constantly this product has really helped relieve it, I simpley open the capsule and sprinke it on top of her breakfast

    This is GREAT by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

    I love this product and what it does for my cats. I have one that has issues with Herpes, I adopted and she if FUSSY and likes this in her wet food. The others have shown improvement in stools and their digestion. This is a wonderful addition to their diet. And they like it!!

    unbelieveable by Alex01/25/2009

    My Veteranarian in Maine started giving this to my dog after months of mucasie stools, no mater the brand. This started after the food recall that killed animals. One day she would not eat and has been this way ever since, until proviable DC-80

    Love it by Heidi06/18/2009

    My cat has had contant diarrhea since Dec 08 and we've tried everything. This is the only medicine that has hardened his stools and the gel cap is very easy for him to swallow. I love it.

    More economical than at the vet. by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA06/21/2013

    Our vet recommended this for our elderly Cairn Terrier who was having digestive problems. It seems to be helping to eleviate most of them.

    Amazing Difference by Jessie11/28/2008

    Our dog has intestinal problems with every type of food, no matter how good the brand, and even on prescription food. As long as she eats only her food and no other snacks or treats, this product keeps her bowel movements solid for the first time ever!

    Worked wonders for my dog. Great product by Darlene10/31/2012

    My Lhasa Apso was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. She is 4 years old. She was very, very sick. When she came home from the hospital, she was on 3 medications and the Dr. wanted to put her on steroids. I put her on a strict limited diet of turkey, potatoes, carrots and peas. I immediately started her on Proviable-DC. That was 10 months ago and she is doing really, really well. She has returned to good health and continues her limited diet and Proviable-DC daily. We couldn't do without it. Thanks to Entirely Pets.

    This stuff is GREAT! by peapod from Michigan01/03/2013

    My dog has had some digestive issues. The vet recommended this product. It has helped a great deal. I appreciate Entirely Pets because of their prices, prompt shipping, and availability of products that help my dog stay happy and healthy.

    great product by Mya the Berner01/23/2013

    Proviable has changed my dogs digestive system and her life. I thought for years that she had food allergies and as it turns out, Proviable was all she needed.

    Great product by Queen Eva's Mom from Catskill Mountains10/25/2011

    ProViable has helped my 16 month old kitten who has trouble absorbing the nutrients of her food. Between the diarrhea or the giant poops four times a day, I worried she'd never thrive. Taking ProViable every day has helped regulate her little body and she is doing so much better.

    Seems to be working by JEF01/31/2014

    I bought this because my cat has chronically loose stools. He isn't sick but when he goes its mush. This seems to be firming them up. My vet is a firm believer in probiotics for general good health so whatever makes my babies healthier I am all for.

    by Liz09/13/2013

    Our 5 year 10 month old dog has benefitted greatly from this product as well as pancreazyme

    Great Price by Cin10/27/2012

    Our vet had put our dog on Proviable-DC as a maintenance drug to keep her stools firm. The vet price is quite "pricey". I am so thankful for Entirely Pets! They have saved me a lot of money!

    excellent product by maria12/20/2009

    excellent product to have in the house until the dog can be seen by a vet.

    Great for all dogs & cats by amanda4904711/07/2012

    This probiotic works wonderful and very quickly whenever my dogs need it for gastric upset or if they are on antibiotics for some reason. Also great for pets with food allergies because it has no flavor added, the small amount also makes it very easy to administer even to a cat. Highly recommend it and the price here is fantastic.

    error by purplemav09/08/2014

    waited over a week forproviable and when the package came, they sent me cosquein for cats! when i called they said they would immediately send me the correct item. a few hours later i get an email that says it's out of stock and don't know when i'd get it! i cancelled order and ordered it from someone else and got it in 2 days! will not be ordering from here any more....

    great by pennywise from Hawaii03/23/2014

    Proviable-DC is truly worth the money. One of my dogs was having a problem with loose stool. A friend recommended I try this. Wow. It made all the difference. After reading about probiotics, I started using them myself. Good for the dog and good for me :-).

    Essential for your dog's health by Lord Byron from denver,co10/17/2011

    I have been usignt his product for almost tow years... It is essential for creating good bacteria in your dog's G.I.

    What my vet recommended by SK10/24/2012

    A great price on the brand my vet recommended. I know the role probiotics have in the immune system, so I have kept my dog on these since he had surgery for liver cancer 2 years ago. It is life insurance!

    Good product, good price. by Pam from California04/16/2014

    Our Boston Terrier has a very small liver, so he takes Proviable every day. Entirely Pets provides excellent service with fast shipping at a very good price.

    Proviable-DC - 80 capsules by pweezil from NH10/29/2012

    These were recommended by our vet to keep our dog's finicky digestive system working correctly. They work really well.

    PROVIABLE ROCKS! by Traveled Woman from Portland, OR04/05/2013

    We have been using Proviable-DC for YEARS for our many cats and our dog. It is an excellent probiotic product, much more effective than FortiFlora which was initially what our vet prescribed for our cats with GI issues. We have several cats with health challenges (which often happens when your pets are "rescues" which all of our animals are). Without exception, Proviable has helped all of them, and it's been especially important (just as in humans) when our animals have been on antibiotics. Also really excellent is Proviable-KP which comes in a paste form and works great if your pet has an acute attack of diarrhea. ALL the Proviable products have been great for our fur-kids!

    Poor Quality Probiotic by DocJennyVet10/05/2011

    Very low quality Probitoic manufactured to "legitimize" use of probiotics by putting a "Medicinal" name on them...sort of like Hydroxycut for weight loss..........just an amino acid ......

    Proviable DC by Crickett03/16/2014

    Wonderful product! Gave my older cat's system, the 'balance' he needed. No more diarrhea.

    Great Buy by Pam12/11/2011

    Our boston terrier was recently prescribed Proviable-DC. Entirely Pets price is half the price at the veterinarian's office. The ordering process was easy, and the product arrived quickly. We will definitely continue to shop at Entirely Pets.

    Proviable works! by AgileBeagles from Alhambra, CA01/25/2012

    We've been giving Proviable daily to our youngest Beagle for some time now for IBD-like symptoms, and it continues to work well. Our oldest Beagle developed some gastrointestinal issues related to cancer last Summer, and Proviable has helped her immensely as well!

    Proviable DC Capsules for cats and dogs by Dink10/28/2011

    My Standard Schnauzer had severe flatulence with a very unpleasant oder! My Vet prescribed an anti biotic along with the above Proviable-DC capsules and his gas problems were controled. After spending several hundred dollars with no success I finally found a product that works wonders for me and the dog. He is now on a daily regimen of this product and he is happy and so am I! I would highly recommend this product to any dog lover whose dog has a gas problem.

    vet recommended by caldog from California01/28/2012

    Have used product for a few years at the recommendation of our vet. I was thrilled to find it at EntirelyPets because your price is less than that charged at the vet. A good probiotic is important to overall health. This one is excellent.

    by from 04/11/2014

    I would love to say how wonderful your service is BUT I have yet to receive my order, apparently backordered with no expected date . Had to order from another company until I receive the order from you.

    by from Sharon"


    probiotics by frady03/06/2012

    I think overall my cat's digestion has improved, do not know how much is this product, but in combination, we are getting a few more good months out of our old cat. Don't want a new one, just happy to keep the old one going. And the purrsnickity animal eats it ok.

    Excellent digestive support by Bob from Clermonet FL11/09/2012

    Proviable really helps with intestinal distress and is a great everyday supplement.

    Terrible Service by Kathy from Michigan12/07/2011

    I was very disappointed because of the fact that no one emailed me or phoned me about the out-of-stock status on the product: I waited 10 days for delivery and finally called and found out that " the product was not available through the manufacturer"?? I was not pleased; my dog needed that product for his diet and I had ordered the product well in advance of running out.

    2 Different Vets Recommended and Prescribed!!! by Yorkie Mom from Richmond, Virginia11/03/2011

    Finally! My Yorkie has a healthy Digestive Tract! When my Yorkie was prescribed antibotics, this was especially helpful. Now, Proviable was vet prescribed to prevent intestinal upsets and overgrowth of bacteria that has led to 2 different vet emergencies. Daily use in only advised if directed by your Vet for serious problems, but keeping these handy will surely be helpful to restore intestinal flora during upsets after dietary indescretion and stool irregularities. I am thankful to have found a less expensive and fast and easy delivery alternative through Entirelypets.com. The package arrived safely and most importantly, the use by date is well in the future so I know I didn't get a product that's shelf life had nearly expired. Thank you ENTIRELYPETS.COM!!!

    GREAT! by Milo's Mom from VA03/14/2012

    Proviable-DC was recommended by my holistic vet for my elder yorkie, Milo. Milo had increasing episodes of severe HGE/gastroenteritis and this is the best thing we've tried to keep his delicate digestive system in check - no further distress since he has been on this probiotic. Its been a great way to promote healthy digestion and my peace of mind.

    Great price by Rudy's mom from Lehighton, PA05/09/2013

    My 8-year-old golden retriever has Inflamatory Bowel Disease and one of the products he must take for the rest of his life is the Proviable DC. This is a great product and Entirely Pets definately has the best price.

    Featured Reviews for Proviable 15mL Kit with 10 DC capsules for Cats and Small Dogs
    Best probiotic I've tried by Paddy's Mom from Wisconsin02/13/2013

    I've tried several probiotics for my Persian who is sensitive to several ingredients in other products, and he has been fine with this one. At last!

    Proviable Paste for Cats with Diarrhea by neelie from Pennsylvania04/09/2014

    This is absolutely the best product to help with diarrhea. I would recommend to anyone who is having problems. In addition, please try straight Libby's pumpkin out of the can (if your cat will eat it). It also works

    These capsules are GREAT!!! by PennyDi from Clermont, FL03/16/2014

    Our Vet Specialist put our 8# toy poodle on the paste and then the capsules. It helped her so much - we have kept her on them and plan to put her sister/littermate on them as soon as she runs out of the others. This is an awesome product for pets with colitis and other tummy issues.

    Great for kittens by Te from Cumming, GA11/06/2012

    I have used this product twice for two different litters of foster kittens with severe diarrhea. Within one day I could see improvement in all of the kittens. I love this product and will use it again if/when needed.

    Awesome! by Tia11/12/2008

    Every time I've used this for acute diarrhea in all my dogs, it clears up right away.

    MIRACLE MEDICINE by Seymour09/11/2009

    Seymour had been sick for over a month with EXTREME diarrhea, we tried everything from plain yogurt to over the counter doggy pepto- nothing worked...until we got this medicine from the vet. His 'problem' cleared up in just under 2 days!! Well worth the $36.00 !!!! No more sick pug! yay!

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