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Diarsanyl for CATS and SMALL DOGS - 10 mL syringe
Diarsanyl for CATS and SMALL DOGS - 10 mL syringe

($13.50)  $8.69
Diarsanyl for LARGE DOGS, FOALS, CALVES - 60 mL syringe
Diarsanyl for LARGE DOGS, FOALS, CALVES - 60 mL syringe

($21.50)  $11.99
Diarsanyl for Dogs - 24 mL syringe
Diarsanyl for Dogs - 24 mL syringe

($14.49)  $9.89
Diarsanyl for CATS and SMALL DOGS oral paste is a nutritional supplement to aid in coating the intestinal mucosa. To help manage digestive upsets and diarrhea by combining with the mucus to adhere to intestinal mucosa for reduced irritation and fluid loss. Contains a unique component, montmorillonite (smectite clay), which has substantial capacity to adsorb and absorb toxins, bacteria, viruses, enzymes and free radicals –15 times more than kaolin. Its unique paste formula is more effective than pills or powder. Each syringe contains 10 mL for animals weighing from 4 to 15 lbs. Administration: Administer orally for 3 days. ( Or as instructed by your veterinarian.) 4 to 15 lbs: 2 mL per day - 1 mL in the morning and another 1 mL in the evening ( each graduation of the syringe indicates 1 mL). Therefore give one depression of syringe in the morning and one in the evening. Insert the syringe in the corner of the mouth so the syringe tip rests as far back on the tongue as possible. Depressing the syringe piston administers 1 mL of diarsanyl per graduation. Oral medications should be given one hour before or three hours after any dose of diarsanyl. Contents: Nutritional constituents: montmorrillonite, electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium sorbate, magnesium citrate), sugars (lactose, dextrose, glycerol). Each 10 mL syringe contains 4 grams of montmorrillonite and 2.5 grams of dextrose.
4.50 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for Diarsanyl for CATS and SMALL DOGS - 10 mL syringe
Good Product / Expiration Date not so Good by pdme05/29/2012

The product itself works very well. I have a yorkie and a cat who suffer from IBS so I like to keep this on hand at all times just in case. The tubes I received had an expiration date of only a couple months off from the date of purchase so I am not happy about that.

Great product available without RX by candycane3 from TN01/16/2015

I have 3 japanese chin dogs. At one time or another they have digestive, bowel problems. My vet sold me the Diarsanyl 10 ml and it is in my opinion a miracle medicine. I keep it on hand all the time and the price at Entirely Pets is far better than anywhere I have purchased this product.

Diarrhea medicine by Paula01/16/2015

It helped some but I wound up having to take the cat to the vet to get prescription medicine because he had some sort of infection.

product new to me by aaronwillkat from TX06/15/2012

Our cat has chronic pancreatitis which causes diarrhea. We tried several medications which worked for awhile, then were no longer effective. Our vet told us to try Diarsanyl, and it did stop the diarrhea; although after stopping the med for a couple of weeks, the diarrhea returned. I'm hoping the second round is as effective as the first. I realize our cat does have a chronic condition and is an unusual case, but we want to keep him as long as he's not in pain. Diarsanyl helps!

anti diarrhea by littletuckey from brunswick ga04/27/2014

my cat had diarrhea real bad i gave him anti-diarrhea med and it work very good i would suggest this product to everyone.

diarsanyl by tess from Newport, RI09/27/2011

This is the best stuff in the world for a dog with colitis. Helps them to regain proper intestinal function, and helps you to keep your sanity. No mess, no fuss. Humans should have it so good.

Featured Reviews for Diarsanyl for LARGE DOGS, FOALS, CALVES - 60 mL syringe
diarsanyl by meimei from Austin Tx08/07/2012

My vet gave me DISTDSNYL when my dog had diarrhea, It works great!

diarsanyl by ron from GA12/12/2012

If you dog has acid stomach or throws up or has problems eating I have found this product most helpful.

BEST PRODUCT TESTED by Tanner from Ontario, Canada06/25/2013

We’ve tried so many products for our German Shepherds upset stomach. This is the only one that worked. We always have a supply of Diarsanyl on hand! Lynne and Paul

Great product! by Darodog07/07/2012

Very safe and effective product recommended by my vet for the purpose described on the label.

Worked great for my Large dog by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY (Adirondacks)02/18/2014

My old friend was having a lot of difficulty with her bowels. She frequently would have diarrhea. The Diarsanyl worked well for her. Easy application.

Featured Reviews for Diarsanyl for Dogs - 24 mL syringe
great stuff by kathy10/14/2011

our cavilier spaniel often gets a upset digestive system. he gets into too much rabbit droppings the wild rabbits leave in our yard. or someother disgusting thing out there. was given diarsanyl from our vet at almost twice the price. found your site and have ordered it from you. it works great for our dog.

Diarsanyl by K9Feats04/25/2012

My Vet Tech told me about this product for periodic loose stools. It works really well...stops the issue fast..and is so much easier to get into the dog. They just lick it right out of the tube. I will never be without this in my first aid kit.

Diarsanyl by Deb11/23/2011

This product is a life saver and have used many times with my cat to relieve vomiting and diarrhea. I "always" keep this on hand as it works very quickly. A vetanerian once recommended this to me a good while back and it is a very effective product.

Works by Pawsforfun from SW Missouri09/02/2014

My 16 yr old had chronic diarrhea and this product worked for awhile. I used it longer then recommended as I had nothing to lose and she had some relief for about 2 weeks. I'm sure for normal short term diarrhea, it will do what you need it to do.

This is all you need! by Finnagin from Tuscon, Arizona03/03/2014

I can't say enough good things about this product. I have a 2 year old Airedale who will eat anything and everything, especially at the off-leash dog park. Because she has a sensitive stomach, she will end up with very loose stools and we have to go through the painstaking task of taking her off her food, and only feeding her boiled sweet potato and fish. Sometimes this does not resolve the problem and we end up at the vet. Diarsanyl works wonders and has always "firmed things up" after one day. I can not recommend this product enough for those who have dogs who scavenge and get into things they shouldn't ie: rotten food at the park, etc... This product not only saves me time and money, but it's really easy to give: my dog loves the taste.

diarrhea by littletuckey from brunswick ga04/28/2014

this product does not work it doesn't have the stuff in it to stop the diarrhea took product to my vet and he said not to give it to them.

by from 02/27/2013

My dog is almost 14 years' old now and has always had intestinal upsets.

some by of from thisI


Great product to always have on hand by JVecsey10/30/2009

I have used this on dogs, cats and horses. A benign, no side effect, tasty product for diarrhea, upset stomach etc Rec by my vet and would never be without it

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