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Digest-eeze Thin Rawhide Rolls 8" (10 pack)
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Digest-eeze Thin Rawhide Rolls 8" (10 pack)

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Digest-eeze Thin Rolls are made from porkhide, beefhide, and chicken and are treated with a unique all-natural process to make them into a digestable rawhide chew treat.

 This unique process allows your dog to digest the bones 60% faster than traditional rawhide chews and it ensures that the treats are 99% digestible. The scientifically proven process has created a rawhide treat that is veterinarian approved for ingestion and chewing for dogs of all breeds.

Digest-eeze Thin Rolls also work to control tartar and can help to clean your dogs teeth and maintain dental health as he chews. These easily digestible treats are also highly palatable and preferred by dogs to other rawhide treats by a ratio of 38:1. This particular package comes with ten scrumptious 8-inch rolls, but other sizes and amounts are also available such as an 8-pack of 8-inch rolls or a 5 pack of 5-inch rolls.

Key Features:
  • Treated to be easily digested and are 99% digestable
  • Veterinarian approved to be safe and healthy for your dog
  • Controls tartar and chewing can strengthen and clean teeth
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