• Petsafe Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop)

    Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) Citronella Spray

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  • Sprays up to 10 feet
  • Multiple spray per can of Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) Citronella Spray
  • Safe and effective
  • No side effects are caused by Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) Citronella Spray

  • Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) revolutionary citronella formula interrupts attacks by surprising and distracting animals with a powerful and unusual scent, giving the user valuable time to move to a safe place.

    Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) is highly effective for dealing with low to medium level aggression, both in both inter-dog and dog-to-human. Great to have at arm's reach in shelters, training classes, kennels, or Veterinarian offices. And easily fits into the pockets of joggers, dog walkers, and family members who enjoy taking strolls around the neighborhood.

    When tested with trained attack dogs, this citronella formula was found to be just as effective as 10% pepper spray, without the harmful side effects. Unlike pepper spray, Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop) does not cause pain, therefore, it doesn't heighten aggression. Plus, it won't injure the user or onlookers if spray is accidentally "blown back" into the eyes.


    Usage Information

    Spray Shield
    Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray

    On what kinds of animals does Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray work?
    Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray works on dogs, cats, squirrels, rodents, raccoons, reptiles, etc.

    How does Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray work?
    Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray is an aerosol can, containing a citronella solution, with a special spray nozzle designed to spray up to a distance of 10 feet. The strong force of the Direct Stop Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray combined with the citronella odor distracts the animal from the object of its aggression providing valuable additional seconds to help enable the user to retreat to a safe place.

    How many sprays are in a can of Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray?
    There are about 13-15 one second sprays in each 5 oz. (142 gm) can of Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray.

    What is the success rate of the Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray as a deterrent?
    The Canine Aggression Research Center has shown that Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray is as effective as 10% pepper spray solution in deterring low to medium aggression in dogs. High level agression can only be stopped by restraint or lethal force.

    CAUTION: As with pepper spray, Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray may not stop trained attack animals or those with a strong motivation to attack.

    What are the advantages of Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray over pepper spray?
    Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray provides no negative physical reactions to the animal sprayed. This method of distracting the animal avoids the potential of bringing out more aggression, as may be the case when some animals are sprayed with pepper spray. Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray also causes NO negative effects to humans in the immediate area due to blowback, as can be the case with pepper spray.

    Who should use Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray?
    Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray is designed to be used by kennel employees, animal control officers, utility workers, meter readers, delivery personnel, joggers, bicyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen or anyone who routinely comes in contact with aggressive animals.

    Can animals become accustomed to the Spray Shield's Citronella?
    This has been found to occur in only a few cases. Since the use of Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray is not continuous this should not be a problem.

    Can the Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray be harmful for my pet or family?
    The Spray Shield spray solution has been found to be extremely safe. The propellant is R134A (used in asthma inhalers), when used as an aerosol, poses no danger to animals or humans. The citronella essence is a natural essential oil that has been used in many human, animal and environmental applications for thousands of years. Although it can cause discomfort in certain individuals with allergies to citronella, it is considered safe for the vast majority of people and animals as used in Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray.

    Can the spray harm my pet's eyes?
    It should be noted that the citronella solution is buffered to minimize any discomfort should it get into the eyes. However, as with any aerosol product, the spray should not be aimed at close range directly into the eyes. With normal usage, Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray does not pose a danger to the eyes.

    Will someone be there to assist me with any questions regarding Spray Shield Citronella Animal Deterrent Spray?
    Premier's Customer Service department is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET toll free 800-933-5595


    Customer Reviews

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    Spray Shield Rocks! by S. Mackay04/21/2008

    As a dog trainer and kennel owner, all our employees are required to have this spray on their belt. It's a great deterrent and much safer than pepper spray and mace. No license required. The citronella which is the primary ingredient, simply tastes bad and overwhelms the senses. While no one product will stop an agitated dog 100%, I have had good luck with this product and I take it personally on my walks with my dogs and suggest it to my clients. It's a great product and the price is right.

    Harmless Deterrent Spray by tsangkyi01/08/2012

    Having purchased "Halt" pepper spray, the deterrent provided to mail carriers, I refrain from using it because I don't want to cause discomfort to errant dogs. Instead I continue to rely on Sprayshield because it is effective and non-injurious--all good.

    XXXXX by XXXXX06/16/2013


    Great for stray dog encounters by A. Williams08/12/2008

    I keep this with me when I walk my dog. Whenever we encounter a stray dog and I'm concerned about whether it's friendly or not, I just use this product to scare the stray dog away. I think they dislike the sound of the compressed air the most. They never get close enough to actually encounter the spray itself. Works great. Just wish it lasted longer.

    WORTH EVERY PENNY by KATHY07/15/2008

    This is the best device to use to help control barking. Use the element of surprise and have it ready every chance you anticipate your dog will bark. Works like a charm.

    AWESOME SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PRODUCT by Bassetdriver from Northern Illinois08/08/2012

    This is a great product to use to defuse mild to moderate aggression in your dogs. It does not inflict pain, it is safe and trust me.... the dogs do not like either the sound or smell of the citronella. We have one guy who will mellow out as soon as he sees the can. If you have multiple dogs in your home who occassionally get into a scuffle or if you have a dog who is exhbiting aggressive tendancies such as growling, etc- try this. It is amazing what a short blast will do. You will be please with the result

    Great product by Scorpiocs01/30/2009

    This spray really works! Mmy Labrador retriever and I have had many bad encounters with stray dogs. It is amazing how many people allow their aggressive dogs to roam the streets. I have used this spray on 5 occassions with great success. There was only 1 encounter (with a Siberian Husky) when the spray did not deter as I would have liked it to, but as the package states it may not work on cases where the attacking dog wants to KILL your dog. I do not go on my walks without this product, and I highly recommend you do not either.

    Everything it's advertised to be by juliek06/05/2012

    In one short week, it has already prevented two separate dog fights with aggressive neighborhood dogs. Easy to use, safe, humane, and does the job like none other. Congratulations on a terrific product!

    this works! by sunshine04/21/2012

    I bought this product 7 years ago (it was called Direct Stop then - same product) I put it in the drawer just in case of a fight - I have rescue dogs. Last month, my Shepherd and Great Dane got into a fight. They have fought previously but I've never been home to stop it. This time, I remembered the Direct Stop in the drawer. I grabbed it and pointed it at their faces and sprayed. They immediately stopped. I was entirely relieved and grateful that I had this product (and after 8 years of sitting in the drawer it still worked) - there wasn't much left that wasn't evaporated but there was enough to stop the fight IMMEDIATELY. I have since purchased 2 more and hope I never have to use them but if I do - thank goodness I know it will keep them from hurting each other. A dog fight is a terrible thing and you don't want it to happen but if it does - I know I have something on hand. Thank you for this product! (And - absolutely no harm to my dogs - no sting no problem at all).

    great product by JudyB01/09/2013

    We take in rescue dogs with issues. This product works great without hurting anyone. Highly recommended.

    Good idea by peppermintp08/15/2012

    Haven't had to use this yet but it seems like a good idea to have on hand.

    Spray Shield by NayNay from Divide, CO04/19/2013

    I am a professional pet care provider and am always out walking dogs. I used to carry my gun with me for protection but now I am carrying spray shield. I am currently enrolled in an in depth class to become a dog trainer and this is what they highly recommend.

    no item,no refund by viatcove12/15/2012

    3 months ago I ordered this item after repeated emails saying they never got the returned item I never had the item and never been refunded.Have given up never to receive my refund,I would never use them again nor recommend them,thank you entirely pets for nothing

    Best companion on our walks by Labby Lover from Milwaukie, Oregon04/16/2013

    We learned about Spray Shield from a Doggy Day care where they use it to break up any confrontations. To date I have been able to stop two pit bulls, one labridoodle, two labs, a Husky mix, and a small dog that wanted to attack my two dogs on lead. I am on my third can and will not leave home with my dogs without the Spray Shield. It does not hurt the dogs they just don't like the smell.

    Not harmful to pets. by Suzanne from Orlando, Florida07/08/2011

    Spray Shield seems to work on mildly aggressive dogs. We walk our dogs on lead and on occasion an unleashed dog will run up to them and I can tell a fight's about to happen. One or two blasts have stopped or prevented a fight without harming the animals.

    Spray Shield by Carol from Alpine, NJ01/24/2013

    I love this product. It has got to the point where if my dog is doing something bad, I just have to show him the spray and he stops immediately. It is great when I am walking him and an aggressive dog, who is off its leash and wandering the street, comes near to us. If it goes after my dog, I just spray it and it goes away. This has happened a couple of times.


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