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Battery 3V Lithium (CR2)
Battery 3V Lithium (CR2)

($6.99)  $2.96
Jorvet Microscope Glass Slides J-335 (72 pcs)
Jorvet Microscope Glass Slides J-335 (72 pcs)

($10.99)  $7.99
Sentry HC Petrodex Dental Care Kit Poultry Flavor Puppy
Sentry HC Petrodex Dental Care Kit Poultry Flavor Puppy

($7.99)  $5.99
Sentry HC Petrodex Daily Chews Cats (50 ct)
Sentry HC Petrodex Daily Chews Cats (50 ct)

($11.99)  $8.99
Frosty Bears - BROWN
Frosty Bears - BROWN

($7.50)  $5.99
TetraColor Tropical Flakes PLUS (2.2 oz)
TetraColor Tropical Flakes PLUS (2.2 oz)

($7.99)  $3.21
OsteO-3 Nutritional Supplement for Dogs (90 Tabs)
OsteO-3 Nutritional Supplement for Dogs (90 Tabs)

($64.99)  $42.99
This item has been DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Accessories & Batteries

This 3v Lithium (CR2) Battery can be used with any equipment that requires this level power source in a battery form. This pack comes with one battery.
5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
Featured Reviews for Sentry HC Petrodex Dental Care Kit Poultry Flavor Puppy
review by missvalerie801/09/2013

I have a 7 month old spoiled little morkie puppy. he just got his 'big teeth'. he does not mind the taste of this product at all (and he is a fussy little guy). I love the fact that no rinsing is necessary. and even if you do not hit all of the teeth, the enzymes still work....

Very Good Product by Yorkie family & breeder from Washington04/04/2013

The toothbrush is soft and small - perfect for a little dog mouth. The toothpaste is our little ones favorite and works very well. Dental care is extremely important!

Who loves Chicken and Brushing their teeth? by StarIrinaSakura from Castro Valley, CA12/08/2012

My puppy has never experienced getting his teeth brushed before we got this kit. He loves the flavor of the toothpaste and can't get enough of it. The finger brush is more helpful in brushing a puppy's teeth than the regular brush, but with the price that I got this kit for, I made a great choice!

Featured Reviews for Sentry HC Petrodex Daily Chews Cats (50 ct)
I'm very happy with my purchase by Cathleen03/12/2013

Over the past two months I have been to all the Petco stores in my area on a weekly basis looking for this product. They were always out and couldn't tell me when, or if, the product would be coming back onto the shelves. My cat loves these and won't chew anything else. They're great for in between dental cleanings. Thank you Entirely Pets for offering this product. You saved me alot of money!

Great item! by Angelique02/29/2012

Greatly improved my cat's breath and helps to clean his teeth too. He really likes them too! I'm hoping his next vet check up will be better than last year.

My cats love these! by Toomanycats12/14/2012

My cats love to bat these around on the floor, tossing and stalking them before settling down to eat them, purring the whole time.

by from 12/12/2012

Sentry HC Petrodex Daily Chews Cats (50 ct) by Larrylefrog from Ewing Towmship, NJ08/16/2012

The smell is not for humans, but Stinker the Kat loves them and they're good for her teeth. The smell may stink but the price and service dosen't!

These are good cat treats by Mrsleepy12/29/2012

My cats prefer the Enzadent version of these, but the Petrodex are smaller which some cats might like.

Great tooth scrub for cats! by Jenn from St. Louis, MO06/18/2013

My cats love this product and it's made about 50% of the tartar buildup go away w/in 6 months of use! Highly recommended!

It does help their teeth by Bookitty04/10/2013

My cat runs downstairs for this "treat". She will NOT tolerate the vet, so this is the best cleaning she gets (along with a couple other dentifrices). She is 11 and has the teeth of a 2-3 year old.

Featured Reviews for OsteO-3 Nutritional Supplement for Dogs (90 Tabs)
Excellent product and service by Heidi16 from Columbus, Ohio10/19/2011

Purchased Osteo 3 for Dogs on the recommendation of Vet. Have had excellent results for my Lab. Product was back-ordered initially but received it quickly when it became available. Have re-ordered the product in less than a month after the original purchase!

by from 01/23/2013

My vet recommended this product years ago as my dear Sam was favoring one hip. Now, she jumps and runs as she did as a puppy. She still shoots out of the car or house like a canon, with permission of course!

product by has from slowedVery


Great Supplement for Arthritis by Orlando from Georgia10/23/2012

My dog's arthritis pain has been reduced quite a bit since he has been taking this supplement and his mobility has improved tremendously.

Great Price by Golden Loxie from Alpharetta, GA06/09/2011

We just found out our dog has arthritis in her hip. We just started this product last week, so I can't rate it's effectiveness yet, but I can rate the price! I just paid $110 at the vet for this! I am so excited to find this product here for this price! I hope this helps her arthritis in her hip...at least Entirely Pets is helping my WALLET.

outstanding by barb1225 from Greenwood, Indiana11/13/2012

Both of my cocker spaniels ( ages 5 and 8 ) have been on Osteo-3 for years and their hips are that of a puppy. My vet is amazed. Learned about this product when used for a 15 year old female mixed breed who was having trouble getting up and down. She too soon became limber and pain free. Best product I have ever used to promote healthy joints.

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