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Deterrent Products for Dogs

NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (8 oz.)
NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (8 oz.)

($6.92)  $4.99
Lick Guard (0.75 oz)
Lick Guard (0.75 oz)

($16.50)  $9.99
NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (16 oz.)
NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (16 oz.)

($8.68)  $6.19
Bitter Apple Spray for DOGS (8 oz)
Bitter Apple Spray for DOGS (8 oz)

($6.89)  $6.19
Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)
Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)

($8.71)  $6.70
Original X-Mat Pet Training Aid
Original X-Mat Pet Training Aid

($13.99)  $12.99
X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid
X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid

($17.99)  $13.59
Petsafe Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop)
Petsafe Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop)

($12.99)  $9.69
ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent
ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent

($94.99)  $54.99
ScatMat Automatic Indoor Pet Training Mat - 30" x 16"
ScatMat Automatic Indoor Pet Training Mat - 30" x 16"

($83.99)  $63.99
Contech Cat Stop AC Adapter
Contech Cat Stop AC Adapter

($40.99)  $21.99
Contech Scare Crow Mounting Bracket
Contech Scare Crow Mounting Bracket

($23.99)  $8.69
Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Orange Wide 12v (3"x12")
Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Orange Wide 12v (3"x12")

($23.99)  $17.99
DermiCare Bitterspray for Dogs & Cats (100 ml)
DermiCare Bitterspray for Dogs & Cats (100 ml)

($11.99)  $8.99
Pet Organics No Dig! - Lawn & Yard Spray (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Dig! - Lawn & Yard Spray (16 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (16 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (Gallon)
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (Gallon)

($60.99)  $46.49
Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray for Dogs (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray for Dogs (16 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Pet Organics Pet Stopper Spray (16 oz)
Pet Organics Pet Stopper Spray (16 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
Pet Organics No Dig! - Lawn & Yard Spray (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Dig! - Lawn & Yard Spray (16 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (16 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (Gallon)
Pet Organics No Go! Housebreaking Aid for Pets (Gallon)

($60.99)  $46.49
Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray for Dogs (16 oz)
Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray for Dogs (16 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Pet Organics Pet Stopper Spray (16 oz)
Pet Organics Pet Stopper Spray (16 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
X-Mat Extra Flexible Pet Training Mat (18" x 18")
X-Mat Extra Flexible Pet Training Mat (18" x 18")

($21.50)  $16.99
Clear, non-sticky, and easy to apply spray will stop animals from chewing and gnawing on any number of problem areas. Inexpensive and non-staining. Can be used on any washable surface, indoors and outdoors. YUCK! is WATER BASED unlike other alcohol based products that can cause stinging, so it can be applied to wounds or bandages.


Active Ingredients: Rosemary (.5%)

Inert Ingredients: Water and Sodium Bicarbonate.


Spray Yuck! evenly on hot spots, summer itch, furniture, etc. Use consistently until undesirable habits are curtailed.

2.50 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (8 oz.)

Do not spray in air or on human skin. It is very difficult to remove odor, taste from hands, mouth, and anything you touch. The only thing I found to remove it from my hands was "Black Jack Asphalt & Tar Remover" found at Lowes or Home Depot. It claims to be gentle on skin and IT IS !!!! You can use it on clothes, tools, fabric, skin and hair. VOC compliant. Biodegradable, and 100% organic. I'm extremely allergic to all chemical, odors. Fortunately, I have a knowledgeable husband.

Nasty but effective by LoveMyPups!11/21/2011

My dog had a sore on his paw and we used this to keep him from licking. We went with this one since it was alcohol free and it worked. He quit licking his wound. Unfortunately when we sprayed it on his wound it got into my mouth and it tasted awful! I called the company and they said milk would help with getting the taste out of my mouth and it worked.

Featured Reviews for Lick Guard (0.75 oz)
lickguard by Linda from Columbia, MD12/31/2009

This stuff is great and I find that it is even better than bitter apple. Dogs hate the smell and if they do go beyond the smell, they hate the taste! For us it was an instant, lick stopper.

Works better than all the rest! by The Dogs Bloom from Chicago, IL08/08/2012

Lick Guard is the ultimate deterrent when it comes to preventing your dog from licking it's wound. My female dog often had/has chronic ear infections. Unfortunately, my male dog loves to lick her ears when she has ear infections. This causes her to have even longer and more painful infections. She would also wind up with a UTI because dogs are dogs! I've tried many different deterrents but Lick Guard was the ONLY anti-lick product that kept him away from her ears.

by tbird6902/24/2012

Lick Guard really discourages your pet to lick hotspots better than bitter apple or anything else that we have tried. Don't give up until you have tried this product.

great product by betsy04/04/2013

Lick guard works quite well can replace the use of E collars in a lot of cases, my vet was impressed when I showed it to him and he took down info to order some for practice

Didn't work for long by Seth from Washington, DC01/25/2012

I had a chance to use Lick Guard with my Lab Stewie who has a bad habit of chewing at a piece of carpeting in the house. Bitter apple didn't work, so I figured I'd try a gel. The first time he licked at it stopped him, but sure enough I came downstairs later in the morning and he was up to his same old routine. I reapplied several times, but saw no lasting impact.

Featured Reviews for NaturVet YUCK! No Chew Spray (16 oz.)
didn't work for my cats by mags01/09/2014

This product work on me but not on my cats, I guess they just don't mind the bitter taste. I sure did when I didn't wash my hands well enough are using it. I have two Siamese cats who do chew on boxes, my goal was to have them stay away from the fake Xmas tree, and I had no such luck, will try again next year

DOES NOT WORK by utcytvuhnpiojiniyvutuytv12/02/2012

I bought this product so excited to use it. I got home and sprayed it on places my puppy chews. She was curious so she went over and just licked it off. I got a piece of cloth for her to play with and got her attention, I then took the cloth and soaked it w/Bitter Yuck then gave it back to her. She sat and chewed on the cloth like nothing was different. The next day I decided to put it on her paws. I was spraying it on and she jumped out of the way leaving a little puddle of this stuff on the floor. I sprayed more on the floor and my puppy just lapped it up like it was water. This was a waste of my money. I am not happy.

Yuck it definitely the word for it. by Casper the friendly dog from Rhode Island11/07/2012

This definitely stopped Casper from chewing on himself. The theatrical reaction he had to tasting this stuff would have been outright comical, if it weren't for the fact that I hadn't washed my hands quite as thoroughly as I thought after applying it to him. I stirred my iced tea and got the tip of my finger into it. My first sip was so foul I thought I'd never get it out of my mouth. My family thought my antics were even funnier than Casper's. I only had to spray it on him two more times. Now I just leave the bottle out near where he prefers to lay and he looks at it and lays down and doesn't chew on himself. I suggest that when you do use this: make sure there are no fans on that can blow it around the room, clean up any overspray immediately, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE NEAR YOUR PETS FACE, put the cap back on the bottle securely (with tape if you have to), DO NOT USE THIS SPRAY ANYWHERE NEAR FOOD OR DRINK (It's non-toxic but the taste is horrendous.) and make sure you wash any part of you that has come into contact with the spray thoroughly, with soap, do it twice, try not to touch the sprayed portions of your pet while playing or attempted to sooth their hurt feelings.

Great Product by Derby's Mom10/22/2012

I use Bitter Yuck instead of other no chew products because it works better for my dogs than other products when used regularly.

YUCK??? YUCK! by gsdsteph from Oskaloosa, KS08/25/2013

This product is great for trash can raiders! It does not smell but seems really,really offensive to dog's taste. I does feel a little sticky. After 1 week of using this product, I do not need to use it anymore. I'll keep it hand just in case....

Humans hate the taste by Randal from Galesburg IL04/12/2013

This stuff is only good if your dog won't eat their food. If you soak the food in Bitter Yuck they gobble it right up.

Featured Reviews for Bitter Apple Spray for DOGS (8 oz)
waste of money by picklehead from Centralia, Wa.10/29/2011

Product did not work on my dog. She would still lick her paws after I applied it. In fact she licked them more with it on. Waste of good money.

very smooth transaction by bootsnsaddles from Georgia11/04/2011

product seems to be working on my poodle that chews her foot. Very happy with price and shipping.

Works very well by Toby from Southern California10/26/2013

We use this on our adventurous Cocker Spaniel . Her name is Boo-Boo, and she sometimes gets itchy after returning from a long walk. She hates the taste and smell, so immediately stops scratching and licking.

Not too effective for my GSD by gsdsteph from Oskaloosa, KS08/25/2013

Purchased this product to compare with another. My GSD pupster raids our bedroom trash cans! The other product was more effective. Bitter Apple was average as a deterrent. Different dogs, different deterrents.

It works! by Ellen06/09/2009

I adopted 2 dogs & when left alone together, they tend to tear up furniture...indoor and outdoor. After applying this spray, they left the furniture alone. You do have to use it each day...but after a few days, they learn to leave it alone and you won't need it anymore.

:-( My dog love it!!!!! by glamarspa06/02/2010

And of course he keeps biting!!! So for me it doesn't work!! Well, is either that or that my dog is very, very special!! hahahaha

by gram1011/22/2011

it hasn,t worked for my little dog at all sorry

Avoid spillage by Sadie from Texas12/28/2013

Jack, my little miniSchnauzer, is the only one of my four dogs, who seems to feel that marking territory in the house is necessary. I have a pit, a Beauceron-Bern Mountain, and a Pharoah-Ibezan who all have no problem going outside. This bitter apple has made it more difficult for Jack to find something vertical to use. It's been great!

Featured Reviews for Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)
Where has this been all my life? by Anonymous in Iowa07/21/2012

Yuk-2e is great stuff if you have a compulsive licker. The sort of dog who makes a small itch or scratch into a red, swollen, raw sore from licking. Treat the problem (for my dog - allergies and occasional skin infections or scrapes), and use this gel to prevent further injury! I tasted it first. It has no flavor, it is just bitter. Not sour - bitter. Some people (and maybe some dogs) can taste bitter more than others; I suspect this will work better for some dogs than others. My dog, who will eat anything except for bitter-tasting foods (i.e. green bell peppers) got one taste of the Yuk-2e on his coat and abruptly stopped licking. I got a sulky look from him, but I was relieved. This beats putting socks on itchy paws at night or using clunky no-lick collars!

Worked marginally by bassadormom from Tucson10/11/2011

Our dog continued to lick the spot where I applied the gel. He eventually stopped licking the area. But I'm not convinced he stopped because of the gel. Since I have a whole tube I will continue to apply the product to see if it stops future licking. It's inexpensive so if you have a problem licker it's worth a try.

by from 01/17/2010

So my golden retriever had a fatty tumor removed by the vet around six months ago and she was constantly bothering the sutures. I had to take her back in once to have one of the areas resutured. I refuse to use the satellite dish collars on her as she knocks over things walking around the house.

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Problem Solved by Chivas04/26/2013

Our male Chesse is one big tough guy but when I put YUK on the roof of his mouth and then on his open leg wound he stopped licking. Once in the mouth is all that he needed and using on the wound daily until healed worked just fine. The trick, I think, is putting it on the roof of his mouth first.

by Dave from Indiana11/10/2012

I put this on the wrap on my Dobes leg to keep her from licking and getting the tape off but even tho my fingers tasted horroble for almost a week,the Dobe ignored the taste and ripped the tape and dressing off almost within 5 minutes. Dobes are more headstrong than most breeds so it may work better on other dogs as the taste is really horrible.

by from 01/24/2012

I recently purchased Yuk2e for my Jack Russell (Jinx) who constantly licks the top of his front paws and lower leg. The tube I received looks different and actually much nicer than the pictured tube on the site.

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Featured Reviews for Original X-Mat Pet Training Aid
best contol purchase by jean02/08/2013

this item really works well. It works much better then the shock mats that cost so much. This was a great purchase.

Excellant product by Peg from Ohio12/14/2011

Love this mat, wish I would have had one when Sadie was a puppy. Now she stands and looks at the furniture, then lays down in front of it, just what we wanted. Thank you!

Featured Reviews for X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid
X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid by AdamDude from Downingtown, Pennsylvania02/01/2012

This works great, have it on my favorite chair, and my cat will no longer go on the chair

Great Product by Weesie from Texas05/18/2013

This is a great product to keep cats off of your counters, good furniture or away from your plants. Have many of them and would recommend them very highly.

Good Purchase by Golf Man from West Palm Beach, FL12/02/2011

X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid keep my pets (4 dogs) off the sofa! Easy to store when company comes.

best ever by jean02/08/2013

This was an excellent purchase. My cat doesn't get anywhere near my chair now. This thing works fantastic. I highly recomend this.

very helpful by dimnldy from Camarillo,Ca04/16/2013

She now doesn't even try to get on the furniture!

Featured Reviews for Petsafe Spray Shield (Formally Known as Direct Stop)
no item,no refund by viatcove12/15/2012

3 months ago I ordered this item after repeated emails saying they never got the returned item I never had the item and never been refunded.Have given up never to receive my refund,I would never use them again nor recommend them,thank you entirely pets for nothing

Best companion on our walks by Labby Lover from Milwaukie, Oregon04/16/2013

We learned about Spray Shield from a Doggy Day care where they use it to break up any confrontations. To date I have been able to stop two pit bulls, one labridoodle, two labs, a Husky mix, and a small dog that wanted to attack my two dogs on lead. I am on my third can and will not leave home with my dogs without the Spray Shield. It does not hurt the dogs they just don't like the smell.

Spray Shield Rocks! by S. Mackay04/21/2008

As a dog trainer and kennel owner, all our employees are required to have this spray on their belt. It's a great deterrent and much safer than pepper spray and mace. No license required. The citronella which is the primary ingredient, simply tastes bad and overwhelms the senses. While no one product will stop an agitated dog 100%, I have had good luck with this product and I take it personally on my walks with my dogs and suggest it to my clients. It's a great product and the price is right.

Spray Shield by Carol from Alpine, NJ01/24/2013

I love this product. It has got to the point where if my dog is doing something bad, I just have to show him the spray and he stops immediately. It is great when I am walking him and an aggressive dog, who is off its leash and wandering the street, comes near to us. If it goes after my dog, I just spray it and it goes away. This has happened a couple of times.

Good idea by peppermintp08/15/2012

Haven't had to use this yet but it seems like a good idea to have on hand.

Everything it's advertised to be by juliek06/05/2012

In one short week, it has already prevented two separate dog fights with aggressive neighborhood dogs. Easy to use, safe, humane, and does the job like none other. Congratulations on a terrific product!

Spray Shield by NayNay from Divide, CO04/19/2013

I am a professional pet care provider and am always out walking dogs. I used to carry my gun with me for protection but now I am carrying spray shield. I am currently enrolled in an in depth class to become a dog trainer and this is what they highly recommend.

XXXXX by XXXXX06/16/2013


Not harmful to pets. by Suzanne from Orlando, Florida07/08/2011

Spray Shield seems to work on mildly aggressive dogs. We walk our dogs on lead and on occasion an unleashed dog will run up to them and I can tell a fight's about to happen. One or two blasts have stopped or prevented a fight without harming the animals.

great product by JudyB01/09/2013

We take in rescue dogs with issues. This product works great without hurting anyone. Highly recommended.

AWESOME SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PRODUCT by Bassetdriver from Northern Illinois08/08/2012

This is a great product to use to defuse mild to moderate aggression in your dogs. It does not inflict pain, it is safe and trust me.... the dogs do not like either the sound or smell of the citronella. We have one guy who will mellow out as soon as he sees the can. If you have multiple dogs in your home who occassionally get into a scuffle or if you have a dog who is exhbiting aggressive tendancies such as growling, etc- try this. It is amazing what a short blast will do. You will be please with the result

Harmless Deterrent Spray by tsangkyi01/08/2012

Having purchased "Halt" pepper spray, the deterrent provided to mail carriers, I refrain from using it because I don't want to cause discomfort to errant dogs. Instead I continue to rely on Sprayshield because it is effective and non-injurious--all good.

this works! by sunshine04/21/2012

I bought this product 7 years ago (it was called Direct Stop then - same product) I put it in the drawer just in case of a fight - I have rescue dogs. Last month, my Shepherd and Great Dane got into a fight. They have fought previously but I've never been home to stop it. This time, I remembered the Direct Stop in the drawer. I grabbed it and pointed it at their faces and sprayed. They immediately stopped. I was entirely relieved and grateful that I had this product (and after 8 years of sitting in the drawer it still worked) - there wasn't much left that wasn't evaporated but there was enough to stop the fight IMMEDIATELY. I have since purchased 2 more and hope I never have to use them but if I do - thank goodness I know it will keep them from hurting each other. A dog fight is a terrible thing and you don't want it to happen but if it does - I know I have something on hand. Thank you for this product! (And - absolutely no harm to my dogs - no sting no problem at all).

Great product by Scorpiocs01/30/2009

This spray really works! Mmy Labrador retriever and I have had many bad encounters with stray dogs. It is amazing how many people allow their aggressive dogs to roam the streets. I have used this spray on 5 occassions with great success. There was only 1 encounter (with a Siberian Husky) when the spray did not deter as I would have liked it to, but as the package states it may not work on cases where the attacking dog wants to KILL your dog. I do not go on my walks without this product, and I highly recommend you do not either.


This is the best device to use to help control barking. Use the element of surprise and have it ready every chance you anticipate your dog will bark. Works like a charm.

Great for stray dog encounters by A. Williams08/12/2008

I keep this with me when I walk my dog. Whenever we encounter a stray dog and I'm concerned about whether it's friendly or not, I just use this product to scare the stray dog away. I think they dislike the sound of the compressed air the most. They never get close enough to actually encounter the spray itself. Works great. Just wish it lasted longer.

Featured Reviews for ScatMat Automatic Indoor Pet Training Mat - 30" x 16"
It Works! by Celest from Northwest Arkansas09/04/2014

It will work, once my dog or cat stepped on it, they didn't try it again.

Featured Reviews for Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Orange Wide 12v (3"x12")
Dog shredded them after two days by Roxy from Ontario, Canada05/02/2014

Won't buy again.. they do work but only for about two days... bought four of them and they are quite expensive for that kind of time frame. Trying to prevent paw licking.

Stoplik strips by Kris from Maine11/10/2013

At first worked great..but apparently my 110lb. Weimeraner (looks more like a great dane),,became immune to shock factor. First strip 4 days.2nd 3days..and then 4th & 5th time not even 24hrs..:(. So frustrated.. Nothing seems to help his likgranuloma..any ideas or information would help a lot. Might work on dogs with less hyper activity..thank you. So optimistic and worked well for the short term.

by from 06/23/2012

After catheters were removed in December, a wound developed that Bruce wouldn't stop licking. He lived in a cone for months (very inconvenient for all of us) and pulled off a number of different wraps/bandages. Every time the wound healed I would trust him and he would get at it again!

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by Unhappy01/05/2012

The stop lick bandage works but the battery life is only 3 days. I tried it three times - never got more than 3 days use. Too expensive to be practical at that price for 3 days.

by from 11/21/2011

I wish this product would have worked for the lick granuloma. My dog started to have labored breathing, then eventually began to lick his other paw.

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StopLik Wraps by Dukie from Western Colorado10/28/2011

They are the best. No more cone of shame for our dog. If you have a licker and can't get him to stop you have to try one of these. We have been fighting this problem for years now and with just 2 wraps Duke has decided licking is not the best thing to do. I can't say enough good things. Thank you for helping us break the habit.

Lifesaver by Barney from Newport, TN04/27/2014

Our dog Barney had surgery on his paw and had to wear the Elizabethan collar for months but since we ordered the Stoplik, he has been cone free!!! This has been a lifesaver and peace of my mind that our dog doesn't have to suffer the cone when he wears the Stoplik. Wish we had ordered sooner!!!

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