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Dogit Nylon Play Pen

Item: 90524
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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Pet Gates & Playpens

Dogs love to play and move around, only really working with a leash when they are walking or traveling somewhere. So to bring a dog out to a park or a location where it then has to be contained is frustrating to the animal when tied up to a short leash. That said, an owner can't always be minding a pet every minute. This is where the Dogit Nylon Play Pen becomes a handy tool.

Shaped like an octagon, The Dogit Play Pen offers your canine friend the ability to move around and not be constrained by a leash. However, the dog can't escape, and he can't bother other people nearby. Instead, with the high Play Pen walls, the dog is kept in a contained area with food and water, while people nearby can focus on their activities without being worried. The Play Pen works very well for small and medium-sized dogs.

Other benefits of the Dogit Nylon Play Pen include:

• Easy portability so the Play Pen can be used outside at parks, fields, or inside at dog shows and events. • Easy set up and effectiveness allowing an owner to constrain a dog when people come over, such as service technicians or neighbors. • Easy-to-clean nylon materials in the construction so any kind of mess can be washed off easily instead of becoming a permanent problem.

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