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Resources dietary supplements

Resources dietary supplementsResources dietary supplements help make your dogs healthy and strong. Products like Urinary Tract Support, Cardiovascular Support, Blood and Eudurance, Incontinence Support, Joint Support Plus, and many more are excellent formula if your dog needs some. Buy now and see our savings.

RESOURCES Canine Anti-Anxiety & Calming Formula 120 Tablets
RESOURCES Canine Anti-Anxiety & Calming Formula 120 Tablets

($29.95)  $21.89
RESOURCES Canine Joint Support Plus (120 Tablets)
RESOURCES Canine Joint Support Plus (120 Tablets)

($39.65)  $24.99
RESOURCES  Canine Blood & Endurance (120 Tablets)
RESOURCES Canine Blood & Endurance (120 Tablets)

($28.47)  $19.99
RESOURCES Canine CAS Options (120 Tablets)
RESOURCES Canine CAS Options (120 Tablets)

($51.88)  $37.89
RESOURCES Canine Cardiovascular Support (Tablets 120)
RESOURCES Canine Cardiovascular Support (Tablets 120)

($71.99)  $54.99
RESOURCES Canine Incontinence Support (120 tablets)
RESOURCES Canine Incontinence Support (120 tablets)

($32.50)  $24.99
RESOURCES Canine Pain Plus (120 Tablets)
RESOURCES Canine Pain Plus (120 Tablets)

($27.50)  $19.89
Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs)
Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs)

($35.00)  $23.89
Genesis Resources Re-Flex
Genesis Resources Re-Flex

RESOURCES Bone & Joint Maintenance PLUS for CANINE (120 Tablets)
RESOURCES Bone & Joint Maintenance PLUS for CANINE (120 Tablets)

($32.95)  $21.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaA comprehensive dietary supplement designed for animals exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, anxiety or responding to environmentally induced stress. May also help curb destructive behavior. Resources is a complex blend of natural ingredients that balance the calming effects between the CNS and the heart, reducing anxiety without effecting a pet's emotional balance and personality. Proper behavioral modification training is also encouraged.

Suggested use:
Up to 50lbs...1 Tablet twice daily, Over 50lbs...2 Tablets twice daily
Tablets may be given orally or crumbled and mixed with moist food. Responses to natural dietary supplements may vary by animal.
One tablet is guaranteed to contain:
Magnesium Aspartate 158 mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 5 mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 5 mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 5 mg
Passionflower 131 mg
Oyster Shell 105 mg
Kava Kava 53 mg
Unicaria 53 mg
Ginkgo Biloba 26 mg
Licorice 26 mg
Schizandra 26 mg
Polygala 16 mg
Dan Shen 11 mg
Biota 5 mg
Melatonin 263 mcg
Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Bone Meal, Magnesium Aspartate, Passionflower, Oyster Shell, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Kava Kava, Unicaria, Glyceryl Monostearate, Ginkgo Biloba, Zizziphys, Licorice, Schizandra, Croscarmellose Sodium, Polygala, Dan Shen, Silica Dioxide, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Niacin, Biota, Magnesium Stearate, and Melatonin.
3.40 rating based on 10 reviews
Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Anti-Anxiety & Calming Formula 120 Tablets
canine bad effects by 15US2104/28/2013

Zero-not even one star. Opposite of company claims-dog became restless, not calm, and odd. Tried to eat a cloth, and bush leaves, which he has never done-in 10 years. Look at ingredient list-search on web-possible good and bad effects and usefulness of ingredients for dogs has not been proved. Vet said to use this. No more "herbs" for this dog.

Sweet relief by J. Davidson08/08/2009

Through my holistic vet, my dog and I have tried many herbs to help with her separation anxiety. I have done extensive behavior modification for two years, but it wasn't until we started using this herb that things dramatically turned around. She is still her fine self but the barking when alone has stopped. We are still working on expanding the amount of time she is alone without upset, and we are up to almost three hours. Fantastic!

Great Product by Sophie03/10/2014

Great product. Have been using it for a year and you know the difference when she is not on it.

Works Well but Crumbles by Porter & Herra01/02/2012

I've been using this product for several years with success. Recently it has changed in that it crumbles. When received there are broken tablets and a lot of 'dust' in the bottom of the container. The product still works well to promote calmness, but would like the old formula back that stayed intact.

disappointed by morschsn from Ruckersville, VA07/24/2013

went through a entire bottle...could not tell any difference in his anxiety. so upset it didn't work because we use other resources products and love them.

Want old formual back by Avalon10/17/2011

The old formula worked fine and held together. I recently ordered this product. Both bottles are at least half powder instead of tablets. The pills crumble easily and don't hold their shape. Hard to figure dosage when you don't have pills, but powder.

Who Knows For Sure! by Susan from Brooklyn, NY01/10/2014

I'm tempted to give this 5 stars just because I think so highly of this line of supplements. However with something like anxiety, I find it more difficult to assess. Unfortunately my dog can't tell me if he feels calmer and less stressed. He was a great car traveler as a young dog but at 16 and now 17 this is no longer the case. When he began to pant continually, I knew we had to address the situation or else kennel him which would have been worse. Now after giving him one of these apparently great tasting pills about an hour before the start of a trip, instead of panting he barks at hourly intervals in protest. This isn't ideal, but certainly a big improvement. So I do have to believe this supplement has helped.

great product for dog anxiety by Brown dog12/29/2012

Love this product for my anxious hi-energy chessie.I like the fact its not a drug and its calming but doesnt zap him.

too much? by sunflower05/03/2014

This was given to my dog as a supplement to phenobarbatol because of seizures. She is a 12 lb Bichon and I was told to give her 1/2 tablet, 2x a day. I gave the dose to her on a Wed. Thurs and Fri,she was in an almost semi-comatose state!! She was way too calm. I had to force her to go outside and she didn't eat or drink during those days. Friday evening, she finally starting 'waking up'. I hate seeing her have seizures, but will not give her the whole dose again!!

Works great by Diane from Sidney, Ohio03/02/2013

this product has helped my boys a lot. I can easily trim nails, and there's less stress when company comes.

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Joint Support Plus (120 Tablets)
Takes too long to get it by zoey02/10/2012

Great product, but when you order it with two day shipping, so that your dog doesn't have to go without it, and it comes over TWO WEEKS late, it becomes a not-so-great-product. This is the second tiime Entirely Pets pulled this on me. I think I've finally learned to try Amazon first.

Used for years by Mckenzie03/06/2014

We have used for our tri pod for years recommended by a Holistic vet

Great product by Bella mom from Missouri08/30/2014

My golden has problems getting up this products really helps her

Great for Doxie backs!! by Doxie Mom from Texas01/21/2013

I have been giving this on the recommendation of my vet to my Dachshund since she was 2 months old. Doxies have bad backs from calcification of their spinal discs, so this can only be a benefit to keeping those discs soft and healthy. Every doxie at my house (both mine and fosters), gets their dose of Joint Support Plus twice a day. And it helps any achy joints in the older ones as well. This has lots of vitamins in it, the most Vit. E I have found and plenty of all the necessary joint vitamins! And Entirely Pets has the very best price I have ever found for this product!! and their auto order system means I don;t forget to order more so the pups never miss their dose! I recommend this to all my adopters and doxie friends!

Excellent for Younger Dog by Susan from Brooklyn, NY04/02/2014

I have been giving this to my 9 yr. old dog for two years now and he is showing no sign of arthritis or difficulty with movement. He is still very active for his age. I plan though to switch him at age 10 to the Re-Flex formulas (also from the same line) because I've found these to be the best performing supplements for my dogs in all areas.

Resources Canine Joint Support Plus by LWallace from Ohio12/28/2013

This is a product my dog will take without fighting him.

More Mobile Doggie by KateMc303/07/2014

I order these chewable waffers for my Mom's dog. She's aged and over weight and is very slow moving so the vet prescribed them for her but the price was double what I'm paying here at entirelypets. Mom is on a fixed income and every penny saved means a lot to her, so I recommend the product and the price highly.

This product really works! by Nancy from Ballwin, MO10/03/2013

I am a volunteer with a dog rescue, and most of us use this product for our own dogs. The dogs like it's taste and the product makes it easier for "older" hips to move around. I always keep a spare bottle so I don't run out.

Makes it easier to move by Kandy12/02/2013

Joint support makes it much easier for our dog Buddy to get around. He is a young dog but had problems with his hip when he first stands up. Since he has taken joint support he doesn't seem to have any pain in his joints.

Amazing dysplasia med by Kenny from NJ08/30/2013

I started out with two of these and two similar pain pills and results were just soso. Then I noticed that there was a big improvement. Turns out that I had been giving her 8 pain pills a day. Now that i have gone to 8 joint pills a a day she has improved dramatcally. She is a 3 year old Rottie of 92 pounds. She has a torn ACL and severe hip displaisia. I doubt that a cure is in the cards but she is functioning well now with only occasional limping. Definitely recommend. I ha tried othe products, including people products, with little or no success.

great product by roux01/21/2013

This is a great non-prescription item that really helps with joint issues. Have used it for years and this has kept my daushchund from having back surgery

A Good Investment by Cleve from Georgia03/26/2013

We like this product very much and feel our dogs have benefitted from it. One of our 'girls' was having what seemed to be some joint problems and now she is going up and down stairs with no obvious problems. Thanks!

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Blood & Endurance (120 Tablets)
Blood and Energy brought our Ben back by Beagles Nest MD from Glen Burnie, MD03/25/2012

On a Friday in Jan 2012 our Beagle, Ben (14), seemed very lathargic. He was still eating but not as much as usual. His current major health issue is arthritis and gets a daily regimen of baby asprin for the pain. I started feeding him rice mixed with some wet dog food and making sure he was offered water a hour or so. On Sat. afternoon we noticed that his stool was a tary black so I thought he must be bleeding inside. He did not have a bowel movement at all on Sunday and we noticed that his gums were very pale so I decided that I needed to take him to the vet on Monday if he did not improve. I was worried that maybe the asprin (1 - 82 mg 2 x a day) may have caused an ulcer hence the bleeding. The VET ran a blood test and took an x-ray on Monday. $300 later His red blood cell count was at 11 and should be in the 35-50 range. So, he was very anemic. His digestive track did not appear to be ruptured but he did have a large mass in his abdomin and his heart seemed enlarged which may mean a mass on his heart, also. The vet suggested a Sonogram to possibly give more internal info. (another $150) and the next step would be to transfer Ben to the nearest Emergency clinic for a blood transfusion which may be another $600-700. Considering Ben's age I decided against the Sonogram and Blood Transfusion so the vet said the alternative would be to put him to sleep because he is very sick. I said "today?" and mentioned that my husband would want to say goodbye. She said okay, take him home for a day and bring him back tomorrow but that I shouldn't wait too long. My husband and decided that as long as he was eating and drinking we were not going to put him to sleep. The vet did not believe he was in pain, just very tired, like he just got over the flu (for example). I did some research on-line that Monday and found this blood and energy supplement. I placed and order, stopped his asprin regimen and fed him med. rare steak and continued rice with soft food over the next couple days while waiting for the supplement to get here. I started him on Blood & Energy by Wed. evening and by Sunday he was making his normal circle around the yard. We were carrying him from the couch to go out and eliminate then he would come right back in. We could not believe we even thought about putting him to sleep. It is now Mid March 2012 and he seems better than he was before and he seems to be shedding less. I would suggest this supplement for any older dog especially if they are anemic and expensive transfusions are not an option for you as a pet owner. Good luck! I hope this helped. The other reviews are great as well. Love your pets! We do! From the Beagles Nest MD PS: I only wish this product was sold locally so I could have bought it right away.

Keeping my girl going! by Lucy06/07/2012

My Lali (Pup) is over 13 yrs old and on Sunday nite, 7/31/11, I rushed to the 24/7 emergency hospital because she was impailed on our property. During that visit, the Vet felt a growth in her abdomen. An MRI showed it was on her spleen & she could bleed internally. I chose not to put her through surgery & thought her days were numbered. My own Veterinarian prescribed 'Blood & Energy' tabs for her anemia. She's also on Metacam for arthritis. Almost a year later, she's doing well. Her meds are keeping her going & she has spurts of 'puppiness' at times & runs around & makes me laugh & worry that she'll be sore as a result. Grateful & happy that she hasn't had any setbacks and still shares life with me and Hari (our BOY).

Energy plus! by Mal Mom from Oregon03/06/2013

I ordered Blood and Energy 3 years ago and have been useing it ever since! Having a dog with a blood disorder, this product has kept her in top condition for doing performance work! Thank you!

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine CAS Options (120 Tablets)
Life saver by Daisy mom from Missouri08/30/2014

Helps my dog who has immune system problems

Seems to Help with Lymphoma Remission by Daisy the Beagle from Orlando, FL10/08/2013

I have been giving this to my beagle for about a year now. We started not long after her chemo treatments began. An integrative medicine practioner recommended shiitake mushrooms & this is the supplement we chose due to the combination of mushrooms it contains. I easily crumble the tablets & add to her dry food. I can't say for sure if this works & I can't say it doesn't, but with such success with her treatments & remission, I never let this supplement run out. Highly recommended from my perspective.

Prescribed by my holistic vet by Clare06/28/2014

Easy to feed and our dog likes the taste. Vet says one of the best antioxidant out there

No results yet! by LynnePlus311/06/2011

I haven't noticed any difference/improvement in ANY of my dogs since starting this product- in fact it made one dog sick with diarrhea !!! I will keep using it for a while to see if there's any improvement AND because it cost so much!!! And none of them like the taste!

Helping to beat cancer by dgm from Minnesota11/16/2011

Our 4 year old mixed breed has bone cancer. After a traumatic and unsuccessful traditional treatment route with another dog years back we decided to go with a supportive holistic approach this time. CAS Options is only one of the natural supplements we use, but I believe it is contributing to success so far. Three months after diagnosis there is no spread of the cancer and he's happy and active. I've started giving it to all of our senior dogs - maybe it will keep them all healthy.

Best You Can Get!!! by Lynn11/18/2008

I have been using Resources ( Cas -Options for years . I believe it is the best Extra strength Immune & Antioxidant support on the market. My dogs love it and i feel like this product give's them health and vitality.

by from 01/04/2013

We've used this product with 2 different German Shepherds. The first dog had a tumor that was removed and the biopsy indicated it was a very aggressive form of cancer. There was literally no option for cutting deeper to get clean margins without amputating the dog's front leg and part of the shoulder. Perhaps equally as bad, the oncology protocol (months of radiation treatments) was something that bordered on cruelty given the dog's age and physical condition.

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Excellent for Dogs with Cancer by Guinness from Torrington, CT08/20/2012

This product, along with a raw diet, herbal tea blends and some herb tinctures are keeping my 13 year old dog alive and happy since being diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma in March of 2012. He shows no symptoms of the cancer progressing since having his spleen with tumor removed. He is active and looking great.

Came Highly Recommended by Grey Mom10/27/2011

My vet recommended my greyhoound switch to this antioxident after he had a malignant tumor removed. She has never steered me wrong.

Great Supplement by bubasmom from Lakewood, Ca.11/08/2012

This supplement is especially good for an older pet. My 14 year old corgi is doing much better one this.

Unknown if the product worked.. by AMY from Indialantic, FL07/19/2012

My beloved Amy passed away on the 15th of July.. We are heart broken. She was extremely special and cannot ever be replaced. We pray for her to rest in peace painfree...

The Product May Be Extending Our Dog's Life by John L from Huntsville, Alabama07/25/2012

Our 13 year old Shih Tzu Abby stopped eating so we had lab work done which showed her liver enzymes to to over 10 times normal levels. We then had an ultrasound done and the vet saw a mass around her liver. The vet thinks it is cancer and felt she probably only had a few weeks to live. I researched alternative drugs and found CAS Options, Denamarin, and Prozyme were all highly recommended to fight the cancer and possibly regenerate the liver function . After 7+ weeks on these 3 drugs, I am happy to report Abby is still with us and she doesn't exhibit any symptoms of liver failure so far. She still will not eat on her own and must be hand fed (which takes up to 2 hours a day), but she is eating better and I have faith that soon she will start eating on her own again. I can't say these are miracle cures, but so far I am impressed with where we are in extending her life and maybe some kind of recovery.

Good for dogs with a Cancer diagnosis by Pebbs from Arizona03/17/2013

Have used this to support our dog with Mast Cell Tumors. Recommend it.

Great product by Ktyogini10/08/2013

I've been giving this product to my dog for over 6 years based on the recommendation of his oncologist. He's a cancer survivor who is about to turn 15 and I credit this product as one of the reasons why. And Entirely Pets is the only place I've found it online...at a great price. Thanks for carrying it and never stop.

Product is great Entirely Pets is horrible!!!! by ampc4211/28/2012

CAS Options is amazing, but when you can't depend on Entirely Pets to process your order-even after they have charged your credit card it won't do you or your dog any good! 13 days after placing my order they confirm that my order has not shipped, even after telling me that it has. I won't be using Entirely Pets again!!!!!

Best item ever purchased by snowowl01/26/2014

6 months ago my dog Nugget was diagnosed with Sarcoma in his hock. He underwent surgery to remove the growth, however I was told it would more than likely come back. Two days prior to surgery a friend told me about CAS Options. I ordered two bottles and on day three which was a day after his surgery I started him on CAS Options. To this date the growth has not come back. He loves the taste and think there his treats. Believe me if it had anything to due with medication he runs. I'm a true believer in this product. Thank you for a great product.

Very happy with this product by Sark from Clovis05/10/2014

I have a 15 yr. old Cairn Terrier, an herbalist told me about this product a few years ago & have been giving it to her ever since. She acts like a dog half her age.

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Cardiovascular Support (Tablets 120)
Good product by Pam from Hemet, CA05/27/2014

It is difficult to find a product for canine cardiovascular problems, but I did find this one, and while it is not easy to tell how much good it is doing, my dog does take it (good step), and if it does its job, and gives her a better life, that is what is important to me. Thanks.

Cardiovascular Support and my Doberman by suezer56 from Lake Oswego, OR11/19/2013

I have a 3 year old Doberman male. Dobermans are prone to Heart issues: Cardio Myopathy or DCM. My Holistic Vet recommened Resources Canine Cardiovascular Support. Last year my male had several PVC's after having a Heart Holter monitor him for 24 hours. Since being on the Cardiovascular Support, his Heart Holter that was just done a few weeks ago, came back with less PVC's. His cardiologist is very happy with the results.

Poor Service by Jerre from Chandler, AZ06/26/2014

Product made my dogs ill, so I had to throw 2 bottles away. Customer service with Entirely Pets was terrible - I was supposed to pay for return postage, then they would only give me credit for the unopened bottle and assess a restocking fee, which meant I spent over $100 for absolutely NOTHING. I will NEVER order another item from Entirely Pets. Jerre Coates

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Incontinence Support (120 tablets)
works! by Bridgit10/17/2009

This stuff really works!

Not Working So Far by ldn from Hilton Head Island SC07/01/2012

It has been less than 30 days since I started this regimen and unfortunately I had to add the Rx Proin back in as she began dribbling again. Now my Doberman does not like the pills and won't eat them even if they are in her food. So have to go to Plan B, C, or D!

so glad I tried this by Barbara from ohio04/09/2013

I waited to write a review as the bottle said it could take a month or so to see results. My 8 yr old german shepherd has leaked most of her life, but only when she sleeps. I would have to change her bedding 3 to 5 times a day. The first two weeks I saw no results. But now I have not had to change bedding at all for four days! I am so excited. I do believe this is helping. I am so grateful.

Happy so far by Zoompp11/14/2013

This product has been working well for my Jack Russell.

It works by Lulu05/28/2013

Placing another order for this today. My 14 year old border collie was urinating in her sleep. Two weeks on this and she has stopped. Very pleased, no side effects at all.

by bb11/02/2011

works wonders with our brittany who's always has ahd issues

Recommended by MK02/03/2014

Give it time - it worked for our female dog. It was vet-recommended: 'Try this first, we may not have to go to the Rx drugs.' We also added a closer watch on potty breaks, as our dog doesn't realize she needs to go out.

Wonderful by morschsn03/18/2012

We have been using this product for over 10 years on several dogs and it has worked wonders. Stopped the "dribble" and doesn't seem to have any side effects. Entirely Pets is the only place we would order due to price and prompt delivery of this and all products we have ordered. Thanks you so much.

Works Great by Baily06/01/2012

No expensive trip to the vet. Wonderful product, works great although it takes a few days and you have to remember to give it to your dog twice a day. 12hrs apart works best for our dog.

Worked, but not well by TaraNicole12/01/2013

Worked for a short time and then less overtime. I now use Vetriscience Bladder Strength Support and have had much more success.

Effective Product by Maddy from Austin, TX11/12/2013

My 7.5 year old female Malamute/Husky was having issues with incontinence several times a week during her sleep or while resting. I started this product and within a week the episodes decreased. After several weeks there were no longer any incontinence episodes. I started her on 2 tabs twice a day and it works fine. My vet recommended 3 tabs twice a day but I'm going to hold off on the 3 tabs unless she starts to have incontinence again. I'm so happy we could use this supplement rather than other medications that have harsh side effects. Great product!

no good by skip from Pittsburgh.PA01/16/2013

Told my vet doctor and he said waste of money.

Excellent product, better than drugs/$$$ by Bodacrow from Ontario, Canada06/28/2013

We had our neutered 3 yr old female Weim on this product for 11/2 years. It worked wonderfully. She was wetting the bed(hers/ours)several times a week. On the product it was pretty much eliminated.The occassional accident when we didn't let her often enough. So we stopped it and after a couple of weeks it all began very frequently. So she's back on it and it has pretty muched stopped, again the occasional accident(once/twice a month). We'll be keeping her on it for the rest of her life. An excellent buy, better than veteran fees and expensive drugs(that didn't really work)

by from 02/28/2013

Amazing service, easy to use their website, and Kamikaze delivery. I was expecting couple of days extra to receive the product, yet I was surprised how quickly they delivered it!!

Quick response by kaz from Santa Fe, NMThank


This Works! by Maggie'sPackLeader from NC10/23/2012

We had our dog on Proin all the time, but wanted to find something else. We tried Contone, but it didn't work. This one does the job, altho we still give her a the proin 2x a week. Later I will try just this, but so far it's working great...no accidents like there was with Contone!

Best alternative by Nettie03/20/2013

This has been a great alternative to having to use a prescription medication. We have had to increase the dosing over time but initially one a day was plenty to prevent any leaking.

Best product ever by morschsn from Ruckersville, VA11/06/2012

We have 2 old cattle dogs, 13 and 11 years old. They have been incontinent for over 6-8 years and this was the only product we used for them until last year when the older one need something stronger. The 11 year old is till on this and doing great. Love this product. It was also vet recommended.

Most effective cure ever! by Buster's Mom from Boring, Oregon06/26/2012

This worked miracles with my 14-year old Lhasa Apso, Buster. He's back to making it all night, so both of us get a great night's rest! And I feel comfortable that it is a supplement, and not drugs. He eats it with his meals! THANK YOU.

by Luna01/19/2013

My 3 year old springer had a serious leakage problem when I adopted her 3 months ago. I wanted to try a natural product, and this one is working very well. It did take about 6 weeks, 2 tablets a day, before it was really effective.

LifeSaver by lj from Brighton, CO01/24/2012

Adopted a dog unknowingly with spay incontinence. Tried several different natural remedies, including chinese herbs, with no success untill trying this. True life saver product.

This helped a lot! by chickenlady from Roseville, CA03/05/2014

My 14 year old lab started to smell like urine, I realized she was leaking at night. Our integrative vet had a bottle of Resources Incontinence that someone had donated after her dog passed away. Dr. Angie gave it to us and we have used it for 3 weeks. It has helped A LOT. I am ordering a new bottle. Dr. Angie said it is probably the wild yam root (contains estrogen) that is the active ingredient.

Worked for awhile by Busy mom from Colorado12/31/2011

This worked for a few months and then quick working.

Fantastic product! by Angela from Sacramento, CA11/06/2012

Our senior girl began showing signs of incontinence in July 2011. We did not want to put her on traditional medicine, due to the potential side effects, especially given her history of breast cancer, so we began exploring holisitic alternatives. After many months of trial and error, accidents, and doggie diapers, we found this product through our holistic veterinarian. It began working within a week, and has worked wonderfully ever since! She has not experienced any side effects, and is no longer leaking. We are very thankful we found this product and I am sure our girl is too!

Has worked for years. by Allie from Phoenix, Az11/11/2012

I have a 14 year old cattle dog who started with incontinence about 5 years ago. Started her on prescription meds from vet but the side effects and cost of testing for them was not good. Tried this product and it solved the problem. She has been on it ever since.

wonderful! by siridog from NJ10/06/2011

Was recommended by his Acupuncturist. My 85lb 11yr old chocolate lab has nerve damage in his back end. He is on Proin (PPA) but alone it doesn't keep him from dripping/ piddling. Once he went on this he stopped piddling in the house and very rarely ever drips. I have had numerous problems with the shipping from entirely pets. Twice I have run out before the replacement bottles arrive. Twice he has reverted to piddling within one day of not being on the resources. I now keep minimum of 2 extra bottles on hand.

Works great for our Lab! by MsLing from Black Creek, WI11/08/2012

Our yellow Lab started having issues with incontinence at the age of five! She would urinate while she slept. We started her on this product using the recommended dose. After three years she is still doing great! No signs of incontinence. We give her two pills a day. I recommend anyone to try this product. It has worked great for our little girl!

INCONTINENCE GONE by Nala's Mom from Woodinville WA01/23/2014

When I adopted 12-year-old Nala, her papers noted incontinence. I bought panties and sanitary napkins to help her manage the issue. Then, at the advice of my vet, I added Resources Canine Incontinence Support to her diet. Nala, now in her 14th year and going strong, can hold her bladder for as long as six hours, maybe longer. Her diet has undergone other significant changes and supplement additions, but this product is the only one specifically for incontinence. Besides, the tablets are her dessert after every meal!

With Reservations by Lablover from Hawaii04/16/2013

We've been using this product for almost 2 months for our leaky female fixed lab. Her control has improved but she still leaks at night while sleeping. It does not affect her mood like the chemicals the vet prescribed did, though.

Works for me by calester from Birdsboro, PA03/07/2012

I had been getting prescrition medication for my dogs incontinence and realized she would be taking it for the rest of her life and actually she was still having "accidents" ,so i did some research and found this product had good reviews and decided to give it a try. I have her on 3 per day (she weighs 70lbs) and so far it has been great. No accidents and she thinks it is a treat it tastes so good..A++ in my book.

It works. by Peefree09/20/2012

The supplement took about 3 months to start working. After about 7 months it was really working great. She has been on this for 2 yrs now. Just had to increase her dose and the adjustment helped. (If you increase it too much they may throw up. Mine did) She may have an issue 2 or 3 times a month. This supplement is worth giving it a good try--at least 6 months. Sure is better than the side effects of conventional RX!!!

Dog refuses to eat it by zepher9512/31/2011

I have used lots of different things to disguise this pill but our very un-particular dog refuses to eat this. Its been wrapped in liver, chicken skin, pill wraps sold here, gravy, wet cat food, cheese, peanut butter, etc. on and on and occasionally if the pill is split into smaller pieces and hidden and tossed where she catches it and simply swallows, she will get it down. But the next time I try doing the same thing, she spits it out. American Eskimo, 19 years old, eats ANYTHING, but for whatever reason, she refuses this.

Took awhile by Winglow from Canton,Ga.07/07/2013

The tabs took about 7-8 weeks to be effective but they have helped my 11 yr. old female malamute.She still has some small leaks at night (not every night) but nothing like the puddles that she had. The vet wanted $160 for a 30 day supply of RX pills. It's definitely worth trying,just give it time.

Excellent product, will purchase again by Bodacrow from Alexandria, Ontario, Canada11/10/2010

We rescued a three year old female/neutered Weimaraner. We quickly found out she had a urinary problem. Went to the VET, no infection, no diabetes, but low specific gravity, maybe low estrogen, causing incontenece while sleeping. After six weeks on a DES (Stilbestrol 1mg) not much improvement and didn't like the idea of a DES drug. So we tried this Resources product. Well after three weeks on it an amazing difference. No more wetting while sleeping, wakes up and askes to go out. Thanks to Resources from Genesis Ltd & EntirelyPets. Now have to tell the vet.

Amazing Savings by muttsnme03/11/2013

This exact same product was twice as much at my veterinarian's office. Considering my Doberman will be required to take it the rest of her life, the savings will be tremendous!!!

Better then what the vet gave us. by RMastiff12/14/2012

Fat Pat is a English Mastiff that started having some accidents so we took her to the vet to be safe and they pit her on Piron. After one dose she was breathing hard and drooling foam type drool. So after that we looked for a natural safe way to help her and this product has been amazing. No accidents after 3 days on it and eats them like treats. Thank You for selling a great product.

This product is excellent. by rpd from Cupertino, CA04/09/2013

Both my female and male dogs use this. The female has been taking it for over 10 years now. And the male, only since he turned 13 yrs old. It works!

Canine Incontinence Support -- The Best! by CelestialDiane04/12/2012

We have a neutered female Lab and this product is the best at controling her tendency toward incontinence. I would highly recommend this product.

Not happening!! Waste!! by pantero200002/05/2013

Our Siberian has suffered with incontinence for years. She doesn't like pills so we had her on Proin Drops in her water which seemed to work well. Unfortunately, Proin is no longer manufacturing the drops, and I wanted to try something more natural. I know it says it can take a month for these pills to start working, but after having shampooed my carpets twice already in the last four weeks and having to towel her down each time she comes inside because she completely wets herself when she lays down to rest, the pills are a waste of time and money. Obviously, the Proin really was helping her because we cannot keep her dry now. I was giving her 4 pills a day crushed in peanut butter because she won't eat the chewables by themselves. I am now giving her 6 pills a day. We have a few pills left, but I'm not seeing any type of slowing of her incontinence.

by from 10/23/2012

Our 5yr old neutered female Weim (50 lbs) had a wetting problem when she slept. It would occur two/three times a week. We've put her on the incontinence support and within a couple of weeks the problem cleared. We started her on two tabs in the morning and two at supper. Then we went down to one in the morning and one at niight. She had been on these since she was 3 1/2 when we rescued her. We tried to stop, but after about six months, but it flared up again. Now she's back on it at one in the mornig and one at night. Looks like it's going to be a lifetime routine on these tabs. Much less expensive that vet fees and medication (which) didn't help any.

Alexandria, Ontario, Canada by from Thanks"


by Bob from California City, CA02/12/2013

Seems to be working. After the first couple of days we have noy found any wet spots on the bed.

Very pleased, highly recommend! by CJ75 from Evergreen, CO02/12/2010

excellent natural alternative to PPA! i used PPA first and then change to this and it works just as well if not better, w/o the harmful side effects.

helps my spayed female by GordonMom from Maine09/03/2013

Our spayed female setter - 6 years old - started having bladder problems when she was sound asleep. We chose not to try the vet meds due to the potential side effects and tried this instead. While it didn't solve her night wetting issues 100%, she has gone from bedwetting every night to maybe 1 or 2 times a week. She likes the pills and takes them as treats. We are very pleased and will continue to use this product for her.

Great for Us, Maybe Not For You - Be Careful by Hopemom06/19/2013

This product was PRESCRIBED by my Holistic vet for my female dog after our Conventional vet had checked out all other possible causes of urinary incontinence. The diagnosis was "spay incontinence." Her ovaries were removed and her body was not producing enough estrogen to keep her urinary tract toned. This product contains phyto-estrogens, (wild yam root powder) and was enough to solve her problem, although we had to work at adjusting the dose. My last (male) dog had UI due to Diabetes Insipidus - a brain hormone problem. This would not have helped him. He was not estrogen deficient. In fact, this product may have harmed him as a male. Bottom line: Don't guess. Determine the CAUSE of UI before medicating your dog with OTC drugs or herbs. This was a miracle for my girl, but it would have been a disaster if she'd had Cushing's Disease or kidney or bladder cancer, or any one of numerous other conditions. Google "urinary incontinence dogs Dr. Becker" and you'll learn all you need to know and more from her videos about UI.

Incontinence Product by Sunshine girl from FL02/29/2012

Great product. Have used for years. Entirely pets gives a great price and fast shipping.

Featured Reviews for RESOURCES Canine Pain Plus (120 Tablets)
A great, natural alternative to steroids by PJ from Portland, OR03/05/2012

We were worried about the long-term side effects of the prescription steroid medication that our dog was on for joint pain. Our vet recommended we give Pain Plus a try. Seems to be working well, we've been using it for about 3 years now. The price is lower than our local chain pet stores. We had a problem one time with the tablets arriving broken in the container. Entirely Pets replaced the product right away at no charge. We use the "Auto-Reship" feature so we don't have to remember to order and we never run out.

by The 3 bandedos10/16/2013

i have a senior dog who has a torn meniscus this help keep the pain at bay. not wanting to load him up on prescription pain medication this will allow you to still use the anti-inflammatory med and have a natural pain med as well. works great - great costs for value and qty

Nice alternative to Rx by Porter from Albany, NY02/11/2012

I give this to my dog who has joint soreness. It helps and I don't have to give him harsher medications to give him relief.

I like these by Kate from Planet Florida07/09/2013

These chemical-free pain pills seem to work well, and I like the fact I'm not supporting Big Pharma. My dogs eat them like treats, which is also nice.

by MOakley01/25/2012

Pain Plus was recommended by my Wholistic Vet. It works as well or better than the rimadyl that my dog was on.

No improvment and not tasty for the dog by poodlesrock02/20/2014

Got this for my Greyhound. Even with the pill-hiding paste, she will not eat them. Tried disguising it in every way to no avail. Also, didn't really see any improvement in her pain.

Pain Plus good for light to moderate arthritis by mama02/09/2012

This product was recommended by a holistic vet we see for our elderly lab. It has really helped her maintain a decent standard of life. I recently went without for a week due to inadvertence in ordering, and wow, the difference when she got back on the meds was striking.

Beware Change - 5 star rating old formula only by LMc10/18/2011

Update to prior review. I have finally spoken to Genesis. They are aware of the problem with the new formulation and will be bringing back the old formula very soon. They find dogs newly starting on Pain Plus do not seem to mind the new formulation, but dogs who have been on it seem to be rejecting the new. Customers will be offered both formulas so if you have been using Pain Plus successfully for awhile, I suggest you order the old Chicken formula, to be available again soon.

Recommend by a vet instead of Rimadyl by Wolflady02/07/2014

I was give this product by a vet that does acupuncture on my wolves

Pain Plus by Sherry from Sarasota, Fl08/13/2013

I love this product because my dogs love it and take it as a treat. It works well to relieve their minor aches and pains and helps to quiet their restlessness. I try to always have a spare bottle on hand, and buying from Entirely Pets makes this simple. It is very convenient, delivered quickly, and the price is within my range of affordability.

undecided by rozimac from San Diego, CA03/19/2012

I have a 5 lb. chihuahua mix foster puppy (6 months old) that came from the shelter with a broken leg that has healed badly. I take her to rehabilitation twice a week and the tech suggested this product. The instructions say up to 50 lbs. one tablet twice daily so I started her with half--didn't do anything. Then I gave her one--again nothing--but I continued and the product seems to be cumulative because after a week I noticed it starting to work. After 2 weeks it is still not working as I had hoped, but at least it is giving her some relief. A positive is it is easily broken up and she likes it but at this time I probably would not recommend it.

Compares to Prescription by Chubs from Vancouver, Washington12/08/2012

I used to use Rimadyl Vet Prescription for my dogs arthritic pain. I tried the Pain Plus for my dog, and she does just as well with this product vs. the expensive vet prescription.

Helps and she thinks it is a treat. by Khonk from Virginia08/21/2013

I can't really tell if this has helped my old dog a lot. I am going to keep giving it to her twice daily. She seems to sleep better when I give her one late in the evening along with TranQuil-Tabs ,that's the time that she is most restless. I love the fact that it has no nasty side effects.

Big time help by Nina05/23/2008

I have a 13 year old Corgi and he has been on Pain Pluse for about two years. I have taken him off a couple of times and each time his back problems flare up, so it works. It's not a miracle drug but it really helps.

Highly, Highly Recommend! by Susan from Northport, MI07/24/2013

This has been a wonderful help to my aging, now 16 yr. old dog. He receives this twice a day along with several other Canine Resources products including: CAS Options, Cardiovascular, and Re-flex 4: Based on the success I've had with my older dog, my 8 yr. old has started taking Antioxidants and Joint Support Plus, also Canine Resources products. I really can't recommend this line of supplements highly enough...Very happy to find them at Entirely Pets!

Pain Plus by Diana from PORTLAND, OREGON08/08/2012


Not a Cure but Helps With Old Age Pains by 'Dixter'03/27/2012

This product is very slow to work. Don't give up. After a month my 10 year old bloodhound with spinal arthritis showed a slight but definite improvement.

great help by snow05/25/2013

this really helps my coco with her aches and pains

A great product to try! by Lifergirl from New Jersey12/31/2010

I bought these summer of 2010 - I was a little skeptical at first - but have a 12 year old Lab having trouble getting up and down and doing a lot of moaning while doing it. Figured these were worth a try; and glad I did. This has helped my Lab quite a bit. As the other reviewer points out it is not a miracle drug, but the difference is marked if I miss a day or two in dosing. Dog has a sensitive stomach and I am happy to report there have been no issues with this herbal formula. Would highly recommend it and just suggest you give it a little while to begin to work; it is much easier on the dogs system than drugs from the vet I have tried. I am back tonight buying more.

Love this product by Wondermom 2007 from Colorado10/24/2012

I think this product does help with arthiritis pain.

by from 01/26/2013

our dog had intermittent lameness from her shoulder for years, and then, after being treated with prednisone, ACL tears in one knee and a year later, in theother knee. Her vet gave her metacam for pain, but in addition to not being very effective, it was hard on her stomach.

of by her from chiropractor,On


sure beats RX by caldog11/16/2011

Old dog, mild joint stiffness. This product twice daily has given him a spring in his step and movement with more ease. Sure beats having him on prescription medicine. An excellent choice for our old guy.

Beware Changes by LMc10/16/2011

We used Canine Pain Plus for several years with wonderful success; however, my last purchase for some reason my dog would NOT eat the chews. Looking at the old and new bottles, I see the formulation has changed. Instead of using chicken livers as the carrier, they have switched to pork and beef by-products (lungs etc.) and my dog will not take them. I will have to throw them out. It was such a great product and now has no value to me. Genesis refused to return my phone call.

works by Mr Tiger06/20/2014

i have been on rymidal for a year or more and wanted to get off it and the liver damage tests. i have been on this for 3 months and my border collie is just as active as before. Hence, it seems to be working.

works for pain but by Cluny from California11/18/2011

does a good job with moderate arthritis pain without the side effects of NSAIDs but they changed the taste and now my dogs don't like the flavor.

Pain Plus by Chinomom09/03/2013

We have been using Pain Plus for about 3 months now on our 9 year old arthritic lab. He seems to be more comfortable now and has more good days than bad.

Good formula by Michelle & Lily from Bay Area, California06/08/2013

It's worth trying- my geriatric Akita doesn't tolerate all supplements. She has no adverse reactions to this one. But the best thing that I do for her, is making her a researched whole food diet - with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine - this formula of Pain Plus is part of her supplementation. Another friend dog, that we know, absolutely thrives on this formula, whereas, mine does okay... It's worth trying

Pain Plus by John12/12/2012

Recommended by our holistic vet, this product seems to do the trick!

Fantastic Pain supplement by SOLOPESO02/22/2012

I have two large dogs with bad hips, one is 11 and one 5 years of age. My house has two leavles both dogs had a problem going up the stairs, i`ve been giving them PAIN PLUS for 2 months now, the young dog can run up stairs now, the old boy can walk up a lot better. They both get 2 tablets a day and they look for them.

Works by Rosie from San Diego, CA12/02/2012

In the past 10 months this product has definitely helped my foster (now failed foster) chihuahua through a painful process of rehabilitation.

Pain Plus by Angus11/05/2012

I have a 14 year old dog who can no longer take traditional arthritis medication. My dog chiropractor suggested this product. I was a little leery because my dog has a sensitive stomach. I tried it and it has worked great. I feel he is in less pain which has made him a happier more energitic dog. And not a single problem with his stomach. I would highly recommend the Pain Plus.

Good natural pain reliever by BichonLover03/18/2014

My vet put my dog on this natural, herbal pain reliever because her kidneys cannot tolerate regular pain relievers. I've used it for several years, and it works well without sedation and grogginess. I feel much more comfortable giving her this daily than I would a "drug" pain reliever.

A good buy. by kip from Arizona03/09/2012

My ten year old lab isn't limping as much from pain in her front shoulder. She walks our usual one mile a day in much less pain. I'd say she's 80 percent better than without this supplement. Once the joint warms up from walking I can hardly detect a limp anymore. I'm satisified with the results.

Senior refuses to take these now! by 4Runner5503/18/2013

My senior girl, age 13 1/2, did quite well on the first bottle of Pain Plus we purchased. She took them with no problems, so I ordered another. This second bottle she has refused to eat and having to have 4 daily is a major problem! I have coated them with canned dog food, broken them up and stuffed them in hot dogs, crushed them and mixed them in her food... she totally refuses to eat them regardless of my trickery! I have read that a formula change took place a while ago but both of these bottles were ordered this year, 2013. It's a shame that I find a product that seems to help my old gal and now I can't purchase them any more due to the fact that she won't tolerate the taste.

No More Limping by Sennehs from Fallbrook, CA07/03/2014

One of my girls (100 pound yellow Lab) started limping a few years ago. I used to give her another more expensive product from Only Natural Pet. It was one of the few supplements for arthritis that didn't contain any grain products. Until they suddenly started putting in wheat without warning. My poor dog was so itchy and miserable until we figured out what it was as we keep them all on a grain-free diet. Well, the Resources Canine Pain Plus is less expensive, but works even better than the other product! I'm so thankful that there's no pain or limping, and no itching either.

Featured Reviews for Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs)
Didn't work by Ed10/16/2013

I used this for over a month with my English Bulldog. It made no difference and my dog has yet another UTI.

by from 07/16/2012

Murphy Tunes is doing better using this product. I am very pleased I was able to purchase this from a site I trust.

by from Thank

junebug97526 by Ventura, California from June

Good Product

Dog loves them by SW from East Texas06/21/2013

I have not had my 13 year old Aussie on them long enought to really see a difference, but a friend has been using it on her dog and swears by them. I know the first hurdle is to get Miss Picky to eat it and that they passed with flying colors. Time will tell on the effectiveness.

Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs) by Shelter Volunteer from Elk Grove, CA11/25/2012

I have a dog who was forming urinary crystals and I wanted to control or eliminate them without surgery or special dog food that usually has little nutritional value. I stated using this product several years ago per the suggestion of my Vet. For the last three years my dog has been crystal free.

Outstanding product by Caldog08/31/2010

Our dog had chronic UTIs. This is the only product that restored balance & health. He has not had a UTI in 2 years!!! I'm sold on this product!

by Dyna12/09/2011

Dyna is prone to get urinary tract infections unless she is kept on Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support. It sure saves on vet bills and antibiotics!

Wonderful product by Nancy from Ballwin, MO01/24/2013

I use this product regularly with my golden retriever who "used" to have frequent bladder infections. This product was recommended to me about 3 years ago, and I'm happy to say my dog has been healthy ever since she's been on the regimen of one every day!

passed the test of time by caldog11/16/2011

Started this product 4 years ago when our new-to-our-home rescue dog had chronic urinary tract infections. After many courses of antibiotic, we changed vets and this product was recommended. Since then, our dear dog has not had UTI. Test of time has proven this product a WINNER in my book!

Wonderful Product! by dogladie from Ballwin, MO05/29/2012

This is the only product that keeps my dog from having re-occuring bladder infections... it's worth every penny! And I was very impressed with the speed in which my order was delivered.

by from 03/19/2012

I've been using this product for over a year. It was recommended by my holistic vet. A different vet wanted to put her on prescription food that was filled with animal by-products and chemicals. I said no. By balancing the ph and other chemicals in my dog's urine, it stopped the formation of crystals in her urine that causes bladder stones. She has her urine tested every 6 months and to date she is still crystal free. I add it to her food in the morning and evening. Thank you Resources for making a product that is reasonablly priced and easy to administer.

I by was from impressedTo


Best product and price available by Chris and Mia11/30/2011

My Bernese Mountain Dog used to have UTI usually 2-3 times yearly. This has dropped them to 1 time yearly.

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