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Dogsavers Candy-scented Dog Toys

Dogsavers Candy-scented Dog ToysDogsavers by Mammoth Pet Products, are made from super-durable synthetic rubber for heavy-duty chomping and interactive play. These toys are bright candy-colored and candy-scented. Dogsavers are great for more than chewing! They are the perfect toy for interactive play and education - training wheels for your dog!

Dogsavers PawTrack Tire Mini 3.5" (Assorted)
Dogsavers PawTrack Tire Mini 3.5" (Assorted)

($6.99)  $2.49
Dogsavers Tire with Treat Stations Medium 3.5" (Assorted)
Dogsavers Tire with Treat Stations Medium 3.5" (Assorted)

($8.50)  $5.94
Dogsavers Stick Small 8" (Assorted)
Dogsavers Stick Small 8" (Assorted)

($7.50)  $3.99
Dogsavers Bone with Treat Station Large 7.25 (Assorted)
Dogsavers Bone with Treat Station Large 7.25 (Assorted)

($14.50)  $9.99
Dogsavers Retriever with Rope Large 11" (Assorted)
Dogsavers Retriever with Rope Large 11" (Assorted)

($18.50)  $11.99
Dogsavers Flyer Large 9 (Assorted)
Dogsavers Flyer Large 9 (Assorted)

($14.50)  $9.89
Dogsavers PawTrack Tire Mini 3.5" by Mammoth Pet Products, are made from super-durable synthetic rubber for heavy-duty chomping and interactive play. These toys are bright candy-colored and candy-scented. Dogsavers are great for more than chewing! They are the perfect toy for interactive play and education - training wheels for your dog! Bond with your dog while providing him with the exercise and discipline he needs to stay healthy and strong.

  • Colors are assorted and cannot be specified.
  • 4.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers PawTrack Tire Mini 3.5" (Assorted)
    by LL from Shakopee, MN05/04/2013

    Puppy loved this one. played with it for hours until he passed out.

    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers Tire with Treat Stations Medium 3.5" (Assorted)
    Engaging with a treat inside by ML from Grafton, WI11/26/2011

    This is an attractive toy with large openings for inserting treats. My cocker spaniel enjoys working on trying to get the treats out. I like the fact that the material has some give to it--it's not hard--so I'm sure it feels good to chew on. I thought it had a mild pleasant scent. My only caution in buying it is that since the holes (openings) are quite large, you either need to insert very large treats or really load up the holes with a bunch of small ones. I bought "DogSlim" Low Calorie Nutritional Bites for the first time (available on this site) and found these treats to be a pretty nice size for the openings. My dog is a very aggressive chewer and has not destroyed this, though he has only shown interest in the DogSaver when a treat is loaded.

    Very durable by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY11/21/2013

    I stuff small treats (or big ones broken in small pieces) in the holes in this toy. It's become my dog's morning routine to play at retrieving the treats while I have breakfast in the morning. It doesn't take him very long, but less motivated dogs might enjoy it a while longer. It has stood up to his very aggressive chewing better than any other materials of this type.

    Worth ten times the price! by Luna's Mom from Florence, AL01/23/2011

    This is the best investment I've made for my dog, Luna. She can tear up anything in minutes, but not this baby! She's chewed and gnawed on it for hours on end with no sign whatsoever of damage. I got it in a close-out store for a huge discount to boot! IF she wears it out, I'll be ordering one asap! Luna's Mom

    Best Toy Ever! by Sara from Portland, OR06/11/2013

    I have a small dog who loves to chew on anything and everything he can get a hold of. This toy is great for him! It's very sturdy for aggressive chewers. It's bouncy and it rolls so he can play for hours. I love the fact that there's a treat section also and he loves it too. I love this toy and it's worth much more than what it payed. Definitely recommend it!

    Never received this by Pat from Lagrangeville, NY12/19/2012

    I'm really wondering about this company - asking me to review an item that they never shipped to me.

    Just loves this one by lynn from canton new york09/04/2013

    He will carry this around & drop at my feet to fill. Gotta say its he favorite BUT again he is pretty quick to get them out, Guess most toys are better for a smaller dog but great toy

    best ever! by TMcKinley from Fremont, Nebraska05/28/2012

    our dogs are both hard core chewers there has not been a toy until this one where they cannot destroy it - we have a kong and it came close but they can still get little bits off the kong. the dogsaver is a stronger smoother material where their teeth just slide off of it. best ever!

    great dog toy by jenny04/24/2011

    I bought one of these for my boss's dog. It has lasted over 2 years and is not damaged. He loves to chase after it because it bounces in different directions and rolls well. Loved to chew on it when he was teething, he still does! I just ordered one for our puppy. Can't wait to get it in the mail. These things are great!

    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers Stick Small 8" (Assorted)
    Favorite toy by Al12/02/2012

    My dog doesn't play with a lot of toys and usually loses interest but after a few weeks with this one she still brings it to me to throw for her. This is her second one because the first got torn up and it's the only toy she has enjoyed enough to chew on. If she tears this one up I'll buy her another one.

    My girl loves these. by Star01/11/2013

    my dog loves to chew on these and spit's them out. These keeps her busy.

    by from 02/25/2012

    my black lab loves to chew. she loves to chew these up and spit's them out. it keep her busy.

    by from thanks"


    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers Bone with Treat Station Large 7.25 (Assorted)
    keeps him busy by ches06/08/2010

    My dog has broken teeth and cannot chew regular bones. This "Dogsaver" keeps him busy and satifies his need to chew. I fill it with peanut butter and yogurt, only organic and sit back and watch him. I would never leave it with him unsupervised as I am not sure if it would holdup under the chewing power of a Golden. So far once he has emptied the treat tube he leaves it. What a great solution for a dog who cannot chew bones! We both love them!

    Soft Gel Bone by Karen from Barrington10/18/2011

    My Labs like to carry this around, and sometimes chew a little on it, but have not destroyed. If your dogs like soft this is for them. The whole to put treats in is much too large, other than for smearing peanut butter inside, but they don't mind!

    dogsavers by 72 chevy from Jacksonville ,FL06/08/2014

    Hats off to dog savers bones !!!! I recently reordered 2 more bones and wondered why they were on backorder. What a wonderful surprise to find that they had redesigned the bones to have a squeaker put in them. WOW !! Our dog was NUTS about them before, now she goes absolutely crazy when it sqeaks... GREAT interactive toy & they last and last. Many thanks, 72 chevy

    I found it! by Ches11/15/2013

    I bought this for my golden and stuffed it with peanut butter mixed with yogurt and froze it. Was a wonderful treat on a hot day but any day was great. I couldn't remember where I got it so went to Entirely Pets and there it was. Got another for my new Service Dog. He loves it. It is a lot like a Kong but so much better. Easy to clean. Love it! My previous one was beige...pink and purple...oh well Canen now has a pink one but he doesn't care...LOL!

    Not impressed by Bob04/26/2012

    I saw this toy at the store today and decided it looked fun so I bought it for my Mini Aussie "Fuji." Fuji is an intermediate chewer. She has good strong teeth and she's 3 years old. She has a Knog which she has had for a while and never harmed it. After about 1 hour chewing on her DogSaver it had cuts and scrapes all over it. It fine when I got it. these were caused by her teeth. Dogsaver needs to make a stronger material. Her original kong is fine after a year and this wasn't after 1 hour! She doesn't even have the super durable kong. I don't reccomen this product.

    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers Retriever with Rope Large 11" (Assorted)
    Awesome purchase love it by libertygurl1953 from Prince township08/26/2013

    Our black labs, love to fetch in the water. Very tough product. They can't damage it.

    Great toss & return by All that Jazz from Raleigh, NC06/07/2011

    Still my J.R. Terrier could chew the rubber apart like it was a cookie. So glad, she caught on quickly to bit inhibition as pup. B/c she has tough jaws. But, The dogsaver was a wonderful entertainer until she learn to chew it. So, I do not allow her to keep in her basket. I put away for outdoor interactive toy play.

    Featured Reviews for Dogsavers Flyer Large 9 (Assorted)
    Issues with delivery by Lisa07/18/2013

    I currently have not received my items. I am still waiting on Fed Ex to deliver. Please contact me I would love to have these items.

    tough flyer by Gary from Maryland01/28/2012

    These are very tough flyers. My giant schnauzers have used them as tug toys with each other, and the toys are still in one piece. Not exactly in their original shape, but still usable.

    Dogs Favorite Toy by Dog Friend05/09/2010

    Both my Labs LOVE this toy more than any other! It is a great flyer and it's soft but durable material makes for gentle catches. The center hole increases their chances of catching the disc, making them proud pups. It also floats so it's good for the beach too! They love it! I hope these are on the market for a very very long time.

    Great dog Frisbee! by catprints33 from Stephens City, VA04/08/2011

    We have a blk lab/boarder collie mix so she loves the frisbee but was not very good at catching it & chewed it up on the way back. This product was PERFECT! The whole in the middle helped develop her catching skills greatly and it really is nicely balanced so that even a novice frisbee thrower can make a nice toss. I think it's heavier weight carries it a little slower and isn't affected by wind as much so you get a more predictable glide & that makes it easier to catch. Our dog lost about 10 lbs. chasing this thing and looks like a pro catching it. It's held up very well to her chewing (we don't let her lay down and go to town on it though) and even though it's gotten a little out of round, it still flies great. The only con was they sent the green color which I don't like b/c we are using it in the green grass. Our dog doesn't seem to mind though. Totally recommend this if your dog likes frisbees.

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