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Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength HYPOALLERGENIC (HA) Granules (960 gm) 120 doses
Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength HYPOALLERGENIC (HA) Granules (960 gm) 120 doses

($54.99)  $34.99
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes

NaturVet Allergy Aid Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats (90 ct)
NaturVet Allergy Aid Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats (90 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.
Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.

($32.99)  $25.99
Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz
Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz

($19.99)  $15.29
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)

($15.99)  $10.00
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (1000 Tablets)
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (1000 Tablets)

($64.99)  $60.00
DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)
DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
Dechra DermaLyte (DermaHypoCS) (12 fl. oz.)
Dechra DermaLyte (DermaHypoCS) (12 fl. oz.)

($12.99)  $9.99
Prozyme (200 gm)
Prozyme (200 gm)

($21.99)  $15.49
Prozyme (454 gm)
Prozyme (454 gm)

($32.99)  $23.59
6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)
6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)

($149.99)  $134.99
Prozyme (4 lb)
Prozyme (4 lb)

($115.49)  $83.99
Vetri-Science Acetylator (60 capsules)
Vetri-Science Acetylator (60 capsules)

($25.99)  $16.99
Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits
Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits

CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)
CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)

($13.99)  $10.79
DermaPet Dentees Chews (10 oz)
DermaPet Dentees Chews (10 oz)

($16.99)  $13.99
DermaPet Dentees Stars (4 oz)
DermaPet Dentees Stars (4 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
DermaPet Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)
DermaPet Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)

($50.99)  $40.99
Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Over 20 lbs. (28 packets of 8 ml)
Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Over 20 lbs. (28 packets of 8 ml)

($19.99)  $14.99
Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Under 20 lbs. (28 packets of 4 ml)
Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Under 20 lbs. (28 packets of 4 ml)

($14.99)  $10.89
DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)
DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)

($19.64)  $12.99
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets

($27.99)  $23.99
GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)
GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)

($9.99)  $7.49
HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)
HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)

($14.50)  $8.99
3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)
3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)

($41.99)  $24.99
NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs
NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs

($22.50)  $14.99
NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs

($21.50)  $18.99
NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs
NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs

($42.00)  $36.99
NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs

($42.50)  $35.90
Vet Solutions Aller G-3 Supplements
Vet Solutions Aller G-3 Supplements

Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)

($51.99)  $43.99

Joint MAX Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules

Powerful Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Creatine, Antioxidant, Vitamin and Mineral supplement that lubricates joints and helps keep joints healthy. Contains no protein, wheat, corn or other known allergens. Designed for pets that are prone to allergic reactions or pets on restricted diets. Highly palatable molasses flavor.

Use Joint MAX TS for Severe Joint Pain
This powerful joint supplement is intended for older or middle aged large dogs or smaller dogs with advanced joint disease. Some signs of severe joint conditions include:
• Needing help getting up
• Limping at all times
• Unable to climb stairs
• Difficulty squatting to urinate or defecate

Joint MAX TS Active Ingredients
The ingredients in Joint MAX assist in rebuilding joints and decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. Joint MAX is a safe and highly palatable supplement. Long-term use will help preserve and improve joint health. Joint MAX can be given alone or along with other NSAIDs like Rimadyl®, Deramaxx®, Metacam® or EtoGesic®.

Joint MAX Family of Supplements

Available in a variety of formulas, Joint MAX® supplements deliver customized care to match the specific health needs of your pet. Joint MAX® comes in three strengths for easy dosing, and in a variety of delivery methods for easy administration. There is a proper strength of Joint MAX® for every size and breed of dog, cat, and horse that needs it. Joint MAX® also offers a hypoallergenic formula specifically designed for pets prone to allergic reactions of pets on restricted diets. Our HA formula contains no protein, wheat, corn or other known allergens.

Joint MAX is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Dogs Affected by Arthritis
by Size

Joint MAX TS Highlights
• Safe & Effective
• Veterinarian Approved
• Maximum Joint Support
• Powerful Antioxidant
• Improves Skin Health
• For Dogs & Cats of All Ages!

Common Areas of Joint Pain

Roll over each area to learn more.




Intervertebral Joints




"Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!"

"Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste."

Read More Joint MAX Testimonials!

Joint MAX® is available in:

Regular Strength

Double Strength

Triple Strength

Liquid Formula

180 Tablets

300 gm Granules for Cats

80 Spinkle Caps for Cats

120 Tablets

250 Tablets

120 Capsules

250 Capsules

120 Tablets

960 gm Granules

960 gm Granules (Hypoallergenic)

120 Soft Chews

240 Soft Chews

2.88 kg Granules for Equine

32 oz Liquid for Dogs

8 oz Liquid for Cats

60 ml Liquid Hyaluronic Acid

Per 8 Gram Scoop:
Glucosamine HCI 1000 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 100 mg
MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)* 600 mg
Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 180 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 120 mg
Manganese 12 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg
Vitamin E 50 IU
Grape seed extract 6 mg
Zinc 2 mg
L-Glutathione 2 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
Citrus Bioflavonoids 200 mcg
Selenium 2 mcg
Other Ingredients: (*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles) Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natural molasses flavors, Bioflavonol, Sucrose (sugar beet source).
Usage Instructions
Size of Dog Daily Serving
Up to 15 lbs 1/4 Scoop
15 to 30 lbs 1/2 Scoop
30 to 60 lbs 1 Scoop
60 to 100 lbs 2 Scoops
Over 100 lbs 2 1/2 Chews
After 6 weeks, the dosage can be reduced if positive results are seen. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets. Joint MAX Triple Strength Granules can also be used long term on normal dogs to help keep their joints healthy.

Keep container in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Joint MAX® can be used alone or in combination with prescription drugs like Rimadyl®, Etogesic®, or Deramaxx®, and may eventually help decrease the need for these drugs.
Key Ingredients:
Glucosamine HCl
Necessary for the production of key connective tissue components that replenish and maintain healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is a building block for the cartilage and ligaments and the cementing materials that pack the calls together.

Manganese Sulfate
A material vital for growth and development, normal bone structure and in the form of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.

Vitamin C
An essential nutrient for ligaments, bones, skin, capillary walls and other tissues. Ascorbic acid can help to accelerate healing after surgery and the formation of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.

Zinc Sulfate
A mineral found in almost every cell in the body, zinc stimulates the activity of many enzymatic biochemical reactions, and is important for a healthy immune system and normal wound healing.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a dietary sulfur essential for proper functioning of the muscles and joints. Clinical evidence on MSM shows significant relief of pain and stiffness and reduced swelling and inflammation.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) are Omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. EPA can also competitively inhibit the arachodonic acid cascade triggered by mast cell degranulation.

Creatine Monohydrate
A vital amino acid found in skeletal muscle, creatine combines with phosphorus to regulate and enhance skeletal muscle metabolism, increasing muscle energy, strength and endurance.

A trace mineral that can help control free radical damage and in conjunction with Vitamin E, protects tissues and cell membranes. Arthritic patients given selenium supplementation have shown improvements.

Citrus Bioflavonoids
Citrus Bioflavonoids help in the absorption of Vitamin C and protect it from oxidation. Bioflavonoids promote circulation and are involved in maintaining the health of the collagen that holds cells together.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, being oxygen-free radicals that can cause tissue damage and may also play protective role in the coronary arteries from the damaging effects of cholesterol.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
A "universal antioxidant" because of it's solubility in both water and fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid scavenges more free radicals than most other antioxidants while recycling Vitamin C and E, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract is a potent antioxidant that can also recycle oxidized Vitamin C. It as the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain and nervous system from free radical damage. Grape Seed Extract has also been shown to reduce histamine production, reducing allergic and inflammatory responses.

Glutathione, the master antioxidant of the cell, increases the effectiveness of the body's other antioxidants. It is involved in various reactions, such as the destruction of free radicals and the detoxification of harmful compounds.

Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Comparison
  Joint MAX Triple Strength Synovi G3 Glyco Flex II Cosequin DS
Creatine Monohydrate
Eicosaentaenoic Acid (EPA)
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Grape Seed Extract
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Citrus Bioflavonoids
4.70 rating based on 1713 reviews
Featured Reviews for Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength HYPOALLERGENIC (HA) Granules (960 gm) 120 doses
Excellent product by hwagon03/27/2013

In just over a month I've noticed marked improvement in my dog's mobility. That's remarkable. She's a 155 lb. Newfoundland! She's much more comfortable & able to be more active. Thank you!

Joint Max Triple Strength by Jo from Toronto, ON11/13/2012

Stuff is fantastic! Works great for my GSP. She's got bad hips and this keeps her going strong.

Glucosamine plus omegas by Tabitha07/10/2013

When our aging Ridgie mix was identified as having osteoarthritis we started our pack on Synovial G3 granules. Then we added an RR pup to the family who had allergies. Triple Strength hypoallergenic granules from Joint Max to the rescue! my review: Joiint Max works great, a supplement that works great for ALL the dogs. :-)

Good Product To Address Arthritis by KatM from Flat Rock, IN11/15/2011

I have 2 Great Danes, 1 with arthritis and 1 too young to have arthritis yet. I am using this product to help the one with arthritis and hopefully minimize the effects of arthritis in the younger one. The molasses smell is a bit strong, but the dogs don't mind. They love it.

Works fine!! by Jenny from Nashville, IN10/31/2012

My Airedale Terrier has had arthritis since he was five and he is nine now. This product Joint Max Triple Strength seems to be a real help to him and as he has lots of allergies I started using the Hypoallergenic. We think that it works and he seems to be much more comfortable when he is on it.

Best Product i have used by Leslie10/23/2012

Joint MAX Triple Stregth Granules has been the best product i have used for my two dogs... they are jumping around again and have not had any issues with their joints.

Joint MAX: Help Your Dog! by Ernie D. from Stockton, CA03/11/2014

Joint MAX triple Strength granules is a simple and easy way to help your dog's joint health. The handy measuring spoon is designed to provide the proper dose for your dog. This health supplement is the best product to help ease the aches and pains of joint issues as your dog reaches adult and into senior living. Joint MAX is designed to improve joint health with several key products that specifically target joint health. Morgan, our seven-year-old female German Shepherd has no problem with Joint MAX added to each meal.

Just what the doctor ordered by boringoldguy from Willamette Valley, Oregon08/17/2014

Five years ago I adopted a 7-year old border collie rescue dog with a congenital incompletely-formed ball joint in his left hip. He was still active and loved to play, but I was dismayed to learn that he could hardly walk several hours after a fetch session with a tennis ball (he'd never end this on his own but I very quickly learned to). My vet recommended a joint supplement of this type as offering the greatest possible benefit, and what a difference! In just a week, he could play for longer periods without any later discomfort at all. I've given this to him daily ever since and it has kept him both active and happy. While he's starting to slow down at 12 years of age, he still shows no signs of joint pain or discomfort after a play session (shorter now, of course), and this will be part of his daily diet as long as he's on hand to enrich my life. It has truly made his life much more complete for him, too.

Joint Max by crazecatlade10 from North Carolina11/30/2012

Works great, first time I've tried this particular type of the Joint Max. I just sprinkle it on their food and it's gone. Love Joint Max! It has been such a blessing for a dog we have that was hit by a car (before we got her) and her hips are in very bad condition - bone on bone. Using JM you would never be able to tell she ever had any issues with her hips!

GREAT PRODUCT by We love our pets from Wyoming12/13/2011

We are so glad that we bought this product. We just got a 10 yr old black lab who had pretty bad arthritis. We bought this and within 3-4 days started to see improvement on the way she would walk and lay down. She is not in pain and has started to act a little bit younger. She is a totally different dog from when we got her in October. I would highly recommend this if you dog has bad arthritis. We will definitely continue to buy this for her.

Better Price and Hypoallergenic by catahoulagirl from Vancouver, Washington11/06/2012

I needed a hypoallergenic glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin product and I wanted creatine to maintain the muscle mass on my 13 year Catahoula Leopard Hound with very serious arthritis. It works great and no allergies or IBS, :) Just don't change your mind and put soy or flax in it or I will have to hunt down a new product. Thank you for being one of two products that I can sprinkle on the food and not have to be mean and shuv a pill down her throat daily because she is even allergic to pill pockets hypoallergenic. She is mobile and doing pretty good for her age. I love her so much.

Love this joint supplement! by Nan from Connecticut02/09/2014

My chocolate lab Tessa is 9 years old and she's been on Joint Max for 2 years. It has made her feel and move so much better.

great stuff by fannie's mom08/21/2012

Has helped my 14 yr old Aussie alot. Been using it for about 3 years now.

Sugar? by Bc08/20/2013

I wish I had read more closely. The granules have sugar added. I will buy capsules in the future.

Joint max triple strength hypoallergenic granules by patty from Plano, TX02/25/2013

Good stuff! My dogs love this supplement and gobble it down when added to their food. The smell is also pleasant to humans. Works to keep aged dogs joints supple and pain free. Would recommend to others. EntirelyPets made online ordering experience easy. Package arrive ahead of promised date. Will purchase again. 5 out of 5 stars. Bravo!

This product does miracles! by Jamie06/29/2013

This product has made my dog act like a puppy again! He was limping prior to taking it and now he runs around and the limping is gone!!!

Very effective by ecr from Boston, MA11/11/2011

Have a 13yr dog who has been using it for a long time. She had a broken leg as a puppy and has been able to move and walk around without a problem.

Exellent for dog with allergies by Dog Mom07/12/2012

I've been using this product for quite some time now. I have a Bullmastiff that is allergic to Beef and Chicken which is in most all the Joint Suppliments so my choices are very limited. I was very happy to find this product!

by from 02/19/2013

JointMAX triple strength (HA) is a wonderful product. Since starting to use it for my old girl (14) she's been walking much better and is acting young again.

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awesome product by freckles13 from muskegon, mi06/02/2013

I bought this for one of my boys because he has issues with arthritis in his back. within a week of taking this he is back to his old self. I am amazed that he is so much better. I would definitely recommend this product.

No lab assay available by Mal-in-wa01/01/2013

I've tried three times to receive the lab assay on this product. I was told the first time it would be sent to me. I did not receive it. My follow up email and telephone call received no reply. I am interested in the hypoallergenic granules because of the few inert ingredients. (Not sure why they need sucrose when they have molasses though.) Makes me suspicious that they won't provide the lab results.

Great product! by ChaseB08/01/2012

After searching EVERYWHERE online and in stores, this is the only hiip and joint supplement my German Shepherd can have. He has 6+ major food allergies, and I am very thankful I found Joint MAX HA.

by burt01/08/2013

I have been feeding my Golden Retriever this product for the past 9 years. While the jury is still out on Glucosomine, I hope and think it is doing some good.

Best Joint Supplement out there! by TraceyM05/15/2013

Joint supplements are one of those things that you never know if they're actually working or not. My greyhounds have been on this supplement for about 3 yrs & I decided to switch my oldest who's 10 to a different one for a while. After about a month, I saw a noticeable difference in how stiff she was getting & immediately put her back on Joint Max. Within a couple of weeks, her arthritis had settled back down & she was much more agile. Great product!

by from 12/02/2011

The Joint Max triple Stength Hypoallergenic Granules are the absolute best joint supplement I've tried yet for my dog. I haven't tried everything - but I've tried a lot of what's out there. THIS STUFF WORKS.

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by from 08/06/2012

I started giving this to our dog everyday--(one almost full scoop sprinkled on her food) when, at age 11, I started noticing she was slowing down. Now at 15, people mistake her for a puppy when I take her to the park and she's running around the field. Truly amazing stuff. I highly recommend Joint Max Triple Strength Granules.

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3 Legged Review by Oso12/11/2011

When you have 3 legs, you need additional nutrients,

Very Helpful by Molly from Stonington,CT12/07/2011

This product is easy to add to food. I love the fact that I can just scoop it up; no need to crush anything. My dog is eating every drop of food and feeling and moving around much better. He could barely get up and now he is walking just for fun (like he should)!

Thank goodness for Joint Max by Diana from Olalla, Washington03/01/2012

Our two older dogs have used Joint Max for about 3 years now. Before was another product. They are 12 and 13 years old. They run and play with our little Skipperke like they were puppies. No way they would have lasted this long with out it. I strongly recommend it.

by Sifubarbra04/25/2012

I give this to my dog for his kness that pop out of the socket. I believe that giving him this product every morning in his food, he is much more active and hasn't had any problems with his knees. Great product....

by sauvie3 from Kelso, WA11/23/2011

Very good product. My vet suggested that I give this product to both of my older dogs.

by Herdabout from New Haven, CT10/22/2013

Great product--new to me in this granule format, but very pleased with it!

great by mstone3412/23/2011

Not a miracle worker. My dog is 16 years old-a black lab- without this chew he would probably take a good 30 seconds to get up and not be very active. Imagine what it would do for dogs with early arthritis or bone pain.

Getting back that get up and go! by basset_mama from Salem, Oregon04/03/2013

I am a foster mom to several senior dogs with joint problems. Triple Max has done more to help them in their everyday lives than anything the Vet has given them. They are now able to go on longer walks, go up and down a short flight of stairs (three steps) and load themselves into our SUV with the aid of a ramp to go on trips to the vet and parks. We couldn't ask for more during their remaining years.

by from 09/03/2013

Our yellow lab Gracie is allergic to a long list of foods and outdoor environment things.

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Triple Strength Joint Max Hypo-Allergenic by BA12/23/2010

Have a fussy 13 yr old Labrador who will not eat anything that does not smell "right". He cleans his plate very quickly with this and we also did notice positive changes in movement both in him and another older Lab.

Really helped without the side effects of meds by Betty from Texas06/14/2011

This has really made a difference for my 9 yr old GSD. She's allergic to nearly everything, including the pain meds for her arthritis & hip dysplasia. We started a saturation dose at first and now just stay on a regular maintenance dose. Though I know it doesn't eliminate her discomfort entirely I no longer have to see the pain in her eyes or any fear of climbing steps.

jointMax Triple strength HA granules by tammy08/18/2012

Bobbie at the age of 15 ( chow/germein) moves alot better with joint MAX triple stength and Ripley 3 (germs/lab/chow) jumps alot higher and looks better with the HA mix .

Molassas smell by wallyd1223 from Kimberly Wisconsin04/29/2013

1st time I bought the granules have always bought the chewable tablets. I made the mistake of buying 2 containers and 1 container of treats. Sadie hates the taste of the molasses but eats it after it sits for awhile. Totally unlike a Lab she normally gobbles her food. Loves the treats. Hoping to return the unopened container for a credit on the chewable tablets. They crumble up easily into her food.

Bone Builder by chris02/26/2013

Great product...used it for years, no side-effects and no trauma to the pets.

Must be delicious by zirks from New York, NY07/11/2013

My dog likes the granules so well that I can put his meds right on top of the little pile and he laps them up along with it. A handy thing when his diet is so limited that I can't give him pill pockets or peanut butter or the usual things to hide his pills.

Excellent adjunctive therapy for aging companions by Rhirun from Winter Park, FL07/12/2012

This product is an excellent addition to nutriceutical supplementation you may have your animal companion on as they age gracefully. I have used this for the past 6 years and my 12 1/2 year old lab/shep mix is more comfortable and still has "puppy" moments of running and bucking around despite her degenerative hips. She enjoys the flavor and has never had any gastrointestinal issues. I highly suggest this to everyone!

Joint Max by RedTail from Atlanta GA12/17/2012

This is a product I've used on 2 of my pups for years. One was missing most of one of his hip joints and this products kept his muscles & tendons strong as well as his joints well lubricated. I could tell the difference if I didnt order in time and he missed it by a couple days as he would limp until it was back in his system the next day. Otherwise he would run and jump truly with out any problems. People never knew anything was wrong if I didnt tell them. I've always Highly recommend this product even with mild problems. The other dog I use it on is highly active even at 9 yrs so it just makes me feel better knowing he has a great buffer within his system.

Great product by Kyle's Mom from Riverview, FL02/24/2012

I have dogs (2 Greyhounds and a Brussels Griffon) with allergies so I purchased the Joint Max Triple Strength HA. My 10 year old Greyhound, Kyle had been limping severely. After a very short time (less than 1 week) I noticed a marked improvement. He no longer limps and runs and plays as if he were a youngster again. He can keep up with my 4 yr old Greyhound, Kool any day. I highly recommend this product. It is easy to feed (just sprinkle on their food and they love the taste).

Good stuff by Dane Lover02/10/2013

We have been using this product for our Great Danes for over 8 years. It has helped with our Danes and help reduce joint problems as they aged.

My dogs love it by DebBax from AL01/28/2014

After my 80 lb. chow mix, Teddy, was diagnosed with hip displasia, I took the advice of my daughter. She gives her lab Joint Max granules for arthritis, recommended by her vet. In less than a month Teddy was running and jumping like a puppy. That was almost 3 years ago. He hasn't had a hip flare up since we started the Joint Max. I just sprinkle it on his food. Our other dog, Maggie, a shepherd/terrier mix, won't eat until I add the Joint Mix. Highly recommend Joint Mix granules.

by from 03/08/2012

The Joint Max Triple-Strength Hypoallergenic supplement is, bar none, the absolute best thing I've found yet for my 9-year old's hip & joint issues. I've tried numerous over-the-counter treatments in various formulations, but this one beats them all. I've recommended this product to two other dog owners - and their reports to me are the same: Joint Max works as advertised.

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by Roger07/23/2012

Product is very good ,works well witu our 12 yr. old great pyrennes. Entirely pets is very reasonable , large selection, very speedy service

by from 12/15/2011

I have been using Glucosamine products with my dogs for years and at six and eight, they are as spry as they were when they were young.

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Joint Max by Barb from Ohio02/19/2011

Originally recommended to me on a breeder forum by a respected breeder judge. Have tried many other different joint products to make our older Labradors from 7 to 13 yrs more comfortable and less stiff but saw little difference. Joint Max is the best & appeals to even the picky 13 year old who eats it readily. We are seeing great results.Dogs are Not allergic, but chose the Hypoallergenic because we try to eliminate anything that could tax their systems as a preventative measure.

Great results... by Bernice10/23/2013

My old dog seemed to be helped by this product...I 've used this for years and will continue to do so...

by Misty11/03/2011

I have a four and eight year old Great Dane and they have been on this product for several years. At our check-up recently the vet could not believe how great both the girls and their joints looked for their age. There has only been a few times when the girls missed their doses of the product and I can DEFINATELY tell a difference in their activity level and gait. I am a firm believer in giving a joint supplement to any dog as a preventative but definately if you are seeing signs of joint stiffness or pain.

Great Product by Nolle from Newport, Oregon02/22/2013

My last dog, Star, a shepherd husky mix, loved Joint Max and lived until 14.5 years with no joint problems. I started Jack, a German Shepherd purebred with this at 6 months, hoping to insure healthy joints!!!

Love this Product by Chloes Mom from Warwick RI06/12/2012

My 11 year old lab has showed much improvement by taking this product. She is able to walk and jump without any pain in her joints. She also loves the taste..I mix it right in with her food.

Best value for products of this kind by 3Beagles02/03/2014

We've been using this product for about 8 years or more. Our one dog was born with hip defects. We've managed to go without pain meds until this year (our dog is 11 years old now). Her sister has some joint damage due to normal aging (she's 11 yrs. also). All our dogs take this product daily (including our 5 year old boy). We put it on their food every morning, wet their kibble with water, and mix. They bark for their morning feedings. I will continue to use this product for their lifetime.

Joint Max Triple Strength by leslie05/29/2012

great product... both my dogs are using this and i have noticed a huge improvement in their mobility!

Easily administered joint protection by Sheila09/19/2014

I've used variations of this product for the lifetimes of several dogs. Hip problems were never observed, even though they are very common in several of the breeds of dogs that I have had. I start them on it when they reach 7 years of age and they get it until they die.

Great Product by Eugie06/03/2013

Woof Woof - yum yum! Eat it right up, sure makes my bones feel good without making me scratch!

Joint Max HA by Scott11/21/2009

We have had our dog on this product for two years now. She is allergic to multiple items, but can take this with no problems. Not only is she visibly better, but the vet can not see any progression of her hip and knee problems in her x-rays since we started using this product.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! by Kristi07/13/2009

I HIGHLY recommend starting with this product for dogs with severe arthritis or hip displaysia! My 10 year-old English Springer Spaniel has severe hip displaysia & couldn't get up for a long time in the mornings. So I started giving this to him (mixed recommended dose in his food & added water - except I gave it to him with both feedings for the first week) and within that first week & every day since he is up right away ready to go outside! It is UNBELIEVABLE! Now that I have his pain under control, I am switching to the Joint MAX Triple Strength soft chews. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Good stuff!!! by 2 Scotties plus us from Missouri03/13/2014

This product has proven to really help our dogs who are both going to be 11 soon. I've been giving them this supplement for a few years now and would highly recommend it for overall general health.

Works wonders by JimDog from Bloomington, IN10/14/2013

I highly recommend JointMAX. Jimbo is a 14 year old yellow lab that has had joint issues for several years now. When I have him on the JointMAX supplement it is like night and day. I have run out a few times, and he doesn't get the supplement for a few days, and I can see a drastic decline. Two thumbs up! Jim also has allergies so the hypoallergenic properties are wonderful. No allergenic side effects.

Great Product! by wolfwoman from Keeling, VA08/15/2013

I had been giving my older dog, who developed arthritis in her hind leg due to a pulled ligament several years ago, the soft chewies in the Joint Max, Triple Strength. There had been times when I noticed she didn't eat all of the pieces (she's a picky eater) when I broke them up and put them in her food. (And she would never take them as a treat) But I still did notice an improvement in her movement. I decided recently to switch to the granulated form of the same, and oh my gosh, she LOVES it. Mix it in with her dog food and she eats every bit and I believe I'm even seeing more improvement in her movement. I had even ordered more Rx med to start giving her occasionally, but now, don't think I will be needing that. For anyone with a dog who is very choosy in what they will eat, I definitely recommend the granulated form of Joint Max, Triple Strength. Works like a charm. WILL be buying more for sure.

Good Stuff! by Canine Grandma from North Kingsville, OH07/09/2013

I started using this product with my own dog after a car accident he had. The poor, huge lab mix had had hip dysplasia when he was young and several years later one hip was fractured and the other dislocated. This stuff worked wonders with his flexibility! Now we use it with our seniors and our adopted pit rescue that had had a hip heal incorrectly after it was broken. She refused to put her leg down at all and now she runs with the other dogs on all four.

Joint Max by TiffanyH from San Diego11/02/2012

Mix the powder in a little bit of water and add dry dog food. Easy and affective.


Until we found this product for our German Shepherd, we were worried that he would not be able to benefit from a joint supplement. He has six different food allergies, as a result, cannot tolerate any other supplement we found. This product does not contain ANY of those allergic ingredients (beef, pork, egg, milk, corn, YEAST.) Thank you for a terrific supplement.

Joint Max HA by Tim/Portland, OR. from Portland, OR03/20/2014

This product first recommended by my vet. for Max my Scottie. Within a matter of about a week I could see the positive results! I've use this product on Max for about five years now, Max is no longer among us; however I am sold on the benefits of Joint Max and have continued using it with my new friend for preventative medicine. It is inexpensive (relatively) and effective. Great Stuff!

Best joint product I know of by Critterlover from Seattle, WA08/20/2013

I have used this on multiple dogs with various joint issues. The most dramatic testimony is from my Aussie mix. She had a knee that would dislocate about once a month. After she had been on this wonderful product, it would only go out about twice a year and her recovery time was a lot faster.

Allergic dog so much better by teddy from Florida06/26/2013

Even though we were adhereing to a vet advised diet and medicated, our little Llasapoo continued to itch and chew areas until we started using this as his anti-arthritis formula. So wonderful to have an antiallergic formula! His hair has grown back in and his skin is in the best shape since we adopted him 6 years ago. ( he is now 14 ) Both our dogs are now on this product and our vet is using it for her allergic dog.

Good, but not as good as another by Caro06/06/2013

I liked this product because it has glucosomine, chondroitin and msm. But it has filler that causes you to have to give a larger dose than another product that is more pure. I wanted to try something different that was at a lower price to what I'd been using. The package is very large, making it hard to travel with it. Worth the try, but not again.

Best Purchase Ever by Dot from WA06/19/2012

This is an excellent product. My 12-yr old dog has been on this for about 5 yrs. He was beginning to have trouble walking but now he walks/plays like a puppy. Cannot say enough about this product.

Joint MAX hypoallergenic is a lifesaver! by Maria01/18/2008

Joint Max HA has been a life saver for my 10 year old spaniel/clumber girl. She is allergic to a multitude of things but she does fine with the Hypoallergenic granules (to my surprise!) But, by far the best thing is that she is moving like she hasn't for a long time ever since being on Joint Max. She can't take any aspirin or prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs because of her sensitive stomach and we were desperate to find something to help her movement. I really can't say enough about what a difference this has made in the quality of her life. Thank Goodness for Joint Max NA!!!!

This is the Best! by Angel06/25/2008

This product made my dog go from limping in the mornings back to her old self. She has taken this for a year now and IT WORKS! It has changed her quality of life.

Great product!! by Got2dogs from Nasville, TN05/02/2014

We have used this product for over two years and I'm sure it has helped our 10 year-old rescued Doodle stay as active as a puppy! It's also greatly helped our 8 year-old rescued Bichon with her arthritic hips. Add it to their food once a day!

Great Product Great Company by Kathryn12/06/2008

Have used this product from Entirely Pets for years. Product works great. And, Entirely Pets gets the product to me so fast it is nearly unbelievable!!! Never a problem.

Featured Reviews for NaturVet Allergy Aid Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats (90 ct)
KIA-LOVES"EM ! by CHUCK from KANSAS CITY05/09/2013


My dog did like the taste by J.D. from Coastal Georgia10/04/2014

I can not recommend this product because after two bags,it did nothing for my dog except act like a treat. My pup does have very severe allergies. This product may work on some milder ases.

Excellent for Allergies by Dog Loving Mama ! from So. Calif.07/09/2014

I have been giving my dog a few of these a day and it helps her runny nose from allergies. Easy soft chews to give as a treat or crush up in food. I trust NaturVet products!

NOT GOOD< NO TASTE> by KittywithAllergies from Providence, RI, ie no man's land11/21/2013

AS a Kitty, I have allergies and don't appreciate when my master, Adrienne G, gives me GARBAGE to eat as treats...this was a pure garbage product. I'll eat most anything but these have NO flavor, like cardboard. Don't buy for your cat, or dog I wouldn't think.

Featured Reviews for Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.
Excellent Shampoo for allergies & yeast by Sheryl from Oviedo, FL11/15/2011

My dog has always had environmental allergies and now food allergies. This last breakout turned out to be Candida yeast which this shampoo helped clear her up along with the NZymes Healthy Skin Kit. I highly recommend this shampoo and using it twice a week until the dog is fairly cleared then use it once a week. I also gave her a baking soda rinse afterwards to ph balance her...3tsp per gallon of water.

Nice aroma by honey from River Vale, NJ12/01/2013

I like the aroma of the shampoo. Unfortunately she is still scratching!

Loved It by sunshire from Weatherford TX05/03/2012

Really helped my yorkie. His hair is now nice and soft.

Allermyl shampoo by AB from San Diego, CA10/23/2012

We have an extremely allergic English Bulldog and she requires bathing every 3 days. The Allermyl shampoo has been a God send for us as she reacts well to it, seemingly without depleting her coat of any natural oils. Anyone who has a sensitive dog should consider this product.

Severe skin allergies by Delilah from Las Cruces, New Mexico01/14/2013

9 year old labordor with severe skin allergies. Allergic to about 17 natural items. Have found she does pretty good with a 3 times per week bath with Allermyl shampoo (5-10 minutes lathered in before rinsing). Cut out the skin infections and reduced the itching. Do take care to rinse well and keep it rinsed away from human contact. Not sure, but required a Rx prescription initially.

Best Shampoo by Star from California01/01/2013

Helps my dog with his itchy skin. I can't use any other shampoo on him. Would highly recommend.

Skin Allergies by Delilah from New Mexico10/30/2011

Dog with severe skin allergies, works with frquent bath. Lathers well. Leave on 10 minutes and rinse well. Trained pet and works well in a walk in shower. Pre wash with baby shampoo.Rinse from your skin while waiting.

Severe skin allergies by Delilah Lab06/23/2012

Have used this product 3X weekly for over 6 years to reduce our Labs severe skin allerigies. Has done as well as can be expected and reduced the number of infections and constant itching significantly.

by BigT106/20/2012

Excellent product; cleans hair well, lathers very well, easy to rinse, and takes relatively little to do a large dog. One bottle does many baths. Hair is very clean and soft to the touch after drying; no skin irritation.

shampoo by Mary from Silver Spring, MD02/12/2014

Never received it. Thought it was on backorder that's why I didn't contact you.

Great Shampoo by Bichon Mom from Los Angeles, CA10/11/2011

One of my Bichon Frises has allergies which leaves his skin very sensitive to shampoos. This was recommended by a Veterinary Dermatologist to help soothe his skin which was often itchy and patchy after grooming. It really helps with the discomfort and itching.

Best Ever Purchase... by Baker's Mom from RI11/04/2011

I was thrilled to find this shampoo for my Golden who is 3 and has allergies...I bought the name brand product in the ear wash at the vet, they do not sell the shampoo...I will be trying it tomorrow...Delivery was so fast, I am so happy with this store,,I will be buying all products from them....Thanks for wonderful service...and always rave reviews....

Excellent Shampoo by BT_Pit Lover from Oviedo08/14/2012

Best shampoo to try to get rid of Candida Yeast. It helped get rid of the blackness on my dog's skin and has balanced her skin issues out along with using NZymes.com skin care kit to take care of the problem internally. Thanks to Allermyl and NZymes for making my dog look awesome again!

Best product by u11/12/2009

this is best product for dog allergy

Great Combo by Trixie10/03/2009

This, in combination with the Resicort conditioner is the best remedy for my very itchy, lots of allergies little bichon!!!! Try it and save youself a lot of grief!

Great Shampoo by ksmith05/04/2009

My cat developed bumps w/scabs on his lower back about a year ago. At first, I assumed it was something to do w/fleas the dog had brought in, but after getting rid of the fleas, the cat still had the problem. It was so bad the cat had literally licked himself raw & bald by Oct 2008. The vet gave him a cortisone shot then, but as soon as that wore off, the problem reappeared. I didn't want to do the cortisone shots so I also changed the cat's food to grain free, thinking maybe it was something in the food. I bought this shampoo and bathed the cat w/it once a week now for 3 wks and the problem is gone! I'm amazed. I still don't know what is going on, but this shampoo fixed the problem. I'm going to try reducing the use to every other week to see if I can maintain him on that schedule, but at least now the problem is resolved & if I have to bathe him every week, I'll do that. Thanks for a great product!


Our itchy yorkie is finally comfortable!! I have tried many products in an attempt to stop her suffering. Allermyl helped her so much we were able to wean her off prednisone!!!

great product by EHunnell05/01/2008

This is the first product that I have found to be completely effective for my dog's allergy and dermatitis problems. It delivers.

Best Allergy Shampoo by Pegg from Arizona10/24/2011

Best shampoo I have found for my allergy Patsy Girl. Has a nice clean smell; doesn't tangle and leaves her coat shinning and soft.

Good Stuff ! by X-101/23/2012

My dog has skin allergies and needs to be bathed frequently. The average pet shampoos irritate his skin also so my vet recommend Virbac. I use the allergroom for the weekly baths but sometimes depending on the time of year his skin allergies get worse. When this happens I use Allermyl to help his skin heal up. This stuff fixes him up so he doesn't feel so itchy.

Good Shampoo for Mild Allergies by Frances from South Carolina06/19/2013

Both my yorkies can have mild skin allergies. I even take this shampoo to the dog groomers rather than use their standard brand. It cuts down on skin irritations after grooming and so far, no major skin rashes.

Great value by Jean from Florida10/07/2011

Allermyl is soothing, fresh smelling, and itch reducing to your dog. The effects are long lasting. Yet, this is gentle enough to use several times per week.

Great relief! by ChrisM07/31/2012

My lab has been scratching for weeks, even though she's on flea meds. She's unable to use steriods due to other meds she uses, so the vet's only suggestion was to see an allergist. Before going that route, tried this product and the dog had relief within 24 hours! It will become a staple in our household.

by from 02/11/2012

I have a highly allergic mix (Cavalier KCS with Pom). We're ruling out what does and doesn't work on his itching, including diet. I've used Allermyl Shampoo for two applications so far, and it seems to calm the incessant back-end rubbing and high sensitivities. Still licking his paws...argh! However, I think more Allermyl Shampoo applications will help improve the condition.

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Featured Reviews for Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz
best product by daisy02/27/2013

Tried many shampoos, and this one has been the best for my Sheltie. She doesn't itch constantly and she sheds very, very little. I was confident in results because Virbac produces good products.

Great Shampoo by Debbie from North Carolina12/19/2010

I use this shampoo for my miniature schnauzer who suffers with dermatitis. This shampoo is great for his skin. Soothes and stops itching instantly and leaves his coat clean and soft. Would recommend for dogs with dermatitis or skin allergies.

Next best thing for dogs with allergies by dogmom from Florida Keys02/16/2012

I bought this shampoo in hopes of replacing an old tried and true brand that is no longer available. The Allermyl worked great. I got the shiny coat, less itchy skin, and a much more comfortable dog. I will keep using it again and again. Great product.

Great stuff by Rosa from San Luis Obispo, CA01/30/2013

My Cairn/Westie had some very itchy skin that wasn't soothed by any oatmeal or soothing shampoos available at big retail pet stores. I monitored his diet and what he was exposed to carefully in hopes of finding the trigger but I couldn't. Then I tried Allermyl and he's a new pup! His constant scratching and chewing has stopped. He's so much happier now. I ran out of the Allermyl and went back to some "soothing" shampoo I had left over until my new shipment arrived and his itchiness came right back. This stuff makes a big difference! If your doggie suffers from itchy skin, you really have to give this a try!

A great product for a very clean, soft coat by Sugar's Momma10/09/2011

But I really bought this product for it's advertised anti-pruritic value. If you are looking for this shampoo to stop the itching associated with an allergic skin condition, forget it. It performed poorly.

Suds by Pudge from Raleigh NC02/16/2012

My groomer loves this. She says that so many do not suds so they have to use a lot to get the dog clean. This suds well just using a small amount so it lasts a long time.

Featured Reviews for Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)
Great!!! by MICHELE from Lutz. FL07/09/2013

This was suggested by my Dermatology Vet Specialist!!!

Allerchlor by Rusty03/06/2013

There is no dosasge on the bottle for a dog. It seems to be addressing human consumption. So I don't know how much to give my dog.

Alternative to Benedryl by Stella from CA05/07/2014

My pup has allergies and I found this product works better on him then benedryl. It helps reduce the itchies and red eyes making the day more tolerable for him.

May work for your pet, not mine... by Karen from Imperial, MO05/22/2013

my little guy seems nothing helps, and when I say nothing I mean , Benadryk, zyrtec, now I have tried this.. and nothing helps him :(

What is this? by msellvee from LaPlata, Md06/28/2012

I thought I was getting a bottle of allergy tablets for a dog. Nowhere on the bottle did it mention dogs. It gave dosages for adults and children. I could have just given them Benadryl if I had known this was not a product for dogs. Your ad for this product was very misleading. I am totally disappointed with this purchase!

ALLERGY by EMMIE from FLORIDA07/23/2012


Miracle Product for Pets with allergies! by Leo08/16/2011

Saw results in the first day of use. If your dog or cat suffers of allergies you must get this product!

by Cody08/03/2012

Wish there was 2 mgms but this one can be broken in 1/2....Great for a cat that has allergies Cheaper...standard stuff...over Vet's. But check with your Vet! Used 2 mgms for yrs.

Excellent Product! by Judy Kinard07/18/2008

This medication was prescribed by our vet - only he was charging us about 20 cents a tablet or so. This works great at helping pet allergies and stopping scratching.

Is Working Great! by Bev03/17/2009

Our dog has been on allergy shots for 1 1/2 years now, in addition to benedryl tabs 3 x's a day, it all helped somewhat but i decided to try this based on the other review. Within 2 or 3 days, her itching & scratching had slowed down alot!!!! We are very pleased and ordering more because it seems to be working much better than the over the counter benedryl. Thank you!!

Chlorpheniramine by lilbit1211 from Franklinville, NJ10/24/2012

My vet had prescribed this in the past for my cat and it works very well.

Featured Reviews for Chlorpheniramine 4mg (1000 Tablets)
Allergy medication by Morgan from California06/18/2012

Works great to keep allergies under control at a reasonable price.

by from 10/07/2011

This medication can be extremely effective in the fight against itch in your dog.

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Saved My Yorkies Life & Skin! by Diana Sophia from Concord, California09/05/2010

My 7 years old female Yorkshire Terrier, Lola has very bad skin and food allergies and this product has saved her from a lifetime of pain and misery from trying to rip her own skin off. I also use Green's Pill Pockets - Allergy Formula (Duck) to give her the medication. She was dosed by my Vet. on an increased cycle until she reached 2 mg of Chlorpheniramine, 3 times a day. So please make sure that your Vet. tells you what dose your Pet will need by his/her Diagnosis and body weight. When Lola hears the cell phone alarm clock I set up to go off 3 X's a day at medication time, she comes RUNNING for her meds! She's is now a much happy baby because of both of those products and I could never repay my happiness and hers to the companies that make these products.

Brings much needed relief! by Betty from Arlington, TX10/23/2012

My Peke's are happy to get relief from their allergies and itchy skin. And we would not want to go one day without taking this antihistamine!

by from 07/08/2010

Before giving this medicine, check with vet. My dog began having seizures shortly after I began giving this medication--at the vet's referral. She told me six months later that this medication can cause seizures in some dogs.

fine by for from some...but,It


Featured Reviews for DECHRA DermAllay Shampoo (12 oz)
DermAllay by Gabi from Las Vegas03/26/2014

This product was referred to me by a veterinarian and it works great to not dry out the dogs fur from frequent baths. I also use it with the spray on conditioner, great fragrance.

Great Product by Wade03/18/2012

I am very pleased the way this product work on my pet. The trpe of products help with his itching because he has very dry skin.

Featured Reviews for Dechra DermaLyte (DermaHypoCS) (12 fl. oz.)
by from 03/26/2014

Our Blue Merle Collie named Krypto would get itchy and develop hot-spots from constantly licking his back. It got so bad we just couldn't give him a bath till a pet dermatologist recommended we give this shampoo a try and it works great. We can give him baths and he does great with it.

only by pet from shampooIt


DermaPet Shampo by Chardy from Sunland, Ca06/18/2012

We have two little dogs that have an auto-immune disease. We have to give them a bath twice a week and we are very happy with this product.

Nice results by Gig from MA08/15/2012

Tried this shampoo on recommendation from our Vet and it works! It's mild and doesn't irritate her skin like shampoos made with soap. Her hair is shiny and we can bathe her more often now without worrying about drying out her skin and hair.

by Roxy from Hilton, NY07/19/2013

Our vet recommended this along with Mal-A-Ket to get the smell out of our Lab's thick undercoat from swimming in the lake. The combo of the two worked great and left her coat looking beautiful! Prior to this we had been using citrus based shampoos to try to get the smell out. This combo works much better! No more stinky dog from swimming in the seaweed.

Best shampoos by Sparky06/21/2012

Great products for dry skin and sensitive pooch!

Not the original product by Linda Westie07/26/2012

The original product which is displayed in the picture (blue label) was produced by a company called DermaPet. The "new" DermaLyte (green label) is currently produced by another company which has decided to change the ingredient list by adding several non-natural ones. The consequence is that the "all natural" label disappeared together with the most important quality of this product. Shame that entirelypets have not pointed this out.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme (200 gm)
Entirely Pets by dogmother53 from Eatonville, WA05/29/2012

I love shopping with Entirely Pets. Their prices are competive and reasonable. They have the fastest shipping anywhere. Great and reliable company. Keep up the great work Entirely Pets!

best purchase ever by Diana L from Buffalo, NY05/31/2012

often my eight cats throw up for numerous reasons. this is easily administered by sprinkling on their moist food once a day. they seem to like it and it aids in their digestion.

Too early to tell... by Peener from Otisville, MI01/05/2013

I have only read about this product recently and thought I would give it a try. It has only been a few weeks and I am not seeing anything earth-shattering yet but I am hopeful.

great for digestion by duffysmom06/23/2014

I have fed this to my 12-year-old terrier mix his entire life. When he was a puppy he contracted parvo, which left him with a sensitive tummy and prone to diarrhea. Using Prozyme aids his digestion so he gets the most nutrition from his food and keeps his poops normal.

Prozyme by Mur12/18/2011

I never received it! I was sent the wrong thing and I am still waiting for you to send it!!!!!

Works well by Gopher from Minnesota05/22/2014

We have used this product for many years with our various Golden Retrievers. It works well as the stools are very consistant.

Very Good Product by Corky from Chambersburg,Pa.10/25/2011

We been buying this product for a couple years now ,our little poodle has a sensitive stomach and it helps his digestion.

Switched foods - only prozyme worked by K.H.02/15/2010

Our twelve year old lab struggled for one year with a smelly, oily, itchy coat. We had multiple vet visits and switched his food to Candidae with no results. I finally started him on Prozyme and his coat is now beautiful, soft, shiny, and odor free! I think the Prozyme finally allowed him to Absorb the nutrients in his food that he so desperately needed.

ProZYME is AWESOME!! by Mark L from Mesa, AZ03/18/2013

Got ProZYME because my cats were having some digestive issues and beginning to have behavioral problems secondary to them. I began giving them ProZYME and the results were amazing! Pretty much immediately, the digestive problems ceased (one was always vomiting the other has loose stools) and so did the budding behavioral issues. Thank you Entirely Pets and ProZYME for saving me much money (on vet bills) and worry! This product is great!!!

This Product May Be Saving Our Dog's Life by John L from Huntsville, Alabama07/25/2012

Our 13 year old Shih Tzu Abby stopped eating so we had lab work done which showed her liver enzymes to to over 10 times normal levels. We then had an ultrasound done and the vet saw a mass around her liver. The vet thinks it is cancer and felt she probably only had a few weeks to live. I researched alternative drugs and found CAS Options, Denamarin, and Prozyme were all highly recommended to fight the cancer and possibly regenerate the liver function . After 7+ weeks on these 3 drugs, I am happy to report Abby is still with us and she doesn't exhibit any symptoms of liver failure so far. She still will not eat on her own and must be hand fed (which takes up to 2 hours a day), but she is eating better and I have faith that soon she will start eating on her own again. I can't say these are miracle cures, but so far I am impressed with where we are in extending her life and maybe some kind of recovery.

It really works by Bs from Florida07/08/2014

This product was recommended for bad breath for our dog (no dental disease). It really works

Great Product by LART04/05/2012

If it wasn't for Prozyme my dog would not be here. I have been giving it to Curly for over three years. Great product.

Prozyme by Sue from Chicago, Illinois10/18/2013

Great for getting a slow crop moving in baby birds that are being hand fed.

recommended by vet by Lynn11/28/2012

This is to help with breakdown and digestion of nutrients in the gut. It should help with breakdown of hair according to my vet. Older cats who need to absorb more nutrients from their food are helped. While I can't say I notice a big difference, I trust my vet's advice and this product certainly mixes with their wet food easily and unknowingly to my cats on it.

Excellent product by tvb from NJ12/10/2013

My vet advised I use Prozyme for my cat who has irritable bowel. This product is very helpful and at a fair price, compared to the vet's office.

Very Good Product. by carpenter3501/10/2013

Our little poodle was having stomach problems and the vet had us get this and he is now 14 yrs.old and has been on this for 13 years of his life and is doing real well.

Won't go without it by Jackie06/12/2013

I tried Prozyme because my dog suffered with stomach upset and allergies. She is so much better. No more stomach upset and allergies are under better control.

PROzyme enzyme supplement by LES from Chambersburg ,Pa.01/28/2012

Our little poodle has a sensitive stomach a lot of foods would cause loose bowels and throwing up .He has been taking this sprinkled on his food for several years now and it has fixed the problem.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme (454 gm)
Important part of daily meal by tiggergram from Fond du Lac, WI10/28/2011

This is the only product that helped control my dog's bowels during chemo treatments. Now that he's "on the mend", he still receives it every day as an aid to his digestion. Love how easy it is to give...just sprinkle it in his food.

prozyme by cheyenne08/21/2012

My large golden retriever is 8 and this past year began having bloat and gas after every meal. Changing foods made no difference. Then I began giving him Prozyme with every meal and voila!---no more gas or bloat. Great stuff and natural too.

Great product by Sue from Warwick, Rhode Island06/18/2012

Several years ago, my border collie mix had persistant diarrhea for over a month. My veterinarian had her on antibiotics for several weeks without any change. When he suggested putting her on steroids, I said absolutely not. I started to research digestive enzymes along with food allergies. I changed her food to a blend with no soy, corn or wheat AND started her on Prozyme. No kidding, after about a day and a half, her stool was on the mend. I was floored! Since then I have continued to use Prozyme on both of my dogs, and have recommended it to other pet owners. Love this product!!

Digestion Bliss by Sandy from Boise, ID12/17/2012

Prozyme has been a life saver for my older dogs. I have used it for many years to help my older dogs get the most out of their foods. It changed my Norfolk Terrier from many accidents and lots of stool to better control, better stools and fewer, better formed stools. I currently use it for my 10 year old English Setter and also for her son who is 6 years old and tends to have a sensitive stomach. Prozyme works great for my dogs and I highly recommend it.

by from 02/16/2014

I've been using prozyme now for over 15 years. I love the product.

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by Jo816Cats02/20/2014

Have used this for several years on my four cats. I feel it helps them get more nutrition our of their food.

Prozyme Enzyme Supplement by Kristen Ann from Michigan12/15/2011

The dogs get the most nutritional value from their food with this supplement. Great in cutting down on "noxious odors".

A must-have product for special needs pets! by Wendy from Tucson, Arizona03/15/2013

This has helped my Norwegian Forest Cat tremendously! He had digestive problems for a while before this product was recommended - now he is one happy boy and much more comfortable these days.

Greyt product by Dash's human06/01/2008

Dash the greyoun has irritable bowel syndrome. The vet recommended Prozyme to aid in his digestion, and it's really helped Dash stay IBS free (in combination with milk thistle, Chinese herbs and periodic acupuncture during his now-infrequent flare-ups). I've tried other probiotics, but Prozyme has better results.

Great digestive help by Sue from PA11/14/2012

Prozyme helps my little senior dogs get the most nutrition out of their food. It also prevents digestive upset when switching to other foods. I put a dash on their food at every meal.

Always recommend by Maryg04/29/2014

I'm a dog trainer. I go to people's homes to train, so I am always looking at the "whole" dog: food, toys, environment, behavior. I always recommend Prozyme to these clients, regardless of which food they are on as digestive issues are the key to health. Prozyme is a great product and works extremely well. Not only that, it is well priced so my clients are more likely to buy it. Highly recommended.

great for our dogs by jlbailey from Minnesota05/30/2012

when we adopted our 2nd dog, JD, he was really sick and malnourished. he was having trouble digesting his food and had terrible gas. this product was recommended to us at a pet food store and we've used it on every bowl of food for the past 5 years.

prozyme for my cats by L Henderson02/15/2010

I have been using this product for years for my cats. It's a powder and they can't taste it when applied to their canned food. It keeps them healthy and helps to properly digest all of the nutrients in their food. I highly recommend it for any pets.

NO more loose stools by Teddi's Mom from Los Angeles06/13/2014

This is a must to add to Tedd's food. The Enzyme Supplement seems to keep his stools firm and easy to pick up when walking him.

Can't Do Without by DogsMom from East of the Mississippi05/02/2010

Our 16 yr old miniature schnauzer steadily started losing weight though the vets could identify no cause. Her now yellow poo suggested her digestive hormones were not adequate. This was confirmed by our 10 yr old male schnauzer suddenly becaming interested for the first time in eating her poo. I started looking for remedies for the poo eating and saw a review for Prozyme that indicated it might resolve my 16 yr old's poor digestive process....so I bought some. While it took us a bit of time to figure out how much to add to her food for best results, her weight loss slowed and she now is beginning to gain back some of it. Without Prozyme, our 16 yr old would likely now be gone. It's not an exaggeration to say that her life depends on this product.

Add to Home-Prepared Dog Food by canderse from San Diego, CA02/04/2013

Since my 12 years old dog was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma (nose cancer), I have been making home-cooked dog food for both of my female dogs. I add Prozyme to their food to ensure good digestion. Great product! Best price on EntirelyPets (454 grams).

Miracle product by amyjdj1206/12/2012

My collie dog went through 5 homes before we got her -- because she made messes with loose stools. Any variation in her food (even a bite) would have this result. One half tsp of Prozyme on each feeding (2 times a day).... now she can eat anything -- no problems. I give it to my other collie, as well. Prozyme eliminated the smelly gas he used to emit. I will always use this product with all my dogs.

by cheezypuff705/15/2012

I have a male show sheltie who has trouble keeping weight on because he is so active, this on top of a high kcal food, has been finally maintaining his weight. Easy and effective supplement!

recommended by our vet by dlk from NYC, NY06/15/2012

since i've been adding this to my CRF kitty's food, HE'S BEEN DOING GREAT. (sorry, hit the caps)

Prozyme supplement by Carolann from New Mexico11/19/2011

This is the best product to help with any skin allergy or digestive problems your dog may have. I would highly recommend it!

Did not send product displayed by Lynn from Colorado03/05/2013

Was expecting the product that was pictured/described. Received a different version of the product from a different manufacturer. Product's ingredients were different as well. I call this misleading advertising/sales! Very disappointed; will not purchase from Entirely Pets again as this was second of two products I ordered that was screwed up.

Good Product by Gopher01/01/2013

Good supplement. Have never had any problems with digestive system in any of the dogs we have owned. This is an all natural supplement and we use as directed.

Really makes a difference! by SheltieLover from NH02/24/2011

I have rescues with sensitive digestive systems. Prozyme really helps them digest their food and eliminated the problems I was having with stress diarrhea, especially in stressful show situations. I highly recommend it along with good quality food.

by nekko01/09/2013

Prozyme is an excellent product and I have been using it for years. I feed my pets a raw food diet, and an enzyme supplement is an essential part of the plan, especially as they get older. And this (as with many Entirely Pets products) is a great price. Add to that the super quick delivery time and Entirely Pets always comes up a winner for me.

Good For My Dog by Blessed from Tulsa,Ok10/26/2011

Prozyme helps keep my dog's digestive tract healthy.

by from 03/18/2013

Have been using this for over 12+ years; all the dogs (puppies through seniors and fosters) receive this product in their food. Started using this product when the company claimed you could feed less food because the dogs metabolized their food better. The claim of feeding less food disappeared, but I believe - based on my experiences with rescue dogs and my own dogs - food is more properly metabolized. After the passing of our senior dogs, when I ran out I did not order more Prozyme. Our young Collie girl developed dry skin, which could have been due to other factors (stress over showing, stress over loosing her buddies, weather, etc.). But it was our new pup, a C-section one, that caused me to reorder. (His dam had all sorts of problems recovering from the C-section and was on antibiotics while she was nursing. When he came home to us at 16 weeks, he had horrible gas and loose stools. So did his liter mate, owned by a friend.) Started prozyme and his gas disappeared and stools firmed up. The dry skin on our little girl disappeared, too. His liter mate, belonging to a friend, had similar problems, which cleared up too when digestive enzymes were added.

an by outrageously from expensiveThis


Prozyme by lizzylime from Cleveland, OH04/15/2014

I have been adding Prozyme to our shar-pei's food for years. I am comfortable knowing, when combined with his food, it helps him absorb the nutrients he needs. I will continue giving it to him.

Great service! by beaglemom from Hanover, VA03/19/2013

Our dog 'Scout' has Pancreatic Disorder Syndrome. She has to have the enzymes in every meal to help her digest and process the nutrition and calories. Entirely Pets has the best pricing and speedy delivery so we can count on them to help us keep our pet healthy.

Love the Prozyme by Bo from Plantation FL05/07/2014

It really works for my 2 Ig's Could not be without it FABULOUS

Great for dogs with food allergies by MJM from Winnipeg MB09/09/2013

Our coonhound was loosing all the fur on her stomach until we started using Prozyme. Now she is doing great, no fur lose and no more pink, itching tummy!!

seems to work pretty well by poodle from Phila., PA01/11/2013

Prozyme seems to work pretty well. The dogs don't get upset stomachs as much

Pit Bull Poot Powder by Fog Dawg from East TN12/29/2013

I originally bought this product for my dog(s) flagellants but since supplementing with Prozyme my dogs bowel movements have been a lot firmer too. If i don't put this in my dog(s) food they do seem to get a bit gassy.... This stuff works wonders for "Pit Bull Poots!"

Helpful food supplement by Birke04/23/2012

I have used Prozyme in the past with good results. I believe they digest the food better and it cuts down drastically on "recycling" of stool.

Did not work on my (sensored) eating dog by jase07/03/2013

Prozyme caused an incontinence problem in my MALE 9 mo old puppy. He had this problem 4 days after first using it. 4 days later, the same thing. I then took him off it and he hasn't had the problem since. My vet said it's the Bromelain (pineapple) that caused it. I have since found a product that works.

Shiny coat by sammydj from Los Angeles, CA12/24/2012

I've been using PROZYME powder for decades on all the generations of my dogs throughout the years. Prozyme dissolves in dog food easily and the results, besides being a digestion supplement, is that I see are a soft, shiny coat and any stinky dog smell is completely neutralized and eliminated. A great product!

This product really works! by Donna01/04/2013

I feed my dogs high quality meat based food and treats. This tends to make them quite, um, gassy (!) The smell would literally drive us from the room! I was recommended this product for this problem and to aid in digestion, especially for my 15-year-old pointer. Adding Prozyme to my dogs' food solved the problem within days. Highly recommend this product! :)

Prozyme (454 gm) by over70 from Salinas, CA11/13/2013

Terrific product for our 2 cats. The elder, calico, cat (10 yrs. old) kept throwing up so we decided to try a probiotic and this helped immensely. We tried other products and this is the only one that worked. We've been using it for about 4 years and seems to last forever because it's only 1/4 tsp./cat and reasonably priced.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)
A must have by Quincy's Mom03/15/2014

Prescribed by my vet a number of years ago for my Basset. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis originally. Prozyme has been part of his treatment since the start. He is better now, but seems to be left with chronic GI issues. Part of his normal routine is Prozyme with every meal. As long as the routine is maintained he's a happy boy

pancreatic enzymes by D. Neikirk02/15/2010

When my vet suggested the $150 porcine pancreatic enzymes to help my GSD's low normal pancreatic enzyme levels, I decided to do a little research. Poor doggie had runny stools, and one night actually got me up over 10 times (I lost count at 10) to go outside. God bless him for waking me up and not going in the house! But he must have been so very uncomfortable. Prozyme had good reviews, and was the least expensive, so I decided to try it first. It cleared up the problem, and now my sweet little rescue boy is digesting his food properly and getting the nutrition he needs. He was also very skinny when I adopted him from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue group, and he's now put on a few pounds, and looks terrific. GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) in particular suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, so this is a shout out to all you Shepherd lovers - at least try this first. When my dog's happy, I'm happy! One note: It's in a milk sugar base, so if your pup is allergic to dairy, this may not work well.

6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm) by MJMC from Hanover, PA08/01/2013

Seems to work for my Irish Setter, but no for the Saints.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme (4 lb)
by Marilyn from Santa Barbarsa, CA01/13/2012

All my dogs are senior rescues and come to me with all sorts of ailments. I give them this product to help them better absorb nutriens in their food.

wonderful!! by MARY07/05/2013

We have been giving this supplement to both of our German Shepherds since they were 10 weeks old. They are now 4 and 6 and they have always had great and healthy bowel movements. We sprinkle it on their food and add a bit of water on the powder.

by from 02/15/2010

Prozyme is a great reputable product, it's what's known as a "probiotic", it helps by producing good flora (an enzyme) in the digestive tract which aids in better digestion.

dry by dog from foodsThere


by from 06/05/2012

Prozyme (4 lb) by HealingGoddess from Winnipeg, MB12/16/2012

This is a great deal. Every dog need this in thier daily diet. I will be ordering this again when I start to run low. Have to keep this on hand. AND it has NO SOY - which makes me Very Happy.

Really Works by Joanne from NH08/25/2013

Helps eliminate soft stool and aids in digestion. This product really works!

My dogs love Prozyme by EM from Manhattan, NY06/05/2012

I have two miniature schnauzers and they have been using Prozyme since they were puppies. I mix this in with their food and they lick their bowls clean during their meals. My vet suggested I give my dogs Prozyme and I do on a daily basis.

Great value!! by Cheryl from Nova Scotia, Canada04/24/2014

Great product. Great price!! Excellent service and fast carefree delivery!! Shipped from the West coast US and I live on the East coast of Canada!!

prozyme rocks by Kathleen04/05/2008

I have used prozyme for years & I truly believe in it. As animals age they aren't able to absorb all the nutrients from their food as they do when they are younger; this takes care of that. I have a 21, yes 21 year old cat who is going strong & a 14 year old dog. This is also great to give to your cats so that your dog won't be interested in the cat box! The food is completely digested & the dogs aren't interested in the stools.

Good stuff by LHAMID from Roseville, CA10/21/2013

My vet recommended this stuff for my old Lab, as she has digestive issues. She said its also good for my younger dog. Both get a scoop with every meal. It is said to help prevent bloat, and I lost a dog to that condition once so I use this faithfully

Prozyme is great by chickenlady from Roseville, CA06/26/2012

I use prozyme for my 12 year old Lab and my 4 year old German Shepherd mix. It helps them get more out of their food and may help prevent bloat. I have recommended it to a friend for her elderly dog. Great product, great price from EP, super fast shipping

Prozyme for Dogs and Cats by Eileen09/01/2009

This product works very well for dogs and cats... it improves their coats and health

Improve digestion by Candy06/10/2012

This is super..plus a great price. Big improvement in stool reduction and dogs have better weight plus muscle.

by from 02/15/2010

I am so glad I found this supplement. In only one day, yes, one day, it has begun to clear the dark skin, oily fur, itching, shedding and odor that my 5 year old German Shepherd/Great Pyranese mix has been suffering with since June.

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have by made from meThanks


GREAT Product - Prozyme by tonysalley from vancouver BC10/16/2013

I have been a professional obedience and agility dog handler 20 years. I use this product daily. Very useful when switching my dogs diet on the fly when touring the dog around the Pacific Northwest. My dogs have had no digestional issues when on this product.

Featured Reviews for Vetri-Science Acetylator (60 capsules)
Probably saved my dog's life by Sue from Berkeley, CA03/09/2013

My dog suffers from many food allergies. Although I have her on a diet that takes this into account, she has periodic episodes of GI distress. I have found that adding this to her food daily prevents GI problems by keeping the intestinal mucosa healthy. I also add some pure glutamine to her food as well. This product has n-acetylglucose amine but not glutamine to feed the cells. The other ingredients, lactobacillus and some digestive enzymes are also very beneficial.

Featured Reviews for CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)
Best Skin spray by Yorkiedoll from Morgantown WV.07/17/2013

I use this on all my dogs, it soothes them and helps heal any spots they cause by scratching.

by nasusmcp from Limington, Maine01/25/2012

I have only used it once as the Omega chews seem to have quieted down the skin irritation of both of my dogs.

by miknan from LINCOLNTON,NC02/08/2012


Simply Amazing! by Sue05/19/2008

I have to recommend this to anyone who has a dog with skin/coat issues! I am just amazed at what has happened in just 2 weeks!

This Does The Trick by Tyson's Mom from Long Island NY08/25/2013

My Yorkie has severe skin allergies and Calm Coat is the ONLY product that soothes the itching all over his legs, paws and neck area. I have tried so many other products but ONLY Calm Coat works. I have been using it for many years on my dog.

Wonderful Product! by M. Williams09/25/2008

?The result [of Calm Coat] was amazing. As I would rub them down they would literally sigh. It had an immediate effect on the itching and the hair seemed to grow back almost overnight. Thank you for your wonderful product!?

A. Rudy by Highly RECOMMENDED!09/25/2008

"We tried Calm Coat when we noticed our dog Seamus was constantly biting & itching his paws. We thought it could be from insect bites seeing as we do live in FL. Anyways, we tried lots of products but they were all too oily, smelled bad or had lots of chemicals which we didn't want Seamus to have. We found Calm Coat online & thought it was worth a shot. We used it right away & within a few days, Seamus was all better & whenever he gets another bite, scratch, or itch we use it!!! It smelled great & was all natural so it couldn't harm him. We have also used Calm Eyes to help with Seamus' runny eyes & it worked great too. I will use their products over & over again!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!"

Good Stuff by Ruth06/12/2012

My dog has a flea allergy. He seems so much more comfortable with this stuff. Smells great too!

by from 10/23/2012

Ok, I'm point blank honest with reviews so here it is. I bought this as a LAST resort before taking my cat to the vet AGAIN for seasonal allergies/itchy skin and dry flakes from scratching too much. If your pet looks like they have dandruff and have started getting "hot spots" (sores with slight scabs) I'd HIGHLY recommend trying this product. My cats (I'm sure like many cats) hates anything wet on his fur/skin. Initially he hissed at me after hearing the spritzing sound of the bottle and feeling the wetness of the product and he ran off after I tried massaging it into the skin a bit. Shortly after that he ran off and I thought "Great, do much for THAT purchase..." but literally 30 seconds-1 minute later he returned, happier than ever, with slightly damp fur and purring. He stopped trying to bathe the area and left it alone.

fur by slightly from wet/oilyIt


I like this product by Joan from US Virgin Islands07/20/2012

It seemed to work better than many other anti-itch substances I have tried and the ingredients were definitely much milder.

It Works! by Rotorhead07/24/2013

This product worked when all others did not. The bald spot was gone in a couple of weeks.

Best Hotspot Help! by newfiemom from Buffalo, New York05/29/2012

No matter what "skin issue" appears on my Newfie and Collie, Calm Coat stops it dead in it's tracks! I highly recommend it!

Featured Reviews for DermaPet Dentees Chews (10 oz)
Can't live without them by The Queen of Everything from Laguna Beach, CA08/04/2014

We have four Havanese. They Love Dentees! A wonderful treat that cleans their teeth. What could be better. Buying on-line is so easy and a good buy.

by lab & rott08/06/2013

found out about these from the vets office....they actually take my rott. way more chews then other treats and for whatever reason he does not just swallow it whole. As for my lab/whippet, she is a lazy chewer but she loves to spend time with these treats. not too hard .... not too soft

Finally - A great chewy! by rg from Maryland06/19/2012

I have a Cairn terrier that is very picky about what he chews and, consequently, I have had problems keeping his teeth clean. He loves these chews!!! All I have to do is wave it in front of his nose and he comes running. It has done a great job cleaning his molars up, which needed it the most. Thanks DermaPet Dentees.

wonderful by sandy04/26/2014

My dog is a Dalmatian species. im korean customer. Like chewing gum. This gum is a low-allergy-free, color free, hydrolyzed protein, and I can feed without fear. Insufficient amount of eating too well.

Cameron's favorite by HR from North Carolina02/17/2013

This product was recommended by Cameron's vet and it is his favorite nighttime treat. Come 7pm he is sitting in front of me, staring at me Sheltie style until I go retrieve one of his "goodies."

Dentees Chew by Linda01/27/2008

We give our 12 year old Springer one dentee a day. She no long needs to have her teeth cleaned at the Vet once a year. The savings pays for the Dentees and is so much safer than the going through the ordeal of getting her teeth professionally cleaned.

Best Product Ever by Sunny in Florida from The Villages, Florida10/22/2012

Our dog is 9 years old, she gets 1 Dentee Chew everyday...She has NEVER had to have her teeth cleaned by the vet. Her vet is always commenting on how great her teeth are. I recommend these too all my dog friends.

our dogs go crazy by daisydue from TEXAS12/18/2013

they love this product soon as they finish there morning meal its to the prantry sit in frony of it till one of us get ther bone.it keep their teeth so clean & white. best stuff ever.thanks

Great product! by Ellie09/19/2013

I received a free sample for my furry four-legged canine at the veterinarian. He loved it. So, I decided to find Dentees online and ordered a supply. He now looks forward to getting this special treat before I go out for awhile. No stress when I leave and they are beneficial for his breath and teeth. Just ordered another supply plus Dentee stars.

Smell is good by Hyangdan11/22/2011

My puppy doesn't enjoy it very much since it's not a snack type but she has it enough to keep her teeth healthy.

Nice treat at a nice price! by Trixie's mom from Canton, Ohio05/26/2013

My 20 pound dog looks forward to getting the DermaPet Dentees Chews to "brush" her teeth after her dinner. I ordered several dental cleaning products after paying $400 for a dental cleaning a couple months ago and these were paws up her favorites.

Should have read the ingredients before buying by tmg from Chicago Suburb02/09/2012

I threw them in the garbage. It was my fault for not reading the label. If I had, I would have seen that the first ingredient is PROCESSED WHEAT GLUTEN!!! YUK!

Dental Chews by JMJU from Chester, NY01/20/2014

My 12 year old Labrador loves the Dentee Chews. I have offered other dental chews in the past and she seems to like the Dermapet product the best. I tell her to "brush her teeth" after each meal, and she knows that she is getting her favorite treat.

Great Teeth Cleaning Bone by Sukij from Bay Area02/28/2012

Doc says this product is one of the reasons my dog's teeth are in such excellent shape.

Can't be without these by marcia07/15/2013

My dogs love these. My vet recommended them because my dogs both have allergies and I have to be very careful about what I give them for treats. Not only are these good for allergic dogs, they also keep their teeth clean. I give them to my dogs every day.

Best teeth cleaning product ever by gainesville gal from Gainesville, Fl07/23/2012

My dog who is 9,,she has had the dentees chews since she was little,,,NEVER had her teeth cleaned by a vet, and they are always amazed on how great her teeth look and she never has doggie breath...All my dog friends use this product and everyone should.

treat dogs love by shenandoah11/08/2011

My dogs enjoy the dentees and cets strips. I feel it helps keep their teeth healthy.

Good chew by teddy from Florida06/29/2012

My dog is limited in food intake choice because of allergies and sensitivities. She eats these as readily as she used to eat her until now favorite chews. Since she is a very large dog, over #100, a larger size would be nice for her.

not happy by embee01/11/2014

placed the order on a friday received an order confirmation, after a week realized i'd not received a shipped confirmation so i emailed them and then called them. was informed it was shipping that day 7 days later...i asked if i could cancel and they said no, just return when received. they did not send me return information so i had to call and get a RA#, nothing ever in writing, no confirmation they are processing the return, i'm just hoping i get my money back.

Dogs love these by Clara from NC07/06/2014

All five of my dogs, 1year old and up love these. Only issue is they are all very tough chewers and nothing lasts longer than 5 minutes!

Great product by sledog06/05/2012

Great product but getting more expensive

Finally, fresh breath by Chris08/12/2013

DenTees is the only product we've found that keeps Olive's breath fresh.

Very GooD by eeppunya06/04/2012

Above all, the dogs really like this product. Palatability is the best! Robust and more effective in removing calculus seems to be. "dentees chew want?" If a word uproar uproar dogs. I have a pretty large size of a thick, cut in half is fed to the dogs. Does not contain any harmful ingredients are products. Therefore, the dogs love a product that is worth every penny. Then again, I sure will buy this product.

Absolutely the best! by Dogmom from Virginia01/23/2013

Our vet gave these as treats in his office when our dog was a pup. 8 years later our dog is still getting one a day. He'd eat the whole bag if he could. Our vet always comments on our dog's teeth but a month ago we saw a different vet in the office. She didn't believe that an 8 year old had teeth like a 2 year old. These chews are the only thing different that our other dogs didn't get to eat.

Dentees Chews by sukij from Mountain View, CA12/31/2012

My dog absolutely loves these chews and they have been great at keeping my dog's teeth clean and free of tarter. It would be great if they came in a larger size bage.

Great Dental Treat by Pet Ma10/29/2011

Although the DermaPet Dentees Chews are a bit pricey, I think they're worth the price. They keep our Jack Russell busy for a least a couple of minutes. Since she has moderate skin allgeries most treats don't set too well with her. But these ones seem to "agree" with her.

big dog like them by Jinger from san jose ca02/10/2010

My little dog didn't seem to care for them maybe it is the shape and her not having too many teeth. But out bigger dog Skylar likes them they are good for her special dietary needs too.

by DRG03/07/2013

Our dogs love these! Even our picky pup grabs hers. They're not long lasting, but also not something they eat in seconds.

Not yet received by sled dog11/03/2011

Product has yet to be delivered. Still on order. Apparently not yet delivered

Featured Reviews for DermaPet Dentees Stars (4 oz)
Great Product! by 1ChoctawLady01/01/2012

My precious little Chihuahua, Junior loves these DenTees Stars. He gets one a day as a special treat. It makes me smile to watch him happily take the treat and go to the couch or bed to wait for me while he enjoys it. I recommend them to anyone. :-)

My dogs are OBSESSED! by LucyBella03/01/2011

My dogs are obsessed with these stars. Literally, you say, "star," and they get super antsy and begin to beg and cry. It helps their breath, keeps their teeth clean, and they love them.

Good but small! by Q'sMom from Brookville, OH12/18/2012

I bought these for my beagle who hates me to clean her teeth. I should have noticed they read small size in details because they are small. I think I will try them in a bigger size so my dog will get more benefit but she took them 80% of the time I offered them to her.

by LadyBug89 from Illinois04/14/2014

My dog goes nuts over these treats. Great purchase

by Necacti03/20/2014

I really like this product for dental cleaning for my dogs. Have one who cannot have professional cleaning and this is what I use for him. He eagerly accepts this "treat".,,

by from 03/22/2013

great teeth cleaner by ally from Gainesville, Fl02/27/2012

This is the best ever, my dog is 9 years old,,she has always had this as a treat at night, never had her teeth cleaned by the vet. Twice a year on her checkups, the vet is always commenting on how great her teeth are. Use them.

Wheat is first ingredient!!! And hard as rocks by pug-pal12/27/2013

Advertised as non-allergen but wheat is the first two ingredients and many animals are allergic to it. These are also hard as rocks. Cats cannot eat these even if you cut them up, they are so hard (unless I got a really old bag, There is no expiration date.) My pug has to swallow whole which defeats the point. Also it says to wash hands after handling. If we shouldn't have these on our hands, should we be feeding them to our pets? VERY disappointed in this product.

Not for Cats and Contains Wheat by Catfriend from Boston, MA02/03/2014

These are super-hard. Even cut in quarters cats cannot eat them. Also they contain wheat, so be aware if your dog is allergic to it.

Dentees Stars are something to beg for by Tanya02/09/2008

My border collie can't wait to get her teeth brushed. She waits in the Laundry room, her area to get her teeh brushed. After brushing she gets treats. She either brings bowl or red Kong Bone and begs for Dentees stars. Never delays in eating Dentees stars or larger chews. She is a picky eater.

Great Find! by MAK from Corpus Christi, Tx11/27/2013

These Dentee Stars are my dogs' favorite treat! Although I can purchase them at my local vet clinic, Entirely Pets has a lower price tag...which is great because I hand out lots of stars!!

Not for Cats and Contains Wheat by pug-pal01/21/2014

These are VERY hard - rock hard. Even cut into fourths my cats could not eat these. These are not for cats. Also these contain wheat which is an allergen for many animals. This should really be disclosed on the description page. I would not have purchased if I knew this.

Works great by Debmo from Alabama11/19/2012

This is one of two "breath improving treats" from Entirely Pets that I have started giving to my dogs. They love the taste and gobble them up, and there has been a marked improvement in their breaths.

Featured Reviews for DermaPet Eicosaderm Liquid (32oz)
by from 06/22/2014

Would very much have appreciated Entirely Pets representative on phone during order mentioning I had purchased this product recently, when she did note there was a history of my purchasing. Did not remember I had an unopened 32 oz bottle, now have two. It would have been helpful and kind.

not by go from badHope


Why? by wobble1209 from NY07/07/2014

This is fish-oil. Fish oil can be extraordinarily gunky or heavy. Especially with a bottle this size, you can run into problems and need to clean the dispenser after many uses, or the FISH OIL will spray in all directions! In "Entirely Pets" infinite wisdom (and to save a meet their price demands) they did not ship the tube/straw that sits near the bottom of the bottle feeding the FISH OIL/Gunk to the top through the containers nozzle. Again this is a very large bottle of a thick oil that will no longer permit the oil to flow as it was designed. The fact that these tubes/straws were left out means that when you re-order the same product oil jamming and spraying in all directions just as I've experienced. Please make sure to request the entire tube/hose or straw that reaches the bottom so not to run into the same issues that I have. I will now have to call the company to have them send me another tube because I am on my 2nd use of this hose. Other then that, I've noticed that my dogs seem to be more comfortable (my golden retriever has severe elbow and hip dysplasia as well and has been able to chase a ball since using this in conjunction with a glucosamine/chondroitin product. Hoping you all get a complete package since that is what you're paying for just the same.

Product packaging always faulty by luvgoldens05/20/2013

I would not buy this product again if my dog's vet did not recommend it. I have been buying it for years and everytime there is something wrong with the bottle. It either leaks or this time, the pump does not work correctly.

great product/price by jakeman from st louis mo07/10/2012

great product for skin and joints and a wonderful price

Love this product!! by PitChick from Dallas, TX11/17/2013

I've been using Eicsoaderm liquid for almost 3 years for both my dogs! I get compliments on their coats all the time! They are shiny and silky! I used to pay $75 at my vet for the same product until I discovered it on Entirelypets. It is an incredibly product for a great price! PS I only use about half the recommended daily dosage (1 pump vs 2) for my two 60lbs dogs. I found that their stool was overly runny if I used the recommend dose.

Better price then from our vet by Min Pin Buddy from Springfield Oregon08/15/2012

We had been buying this product from our vet up until I tried ordering from this site. We got 32 oz for the same price as 8 oz from our vet. The order was received promptly and we were very pleased with our experience from this site.

Easiest Way to Supplement by anna23606 from Flag Pond, TN03/21/2014

This product was recommended by my vet for my dog who needed fish oil supplementation. It is so much easier to add to my dog's food. I used to use fish oil capsules (different brand), but even if I 'popped' and 'squeezed' out the liquid, he would avoid eating them. This is an excellent fish oil product AND most importantly, I can get my dog to eat it!

Great Product, Better Price by DogPal from Abington, PA11/20/2013

My dog has an auto-immune disease and my vet recommended this product. It keeps his coat and nails nice and healthy, but is very pricey at the vet. I save a lot of money buying it at Entirely Pets.

Great for itchy skin! by carol10/24/2012

This is an oil my dog's alergy doctor recommended for his itchy skin. It really helps and we have been happy, This is a great price.

Keeps out Pets Happy by DHipp05/07/2014

We have been giving our dogs DermaPet daily since we adopted them. As our Vet said "It is like the firemen are at the fire before it breaks out." We have no skin or fur problems and when we forget to give it to them for awhile, our dogs start chewing on their tails, feet, and itching all over. I see this product as a preventative supplement to keep your dog happy.

Dont know if it helps.... by Honesty from Maryland05/30/2012

Been using this product for about a month and a half. My dog has severe allergies and upon reading the reviews, I thought it would help. It hasn't hurt him but it also hasn't helped. He's not a picky eater so I can't tell if he enjoys the supplement or not but I don't see any changes in his coat.

Best purchase ever worth the money by Pit bull mom from Chicago il03/08/2014

So where to start, we'll I have currently 6 dog's one is a foster puppy, other 5 are our dog's. My mom has been using this stuff for a few years so I thought I would give it a try, boy and I happy I did one of the 6 dogs has really bad allergies, he breaks out in hives and is on a special diet, his hair was kinda dry and dull and he had bad dandrift. But after using this for about a week his hair became soft and shiny and no dandrift. My others dogs it made ther hair so soft and beautiful. I recommend this to anyone and everyone you just need to use a little bit in the food or the dogs breath smells a little fishy so just use sparingly. If you are on the Fence about this brand or another go with this one, It works great and if my pack could talk they would tell you how nice their coast look.

Eicosaderm Liquid by Lydia from Middletown, NY04/11/2014

My dog had hypothyroid disease. This condition causes her to lose all the hair on her back. My vet recommended this liquid and it has been a lifesaver. I give her high doses with every meal ( 8 pumps per meal) and her coat is almost completely restored! It had several high quality healthy oils. I will keep buying it.

Helped to eliminate auto-immune skin problems by Beth11/17/2013

At 6 months our dog developed severe skin problems that were diagnosed as cutaneous discoid lupus. We began using Eicosaderm along with Atopica which took away his symptoms entirely. He has now been off Atopica for almost 6 months and his lupus remains in remission with the Eicosaderm alone. It's tough to say for sure how big of a role the Eicosaderm played in his recovery, but we think it helped and will keep him on it indefinitely so that he can stay off medication.

Great product by Kleigh414 from Ontario, California12/12/2011

My vet recommended this product to improve the coat of my Golden Retriever. My dog loves this product and I just put the required number of pumps of the liquid onto my dog's food in the evening. I would not hesitate to purchase this product again in the future.

Again with the poor packaging by Sooner from Oklahoma05/20/2014

This may or may not work, but the bottle alone is enough for me not to repeat purchase. As others have found, the pump is a joke. And woe to the person who unknowingly knocks over the bottle. It will present you with a nice oily puddle when you discover it. If you are determined to use it, transfer it to a reliable pump bottle.

Great Idea for Shedding Dog Hair by Sam from Colorado03/19/2014

Dog was shedding hair (literally got a handful every time you would pet or scratch anywhere on the dog. Within 3 weeks the shedding decreased by more than 50% and after 6 weeks was essentially gone. The dog loved the product which was easily dispensed on the food once a day and the hair shine and color improved as well.

fast shipping by 4ginger08/11/2013

fast shipping and new look to bottle, which doesn't seem to leak

good purchase by elleninlv from Las Vegas, NV02/28/2012

Good product for the coat and skin of dogs. I was encouraged to use this by my vet, but they only had the small bottles and I have two BIG labs, 75 and 110 lbs. respectively so the small bottles lasted about a day!! I was able to find them fairly easily on your website and have been ordering them for the last couple years. The time waiting for delivery was extremely fast! Great product

by from 01/07/2014

I had gone to the Vet every moonth trying to cure a skin problem on my Doberman. They gave me all kinds of things to try but nothing worked a friend told me about your product DermaPet Eicosaderm and it has worked wonders for my dog Max. His skin is looking great and the hair is growing back on places that he had started to loose it.

by from Thanks


Gravette, Arkansas by from Janis"


Excellent Product by Bulldog mom from TN05/15/2013

As bulldog owners know, skin issues are a part of the breed, that is until I started using Ecosiderm. My guy has the most healthy coat our vet has ever seen. We have had NO skin issues since starting use. Of course you must use a good grain free pet food along with this product.

Improved Energy and Health by greys from Durham, NC11/30/2011

We started using EicosaDerm for a dog with join issues and also one with dental health issues. The fish oil has greatly improved their energy and has helped with the dental/gum issues. Definitely worth the cost and a great product.

Perfect for my pet by Carolyn from Virginia04/15/2013

This helps his skin: he has allergies and gets topical bacterial infections.

by Collie Girl from Alabama05/30/2012

Great stuff!! I have all my dogs on it and recommend it to friends all the time.

by from 04/14/2013

This is an excellent product but the pump that came with my 32 oz Eicosaderm is not functioning well. I did not receive the plastic tube that connects with the pump and I had to make do with an old one.

dogtorww by Clayton, CA from Very

Problem with the pump

helps skin allergies by jaba from Wisconsin02/19/2014

Our vet prescribed this for our dog who was almost bald from skin allergies and mange when we got him from a rescue. Along with the prescribed meds, this is a great supplement that seems to have helped in his recovery. We mix it with wet foods, and he loves it. Our dog is a big guy, so we buy the 32 oz. size, which is much more economical and handy for us.

Problem Rectified by TinaGute1968 from Phila, PA05/30/2012

This is such a great price to get the larger bottle compared to the smaller one. However in the first shipment we received, the top of the bottle was smashed down causing the plastic to be bent all around the top of the bottle. I contacted customer service and provided a photo of the bottle. They quickly replied and asked that I send a photo of my packing slip that had a quality control number stamped on it. They then promptly sent out another bottle. So I now have two large bottles for the price of one!

Eicosadern - a life saver! by Owen from Portland, OR12/17/2011

Our German Shepherd has auto-imnune disorder, which shows up in her nails. The only way to keep it in check is to make sure she gets high quality omega rich oils. This product fills that bill! Previously we had been using pills from a bottle and "hiding" them in wet food, she was gaining weight which is not good. Once we switched to "DermaPet" Eicosaderm liquid she dropped the weight, looks better, and really licks out her dish!

Great Product; Poor Pump by Janee01/22/2014

I've used this product for years on all of my dogs and it works great for their skin, coat, and general health. However, the pump is a terrible product. I have had only a few out of the dozens of bottles of this product that actually work. Please, please, please redesign so I can pump out the proper amount of liquid for my dog. I've complained about this before but have not received a reply.

by Pam02/11/2013

Can't review product until I receive it. Please check on my order.

Good Product by Knucklehead07/28/2012

We have been using for almost 2 months and have see improvements

dermapet Eicosaderm liquid by mypets from Denver, Colorado10/11/2013

This omega oil is really great for allergies and also I see a great improvement in my dogs' coat and skin. Been using for four years and it is recommended by my vet.

What Savings!!! by Zita's Mom from Chicago area06/13/2013

I first purchased this product from my Vet, and when I ran out, a friend referred me to your site! By purchasing on your site I saved almost 40%!!!! Zita is a Golden with not a lot of fur and what she had was looking dingy! This product is amazing!!! After using this for a few weeks, her coat is now shinny and full!

Good Price -- Fast Service by Tom01/20/2013

Fast service. Have used product before and would recommend it for coat.

GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! by Collie Girl11/14/2012

Really helps my dogs' overall health. I love it!!!

Love this product by MtnMomma from Boulder, CO06/11/2013

My vet recommended this product and before starting this, my lab's coat was very dry and shedding. Since being on this product, his coat is now very soft, shiny and he is shedding much less - lab's always shed! He loves the taste on his food, but then, he's never met a meal he didn't like. Still - a noticeable difference in his hair coat, and the Omega 3's are good for his health.

Great for itchy skin and shiny coat by Rudy05/06/2013

Have been using this product with my chocolate lab for about a month and a half. She had very itchy skin. This has really helped with that and has made her coat nice and shiny. She loves the taste too. We just squirt it on her food twice a day. Easy to use and well worth it.

Puts the Shine in their Coat by Jeff10/23/2012

This is a great product. It was recomended by our vet. We have been using it for two years and our Lab has a beautiful Coat.

product great, problems with pump by dogtorww from Clayton, CA04/29/2013

I love the fatty acid supplement Eicosaderm but my product came with out a tube for the pump so I had to reuse and older bottle. This stuff is great as an antioxidant and keeps their coats shiny and full

This works great! by puppy1 from Long Island, NY01/21/2014

I started giving my dog this oil because he had itchy dry skin. I just put a few squirts in a bowl in the morning as a treat and he laps it up (he does not like it on his food) The itching went away and his coat is very soft and he has lots of energy he is 6 yrs old and still acts and looks like a puppy.

Haven't noticed a diference by shannonzep07/29/2013

I have been consistently using this product, and have yet to notice a difference for my chihuahua mix

Keeps skin problems at bay- by DonHipp from St. Louis, MO12/26/2012

We have used this product for both of our dogs for the past few years. Our dogs are rescue dogs of no particular breed. They both have very healthy coats of fur as well as healthy skin beneath the fur. One of our dogs was allergy prone when we adopted him and had sparse hair. He has not had any skin or fur problems since giving him this product daily.

Shiny Pups! by gopluckastring from Bluffton, SC02/01/2014

Great product, just wish it came with the pump its supposed to have!

Great for Pill-hating Pup! by LuvGoodStuff from Las Vegas, NV03/16/2012

My female German Shepherd always spit the capsules out. The liquid form helps ensure that she gets the correct dose. This product helps to keep her coat in good condition and was recommended to us by our vet. She doesn't seem to scratch as much now that we use it. My male Shepherd is so food-driven that he doesn't worry about pills, eats everything placed in front of him, but for convenience, we also give him the liquid Eicosaderm.

Very happy with both product and service by None from Winona, MN07/07/2013

The review title pretty much says it all. I have used Eicosaderm from Entirely Pets for several years, and the product has always been of good quality, and the shipping service is terrific.

Soft coats and no itchy skin! by DallasDiver from Dallas, TX05/14/2013

Eicosaderm helps keep our dogs' skin from being itchy and their coats super soft & shiny! Love the larger, 32oz size, much more convenient and eco-friendly.

EicosaDerm by PattyB from New Orleans11/22/2011

My English bulldog had serious skin issues from allergies, my vet was not sure the hair would even grow back in some places. He told me to put EicosaDerm on his food daily..and he now has the most beautiful coat you have ever seen. Its been almost two years now and my vet says he should be the poster pup for Eicosa Derm...he is gorgeous! No more skin issues, just a beautiful healthy coat.

Eicosoderm by Gordo from CT06/04/2014

Been using this product for years since it was recommended to me. I own Olde English Bulldogge's and they have skin problems if you're not careful with diet and cleaning folds, between toes. When I began to use this product, a number of skin conditions cleared up in a few weeks, had few problems since.

Featured Reviews for Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Over 20 lbs. (28 packets of 8 ml)
Easy to Use by Dog lover02/06/2013

Convenient, easy to use, not messy, my dog loves it!

Omegaderm by AB01/04/2012

This is a great product. If your dog has a tendency to have dry skin or seems to be itchy this is great. I mainly use it in the winter as the indoor heat can be drying.

by from 07/18/2013

I have been using this product for about 18 months now and it is really hard to qualitatively say it has made a big difference but my vet recommends it and it is a great way to give the dogs vital nutrients. Keep an eye on weight of each packet as I have found some inconsistencies.

one by of from theEntirely


A Much Needed Purchase by A Doggie's Mamma from Los Angeles12/13/2011

My American Bulldog suffers from allergies and was about to scratch himself to death. Omega 3 and 6 was not sufficient. However, since beginning his regimen of Omega 6 and 3, he is shedding much less and the itching is minimal especially after he is groomed. Thanks alot for having this product and at a resonable price.

great product great price! by Lindsay from Toronto, Canada02/11/2013

My vet recommended Omegaderm to help make my dog's coat shinier and better smelling. It started working in approx 1 month's time and I've been using it ever since! Her coat is smoother and that stank dog smell is completely gone. The best part is, Entirelypets.com sells it for almost half the price of my vet! I am very happy with this product and will continue to shop on Entirelypets.com as long as I have pets :)

Does exactly what they promised! by Luna from Caledon, Ontario CANADA06/13/2012

Omegaderm changed my dog's hair and overall "dog smell" within a week! She scratches her skin less and her hair is now much softer and shinier. I will continue to give her Omegaderm forever!

Omegaderm EZ Dose by colnorton06/09/2014

The Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets have helped our English Bulldog. He has terrible allergies and the Omegaderm has helped enough that he does not have to take steroids.

Best product for dogs' coats ever! by dog lover12/31/2013

We've been using this for years. Our black lab has the shiniest coat you've ever seen!

frenchie w/ allergy by tina05/13/2009

my frenchie had the itchies and started losing his hair in small patches on his head. we started him on this about a month ago and to my relief no more bald spot and less shedding is noticeable when i brush him with the furminator. his skin and coat is healthy looking once more.will definitely keep him on this for maintenance.

WORKS GREAT by MATT01/21/2008


shedding englishbull dog by jeaa11/16/2008

Are white English Bull dog was losing more hair then he was growing . We started him on omaga and his hair is thicker and shinner and is nit falling out I love this product.

Omegaderm EZ Dose by Williams3891 from Oregon01/12/2012

We had been getting these from our vet, but after doing a little research online I found that EntirelyPets sold them at a substantially lower price, even with shipping included. Pet care can get expensive, so every dollar I can knock off my bill is a good thing.

Best for shiny coats by Grammy11/01/2011

This is the best product ever for gorgeous shiny coats! We have a black lab with the most beautiful coat you've ever seen. People stop us and comment on it all the time. Please continue to carry it!

by GilH from Auburn, CA10/23/2012

Worked great to give dog good looking coat.

by Streaky from Texas01/03/2013

I have a Boston with really dry flaky skin and this product makes a biig difference to his coat and his comfort..

Wonderful! by Linda from Elk Grove, CA09/06/2013

Omegaderm makes my two dogs look like show dogs. A noticeable difference is seen in their fur since we've been using Omegaderm. Their fur is beautiful, silky, smooth, and thick. Even the vet noticed their beautiful coats and asked what type of dog food they are on. After seeing my dogs, I wish could take Omegaderm too.

This is the greatest by Pam11/01/2011

I used this product a few years ago with my old dog. When we got our rescue dog last December her coat and skin were in terrible shape. I searched the internet and found Entirely Pets and purchased Omegaderm through them. Rescue dogs coat got better with the second month on the omegadern and her skin quit flaking and now she has the most beautiful skin and coat. I recommend this product to everyone and I recommend Entirely Pets as well. Job well done. They are reasonably priced and you get really quick deliverys.

by Happy finds from Waltham, MA12/11/2012

My 6 year old lab mix, a rescue, has always had dry skin. Omegaderm packets are an excellent source of oil for his coat and skin. The packets make it easy to use.

Omegaderm EZ dose by AB from Charlotte, NC01/21/2014

I am a big fan of the Omegaderm EZ dose. First of all, it is great for my dog's skin and coat and secondly, it does not make a mess like so many of the other fish oil products. Simply cut open pouch, squeeze onto food and toss out pouch. Omegaderm does a great job in the winter months when heat dries out skin.

Good product that worked by Dave from Montana10/22/2012

I gave a Omegaderm packets to our dog, every day, for a couple of weeks then every other day. It really helped clear up her skin condition. Within three weeks her skin looked better and she sure did smell better. Actually we found what the problem was, after I took her to the vet and the vet couldn't find anything wrong. It was a very bad skin conditon on her tail that you could smell for a half block away! She is all better now and can stay inside the house when it is snowing like now. Buy it, it is a cheap medicine to try and it might just work for your dog. Maybe I ought to give some to the Woman? !!

Must have for my dog by Mel N10/30/2013

My frenchie has very sensitive skin when the seasons change and Omegaderm is the only thing that seems to keep his skin under control. With out it his skin would break out in hives which lead to sores. I use it year round for him and would recommend for any dog with skin issues.

Very Good Product by duke1004/25/2013

Been using Omegaderm for almost a year . His coat has improved, softer and shiny.

Featured Reviews for Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Under 20 lbs. (28 packets of 4 ml)
Omegaderm by Linda from Cut and Shoot, Texas11/06/2012

We started using this product at the advice of our Vet. My dogs hair was falling out and his skin was very dry and itchy. We have used it for about 2 months now and his hair is coming back in and he does not scratch as much.

Excellent Purchase by Rusty1 from Hampstead, NC11/07/2011

Vet recommended this and we have been using this product for appr 4 weeks. The greatest improvement seen within 2 weeks. Copper has food and skin allergies that required a change in food and skin treatment. We've seen such improvement we plan to keep him on omegaderm and we're using Wellness 5 for his food. He gets the omegaderm with is morning feeding of 1/4 cup of food. Omegaderm has helped with scratching and licking and ear infections. Great product.....Wish we had known about this several years ago when he was adopted from the Humane Society.....

The best by smonteverdi from Portland, OR03/13/2013

Great product, works extremelly well. Our beagle had been scratching himself crazy until we started giving him Omegaderm every morning with his breakfast. Now he's at peace, as are we!

Great Stuff! by weinerpups from Raleigh, NC03/20/2013

my little 11 year old mini doxie was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder for older dogs and vet prescribed this omega 6, along with omega 3. His nails are falling off from the disorder...up to 9 gone so far! This oil combination, along with unflavored gelatin powder sprinkled over food once a day has worked great in reducing the chewing, and making the regrowth a little healthier. We have been on this regimine for a month so far....and I am hopeful. This dog has serious lower GI sensitivities and has tolerated this combination well. He likes the flavor too! Perfect dose size. (4ml)

Very Pleased by Nell08/12/2008

My dachsaund has had a very bad coat since we got him 7 years ago. Recently he as started licking his leg so badly that he had to go to the vet. She suggested we try this. He has only used it for one month so far and the vet told us we would not see changes for two but his fur is glossier, he has tons of energy, and for once his fur under his chest is coming back and is fuzzy. I will continue to use this and have been thinking about getting the larger size for our lab.

by Jackie07/26/2013

Its been two weeks since I've been adding this to my dog's meals and her allergies are so much better

Resolved Problem by Pepper from Torrance, CA02/12/2014

Prroduct helped Pepper with her skin and fur problem. Hair is now long and shiny.

My Cats Love it -and so do i by Crazy Cat lady03/30/2014

I have 6 rescue cats- each with their own tale of heartbreak and woe. Arny has fur and scalp problems along with constipation- Omegaderm took care of skin problem and the contstipation, Adrain would get huge clumps of mangled fur all over - until Omegaderm- not completely gone but we are down to just one or two. The other cats coats are like silk and they are not scratching. 3 of the 6 cats are feral so having a product that can go into their food is a life saver. Thank you for such a great product.

the best by rue04/05/2010

This stuf works so well But i can't seem to get it any more

Beautiful Coats - Happy Dogs! by Linda from Elk Grove, CA02/28/2013

Omegaderm is fabulous. Both of my dogs, a cairn and a skip have beautiful coats that I accredit to a good diet that includes Omegaderm. The vet at the nearby university clinic recommended this product when one of my dogs was having problems with his nails. My sister also uses it for her dog whose skin was itchy and red w/sores from allergies and Omegaderm has helped to alleviate the problem.

by from 11/19/2013

We have used this on a dog that we lost a while ago. He had black skin disease (alopecia x) He lost a lot of hair and his skin turned black. We tried a lot of things and then heard about Omegaderm. After giving it to him for a month his skin started to turn back to normal color and his hair started growing back in. After a couple of months on Omegaderm he was back to the healthy little guy he was a couple of years before. We lost him to something unrelated to his skin problem. I am posting a photo of him after he was on Omegaderm for several months.

a by new from puppy.We


by shudy07/25/2012

I have a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He had always had trouble with dry skin until I started using the Omega EZ Dose packet oil over his dry dog food each day. It has cerainly helped. His coat looks better than it ever has. And, if he gets ant bits or something like that in the summer, it heals right up. I would highly recommend this product. Shirley O'Daniel

Omegaderm EZ dose packets by NK02/08/2014

Ordering from Entirely pets is easy and efficient. These packets I need for my westie and he has sensitive and allergic skin and it seems to keep it under control. Paired with Virbac Genesis Spray and Virbac Shampoo it all works well together. Would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Best Price Ever by Debbie from Tinley Park, IL12/27/2012

I have been purchasing Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets from my vet for double the price at Entirely Pets. They are the exact same packets. Because of that purchase I started purchasing the Adaptil collars for my other dog and saved about $10 on each collar. Thank you so much for the money saving products and high quality.

Featured Reviews for DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)
It actually works!! by suzanne from Sonoma County06/09/2011

Our poor rescue Malinois had terrible skin issues, and was chewing herself to death. . .infections spreading and everything. Using this and the Calm spray in between shampoos IMMEDIATELY provided relief and kept her under control without further antibiotics and steroids. Pretty amazing...

Great Product by Cookie05/30/2013

This product, in combination with the Emulsion Spray, have greatly improved my puppy's skin condition.

Douxo Calm Shampoo by Victoria11/14/2011

Would definitely recommend this product. We recently adopted a stray Pomeranian who had been covered in fleas and ticks....poor guy, he had hot spots and scabs all over his body. We started using this product with him and he no longer feels the need to constantly scratch himself and his skin is pink and returning to normal.

by from 07/27/2012

This product seems to help with itching. It take several shampoos to really work. It rinses well.

shampoo by for from regularUse


The jury is still out...... by dont have a nick name from Wisconsin08/04/2013

too early to tell, bought at reccomendation of vet

vet rec.-I bought in desperation by susie03/18/2014

I expected better results, but it almost seems to increase the itching after using this and the price is high, at least from the vet-$19.95. I also bought the mousse which seems to make him worse too. Not happy at all:(

Makes my baby so happy by kb from SF East Bau08/13/2011

My beautiful little Cavalier King Charles is allergic to flees, and though I try to keep the Advantage going, her skin still gets all pink and she gets itchy and stinky. The vet gave me this shampoo, which visibly turns her skin from pink to white and calms her itching for a week or more. We would not like to live without this product. Please note, you really do have to leave it on for 10 minutes for it to work, luckily, my girl doesn't mind. Thank You for this product!

Duoxo Shampoo by Robin from Tennessee12/29/2012

Excellent, has really helped her allergy. I give my Jack Russell allergy shots every week, have tried oatmeal shampoos, tea tree oil, benadryl, claritan, hyrdocortisone sprays. Duoxo is the ONLY shampoo that has really helped relieve her itching and the redness of her skin. All of her open areas are now healed.

The Best by Amanda06/01/2008

My Veternarian prescribed this for my English Bull Dog who was suffering from severly inflamed skin. He was scratching spots almost raw. I used it the first time and there was no more scratching. I'm planning on continuing the use of this shampoo. I would recommend it definately.

Excellent Product by SM04/12/2009

I used this product on the advice of my Vet. My Shih Tzu has such severe allergies we had to put him on steroids just to bathe him - severe scratching which lead to lacerating his skin, infections, misery. This shampoo has no ill effects on him at all and we no longer have to use the steroids!

DOUXO Calm Shampoo by Gordo03/24/2012

Great product & have used it for years on all of my English Bulldogs, a breed known for skin problems.

Douxo Calm Shampoo works! by Oliver's Mom from Los Angeles. CA.05/02/2012

My poor cocker spaniel has had terribly itchy skin all of his life. Nothing seemed to help... special foods, and medicated shampoos didn't seem to make a difference. This product was recommended to me and really seems to be helping!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very disappointed by Jeannie09/13/2013

I was very disappointed. I heard this was a great shampoo for skin irritation and itching, but it didn't work for my dog. I found it to be over priced, but didn't matter if it really worked. I have found cheap oatmeal shampoo and aloe vera much more efficient.

Great Shampoo by Aussie girl from Myrtle Beach, SC07/02/2013

My Australian Shepard have seasonal allergies and this shampoo really helps. It's super concentrated and can be mixed with water to extend the bottle.

Fantastic purchase / product by Lightening from Baltimore, MD12/05/2012

If your canine has allergies or dry skin, I highly recommend this product. My 4 yrs. old AmBu is pure white with severe allergies to almost everything outdoors to include shrubs. I use the Duoxo shampoo in combination with the calming spray. My big boy has been allergy free since I began using this product a year ago.

Duoxo Calming Shampoo by Puglover from Illinois07/13/2013

Great product! The only shampoo we use on our 10 year old pug, Bo. Helps his allergies, and keeps his skin from getting too dry.

Calming Shampoo by Jean G from Pensacola, FL11/06/2012

Douxo Calm Shampoo, has very little scent. After a bath with this forumal, my dog relaxes and naps the afternoon away, in peace....just like a baby.

Great by Pigbini from New Jersey02/24/2012

I bought this for my Great Dane who has such dry, flaky, irritated skin. I tried all types of moisturizing shampoos. And nothing. I used this once and his skin stayed clear for over a week. I'm sure his skin will improve the more I use it.

Great product by Igoudm01/31/2013

My wire fox terrier has skin allergies and I have to bathe him once a week at least. This is a gentle, non fragrant shampoo that cleans well and seems to help his itching for a while.

This stuff Works by cbailey10/15/2013

DOUXO calming shampoo works great at controlling and preventing Hot Spots on my Golden Retriever.

this shampoo works! by baileys mom from CA08/09/2012

My dog was constantly itching, I used this shampoo and no more itching! This shampoo really works!

good price by james from baltimore md06/04/2014

brought from vet cost twice as much . product has yet to stop itching though

Disappointed with new improved formula by Emma from Southern California10/13/2013

We had previously used the Douxo Calm Shampoo with no issues from our Miniature Schnauzer who has severe allergies, when we started using the "improved formula" she had a severe reaction. I was able to find one bottle of the old formula at a vet's office but I am unsure as to what I will do when we run out. :(

our dermatologist loves it by Lulu from Thousand Oaks, CA09/15/2013

Really takes care of the itchies. Our vet loves it!

works! by PJ from Charlottesville, VA09/11/2014

this shampoo relieves my poor bichon's itching from allergies without irritating my hands..she is snow white and comfortable after a bath..the coordinating spray works between baths as well..

EXCELLENT FOR ITCHING by Maya from Denver, CO03/06/2014

BEST shampoo ever! I have used it on my German Shepherd since he was a baby. It makes his fur very soft and glossy, and amazingly itch-free! it smells nice, too, and is gentle enough to bathe every week, if needed. The only shampoo I will ever use on my sensitive-skinned Shepherd dog.

by Donna04/17/2012

I have to bathe my dog weekly due to allergies. This is a great hypoallergenic shampoo which has helped his symptoms. Also, a little goes a long way.

Best Shampoo for dry scaly skin by AJ01/25/2013

Recommended by the vet and it was costly, Here it is affordable when you need to give a bath once a week. It leaves Ming-lee's hair silky soft and she enjoys her spa/pamper day

by CT08/20/2011

We have a cocker spaniel with allergies for 6 years and every year the sores get worse. I used douxo one time and it made a big difference. Didn't completely take it away, but tamed it from spreading. Will continue to use it as shots don't seem to work as well. A sibling of this batch also have the same problem and the person that bought it loves this product also. Thank you so much.

Featured Reviews for Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
Geneflora review by CAV08/23/2013

Great results. Constant loose stools before use in both my pets and after a week of use they are no more! :)

great product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY04/01/2012

I purchased Geneflora for my beautiful, sweet, white Pit Bull. She suffers from seasonal skin rashes which usually starts in May - Sept. but is now starting in April and lasting into November. She looks so awful and is so uncomfortable. Vets wanted to do expensive tests and put her on steroids. We said no to the tests but tried the steroids first. Not comfortable with putting my pets on meds. Steroids was a temporary fix and it made her nuts. We stopped that and last spring I started her on different supplements from another pet company, which made a difference but not completely healed her. So I started doing research and read that it is a yeast infection and you need to start from the inside ( the intestines ). This made a lot of sense to me because her skin was always clammy to the touch and she also had a very bad rash around her private area year round . I came across Geneflora a couple of months ago and figured I give it a shot. The price is great so why not? I recieved it and started her on it right away. I mix it in 1-2 tablespoons of plain yogurt or plain yogurt with probiotics. I have been giving my dogs the yogurt everyday so I know what made the difference in her. Within 2 weeks her private area completely healed and her skin was not clammy. It really helped with that so I'm really hoping that she doesn't suffer this season. I will try to give updates on her and I'm very hopeful that the Geneflora will make a huge difference.



This is a great product! by Lisa B, M03/28/2008

?I have a fifteen-year-old Pomeranian named Spunky and the vet said for us to expect his passing at any day. He was sick with pneumonia and suffered from bad breath and severe arthritic problems. I started to sprinkle Geneflora? into his food and during the next few weeks the dog was "reborn". He was no longer severely sick, his bad breath cleared up, and he was jumping around like a brand new puppy! Thanks to Geneflora? for Pets he is truly ?Spunky? again. This wonderful product brought back so much life to my pet, that I know it will help other pets in need.?

This Product Works for Lexis Paris by Debski from Carson City, NV03/15/2012

We have been giving Geneflora to our Poodle/American Eskimo mix pet child for about 2 years now. She tested positive for many allergies (chicken, beef, oats, corn) and has a very sensitive stomach. I make her food (pork, rice, potatoes and veggies) and we sprinkle the Geneflora on every morning. She rarely has a stomach upset now and her stools are firm.

An effective product for your pets by Amy L, Spokane03/28/2008

?I have 6 Dachshunds. One of them has had a chronic ear infection for years. I had tried everything I could find to help, and nothing worked. Another dog has a nervous disorder and vomits quite a bit. I have worked in a vet clinic, and have been a dog groomer for 23 years. I saw an ad for Geneflora? for Pets and thought why not give it a try. In 7 days the ear infection cleared up, and after 4 weeks, the other hasn't vomited once. I'm glad I tried it, it worked where many other products did not.?

WONDERFUL Product!!! by KookieKids04/12/2012

Geneflora is a must have product for anyone who has a pet that suffers with digestive problems and/or ear infections. Noticed an improvement in our dogs (two terriers) health immediately!!! Plus, their coats are shinier, energy levels up, and no more expensive vet visits for ear infections. Three year happy user.

Good stuff! by sevans89 from Kansas09/05/2013

I bought this for our special needs Pug who has developed stress-related digestive issues. This product seems to be helping solidify his stools, so as long as it keeps working I'll keep buying it.

Palatable and convenient! by DoctahJ from Chicago IL09/25/2012

My finicky Pekes have no problem taking Geneflora. I mix it into their food and unlike many other products, they do not turn their noses up at it. It has aided their digestion and reduced the horrible breath one of the dogs had. My vet recommended it for maintenance, and I have to say, it has paid off!

by from 03/28/2008

I thought you and other readers might be interested to know what I used to clear up bad ears in my Boykin Spaniel. He had a chronic problem with yeasty ears. I?ve used a product for several years for my own struggles with yeast, and decided to use the product on my dog. The product is called ?Geneflora? for Pets ? and it is a wonderful probiotic that does not have to be refrigerated. It comes in a capsule that can be opened so you can sprinkle the contents on food.

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product. by It from hasI


Two Birds with One Stone by Dora from San Diego, CA03/19/2012

This probiotic will not only irradicate my two Boston's yeasty ear infections that keep coming back, but help them in their digestive quest for excellence! Thank you EntirelyPets!!

Allergy Relief, finally! by Ahhhhhna from Columbus, Oh11/16/2011

My German Shepherd has allergies and would get rashes. My vet suggested giving him Benadryl every day but this did not seem a great option. I looked around and found Geneflora and decided to try it. I noticed the spots start to go away within a week and now they are completely gone. Geneflora has been a miracle for us.

It firms them up! by bumblebee02/11/2011

Was happy to find this. Within a day or two, depending, two of my dogs who have sensitive stomachs these days have firm bowel movements after using, and that's after some serious mucous-y diarrhea. The first working day they don't go at all, then the next day is a healthy one. I'll use it with a chicken&rice bland diet if things are really bad, but sometimes I'll just put it on their regular food and that brings them to normal again. I just ordered more. No refrigeration required, which is convenient.

Excellent treatment for ear problems by HavHavs12/05/2011

Helped control yeast problems in our dog who is susceptable to infection from thick ear hair.

Stopped Vomitting Problem by Rolf D, Tuxedo NY11/13/2008

We were having a problem with our rescued St. Bernard. She had colitis and had a very sensitive stomach. She couldn't handle her Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements in her food, she would vomit almost daily and she couldn't walk very well with out taking it. We were in a dilema. She needed her nutrition and supplements, but she wasn't able to keep her food down consistently enough to help her. Geneflora? settled her stomach down to where she now keeps her food down and she benefits physically from consistent feeding with her added nutritional supplements. She now walks better because of the Glucosamine & Chondroitin and she can handle it digestively because of Geneflora?. Thanks!

Stable, Reliable, Easy to Use by DoctahJ12/08/2012

Geneflora is a godsend for pet owners needing a probiotic. It does not require refrigeration, it's easy to dose properly, animals ingest it easily, it's an excellent probiotic and it is reasonably priced. Unlike SerraPro, which was great but impossible to get reliably, Cycles of Life so far has been producing regularly and reliably. This product works well for my dogs both to help rebuild the digestive tract after stomach upset and antibiotic use, and it helps to minimize halitosis. It's a dream come true in my household.

by from 04/04/2011

My cat was having problems with diarrhea for a couple of reasons. When she doesn't have diarrhea, she's constipated. I can't seem to find the happy medium for her. I was at wits end with remedies, and came across this product on the internet. I decided to give it a try because it also contains gelatin to help joints. I had already tried two other probiotics, but they didn't help her problem. My cat has a little bit of a pop in one of her knees and I was giving her another supplement for it. I stopped the supplement once I started Geneflora, but the pop came back.

product by is from greatBottom


She eats it! by Pepper from Berkeley, ca11/14/2012

My very finicky dog eats this on top of her food!


I buy GeneFlora for my cat with irritable bowel and food allergies. If I do not give to her, she has loose stools and even has blood in her BMs, and it smells bad. As long as I give GeneFlora to her consistently, her BMs are much better. She has to be on a good diet (Blue Buffalo) with high-quality protein, however, but most cats do. We can't feed our cats grains (chicken food) and expect them to not have a reaction, right? They also should have moist food daily as they need moisture in their diet. I mix GeneFlora in the wet food for all of my cats because they need the enzymes anyways which are cooked out of the food we give them. This product works! I always stock up on this because with multiple cats, I go through it quick. What's good about GeneFlora compared to most enzymes is that it only takes a small amount once a day to make a difference. Start out slow, and I bet, you will notice a difference after a couple of weeks. If not, then you need to change your cat's food or take them to the vet to make sure nothing serious is going on. Do the research on picking a better food with protein as the first few ingredients! Don't feed your cat chicken food. It's so wrong!

excellent product! by greyhoundlvr04/02/2013

Works wonders with the digestive system and poops are firm too! One heaping scoop with each meal does the job for my greyhounds.

by SJ04/01/2013

I did not order this product from you as it was back ordered. I preferred the product before they made changes. Not liking the granular consistency and since being on it previous symtoms related to yeast have returned in my dog., The longer handle on the scoop is nice.

Tear Staining Removal with This Probiotic by Jane B from Tampa, FL10/30/2012

I've tried at least a half dozen different ways to control my pedigreed Bichon Frise's tear staining. Last product I tried before this one made it so much worse. I know this is not the main thing that this product was made for, however, I saw an article about probiotics for dogs which recommended using them to control tear staining. I've used it for a little over a month now and it's made a big difference. She was groomed last week and it looks much better. The groomer and I thought with maybe two more groomings the tear staining would be under control completely ... at which point, I'd give it 5 stars. Also like that I don't have to refrigerate it. I mix a level scoop with a tablespoon of wet dog food and mash it up well. She loves it and stands on her hind legs to get it.

will use this for life by jlkelly from Nova Scotia, Canada04/04/2013

This probiotic supplement is so easy to use. The powder is very fine, odorless and tasteless. It has gone a long way toward reducing yeast related, and digestion issues with my dog.

geneflora by judy11/13/2011

very stable and easy to use couldn't do without it helped my westie with skin problems(mallasezia dermatitis).

a wonderful product by Cease04/28/2014

I believe this product has been essential to prolonging the lives of two of my animals, who have since passed, and my cat who is FIV, who has been such for 4-5 years (he's almost 9 yrs old now), and I think he was starting to slow down a little. I started giving him the last of this I had from previous animals, and he's back to normal! It's great stuff!

Great Probiotic by Doggrl from Wisconsin08/20/2013

One of our dogs had loose stool for years and after doing some research, we started him on a probiotic. Things improved. Then, when we moved to a new state, we had to get a new (holistic) vet, who started our pup on Geneflora. Big difference. Our 11 year GSD mix is happy and healthy and easy to clean up after. Our other dog benefits from it too. Good stuff!

Used this for 3 yrs by SC07/02/2013

Helped my dogs breath and ear infections. Most important though, is it helps him to digest his food completely. He used to have a bowel movement 7-8 times daily- now just twice.

Geneflora by Marnie from Brighton, CO08/25/2012

Great product for dogs who have a sensitive stomach.

!!!! by Plissken Kuato11/06/2012

Cleared my German Shepherd's allergies. No more skin rashes!

good product by Barbara06/25/2013

I use it everyday 2x a day in my 3 goldens meals...

Excellent Product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY07/01/2012

I wrote a review on 4/1/12 about my beautiful white Pit Bull named Ava. I wanted to give an update. It is now July 1st and she is still looking great!!!! I know Geneflora made all the difference with her skin allergies. By now she would have been full blown with rashes. I used to feel bad taking her for walks cause people would look at her and think she was in a lot of fights because her skin was so beat up. If anyone has a dog or cat with skin allergies, I highly recommend Geneflora!!!! I will update through the rest of the season. Hope this helps.

Recommended by Suzanne from Seattle Wa.06/15/2012

Recommended by breeder of my Golden Retriever puppy.

Was Satisfied by Gracie08/09/2012

I have injured my one hand so I can only use one, so this will be brief: We are satisfied

One word...Wow... by Lily&Casper from Baytown, tx04/23/2012

Geneflora is so much more than just a digestive aid. It strengthens immunity, reduces yeast and bacterial growths, helps control allergies and keeps my pets' health in great condition. Their hair is super shiny and has an added gloss that regular nutrition can not provide and they've never had digestive problems like constipation of diarrhea. I give them a scoop every other day or so and it works great. Will always buy.

Our pets deserve the best! by Chris05/08/2013

Probiotics help in humans, and they work in our pets too! My dogs have not had stomach problems nearly as often since using this wonderful product!

Great product by bittersweetgsp from St louis MO01/07/2012

I have used Geneflora for many year. My dogs benefit by having stronger general health, resistance to infection, slowed aging, reduced gastrointesinal health etc. Their coats glow, their teeth sparkle, their intestinal function is resistant to anything they might ingest inthe field and their ears never have issues with mites, odor etc. Never have to clean them. Great stuff.

Simply the BEST! by Fleabags from Milwaukee, WI10/25/2011

Geneflora is THE best probiotic I've ever used for my cats and dogs. It's easy to administer in food and they don't seem to mind the taste. I've tried other probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome in my cats and none have worked to stop their diarrhea like this product. I use this product daily on my senior cat and it works better than any fiber I've tried before. I'm never without this product in my house!

Featured Reviews for GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)
The Best Product on the Market by Meekocat from Tehachapi, CA04/26/2013

I started using this product for my horse whose neck, on both sides, was completely void of hair due to fly bite dermatitis...within about a month all his hair grew back and never had any problems after that (that was in 1985). Since then this product has been hard to find and I have used it on my dogs for hair loss due to allergies..to say the least it is the BEST thing on the market. And the after smell is so refreshing...I would recommend using it to see if it would help your pet....

Great stuff by hikerchick from Encinitas, CA05/02/2012

Been using this for years on my dog with skin issues. It's not easy to find, and there's lots of good competition, but this leaves her skin and coat in great condition and I don't want to mess with perfection.

Doesn't seem to help by wallweg10/27/2011

It doesn't seem to help my dog's itching. I've used it twice so far and she scratches constantly even right after bathing. It could be her problems are just more than this shampoo can help.

good product by dave from gig harbor wa08/29/2013

seemed to help with his itching and healed his spots of flacking irritated skin ,the only problem was the bottle leaked during shipment with a slight loss of the shampoo. the top leaked .

Great Shampoo by D Allen from Skippers09/01/2013

When I first got my Shar Pei, I tried many shampoos and none seemed to work. My puppy would either be too itchy or suffer from hot spots. I cruised the internet and found that many people had found success with this shampoo. I decided to try it and have been very pleased with it. It helps with his hot spots and has a very pleasing scent.

Dog Shampoo by tuliphill03/18/2013

I loved the smell. Stopped my dog from itching. Then the vet tested it against my dog and it failed! Guess the chemical in it is too strong. Disappointed. Bought two bottles, now I have to give them away.

Works Great by Jessica04/13/2008

I have a cocker spaniel who is constantly itching/licking her paws. This shampoo has worked wonders. She no longer is obsessed with her paws, and it helps get rid of odors so she smells great. I would highly recommend this product

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)
Works Well by DB05/07/2012

My Siamese cat has been battling itchy bumps and itchy skin for several years. I have changed her food many times, given prednisone pills and a depo shot every 3-4 months to help her with this itching. I even gave in and put the flea stuff on her - I hate putting chemicals on her. I had her tested and it showed a flea allergy and dust allergy. I changed her to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Green Pea and Duck Dry Food and started using this Homeopet product. I gave it to her 3 times a day in chicken broth and let her drink it. It is the only way I can get it down her as she will not eat canned food or drink anything that doesn't smell right to her. I also stopped the flea stuff. She had licked all her belly hair off and scratched her hair off of her ears and above her eyes. She also rubs her nose and sides of her mouth on things to itch it. Her hair has grown back on her belly, ears and above her eyes and she only has an occasional outbreak now. I decreased it to once a day and then stopped for awhile but when I see any signs of her needing it I increase to 3 times a day again for a few weeks. I also bath her every 3 or 4 weeks to make her feel better. Changing to the above mentioned cat food was a huge help also. She lost weight, toned up, has more energy and started playing again. Before she was a little overweight, had no energy and just wanted to sleep all the time. I'm very pleased with this product.

Helped to control the itching by Mommacatt08/27/2013

This helped my cat to not scratch as much from her skin allergies. I had tried children's benedryl, but it didn't seem to help much, so was glad to find something more natural. I was definitely surprised when I researched the ingredients and found that fleas were one of them! Don't know who collects fleas and cuts them up to put into meds, but it must work! I only gave it 3 stars because it didn't completely do what I needed...cat still itches.

I like it! by JJ from Bangor, PA10/05/2011

I've used this product everyday during my dog's skin allergies, 3x a day...and I feel it is helping her...she gets the skin allergies twice a yr and being 13 yrs.old I don't want to give her prescription meds which the Vet does not recommend anyway. She isn't itching or biting as much as she was prior to using this product. It's safe to use and I like that part alot.

by from 08/11/2013

Not only did my dog stop scratching as much, the hair loss was back to normal and she seemed a lot calmer. Thank you, this is my second order and I plan on buying it again and again and again

beach, by Baja from California,Gail


Works so far by Spunky Kat06/17/2013

I've been using this for about a month and my kitty isn't itching or scratching as much as she was before. I put a couple drops on her treats and she gobbles them right up. I would give it 5 stars but I want to try it a little longer to see if it continues to help. It's definitely worth a try.

Great Product! by Marci03/05/2008

I love this product. I have three welsh corgis and one of them is prone to skin irritation from allergies. This is the only product that I have found that works. We even tried allergy shots for three years before we found this product and this works even better than that! We have now been using the skin and itch relief fro the past four years! I wouldn't trust anything else. Thank you Homeopet!

Homeo Pet Skin&Itch Relief For Cats- GREAT! by Big Foot04/21/2010

We have three indoor cats and they suffered from itching/scratching/bumps on their skin every Spring and Summer-Winter not so much. One bottle (5) drops per day in their water totally cured the problem within a week. We've spent a buddle at the Vets for shots that worked for a time but it always returned. Now our cats are happy again running and playing. Best part is- this product is made from 100% natural products and safe. Once the problem stops and the skin clears- you stop using the product. So far in our case, (Two Months) have passed and the problem has not returned. On behalf of our Dear Friends, Jake, Sheba and Zeke-Thanks Entirely Pets.com !

Didn't help at all by msellvee from LaPlata, MD06/28/2012

This product did nothing to help either one of my cats. The itching has not stopped one bit and I'm almost through with the second bottle. Secondly, the package was apparently squashed and the contents of one or both bottles leaked out as the boxes were both soggy when I opened them. Very disappointed with Entirely Pets because of the product and because of the packaging.

Might work for some, but not mine. by GaiaS from "Texoma Land", Texas03/29/2013

I had high hopes for this product, but alas, it didn't work for my poor, itchy dog. Mitzie and I were both disappointed. ;(

This works by Patch from FL06/19/2014

My cat has had a skin allergy since he was a kitten. Tried several products, but this one is easy and works.

IT WORKS by abby from SHIRLEY NY07/09/2013


AWESOME by JOYCE12/07/2009


Excellent Product by Cindy10/26/2011

Finally something that works that is not a steroid drug! My dog suffers from seasonal itchy skin spring and fall often chewing his skin on paws and belly raw, scratching his head and ears till they bleed. The only thing that ever helped was antibiotics and steroids which are so harsh on his system. This product worked for him, no more steroids!

great product! by nikkita from Fayetteville,NC11/30/2013

i like this product it work very well for my dog Tucker he would scratch day and night, i gave it to hem 3 times and immediately i saw improvement! he sleeps all night with out waking to scratch!! an i sleep better to !! thanks entirely pets for you great product Nikkita

truly effective; wish the bottle weren't so little by Justine from SE Michigan03/11/2012

It doesn't take much, but there isn't so much either--but enough. This is a miracle helper and truly works. Our older shepherd has had terrible skin allergies two late-summers/autumns, enough that it dragged him down and it seemed like he wouldn't keep going. Seems it was harming his entire system beneath the skin. We tried many things, but when we tried HomeoPet Skin & Itch, adding drops to his food, the skin allergy and systemic illness went away, truly away. It didn't take much time at all for it to work.

It works!!!! by memaw 12 from Duncanville, Texas03/19/2013

We have tried everything there is on the market to stop our dog's hot spots from creams, shots, to ointments, and sprays. Our dog is severly allergic to outside grasses. He also has very bad reactions to flea bites! This product has deminished his sores to about 90% and his itching the same.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)
Best drops for itchydogs by Maddison from Santa Ynez Valley, CA06/20/2013

We have 3 labs that get itchy from time to time. We give them the drops every morning year round and they are never itchy.

Helps relieve itching by Barkleys mom07/17/2012

Barkley has been using this for almost a year now. This time of year is the worst for his allergies, especially with the drought conditions. The HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief helps the itching.

by LBStcok from Palmdale, CA10/22/2012

did not heal the itching as it claimed. Still using them till I finish them.

miracle product by yvonne02/22/2012

Our golden itched so much she had scratched til she bled. Just one week of treatments with the skin and itch and she has no more problem at all. Thanks for a wonderful product.

So far so good! by FeBee from New Zealand11/02/2012

We have a choco lab x with irritated skin, hot spots, etc. Tried almost everything - raw diet, flea treatment, oil supplements, anti-bacterial baths, antihistimines, the works. While improved, nothing broke the scratch/nibble cycle. In desperation we looked overseas and found this, so thought why not try it - we've done everything else! Within just a couple of days we noticed a MAJOR reduction in reactions, and after a week coat condition already shinier and less flaky. Fingers crossed!

Homeopet Skin and Itch relief is great by Fernanda Rodriguez06/02/2008

I add ten drops over my cats dry food, three times daily and it has controlled her itching pretty well. It takes a few days to really start noticing, and one has to be diligent and not miss doses (contrary to "nose relief" which works wonders even with only one daily dosis). Great product!

HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief by Mary Beth McDonald06/10/2008

These easy to administer drops work great for my 65 dog. We've tried steroids, which work, but I don't want to keep her on them for long. These all natural drops have stopped her from scratching and gnawing at her legs and paws, scratching her ears and eyes, and seem to make her calmer. They are wonderful.

Work fast! by Milyzach from Québec,Canada12/15/2013

I bought this product for my dog and one of my cat and both have almost stopped scratch themselves after 2 weeks of use. Excellent alternative vs. medicinal product and no vet fees.

Our results from Skin & itch by DMS from California04/27/2014

Even our vet couldn't achieve the results that brought our dog such complete relief from itching. We are completely sold on Homeo Pet Skin and Itch and have shared our success with several of our friends and acquaintances. Thank you so much. Dave S.

Works very well. by Phyllis07/16/2012

My cat was always itching and licking.. with HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief she is calm and relaxed..

by kit-kat from Natchez, MS04/09/2014

My dog has LOTS of allergies and tends to chew/gnaw the pads of her feet. The Skin Itch helps.

It Helps by Catkeypurr10/15/2013

This is the only thing I have found that gives my cat ANY relief from his allergies & I have tried a LOT. My guy was naked from the waist down from incessant licking. If your pet is suffering from food allergies this won't be much help but for environmental allergies it's very good. As with any homeopathic product though, it takes time to work. I did not see much improvement till the first bottle was nearly gone. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because he is still bothered but he is vastly improved.

Featured Reviews for NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs
Great! by Duck06/16/2010

We love the Nupro. Our dog cannot wait for more, she has had trouble with weight loss in the past, but no longer! She looks healthy, has more energy and we contribute that to the Nupro!

Great product by iowndogs02/14/2012

I love this product! My dog thinks it tastes amazing (no joke, she will eat the plain powder if I put it in her dish) and it has made her coat look so healthy. She looks and feels great!

Best purchase by Lady Di06/26/2013

We recently purchased a new puppy and was informed by the breeder to put Nupro in his food. It really makes a nice gravy and Riley loves it!!! He gobbles it up in no time.

Great Price and Convenience! by Lee from Grapevine TX11/07/2011

I purchase two 30oz tubs of Nupro supplement every few months for my Basenjis. The qualilty is always fresh and the price can't be beat, even online. Free shipping with a coupon is the icing on the cake!! Thank you Entirely Pets!

Nupro - Great Supplement for Lady, the Super Akita by Lisa the Rock01/25/2013

I have used this product for a few years now and highly recommend it for allergic skin reactions in longer haired dogs. I found it initially on an Akita breed site and have since lost that contact, so thank you for having Nupro on hand. I mix it with an egg and Lady just laps it up and we call it a snack! She has fewer outbreaks using this and it goes a long way.

Great Product by Big Boned Kennels12/31/2012

Love usuing this product on my dogs, They love the taste of it and it makes them so healthy and beautiful. Can't go wrong using NUPRO it's a great product!!!

We are thrilled! by Frank from Chester County Pennsylvania01/06/2014

We are thrilled with what Nupro has done for our 13 year old labrador retreiver. Before we tried this product, Ebony was really showing her age. Since we began using Nupro 5 months ago, she is much more energetic. Her gait, which had become stiff, is much more limber now. We could not be happier with the results that Nupro has given us.

THE BEST by Lalisa from BETHLEHEM,PA11/05/2011


by from 02/01/2013

I never write reviews but I had to share this as this is the best product I have ever come across.

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Very good product for added nutrients to dogs diet by Clara from NC07/06/2014

I started using this product years ago for my aging Dalmatian and Siberian Husky, who both passed at age 13. I have now adopted 2 more Dalmatians and 3 Siberian Huskies, and started putting them on this product as soon as I added them to our family. They all are healthy and love this gravy added to the morning meal.

Dogs love it by dgale from Southern California11/29/2012

So far I have been using it for two weeks. My dogs LOVE the flavor and how I make their kibble a gravy. I purchased this for my one GSD's itchy skin. He doesn't seem to be itching as much. I think it's helping. The product says it can take up to a month.

Great Stuff by OdinsMom01/30/2013

I've used this in the past and really liked it. Decided that the furbabies needed to go back on it and will not be taking them off of it again. Entirelypets was fast in their service as well.

Helps with skin condition and energy level by Penny04/14/2014

On our second 30 oz. jar. My dog (8 years old) seems to have more energy and her skin condition is back to normal. She was having strange looking "pimples" on her stomach, probably due to an allergy of some sort. The vets didn't seem to think it was serious although the redness, weeping of site, scabbing, and flaking were worrisome to me. Those issues have completely gone away.

Featured Reviews for NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
seal was broken and product looked used by cj04/14/2014

The seal was broken and it appeared to have been used. I contacted Entirely Pets twice and got no reply.

Nupro Joint Support by jlm3033 from New Prague, MN06/04/2013

Since we started using this product, Stella our boxer (7 yrs) has an easier time getting up & doesn't seem to have pain. It works wonders!!!

by dae01/23/2013

l have to say l am very happy with your line of products.And very happy with how you treat your customers!!! You have a loyal customer on this end!!

Awesome! by mbakian04/29/2008

Nupro is awesome! This product has totally transformed my dobermans dry skin in about 2 weeks. His coat is very shiny and he loves the stuff.

Great stuff! by caryn02/06/2008

I purchased this product about a year ago for my elderly, but very youthful, 12 pound llasapoo. He did not exhibit any problems, but, now at the age of 13, he is vital, flies up a very steep stairwell in my home, has boundless energy (I am jealous) and a good appetite (which wasn't great before) since taking this product. I can only attribute at least part of his vitality to the Nupro Joint Support.

the product was opened by not from entirely pets04/09/2014

I purchased this Nupro 30oz jar and went to use it last week. When opening it the seal had been broken and the powder was all over the inside of the lid. I looked as if it had been used. I contacted Entirely Pets and the will not reply.

They lLiked It by MLL from Madison WI11/14/2013

Our two Sih Tzu's love the gravy over the top of their food that this product makes. I am seeing increased mobility and I am comforted that the two of them are getting in the nutrients to support their immune system, and has other nutrients that they are not getting in their foods.

Great product by Dog lover from Las Vegas06/14/2013

We can see the difference in our dog's mobility already. It's worth trying!

by from 04/30/2013

I expected this product to be easy to use - but it thickens up like paste so quickly that it is difficult for my dogs to eat.....and it smells ugly as well. Wish I could return it to get my money back!

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great product! by cindy wiese from oregon03/07/2013

This product was recommended to me by my breeder. I was looking for a good vitamin for my 18 month old bullmastiff Evie. The price charged on line was cheaper than the stores here in town and we received it quickly.. within two days. This powder does make a nice gravy and Evie has had no complaints!!

Love this product by Oliver from North Carolina05/08/2014

My dogs coat looked like straw. Now that he is on NuPro he has a beautiful, soft coat. It helps with shedding. The vitamins and glucosamine are excellent. I highly recommend this product.

what a difference by PJ02/28/2013

This product was recommended to me by a friend for my 10 year old lab who suffers from hip problems. She takes Adequan booster shots which have helped but after 2 weeks, we really noticed a difference in her attitude on her walks. She showed more spunk and was definitely more active. Instead of just going at a slow pace, she walked more quickly and out front instead of lagging behind us.

Featured Reviews for NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs
Best Supplement by Chris from Malvern, AR10/17/2013

I have Beth and she's a working Black Lab for us in the Fire Department Investigations Bureau. The Nupro is like her morning coffee and it does what is advertised. Cleared up her "hot spots" quicky and maintains her coat well. She likes it so well that I can get her to drink more water on hot days using just a pinch in her water bowl while we are out working fire scenes.

Excellent Supplement by Gen in AK from Fairbanks Alaska12/31/2012

My Pit was diagnosed with cancer in Oct. He is doing exceptionally well. I came across NUPRO when I visited Anchorage and decided to give it a try. My Rottweiler is 12 and arthritic. Since starting the NUPRO she is looking better and is more active. I have tried several supplements over the years but NUPRO is by far a better supplement than the others I have tried.

Best Purchase Ever by Missle02/07/2012

I've been giving my dog nupro gold for the past year or so. It has been the best product I have ever purchased for her. She has chronic allergies, and her digestion is something to be desired. The nupro has certainly helped with both significantly. With a diet change and nupro every day she is a much happier and healthier dog!

Outstanding product by Li from Reading, PA12/13/2012

Wonderful nutritional supplement for my active agility dogs. Easy to prepare, I make a gravy with it and pour over their food and they love it. They are healthy,energetic and look great!

Can't say by Mulluckdog from Lititz, PA12/12/2013

Ordered product never received it, but after using the silver, don't really care to.

helps fur by ColoradoPup11/07/2011

Our trainer recommended this product a few years ago, and we find that our collie's fur is much more manageable when we give her NupPro. It tangles less, is softer, and doesn't seem to shed as much. We don't give the recommended dose, as this product is high in calories and only a little is needed to get good results. The high caloric count and the excessive dose recommendations are why I didn't give this 5 stars.

best purchase ever by missle from Bristol, RI08/02/2012

Nupro is one of those products everyone should buy for there dog. It is an all in one vitamin supplement. You don't have to buy separate vitamins for your dog when they are on this product. My dog has severe year long skin allergies and some times her stomach isn't just right; since I put her on Nupro she has been a lot better. It is not a cure, but it is certainly helpful in her treatment. Not only that, it saves money in the long run!

Nupro 5lb for dogs by akrose56 from Fairbanks, Alaska04/29/2013

I love the product, but I will NEVER order from Entirely Pets ever again!! After all the stuff about ordering over $85 to get free shipping, and then you tell me that it can't be shipped via the USPS(which is BS! I happen to know that packages up to 70 lbs can be shipped via the USPS.) Then you tell me that I have to pay another $42 for shipping? I don't think so! I canceled my order, and ordered from someone else, and got it for $33.00 per jar, AND free shipping, and it cam faster than yours! So don't email me again. Thank you

Excellent product by Fozzy's mom from CA04/03/2012

Our dog has entered his senior years, so we were looking for a product that would supplement his reduced food intake. He loves the liver flavor. We like Nupro because the ingredients used are fit for human consumption and are all natural ingredients. We've sprinkled it on dog food and also added it to a small bowl of water.

Great product by Chris from Layton, NJ03/25/2014

After only a few weeks my dogs are in better coat and their stools are firmer.

Love this by Missy from Howell, Michigan04/14/2014

I have 2 labs one 13rs and one 3 years. My 13 year old has arthritis, this product really helps his older hips. I put my 3 year old on it to for regular use as well. They both have very shiny coats and lots of healthy energy!

Really Good Price by Von from Lady Lake, FL04/02/2013

I have used Nupro as a part of my Golden Retrievers diet for the last 10 years. I love this product, and Entirely Pets has one of the best prices.

Can't See any difference by Aussiemom from Ventura, CA05/07/2013

My dog has been on this for two months now and I don't see any improvements in either his performance, health or even his coat. I'm finishing the container but won't order again.

Great Product by Sandy from West Palm Beach, Florida11/06/2012

This is a very good product. My 8 year old Cocker Spaniel has had skin and joint problems in the past but after giving her this product for the last couple of months or so, her skin and joint problems are so much better. I would recommend this product to everyone!

good product by pet lover from boulder, co03/10/2013

We put this on our rough collie's food, and she loves it, especially when we add water to make it turn into a "gravy." It helps her coat, too--fewer tangles, less shedding overall (though collies shed a LOT), and fewer knots. WARNING: Do not use nearly as much as they suggest, or your dog will end up FAT!

Great stuff by Janice03/01/2008

I have fed this to my year old Shepard mix. Only a year old he has had severe hip problems. One hip has been operated on. I started him on Nupro silver right before his surgery. The Vet has told me that he has never had a big dog recover and do so well after this kind of hip surgery. I credit Nupro silver.

they love it! by ltjs from northern ontario08/16/2014

And Rylee has stopped limping after her daily big run!

Nupro Gold is worth its weight in gold! by Pupraiser from Buffalo NY10/23/2012

I was at my wits end. I have a seven month old puppy that was having digestion issues and was trying some of the suggestions from the vet with no luck. A friend suggested I try Nupro Gold. Within a week I noticed my puppy was tolerating her food much better and not having random bowel movements anymore. She started going on a consistent schedule that went along with her meal schedule. Within a month she was gaining weight, developed a nice shiny coat and was sleeping through the night. But the most amazing thing was the calmness that came over her. I do believe she feels so much better that she can function like a normal dog should. I'm so happy for her. I have since began using it on all my dogs including my Labrador puppy, an eight year old Labrador and a 12 year old Chi/Rat Terrier mix. They all enjoy it very much on their kibble. All you do is mix the recommended amount per the directions with enough water to make a gravy consistency. They gobble it right up. I heartily recommend this product!

Nupro for Dogs by Jerre12/31/2013

I make my own dog food for 3 big dogs. I love the Nupro because it becomes gravy with a little hot water and the dogs patiently wait and drool on the floor as I am mixing their food. They get the Nupro 2 times a day and their coats are shiney and they have energy to spare, even the 13 year old who has osteosarcoma (bone cancer). The vet told us to take her home and "spoil her", and she is doing very well, even runs after the 2 younger dogs and plays with them. Thank you for a great product.

Featured Reviews for NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
Awesome Product by Tee from Delta,BC09/11/2014

NUPRO Joint Support for dogs is amazing. My 12 year old dog feels so much better after 2 weeks. More energy and even wants to play fetch. We thank you so much!

Great for my older dogs by Carol2 from Northern California12/06/2011

I have been using Nupro for several years. It has really helped my older dogs with joint issues. I also give it to my younger very active dogs.

Fantastic Product! Works miracles! by Milena04/26/2013

My Golden Retreiver, Corona, has been on Nupro Joint Support for several years due to early-onset arthritis from a car accident at 2 yrs old. She also developed a serious liver condition and has a greatly enlarged heart, either of which could easily contribute to early death. I honestly did not expect her to still be around at 11 years of age with all this working against her, but I must be doing something right. I believe Nupro has made a huge difference in her current condition and how well she is aging, still running and playing like a pup. I highly recommend this for any dog with joint issues.

love this stuff! by sandy05/10/2013

A breeder of German Shepherds told me about this product years ago and I used the regular Nupro for years but now that my dog is older the joint support really works well to ease the stiffness in her hips-and it's cheap!

Works well for my dogs by Indydogz from Philly PA03/05/2013

I've used this with four dogs over the past decade and all seemed to enjoy the taste when mixed in with their food. It really helps them recover from long hikes and stiff older joints.

Healthy Supplement by L Milum from Florida05/22/2013

My dogs both have had joint issues; my 12 year old dog has arthritic hips and my 6 year old dog has had dysplasia since he was a little puppy. This is one supplement that helps time in so many ways, not only easing their joint pain but improving their coats and ... even their energy levels!

Great for the whole pack by Dog Mom11/06/2012

We have three dogs, ranging in age from 7 months to 7 years, all on this product. It is a nice overall supplement and they polish their bowls as they seem to love the taste.

by from 11/06/2011

This product works wonders for the" Retired Racing Greyhounds" in this family! The trio - ages 6 to 12 ALL benefit from this product - less joint issues which equals more mobility - end result - a longer and healthier retirement!!

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Wonderful for older dogs by Annie12/31/2012

My vet recommended this product years ago when my ECS developed joint pain. This product has worked wonders as my ECS is now a senior who acts like a puppy at times.

Great Product by Michael06/09/2014

NUPRO joint support for dogs is an unbelievable product. I am usually very pessimistic about products like this and their claims. My 11 1/2 year old Chesapeake was not moving too well and I thought the end of his life was coming. I used this product and within two weeks there was a noticeable difference. A few days later he actually started running again. Now a year later he is still running and enjoying his life. I have recommended this product to two friends who both had similar results. This is a miracle supplement indeed.

Glad I Took Cousin's Advice by doglover from Miami, Fl.01/31/2012

Several years ago my cousin, who had a 120 lb. Akita who lived to be 14, recommended Nupro Joint Support for my dog, Charlie, a mixed lab. Charlie has been on Nupro for 3 to 4 years and is doing well at 13 1/2. He has arthritis, but still walks about 2 miles a day during his 3 walks. The vet says that for his size (75lbs.) and age he's doing very well.

Amazing by PG from Smyrna, TN05/16/2014

We have been using this product for a year and have seen such great results with our 5yr large breed 110lb dog that we started using it on our 12yr 15lb dog. They both seem to have more energy and they love the gravy mix in the morning. The large breed with both rear knee problems has a lot of energy and recovers quicker and less stiff getting up and down. I only use once a day. A full scoop for the 110lb and 1/5 scoop for the 12lb.

by Gi08/02/2012

Was recommended this product by a friend for my arthritic 8 year old dog. Still has the occasional morning stiffness, but I have really seen an improvement in her since I adopted her from the shelter two years ago.

Nupro works! by Bobopup from Providence, RI10/18/2011

The joint support formula was highly recommended by a friend over many other similar products. Main difference is you can see results. Nothing is a miracle but in comparison to other products Ive used, this one I like best....my friend was absolutely right about it.

Fantastic Product by crusher285 from Alberta, Canada10/11/2013

I have been buying this Nupro powder on the recommendation of my Vet. I have seen great results with my 9 year old Great Dane. He has more pep in his step and his back end is sagging less. We have 2 Danes that we give this to and they love the taste.

by Jim from The Villages FL11/06/2012

An excellent product especially for older dogs. Our 7 and 5 year old Border Collies run like the wind and cut on a dime.

fine by picketthale from Concord, NH01/23/2013

The product came in a timely manner. Wish you had Lipiderm liquid for sale.

Best Product for Dogs by Jill12/17/2012

My dog used to have digestive and joint issues and nothing ever worked to help. If she went on a jog one day, she'd be limping for several days after (at the age of 2). She always had stomach problems and every food I tried ultimately caused her to have reactions. I started her on this product and she has been on it daily for 3 years. She is like a puppy and has never had any more problems. The price at Entirepets for the big container is exactly what I needed (especially since adopting another dog) and it shipped quickly.

Great product by mokefrancesrose from San Diego, CA.06/08/2012

The people who create this product provide unbelievable customer service. They KNOW animal health exceptionally well, and are completely trustworthy. NO JUNK here!! Our dogs LOVE these products, and the cats do, too! And it has improved their coats and health. Using it with raw diet now, and 15 year old dog is 14 pounds and pulling me up the hills! I can't keep up with her!!

Best Joint Support Product by Pacfan11/07/2012

I have a german shepherd that could barely get up on the couch or up a flight of stairs, woud limp as she walked. Within a few days of using this product she was back to her normal self. Very easy to give to your dog, just make a gravy, put it over their food and they inhale it! This is a must try!

Excellent by Dogmom03/23/2012

My Akita loves this, dry or as a gravy. It makes a special treat mid day for pills.

Nupro joint support by jfaulk from Phoenix, Az.04/04/2012

I have been using this product for over 3 years. I started my Sheppard mix on it when he was only 6 months old due to a inherit hip disease. He under went surgery with a poor prognosis due to his breed and size. Now he is 5 years old and runs our 1 acre yard with our other 3 dogs ( who are also on Nupro) and shows no signs of hip problems.

by jfaulk11/11/2011

I have been feeding Nupro to all four of our dogs since our Sheppard mix had hip surgery at 4 months old. The vet was amazed at how quickly he was able to use his new hip saying he had never seen a large breed recover and do so well after this kind of surgery. I give Nupro the credit.

Exceeded expectations by blackdog02/07/2012

Our 8 year old female lab was diagnosed with two torn ACL's. NuPro was recommended by a friend and within 2 months she went from struggling to get up to leaping to her feet to chase the cat. (The cat loves the dog). Far exceeded our expectations, she's like a puppy again.

by noyfb04/19/2013

No problem with the product. Nu Pro is fantastic. My problem is with your website. I placed an order but got no confirmation of order, notice of shipment, and no charge was on my CC. So I ordered again, this time getting confirmation etc . Then 2 packages showed up, 1 day apart. Obviously I was charged for both. I didn't need 2x as much product, nor did I need to pay 2x (esp. so close to tax time). GET IT TOGETHER OVER THERE!!!

Good product by Mkissl from Southern California10/04/2011

EntirelyPets is the best place to buy this, for both cost and overall experience. I have been using Nupro powder for about 2 years with my yellow labradors who have joint and orthopedic issues. It's really hard to tell if it's truly helping, but it seems to, and they love the taste. We sprinkle some on and add alittle water with every meal.

great product by flyfloats12/13/2012

My dogs love the taste and look forward to their food! I have only used it for 2 weeks but my 13 year old has shown improvement going up and down stairs. It has also made their coats shiny. If you feed your dogs wet dog food to get them to eat the dry food you won't need it anymore. Makes a great sauce that they love.

Nupro Joint Support for dogs by nannacathyab from Baxley, GA12/14/2011

Wow! Or should I say.....Arf! Arf! My two girls love Nupro. I also order Nupro Gold. My 9 year old poodle gets the joint support and my 8 month old Boston Terrier gets the Gold. Not only do they love the taste but I see two beautiful healthy dogs. The coat of my Bostie is so shinny, it looks as if it has been painted on her!! I also order Nupro for a friend whose dog was diagnosed with cancer. My friend has been feeding her dog a very natural, nutritious diet, which has included Nupro. Spirit's cancer seems to have gone into remission!! Thank you Nupro!

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Mix this along with the kibble by sun7101 from Blaine, WA04/25/2012

I usually mix this product with dry kibble and home made veggies (squash, yam). My dog loves it and the glucosamine and MSM help with pain relief as my dog has a cruciate ligament tear. My dog loves this product and now is part of his food. Very good price here.

NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by bear from northern, nj07/05/2012

been using this product since my dog was a puppy, never had a problems, my dog still runs and jumps like he was 3, he is now 8

Will continue to purchase by PattiA from Fishers, IN03/29/2012

Only been on it for a little over a month, my 11 yr old lab loves the gravy flavor even with his recently diagnosed osteo arthritis condition he can't wait to have his breakfest he spins circles waiting for me to put the Nupro mix over his food, I've never seen the bowl so clean:)

by from 10/20/2011

Nupro Joint Support has turned my 11 year old German Shepard into a running, jumping, playful pup once again!

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not worth money by Mulluckdog from Lititz, PA12/12/2013

This really didn't do anything except make a nice gravey

Works very good... by Kevin120 from Atlanta, GA10/30/2011

Nacho has been much more active since using NuPro...

Nupro by Jasi's boss08/07/2013

I first heard about this product through a friend who had been using this supplement for years on her dogs. I have noticed some improvement in my dog's mobility since starting my dog on this product. However, it is not a cure all. My dog prefers this as a gravy and depending on the amount of water added can be thick or watery, but that is more owner and dog preference.

Great product and great value! by Yoshi02/06/2013

This has been an excellent product for our older dog and the value is excellent. Thank you!

Wonderful Product by JFaulk from Phoenix , Arizona10/05/2011

This joint supplement not only works well but it is also something that my dogs well eat. I just sprinkle it on their food and they love it. Being that I have four dogs that I have on joint supplement this product also gives me more for my money then any other joint supplement I have found on the market.

Nupro Joint Support by groom1 from Phoenix, Az.06/09/2012

I have been using this product for over 4 years now. I started using it on a recommendation after our Sheppard mix had major hip surgery at 9 months old. The Vet. gave us a very guarded prognosis for the out come of this surgery but we put this pup on Nupro supplement daily and his recovery even surprised the Vet. Today I have all four of our dogs on Nupro Joint support.

Great product! by RavenShdw11/11/2012

This is an excellent product! It has helped keep my older dogs mobile and able to be much more comfortable.

I buy this all the time by Diane from Reno Nv12/12/2012

dogs are doing great 6yr old dog acts like a pup again. I add this in the food I make for them

Great product by lovemydog from CA02/10/2012

My friend recommended this to me for my lab. I have only been giving it to him for a shot time and I already notice a difference. He is jumping more and acting more playful . I am so happy. Plus no more table scraps for him, every time I feed him he barks and gets super excited because he thinks it's a special treat. Win Win for both of us. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you!

Easy purchase by LUV10/27/2011

Would have preferred shipping to be faster, but overall a good experience,

I love Nupro by kaz from Victoria, Australia04/23/2013

My dog has been on the Nupro now for a couple of months and the improvement in her coat is nothing short of amazing, it is like looking in the mirror, appetite is a lot better and her muscle tone has also improved. Very happy Thank you

nupro joint support by macy molly02/24/2012

excellent product. I have two older yellow labs who have arthritis. Really has helped them. You will see a noticeable difference within two months. I have made it part of their diet for the last three years.

NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by Shelter Volunteer from Elk Grove, CA11/25/2012

I've used the regular Nupro for years and had very good success with it. I tried other joint support products and wasn't really sold on them. I tried Nupro and I could see a difference in all my dogs in just three weeks. I add it to their food with enough water to make a gravy. They really like it!

Excellent Product! by Priscilla02/29/2012

I'm very happy with this supplement and my three dogs love the taste! Love that it has all natural ingredients. I've seen improvements in coat, allergy symptoms and energy.

Believe in this product by diane from NC12/12/2011

My dog had back surgery a couple of years ago and I started giving him Nupro shortly after he started back walking again. He now is almost back to the dog he was before. He's doing good and I think Nupro helped him regain his ability to walk and even run again.

For the health of your dog by Linda06/28/2008

This is a superior product. I just put a scoop on my dogs' food and add some warm water. It makes a gravy my black labs are wild about. My two black labs have never looked better. Even though they do eat a quality dog food (Solid Gold), this product adds the digestive enzymes plus all the important ingredients for the best joint support.

Wonder supplement for my dog by Sue from Bensalem, PA10/23/2012

My dog is on may different vitamins and supplements. When I started him on Nupro the change in him was so apparent. He is like a young puppy again! He is 10 years old and hopefully with this product, we will get many more happy years together.

Nupro best purchase ever by Lynda from Wisconsin10/14/2013

Made my Golden act like a puppy again! I tried everything on the market including everything the Vet had to offer. Lola suffered from very bad allergies, hip dysphasia & being a Golden had her share of shedding. Nupro got her off her allergy meds, shedding decreased significantly, had a beautiful shiny coat. She ran after snowmobiles & anything else the kids rode until she passed away. Nupro gave my Lola quality of life that no other product could. Allowing her to enjoy life as a beloved pet, Therapy Dog & Crisis Response Dog. She would not have had freedom of movement without it. The winters here in Wisconsin can be brutal. I would just give her a but more throughout the winter months & she never slowed down! All my dogs are on it even though they are healthy. Still helps with shedding & they all have a beautiful coat.

by from 06/16/2009

I have a 10 year old Corgi - a few years ago he started to demonstrate trouble getting his joints "warmed up" after getting up out of his bed or lying down. He would limp a little for a few minutes before he walked normal. At this stage in his life, I knew arthritic conditions would present, but I wanted to find something to alleviate this.

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showing improvement by lennon from seattle,WA08/08/2012

i am a lab mix,ten years old, possibly older.i'm on meds for thyroid issues.i've just started my second 5 lb. tub of nupro.i love it as gravy! my joints are less stiff,my skin and coat look healthier,i am getting back to my old hour-long daily walk routine.i'll let you know if things improve even more.

Much better size, too! by hmeyer from Pennsylvania10/09/2013

This product is great! It's helped our puppy girl move more freely, and the new larger size is great! Thank you for helping our "12 year old", happy again!

by Jai jai from BKK03/06/2013

My dog has good health because of Nupro Joint. Thanks a lot

Works great! by Samyb from Canada08/13/2014

I have been using this product for a few years now and it works great for my dogs.

Great Supplement by Tambo from Florida06/10/2014

I have several Search & Rescue K9s and I have found this product to be the best supplement for their active life. Even my retired SAR K9 is on this to help with his aging joints.

Nupro joint support by holly from Huntley, il01/31/2013

Recommend by my breeder who uses on her dogs, so good enough for me, my bulldog and newfy love it, makes a good gravy, and these breeds need the joint support, happy I'm on board also gave my son some for his lab Gus, he loves it too!

Nupro by Carol2 from Paradise, CA01/21/2013

Nupro is a great additive to my pets' diet. My older pup has arthritis and Nupro helps to ease his aches. For my younger dogs it really helps their coat and energy. I heartily recommend Nupro.

This is the best product by Pacfan07/18/2012

I was recommended this product by a friend. I have a german shepherd who was having a hard time getting up steps, jumping up on the couch, etc and within days we saw results. She is no longer having any of the symptoms and she loves eating it! Give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

My dog loves it! by Shepherd from CT06/06/2012

My five year old German Shepherd loves this stuff. It makes a great gravy that he licks clean from his bowl. The only drawback is the price. It's a little pricy compared to other joint products.

NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by bear from northern, nj07/18/2012

have been using this product since my dog was 1 year old, now 7, still runs and jumps well as ever,

great product by Charlie from Apple Valley, CA12/15/2012

Have used for many years. While viewing diagnostic xrays for a different concern, saw that his back and hips were in excellent shape for a 60 lb, 10 year old male basset. Will continue to be a staple in his diet. Only downside, it can be a bit smelly - but well worth the outcome!

Cant beat the price.. Great product by BullyLove from NJ02/04/2012

Best price on this great product! I was also using a coupon code and should have stocked up. LOL

This Really Works by Shelsbells from Los Angeles, CA06/11/2013

I've been giving Nupro Joint Support to my two Chow Chows for years. The older dog has had two TPLO procedures and suffers from lameness and arthritis. She was allergic to the prescription arthritis (Rimadyl) so we set out to find a supplement that would relieve her discomfort. We tried EVERTHING! The only product that worked was Nupro Joint. In addition to giving our dog back her ability to run and jump we noticed that her coat was gorgeous. We decided to give the product to our other dog as a preventative measure. They have both done beautifully on this supplement and I recommend it to everyone I know. They all have the same feedback...Nupro Joint works miracles. My husband wishes he could use it.

by MegB04/02/2013

NuPro has done wonders for our GSD's coat. It is softer and has more shine. We have also noticed a decrease in shedding even when he is "blowing" his coat when the seasons change.

by from 11/05/2011

A couple years ago, we took in a very large, 7-year-old, male greyhound named England. His previous owners had been feeding him cruddy supermarket brand dog food and England was becoming increasingly lethargic and hesitant to get up and walk around or interact with us or our other pets.

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Excellent health product by Dr. Wayne Kirtland from New Jersey Shore06/26/2012

This product mixes well with all dog foods. It produces a brown gravy my dog loves. The nutritional benefits are great for his needs. Great price too.

Outstanding product by Linda's&Labs from Gig Harbor, WA10/21/2011

I've been using this product for my two black labs. Not only does it help maintain their sleek appearance, but is a great joint supplement. My male lab was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his elbows, but with the help of Nupro Joint Formula he's going strong without having to add prescription meds (very important to me). They love the gravy it makes on their dry kibble. Another added benefit is that I can switch dog food brands (always premium food, however) without any "break in" period. Never any diahrrea.

Great Natural Product by wenda11/17/2013

I trust the people making this. If you check its ingredients, you'll see how benificial this product is to the overall health of your pet! Joint support is exactly the same as the regular Nupro with added glucosomine. Excellent product!

Nupro Joint Supplement by cocoskylar from pacific palisades, CA01/14/2013

I love this product!!! I have two senior dogs and when I started using this product, my dogs were so much more energetic and so much more happy and pain free. I suggest this product wholeheartedly!!! marguerite pacific palisades, CA

Awesome stuff-works better than arthritis meds by dallas dog lover from dallas tx05/30/2012

We bought a German Shepherd puppy four years ago and the breeder sent us home with this product. We also had an eight year old lab with arthritis at the time and started giving this product to both dogs. The lab was on arthritis medication every day and still limped. After using this product for several months she quit limping so we took the lab off her arthritis meds altogether. She is twelve now and on no meds, still doesn't limp. This stuff is awesome!

For all canine life stages by BC from VA02/22/2011

This product was recommended to us by our breeder when we recently purchased a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. It was described as a food supplement, natural flea repellent, preventative for arthritic conditions/ hip issues, and would keep the skin and coat healthy. We decided to additionally add it to our 10 year old Chessie's diet. WOW, that is where we really noticed the effects... in this senior dog. It has noticeably helped his arthritis & his skin & coat. Folks comment that he doesn't look or act his age. We highly recommend this product for all ages and plan to keep both our dogs on it.

The absolute best by L2 from Gig Harbor, WA03/17/2013

Is product is so easy to use. Just sprinkle on kibble and add water. My labs coats could not look better and, most importantly, the joint support helps my male lab enjoy life in spite of his arthritic elbows. This is a great, great health product.

Great Deal! by Canadian Newf from NS Canada04/30/2012

Have started using this product since my newfoundland dog had a TPLO done. Have seen great results in last 8 weeks. Started giving it to my lab mix and his coat looks amazing. 1/4 of the price pet stores charge in Canada. Very happy with the product and the price.

Great product by Tango baby from Sarasota, FL04/09/2013

My German Shepherd absolutely loves this product. He can't wait to get to his food when I make a gravy and mix it with his dry kibble. I have stopped adding canned dod food to his kibble - no need to. He gets the best food anyway - no preservatives or by-products. I have only just started to use the Nupro Joint Support, so I haven't had time to see if it is helping the osteoartritis in his knees. He's on Previcox already for thje pain and stiffness - so hopefully the Nupro will increase his mobility. He really loves it.

Amazing by Quaill249 from Asheville11/26/2012

I started using this product 4 months ago....I switched from Dasquin to Nupro and seen a huge difference in my dog. I have a large dog with bad knees. I put a little water in to make a gravy and he eats it right up!

Nupro joint support, best product for elder dogs. by Grand old dog owner01/14/2013

We have used Nupro for many years. Our dogs are both giant breeds and love "chocolate sprinkles" on their food. This is a terrific product which we have also used to get "picky" eaters to eat as well.

by from 07/30/2012

I have been adding a small amount of Nupro Joint Support to my dogs' food for several years.

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SUPER joint support! by eswilley from Hoschton, GA01/25/2014

We have 3 canine kids in our home- a younger mixed husky and two seniors- a chocolate lab (12 yrs) and border collie (13 yrs). I've had all of them on the silver NUPRO JOINT SUPPORT for about 2 years now and all I can say is WOW- what a difference it has made in the 2 older males. The lab and collie, as they hit around 10 or 11 yrs, began having trouble standing up after laying for awhile, going up and down the backyard deck steps, etc. About a month or so of daily dosage of NUPRO they began to improve a good bit and it's been better ever since! They can now walk around much easier, up and down steps and heck they even run sometimes still. I am a believer in NUPRO and highly recommend it to anyone whose canine companion(s) may have joint issues. It's a brown powder- I mix it in their food, add some warm water and it makes like a brown gravy. The dogs love it and clean their bowls each and every time!

by SamyB09/06/2013

I was told about this product from a friend and have been using it for a while now. It works really well and my dogs love it!

Huge help by Robin from South Florida12/14/2013

Nupro was recommended to me by an employee in a store where I was buying glucosamine tablets for my increasingly crippled pit bull. She said her dogs love it and that it's a good deal, too. She was right on both counts -- my dear Bucky is so much better and visibly happier. The limping is much less noticeable. Other two dogs of similar age love it, too. You sprinkle it on their food and add a little water to make a gravy. GREAT PRODUCT

GOOD GRAVY! by Msdogwalker from Huntsville, AL02/24/2013

I wrote a review awhile ago concerning this product. I felt the need to reiterate how satisfied I am with NUPRO. My boxer, Zoie, had to have both back legs surgically repaired due to severely torn ACLs. With metal plates and screws to repair the knees, she does experience arthritic pain with her legs. Through surfing and reviewing multiple product reviews, I decided to try NUPRO. Excellent decision. As long as she stays on a steady diet of NUPRO, she does not appear to experience any pain. She runs and plays with my 2 other large dogs. I put it in her food and with a little added water makes a good gravy.

My dog is a puppy again! by Boxer Lover from Clearwater, FL11/12/2012

Thanks to Nupro, my 8 year old Boxer, Blaze, runs and plays like he did at 2 years old. I put a scoop of powder on his food and add water making gravy. He loves it. He has been taking Nupro daily for a couple of years now and it is amazing to see the difference in his agility.

EXCELLENT PRODUCT by SNO from Alaska03/17/2014

I have been using NUPRO for about 2 years now. My dogs went from picky eaters to gobbling their food. I have a 13 yr old rottweiler and the joint support has worked wonders for her arthritis. I also like that the product is all natural. I never have trouble getting her to eat, and spitting out pills is a thing of the past.

NuPro Review by Andy from Canaan Valley, WV07/19/2012

We have an 11 year old yellow Lab (Max) that dearly loves the Nupro supplement. He is still extremely active, swimming & chasing. I firmly believe that this product has enhanced Max's quality of life...

Worked great by Rex from New Hampshire01/23/2013

My dog had a lot of joint pain. After using nupro for a couple of days he was moving around with no pain at all. He likes the taste of the graveyard also.

Amazing product by Barbara from Salinas, CA06/25/2013

I don't normally do this...but I have to say Nupro Joint Supplement has made a world of difference for my 8 year old Boxer who was experiencing an unknown front leg lameness. We knew she had bad osteoarthritis of both hips, but our dog started limping on her front legs for a couple of months, and seemed to get progressively worse. Went to a specialist for consultation; after another set of xrays (inconclusive), the working diagnosis was a possible bone chip in the elbow and recommended arthroscopic elbow/shoulder surgery. Shortly after this visit, we started our Boxer on Nupro...now, 5 weeks later, she is not limping at all! Plus, she had started showing signs of muscle atrophy on the side she limping on. After another vet appointment last week, the muscle has filled out and now, I have actually cut her Rimadyl in half (Bailey is also taking the usual joint supplements of fish/krill oil and glucosamine/chondrotin). I am convinced that Nupro has improved the quality of life for our Boxer, Bailey!

by tina, from jersey from newark, new jersey06/26/2011

just love this product. after the 1st week i seen a change in my dog's coat. flakiness was gone.

NuPro by Andy from Ashland, KY12/18/2012

We've been using NuPro for three years and our Lab (Max) thoroughly enjoys the supplement at dinner time. As he ages (11 years old this month) NuPro has helped keep him active and enjoying his daily walks & runs.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
by scoobydoo01/23/2012

Awesome product and fast shipping. Will buy from again.

Great Product by Cric07/25/2012

This is an enzyme to aid digestion. Works wonderfully for my dog. Always a pleasure shopping Entirely Pets.

Awesome Product by Joe J from Bristol, CT08/10/2014

Been using this for years. It has helped with Brody's digestion. He looks great and has helped is loose stool problem. Awesome Product!

Good Stuff by Tonka from Midwest11/22/2011

Been using Prozyme for many years and swear by it. My chiro vet, repro vet and regular vet all recommend it for daily maintenance. Entirely Pets shipped the order quickly and with reasonable shipping charges. Will definitely order it again from them in the future.

by Necacti03/20/2014

Have used this product with satisfaction for many years.

by from 08/19/2014

Been using it for over 20 years. There are now other enzyme products to choose from, too. Will be switching over to conduct a comparison test as I cannot locate a solid consumer review rooted in science.

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Directions bad by jw from Hannibal, MO07/30/2013

The direction of this product do not emphise the danger in the daily dosage. The direction tell you to up the dosage for older dogs with no set amount. To much will cause dangerous medical problems, over time, for your pet. Their needs to be a caution clause added to it's lable, with set amount for age of your pet.

Their fur get better by Duke from Hong Kong03/18/2014

After giving this product to my dogs, their fur look much better.

Prozyme is great! by Lo from Santa Cruz, CA02/25/2013

I highly recommend giving your senior dog Prozyme. It really helps in reducing gas and incomplete digestion that comes with the aging process. As a result, your dog will get more nutrients from their food.

Good stuff by LHAMID from Roseville, CA12/09/2012

I have an old Lab, and German Shepherd and a younger Lab. I worry about bloat (lost a dog to it years ago) so everyone gets Prozyme in their food every day.

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