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Nylabone Double Action Chew

Nylabone Double Action Chew

Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)

($15.99)  $12.59
Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)

($8.49)  $6.99
Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)

($16.99)  $8.99
Try Bonies Dental FormulaNylabone Durable Double Action chew for dogs features an EZ carry Minty fresh center and durable ends for powerful chewers. Dental nubs help control tartar.

5.00 rating based on 13 reviews
Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)
Good Bone! by saccagirl from Corona, CA06/16/2013

Another great bone for avid chewers! My dogs love it!

Great Bone by panther10/23/2012

My two labs absolutely love these bones and they last for a long time. Most things they can destroy in a couple of hours. Definitely a good buy.

Great Toy! by NCDogOwner11/04/2013

This has become my dogs "security blanket". As a German Shepherd, she is a VERY hearty chewer. I have given up on stuffed toys and usually end up replacing many of the other DuraChew Nylabones within a few months as she breaks them. Yea, she's THAT much of a chewer. This bone has a great thickness but soft enough in the middle that she can carry it around. Be careful though. This toy is pretty heavy and can hurt if/when your dog decides to drop it on your toe. It may be a little pricey but I usually buy them on sale. Additionally, it is worth it if they last. So far, this has definitely been worth the price!!

by Dal mom from Edgewater, MD12/06/2011

Great Christmas gift for my Baby. He loves Nylabone and this one will last a little longer. He likes to carry it around by the ends. Makes for cute pictures.

This bone is huge!! by ChelseaGirl from Chelsea, AL02/24/2012

Okay so when I ordered this bone I did not realize how big it was going to be but the dogs love it. It is very durable & a great deal at $11.99. This bone retails for $23.99 at PetsMart!!

Best chew toy ever by shadow from Tehachapi, Ca11/06/2012

Our dog can chew anything up except for this chew toy. It lasts and lasts.

Durable by shandwill from Lexington, KY01/08/2013

Great for aggressive chewers. Our giant breed pups love these, and they last a long time.

Hours of chew by Ang5010/25/2012

Durable and hours of chew for our Lab and Great Pyrenees . Money well invested.

Aussie Pacifier by aussiemom11/06/2013

My Aussie is a VERY aggressive chewer. We have already chewed our way through 3 of these. Just ordered 2 more. She chews on this every single day! I feel good that it is a safe way for her to get the goofies out! She really pacifies herself with her "monster chew"!

dobble action chew nylabone 9'' large by morgan a.01/01/2012

this lasts them a life time, there is always somthing to chew on if you get this

Great product by Pitbullcrazy from Long Island, NY06/08/2013

This bone is very durable; I have four pitbulls who are hard chewers and not only do they love to chew on them, but they have lasted quite a while now. Would recommend them for dogs who love to chew!!!

Great Chew Toy!!! by Rubyb2 from Northeast Pa11/10/2010

I have a 10 month old English Mastiff who weighs about 110lbs. She is a very powerful chewer and destroys every toy within days!! I picked this nylabone up and it has been a winner. She has been chewing on it since the end of August and I'm just now going to buy a new one. I would recommend this "Souper" size chew for all those massive breeds!!

Repeat Purchase! by DJack from Spring, TX01/17/2012

Our GSD LOVES these. We buy her a new one every Christmas. She will have the little end piece worn down to a point by then. Great product and long lasting. The price is the best here at EntirelyPets!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)
Great Chew Toy for all Dogs! by RB from Ohio12/30/2013

Both our dogs (Std. Poodles) quickly found the Nylabone Double Action Chew toys and gnawed on it all morning long. I was pleased to see that the chew toy was so well made and easily made it through the rough handling our dogs meted out. I would recommend Nylabone to all our dog-loving friends!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)
Great combo toy by Brylin from Ogden, IA08/18/2013

All the dogs enjoy chewing on this one - no big pieces come off either.

Best ever by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

I have found something that is taking my dog a while to destroy....she loves this and is having a great time with it and lasting longer than some of her other toys....much longer! NO squeakers, no stuffing, no missing parts....cleaner teeth and a happy chewer...I don't have to worry about where the missing parts went when missing...vacuums up nicely.

by from 11/06/2012

This Chew bone is very rough and causes gums to bleed within 10-15 minutes. It's a shame we have to watch a 50 lb dog enjoy a toy. Once her gums bleed, we have to take the bone away.

Be Very Careful by LoveMyDogSuch


by Pitbullcrazy from Long Island, NY06/08/2013

I bought this product and the SOUPER. I bought this one for my 5 month old pitbull who is very small. Good size for her and she loves it; however, this one lasted about 2 months as the green rubber in the middle is coming apart so I had to get rid of it. I am sure it would have lasted longer if my other 3 pitbulls who are much larger and harder chewers were not chewing it also. I would recommend this size for not so avid chewers.

Nylabone Double Action Chew-Wolf (7"-L) by Jackie from Fraser, MI01/28/2012

Unfortunately, we ordered the wrong size chew bone. Will be ordering the 5" chew bone. We order at least 5 at a time. Thank you that we can still order this chew bone on your website since the stores do not carry this item anymore. Our Lily has been chewing these for 4 years now & it is her fav! The stores are stocking goofy forms of this chew but it's not the same for Lily. Please don't stop carrying this item because this is now our only way to make Lily happy!

Keeps Him Happy by Joanne03/31/2008

My Black Lab Lucky loves this bone!!! We go through at least one a month, but its well worth it. We have tired many, and this is his favorite!!

Great Dane puppy has met her match! by shelterdogmom03/14/2012

I bought this for our Great Dane puppy who has outwitted every toy and chew that she's gotten since we adopted her. I didn't expect this to last either, but lo and behold, several months later, it's been well used (by her as well as her siblings) and still in one piece, still chewable! Bought the bigger one, too, but she loves this one the best.

Pretty durable by Sammysmomma from Colorado Springs, CO12/10/2011

I like the way Nylabones tend to hold up to a strong chewer. The center rubberized part is pretty easy for my boy to destroy, but the internal material and tougher ends are strong enough to hold up. Worthwhile - at a good price.

Sheds too quickly by Nino from Kingston, NY03/20/2013

I have an 8 month old english bulldog and these bones by nylabone are all the same. They start to she'd shavings rather quickly.

Love this bone! by jdogg12/02/2011

I have 3 large dogs and this is the best bone by far for their chewing needs!

Durable by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Great for tough chewers like my pitbulls, as they don't chew off large pieces

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