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Drinkwell 360 Fountain Stainless Steel

Item Number: D360SS-RE
Regular Price: $96.99Sale Price: $73.99
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The Drinkwell 360 is a stainless steel drinking fountain for dogs and cats. This fountain has 5 streams, a perfect solution for households with multiple pets. Pets no longer have to wait their turns for a lap of water. Each stream is customizable with 5 interchangeable spout rings which let you control the flow of water. The Drinkwell 360 uses a filtration system that circulates water to prevent bacteria growth while the charcoal filter removes foul tastes and odors.

The stainless steel design not only has high-end appeal to fit any home decor, but it addresses the plastic allergy that can effect cats and cause feline acne. The Drinkwell 360 is designed specifically for cats and small dogs and is easy to maintain and completely disassemble for cleaning. The Drinkwell 360 has a 1 gallon capacity and does not need to connect a water line, allowing for more placement choices. The pump is submersible for nearly silent operation. Drinking water is the best way to improve your pet's health and quality of life, and the Drinkwell 360 offers the perfect watering solution for your home!

  • Provides pets with an enjoyable "falling-stream" of water
  • A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors
  • Adds more oxygen for freshness
  • Easy to maintain and completely disassembles for cleaning
  • Helps keep cats off counters and out of sinks
  • One gallon capacity
  • Patented free-falling stream

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    Customer Reviews

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    4.00 rating based on 5 reviews
    by from 12/04/2011

    I have had this fountain (in Texas) since May 2011, so about 8 months now. I have had no issues whatsoever. Yes, you have to clean it at least once a week, but don't you have to clean, add new water to a normal bowl daily? It takes about 5 minutes to clean with hot, soapy water. Another tip - there is a filter being made for the 360 fountain that is reusable, you just add carbon. Go to Facebook - look up Forever Filter or Link at amazon is: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB0038Q4EZK%2F&h=XAQGYdsZD. They run out of stock alot, but just keep checking. Great filter.

    the by other from reviewerNot


    Best pet fountain by best pet fountain! from inverness, fl06/24/2013

    We have 4 cats and have been thru 2 of the plastic drinkwells. If you don't use filtered water, the water makes a scratchy buildup on the plastic that stains it and you cannot get it off. LOVE the stainless one. Super easy to clean. Filter doesn't clog. Super quiet. Cats love it. Nuff said.

    by Kim H01/19/2012

    Our 4 Bengal Cats are really liking our new 360 Drinkwell. We had the original that lasted for years, but the time finally came to replace it and this one is very nice. I am concerned that the plastic clips holding down the ring in the bowl seem fragile and I do wish they had simply included a couple extra with the unit. Otherwise, we are very pleased!

    Don't watse you money. by Jenn from Arlington,TX09/14/2011

    I thought this would be the greatest thing to have since I clean and refresh four water bowls a day at least 8 times each. Call me crazy. I have one Pom. The issues I had with the Drinkwell were many. The black clips that snap around the base/top are very brittle and break easily. I have broke two and had to get them replaced. I have had to stop using the fountain now all together after only having it for 30 days. It leaves a nasty slime in the bowl, the water is cloudy, the stainless steel in pitted. (Made in China) I have cleaned, sanitized and have done everything there possibly is to do to get these problems resolved. Not once but three times. I then contacted the manufacturer regarding my problem but they only told me what I already had done and blamed it on high humidity. Funny we live in Texas and it hasn't rained here in months. No humidity here to interfere. So in other words they didn't want to say their product was the problem and it was my weather and water source problem. I even supplied them a copy of our city water source review and report. The replacement water cartridges are very expensive and you need to replace those every 2 weeks as well. So bottom line. Don't watse your time and money on this product. I so wanted this to be the last water bowl I would ever need. But is was a big $80 mistake. The manufactuer is not helpful either. So it's back to refill, refill, refill.

    They love it by valhouli07/22/2012

    We have a 15 year old calico cat and 2 year old schnauzer. The other day they both were drinking from the fountain at the same time. Never thought I'd ever see the day... It's easy to clean and the adjustable flow allows me to control the noise level.


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