ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (60ml)

    ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (60ml)

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    This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying ADAPTIL - DAP for Dogs (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (60ml) helps stop or prevent fear and stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs that result in: destructive behavior, excessive vocalization (barking, whining, etc.), house soiling, excessive licking, anxiety. DAP™ helps comfort the puppies and adult dog in stressful situations such as: introduction to visitors or strangers, visits to the veterinarian, moving to new homes, adoption, novel and unpredictable situations leading to phobic reactions.

    In mammals, lactating females release substances called "appeasing pheromones" the function of which is to reassure the offspring. Canine "appeasing pheromones" are secreted by the sebaceous glands of the intermammary sulcus in the lactating bitch.

    These pheromones calm the puppy during times of stress and provide reassurance, particularly in unknown environments and when encountering novel experiences.

    Research has shown that the reassuring properties of these pheromones persist even into adult age. DAP™ (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) reproduces the properties of the natural "appeasing pheromones" of the bitch.


    Usage Information

    Uses: ADPATIL Spray contains DAP which can help control or prevent stress in puppies and adult dogs, helping them to deal with challenging situations such as:
  • travelling
  • other challengin situations (adoptions, moving house, new member of the family, staying in a kennel, staying alone at home, fireworks, thunderstorm)

  • Combining ADAPTIL Spray with ADAPTIL Diffuser or ADAPTIL Collar may provide optimal results for dogs showing multiple fears in different situations.

    ADAPTIL Spray is not recommended for use in cases of hyperactivity ir aggression.

    Instructions for Use:
  • To reduce or prevent stress during travelling

  • Spray 8 to 10 pumps of ADAPTIL at least 15 minutes before the dog is introduced in the invironment (car, carrier, kennel etc...): one spray should be administered to each of the 4 corners, 2 spray to the floor and 2 sprays to the top of the carrier or kennel. The effect should last approximarely 4 to 5 hrs. When transporting your dog on long journeys, we recommend re-spraying the travel carrier or the interior of the vehicle (with the dog removed from the carrier or the car). Please wait 15 minutes for alcohol evaporation.

  • To help manage stress-related behaviors in other challenging situations (adoption, moving house, new member of the family, staying in a kennel, staying alone at home, fireworks, thunderstorm), in combination with ADAPTIL Diffuser or ADAPTIL Collar

  • ADAPTIL Spray can be sprayed directly on bedding, inside crates or indoor kennels, at least 15minutes before the dog is introduced into the environment. Renew application twice a day.

    ADAPTIL Spray should not be directly sprayed on animals or niear animal's face.

    Contact your veterinarian for advice should behavioral or environmental modification be needed.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    DAP spray by Rose from Pittsburgh, PA04/25/2013

    I used it at a dog show to help my dog feel less stressed and she did very well that day. I think she appears very relaxed.

    Does Help by Mollysmom06/15/2010

    This product has not completely elimintated our dog's anxiety but it does make it a lot more manageable. If I know a storm is coming I spray her neckerchief and her bed (at night) or her hiding place (during the day). She will still shake, but the pacing, panting and panic have stopped. Now she wll just crawl under the table and hide and shake. It does not seem to be as effective if a storm starts unexpectedly: I need to spray before she gets upset.

    ADAPTIL Pheromone Sray by Junebug from Grass Valley, California10/29/2012

    Was hoping this would work for our nervous guy but no luck. Didn't phase him a bit.

    Massive shipping Overcharge by Feel_Ripped_Off07/29/2012

    I purchased two DAP products to be shipped to New Zealand - the shipping was given as $37.50 USD. I accepted this, not knowing what weight or volume the products would amount to I was appalled to find, when the product arrived, that the ACTUAL cost of shipping was ONLY $9.70 USD - this amounts to an overcharge of $27 USD, which amounts to $33 New Zealand!!! Customer service didn't care - explained it as policy. what a RIPOFF!! Never again......

    It Works! by Herbie from Newfane, VT02/10/2012

    I was pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of DAP, but much to my surprise it really does work! We have a young Australian Shepherd puppy and a 2 yr old Border Collie, both of whom are very high energy pups. But within the first 24 hours we experienced a real mellowness in the house. Our house hasn't been this quiet ever! The BC has even stopped his obsessive behaviors and settles down very appropriately. I wish I had known about DAP before now. I don't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who is trying to calm the dogs and help the training routine.

    helpful product by McQuint06/05/2013

    I think the spray helps. I spray the cage before putting my dog in when I need him to be calm and out of the way for a few minutes. He does seem to be calmer because of the spray.

    by from 03/13/2012

    Having a dog who was terrified of getting in the car, and to have the dog sit in the car with someone holding the dog as the dog horribly shook has been awful. After some practice and ADAPTIL the dog slowly gets in the car and no one has to hold her. She sits by herself.

    Entirely by Pets from isMy


    Worth a try by Roxi'sMom from Indiana07/28/2012

    We bought this on the recommendation of our trainer. We have used it a couple of times but I am not sure if it has much effect on our pooch! At least, it has not been noticeable to her humans. Will keep using it and see what happens, I don't think it can hurt anything.

    good results from the spray by robbie from sydney Australia11/06/2012

    works for the urgent times when you have a visitor or a stressful situation great for quieten the girls down

    Did not work by kay10/10/2013

    I tried this with my dog it was not effective

    by from 11/06/2011

    this product seems to have positive results. We have 4 dogs & the super-anxious one (border collie) is calmed somewhat. the rest are calmed a lot - not that they were anxious in the first place.

    lot by of from alcoholThere


    DAP Works by mountain guy from Dillon, CO07/09/2013

    The mist works well in my boy's car area and on areas he likes to hang out in the living room.

    Great Product by mlpdogs from Fort Smith, AR04/14/2014

    I used this product a long time ago to help keep my dog from getting nervous and wetting in the house, and now I am using it again to help my other dog with separation anxiety.

    sadly disappointed by Baileys Mom11/06/2012

    I was so excited when I read good reviews about this product. I thought finally Bailey will not be so stressed during our 2 hour car ride to our weekend place. I tried spraying on his bandana, on the car seats and matts but unfortunely it did not help him at all. After several tries I am concluding that it just doesn't work for him.

    Sent a substitute product not the original product by DoxieMom03/29/2012

    If you are going to send a substitute product you should notify the consumer first before shipping to verify it is ok with them. You ask for phone number & email address so there is no reason why the customer cannot be contacted. Too much trouble for a disabled person to go through to return so I kept the order (this time). If this continues I may find another company to order from!

    DAP by biggruss02/15/2012

    after several trys, we have found no difference in our dogs anxiety level while riding in the car so i would have to say that for the high price there is no value.....

    Great dog calming product by pet lover from Texasa09/25/2013

    My bichon is very skittish. Recently, we adopted two kittens, who are super friendly and want to play with the dogs. I spray this product on a ribbon and place the ribbon on my dog's neck-like a collar. It calms her almost instantly. She seems like a happier dog since I started using this on her bedding as well.

    Helps anxious dogs to relax by DoggyMom05/06/2014

    There's science behind this product - the hormone excreted by mothers after giving birth to pups. I use this product in my canine massage therapy practice to help ease anxiety in dogs that are injured or reactive.

    Amazing stuff! by GoldenLuvr from Fairfield CT10/01/2013

    This was recommended to me by my vet after I explained my 1 yr old Lab was having some real issues with a new Golden puppy that joined our home. A couple of squirts on her blanket and it did seem to calm her down. I have also used it to spray the bedding in the crate for the new puppy who was having a difficult time at night in there and it has all but eliminated the endless baking. I bought this along with the Adaptil collars. Best money spent in a long time!

    Disappointed by Karen from EastMeadow New York06/27/2012

    I was so excitd when I heard about this product. I thought it would be the answer to ease my dog Bailey's stress in he car .Unfortunely it had absolutely no effect on him. I but it on his bandana as well as spray the car but unsuccessful. I am very disappointed

    UNBELIEVABLE by Charlotte08/25/2009

    My dog would pace, pant and shiver when there was even just the threat of a thunderstorm. I was desperate after she woke me up one morning at 4:30am when I couldn't get back to sleep, so I ordered the spray. The day the spray arrived, we just so happened to have a bad storm that hit. My boyfriend and I didn't think it would work, but I could NOT believe after a few sprays on her bed how calm she was- She didn't shake, pace, pant- nothing. Just layed calmly in her bed while the thunder was cracking. AMAZING.

    Very Effective for PWD by Galen02/13/2008

    Used this to put my 3 yr old PWD in her crate to get used to it for airline travel...she settled down more quickly than usual. I will use this for my transatlantic flights in the future.

    Works great by Ravacade11/07/2011

    My dog settled down almost immediately. Great product

    DAP for the Ol' Man by Bubba02/22/2012

    Aged German Shorthair gets nervous when put into kennel crate. By spraying DAP onto his bedding, he settled down for more relaxed temporary confinement.

    Was not happy with spray by Misha's Mom08/01/2012

    I was not happy with the spray, it did not work.

    It works!! by countrygal05/04/2014

    My dog suddenly stared acting weird ie nervous and afraid of everything! I got the DAP spray, and later a DAP collar, and it worked amazingly well!

    Doesn't work by Shugag01/05/2012

    This product only made my dog more anxious to the point where she started to panic. Actually made the situation worse. I do not recommend purchasing this product.

    Nice to have on hand by Heartland Sheltie Rescue07/26/2012

    Seems to be helping our shyest owner surrender sheltie. He's going to need more work, but he's coming around! I sprayed this on his crate cover.

    spray to sleep by treatsrgreat from pound ridge, ny11/13/2013

    I spray my dogs beds each night with this to calm them into sleeping and not wanting to roam around the room. Seems to work well. Also use it in the car.

    Helpful for Restless Senior by Red Dog03/19/2012

    I sprayed two pumps onto a bandana, let the alcohol evaporate, and put the bandana on my thirteen year old dog when he was feeling restless in the middle of the night. Within a few minutes, he had settled back down to sleep again. My thirteen year old is not an anxious dog, but he does tend to confuse his sleep and wake cycles, and then he keeps me up at night, pacing around the room, or walking on the bed. It is great having something gentle that I can use to help him fall back to sleep until morning. I keep this spray, along with a bandana, by my bedside now.

    ADAPTIL- best thing EVER for my dog! by Teachmav from Wolf Laurel, NC07/02/2013

    ADAPTIL is absolutely the most amazing product. Our dog is petrified of thunder storms. I sprayed ADAPTIL onto her bandanna when the thunder began to rumble in the distance.. She sat calmly during the thunder storm. No panting or shaking. Had I not seen her this calm during a storm, I would have said no way. It really works. I have recommended to several of my friends and they too had the same wonderful results.


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