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Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor

Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor are dog chews made from chewy yet durable nylon. Enjoy Original Flavor!

Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE  (3.75")
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")

($2.99)  $1.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor  REGULAR (4.5)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor REGULAR (4.5)

($4.29)  $2.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor  WOLF (5.25)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor WOLF (5.25)

($5.99)  $3.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor  GIANT (7.75")
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor GIANT (7.75")

($8.99)  $5.49
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor  SOUPER (8)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor SOUPER (8)

($10.99)  $7.99
Nylabone Durable Chews are flavor enhanced dog chews made specifically for powerful chewers, these chews are made of durable nylon.

5.00 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")
Happy Happy baby dogs by Farm Chick from Texas11/08/2011

I have Nylabones that are 14 years old! The most durable bone on the market. All of our babies have loved them. Only order new ones to give them new toys, old ones are still chewed on! Great product!

good product! by HADOHEE from Korea07/23/2014

my doggy loves dura chew original more than bacon and chicken. I could not feel the flavor. but my doggy choose a original when gave three things(original, bacon, chicken). I am satisfied with this product. I bought about 60 amount. my doggy is chewing relieves stress.

Durable by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Bought these for the small shelter dogs.

Petite Nylabone by Dal Mom from Edgewater, MD12/06/2011

My Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier and Dalmatian all love these. I have to have multiples in the house. No matter what the size they all take turns stealing from the others. A must have at my house

Great for 'Serious' Chewers! by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV11/18/2012

I got this for my Miniature Australian Shepherd who weighs 18 pounds and she has already eaten the end off and started working on the other end! She really likes to chew and this has definitely kept her busy! I'll be ordering the next larger size soon!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor REGULAR (4.5)
Dura Chew Nylabone by Beth from Arlington, Tx05/07/2014

my dogs really love these...both are strong chewers and these hold up to that. One of the dogs has allergies, so we only do the original type, no flavors....These are wonderful!

Nylabone original bone by Boobin12/16/2012

These are the best and safest chew bones! We have many dogs and the bone is literally indestructable. There are many types of chew bones, but this one won't splinter or come off in big chunks. Entirely Pets service was great!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor WOLF (5.25)
Skylar loves it by Jinger from san jose ca02/10/2010

We also have a mini aussie she loves to chew on things. This is perfect for her. Hours of chewing on this one bone. highly recommend for the chewer in the house.

Great product by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Great for tough chewers like my pitbulls, as they don't chew off large pieces

longlasting by kimbo from Denver, CO02/23/2012

Our girl loves the nylabones. They last a very long time and keep her busy for hours at a time.

by from 01/09/2013

These last forever...

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Great Purchase by Blue12/17/2011

Great price for the Nylabone. They are so expensive in the store and my guys go though them pretty quickly.

Nylabones are the perfect chew toy for any dog by PITYLUV01/01/2012

Nylabones last long, are healthy for your dog and work for all sizes of dogs. Dogs love them and are very happy to just relax and chew on their Nylabone. They never get tired of it and it is the best chew toy for ruff chewers.

Very hard by Boxer from Kentucky11/29/2011

Very hard nylon. My dog is an aggressive chewer, and he plays with this very little. He does like plastic empty coffee cans though.

My Dogs Love this Product by Jacglen from Orange, CA01/01/2012

Great chew toys for the jaws of Scottish Terriers, or most dogs with strong jaws. These dogs have strong jaws and the regular Nylabones are great for them. Especially the puppies love to chew on things and they seem to really enjoy the Nylabones. I find getting the next size up is the best, especially for the adults.

Best Chew Bones! by Farm Chick from Texas11/08/2011

Not only would I recommend these to a friend, I bought her two dogs the first ones they have ever had! They love them!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor GIANT (7.75")
Nylabone is the Best! by Jennifer12/16/2008

Our dog loves Nylabones. They are great for keeping her busy, they don't make a mess and they last forever. She currently has two different shaped ones, to keep her interest. She will chew on them several times a day, as well as play fetch in the yard with them. One bone lasts probably three months. It is the only chew toy we have bought her that she can't destroy in under 30 minutes. If you have a chewer or just want to try something new, try Nylabone!

Nylabone 7.5" by Pat06/14/2012

My 2 dogs love these! One is a Doxie, the other a Rat Terrier/Doxie mix. Only 20 lbs each, but...they love to chew! I bought the larger size so they would last longer. It is very amusing to watch them carrying these large bones around the house. They are long enough so they can play tug o war also!

For the power chewer by Brandy04/13/2009

If you own a dog who needs to chew, Nylabone products are for your pup! No mess, completely safe, lasts and lasts. Company has been around for a long time providing all of my German Shepherds with their chewing needs. (too bad EP doesn't have the wolf Wishbone though!)

Great toy! by Dee from Louisville KY04/30/2014

My dog has had this toy for several months. Initially he didn't like to play with this like he loves all his other things. He is an extreme chewer and has become extremely attached to this toy. He takes it everywhere. It is durable and has been all over the place. It's very easy to clean.

great bones by db02/07/2012

Our dogs -- always powerful chewers (Labs, Goldens) -- have all loved these tough Nylabones. The present Lab and will lie around with half a dozen of them at a time. Good product!

Nylabone by Lucy Ball Chaser and Sier from Oakland, CA11/14/2013

Excellent. Great for the dog's teeth. It's long lasting and keeps them occupied.

Love the Nylabone by Bob from Palatka, FL02/13/2013

The large dog chews away and the nylabone does not go away. Nice product.

These are a household staple by Sabbyblue from Melbourne, FL11/14/2012

I buy these about 3 or 4 times a year. I give them to my dogs as well as neighbors' dogs. Every day at some point in time I will hear the chewing going on knowing that the dog's chewing need is being satisfied safely. It helps prevent boredom and keeps their teeth clean. When the rounded edges are chewed down, i throw it away and throw down another, much to their delight!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor SOUPER (8)
Wonderful for dogs!! by sls from WI10/31/2013

i've had 3 dogs and all of them LOVE these! the nylabone lasts a long time (months), works great for helping clean the dogs teeth too. Ive been buying these for over 7 years now. Fantastic!

Favorite by Shadow11/28/2012

I actually got this for a foster dog but when it came all the dogs were trying to snag it. Even the young puppy works her way into getting it away from the others. I will get more of the large one, I thought it might be too big for two of the dogs, but they all love it.

Excellent Product by Lucy Ball Chaser from Oakland, CA08/08/2013

Great for the busy chewers. My 4 year old chessie stays busy for hours.

Best bone for super chewers by theal8r from Northern Idaho12/29/2012

My dogs have been enjoying Nylabones forever. Hope they like the new configuration with ridges along the shank, but I'm sure they will. My airdale mix is especially hard on toys, Nylabones and Kongs are the only ones to survive more than a day. 4-6 of the Souper 8 bones will last the airdale and my border collie mix for a year.

Loved by both dogs! by brutus02/07/2013

I bought this for my teething Labrador since we only had small bones for the little dog. While the Lab does chew this bone, it turns out that the little dog really loves it!

Long lasting Chew Product by Davine from Canada11/01/2013

My dogs are power chewers, like most German Shepherd Dogs, and most products I've tried have not lasted long. This size and texture appeals to them and have lasted well. I do start them on Nylabone products from the time they are puppies, so they are used to having them as their "bones", and they will look for them every day for their "quality chew time".

Great for big dogs by jandbj from Mentor, Ohio07/24/2013

I have three dogs, from 65 to 80 lb. each, and these chew bones keep them busy and actually take about 3 months before they are worn to a nub! Excellent

Great Bone by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH04/15/2014

For hours of chewing pleasure this will last forever!

Best chew toy ever by Anita from Fort Myers, FL07/26/2012

My 10 month old lab LOVES this bone. I have tried every other type of chew toys and he destroys them within 10 minutes. This is the best!! Highly recommend.. especially for power chewers.

Durable bones for Big Dogs! by Great Dane & Lab Owner05/27/2012

These bones are great for my dogs. I will never purchase another type of bone again.

by louie's mom from New York01/08/2012

My dog loves this bone. It is a new design and looks like it will hold up a bit longer than the smoother one.

Great for heavy chewers! by C. Eaves, DVM08/08/2008

I personally LOVE the nylabones for my two youngest large breed dogs, they last for many months, keep them occupied, and help reduce tartar accumulation. Owner beware though, these bones can cause slab fractures of the cheek teeth with aggressive chewers so owners so routinely inspect their dog's teeth!

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