• Duckles Duck  Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)

    Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)

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    Duckles Duck Breast Fillets

    Duckles Duck Breast Fillets are delicious, all natural duck treats for dogs. These fillets of thin sliced duck are low in fat and high in protein. Feed them as a snack or treat! Dogs love the natural duck flavor!

    A Guilt-Free Pleasure
    Great Reward Treats!

    You can feel good about treating your dog Duckles Duck Fillets. These fillets of duck are low in fat and will help your dog maintain a proper weight. There are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors added. Without wheat, corn or soy fillers, your dog can enjoy the natural duck flavor! Feed them as a reward or in between meals, your dog will love them anytime.

    Tested Safe
    Dogs love Chickles

    These treats are tested safe in the USA. To ensure the safety of your pet, Duckles are treated with Irradiation, freeing them from bacteria, viruses or any other unwanted debris. The resealable bag will help keep the chunks of duck fresh every time you serve. Duckles are ideal for adult dogs and large breeds.

    Duck Breast Fillets
    • 100% Natural Duck
    • Low Fat Treat for Dogs
    • High Protein
    • Wheat, Corn, and Soy Free
    • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
    • Propylene glycol free
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    Usage Info

    Feeding Guidelines:
    Intended as a treat only. Give 1-2 treats per 15 pounds of dog weight, not to exceed 6-8 treats a day. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your dog. Not recommended for toy breeds, small breeds or dogs under 1 year of age.

    Store in a cool, dry place. To ensure the safety of your pet, Duckles All-Natural Treats are treated by Irradiation. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Not for human consumption.

    Observation recommended when giving treats to your dog.


    100% Natural Duck

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein ... (min) 55%
    Crude Fat ... (min) 2%
    Crude Fiber ... (max) 1%
    Moisture ... (max) 18%
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    Harley Loves them! by yes from Emmitsburg, Maryland12/02/2013

    They are just great! Small enough for a little treat and can be given for a teaching tool. The best is they are made in USA!!

    Duckles by Annie08/23/2013

    My Yorkshire Terrier-Pomeranian mix likes the Duckles. (She had been eating duck fillets made in China and when I read about possible quality control issues with these imports. I decided to look for natural products made in the US, and found Entirely Pets.) I also got her the Chickles which she is less enthusiastic about. I think they are a little too big and thick; I bet she'd go for them in a slimmed down, drier form..

    Dogs Demand Duckles! by dragonfly from PA09/15/2013

    My 2 dogs absolutely love this product & would eat a whole bag in one sitting if allowed! I give them out for really good behavior & they are the special reward!! I will certainly be ordering this product again & again. Feel this is a fair price when compared to other jerky treats on the market.

    Great product by Day from Commerce City, CO05/30/2013

    I bought this just from a picture and was very pleased with the purchase. My dog loves them. she happily sits for them.

    Dogs love it by Mama Bear04/21/2014

    The only problem I have, is, you ship FedEx and It takes 2 whole weeks for me to get it. They send it to the Post Office for them to bring the product to me even though I live in the country.

    Amazing product but hard to get by Dog-lover2o05/18/2013

    My dog loves them but unfortunely they are on back order so we have been out for many week.

    Our dogs love 'em. by Mongo from Northeast Oklahoma06/23/2014

    All I can say is that our dogs (and we have 4 dogs of various types and sizes) love the Duckles Duck Jerky strips.

    Dogs love it by Gitanjali from India12/11/2013

    I think I have already reviewed this on the smaller packaging. My dogs love it and simply have to have it as a bedtime snack !

    RuffieZ by RuffieZ06/11/2012

    Great product -- low calories, high protein, great smell, and all nature. My dog loves it.

    good and made in USA by anlis from ann arbor MI02/07/2013

    safe and the dogs love them - I have two papillons that can be picky but they love these

    QUACKERS WORK by Donn951 from Hometown IL08/18/2013


    Duckles Duck Jerky Strips by Breeze04/03/2013

    My dogs LOVE these! The only problem with these are they the dogs get addicted to them!

    by from 03/02/2013

    best purchase by dan from everett, Wa02/24/2013

    my dog has been eating the the duck treats 4 two years and then thet were no where to be found. my dog is a picky eater and when i bought her other treats she just looked at me then walked away from the treats i bought to make up for the duck treats.. not to mention my cat also eats the duck treats

    by from 09/20/2013

    Duckles Duck Jerky Strips should be taken off the market as the product comes from China. No where is that written on the package which to me is false advertisement.

    that by this from productI


    twice by about from orderingI


    I'm a rescue from Taiwan and I love Duckles Duck! by eugenet from Placerville, California03/27/2014

    Hi! My name is Abby! My new Mommy and Daddy knew I would love Duckles Duck because I'm a rescue from Taiwan and they knew my taste-buds would salivate at the thought of Peking Duck! Ok, maybe that really wasn't on the menu for me since I was found wandering the streets eating garbage but that doesn't mean I didn't drool at the thought! Now I have the very next best thing! Who knew they would make this just for me! I may have come from Taiwan but I love my new adopted country! Having Duckles Duck and the love of my new Mommy and Daddy makes me so happy! I feel like I'm finally home at last!

    Great treats by Jacques from Tupelo, MS11/20/2013

    My boss (dog) says I better order every month or I'll be in the dog house.

    Duckles Duck Jerky Strips by Debby from Maryland07/02/2013

    I was somewhat leery after receiving these strips, when reading on the package, that they are a Product of China. It also reads: Tested Safe in the USA. This wasn't mentioned when I ordered this item from EP. I'm going to hope they are safe; the dogs do seem to like them!

    unavailable by fancy from scott city, Mo06/06/2013

    I love the product, my dogs Daisy and Gypsy love the Duckles they are a really good product, the problem is they are never in stock I have to wait on them. They have been back ordered twice now. But all in all I give them a good rating

    Fresh! by witetrashman from Kirkland,AZ01/21/2015

    These are very fresh not dry like most jerky.However they are made in China they are tested in the USA..Been using them for years.

    Duckles duck jerky strips by pepper from Bethel Park Pa10/21/2013

    no strings -very little if any can be broken apart both my cairns love them like everything eles -pricey but they love them.

    Duckles Jerky by Bob from Pensacola, Florida10/18/2013

    I 've been feeding my 9 year old dashound since he was a pup. He would fall asleep with one in his mouth when he was little. All my other dogs liked different varieties of jerky but he seems to only like the duck made . It is very difficult to find the duck jery here in northwest Florida so I will be buying them in bulk from now on.

    My dogs favorite treat. by Buddy from Honolulu, HI08/26/2014

    In order to get out of the house without 3 dogs right behind me, I distract them with their duck jerky strips. They love it.

    Concern by Patty from Yakima, WA11/12/2013

    Both of our dogs became extremely ill after we fed them duckles. One almost died from gastroenteritis. We of course can't prove that the problem was caused by duckles, but it is the only treat made in China that we did feed them. We threw the remainder away.

    Wonderful Duck Jerky by Pappy Gene from Buhl, Idaho07/05/2013

    Our Cocker Spaniel Jack loves your duck jerky! We call them his "duck wings". He goes crazy for them, finishing his dog food and letting us know that he is ready for his treat. When we say, Are you ready for your duck wings?" He goes all wiggly, jumping and panting for them. We appreciate that they have only duck as an ingredient in them, making them healthy for him. Thank you for such a great product! We will continue to order them from you.

    Duckles by donnadee from ear, DE05/27/2013

    My dog goes out of her mind for these treats

    Yummy treat by 4dogmom from Spring, TX12/27/2013

    All four dogs love these, but it says on the package "not for small breeds", so I watch my little one carefully until treat is consumed.

    The morning treat by joyce05/01/2014

    My dogs love this product, however I only give them each 1/2 of strip because it causes them to have very loose stool. Sometimes they cannot hold it..OOPS But they love the flavor!

    Dog really loves it !! by Donna05/23/2013

    Even though I have not received one of my orders, I did however receive the Chickles Duck Jerky, and my dog Frank really loves it. I will recommend this product to others. It took longer to receive than I had anticipated, but it is a good product.

    Finally found the perfect treat by Kool Nana from Carrollton, TX02/27/2014

    I have very particular little dogs and they really enjoy the duck strips. They are the perfect size for their little mouths.

    duckles duck treats by jones61 from emporia, ks11/26/2013

    the dogs seem to love them and they are very fresh and easy to chew

    Love em by Mickie from Atlanta, Georgia12/17/2012

    That's what both my dogs would say. Yum,yum and they are made in the USA.

    I'm picky! by Sandy08/12/2012

    There are spelling errors in the text on the bags. Made me suspicious. While they are labeled as tested and approved by USDA, when I questioned this, they told me they were made in China. It does not indicate this on the packaging. Most duck products are made in China due to the reduced cost and availability of duck. Sorry, not for our girl! She was eating another brand of duck jerky and had a high liver enzyme. Not taking this chance again! Returned the product!

    Best duck jerky by Toto's Mom from Florida07/31/2013

    This is a favorite of my very fussy eater!

    He likes it! by Mango12/29/2013

    Our dog is very particular but he loves this product. The size of the snack pieces are just perfect making it a quick easy snack that can be used for a reward many times a day!

    my dogs love this treat by lettie01/16/2015

    these are the best treats my dogs just love them order them all the time

    So far so Good. by stillsticky from Kirkland,AZ08/02/2013

    My dogs love these,i break them up so they think they are getting more and they can chew easier.Over feeding treats of anykind is not recommended.

    Duckels by kaliel from Port Orchard, WA02/04/2014

    Brisco, who is extremely picky, LOVES these. It's one of his very favorite treats.

    MADE IN CHINA by mtcatlover from Montana08/06/2013

    DO NOT ORDER THESE! Made in China. Need I say more???????? Disgusting.

    Product is good by Beth05/14/2013

    The dogs were okay with them - Hard to find product

    Dog Loves These! by tutu04/21/2013

    These were as advertised, dried jerky strips of duck. Although they were made in China, we had no ill effects. Dog likes them, My only complaint is that they were not available again for several weeks.

    Great natural product by Capt. Lee from Interlachen, Fl06/11/2013

    I have 2 dogs and they are very picky!! I had tried a couple o different treats for them. I bought a small bag of duck jerk treats at a local store and they loved them. I bought Duckles and will be reordering soon. My som=in-law has a larger dog that just went blind and was having a hard time getting arround. We intruduced him to Duckles Duck Jerkey and he is doing much better getting arround. This is in itself worth the price!

    good by kyra from drayton nd08/14/2013

    good product but however lucy prefers cadet gourment duck breasts the best. she likes the longer pieces. thank you from lorraine-lucy


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