DuraScoop Original Litter Scoop (Assorted Colors)

    DuraScoop Original Litter Scoop (Assorted Colors)

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    DuraScoop is the ideal tool to clean up your cat's litter box. This jumbo sized scoop is light weight and has a comfortable, ergonomically designed grip. The DuraScoop is made of hand-polished cast aluminum, ensuring it won't bend, break, flick or rust. Its jumbo size makes cleaning up easier, and the anti-scatter sides make sure you won't cause a mess while shoveling the clumps out your cat's litter box. The DuraScoop is also easy on your hands thanks to its soft, textured grip, and reduces strain on your wrist with an ergonomic, light weight design and perfect balance.

  • Best clump remover
  • Won't bend or flick
  • Comfortable grip
  • Light weight
  • Anti-scatter sides
  • Jumbo size
  • Multi-cat tested
  • 13"Length x 5 3/8" Width x 2 1/4" Deep
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    Best scoop ever invented! by BethJ from South Florida05/30/2012

    This is the best scoop I've never used. It's solid, just the right size, sifts easily through heavy clumping litter, and feels good in my hands.

    by andy02/12/2013

    Great! Sturdy! Worth the money! I will never buy a plastic scoop again.

    Best Scoop Ever by Sam12/01/2011

    We've broken two scoops in the past, but this one is ridiculously sturdy and scrapes the bottom of the litter box clean with nearly no effort. I think this thing will last pretty much forever. Cuts scooping time in half!

    Great product by Tusalena from Ontario, Canada08/30/2014

    Really does a good job when you have large little pans. It can be heavy since it steel and lifting litter, but much better than plastic ones.

    Best! by Vinnie01/21/2015

    Like some of the other reviews I saw, it was definitely worth the extra money to get this scoop! Way better then the plastic ones I've been using for years! The only thing I would recommend is if they had a older of some sort. I just hate it sitting there

    Here's the Scoop by scoop51104/04/2012

    I have two cats and use an oversize litter box with clumping litter. The litter sticks to the sides and bottom of the box and with a plastic scoop I had to work like crazy to get the stuff out each day. Withy the DuraScoop I just shove it and shake and put the stuff in the bag. Much faster and easier with the DuraScoop.

    WOW!!! by kat_lady08/19/2012

    This scoop is truly the 'cat's meow'! I was a bit reluctant to spend $15 for a litter scoop, but it's totally worth it! I have 6 cats, so I don't fool around. Getting this in the mail made my day. Shipping was cheap and FAST. You can't go wrong here.

    excellent product by bizzy from SC01/17/2015

    Very heavy duty... certainly won't break on you. I use it to clean out my chicken coop :) ... works great.... a quality product.. very happy.

    by from 12/31/2011

    I have three cats and scoop many times a day in order to keep their boxes clean. All three of the boys DEMAND this!

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    Great Litter Scooper by Jo11/24/2012

    It's very sturdy and as a result, gets the job done much faster. It's also easy to clean.

    Awesome litter scoop...will last forever! by Vera from Janesville, WI10/25/2012

    I love this ....very durable. Love how it scrapes the bottom of the litter pan without bending. Great product! Well worth the extra $$

    DuraScoop by Plutron04/01/2013

    You won't have to worry about this breaking like all the plastic scoops. VERY sturdy, comfortable grip and exceptional materials.

    very durable by Doug from PA01/16/2013

    I have purchased this litter scoop before. They are of excellent quality. The other plastic scoops always break at the handle and many bend in the scoop area. If you purchase this scoop it will be the only scoop you will ever buy.

    Can't live without by Marlalynns from Albuquerque, New Mexico11/04/2012

    I don't know how I went without this! This is the most amazing product I've ever purchased. So much easier to clean up after my boys now!

    Very High Quality Scoop by FryGuy from Nova Scotia, Canada.05/31/2012

    Very solid construction. Will not bend and flick litter! The rubberised handle feels good in the hand. This is the Dusenberg of cat litter scoops, this will be the last scoop you ever buy.

    It's the best by tinman12/09/2011

    We have owned a Dura-Scoop for several years. We "cat sat" for our daughter for three days. 3 cats. Lots of scooping with a cheap plastic scoop. After the first day I orderd a Dura-Scoop for them. Now her cats will have a present from Santa.

    Absolutely wonderful by Jana27 from Tryon,NC10/02/2013

    This scoop makes the chore of picking out the litter so much easier. It's strong and make easy work of keeping the litter box clean.

    The answer to broken plastic scoops by Mountain living from Pagosa Springs, Co.12/02/2012

    No more broken plastic scoops in this house! This product enables you to dig deep and scoop up all those piles without worrying about snapping your scoop. A durable good product.



    a MUST for 2+ cats! by 2manycats12/19/2012

    Sturdy, durable, and large enough to scoop 2 large litter boxes in <5 min. Wish I'd gotten it LONG ago.

    Does it all! by SALandry from The South01/23/2013

    I have had cats all my life, so finding new products that work is a must for me...this scoop is GREAT!! It is extremely sturdy, it allows you to scoop through the litter all the way to the bottom of the litterbox, and the slots are small enough to catch little pieces. The handle is easy and comfortable to grip and comes in fun colors. Love this scoop! And, the price is reasonable too! =^..^=

    THIS SCOOPER IS THE BEST by LOUIE from florida12/12/2011

    i saw this in my neighbors house and of course looked here first and there is was. I use this site for my pets supplies all the time. excellent customer service and products, shipping and prices.

    BEST Litter Scoop yet! by Eileen from Phoenix, AZ01/22/2015

    We highly recommend the DuraScoop Original Litter Scoop based on the fact that we clean 13 litter boxes multiple time a day... these scoops get tons of use and it's the only metal scoop we've found that helps remove even the small stuff. THAT keeps our kitties happy and us happy too! The plastic scoops bend and require much more effort to use and they don't last. These are durable and the size of this scoop makes the chore of keeping the boxes clean a quick and easy job.

    Buy it by Jana from Reading, MA10/01/2013

    After years of being cheap and not wanting to spend much on litter scoops, I gave in and bought one of these. It's so much better - heavier duty, doesn't bend or crack, large scoop capacity (4 cats), possible to clean - I bought another two so I have them in all the areas I have litter boxes. Totally worth the initial cost and less expensive than getting them in a national chain store.


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