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Ear Infections in Dogs & Cats - Tips on Pet Ear Care

What are the Signs of Ear Diseases?
Ear infections in dogs
Scratching or rubbing of ears and head
Discharge in the ears
Redness or swelling of the ear canal
Shaking of the head or tilting it to one side
Pain around the ear
Some Common Ear Diseases

The ear mite is a common cause of ear problems in cats, but less common in dogs. Some pets are hypersensitive to the mites and the itching can be intense. They may scratch so much that they severely traumatize the ear. For this condition, ear cleaning followed by an ear medication to kill mites will help eliminate the problem.


Pets with allergies to something they ate, inhaled or touched often have ear problems. Since the allergy changes the environment within the ear, sometimes there are secondary infections with bacteria or yeast. You should also try to treat the allergies. You can treat allergies with regular ear cleaning by using an ear cleaning solution, antihistamines, and fatty acid supplements.

Bacteria and Yeast

Numerous types of bacteria and yeast cause ear infections. The normal, healthy ear has a good defense against these organisms, but if the ear environment changes due to allergies, hormone abnormalities, or moisture, the bacteria and yeast can greatly multiply and break down these defenses. Sometimes ear cleaning alone will not take care of the problem and you will need to use antibiotics.

General Cleaning

Keeping your pet's ears clean is a good general practice to keep up. Clean and healthy ears will prevent any further diseases from developing and will keep your pets happy! Try some of our best selling ear cleanser today!

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