• ECONOMY SIZE Vetri-DMG Liquid  (3.85 oz)

    ECONOMY SIZE Vetri-DMG Liquid (3.85 oz)

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    DMG (Dimethylglycine) is produced naturally in both humans and animals. It can boost the immune response by over 400%. DMG is used to support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health, glucose metabolism as well as proper nerve and brain functions. DMG can support your dog, bird or cat's immune system so that the animal has greater protection and stays healthier. For athletic dogs (i.e., greyhounds, border colliers, hunting dogs, and other active working dogs), DMG reduces lactic acid buildup so muscles take less time to recuperate. DMG helps the body use nutrients more efficiently at the cellular level, and better utilizes oxygen at the cellular level to support respiratory function.

    Active Ingredients Per ml: N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) 100 mg

    Each Drop Contains: N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) 5 mg

    Inactive Ingreidents: citric acid, distilled water, and sodium benzoate (a preservative)

    Directions for Use for Dogs and Cats:
    Up to 25lbs : 0.5 ml daily
    26 to 50lbs : 1.0 ml daily
    51 to 90lbs : 1.5 ml daily
    91 lbs and over: 2.0 ml daily

    Give suggested level twice per day for two weeks, then once per day. For best results, divide daily amount between AM and PM.

    Birds: One drop by mouth per 100 gm of body weight daily.


    N,N-Dimethylglycine, Distilled Water and Sodium Benzoate (a preservative).

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    by from 06/23/2013

    Most people dont know but the respiratory virus that shelter cats suffer from and carry for a lifetime is called Feline Calici Virus (Calicivirus). They have no immune system and quite often die from minor infections gone systemic. I know because I've lost many cats from it since I rescued a lot of them.

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    Good for my dog by Sandra from Clover, SC11/11/2011

    I have been giving my Havanese Vetri DMG for 3 years. She is 4 yrs old and has a liver disorder called MVD. The Vetri DMG helps to keep her liver clear of toxins.

    by littlebird from Orlando, FL06/24/2014

    avian rehab center uses this product for one of their resident eagles. the eagle has had issues with hallucinations and being on this product has greatly improved the occurrence of these hallucinations and the episodes she does have are not as intense and shorter in deration

    African Grey by Allan06/26/2012

    this is being used on our very old parrot and we can really see a difference when he is low on the product.it seems to allow him the abiliy to be able to relax and recover himself ...without it i dont think he would last very long.. thanks for a great product at a great price....and shipping to the UK is very fast....thanks.

    Excellent pricing by spence06/26/2012

    I checked a couple of internet providers for a larger size bottle. You were the only one that I was able to find. The economy bottle provided the equivalent of 4 smaller bottles @ half the cost per oz. Also, a savings on shipping to replace the empties.

    Seen your reviews online by mabru45 from Muskegon, Mich04/14/2014

    Glad I seen the review and glad I ordered this for my dog. I got the first bottle from my vet which was the small one and when I seen the price of the big bottle (3.85 oz) I had to jump on it. The price was so much lower that other sites I went to, also and only a little more that the small bottle I got from the vet. My dog gets hair in his ear canal and this helps to bring it up somewhat when he shakes his head after putting a few drops in. Thanks so much for a price someone like me can afford. Mary

    Rats love the taste! by just a customer02/10/2013

    My vet recommended it for our rat and told us to buy it online. It's $60 for the smaller size at the vet's. Rats love the taste; they will eat things with a couple of drops of this on it that they will not otherwise eat!

    Excellent product! by DonnaB from Belvidere, IL12/25/2013

    We use this product for a Amazon parrot with fatty liver disease and it works wonders. Much less ordering than getting at Vet. I would encourage trying for ALL animals.

    Vetri-DMG by Victoria11/14/2011

    I have been using this for years for my dogs with liver disease but recently started using it with my cats for their intense allergies....boy, what a difference it has made. They are visibly happier and even eating better!

    ECONOMY SIZE Vetri-DMG Liquid (3.85 oz) by Rescue Me Inc01/28/2012

    This is a great product and as a liquid sometimes they taste terrible but in this case my dog/s have no problem taking it. They line up and take it right off the dropper

    My dog was Energized! by Lily from NJ01/16/2015

    My holistic vet recommended using this when my dog started having some seizures. She hasn't gotten any since we started using it and I noticed that my dog's energy level is up. Further she has a lung mass and her tongue used to turn blue after some activity....she hasn't turned blue since!

    Really Good stuff! by SandraK from South Carolina01/20/2014

    Our Havanese has MVD which is a type of liver problem which is congenital. Because of that she needs several supplements each day to help her body process foods and get rid of toxins. Vetri-DMG is one of the supplements. It helps keep her immune system strong and healthy. We give her this each day in a liquid form. We use the liquid since somedays she is "not hungry" at all so we can squirt it down her throat. She seems to like it. Sandra

    Seems to help by momtogreatkids from TX03/12/2014

    I have been using this product on an African Grey Parrot who suffers from seizures. The seizures vary in duration but always result in disorientation, uncoordination, lethargy and loss of appetite that can last for a week or more. Since I have started using the DMG, while it has not eliminated the seizures, it seems to be improving her recovery time. Recently, she suffered a severe seizure, lasting just over 2 minutes - the longest she's had to date. Within an hour or so, she was back to climbing her cage, and resumed her normal activities without evidence of it's having drastically impaired her neurologically. And her appetite remained normal. So, I would say this product is helping.

    VETRI DMG DROPS by joyce07/09/2014


    Great product! by Kel02/02/2014

    This liquid has really helped my dog. I would definately recommend for any dog who has a liver shunt!!

    by from 01/18/2014

    Toby has been on Vetri-DMG for quite some time and I always purchased from my vet.

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    Using for Feline Leukemia cat by purplemoe71610/05/2011

    Our cat, Timmy has feline leukemia. This product seems to help his immune system and I use it everyday.

    Great Product by deepcovemomma01/15/2012

    This product is recommended by our holistic / homeopathic vet.

    liver shunt support by olga03/18/2008

    Many people on the Yahoo liver shunt and MVD support group have used this successfully. It is similar to Denosyl, and a good alternative if Denosyl makes your small dog nauseous.

    Poor customer service and misleading advertising by UNHAPPY COUSTOMER !!!!!08/16/2013

    My vet recommended DMG for my dog that has seizures.She advised me to make sure it does NOT contain rosemary because it is a known trigger for seizures in animals with epilepsy. The ingredients did not included rosemary so I orded this product. Luckly I read the label before giving it to my dog. The ingredients on the label include rosemary. It took over 5 phone calls and 6 WEEKS to get a credit on my account and I did not receive a credit for the shipping as promised. I had to make 2 more phone calls and wait another 2 WEEKS to get the shipping costs reimbursed. Even after telling them about the rosemary NOT listed on their website for this product it has not been corrected. Very RUDE & POOR customer service. I do NOT recommend this company to do business with!!!


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