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Ulcergard (omeprazole)


Lowers the amount of stomach acid, decreasing the risk of gastric ulcers.

Easy Dose

Palatable flavor and easy to use syringe makes ULCERGARD® an easy way to keep your horse healthy.


Stomach ulcers may cause horses to exhibit a poor attitude leading to sub-optimal training and performance.


The only product that is FDA-approved for the prevention of equine stomach ulcers.

Gastric ulcers, sometimes known as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), are common in horses. They occur when there is a buildup of acid in the stomach that irritates the stomach lining. These ulcers can develop for a number of reasons, including stress, certain medications, changes in exercise, the type of feed a horse eats or problems with stomach acid. Typical symptoms of this condition are diarrhea, changes in eating behavior, frequent colic, a dull coat and changes in temperament. Veterinarians often use medications, such as proton pump inhibitors, to decrease the amount of acid produced in the stomach. Products like UlcerGard for horses can help prevent ulcers or EGUS from developing.

UlcerGard contains omeprazole, which is a type of proton pump inhibitor. Omeprazole works by lowering the amount of stomach acid, which decreases the risk of gastric ulcers and EGUS. Horses with higher risk factors, such as those that are prone to stress, can benefit from taking this supplement. UlcerGard comes in the form of a cinnamon-flavored oral paste that is given to horses with a syringe once a day. The cinnamon flavoring makes the product more palatable and helps ensure that it is fully ingested. Horses between 600 and 1,200 pounds should be given ¼ tube daily, while horses over 1,200 pounds should be given ½ tube daily.

UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (2.28 gm)
UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (2.28 gm)

($36.99)  $29.99
3 Pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (6.84 gm)
3 Pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (6.84 gm)

($129.99)  $88.99
6 pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (13.68 gm)
6 pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (13.68 gm)

($199.99)  $176.99
Prevent equine ulcers in your horse with nonprescription UlcerGard. The oral paste is delivered in a syringe form that is administered to horses every day. The active ingredient in UlcerGard, omeprazole, works to suppress the stomach acids that cause ulcers in horses also prevents equine gastric ulcer syndrome, which can be a painful condition. Equine ulcers can occur if your horse tends to become stressed easily or is prone to stomach acid problems. UlcerGuard comes in a cinnamon-flavored paste for easy ingestion. Dosage during periods of stress is 1/4 tube daily for horses weighing between 600 and 1200 lbs. For horses over 1200 lbs, 1/2 tube daily is recommended. Note: This product does not ship to Australia. 
5.00 rating based on 9 reviews
Featured Reviews for UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (2.28 gm)
Awesome by Maria from North Hanover nj08/23/2014

Best product for ulcers nothing else works like it

Great Product by Christine from Cedarburg, WI02/14/2013

I give this to my horse whenever we go to clinics or shows. He gets nervous and this keeps his manure solid and the trips go smoother for him.

Prevention of Ulcers! by Cowrider from Addison, NY11/03/2012

My Vet recommended I start a 26 year old Arabian Mare on Ulcergard. About 7 days later, she began to eat so much better! I continued to dose the mare according to the directions. The mare is doing fantastic after 3 weeks! Great product and easily affordable with Entirely Pets!! Thank you very much!!!

by from 10/20/2011

We had to move our horses to a new stable. One, a retired thoroughbred, has had stomach surgery and stresses easily.

Ulcer by Gard. from WeOur


EntirelyPets by sold from theNow


Definitely on the mend! by CowriderKa from Tuscarora, NY05/12/2013

Absolutely the thin Senior mare is eating well again! The mare feels better, looks so much better and is picking up a bit of weight! This mare is a rescue. She is now in a forever home! Thank you Entirely Pets for supplying a product to assist in keeping our horses HEALTHY!

ulcergard by wickedseis from midland, tx04/04/2013

still using product as maintenance (great)

Ulcerguard by Robin from Alta Loma, CA09/05/2014

I use this for my OTTB on horse show days, she has mild ulcer symptoms and it seems to help.

THE BEST by Lisa03/07/2008

This product is one of the best products we have ever used. It is like gold to us...

Amazing product for showing horses by Katie from Boston, MA08/25/2014

Whenever I ship my horse and he gets Ulcerguard, he shows up happy and relaxed. The times I have shipped without it have not gone nearly as well. Must have.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (6.84 gm)
Best purchase ever by Maria from North Hanover nj05/07/2014

Best product for ulcers and best price!!

ulcerguard by annette lennon from arizona08/17/2014

You do wonderful job of sending and tracing shipments.

great product! by momwulfe10/09/2011

really helped my horse that has had a stomach ulcer, got hime eating like a horse again!

We never go to the show without it! by Zipsmom from Glendale, AZ11/08/2011

Ulcergard has changed some of our show horses' behaviors dramatically. We use it for each & every show, and our vet, whose wife is a trainer, uses it himself on their show horses, starting the day before they haul out. Nothing else available has given us these results, and according to a recent article in Equus, it's the best product out there to reduce stomach acid.

great product and price by kj10/05/2011

This product works for preventing ulcers in horses. My horse has not had his symptoms recur since I started using Ulcergard as a preventive before travel and shows. EntirelyPets shipped the order in a timely fashion, and they had a competitive price as well. I like the auto reorder option. That way I don't have to dig out my receipt to figure out who I ordered from last time. I can still research the price before allowing the order to refill automatically. This has been a successful online product purchase. I have not found this product available at local feed and tack stores.

Ther only thing that works for ulcers by islgrl from Massachusetts03/18/2014

This is the only product that truly helps with my horses ulcers. Not inexpensive but you know it will work.

Best price for a "must have" product! by PhillyLawyer from Philadelphia, PA04/10/2012

This the best price anywhere on UlcerGard - about $15 per tube less than the local tack store - and my order came very quickly. I also realized that I've been buying small animal products from EntirelyPets through Amazon.com, and have always been happy with the prices and services. I'll be ordering again for all my pets.

great by annette01/29/2013

my horse cannot live without it and you have made it affordable for us to help him

Featured Reviews for 6 pack UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe (13.68 gm)
valuable product by soo from Connecticut12/05/2013

I always use Ulcergard in times of stress for my horse (showing, clinics, severe weather changes). It is an excellent product. Found the best price anywhere at Entirely Pets.

Can't live without it! by ArabMom from US10/07/2010

My horse was diagnosed with ulcers 2 years ago and following a full month of Gastrogard, she now takes UlcerGard for prevention. We use this during times of stress, and before and after trailering. I had a 15% off coupon, so that combined with free shipping brought this 6-pack to $167! THANK YOU entirelypets for the great deal, and for the free samples of joint treats for the dogs. I paid an extra $2 for Priority shipping, and the package arrived the next day! Couldn't be happier!!

If your horse has ulcers....... by T's Mom02/20/2013

......or is a good candidate for ulcers - like mine is, this works. It's currently the only FDA approved treatment/maintenance that can be purchased without going through a vet. So I look for the best price - always!!! It's never cheap!!!

good product by Kibbie from Florida02/07/2012

Use on my 2* horse when traveling and competing, makes a huge difference!

by christie04/10/2014

This product worked as expected, was delivered promptly, and was priced far more attractively than in any other place I could find.

great product by islgrl from Massachusetts10/18/2013

I have tried other less expensive remedies for ulcers and this is truly the only thing that works. Its worth spending the money for proven results.

Always Great Service by Mary311 from Atlanta, Ga05/22/2013

Fortuneately I don't have to use Ulcergard regularly, but I like to have enough on hand if needed. Entirely Pets has good deals and fast shipping.

Great product and price on EntirelyPets! by DMJ07/01/2014

UlcerGard is a great product. It truly works and has helped my horse be his happy self instead of the angry monster that ulcers turn him into. Not only do I recommend the product, but I recommend buying it on this site. This is the best price per tube I've been able to find when it is on sale and it is shipped free and quickly.

Great stuff, Great Price by PaintHorseLady from Central MA10/27/2011

This is the best price on UlcerGard. It really does work!

Effective Drug by Alli03/04/2012

A proven proton-pump inhibitor that works well in humans as well as equine.

ulcer guard by qirfa from Longmont, CO04/22/2013

This product works. Wish I could have afforded to do the whole treatment my vet recomended. I had to finish with Cimetidine.

Great product and best price by Jmp12/30/2012

Great product and best price, really helps my mare during stressful times.

Like magic by Fischent from Bedford, NY12/06/2012

Gastro guard will cure your horses ulcers. It's like magic!

Cured my horse's ulcers by SRG from Frederick, MD03/12/2012

Same as GastroGard, an entire tube of UlcerGard was given to my mare for a month who I suspected had ulcers. Within five days she was markedly improved and I continued treatment for an entire month with fantastic results. Entirely Pets had the best price by far, coupled with a 15% off promotion, made the total treatment cost really affordable. Thanks, Entirely Pets! I have a new happy, healthy horse!!

great product by wickedseis from midland, tx03/19/2013

product works great for stomach ulcers on horses, it has done miracles on my horse.

Great product by Firecop from Texas09/27/2014

Great product at a great price will buy from Entirely pets again.

Worth the investment by CLarson from Hershey, PA08/06/2014

Ulcergaurd works. I have yet to find anything that works as well. EntirelyPets made the purchase easy. Amazing price for a great product.

by from 10/30/2013

UlcerGuard is a product that really works and we have used it for several horses who tend to get ulcers- sometimes as a preventative and sometimes as a cure.

see by Merial from lowerWould


Excellent Product by htf from maryland10/26/2011

We love this product and we especially love that Entirely Pets has the best prices by far!!

Excellent preventive for Gastric Ulcers! by Cowrider from NY, NY11/03/2012

My Very Senior Arabian mare began to lose her appetite. My Vet recommended I start her on Ulcergard. After 1 week, I saw improvement in her appetite! Thank you Entirely Pets for providing Ulcergard at an affordable price!!

Best ulcer prevention by Redked03/28/2014

This is the only FDA approved ulcer prevention for horses. I like to have several tubes on hand to give my horse when we travel to shows, and daily any time she's on bute.

Worth its weight in gold! by Justin Amateur02/23/2012

Ulcerguard has made a world of difference to my horse. It is not cheap by any means but without it we would not be able to train and compete and my hrose would be miserable. So the expense is worth it. There are a lot of ulcer supplements and medications but this is the gold standard.

Proven cure by JLC331 from Monkton, MD01/11/2012

Whenever I question my horses' gastrointestinal health, I order Ulcergard from this website. Arrives quickly and always does the trick. Thanks!

it works by kellia from Alabama06/05/2014

I've used this product for years first with a TB that had been diagnosed and treated for ulcers. Would use every time we traveled. Now that I have a new horse, I've begun using this product whenever we travel to prevent ulcers.

excellent by dk06/12/2012

works wonderful-will continue to use this product!

Great product. by sonador09 from MA08/20/2012

Does what it is supposed to, great product. Very fast, free shipping from Entirely Pets and great service. Thank you!

UlcerGard by dressage rider from Texas03/19/2012

Use it the same time every day. Works great!!! Best thing against ulcers, stops those nagging belly aches.

Very nice follow-up, good product. by europe02/11/2013

Something went wrong with my payment which was handled very friendly and properly. Shipment to Europe was performed within two weeks without any problems, great to know that I can buy my pet products here and have them send to my overseas home without any effort!

UlcerGard - best product ever by kellia03/03/2014

it works, plain and simple. Last horse was TB with confirmed ulcers After treatment, we used UlcerGard every time we traveled, and no issues at all. I have a new horse now, and use UlcerGard everytime she travels so that I don't have to go through the treatment again.

It Works by EB37 from Maryland01/18/2013

This product is probably the best on the maket for preventing Ulcers. Its expensive but it works. "Entirely Pets" is the cheapest place I've found to purchase it! Awesome product.

I support this product. by Jess BB from Glastonbury, CT06/30/2013

Ulcergard frequently comes to the rescue when my horse is not feeling well due to his "belly" being slightly uncomfortable. We use it before he goes in the trailer and before showing as a preventative measure as well. I recommend this product and have found that it does not let me or my horse down.

Great Product by Skipjess from TN07/24/2013

This product is worth it price! It does the job and I don't ever want to be without it for my horses.

Ulcer Guard by Robe12/06/2011

Good product when necessary while in competition, this is convenient and works.

Great price by Patty from West Texas02/27/2013

This is a great price for UlcerGard and has been the "go to" place for me for my horse ulcer needs.

Best price anywhere! by BayMareMama11/12/2013

This was recommended by the vet and cured the ulcers that had plagued my horse for months. I now use it preventively prior to and the day of shows.

Effective! by AnnieBannanie02/06/2013

This is an excellent product that is very effective for prevention of the recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses. Entirely Pets offers it at a competitive price and shipping is prompt and efficient.

Don't leave home without it by RedKED from Woodland, CA08/12/2012

My horse gets a dose anytime he gets on the trailer, otherwise he's clearly uncomfortable through his back and abdomen, nervous, and usually tries to buck me off at our destination. This is a great preventative!

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