Premium Sliced Elk Antler 8"- 10" with exposed marrow

    Premium Sliced Elk Antler 8"- 10" with exposed marrow

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    Premium Sliced Elk Antler is a delicious and nutritious dog chew. Only 100% naturally shed elk antlers are used; no animals are harmed in the making or collecting of this product. With Premium Sliced Elk Antler, you’ll find all the benefits of raw bone chews. These antlers are hypoallergenic and provide a rich source of protein and phosphorus. If you have experience with short lived chews, these chews will surprise you with just how long they last. They typically last 2-4 weeks, and, best of all, leave no stains and are odor free.

  • 100% natural shed antler
  • long Lasting
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Stain and Odor Free
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    Elk Antler - only for the strong chewer by lrc from Warren County, NJ11/30/2011

    I first saw these in a local run pet store in Denver, CO. Since I have a dog who loves to chew and goes through rawhide, milkbones, bonies, etc. in a matter of minutes I thought I would give the antler a try on the owners recommendation. It actually took Bella a year to completely chew her first antler. Everytime I visit my son in Denver I stop at that pet store to buy Bella a new antler. I was excited to see them available on Entirely Pets. Only one drawback - when Bella settles in for a night of chewing her antler the TV volume has to be turned up because she is so loud. The first time I gave her an antler it sounded like she was breaking all her teeth. All her teeth are still clean and intact, so if you have a hearty chewer this is the product for them.

    Excellent for Chewers by Don W from West Chester PA07/31/2012

    We have golden retrievers who love to chew. This is the first product out of many tried that keep them busy, no harmful affects, no oder and last a long time. They do an excellent job of keeping their teeth clean from plaque!

    No bones about it! by Mavytavy from Ranger ga11/06/2012

    Absolutely the best kind of dog bone out there! Our dogs love them and they're safe to chew as well! It's a win win!

    Smelled like a carcass by terrierowner07/03/2012

    My dog loved the elk horn halves as I knew he would because he's adored other elk horns I've gotten for him from another source. The Newt's Chews horns were nicely sliced lengthwise to enable him to get at all the marrow. However, I ended up throwing these out (and Entirely Pets was good about refunding the purchase price) because they had an horrendous, putrid odor, especially when wet from saliva, but even the unused one, wrapped in plastic in the cupboard, smelled awful. They are advertised as being odor free but they were quite the opposite.

    Excellent chew for strong chewers! by June02/12/2013

    My dogs are wearing these out! The price at Entirely Pets is better than I can get from my Dog Club pro shop. My only complaint was the deer antlers were much smaller than anticipated. The sliced elk antlers are almost gone already, so I would like to see the option of whole elk antlers and or larger choices.

    Smaller than described by Didi from Fernandina Beach FL08/11/2014

    The extra large turned out to be less than 8 inches long. We have large Goldens and one of them could honestly swallow what was sent..

    great chew toy by Nelson01/09/2013

    My German Shepherd goes through most chew toys is less than an hour. This one lasts weeks. He loves it.

    Shed Sliced Elk Antler by KCCascade from Ohio09/04/2013

    I have 2 golden retrievers who I would call aggressive chewers. They have been known to destroy the toughest of toys, and I have tried them all. We love to take a stuffed toy for about 30 seconds and rip the stuffing right out. The antler chews are the one thing I have found that I consider safe (I have never had one splinter) and the one thing they love to chew and it lasts for days. I don't give my dogs any type of rawhide or bones that splinter, so my choices are limited. Love these bones!!

    BEST TREATS FOR YOUR DOGS! by Wvdoglady from West Virginia03/20/2014

    These are all minerals, so great from a healthy perspective. They don't splinter and last a LONG time (months). I have 8 rescue dogs from 7 pounds to 70 pounds and it's the favorite chew toy for all of them!

    Dog loves it! by she who thinks11/08/2013

    My dog really loves the antler chews, but I question the high cost. IT'S AN ANTLER! From now on, I will be looking for antlers on my hikes. Until then, I will be buying another before Christmas so that my dog will have a treat in his stocking. Maybe the price point could be lowered?

    My dogs go crazy for good by Miles from Sydney , Australia10/14/2014

    The pups love this product so much, they aren't willing to share! It's funny to watch them sneak the bone from each other when sleeping and arguing once the thief is caught.

    My Dog Devours These! by Kelster02/20/2014

    My dog, Kota loves to chew and especially elk antlers. He goes crazy over the split ones, but they do not last nearly as long as the ones that are not split. I'll most likely buy him both types in the future.

    would not purchase again by sashagirl02/02/2014

    These antlers were very dry and brittle. I found a different source for antlers that are fresh and do not splinter when chewed.

    Wonderful Elk Antler by Sandra11/09/2012

    Our three Golden Retrievers love them and the best part is they last!!! Worth the money.

    Good Choice by PGHDK04/30/2013

    Good choice for my lab, who is an aggressive chewer. It has lasted a whole week already and is still in good shape.

    Awesome!!! by booyahdy from Washington state01/18/2013

    My dogs love these antlers! They are good for their teeth too. I went to PetSmart to get some more antlers and was shocked at the price. What they had for less then half the size of these were around $14.00. I put the antlers back and will order more from Entirely Pets.

    Good Deal by Pat Sw,NM from Las Cruces, NM08/21/2013

    My puppy loves these antlers! He is 6 months and about 70 and the antler is large enough for him. It really keeps him chewing on the right things. Loves to chew the marrow out first.

    great alternative to bones by js from Valley Center, CA10/25/2013

    Great product. These antlers are much larger than I expected, which is good. I have two lab mixes and they love the antlers. The antlers do not chip like cow bones and are not small like deer antlers. The products I received were at least 2 1/2 inches wide (width not diameter, that is larger) and 8 to 9 inches long.


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